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tv   NBC 10 News at 11p  NBC  November 19, 2014 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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>> tonight the firsthand accounts from drivers right in the middle of this deadly pile-up. it's just not in the cards for revel. tonight the new buyer folded and walked away from the table. so what happens to the closed casino now? return to sender? a men's clothing store with no plans to stock its shelves with this shipment. 90 pounds of marijuana. new at 11:00 tonight, the tractor trailer driver blamed for a deadly pile-up heard the long list of charges in court. >> this is video taken in the past 90 minutes as the walked out of the courthouse. two people died in this morning's pile-up in berks county. nine others injured including three people in the red car you see highlighted. tonight we spoke to them about the crash. police say the driver fell asleep at the wheel around 6:00 this morning. he woke up and slammed on his brakes on allentown pike in maidencreek township, about ten miles north of reading, berks county.
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denise nakano joins us live. what did the survivors tell you? >> reporter: the survivors describe the crash as the longest 15 seconds of their lives. they watched as debris flew around them and that big rig come barreling toward them. >> it just seemed like it didn't stop. so when it was over, i'm sitting there not knowing if i'm dead or alive. >> reporter: jake and his two co-workers survive the crash on route 222 in maidencreek township, but they're not sure how. a big rig slammed into their car and eight others early this morning. >> the sound is something i'll never get out of my head. i just don't know how i'm going to deal with that. >> reporter: roger sat in the back seat and saw the tractor trailer hit two cars on the highway then veer toward them. he asked that we not show his face. >> then the crunching and the screeching, the metal and the glass and everything was just -- it wouldn't stop.
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>> reporter: the impact mangled the car below them and a silver suv above them. two drivers died at the scene. this is your chance to say something to the families. police say the driver behind the wheel of the big rig fell asleep at the wheel. he walked out of his arraignment in his work uniform now charged with homicide by vehicle, involuntary manslaughter and aggravated assault. >> i said what happened, man? and he, you know, he was beside himself. and he just said that, you know, that he dozed off. he said, man, i just dozed off, man, i just dozed off. >> reporter: he's being held on $500,000 bail. the survivors suffered some contusions and broken ribs but they say they owe their lives to the two victims who died. denise nakano, nbc 10 news. the nbc 10 investigators looked into the driver's past and found a criminal record. he showed up on the sex offender registry megan's list.
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he's also on parole. a court convicted him in 2006 for sexually assaulting a child under the age of 3. we also checked his driving history. state court records show police gave him a traffic ticket for operating unsafe equipment this past september. records also show he pleaded guilty in that case. the chief operating officer of the driver's company released a statement tonight saying, quote, we are praying for all those involved in today's terrible accident. we cannot sufficiently express our deepest condolences to all who have been impacted by this tragic event. we will cooperate full we the ongoing investigation and the facts continue to unfold. to our weather, you're going to need your winter coats again for the morning, but it won't feel as cold as it did today. >> sheena parveen joins us with what we can expect for tomorrow. >> yes, that's right. you'll want the coats again in the morning. it is going to still be cold. we're just not going to see those record morning lows like we saw this morning across the area, but the temperatures will
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still be in the 20s for many of us, especially north and west. that's where we're in the 20s right now. 27 degrees in allentown, 28 pottstown. 29 right now reading. so a few areas with a developing south wind have gone up a couple degrees, but i would not call this warmer by any means. 37 right now millville, 32 degrees in dover right now. for tomorrow, though, we will still start off with a cold morning. through the afternoon maybe not as cold as told, but it will be windy and steel goiill going to cold. mostly sunny, windy, staying cold and by noon tomorrow already near 40 degrees which right now sounds like it's a little warmer, but we do have a big warm-up into the weekend. i'm tracking some rain coming, too. i'll show you the timing on both of those coming up. the former revel casino is dealt another bad hand tonight. the company slated to buy the bankrupt casino resort announced tonight the sale is dead.
