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tv   NBC 10 News at 4pm  NBC  November 19, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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>> reporter: just seconds before impact surveillance video captures the tractor-trailer headed south, the driver police say was asleep at the wheel. he slams into a line of vehicles, first hitting two people pulling out of dunkin' donuts, pinning them against the sign, others flipped over in a domino effect of colliding cars. the truck driver, police say, woke up just before the crash. >> but it is clear that he dozed off and it is clear he was driving too fast. >> reporter: district attorney john adams says charges will be filed against 50-year-old steven bernier. he was hauling material for koogle recycling out of hamburg. the accident killed two people pinned under the 18-wheeler and the whole thing was captured on video. >> the video reallyç depicts ts horrific accident and it showed that, clearly, there was nothing
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other than the tractor-trailer that was responsible for this incident. >> it continued and there was louder bangs and booms and screeching tires. i knew exactly that there was a crash. >> reporter: officer robert wood was at the dunkin' donuts during the crash and ran over to help the victims. he says some were trapped, crying out for rescue. at least one car crushed like a soda can. >> i've been here 16 years and this is the worst i've ever seen being right there at the time that it's happening. >> now you can see traffic back open just within the last few minutes on route 222. meanwhile, that driver facing vehicular homicide, aggravated assault charges as well as a long list of traffic violations. police say he was cooperative but is now in custody to face those charges. we did place some phone calls to his trucking company based out of berks county. they have not returned our calls. live in berks county, randy gyllenhall, nbc 10 news. doug shimell is in reading
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where the suspect is being held. >> doug, earlier you spoke with people who saw this crash. what did they tell you? >> reporter: well, they told us they were starting their day the way they always do, the way most of the people near that intersection always do. >> there were cars in the field, the tractor-trailer and a car was up against the sign at dunkin' donuts. it looked like an explosion went off. >> reporter: neighbors say it happened along a part of route 222 notorious for accidents. >> i heard a big bang and i noticed the two tractor-trailers right where the dunkin' donuts was and instantly all the other cars started smashing into each other, instant mayhem, people screaming. >> reporter: witnesses say the tractor-trailer lost control near route 73 in berks county. >> i couldn't believe what i saw. it was -- i only saw the one tractor-trailer and the two cars on top of each other. this looks like something out of a movie. >> reporter: neighbors and businesses watched as a stretch of road they have explained about for years claimed two more lives. >> it's tragic.
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because especially if it was due to someone's carelessness that these people are going to work or school or to the store. >> reporter: the allegation that truck driver steven bernier may have fall an sleep at the wheel may confirm what residents have been saying all along. >> it's too small for tractor-trailers. >> it's devastating, very sad, your heart goes out to the families. >> reporter: i just got off the phone with district attorney john adams. he says steven bernier is expected to be arraigned at the courthouse sometime overnight. doug shimell, nbc 10 news. we expect updates with this developing news. stay with us. you'll also find it on your smartphone or tablet with the free nbc 10 news app. download it right now on breaking news to tell you about right now, skyforce 10 live over this ambulance accident. this is in phoenixville.
