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tv   NBC 10 News at 4pm  NBC  November 18, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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joining us now live by telephone is springfield's mayor, dennis mcdaniel. what's the impact for the people in your area because of this big fire they're fighting. >> fortunately the farmers market is surrounded by farmland. the smoke dissipates by the time it gets to the residential areas. >> this farmers market has been around a long time. i understand you've been going there since you were a kid. >> i've been coming here since the 1950s when i was a small boy, that's correct. >> talk to me, talk to us about what kind of a loss this is at this point to see this large building going up. >> well, you hate to see it happen but i feel fortunate because it looks like it's been contained to building four, which means possibly most of the market will be able to re-open before too long. >> so what should people do in terms of avoiding this area at this hour at 4:00 this afternoon
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because of the fire that firefighters are working so hard to contain? >> at the present time route 206 is closed. anyone going in the north/south direction in 206 needs to find another way. >> route 206 closed right now because of this fire. so avoid that area. >> that's correct. >> mayorç dennis mcdaniel, kee us posted if there's anything new we need to know, make sure you get back in touch with us. >> okay, no problem. >> firefighters battling a large fire at the landmark farmers market here in south jersey, the columbus farmers market which has been up in flames for about the past hour or so. still pouring a lot of water on this fire. count on us to keep you up to date. route 206 as you heard the mayor say in burlington county, closed. nbc 10 first alert warned you cold was coming. nbc 10 cameras in rittenhouse square where people are all bundled up. over the river in south jersey, nbc 10 cameras found people
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dressed for the elements here in cherry hill. the mercury is dropping even more as we head toward night fall. >> just a big change from a day or so ago. nbc 10 chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is watching these temperatures for us. glenn? >> we're watching the wind as well, because of course that makes it feel even colder but the wind all night will prevent the temperature from dropping as low as it would if it was calm. we have the arctic winds during the day today. near record cold overnight tonight. the feels-like temperature, the wind chill down to as low as 10 degrees at some point this evening. the temperatures right now are in the 20s across most of the area. didn't get above freezing during the day today. and the wind still pretty strong, not quite as strong as this morning. wind gusts to 30, 1 miles an hour. we were gusts to 40 earlier. so the wind will be diminishing as we go through the night. the temperature drop not as sharp because the wind is still
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up. but later tonight, as the wind goes down, the temperature will drop. you can see those feel-like temperatures into the teens. we'll see when we get out of this and how cold it is going to get tonight where you live coming up in the seven-day in a few minutes. >> thanks, glenn. when people in upstate new york say a snowstorm is bad, you know it's bad. this snow is so heavy, the national guard is being sent in to help. six feet of snow, that's right, i said six feet of snow burying buffalo and surrounding areas. the snow started falling last night and it may not stop until tomorrow. hardly anyone up there can get around and 132 miles of the new york state thruway are closed near buffalo. as the cold weather trek continues, be sure to get the latest updates from the nbc 10 first alert weather center. get them sent directly to your smartphone or tablet with the first alert weather app. download it for free at
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skyforce 10 over the scene as police dive into the cold waters of the schuylkill river after an suv plunged into that river. >> nbc 10's christine madella was there as police pulled the suv out and made a deadly discovery inside.ç >> reporter: from the video you can't tell just how cold it is on the schuylkill river. the wind added to the chill. >> i don't think you can really understand the impact, even when they're wearing cold weather suits how difficult it is. >> reporter: dive crews found a submerged volvo station wagon less than an hour after witnesses reported seeing a car speed through the intersection before busting through a stone barrier and into the river. >> we at this point do not know whether she had a medical emergency, mechanical failure or intentional. that's an assumption we're not going to make. >> reporter: police say a 41-year-old woman was behind the wheel, the only person in the car. the crews found her in the car under water but police say the
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divers couldn't pry the doors open to get her out. >> they did their very best to get into the car. you can see how badly damaged that car was and it went in nose first. >> did it look like the woman was first alive when they located her under water. >> it appeared she was unconscious at that point. >> reporter: once the truck towed the car out of river, the woman was pronounced dead at the scene. police are still trying to figure out what led to the crash. christine madella, nbc 10 news. snake eyes, a second casino is in the cards for philadelphia. >> state regulators gave the okay today, the winning location near the philadelphia sports complex in south philadelphia. it will be called live hotel and casino. it beat out three other finalists vying for philadelphia's second casino license. nbc 10's lu ann cahn live in center city this afternoon. >> winners and losers today on this push for a second casino. what kind of reaction are you hearing? >> reporter: there was every kind of reaction in the meeting.
