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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 600a  NBC  November 21, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EST

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i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm vai sikahema. i just walked into the newsroom and i heard you talk about snow. i'm not sure where i was. but is there snow? i want to find this out. let's get right to first alert meteorologist bill henley. >> let me recommend buffalo for you. they have no. >> thank you. >> we have cold. it is blustery this morning. the same system that gave them the snow and the cold and the wind, we don't have the snow, but zee the cold and the wind back this morning in a big way. right now the temperatures dropped down into the 20s for wilmington, philadelphia is now at 29 degrees and look at the lower 20s for pottstown at 23 dexwrd degrees at this hour. rocksborough to 26 degrees this morning. south philadelphia and fifth and warden and right along the delaware river trail. factor in the wind, teens is what we're really dealing with. feels like 18 degrees in the city. and cold, blustery day ahead. that wind will be steady and if
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not a bit stronger as we go through the day. 7:00 this morning. 27 degrees and 29 degrees at 9:00. and then 33 degrees later this afternoon. we'll be in the middle 30s. but it's a long haul until then. your neighborhood by neighborhood forecast when i come back in less than ten minutes. jillian mele has your traffic. good morning. >> if you have an early morning flight out of philadelphia international, this is what 95 is looking like just outside of the airport. you can see for the most part, pretty quiet. pockets of volume, but no big slow downs to report. the slow downs starting near cottman avenue. that is where we're starting to get the first delay of the morning and route 30 bypass eastbound at 322. still looking good right now. no big delays and no accidents on west 30 and dealing with long-term construction and still out there between turner lane and five points road. you can take paleo pike as your alternate if you need to get
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around it. average speeds in new jersey, pretty good. 55 is what we're seeing on the 42 freeway right now and speeds in the 60s on both 295 and the new jersey turnpike and no accidents to report on the majors in delaware. tracy? 6:02. breaking news out of delaware county. a 10-year-old boy is missing. nbc 10 chris cato is live in our digital operation center with details we're just getting in. >> this is new. you'll forgive us if some of this sounds incomplete. police tell us this 10-year-old was last seen around 5:00 last night on greenwood road. he was playing with his friends. all his friends went home and the boy never returned home and not at any of the friends' house. he was wearing tan pants, a green hoodie and blue and yellow sneakers. he's 4'8", weighs about 85 pounds. now, we're trying to get a picture of him. we don't have that for you yet. friends and family have searched the area all around and haven't found him. we're also in contact with the
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sharon hill police department and they're trying to get us a picture of the child. going to the scene there, too, to see if there are any updates and a better description, as well. we'll keep you updated throughout the area. if you live in the greenwood area, know there is a search for the boy going on. live in our digital operation center, chris cato, nbc 10 news. we're following more breaking news. right now crews are working to repair a sinkhole that forced evacuations at more than a dozen homes in north hampton county. this happened on hampton road in bethlehem just after midnight. jesse gary is live on the scene there. first off, are people still out of their homes? >> vai, they are still out of their homes and going to be out of their homes for a little bit because they have to finish making repairs. right now repairing the initial problem and this water truck just kind of pulled in front of our cameras. you have a hard time seeing beyond it. but there is a sinkhole there and they are expanding and
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digging it out. you can see the back hoe and the front end loader working and a dump truck behind that and digging it out and putting the dirt into the dump truck. try to repair the initial problem that led to the sinkhole that is a water main break. that caused this utility truck when it arrives on scene to fall into the sinkhole. we talked to the chief of the town. the fire department and he picked up the story from there. >> he was going to disconnect the power to the house. >> the sinkhole just opened up? >> yes. >> no warning? >> no. >> any idea why it happened? >> probably my guess is from the water break, main break. >> and, so, right now they're trying to repair that water main break in front of this house here on hampton road and once that's done then ugi gas crews will come in and repair the damage to the four inch high
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pressure natural gas line that is also underneath the streets. residents will be out of their homes for quite some time and i'm told that most of them are sheltering with family at this hour. live in bethlehem, jesse gary, nbc 10 news. grief counselors will comfort grieving students at two burlington county schools after two children were shot to death inside their home. a family member found the victims yesterday on holly park drive in tabernacle. friends and family came together for a tearful candlelight vigil. two other family members survived the shooting and are in critical condition. investigators recovered a weapon and say there is no active manhunt for the suspect. authorities are not yet saying whether this was an attempted murder/suici murder/suicide. right now they are treating the case as a homicide investigation. happening today, a second community meeting in south philadelphia in the wake of recent crime. tonight's meeting is scheduled for marconi park where an attempted abduction happened on