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so what happens now? nefertiti jaquez joins us to tell us what went wrong. >> reporter: i can tell you that toronto-based company that was set to buy revel has backed out. tonight they tell us that this power plant, which is located right across the street from the casino, is the reason why. the company approved to buy revel casino hotel for $110 million is backing out of the deal. by e-mail brookfield property partners confirmed their decision to walk away. the company says the decision stems from a disagreement over the utility bill from a power plant next door to the casino. the power plant child and heated water and provided electricity for revel for $36 million a year. we've learned the new owners wanted to change that price but the utility refused to do it. we called glenn straub who also made an offer before a judge declared brookfield the winner of the bidding war. the florida developer says he believes the company's move is a direct result of his appeal.
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>> they were going to lose it anyway. so we're going to win. so why do they want to keep spending money. so they came up with this item. >> reporter: straub's offer was the backup bid. but he says this latest development automatically puts him on top. while he didn't go into details, he says his interest in the property remains strong. for this former worker the news is hard to bear. he lost his job when revel shut down on september 2nd because they never turned a profit. brookfield's planning on buying it from bankruptcy court but those hoping to get their jobs back just don't know what to think. >> i hope they'll reopen and they'll hire us. >> reporter: and in a statement just released by the atlantic city mayor, he weighed in on this tonight. "i am sorry to hear the brookfield transaction was not
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completed. although brookfield would have been a good fit for atlantic city, we'll continue to attract new investors. atlantic city is a resilient city, and better days are still ahead of us. this is a story we'll continue to follow. for now, though, the latest from atlantic city, nefertiti jaquez, nbc 10 news. shame on you. >> word of the collapsed revel deal came as a thousand casino workers rallied in atlantic city tonight. they protested the impending shutdown of the trump taj mahal. it would become ac's fifth casino to close this year. a historic chester county home went up in flames a week before thanksgiving. tonight investigators don't know yet what caused this fire in kennett square. skyforce 10 was above the house. it took nearly three hours for firefighters to get it under control. one person was taken to the hospital with minor smoke inhalation. it damaged the roof and top
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floor of the house. a villanova student from our area is facing sex assault charges tonight in wisconsin. radnor township police arrested vincent paola today. back in july a woman contacted them saying she'd been sexually assaulted in milwaukee. police began working together on the case. detectives tell us paola went to wisconsin for a class trip. this woman is indicted tonight in a case that got a lot of attention this summer thanks to a viral video. authorities say latia harris was the person caught on tape beating a woman while her toddler watched the whole thing. a salem county grand jury indicted harris on aggravated assault charges. he turned herself in after this cell phone video of the incident went viral. police say the video shows harris attacking a woman you had of a mcdonald's in salem. you see the woman's 2-year-old son trying to stop the attack. more fallout for bill cosby. tonight tvland announced it will no longer air reruns of the cosby show.
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earlier today nbc scrapped plans for a new sitcom. three women came forward in the past week with claims the comedian sexually assaulted them years ago. cosby has never faced charges. seven robberies near the university in the past week. the latest happened tonight. a man tried to rob a temple student near 18th and dime just after 8:00. officers caught the suspect and arrested him. the suspects used guns in two recent holdups. police urge students to be aware of their surroundings when walking, especially at night. $15 an hour. that's what these activists want philadelphia's minimum wage to be. he rallied tonight. philadelphia's minimum jumps to $12, but this is part of a nationwide movement. tomorrow president obama will roll out his controversial
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plan to allow illegal immigrants to stay and get work permits. the president said he will announce his immigration plan from the white house, then he'll go to las vegas to promote it on friday. you can watch president obama's speech to the nation tomorrow night at 8:00 on our website, on the same day, the new head of the secret service testifies before congress. his agents arrest a man outside the white house. officers say that man had a rifle, ammunition and a knife in his car. authorities found the items after the man approached them and told them someone in iowa instructed him to drive to the white house. he then showed secret service the car and let them search the vehicle. agents made the arrest just as the secret service's acting director was testifying in congress. former comcast cable executive joe clancy took over last month after a number of high profile oversights by the agency. a man accused of driving on to the white house grounds back in september could see his case dismissed.