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the stadium casino group of course ecstatic, they'll be building a casino and there's a group from south philadelphia, very upset and they may keep fighting this decision. >> it's a horrible decision for the entirety of philadelphia. >> reporter: south philadelphia residents shook their heads while the players in stadium casino happily received the news. they'll be building something that looks like this, a casino in south philadelphia on packer avenue. >> we have in our view the best location. we have the most experience. >> reporter: bob green of greenwood gaming and entertainment owns parks casino in bensalem. they joined with the cordes group to win the license over three other proposals. but south philly residents who have been protesting are
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dismayed. >> we have no more room. >> we're maxed out for space. we can't breathe when all these events are happening, the air too much to breathe. >> reporter: at least one of the other groups that lost out today isç considering an appeal. >> when i hear that the decision was made where we just saw 500 neighbors on the street complaining about the possibility of this, we're looking forward to seeing how the decision was made. >> reporter: and neighbors in south philadelphia who are upset with the gaming board's decision could appeal. councilman kenyatta johnson said if they want to fight this, he will help them. live at the pen convention center, lu ann cahn, nbc 10 news. i didn't do nothing. i keep telling them. >> 20 minutes of nonstop news continues with this. a father denies killing his little boy. the toddler died of a drug
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overdose. the child's father is criminally charged. >> investigators tell nbc 10 they found so much pain killer in that child's body even an adult would not have survived. nbc 10's deanna durante is live this afternoon in levittown. >> deanna, you were there as the father was take an way in cuffs. what did he tell you? >> you heard part of it. he says he didn't do anything. he says this case doesn't make sense, he would not harm his own child. that's what prosecutors say happen in apartment 1607 behind me. they say he was alone with his son when his son ingested a lethal dose of pain killers. >> i didn't do nothing. i keep telling them. >> stop. >> i didn't do nothing. why would i kill my own son? it don't make no sense. >> reporter: it was inside this apartment on october 22nd when the boy's grandmother came home and discovered labored breathing. she took him to lower bucks hospital. sebastian died at the hospital. the next day, an autopsy
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discovered the lethal dose of drugs in his system. >> mr. wallace was the only adult with the child prior to his passing. and awarding to our toxicology reports and the coroner's report, the child would have ingested that medication no longer than two hours prior to his death. >> reporter: now, i did ask a district attorney how it was that the child ingested those drugs, do they believe he picked them up, ate them on his own or was given the drugs. they say that is part of the investigation. a big problem here is that police were involved in the case very late. they were not notified by the hospital of the boy's death. it wasn't until the coroner did the autopsy that they found those drugs in his system. i did call the hospital twice, just before we went on the air. a spokeswoman told me the hospital has no comment. reporting live in levittown, deanna durante, nbc 10 news. thank you, deanna. a man carrying a little girl
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is caught on camera stealing a package from a home in delaware county. police in upper darby showed us the surveillance video. first you see the u.p.s. leaving the package. this is at a home on greenwood avenueç. then a man in i ared jacket starts casing the house. he eventually walks over, steals the package while holding the young girl. >> it kind of offends me that you would walk around with a baby in your hand as a cover while you do your stealing and robbing. >> the package had some toys inside it that were going to be resold on amazon. anyone who recognizes this man is asked to call police. president obama today is condemning a deadly attack at a synagogue in jerusalem this morning that killed three americans. one of the victims has ties to our area. this video right here captured an exchange of gunfire between
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israeli police an a pair of politician cousins. authorities say those cousins stormed a synagogue in jerusalem, armed with meat cleavers and a gun, killing four people. cydney long is live in lakewood. cydney, people there feeling the pain of what happened thousands of miles away in jerusalem. >> reporter: jim, very much so. i can tell you, it is an extremely sad day here in this community of lakewood. the rabbi who was killed is the son of a profound leader in judaism who has ties to boston. his own son was studying to become a rabbi right here in lakewood. >> i walked into the apartment and he was just crying, you know, sobbing. >> reporter: at 3:00 this morning, committeeman mayor liechtenstein rushed to the apartments in lakewood, this to play if only briefly.