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monday. 18th and johnson where a robbery and attempted rape happened a week ago. remains in critical condition after security guards shot him. nbc 10 was on the scene at the rite aid in west oak lane. investigators tell us they shot the robber several times and the suspect had a knife. happening today, a philadelphia day care operator will go on trial for leaving kids alone in her suv while she went shopping. karen thompson is charged with five counts of child endangerment. she went to the shop rite with five children, including a baby in her care. she left the kids inside her vehicle with the engine running and air conditioning on while she went inside the store. police say the kids were alone for at least 20 minutes, no one was hurt. the coatsville area school board takes action against a couple former administrators involved in a racist text messaging scandal. the district voted unaninously
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to take the former superintendent and athletic director to court. the district will file lawsuits against richard cuomo and former athletic director james denoddo. they damaged the school district's reputation. happening today, a federal judge could decide if new jersey could have legalized sports betting. the judge heard arguments at a hearing in trenton yesterday. on one side, governor chris christie and state lawmakers who want sports betting at casinos and horse racing tracks. on the other side, the four major professional sports leagues and the ncaa who say lifting the ban would harm their integrity. no matter what the judge decides, the quick appeal is expected. well, today, race weekend, the philadelphia marathon begins with a health and fitness expo this afternoon at the pennsylvania convention center. more than 30,000 runners are expected to participate in this weekend's races. many will compete in sunday's marathon and half marathon and whether you're running the race or just in training, you can go to and a special section with advice to get you
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prepared. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> great news for those runners is it is not going to be nearly this cold on sunday. today, though, the cold has made a comeback. and wind is making it feel even colder. the winds will be gusty this afternoon. but this weekend that will see the temperatures climbing after a cold start saturday morning. right now 16 in the pocono mountains, 26 in trenton and 20s in delaware at dover it's 29 degrees. just looks cold. that's a live view, no, it just doesn't look cold, but also cold. a live view from center city. the wind is blowing. 14 miles an hour now in philadelphia, but it just got stronger and millville and now it's up to 12 miles an hour in the pocono mountains and for allentown. it will not blow clouds into the area today. we'll see clear skies where the temperatures will warm up a little bit, but not much. 27 degrees this afternoon. 30s for allentown, reading and quakertown. just 36 degrees today with
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sunshine and cold, gusty winds for trenton, northeast philadelphia and mount holly and winds blowing at the shore, too. cape may 37 degrees. up to 34 for vineland and lots of sunshine for dover, but plenty of wind, as well. afternoon temperatures in the 30s for wilmington, chester and philadelphia. the wind will make it feel like the 20s right on through the day. the wind dies down tonight. we have one more cold morning before the warm up. the timing of the warm up with the seven-day forecast when i'm back in less than ten minutes. friday morning, 6:09. looks like we have an accident into the first alert traffic system. >> let's get details from jillian mele. >> an accident out of montgomery county happening right now in upper moreland and use caution there. also on this map, you'll notice the pennsylvania turnpike right here that line of green means we're not seeing any delays on the p.a. turnpike and westbound we anticipate seeing that volume building as we approach the 7:00 hour. right now the pennsylvania turnpike looks good. on this map, you'll notice the yellow right there at 34 miles
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per hour. that's the delay that we're seeing on 95 southbound and slow moving from cottman to girard. you can see southbound is just crawling along right now. 76 also starting to see the slow downs in the normal spots. this is right at montgomery drive. that's the eastbound side. we're definitely seeing more volume eastbound at montgomery drive and then, of course in both directions near the conshohocken curve. 78 at cedar crest boulevard and all is clear here and 22 looks good and so is the northeast extension and still no accidents to report on the majors in new jersey or delaware. sex assault allegations are not stopping bill cosby. he is continuing his comedy act on the road, but is anybody showing up? and i'm katy zachary live in philadelphia on this cold morning. corporate executives are among those waking up outside in this parking lot. not in the comfort of their warm beds. i'll tell you how it's helping
