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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 430a  NBC  November 20, 2014 4:30am-5:01am EST

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>> announcer: nbc10 breaking news. that breaking news that we're still getting new information on a campus shooting at florida state university. a gunman shot several people at the school library and then got
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into a shoot-out with police. we'll have new details. here at home, a cold morning but improvements from yesterday. as the bitter cold gives way to a bit of a warmup. it's 35 degrees, good morning. this is "nbc10 news." i'm tracy davidson. >> and i'm chris cato. it may not be a warmup that lasts very long. let's go to meteorologist bill henley in the "first alert" forecast. bill, at least the winds are not as brutal? >> they have died down a bit. north and west, it is cold, back in the 20s. dry view from center city, but we're watch something snowflakes move to the northeast. those are moving through northeastern pennsylvania. you see the lehigh valley seeing a little activity. -i don't think that's reaching the ground. the pocono mountains might see a few snow flurries. really not much. they are moving out. that will leave us with sunshine
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and temperatures that are warm. look at the 20s, reading, pottstown, allentown, all in the 20s. 36 in philadelphia. millville, dover, upper 30s. and by lunchtime, up to 40 degrees. we'll go through the future weather hourby hour in less than ten minutes but first, let's check with jillian mele. >> good morning. the accident blocking the ramps from the vine street expressway westbound. and actually looks like crews are making progress attempting to get that accident cleared. it actually looks like that accident will be clearing. about a minute ago i saw the tow truck approaching the scene. and it looks like the tow truck very quickly got that accident involved out thereof. my guess is this ramp is going to open at some point soon. we still have that activity out there. i'll let you know what's happening.
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for right now, we have a huge backup on the vine street westbound as drivers try to get on to 76 westbound just because for the last 20 minutes they couldn't use that ramp. so right now, a big backup on the vine. also dealing with an accident northbound. on the outer drive. so stick to the inner drive. at 4:33, we're following breaking news from a shooting in florida in tallahassee has left several people injured. here's what we know, the gunfire broke out earlier this morning just inside of midnight. at the school. three people were shot inside that library. they were sent to the hospital. we don't know their conditions right now. police shot and killed the gunman. the university sent out a campus alert right after the shooting. it urged students to take shelter in a nearby building and stay away from windows and doors. we got the video from a student
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shot by a student in the library. >> we have a shooting at the library. stay where you are. >> reports on social media say there were actually more than 100 students rushinging from that library building just after the shots were fired. and in just the last 40 minutes, florida state sent out a tweet saying there is no threat on campus at this time. again, the reports that police shot and killed the gunman. we'll continue to bring you the update throughout the morning. a judge will formally sentence him to death for kill a woman and her granddaughter. he killed a baby and a grandmother it happened during a botched kidnapping. he abducted the baby girl he killed the grandmother who tried to protect the child. police found the little girl's body a few days later. and now to the atlantic city
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casino crisis, the company that won that bid has now folded. and opening the $3 billion property as a gaming venue. nbc10's jesse gary is live in atlantic city. so, jesse, what happened? what caused this deal to fall apart? >> reporter: well, chris, unexpectedly high costs zwrou s keep the lights on. representatives said they would have to pay $35 million a year for a neighboring plan. that would provide hot water and electricity to revel. less than 3,000 workers hoped would reopen next year. it had been hoped that the closing would be past but there may be another reopening. tonight, philadelphia's race for mayor has more candidates, decision 2015, pennsylvania state senator anthony williams is now a candidate for mayor.
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williams is the fourth democratic candidate to declare for the election less than a year away now. also declaring, former d.a. lynn abraham. they join the director of redevelopment. speaking of trujillo he was in the audience for a campus discussion on education. he spokes with about the importance of learning. >> education is not just a political issue. it's the seminal issue of our generation. it's something that we have to get right. it's been a differencemaker in my life. it's a differencemaker for everybody that i know that's been successful. >> trujillo said it's time for the city to elect a bold new leader. if hillary clinton decides to run for president in 2016, a member of her own party may challenge her for that nomination. he's former senator jim webb. webb said america's solutions to problems are not simply
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political, but are tied to leadership. a special shipment that left a local business with a lot of green. >> not the kind of green that you're thinking of. here's what showed up. 90 pounds of marijuana. we will tell you how police think it happened. and why the holiday season is partially to blame. plus, a car careens into an icy pond with six people inside. the rescue that saved everyone on board. temperatures are dropping in the 30s on beach avenue in cape may which will see sunshine today. but the cold is set to make a comeback. right now, 35 degrees at 4:37.