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he had just learned of the heinous terror attack that left his father, dead at this east jerusalem synagogue. liechtenstein rushed to get the son ticketed and through customs to fly to israel in time for his father's same-day burial. he shared the news with a group of students before speaking with us. >> here was individuals going to pray in the morning, waking up in the morning, early in the morning, getting ready to pray, walking into synagogue and being sprayed with bullets pointblank. >> reporter: liechtenstein is the emergency coordinator and says with such a large jewish population they are always vigilant. still with his voice trembling he shared this statement from the rabbi's widow. >> was a most remarkable, beloved husband, father and
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grandfather who had a special relationship with each family member. >> reporter: now, senator menendez who represents new jersey released aç statement. he also reads in part to have terror interrupt the calm of morning prayer is deplorable and sickening to the core. live in lakewood, cydney long, nbc 10 news. we have new information today about a crime we first told you about yesterday at 4:00. a camden woman is charged with stabbing a worker at new jersey's child protection and child welfare agency. 30-year-old tysha edwards is accused of stabbing a female worker multiple times. the victim is in the hospital in critical condition. first degree murder charge was upheld for christopher
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murray in the death of his wife conn connie. police say he strangled the mother of two in august. connie murray's body was found in pennypack park. her husband confessed. ed a -- at today's preliminary hearing, his lawyer argued he did not mean to kill her. police say 18-year-old james salucci sold a small amount of marijuana to an undercover officer. he's a senior soccer player at radner high school. the radner school district isn't talking. parents in the area are worried. >> this goes on in the district. it goes on in many districts. radner is not exempt. you know, it was something that happened. so as parents we have to stick together and pray for our children. >> police say salucci sold the drugs in a mcdonald's parking lot in wayne. a worker was arrested in the same place a few months ago, accused of selling drugs.
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pennsylvania's highest court heard arguments today about whether to reinstate a criminal conviction against william lynn. lynn was the first church official in the nation ever convicted because of how he handled complaints about priest sex abuse. a prosecutor argued the crime of endangering the welfare of children applies to lynn because he was responsible for the safely of children. his lawyer says the allegations date back to before the law was changed in 2007. he's been under house arrest in a rectory since his conviction was thrown out last year. back to our breaking news story right now, that fire at the columbus farmers market in burlington county. christine madella live in skyforce 10. christine? >> reporter: just in the past 15 minutes, renee, fire crews have made a lot of progress. in the last five minutes, the ladder truck was the last one pouring water on the flames. because there's not a lot of smoke anymore, you can see the damage left behind.
4:16 pm
this is the main building at the farmer's market. you can see the collapsing walls and the roof is gone. there's still aç little bit of flames out there but fire crews had this under control at 3:45. no one was injured in this fire. reporting live in skyforce 10 over burlington county, christine madella, nbc 10 news. >> christine, a very cold day for those firefighters and the nbc 10 first alert weather computer will show the arctic air gripping our region right now. look at these temperatures. most places are below freezing but it feels even colder than that. this blast of cold weather has volunteers doing wellness checks on people across the region. >> good idea. nbc 10's doug shimell live in plymouth meeting. doug, who have the volunteers found as they went door to door? >> because this cold was so frigid and early, the volunteers say they lucked out so far. they worry is this weather a sign that this may be another bad winter to come for their clients?
4:17 pm
24 years of delivering food and meals on wheels volunteer june jenkins says she worries about her clients in this sudden cold. >> sometimes they're sitting there all wrapped up, cold and you're asking them did you put the heat on today? they don't even think about that. you're warm? >> yes, i'm warm. >> reporter: jesse slaton is 95 years old and has the heat on in his norristown row home. >> i have my thermostat set on 68 degrees. that's day and night. you felt it when you came in. >> here you are, jesse. we always make sure they have heat, that the heater is working and they also have their food, that their steps are cleared in case it snowed. >> i appreciate the meal on wheels coming. they come in, they check on me, because that day i fell meals on wheels, the time i hit the
4:18 pm
floor, he's a big man, he picked me up. >> bye, jesse. >> reporter: 14 more clients to go. 14 more people june jenkins hopes have their heat on. and this cold weather seemed to sneak up on everybody from work crews to homeless shelters, more on that coming up in just a little bit. live in plij ymouth meeting, do shimell, nbc 10 news. it didn't sneak up on glenn "hurricane" schwartz. that's for sure. let's talk about how low the mercury will drop tonight. >> he's been telling us the forecast for the winter. this looks like it's on target, glenn. >> we have months more of pretty extreme weather headed our way. we'll be down in the teens, some records by morning. some folks are happy about the cold. this is blue mountain live. they're making snow. there's snow on the slopes already. they're going to be able to open up before too long. we obviously don't have snow?