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let's get the latest from christine madella live in skyforce 10 for us what can you tell us, christine? >> reporter: you can see the damage done to this ambulance here on the front part of the ambulance and the rear of this suv. it looks likeç these are the tw cars, vehicles involved in this crash. as we zoom out a little bit, you'll be able to see the ambulance is getting ready to get towed away from the scene. this is main street and nutt road in phoenixville. and according toest whicher county authorities they say no one was injured in the ambulance or the suv. this intersection is blocked, though, and traffic is diverted at this time. reporting live in skyforce 10, over phoenixville, christine madella, nbc 10 news. bitter cold temperatures. did i say bitter cold temperatures? they were bitter today and certainly had workers in gloucester county making sure your heat stays on. we spotted these pse & g crews working on lines in deptford
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today. one more tough day to be outside. >> it bears repeating, biting cold, say it over and over again. let's talk to nbc 10 chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. we're talking about records, glenn. >> we tied a cup records and set one already today with more possible. as we go through the afternoon. these were the existing records for the morning lows today. 18 atlantic city, 20 in philadelphia, for example, the actual reading 20 in philadelphia, tieing the records at 1936. tied a record in reading with 18 and broke a record in georgetown, delaware, with 19 degrees. the current temperature, 32, so far our high of 33 and that may be a record, too, because the coldest daytime temperature in our history was 35 degrees. so that officially will be coming in in an hour or so. and tonight, not as cold. the temperatures kind of leveling off, but we'll see how long the cold spell is going to
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be lasting. if it does last into the weekend with the seven-day in a few minutes. take a look at this. parts of new york buried under feet of snow and there's more to come. minutes from now, nbc 10 meteorologist sheena parveen whip tell us how much has fallen there and how much more they can expect. and now to another developing story today. a tv network pulls the plug on the bill cosby show that was under development. this afternoon nbc scrapped an upcoming comedy show for the legendary local comedian. late last night netflix postpone a cosby comedy special. this comes as a high-profile woman comes forward claiming cosby sexually assaulted her decades ago. rosemary connors spoke to a cosby friend today about the sex assault allegations. >> i don't believe it, because i know bill cosby. >> reporter: the new allegation from former model janis dickinson is keeping bill cosby in the spotlight even though he's been trying to stay out of
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it lately. dickinson's claim of rape reflects other past accusations from women who have said cosby drugged and assaulted they will. those in philadelphia who have known the actor and comedian for decades insists cosby could never be capable of such acts. they describe him as a standup guy. >> i think mainly the music brought us closer together. ♪ >> reporter: jazz saxophonist tony williams first met cosby when he was a student at temple university and calls him a friend. williams who is also aç former public school teacher, hosts a music festival every year with local jazz players to raise scholarship money for deserving students. cosby has seen in this photo from september, comes to the event to lend his support every year, sometimes even participating. >> one year he played drums. and i played cow bell. i got off the drums and i played cow bell. he would just stop in the middle of a tune and tell a joke. >> reporter: cosby has never been charged with a crime. he did settle a lawsuit regarding a sex assault claim
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out of court almost ten years ago. >> right now, everything bill cosby has ever done is going to be re-examined and looked at anew. obviously it doesn't suggest guilt in any way but now people are starting to look at him through a different lens. >> reporter: regarding the latest sex assault claims from janice dickinson, bill cosby's attorney calls them a complete lie. on a final note, even though cosby has canceled recent appearances we've learned today that he will perform on friday night in florida for a soldout show. i'm rosemary connors, nbc 10 news. in just the last hour, police in upper darby laid out their case against an 18-year-old man accused of sexually assaulting a little girl. >> among other things nbc 10 learned the 5-year-old victim has a sexually transmitted disease. nbc 10's george spencer live in upper darby. the victim and her alleged attacker are related. >> reporter: renee, they are related. even long-time investigators
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here at upper darby police headquarters acknowledge this case is highly troubling. young victim's alleged rape only came to light yesterday when she was taken to the hospital with symptoms of an std. upper darby police have arrested now an 18-year-old relative of that young victim in connection with this case. they say the 5-year-old described in child-like terms the assault itself when she was taken to c.h.o.p. with symptoms of chlamydia. the suspect denied the rape. police say he, too, has chlamydia. they're confident they have their man. take a listen. >> it's the best way for me to describe this guy is an animal. i mean, the 5-year-old little girl. not only that, as horrible as that is and then to pass on a sexually transmitted disease at 5 years old is unconsciousible. i can't imagine it. >> the alleged assault itself did happen several months ago. the suspect in this case is from
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ecuador originally but resides in upper darby legally. he faces a whole litany of rape-related charges. he's not likely to leave jail given the $250,000 cash bond that he faces. we're live right now in upper darby, george spencer, nbc 10 news. >> george, thank you very much. switching gears now. mar candidates are jumping into the race for philadelphia mayor. one of them a former d.a. known as one tough cookie and a local state senator. nbc 10's lu ann cahn is live in north philadelphia. it's a crowded field of candidates, lu ann. >> yes, it is. what a fascinating day in philadelphia politics. two more democrats throw their hat into the ring to run for mayor, trying to get into city hall.ç 72-year-old lynn abraham, the former district attorney says she is all in. >> i've got lots of dreams, lots of energy. nobody is going to outrun me, outcampaign me, outtalk me, outthink me.
