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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 500a  NBC  November 18, 2014 5:00am-5:31am EST

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towards sunrise and increase as we warm up, but that is not going to happen today. is it? >> today they're falling and then going to level out and stay cold all day. it's because of the wind that's already blowing this morning. and that is going to counteract the sunshine that will we see today. skies are clear right now, the temperatures are, indeed, falling. 33 at nbc 10. most of the area drop below 31 at philadelphia international. currently down to 30 in and look at the middle 20s in pottstown and allentown. the wind chill drop under to the teens a teens and dover and millville. we will see sunshine, but it's never going to feel warm today. winds gusting to near 40 miles an hour at times. 30 at 9:00. 31 degrees at lunchtime today. we'll go through it hour by hour and neighborhood by neighborhood when i come back in less than ten minutes.
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right now katy zachary is in fox chase bundled up. good morning, katy. >> i drew the short straw this morning. it is cold out here, like you said earlier, frigid. truly how it feels. i'll tell you when the wind is not blowing, it is bearable. we're at the septa train station where trains have not started running yet, but i would venture to say when they do and you have the train riders out here, a lot of sitting in their car and waiting until the train gets here. the same thing for your kids headed off to the bus stop. you'll want to drive them there and have them sit in the warm car until their bus comes because it's down right freezing. i don't have gloves on. that's a mistake. when i see you in a half hour, i will have gloves on and something protecting my ears because it is cold out here. reporting live in fox chase, katy zachary, nbc 10 news. >> get those ears and hands covered, katy. count on nbc 10 to help you stay ahead of the cold weather.
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you can download the first alert weather app for free at nbc 10. see, i should have loan my gloves to katy because i rummaged around. before you head out today -- >> can we get, by the way, these are really. i don't, they're a little -- i'm not sure this is katy's fashion choice for the morning. >> you'd enjoy these. they're warm and toasty. >> just bringing them back. it's okay, i like that. the patterns are in right now, chris. something you got to learn. >> i didn't know. >> a live look at the platt bridge right at the base of the bridge as you approach 26th street. you can see we're starting to get a little bit of a slow down in this area right now. no significant delay and keep you updated on this accident right here. northeast extension southbound just past lansdale. maple avenue and live look outside. 295 at route 70. you can see all is quiet there.
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chris? new from overnight, hotel guests in delaware county were forced out of their rooms because of a carbon monoxide leak. nbc 10 matt delucia is live for us and, matt, a reminder to all of us this time of year when people start trying to heat their homes or other properties, carbon monoxide could be a problem. >> yeah, we heard from fire commissioner derek sawyer over in philadelphia about heaters being a big cause of this. i'll tell you right here at the concord township best western, the guests are back inside, but quite a wakeup call around midnight when all the hotel guests were forced to evacuate because carbon monoxide was found inside the building. we'll go ahead and show you some video of what this looked like in the past few hours as firefighters vented that gas. the cause was found to be a malfunctioning heater. the readings were high enough to keep all the guests out of the building for a few hours. they were staying at a bar just across the parking lot. this is right at the concordville inn just to give
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you some perspective here. the carbon monoxide was discovered quickly enough so no one had to be hospitalized. because it is cold more people are running the heaters and that is a major contributor and i did sit down with fire commissioner derek sawyer and we heard him in the past hour and i'll talk to him in the next 30 minutes. talking about how to keep you and your family sós/# it's four minutes after 5:00 and now to breaking news out of jerusalem where worshippers at a synagogue were killed this morning and what the israeli prime minister is calling a terrorist attack. police say the worshippers were praying when two palestinian men stormed into the synagogue with knives, axes and guns. at least four people were killed, six injured. the palestinian men were killed in a shootout with police. israel's prime minister is vowing to respond harshly to the attack. now to the philadelphia gaming panel the philadelphia