4:19 pm
philadelphia at the moment. but we doç have cold weather. it's positive degrees, 18 mile-an-hour winds with gusts to 28. feels like 18. of course this morning we had gusts to 40 miles an hour. right now, we are 26 in pottstown, coatesville, doylestown, 19 in mt. pocono already. 30 in philadelphia, 28 in washington township. 29 in wrightstown. we have a strong west wind all day the current sustained wind is starting to drop. it was well into the 20s earlier. now it's 8 miles an hour in pottstown. gusty in reading and lancaster. that trend is there. the wind chill is in the teens, feels like that on your exposed skin. 3 degrees in the poconos. history is being made whale we're just plain cold, the
4:20 pm
lake-effect snows we have 200 miles straight of moisture coming over lake erie, into the buffalo area, 5 to 6 feet of snow in the southern portion of buffalo. these are some pictures from twitter. see those mounds there? there's cars under that. this poor dog. it's up to here on the door. how's he going to get out? there's a lot of stuff going on up around buffalo right now and more to come. this is not about to end. low temperatures may be a record in mt. pocono tonight. 8 degrees, 15 in allentown. 17 in quakertown. 18 in trenton, norristown and mt. holly. even at the shore. atlantic city close to record levels. 19 in vineland, 22 in dover. the record for philadelphia is 20. we'll be very close to that as well. for tonight, 20 in philadelphia, 15 in some of the suburbs, near
4:21 pm
record cold. at least the wind will be going down. not totally calm but a whole lot less tomorrow. mix of sun and clouds, very cold day, highs only in the mid-30s and the seven-day forecast, well, it's still pretty cold on thursday and that gets even colder friday. still cold on saturday. that's a long cold spell for this time of the year. then it really jumps up. we could get rain by the time the eagles play in the afternoon. it will be mild. look how mild on monday. that's not going to last, either. >> old water pipes bursting in philadelphia. >> we have them almost every day. >> now the nbc 10 investigators are finding out how the city's water department is working to keep this from happening. plus, the man police believe went on a three-hour crime spree, hitting nearly a half dozen delaware businesses. and the call targeting your personal information and how to make sure you don't get ripped
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off. still ahead on nbc 10 news at 4:00.
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from our delaware bureau today, troopers are trying to find the person they believe is responsible for a one-day crime spree? new castle county. police say it happened over a 3 1/2 period yesterday. the first incident happened around noon when the man tried to rob the great cuts. then ten minutes later, officers were called to the wawa. authorities believe the same man is responsible for three more incidents later in the day, two in new castle and another in bear. when your phone rings, a convincing con artist could be on the other end trying to scam you out of money. the callers are posing as sheriff's deputies who are trying to scam residents. they also tell the irs is coming
4:26 pm
after them for unpaid taxes which isn't true or there's a warn the out for their arrest. flames race through a south jersey farmers market. >> that's the breaking news we're following on nbc 10 news at 4:00. these are pictures from earlier this afternoon in columbus, burlington county. no one was injured. the fire now under control. also this afternoon -- >> listening for leaks. why these local city work rer ke are keeping their ears tuned for what's going on underground. glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> it's cold now and i'm predicting even colder temperatures for tonight. i'll let you know what kind of condition conditions to wake up to. >> coming up on nbc 10 at 5:00, new details about a crush that stunned police. a victim caught in the wind shield of a car that just kept driving. why the man behind the wheel may be facing new charges.