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i've got more energy than all the other candidates put together. >> reporter: lynn abraham, the five-time elected former district attorney of philadelphia packed hundreds of supporters in at the franklin institute to announce she's running. >> for those who want to meet her, to transform philadelphia under the reforms, the desire and the courage to break some china along the way, i'm in the process to turn philadelphia into a great american city, i am your candidate. >> reporter: on the sidelines observing, sam katz who has run for mayor three times and lost. would he rule again? >> i'm not ruling it out. >> reporter: the politico says this is the way he sees the former d.a. >> her brains, her experience, her intelligence, her savvy, her toughness, her independence are all qualities that i think set her apart. she will not be the candidate of the established democratic party. >> reporter: that would be this man, state senator anthony williams who's expected to make a formal announcement he's
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running for mayor in the next couple of hours. he would join terry gillen, former director of federal affairs for the city of philadelphia and former city solicitor, ken trujillo who had the former governor and ed rendell. i had to ask lynn abraham. >> why now, you have a lot of other candidates jumping in. >> what do i care. >> reporter: you have ed rendell hosting trujillo. >> ed rendell will be with me when we good to the general election, he'll be standing right next to me. >> reporter: we'll see. there are a slew of other names being mentioned as possible candidates for mayor, including council president daryll clark, former spokesperson for mayor nutter, doug oliver. maybe former councilman frank rizzo jr. or the current district attorney seth williams. that's just the short list of possible candidates. stay tuned. live in north philadelphia, lu ann cahn, nbc 10 news.
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>> thanks, lu ann. four assist and the local high school football coaches will keep their teaching jobs despite a hazing scandal at their school. they were reinstated yesterday. the school board initially suspended the coaches last month. several football players are accused of hazing and sexually assaulting four teammates inside the locker room. the players will not be tried as adults. a new jersey judge will decide if the words under god should be removed from the pledge of allegiance. the ruling will affect schools in the aberdeen district where a family filed a lawsuit there. now, the family claims the pledge discriminates against atheists. the school is trying to get the lawsuit dismissed. it argues students are not required to say the pledge and, therefore, are not treated differently. the hearing finished today. the judge said he'll make a decision soon. a local casino union leader is compared to russian dictator joseph stalin. more than 1,000 workers at the stump taj mahal casino were planning to protest the december
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shutdown in about an hour. this will be the fifth casino to close in atlantic city. now,ç trump entertainment ceo robert griffin accused local 54 in a letter of misrepresenting the facts. we asked union president bob mcdevitt about the comparison but haven't heard back from him. good news about the bridge that got twisted last summer. deldot crews should finish repairs by early next year. the bridge was shut down in june when a strange discovery was made. a large mound of dirt caused several bridge columns to tilt. the bridge was re-opened a few months ago. delaware transportation secretary tells us the final cost of the bridge repairs will be about $40 million. he says the federal government picked up meft ost of that tab. if 6 feet of snow wasn't enough, the buffalo area is about to get even more. a second snowstorm has begun and could drop another three feet. today the buffalo area still
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reeling from that earlier storm. officials say at least six people have died in this and 132 miles of the state thruway remain closed. they're measuring the snowfall by the foot in new york. >> it's not over yet for them either. nbc 10 first alert meteorologist sheena parveen has more images from that hard-hit area. they're tough to swallow, sheena. >> definitely. just be happy you don't live along the great lakes where they tend to see lake-effect snow. this is record-setting. no one has seen snow like this in this area. at times yesterday it was coming down at 4 inches per hour. so over buffalo right now, we are seeing snow falling, some of this is on the heavier side. we're watching this storm system moving in. so there we zoom into the buffalo area, everyone around it seeing snow. this is not the lake-effect snow that will start to set up, though, this is just another storm system. you see it moving over the great lakes, buffalo getting slammed once again. the winds keep coming over the great lakes here so we will continue to see snow in this