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delaware state police say they expect to file charges near this crash near the christiana mall. good samaritans went in to rescue six people from the suv after it overturned and ended up in a retention pond yesterday. one of the people inside that suv, a 5-year-old boy, he
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survived. police say the driver lost control while exiting route 1. meantime, deldot crews will finish repairs over 495 late this year or early next year. you'll remember the bridge was shut down in june when a large mound of dirt caused the bridge to tilt. the secretary of transportation announced the final cost bridge repairs will be about $40 million. the federal government picked up most of that tab. >> announcer: now your nbc10 "first alert" weather with meteorologist bill henley. skies are clearing for much of the area, the temperatures, not bad in philadelphia. 36 degrees, but north and west, it's back in the 20s this morning. a little bit of a breeze. it's 9 miles an hour. so the 36 degrees feels like 29 right now. we are watching clear skies for our delaware, south jersey, but north and west, look at the fizzling going on the few flurries that looked like they were trying to form didn't even
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reach the ground for allentown and reading. and now they're starting to thin out. future weather hour by hour shows it's the temperatures will be warmer during the day. we'll be in the 30s to start with but heading into the low 40s by this afternoon. by early this afternoon, 2:00, 42 degrees in philadelphia. upper 30s for allentown and reading. but that should be the peak. after 2:00 in the afternoon, that's when the numbers start coming back down. it will be in the middle 30s by 5:00. and headed into the 20s overnight tonight. it's going to be another cold one tomorrow. but today will be warmer than yesterday. yesterday, during the afternoon, we peaked at 33 degrees in philadelphia. mostly sunny skies. and winds out of the west at 20 miles an hour. high temperatures in the lower 40s. but the wind will feel like the 30s. but after the cold tomorrow, we're in for a warmup. the seven-day forecast back in less than ten minutes. 20 minutes to 5:00. there's a big mess shaping up even at this early hour on the vine street expressway.
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>> jillian mele has been watching it. >> just in the last few minutes the accident cleared and the delays that cleared up very quickly. cruise were working to get the accident cleared. it was on the westbound ramp from the vine westbound to 76 westbound. that ramp was blocked 30 to 35 minutes but as you can see, that accident is now out of there. and the big backup that we saw is now gone as well. so that is good news for drivers in center city philadelphia. we have an accident northbound approaching ryan avenue on the outer drive. berks county got word of an accident, 422 is closed between pineland road and fair view chapel road. you can take lincoln as your alternate. going it alone. >> we'll tell you what the president plans to do today that is going against congress and could about millions of people. and at this video shows a fire burning inside of a local ymca and now it brings questions of what may be inside your home.
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it's 4:45. president obama will speak to the nation during prime time to announce his plans for immigration reform. >> republican leaders warn they will fight the president's go it alone action. tracie potts has more from washington. >> reporter: here's a photo of president obama preparing for tonight's speech. >> what i'm going to be laying out is the things i can do with my lawful authority to make the system better. >> reporter: 18 democrats got a preview at a white house dinner last night. >> what he said to us last night, he said look, i want to put felons ahead of family. i want to put criminals ahead of children when it comes to the deportation. >> reporter: they're expecting the president will announce up to 5 million undocumented immigrants could stay in the u.s., including a quarter million farm workers, parents of children born here. children brought here illegally and high-tech college graduates. >> a lot of these people are
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what i can law abiding citizens and i feel they should have a right to be here. >> reporter: the administration insists the reforms are legal. >> and they will address a number of things, including border security. >> reporter: republicans say the president is making an illegal inroad around congress that failed to pass immigration reform. a new nbc news poll show the president is acting on his own. >> the president acting alone. >> he did nothing except blow hot hair. >> reporter: a spokesperson for house speaker john boehner said if the president goes through tonight it will pretty much ruin any chance of immigration reform happening in the new republican-controlled congress. >> and you can watch president obama's speech at 8:00 on our website. we'll be live streaming it on on the same day that a