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nbc 10 breaking news. >> fire raced through a south jersey landmark this afternoon, flames as you see bursting through the roof of the columbus farmers market. it's the oldest and largest market of its kind in the area. the columbus farmers market on route 206 in burlington county. fortunately the market happened to be closed on tuesdays and no one was hurt in this fire. let's take a look at how it looks right now that the flames are out. skyforce 10 over the charred remains of the building. there were 65 stores inside, selling everything from food to clothing to flowers. water is still being poured over the building to make sure there are no flare-ups at this point. gusty windsç are ushering i'm too cold to say it -- ushering in antarctic blast in
4:31 pm
nbc 10 in northeast philadelphia where it felt like it was in the teens. walking to class certainly no picnic at rutgers. students were bundled up as they walked across the camden campus. nbc 10 first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz has been keeping an eye on conditions all day. >> glenn, as the sunsets things will only get colder? >> of course. we have a little bit of help from the sun during the day today you can believe that. now we're losing that help and it is going to feel colder as we go through the evening and overnight hours. we never even got to 30 in areas north and west of philadelphia. only 26 in pottstown and lancaster right now. barely up to freezing in philadelphia, we're down to 30. still have gusty winds, gusting 25 to 30 miles an hour. it was gusting to 40 miles an hour earlier today. that's an improvement, right? well, the temperature dropping through the 20s as we go through the evening hours but of course
4:32 pm
the wind still enough to produce lower wind chills. it will feel like in the low to mid-teens by 10:00. we'll tell you how long it will go tonight and how long the cold spell will last in the seven-day in a few minutes. we can show you scenes like this nearly every day in philadelphia. water pipes bursting and flooding streets. >> in fact, the nbc 10 investigate ares founded if on average nearly two water main breaks every day in the city. it has investigative reporter mitch blocker asking questions about the plan to keep america's oldest water system working. >> the average philly water pipe is 67 years old. the water commissioner told us age is not an excuse for failure. even though when the system does fail you pay for it. >> reporter: there may be no better example of what could erupt beneath philadelphia's streets than the 23 million
4:33 pm
gallons that gushed in torresdale less than a year ago. the water commissioner keeps a reminder of the age and deterioration he's fighting. he showed us a piece of a century old pipe. it burst in spectacular fashion in 2012 causing $3 million in damage to center city. >> about 2 inches thick of cast iron in perfect condition. >> why did it break? >> then why did it break? it broke because there were some very specific local conditions that we cannot -- it's very difficult for us to pre-identify. >> we have sound on this one. >> those trying to find breaks may be the best listeners in philadelphia. they literally listen for leaks along 1,000 miles of underground pipeline. >> the soundç points us in the direction. so we know which way to head. >> philly is old.
4:34 pm
it's an old place. >> reporter: the water department headed straight for marsha blackwell's neighborhood. >> the water department was on harper earlier this summer every day for almost three weeks. >> reporter: every day? >> every day. >> reporter: the nbc 10 investigators crunched the numbers and find a pipe bursts 1.8 times a day in philadelphia, which is below the national average, according to the water commissioner. >> i wonder how that is possible to have the oldest water infrastructure but not be over the national average for the number of breaks. >> well, you have to remember that a pipe that was built in 1801 at the start of our system is no longer in service. >> reporter: we did find pipes from the 19th century in service until 2013 when they broke. the oldest was laid in 1820 at the intersection of green and pistorius streets. we learned since 1980 the city of philadelphia used a point system to track and identify the most vulnerable pipes.
4:35 pm
age, location and proximity to electricity all earn a point. right now, the pipes with the most points includes 50 miles set to be replaced in the next five years. but the water department would not say where those pipes are locked. they were concerned releasing that information would compromise home values. >> we were replacing pipes in the 1980s, 26, 25, 24 points. it was easy to decide which pipes to replace. >> reporter: they replace pipes with 7 or 8 points according to the commissioner. pipes like this one at frankford and torresdale. >> why didn't point system, the plan, prevent that break or breaks like it? >> well, we don't know which pipes the plan is successful for because we've replaced them. >> the commissioner says the water department is planning 50 to 100 years into the future. as you may imagine that takes a lot of money. at 6:00 we'll ask how much it
4:36 pm
will cost and find out if the water department has enough resources to do what it promises. i'm mitch blocker, nbc 10 news. the nbc 10 investigators found three streets with the most breaks in the city. that part of their investigation tonight on nbc 10 news at 6:00 as well. in the meantime, here are some of the other stories making headlines. a 41-year-old woman is dead after her car skidded into the schuylkill river. witnesses say the suv sped right through the intersection of hundreding park avenue and kelly drive in fairmont park. crashed through a stone wall and plunged into the river. exactly why is unclear. another casino coming to philadelphia. state regulators voted today to award a leens icense to live ho and casino. many neighbors protest it saying the area is already too crowded. now a closer look at the there are 12 gaming halls across the keystone state, five in our area, including sugar house in
4:37 pm
philadelphia, parx, valley forge as well as two others. nevada is number one. new jersey ranks third in casino revenue nationwide. it is a favorite among families traveling cross-country. >> now an rv hits the road in our area but it's on a different kind of mission. first here's what we're working on for nbc 10 news at 5:00. new at 5:00, another main line teenager busted for selling drugs. we're looking into the recent string of arrests in one of the priciest zip codes. plus, the recent cold putting stress on shelters. what they're doing to make sure everyone is taken care of. couldn't on nbc 10 news at 5:00.