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area. check this out, though, here's a live look over downtown. this is time lapsed video of yesterday's storm. look at this. that is a wall of snow falling down. you can see it as it moves from lake erie to downtown buffalo. more is on the way now. it really looks like a wall of snow as you look at that. from where the camera was, they weren't seeing the snow. they were watching others see the snow. nbc's michael wooten shows us how people are bracing for yet another storm. >> buffalo is digging out after a massive lake-effect snow storm dumped 5 feet of snow on parts of the city with more on the way. >> it is slow going still in south buffalo. we are making progress but there's a long way to go. >> reporter: the magnitude of the system captured in this time lapsed video took many by surprise. >> how quickly it all came. yesterday morning we thought we'd get out of here and by noon there was definitely no hope. >> reporter: even the most
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experienced residents in an area prone to massive snowstorms are trying to take it all in. >> this is by far the worst. >> reporter: the weight of the snow proved to be too much for some structures. >> mother nature is showing us who's boss once again. >> reporter: and the national guard has been called in to help. hundreds of vehicles were stranded again overnight, including a bus carrying niagara univerryty's women's basketball team rescued after more than 24 hours on i-90. >> as it started to get dark, you could tell there was a little bit of tension. >> reporter: while the cleanup continues, the city is preparing to more. for much of the day we enjoyed a break from the snow as it moved north out of the metro area. the bad news, those lake effect bands will come back down south overnight, which means round two of digging out from feet of snow. it's too much too fast, the result of unseasonably cold air colliding with the relatively warm waters of lake erie, while
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the official start of winter is still a little more than a month away. michael wooten, nbc news, buffalo. >> thankfully we're not getting that snow here. >> i'll say. we are contending with record cold. nbc 10 chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz now covering that part of the weather story. glenn? >> that's right, renee. we've had the coldest weather of the season so far and records this morning as we just showed you. we're not expecting any more records for tonight or into tomorrow. the freeze, the deep freeze will continue. it's going to be mighty cold all the way through saturday, even if we're not seeing more records. some later weekend relief is on the way. right now, it is barely to the freezing mark. the wind 13 miles an hour making it feel like it's 23 degrees. and the temperatures, well, they never got up to the freezing mark north and west. 28 in quakertown and doylestown, 29 in reading and pottstown and
4:19 pm
coatesville. these would be cold for january. 31 washington township, mt. holly, 30 in trenton, 31 in wrightstown. it is bitter cold out there. the wind direction, though, has shifted. now it's coming out of the south and that is what is going to prevent us from being so cold tonight. you can see those wind arrows about 10 to perhaps 15 miles an hour right now. and that wind is going to be up just enough tonight to prevent us from getting too low. 23 for the low in allentown. these temperatures may not occur at 6:00 in the morning. may occur in the middle of the night and then the readings go up a little toward day break. 25 in doylestown, 27 in norristown and trenton. 30 in dover. 26 in vineland. these are mighty cold but not as cold as it was this morning. 29 in philadelphia as opposed to 20 this morning. we are going to be seeing a
4:20 pm
warmup by the time the eagles get to play and sunday afternoon could see temperatures in the 50s. i'm holing off any rain until sunday night. so right now, we're thinking that it's going to be dry. maybe a bit breezy, though. not quite as cold tonight. 28 for the low in philadelphia, 23 north and west and during the day tomorrow. kind of windy and cold even though the temperature goes above 40, it's not going to feel like it. the wind chills won't get out of the 30s. potential gusts up to 30 miles an hour. and seven-day forecast we get a reinforcing shot of that arctic air. so friday, the high's only 36 and byç saturday morning, 23. that's in philadelphia, teens in the suburbs. so saturday is still cold but sunday isn't. it's milder, especially in the afternoon and by monday, we're up near 70. with showers, maybe even thunderstorms. look how we cool down toward thanksgiving.