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secret agent testified about the white house, his agency faced a new test. joseph clancy went before a house judiciary committee wednesday and told lawmakers that poor morale may have contributed to a series of behaviors. a short time after that hearing, the secret service arrested an iowa man near the president's home. the man had a rifle, ammunition and a knife in the car. he allegedly told an officer, quote, someone in iowa told him to drive to the white house. meantime a south jersey man accused of driving on to the white house grounds back in september could see his case dismissed. officials say he agreed to stay out of the washington and get mental health treatment and if he does well, he can ask for that charge against him to be dropped. we're following new developments in the sexual assault allegations against bill cosby. more networks are pulls cosby from the air. and associated press just released an interview done with
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the comedian. tv land announce they had will no longer run reruns. netflix postponed the premiere of a new cosby stand-up comedy special. three women came forth in the past week with claim that's comedian sexually assaulted them years ago. and just last night, the ap released video done of cosby earlier this month. >> on a separate note, i have to ask about your name coming up in the news recently regarding this comedian. >> no, no, we don't answer that. >> i just wanted to ask if you wanted to respond at all whether any of that was true? >> there's no response. >> cosby has never faced charges in connection with the allegations. it's 4:48, happening today, a delaware county gym teacher facing charges for allegedly having sex with a teenager is expected to be in court. bill barber is scheduled for a preliminary hearing. barber is suspended right now
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from garnet valley middle school. he's accused of having a sexual encounter with a 15-year-old. he's well-known in the community because of his young daughter's battle with cancer. also in court. a man accused of giving bad information about the search or eric 14 is scheduled for a preliminary hearing. he's charged with making false reports. police say he told them frein asked him for a forged i.d. so he could enter canada. authorities say he first lied to barrett township police and then lied to state troopers before admitting that the story about the fake i.d. wasn't true. frein is accused of killing one state trooper and injuring another in an ambush. he was eventually captured after a seven-week manhunt. for the sixth time police arrested a delaware man on dui charges. a trooper saw him driving in and out of a lane in traffic in dover. a computer check revealed tucker had five previous dui
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convictions between 1998 and 2011. this morning in delaware county, authorities are holding an 18-year-old on a quarter million dollar bond. he's accused of sexually assaults a 5-year-old and giving her a sexually transmitted disease. doctors discovered it on tuesday when the girl's mother took her to the hospital with symptoms of an std. the suspect is 18. nbc10 is not releasing his name because he is related to the victim and we want to do whatever we can to protect her identity. >> the best way for knee decide this guy's an animal. a 5-year-old girl. not only that, as horrible as that is and then to pass on a sexually transmitted disease at 5 years old is unconscionable. i can't imagine it. >> and superintendent chitwood went on to say the suspect denied the rape but admitted to having the std. we have new information
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about a stabbing at a state office building in camden. according to the courier post union leaders say security at the office has been increased after that caseworker was increased monday. it happened at the building that houses new jersey's child welfare agency. the victim is in critical condition. the suspect is charged with attempted murder. >> announcer: now your nbc10 "first alert" weather with meter relation bill henley. clouds are moving into the area right now, but they won't last all day. and in spite of some clouds it is dry in the area. we're watching flurries in the pocono mountains. but other than that nice and dry and 36 degrees. that's warmer than yesterday. up 13 degrees compared to yesterday. still blend told in the pocono mountains for the snowmaking equipment. this is a view from ski big bear this morning. north and west seeing the colder temperatures. nicely above freezing for wilmington, philadelphia, northeast philadelphia. north and west, it's low 20s right now in quakertown. doylestown at 25 degrees.
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and it's 26 in pottstown. delaware, south jersey in the 30s and 40s. much warmer for the shore right now. cape may harbor is at 41 degrees. while 35 in vineland. much milder to start with than yesterday. but you can see the clouds that are moving in. they will not last. the clouds will clear out. we'll see lots of sunshine and the wind/picking up, too. temperatures will peak in the early afternoon hours. and then the wind will start dragging in colder air and that will be here to start thing off. 25 degrees tomorrow morning. that blast of cold air will keep us in the 30s tomorrow afternoon. we will see lots of sunshine on friday. and get a good dose of sunshine on saturday too. we'll need it. it will be another cold morning, up to 33 degrees on saturday. turning milder on sunday. heading into the 50s. topping out near 60 degrees sunday afternoon. and warm winds blowing on monday. there's a chance we'll hit 70s.