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6:14. pretty, pretty picture. bundle up, it's cold out there. people across the area waking up to temperatures in the 20s and low 30s. and some people slept outside in this freezing weather. part of an annual fund-raiser to support the homeless in philadelphia. katy zachary is live with what those executives who are just waking up are saying about their experience. katy? >> i talked to them a few minutes ago and they tell me it was humbling and they spent the night in this parking lot behind me with a sleeping bag and a
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cardboard box. meant to mirror what homeless kids go through any given night. >> i have on three shirts and three pairs of pants underthis, heat warmers in my feet and in my pants. >> but these students know that very few homeless children have extra layers or even a sleeping bag for warmth. they alongside a group of executives from toll brothers and others raised money for homeless youth as part of the campaign, they slept outside covenant house which is nonprofit that helps the hundreds of homeless youth here in philadelphia. >> we're in a parking lot, it's safe. we have a lot of layers. these kids don't have these things and how difficult it was for us and how comfortable it is for us. for them, i can't imagine what they go through. >> and the 25 or so men and women who spent the night outside in this parking lot have so far raised tens of thousands of dollars for this cause. reporting live in germantown,
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katy zachary, nbc 10 news. bill cosby takes his comedy show to florida today amid swirling allegations. meanwhile, a woman who accused him of sexual assault years ago spoke publicly for the first time. >> you do owe me an explanation for why you did this to me. why -- i want an apology. that's what i want. i want you to apologize to me for hurting me. i want you to apologize to taking advantage of me. >> she says cosby drugged and raped her in las vegas back in 1976. she is the fourth woman to publicly discuss allegations against the legendary philadelphia comedian in recent weeks. cosby has not been criminally allegations. the former teacher aide faces charges of sending pornographic images to a 13-year-old. he was arrested earlier this
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week when they searched his home. he sent dozens of pictures and videos to a 13-year-old on facebook. cunningham last worked at brown school in the after school program. learning more about the two people killed in the deadly pileup in berks county. he was on his way to work wednesday when that 18-wheeler smashed into his car causing a chain reaction with several other cars. the other victim, jane a nurse from bucks county. the truck driver fell asleep behind the wheel. >> say a prayer for everybody that was involved in this incident. it's a huge tragedy. >> police say the truck driver was also speeding. right now he's in jail on $500,000 bail. it is 6:17. time to get another update on traffic. >> nbc 10 jillian mele has you covered. jillian? >> an accident in montgomery
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county. linden avenue at veser lane and use caution if that's part of your commute this morning and good idea to leave yourself extra time there. 422, the eastbound side at oaks. you can see it's crawling along right now. that's normal volume for this hour at 422. slow moving from oaks down to route 23 and pretty picture out here in center city philadelphia. right at the entrances to the ramps for 95 southbound and northbound. the vine is clear on this end and westbound as drivers approach 76 off of the vine thattthat where things are starting to clear out. heavy volume from cottman down to girard. all the septa regional rail lines looks good. all on or close to schedule. still no accidents to report on the majors. 6:18 right now. a special honor for a member of our nbc 10 today team. we are proud to say that our meteorologist bill henley is
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being inducted tonight into the pioneer hall of fame. former nbc 10 terry ruggles will help host the ceremony. and, bill, this honor is well deserved. you and terry ruggles in the same place. that is a tough ticket, folks. >> i'm really humbled by the honor and never expected this but so fortunate to be surrounded by professionals like you both and so many others that have really shown me how to be a great broadcaster. so, thank you. >> congratulations. big night. >> thank you very much. wish it was a little warmer for the celebration -- >> let's tell them why you're getting this award. >> let me show you what is happening right now. cold outside and theind is blowing, too. look at how cold it is, too. abo about to see a lot of sunshine. see plenty of sunshine and don't expect a big warm up. it is going to be a cold one right on through the day and add to the cold is the wind that is blowing. right now nice and clear and this is the view from the comcast center. and no sign of any clouds. 29 degrees.
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temperatures are feeling even colder, thanks to winds out of the west of 14 miles per hour and feels like 18 degrees in the city and still snow in the pocono mountains and why not. plenty of cold air for today, tonight and tomorrow for the mountains. 20s north and west. doylestown at 24 degrees and upper 20s for logan township and swedesboro and now down to 27 degrees in washington township. so, very cold. start to bundle up and we have clear skies from the shore right on through the rest of our area. the cold air riding in on these winds that will not die down until tonight when the temperatures will go even lower. sunny, windy and cold. temperatures 30s will feel like the 20s this afternoon. and we will be in the 20s tomorrow morning. down to 23. but look at what happens tomorrow afternoon. the beginning of the warming process will have us into the 50s on sunday and potentially the 70 monday. it will come with some rain showers late sunday and monday. dry out on tuesday.