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officials say kevin carr of burlington county agreed to stay out of washington and get mental health treatment, and if he does well, he can ask for the charge to be dismissed next may. the philadelphia mayor's race is now a crowded field. two candidates officially announce their intentions today. keith jones is in the digital vote. their bids and we're expecting four more to toss their hats into the ring. state senator anthony williams. >> say it with me, one philadelphia. >> announcing he's one of four democratic candidates for mayor. inside the independence visitor center in old city just hours earlier more music, this time from the mummers string band. another new candidate known as one tough cookie. >> i've got more energy than all the other candidates put together. >> reporter: lynn abraham
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announcing her candidacy. she's the second woman in the ranks. she and terry gillen hope to be the first female mayor. while this was happening -- >> every single one of those people is critical to our success. >> reporter: they formed this panel how to improve education moderated by nbc 10's jim rosenfield. in the audience -- >> education is not just a political issue. >> reporter: he says it's time for the city to elect a bold new leader and more candidates are expected to join the pool. among the names darrell clark, current district attorney seth williams, former spokesman for mayor nutter dug oliver and
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reporting live in the digital operations center, keith jones, nbc 10 news. nearly 100 pound of marijuana delivered to the wrong address. next, why the holiday season is the perfect time for dealers to get away with illegal packages. then a man loses control, rolls, ending up in a water retention pond. how good samaritans jumped in to rescue the six people stuck inside. plus this record cold is about to break and just in time for your weekend. temperatures will finally warm up.
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tonight delaware authorities say they expect to file charges in this crash near the christiana mall. witnesses rescued six people from an suv after it rolled into a retention pond around 1:00 this afternoon. one of those rescued is a 5-year-old boy. we're still working to find out
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how seriously he and the others were hurt. police say the driver lost control while exiting route 1. new at 11:00, a marijuana mistake. an upper darby store manager opened up a fedex shipment that contained marijuana two days in a row, then called the cops. you talked to that manager tonight. guess he was pretty surprised. >> reporter: yeah, jim, he says the fedex deliveryman dropped off the boxes here as part of his normal routine. the sender had clearly marked the address of this store on the boxes, but the store manager who opened them up was clearly not the intended recipient. spread out on a police evidence table, these big blocks of green represent even more green on the streets. $300,000 worth of high quality marijuana police say delivered to an upper darby business more accustomed to shipments of men's clothing according to this store manager. >> i don't know. i think somebody is just using
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our address. >> reporter: he's afraid to reveal his identity tonight after calling police right away. the first marijuana delivery arrived here yesterday morning. a normal looking fedex box from california dropped off and signed for filled with 60 pounds of tight packed marijuana. then this afternoon, another box, same delivery, with 30 pounds more. >> so somebody is missing a lot of, a lot of marijuana on the streets of our community. >> reporter: upper darby police superintendent michael chitwood believes the sender expected that the boxes would be intercepted by their intended recipient outside the store. this time of year drug shipment is easier thanks to high volume. >> it's the christmas season. more and more packages are being delivered. being made to deliver whether it's cocaine, heroin or marijuana. >> tonight city blue regulars wonder whether the drugs were
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intended for a neighboring business and for the uneasy store owner walking home tonight meant looking over his own shoulder. >> on my way home, i'll stick to the main streets. the lighted streets. >> reporter: police tell us the name on those packages is that of a real person here in upper darby but not anyone who has ever worked in this store. so their investigation is now moving in that direction. and as for all of that marijuana, investigators plan to destroy it once their investigation is complete. live tonight in upper darby, george spencer, nbc 10 news. we have video in just a few minutes ago from new york state. a state police helicopter shot these aerial pictures today near buffalo. you can see all of those vehicles stranded along highways because of the onslaught of snow. several feet of snow and even more on the way in that region. now for our area, let's go to first alert meteorologist sheena parveen. >> yes, we're not going to see
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weather like that, but unfortunately, buffalo is continuing to see more snow moving in. for us we have another cold start as we go into tomorrow morning. another cold morning for the area. so we can expect temperatures to be staying basically in the 20s in some spots north and west. so this is mostly if we go through the morning hours, even the afternoon will be cold and windy, but it will be cold to end out the week. temperatures do stay below average even by friday. we do have a nice warm-up coming just in time for the weekend. i'll show you that in just a minute. temperatures north and west, about the upper 20s and 27 degrees in allentown. 35 degrees in philadelphia. 32 bensalem. temperatures in the low 30s. so they've gone up a couple degrees since we've gotten that south wind developing. but still the cold air is through a majority of the country and even down in jacksonville we're seeing temperatures around 29 degrees. you can really see how much of the southeast now is starting to see this cold air once again.