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board is meeting today to decide if the city of philadelphia should get a second casino. a controversial topic in philadelphia and the surrounding suburbs. nbc 10 jesse gary is talking to people on both sides of the issue. voicing opposition to a second property. tell us more. >> reporter: tracy that opposition is centered in south philadelphia, home to one of the proposed casino sites. an artist rendering of the casino property shown near tenth and packer. but last week hundreds of residents rallied against the proposed $425 million property saying it would negatively impact their quality of life. on the other side of the ledger, union leaders say construction will mean jobs, including the local economy and includes two potential sites. it could intensify if the second license goes to the south philly property, more opposition this time from outside the city. coming up in the next hour, i'll explain why some delaware county officials warn building a casino
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could re-create an atlantic city. we're live in center city, jesse gary, nbc 10 news. another major story we're following today. back to prison or back to priesthood. happening today the pennsylvania supreme court will hear arguments about monsignor william lynn. nbc 10 vai sikahema joins us from our live digital operation center. >> back in 2012 monsignor lynn began the first official to be charged and convicted for covering up clergy sex abuse. here's what happened in 2012. lynn was secretary of the clergy for the philadelphia archdiocese. but prosecutors said he moved pedophile priest from parish to parish without notifying the new parish about complaints in the previous parish. last december superior court
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panel overturned the conviction and agreed with lynn's attorney that the child endangerment statute did not apply to lynn because he was not a direct caregiver of children. seth williams appealed to the supreme court. now, it will be weeks or months before the court issues a decision and lynn will not be required to appear in court. for the past nearly year or so he has been appearing in a parish and the archdiocese stated if his conviction remains overturned, he will be given a job within the philadelphia archdiocese. more in the next half hour from around the country. live in the digital operation center, vai sikahema. also this morning a philadelphia priest has died while appealing his sexual abuse conviction. he was serving a 6 to 12-year prissant seon sentence. we have new information about a hearing in philadelphia scheduled for today that will determine how the state should fund education.
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how schools should be funded across the state. overnight nbc 10 learns the public will voice it concerns at the hearing. the funding commission has to come up with a new formula on how schools in the state are funded. one philadelphia faith-based group that will protest at today's hearing hopes their message will be heard. >> pennsylvania are underfunded. we need the state of pennsylvania to recognize that it's not funding schools properly. they need to raise the dollars that are necessary to put into the schools so that our students all across the state regardless of race are having the best education possible. >> the hearing is at philadelphia city hall at 1:00 this afternoon. the eastern area school board will meet today, just one day after a grand jury called on several board members to resign. the grand jury was investigating this man, the former i.t. director. he was accused of hacking into administrators computers to pass along information to the school board. the grand jury found no criminal
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activity among board members but did say some members were willing to overlook his violations to keep him employed. the delaware county man accused of shooting and killing his case worker inside his doctor's office is scheduled to be arraigned today. richard plotts is being held without bail on several charnels, including murder. went to mercy wellness center in darby to see his psychiatrist. plotts got upset about signs prohibiting fire arms and shot his case worker. a community thank you is planned for today for everyone who supported the pennsylvania state police after that deadly ambush in pike county. organizers want to show everybody they're pocono proud. one trooper was killed and another wounded outside the blooming grove barracks. the celebration at pocono mountain east junior high school at 11:00 a.m. now your nbc first alert
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weather with bill henley. >> cold and windy, if you're heading out the door, bundle up. temperatures dropping overnight and seeing much of the area below freezing and gusty winds making it feel like it's in the teens and even lower this morning. we will see sunshine with clear skies tonight. we're on our way to record cold tomorrow morning. right now, not warm at all. 24 in reading. philadelphia now below freezing at 31 degrees and 33 in atlantic city. we will see a lot of sunshine today. we will also see a lot of wind. this is the view from here at the nbc 10 studios. the cold, gusty wind blowing this morning and stay with us all day long. the wind chills right now are in the teens. the wind right now steady at 23 miles an hour in philadelphia. and little bit stronger in the wilmington area. a wind chill of 18 degrees in the philadelphia area and zero currently in mt. pocono. hour-by-hour future weather showing the temperatures barely moving in spite of bright sunshine today. it's going to be a cold one.