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experience. that's the goal of comcast new xfinity score at the roosevelt mall in northeast philadelphia. when the cold weather and storms lead to power outages it will serve as a plug-in station for customers. they can learn about products and services, pay their bills and pick up and return equipment. >> you get to play with it, see it, feel it. and you get to really experience what the new xfinity is all about. >> it is the second xfinity store in our region. first in philadelphia. more are scheduled to open over the next few months. of course, comcast is the parent company of nbc 10. the feds have ordered her to leave the country. >> but one woman says no way. today nbc 10 takes you to the local spot where she's putting up a protest. also this afternoon -- >> this is a thanksgiving miracle. >> the season of sharing. thousands of people in our area won't go hungry because of a surprise move from the woman who
4:42 pm
lived in a modest home in one local neighborhood. glenn "hurricane" schwartz. look at that. that's not buffalo. that's blue mountain and the poconos where they're making snow. they have plenty on some of the slopes. we're in for a cold night with record lows. we'll let you know how long the conditions will last and when the temperatures will start climbing again. my exclusive nbc 10 first alert seven-day forecast. the driver of this car allegedly hit a man and drove off with that man stuck in the windshield. why the driver could face new charges tonight.
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4:45 pm
a woman born in honduras is fighting to stay with her husband and children here in philadelphia. >> she move nad a local church today and refuses to leave. the woman is known only as angela. this morning she went into the sanctuary of a north
4:46 pm
philadelphia church. angela vows to stay there until immigration and customs enforcement cancels her deportation order. the order was issued ten years ago when she was captured at age 17 at the u.s./mexico border. >> what we're doing here is, this is a statement. this is an action so that president obama can use his executive authority to end the deportations. >> angela's a member of the new sanctuary movement of philadelphia which is organizing this campaign. we've called immigration and customs about this situation. no one has returned our calls at this point. can a winnebago help prevent violence? today they unveiled a 33-foot winnebago which will serve as philadelphia cease-fire's mobile office. it will be a safe place to mediate conflicts before they become violent. cease-fire says it has already participated in more than 100 mediations this year.
4:47 pm
maybe you've noticed officers from the newark/delaware police department are getting scruffy. it's all for a good cause. the department is holding a best beard contest. the public can vote by placing a food item next to their name. those items will go to the food bank of delaware. >> we're putting food on to the plate of hungry delawarens. we want it to have a local impact. >> newark cops aren't normally allowed to have beards. this is a nice opportunity to skip shaving. the winner also get best beard bragging rights. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> it's feeling like christmas in haddon township. not just because of the weather. we saw workers stringing the christmas lights in camden county. some very cold weather today and some gusty winds as well. and we continue to have this first alert for this extreme
4:48 pm
condition that is coming. we've already gotten a piece of it. we have the arctic winds today, near record cold tonight and wind chills near 10 degrees. right now we have a temperature of 30. the wind is 18, gusting to 28. feels like 18 at the moment. and then it's going to go down from there. it was cold enough saturday, sunday and monday but tuesday, 32, wednesday 35 for the high. 55 is the average. more than 20 degrees below average. and right now we're in the 20s across a good bit of the area. 25 in quakertown andç coatesvie now. it's already gone down. kennett square is at 26. trenton at 28. and the wind chills are the smaller numbers. they're in the teens. it feels like that on your exposed skin. 15 to 20 to 30 degrees colder than it was at this time
4:49 pm
yesterday. in atlantic city, 30 degrees colder. and then you add the wind on top of it. not quite as gusty as it was earlier but still pretty strong. the wind will diminish somewhat tonight which allowed temperatures to go down even more. could set a record in mt. pocono, 17 in doylestown, 19 in northeast philly and vineland, 22 in dover. and 18 in westchester. the record low temperatures for tomorrow, well, we've got 20 in philadelphia. we'll be close there. we'll be close in atlantic city. we may beat it in reading and mt. pocono. we have several places where we have a chance to do that. the arctic air is on top of us now. we have another little surgeon friday. saturday's still cold. sunday, starting to warm up. monday, the warmer air is coming in. arctic air is gone.