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this new jersey farmers market torched. i'm digging in to how the fire started and when other businesses here will re-open. a major car company recalls nearly 500,000 cars. the vehicle they're warning you to get off the road right now. still ahead on nbc 10 news at 4:00.
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a dozen suspected deadbeat parents got rounded up in montgomery county today. this morning's sweep led to nine arrests. three parents surrendered, deputies have a list of 67 parents they need to find in norristown, pottstown and abington. the sheriff's department tells nbc 10 the moms and dads missed child support payments or skipped court appearances. sheriff russell bono began these types of roundups. a chester county company is
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relocating more than 500 jobs to massachusetts. shire is relocating from chester brook to westington, massachusetts. the move will streamline shire's business globally through massachusetts and switzerland. shire appointed a new cfo as part of that transition. police say a trucker dozed off behind the wheel, slammed into a bunch of cars and killed two people. >> that is our top story on nbc 10 news at 4:00 today. the deadly collision happened in maidencreek township, berks county this morning. the driver of the truck is in custody, facing homicide and manslaughter charges. and new at 4:30, reason to hope. nbc 10 explains why there's new optimism about the future of this iconic farmers market one day after fire burned the building. glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> some areas have been dealing with record cold. i'll let you know if temperatures are going to dip
4:26 pm
into record territory as we head into night fall. then coming up tonight on nbc 10 news at 5:00, sand witches, coffee and a lawsuit. the reason wawa is taking a small florida restaurant to court.
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nbc 10 breaking news. >> skyforce 10 is over breaking news in chester county. a house fire in kennett square. >> nbc 10's christine madella is live on board skyforce 10. christine? >> you can see the fire crews at this house. there's still flames coming out here along the roof of this home. it's a large home. it looks like this is the only house involved here.
4:30 pm
on north union street in kennett square. we are told, some of my colleagues reached out to chester conte fire officials who say everyone got out of the home and no one has been injured but you can see some flames and the smoke is still burning here at this house fire. the area around this home is also blocked off with the fire activity. reporting live in skyforce 10 over kennett square, christine madella, nbc 10 news. >> christine, we'll check in with you. speaking of fire, also at 4:30, hope for businesses and the customers of this popular local farmers market. just 24 hours after flames devoured that building there.ç we brought you the live coverage of that fire in burlington county on news 10 at 4:00. >> there's encouraging information for those who work and shop there. nbc 10 south jersey bureau reporter, cydney long is live in columbus to explain. >> reporter: renee and keith, that is right. the attorney for the market explained right now as investigators are digging
4:31 pm
through, sifting through the debris, searching for a cause, they are all working together as a family to re-open the columbus farmers market by thanksgiving. also businesses that were affected by this fire can come back to work tomorrow at a limited capacity by setting up what they sold inside these burnt walls outdoors. >> it will be open tomorrow. >> reporter: matthew is making a promise with conviction. >> right now we have over 50 people inside. we have serv-pro doing mediation, ventilation, drying out. >> reporter: the columbus farmers market will be open tomorrow, less than 48 hours after flames tore through the building destroying nearly a dozen businesses. >> everything lost. >> reporter: johnny choi's shoe repair of 20 years among them. vendors will only be allowed to sell their items in the outdoor section of the flea market. there's room enough tore 1,500
4:32 pm
vendors. newell just wants to know -- >> how do we start? what do we do now. >> reporter: he could only speculate. he doesn't think the cause will turn out to be sinister. >> in bad times the market does well. that's the reality of it. right now because of the poor economy the mark set doing great. there's no motive for it, i'll put it that way. >> reporter: he's pushing to see vendors relocated to inside spaces one week from now. >> it is the biggest day of the year for the market. we will move heaven and earth but we will be open on thanksgiving, i guarantee you that. >> reporter: you can see in the distance tiny hot spots still smoldering here at the market. fire investigates would not answer questions about a possible cause. the only thing they did tell me, their investigation is in the over. they're wrapping up right now but they'll be back tomorrow. as soon as we know something, so will you. live in columbus, cydney long, nbc 10 news. here's some of the news