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so for us through the overnight hours and the early morning hours we'll be dropping down to the mid-20s north and west. 27 quakertown, 26 for reading. 29 trenton, 27 for doylestown when you wake up. down toward the show, shrivinel upper 20s. temperatures from the upper 20s to low 30s. these aren't record cold temperatures like this morning, but it will still be a cold start to your day and windy, too. we're watching a batch of snow just off to your west. this may move into some of your western counties. and it should be some flurries falling. nothing expected to accumulate. buffalo is a different story. one weather system moves through today. now they're starting to see more of that lake effect snow just piling on top of already several feet of snow they have in the area. for us, as we end out the week, any of that snow will be staying well to our north. future weather shows us staying
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dry. but dry and cold. then as we go into the weekend, both saturday and sunday, we're going to get a little warmer both days. sunday will be the warmest day out of the weekend and in the afternoon we stay dry, but then we start to see our next system moving through. this one will be rain, though, because of the warm temperatures. but it looks like the rain will be missing the eagles game. so it will stay dry and mild for that. for tonight, though, still cold, pretty breezy outside. 31 for the low in philadelphia. 26 north and west. then tomorrow mostly sunny but windy and cold. temperatures in about the low to mid-40s. tomorrow in the mid-40s, then friday in the mid-30s going into the weekend. we're back into the mid-40s, then on sunday we'll be near 60 degrees. rain comes mainly after the eagles game. john? >> thank you, sheena. why did lesean mccoy get angry at a question. and claude giroux, he plays but
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why with ron hextall chew out the team afterwards?
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this is the xfinity sports desk brought to you by xfinity, your home for the most live sports. i'm john clark. surprise in new york tonight.
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claude giroux did play against the rangers. just yesterday gm ron hextall said g wouldn't play. guess he's a quick healer. brian williams, nightly news, michael j. fox. it's always sunny in philadelphia. but not tonight. the flyers get pushed around by the rangers. they get shut out by cam talbot. they get outscored 33-9. after the game gm ron hextall lit into the team saying tonight was embarrassing. sixers with good karma tonight. ellen gave michael carter start together. boston's brandon bass, it was a bass kicking. end of the quarter, though, he beats the buzzer. just inside half court.
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nerlens noel making moves. nice moves, huh? they're 0-11. matching the worst start in franchise history. >> we're a young group of guys that, you know, have each other's back, no matter what, no matter what our record is we stand for this city and we're going to keep fighting to play hard every night. >> the eagles should be able to run the ball on tennessee sunday. the titans are giving up 44 rushing yards a game. ed on the giants are giving up more. lesean mccoy led the league in rushing, his stats are down this year. but more because of the injuries on the offensive line or is it he's not the real mccoy this year? >> i'm not going to address am i the same player. i don't address that. for what? what are we talking about, i'm not the same player? that's for you all to figure out. crazy. i'm the same player. >> i like that feistiness.
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votes are in for our high school blitz, say len/pennsville with 50% of the vote.
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cold just won't quit. >> it will not stop. it won't end before the week's over with either. tomorrow mid-40s. so it looks warm but will feel cold with the wind outside
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anyway. 30s but over the weekend near 60 sunday and 70 monday, comes with rain but we'll take it. >> tunnel vision for 70 degrees. >> thanks for joining us. see you tomorrow. stay warm.
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>> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- jon stewart, padma lakshmi, comedian jim gaf


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