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stand by and bundle up if you're heading out the door. temperatures into the 30s this afternoon. low 30s with winds gusting to 40 miles an hour. a look at the forecast for tomorrow morning when temperatures will turn colder and we will be challenging some of the records. back with that in less than ten minutes. 11 minutes after 5:00. you'll have heat on in the car but the people waiting that train stations around the area, they want to be bundled up this morning. >> as bill would say, layers, layers, layers. jillian mele is following what's happening on mass transit. jillian? >> service was suspended around 5:00 last night because of problems in the area from downed trees and amtrak wire problems. service has resumed this morning, however, septa officials already warn you can expect to see some delays on that line. again, that's the thorndale. if you're making your way out, make sure you're bundled up if you're waiting a few extra minutes for that train. that is the only delay we're reporting this morning on mass
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trans. the activity here at the platt bridge right as you approach 26 street. traffic is getting by just very slowly in that area. disabled tractor trailer leaking fuel in that area. as we zoom the map out a little bit drive time 14 minutes in both directions between woodhaven and the vine. same thing on 76. 14 minutes is what we're seeing both ways between the blue route and the vine. tracy? 12 minutes past 5:00 right now. a closer look at the price tag for next year's papal visit and who will be footing the bill. a path of destruction through a south jersey church. capture the damage, but wait until you hear who or what is behind this mess. then there's trusting your vehicle maintenance to ford service confidence. our expertise, technology, and high quality parts means your peace of mind. it's no wonder last year we sold
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just getting breaking news. a single engine plane has crashed into a home in chicago. a live picture there of that scene in southwest chicago. you can see the fuselage of the plane right up against the home. the plane left midway airport this morning and reported engine problems as soon as it took off. it tried to return. we don't know yet how many people were onboard the plane, if anyone was inside the home when this crash happened or if anyone was, okay, here's what we know. our nbc station in chicago is reporting that two people inside the home have been accounted for and are okay.
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but the plane's pilot is still missing. we'll stay on top of this and let you know if that information becomes more available this morning. well, you can count on nbc 10 to help you prepare for the cold weather as you're waking up this morning. the feel-like temperatures are in the teens this morning and won't warm up very much today. we'll check with bill, again, in less than five minutes. the cold weather is a reminder that winter is coming and so is snow. so, parents, here is the heads up. you can prepare by signing up for school closings on alert you via text or e-mail if your school closes this winter because of the bad weather nchth this morning, president obama will meet with his national security and public health teams to discuss the ebola threat. also today, two hearings are scheduled on capitol hill as lawmakers take a closer look at how to combat the virus. one house committee is listening to international experts who have been on the ground in west africa and another committee will ask ebola experts about the response to the disease here in
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the u.s. now, the pentagon has announced that ten army reserve units from across the country will be mobilized and sent to west africa. part of a group of 2,100 national guard and reserve troops who are working to stop the spread of ebola there. an autopsy will not be performed on the doctor who died of ebola yesterday. that's because dr. salia's body was just to infectious. he started showing symptoms of ebola. the hospital says by the time he arrived in the u.s., he was in extremely critical condition. as philadelphia prepares for this historic visit from pope francis. nbc 10 is learning who is paying for the event. the price tag is expected it be $45 million. the nonprofit organizing committee has already raised about half of that total from private donors, philanthropists and not taxpayers. the website promises, "as a donor you will play a specific role in bringing this vibrant,
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local event to fruition. that" that money will cover all event security and general site work and cleanup and emergency crews and other services. now, while some people will make day trips, we wanted to find out if there are enough hotel rooms for millions of people. center city only has 11,500 rooms. when you add rooms from surrounding counties, though, about 70,000. within an hour's drive from the ben franklin parkway where the events will take place. checking rental websites and some homeowners may have rooms to rent. the archdiocese says pope francis is expected to arrive in philadelphia on september 25th. he's presiding over that mass on the ben franklin parkway on the 27th and also expected to taepd the interculture festival of families on the 26th in front of the art museum. the vatican will reveal much more detailed plans. more to come on this and visit for a special section we dedicated to the papal vizt and find more information on the world meeting of families,