4:33 pm
making headlines on nbc 10 news at 4:00. investigators say the driver of a big rig dozed off behind the wheel and plowed into some nine cars. the crash happened in maidencreek township, berks county this morning. two people died. nine others were hurt. the truck driver is charged with a long list of crimes. former philadelphia d.a. lynn abraham is running for mayor. the democrat made the announcement today. let's take a look at the candidates who have officially declared candidacy. lynne abraham, terry gillen, ken trujil trujillo, anthony williams is expected to announce in about an hour from now and former mayor nutter spokesman doug oliver is also considering a run. >> nbc 10 first alert weather tracking antarctic blast. gripping our çarea, cold temperatures didn't keep people from shopping at the italian
4:34 pm
mark net south philly. shoppers smartly bundled up before hitting the vendors outside. in haddonfield, the sidewalks were less crowded today. a few people and at least one dog we spotted here with our camera were out for a walk through the camden county town. let's see where temperatures are headed right now. >> for that we turn to nbc 10 first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. glenn? >> renee, we do have very cold weather across the area now. we'll have a very good night tonight. we won't be seeing a repeat of the records we saw this morning. these were the existing records, including 20 degrees in philadelphia. those records go way back, back to 1870. to tie a low temperature record is pretty rare, especially without snow on the ground. reading tied the record at 18, georgetown, delaware, beat the record with 19 degrees. 32 degrees now in philadelphia, 23 degree wind chill and that
4:35 pm
could mean a new record for the lowest maximum temperature for the date. we'll see when it's finally going to warm up with the seven-day in a few minutes. from the nbc 10 jersey shore bureau, one person died after getting trapped in a burning house in north wildwood last night. the fire was so intense, rescuers could not get inside. mill crews milled and repaved a section of the new jersey turnpike this morning, fixing road damage caused by a deadly tractor-trailer crash last night. three trucks collided and burst into flames. that happened in the northbound lanes in cranberry township just after 9:00 last night. delaware truck driver timothy bowen died. the other two truck drivers were hurt. today bad for the body. >> the new findings on texting and the damage it can do to your health. but first, here's what we're working on right now for you for nbc 10 news at 5:00. right at 5:00, a young child sexually assaulted by her
4:36 pm
cousin. and it gets worse. >> this should not have happened. >> then, still happening now, nbc 10 getting new details into this deadly truck crash that crushed nine other vehicles. plus, as temperatures keep dropping we're looking into how to make sure your car is winter ready. and philly's player ryan howard facing big problems off the field. coming up, the legal and financial issues he's battling with family members. count on nbc 10 news at 5:00.
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a warning now if you own a volkswagen jetta or beatle. the volkswagen group of america is recalling more than 400,000 jettas or beatles. drivers can lose control and crash again. the recall involves 2012 and 2013 beetles and 2011 through 2013 jet taz. volkswagen dealers will inspect your cars and repair them for free. our love of texting and smartphones is becoming a real pain in the neck. studies have shown the average person spends two to four hours a day hunched over their phone. that has doctors concerned. as the head tilts down, added pressure is put on muscles in the neck. that can lead to poor posture and even cause early wear and tear on the spine. researchers say if you're not willing to reduce your texting time, try to stay upright while doing it. >> very interesting there. something else interesting today, the best bathrooms in the
4:40 pm
whole country. >> and they're right here in our area. we'll show you. also, from fear to fame. two people who survived this scare involving a philadelphia police car get their 15 minutes in the spotlight. glenn "hurricane" schwartz. well, we're certainly in a deep freeze but i am tracking some relief. even a big warmup, get the details in my nbc 10 first alert forecast. and wawa takes on a small indian restaurant in florida. why the convenience store chain is filing a lawsuit.ç
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it's beginning to look a lot like christmas in delaware. volunteers set up this weekend's festival of trees in new castle county. theç event raises money for delaware hospice. workers say it's their biggest fund-raiser and great fun for the whole community.