4:50 pm
how about that? yeah but not for long. as soon as we get into next week, the arctic air is coming back. that's black friday. it's going to start getting cold again around here. so for tonight near record cold with the winds diminishing. 20 for the low in philadelphia. 15 north and west, during the day tomorrow. another very cold day but nowhere near as windy. highs in the mid-30s. and the seven-day forecast, cold and windy on thursday, even colder friday. still cold on saturday. at least it's dry through that period. sunday as it warms up, it cowl be rain while the eagles are playing and then it really gets warm monday but really cools off by thanksgiving. >> today a surprise for a local organization that feeds those in need during the holiday season. >> boy they never saw this comi coming. >> so for us, this was just an incredible, generous gift. >> giving thanks, volunteers
4:51 pm
celebrating a gift that will help them and so many others when the need is at its greatest. what's possible today?
4:52 pm
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today a whole new meaning to season of giving. just as the local food bank faces the tough winter season comes word of a gift it never expected.ç tim furlong picks up the story from there. >> reporter: it takes a lot of volunteers and a lot of donations to run the delaware food bank. they just got a big one. >> this is a thanksgiving miracle. this is a really big deal. this is a big deal not only because it represents a generous gift but just the way it was done. >> reporter: the ceo of the food bank recently got a letter
4:55 pm
saying a newark woman, a nurse, recently died in her 50s, left her home and $100,000 to the food bank. the house got upgrades. volunteers helped stage it for a local house. a local realtor helped sell the house. he, too, worked for free. >> how can i take a check for $6,000 in commission and not give it back? it wasn't even anything that was discussed. this is what we're going to do. >> reporter: the woman's niece texted me and said in no way would her awn the want her name out there but neighbors say this sounds about right. this woman was not flashy, she was just a nice person who did an amazingly nice thing to help others. the leaders of the food bank only wish they could have met this generous woman before she died. >> we have this woman who's given us the largest gift we ever received and we can't thank her because she's also passed
4:56 pm
away. >> something to smile about. >> here are jacqueline london and keith jones. >> next on nbc 10 news at 5:00, we continue to follow breaking news. >> live at a south jersey landmark that went up in flames today. sheena is tracking more cold. that's right. near record low temperatures as we go through tonight. coming up, i'll show you how cold it will get and how long it will last. >> what philadelphia just did to hundreds of patrol cars after this one burst into flames. that's next on nbc 10 news at 5:00.
4:57 pm
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4:59 pm
flames devour a popular south jersey farmers market. flames quickly jumped to four alarms. >> the fire was placed under control but the scene is far from being cleared. nbc 10's nefertiti jaquez is live with details. >> reporter: the fire is under control. take a look here behind me at this hour. firefighters are still trying to put out hot spots this after a four-alarm blaze tore through this farmers market behind me. it all started around 2:00. flames broke out at the historic columbus farmers market off the route 206. the fire was so massive, flames cowl be seen shooting from the roof of the building and clouds could be seen billowing from miles away. fire officials tell us that the wind and the cold weather
5:00 pm
actually made it very, very difficult for them to fight this blaze. as for the farmers market, it is a south jersey landmark as you said. it's considered the largest and oldest farmers market and flea market. up until today it actually had 65 various retail shops. as we come back out live to the scene, you can see fire crews are still here, again, putting out hot spots that may occur. the weather playing a major role for all of"átáq firefighters that are out here tonight. fire crews tell us it's going to take them from time to clear out the scene and of course the major question this evening is what led to the blaze. it's a story we will continue to follow for now. live in columbus, new jersey, nefertiti jaquez, nbc 10 news. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> nefertiti was just talking about it, arctic winds, near freezing temperatures make this wait for a bus or a train


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