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including how to register. the philadelphia housing authority will break ground on its newest development in strawberry mansion. the gordon street apartments will be built on the block surrounded by 30th arizona and 31 and gordon. 21 sustainable units will go up on the vacant land. expected to be completed by next spring. this is the second pha project in strawberry mansion. construction in just the past six months. it is about 20 minutes after 5:00 now and now see how things are moving out on the roads. >> jillian mele is monitoring all of her cameras. jillian? >> more information about this and what is going up on the thorndale line. last night a tree that fell. fell on to the overhead wires in that area along that route. as a result, you have a downed tree and some wire problems and septa officials just tweeted something saying they just cleared and anticipate delays with limited surves eed service. this is on the entire line. we don't have an exact time
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frame, but septa officials warn just expect some delays if you're headed out and waiting on looks like that accident for the most part has cleared here off the base of the platt and that activity is cleared, which is good news for drivers. no accidents to report on the bridges. for drivers in delaware, a live look at 495 at terminal avenue and 495 is clear and aren't reporting any accidents on the majors in new jersey. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. temperatures have been plunging over night, making matters worse, the wind, which is gusting to 35 miles per hour in the area. 35-mile-per-hour wind gusts makes 31 feel like 18 degrees. this morning blustery through the day. we will see lots of sunshine but don't look for much of a warm up today. right now 31 degrees in philadelphia and this is where we're going to be for most of
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the day. 20s north and west and now seeing parts of new jersey drop below freezing and camden is down to 30 and glendora and voorhees colder. lots of rain and clear skies and tonight when the wind die down, that will allow the temperatures to go even lower. we could see record low temperatures tomorrow morning. today, you'll see lots of sunshine, but the wind will keep the pocono mountains in the 20s this afternoon. right in the low 30s for allentown and quakertown. gusty winds and mount holly, you'll see plenty of sunshine for the shore, atlantic city, cape may and 35 degrees from both locations while it's just 33 this afternoon for vineland and wilmington, chester and philadelphia will struggle to stay in the low 30s because of the strong, gusty wind. a look at the colder weather and the seven-day forecast. how about right now. seven-day forecast shows tomorrow morning, 20 degrees and 35 degrees tomorrow afternoon.
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the temperatures will moderate some on thursday, but another cold blast of wind on friday, a high of 38 after morning low of 25 degrees. then, the weekend. and milder temperatures. 45 on saturday. sunday up to 60 and potentially up to 70 monday afternoon. in a place already marked by violen violence, tensions are boiling over, again. a state of emergency in effect in murgs ferguson, missouri. the protest that prompted the governor to call out the national guard. and hundreds of jobs in jeopardy. we now know how many bottom dollar employees in our area could be looking for work by the end of the year.
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5:25. more than 2,000 workers will be out of a job come the new year. according to express times the closing of all bottom dollar food stores means layoffs for more than 1,600 workers in pennsylvania and nearly 500 in new jersey. bottom dollar announced it is closing all of its stores at the end of the year after selling to its can competitor aldi. a former steel mill in bucks county will soon get new life as a state of the art data center. keystone access point is set to open in two months. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. a blustery morning and cold
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wind blowing. temperatures have dropped below freezing. the wind chills are in the teens and below. a live view from center city. look at the flags atop the aramark building. jillian mele is watching traffic. good morning, jillian? >> good morning bill. a live look right near the mid-county toll plaza. between 76 and 95. coming up in just a few minute, a check of the northeast extension and mass transit. and as the temperatures drop on this bitter cold morning, an important warning for families. >> nbc 10 matt delucia is investigating home heating dangers this morning. matt? >> colorless, and tasteless. the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoni poisoning. the one thing you can do to protect your family.
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this is nbc 10 news. >> getting colder. right now temperatures are falling and it will stay cold all day long. and that's not all, the winds are picking up, making it feel like it's in the teens in some places. that wind chill, good morning and welcome to nbc 10 news today. i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm chris cato. the wind chill with us all day today. meteorologist bill henley is standing by with his first alert forecast. bill, we're in for a bitter one
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today. >> seen the temperatures drop even when we're on the air and the wind is staying strong. gusting to more than 30 miles an hour in the area. skies are clearing. we will see lots of sunshine today, but don't look for a warm up. heading out the door right now, these are the latest readings. 31 right now in philadelphia. 20s for wilmington and trenton is right at 30 degrees and it's in the middle 20s for reading, allentown and pottstown. factor in the gusty wind and teens for the i-95 corridor. 15 right now is what it feels like in wilmington and the pocono mountains, 0 is the current wind chill. sunshine will be bright, but the temperatures will barely warm up today. 29 degrees at 7:00. and 30 at 9:00 and at lunchtime, 31 degrees. your neighborhood by neighborhood forecast when i'm back in less than ten minutes. let's check in with katy zachary live at fox chase. it's a time when you want to limit how much time you'll spend outside. >> a tough d


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