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still in the 60s on tuesday afternoon. but the cold will once again make a comeback on wednesday. high of just 47 degrees. >> no reality. i just want to focus on one day. >> that's the first time you'll ever hear tracy say she's looking forward to monday. >> the first time anyone is looking forward to monday. >> let's see the roads throughout, jillian. >> it's actually pretty quiet right now. we started the morning with some problems. we do have some accidents, nothing blocking. this is the blue route, quiet in both directions. two accidents one on the boulevard northbound approaching ryan avenue. on the outer drive. so traffic can get by. no problems to report on 95. average speed, 55 miles per hour. for drivers in berks county, an accident blocking 422 between pineland road and fairview
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church. and the alternate, lincoln road. and after the bicycle in new york city, we'll tell you what the hospital is revealing about the rock star's injuries. plus, return to sender, a clothing store gets a shipment of -- get this -- 90 pounds of drugs. we'll tell you how police believe the mix-up happened.
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it's 4:56, and we have new information about bono's injuries about that bicycle crash in central park. youtube said bono hurt his arm but now a new york trauma surgeon said he also has a fracture to his left shoulder blade and a left elbow fracture. the singer has undergone two surgeries and had to cancel a week of appearances on "the tonight show." open for business you can shop part of the columbus farmers market today despite the fire that took out several vendors. here's the scene from skyforce
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10 as flames ripped through on tuesday. investigators say the cause of the fire does not appear to be criminal. the outdoor plea market will be open today. in montgomery county, we now have video of a fire from inside the abington township ymca. this happened in a day care center in the y. the building was open at the time. officials believe a faulty air conditioner could be the blame but the model was recalled a few years ago. but the ymca said it didn't know. >> junts purchased or installed by a contractor, that information may not be relayed to you directly as a homeowner or business owner. that may be related to the contractor who purchased the unit. >> for full list of recalled products that may be in your home, go to our website, this morning, upper darby police are looking into an
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apparent marijuana mix-up. yesterday for the second day in a row, a store owner called police for this stuff. it carried a value of $300,000. the manager of city blue said the shipments were addressed to his store and they were delivered but he says he was clearly not the intended recipient. >> somebody is missing a lot of marijuana in our community. >> now police believe that the sender expected someone to intercept those boxes of marijuana outside the store before the manager picked them up. that's not what happened. happening today in new york, macy's will unveil its holiday window display. the theme, season's journey to the stars. it tells the story of a young boy that has a magical telescope that is left to experience christmas on other planets. volunteers set up this weekend's festival of trees in new castle county. the event raises money for the
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delaware hospice. workers say it's the greatest fund for the community and just beautiful. we have how many days to get our shopping done? >> not very long. thanksgiving next thursday and the fun is on. you're watching "nbc10 news." "nbc 10 news today" starts right now. that breaking news, a campus shooting in tallahassee. this morning, we know that the gunman is dead and three people were injured. a call to cash in. the taj mahal announces it will close by the end of the year. and that's not the only twist. and another twist in the weather. it's still cold, we know that. but not as cold as we take a live look over philadelphia right now. 35 degrees in the city. it's going to get a little warmer. we emphasizes a little warmer than yesterday. welcome to "nbc10 news."
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i'm chris cato. >> and i'm tracy davidson. let's find out about that weather with bill henley. >> we've got clouds that have moved into the area. we're watching for snow flurries in the pocono mountains but don't expect that in philadelphia. and the clouds will clear. we'll see lots of sunshine. to the north, you see that on radar screen. we're seeing an area of snow extreme northwest pennsylvania. it's trying to produce a few snowflakes for the lehigh valley and the pocono mountains. most are not seeing it. very cold air and evaporating before it hits the ground. and the rest of the area is in the clear as far as precipitation. look at the temperatures. 37 in philadelphia. pottstown at 27 degrees. and we'll see the numbers climb fairly rapidly during the morning hour. up to 35. 9:00 at lunchtime, 40. going a bit higher early this morning. but later this afternoon, it's


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