4:44 pm
it's a convenient weekend. there's not a lot of holiday parties going on. we'd like to think we're the first one to start the holiday season. >> stop by the cokesbury retirement village for the event. donations are down this year to a group that makes the holidays brighter for thousands of children. today, the montgomery county commissioners say the horsham toys for tots warehouse to help boost lagging donations. the marine corps league coordinates the donations. but they say toy donations are down. >> toys of all ages, particularly kids in their teenage years. >> toys for tots made christmas
4:45 pm
merrier for 11,000 children last year. >> feeding families for thanksgiving, today people from the philadelphia chapter of delta sigma beta sorority delivered baskets with all the holiday fixings. the food was dropped off at park lane elementary school in delaware county. >> as an organization committed to scholarships and community service, we always keep the needs of the community in mind. it's important we acknowledge her work and give something back to the community at this holiday season. >> the ladies in red and white. five deserving families will receive the treats. it's all part of the sorority's annual service project. >> your vote put longwood gardens in the hall of fame. they now own the title of america's best rest room. voters chose longwood gardens from a group of ten finalists.
4:46 pm
the gardens rest rooms feature -- wow, lack at these pictures, a green wall and eco friendly design. also the horticulture attraction is the most public visited garden. now its bathrooms are a national icon as well. visitors are treated to etched translucent ligglassine inside rest room. >> the team at longwood has proven it understands the value of a rest room that's creative and memorable for its guests. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. sure was a bitter cold morning to be waiting for the bus. nbc 10 at this bus stop in wilmington, new castle county and of course those passengers really bundled up. wow, even this little guy was
4:47 pm
prepared for record cold temperatures in parts of the area. a couple more days our bodies will get more adjusted to it. it's quite a shock to the system coming in here. the record cold this morning and maybe even duringç the day tod. the freeze continues all the way into at least part of the weekend but before the weekend is over, they'll be seeing relief in the form of mild air, which will feel more than mild by the time we get through this cold spell. 32 degrees now, the wind 13 miles an hour, feels like it is 23. it's only in the 20s north and west. never got above the 20s during the day today. 22 in mt. pocono. it's barely above freezing to the south. some of these temperatures may actually go up in the next few hours because the wind is coming straight out of the south now and it is increasing a little bit. now up to 10 to 15 miles an hour. the problem is, the temperature goes up a little. if the win goes up, the wind
4:48 pm
chill is about the same. it is going to be a chilly evening. here are the future temperatures. you can see the southerly winds. we can see some of the readings probably go up, especially toward the jersey shore. temperatures could even go into the 40s as we go through the night but it's still pretty cold, in the 20s north and west. and a little bit of wind adds to that chill. but it's not going to stay that way. now as far as buffalo is concerned, keep talking about all this snow that's coming. now the next round of this lake effect, i think may be a little bit farther south than the place that got buried the last time. and also not last as long. buffalo is up here. going to be more in the more traditional lake effect areas and it also moves. it doesn't stay in the same spot all day like it did yesterday. 6 feet of snow in one day. by the way, some of that was at the buffalo stadium.
4:49 pm
they're playing a game on sunday pap that will be interesting. for the eagles, it will be pretty nice. temperatures in the 50s. i think the rain will hold off until sunday night. 28 for the low in philadelphia, 23 north and west. temperatures could rise a little bit after you hit those lows. windy and cold with sunshine tomorrow. highs in the low to mid-40s. but it's going to be windy. so the wind chills will be in the 30s. and speaking of 30s, we're back down there on friday. and some wind on top of that. saturday still cold but not sunday. warms up into the upper 50s and then some rain comes in, sunday night into monday but warm winds, 70. then it cools off by thanksgiving. >> all right, glenn, thank you. you might have seen this earlier today. check it out. ellen degeneres welcomed the philadelphia police officer and the teenager who saved him from his burning patrol car. joe chambers is in the pink and officer mark kinsey is on the
4:50 pm
crutches in cray. the car caught fire, kinsey was trapped. joe chambers is a volunteer firefighter. he ran to help. this afternoon, chambers walked ellen through what happened next. >> like how are you? he was all disoriented, didn't know where he was. i said you're car's on fire. he's just staring at me. i was like, i'm going to have to get you out. i tried to open the door. the door wasn't open. i'll have to get you out through the windog.ç he threw his arms out and i dragged him out. >> officer kinsey says he doesn't remember much from the crash but he'll always remember what chambers did to say his life. >> what a story. >> today, answers about a fire at a popular local spot. >> with those answers come a warning. nbc 10 news with brand new surveillance video as flames erupted inside a ymca in our area. a danger that could be in your
4:51 pm
home or workplace.
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a lot of breaking news on this wednesday. right now, skyforce 10 and christine madella over this accident in northeast philadelphia on the roosevelt boulevard. christine? >> reporter: you can see emergency crews loading one person in the back of an ambulance. four people have been injured in this crash, two adults and two children. this is on the boulevard on the southbound side here. two lanes are blocked in the outer drive approaching summerdale. the inner drives are getting by just fine. this crash is involving five cars. reporting live in skyforce 10 over the boulevard, christine madella, nbc 10 news.
4:55 pm
we want you to look at this new video. nbc 10 obtained a video of a fire as it broke out inside the day care of the abington township ymca last week. this is the aftermath of that fire. you can see the charred damage inside and outside the building. nbc 10's deanna durante is live this afternoon in abington township. >> this fire could be linked to an air conditioning unit that could be in local homes. >> it could be in homes, businesses, hotels, even apartment complexes. according to the consumer products safety commission that says about 90,000 of those units were sold and despate a recall in 2011, those units were in use here at the ymca. and one of those units caught fire last week. >> now you have the open flames going. >> reporter: fire versions say it is rare to have video like this, one that shows exactly where a fire breaks out. the flames they say came from this heating and cooling unit installed inside a ymca day-care center.
4:56 pm
it was november 11th when the interior fire alarms went off. >> the firefighters entered the building through the front, they stretched those lines and they found heavy black smoke conditions, which hampered them actually trying to find exactly where the location was. >> reporter: the unit in these pictures taken by the fire marshall's office had melted, the area burned, causing all that smoke and the play ground equipment along with the walls and ceiling was damaged. luckily no one was inside at the time of the fire. >> toddlers would have been in that room playing and the jungle gym right next to the origin of fire happened, one of them could have been hit with flying sparks. >> reporter: when investigators returned to their office, they began looking into the thermal air conditioner unit and learned it had been recalled in the summer of 2011. >> if they have a thermal packaged air conditioning units that's installed in the wall, they should check the model, check the serial number and check with the consumer product
4:57 pm
safety commission to see that it's not on recall. >> reporter: unaware of the recall notice, the ymca disconnected all of its thermal packaged units while they're checked out. firefighters say these units cowl be in homes and businesses all over area. consumers unaware of the potential danger. now, part of the reason the fire marshall's office tells us people are at wear of recalled products because in situations like these, it could be an installer that purchases the unit and never fills out the warranty information or leaves it to the actual owner. it's important to listen to safety recall notices, check your appliances in your home, especially now that the weather is getting cold, check out heaters, anything that may be running long term. in abington, deanna durante, nbc 10 news. now to nbc 10 news at 5:00. here are jacqueline london and keith jones. >> next on nbc 10 news at 5:00, a child sex assault in the suburbs. >> and the victim is just 5 years old. and the phillies sighed ryan
4:58 pm
howard to a $125 million contract but he wasn't the only person getting that money. we have new details about a high-priced family feud. that's next at 5:00.
4:59 pm
5:00 pm
nbc 10 breaking news. breaking news, word just in about an incident that took place at the white house today. secret service arrested a man from iowa outside the


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