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a high of 62 degrees and then it gets cold for wednesday into thursday and a coastal storm system may provide us with some rain and possibly snow. we have new information we're working hard to get this stuff for you about that missing 10-year-old boy in delaware county. in the past few minutes, we have learned the boy's name, police are looking for michael hawkings. michael hawkings is his name. he's african-american. the 10-year-old was last seen wearing tan pants, a green colored hoodie and blue and yellow sneakers. he's 4'8" and he weighs about 85 pounds. again, we're working in the newsroom to get you new information about him. his name is michael hawkings and also working on getting a photo and bring you any updates as soon as we get them. well, they're trying to clean the airways. how city lawmakers are getting the feds involved to help keep little ears from graphic and vulgar language. improving schools may start with improved parents. we'll tell you what is happening
6:22 am
in camden to keep the parents in the loop. it looks like there's going to be a fight in washington. the president is asserting its power and gop is fighting back and millions of lives hang in the balance. ♪
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the camden school district wants your feedback on new information cards set to go out to parents in march. the cards are part of the district's new plan to keep parents and families in the loop. they'll include the most up to date information on every public school in camden. the school board will host neighborhood meetings next month to get feedback. call the district communication office for more information. good morning. at 6:25. just got word of an accident on 95. the southbound side right near the betsy ross bridge. the left lane is blocked because of two vehicles blocked there. so, traffic is getting by, two lanes of traffic getting by the
6:26 am
scene, but it is creating a heavier than normal delay out there. this is in the midst of that delay. we're used to seeing on 95. coming up in a few minutes, a check of your drive times on 95 and also just getting word of an accident in delaware. i'll have that for you, as well. let's take you to a live look outside sky force 10 where it is looking pretty this morning, bill. but another cold one. >> that is very clear air and cold temperatures and we're waiting for sunrise. less than half an hour away from sunrise and the cold air, that's in place along with gusty winds. right now 29 degrees in philadelphia with a wind feels like 18 degrees. 14 the wind chill in allentown and 18 degrees in trenton. bundle up if you're heading out. a burlington county community is mourning the loss of two children. monique braxton is live in tabernacle where police are still trying to piece together what happened. monique? >> vai, in minutes we'll tell you what happened inside a tabernacle home near where you
6:27 am
see the state police car posted four people shot, two children left dead. we'll also tell you what schools are doing today to help students get through this very difficult time. well, the snowfall is over. but the dig out is just beginning for folks in the buffalo area and the new weather threat is on the way.
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this is nbc 10 news. it is 6:30 and we're following two breaking news stories this friday morning. the past hour, we learned a 10-year-old boy is missing in delaware county. he was last seen at this playground you're looking at right here. we'll update you on what you know so far. we're also learning more information about this breaking news. a sinkhole that swallowed up a utility company vehicle and forced more than a dozen homes to evacuate. we're working to find out when
6:31 am
the hole will be repaired and when people can return home. and if you didn't already know, it's going to be cold and windy out there. we will see when finally warmth rolls into the area. good morning and welcome to nbc 10 news today. i'm vai sikahema. >> i'm tracy davidson. let's talk with bill henley. >> wait for the warmth, that happens over the weekend. a lot of sunshine today, but cold enough for the snowmaking equipment to go full blast and a blast of wind is bringing that cold into the rest of the area, too. the winds now seeing winds increasing in new jersey, millville has 20-mile-an-hour winds and steady at 20 and up to 15 now in wilmington and 14-mile-per-hour winds in philadelphia. temperatures in the 20s feel like they're in the teens. right now 29 degrees in philadelphia. meantime in the pocono mountains, it's 16 degrees. a cold start at the bus stop. the suburbs in the lower 20s.
6:32 am
center city with sunshine, 28 degrees. the wind blowing to make it feel even colder. and even though we'll see sunshine all day long, thanks to the wind, it will stay in the 30s today when normally we would be in the 50s this time of year. 36 degrees at 3:00 this afternoon. your neighborhood by neighborhood forecast in less than ten minutes when i come back. right now jillian mele has a look at your traffic. good morning, jill. >> this accident is causing big problems for drivers. 95 southbound right near the betsy ross bridge you can see the left lane is blocked and right shoulder is blocked and two lanes of traffic are getting by. see very slowly and your drive time on 95 southbound right now from woodhaven to the vine will take you about 27 minutes and 76 eastbound from the blue route to the vine. that will take you about 16 minutes right now and that's because of this way up there in the corner an accident on the shoulder at belmont avenue. in addition to the normal volume, causing a little tap of the brakes as drivers pass that scene. in delaware, an accident 273 at
6:33 am
airport road. use caution and leave yourself extra time there. jillian. breaking news out of delaware county where a 10-year-old boy is missing. chris cato is live in our digital operation center and new information in the last half hour. what do we know, chris? >> after 6:00 now. this boy has been missing for more than 13 hours. that's why police contacted us and other media to get the word to you that this is growing desperate. sharon hill, delaware county. michael hawkings was last seen around 5:00 last night on the 100 block of greenwood road. now, there's a playground there. sky force 10 is actually over the scene of that playground right now just so we can give you an aerial of what it looks like. michael was playing with his friends here, again, around 5:00 yesterday evening. all his friends went home and michael did not go to his home and he didn't go home with any of his friends and, really, they don't know where he can be right now and at the time he was wearing clothing that fits this description here. now, michael, again, 10 years
6:34 am
old and he was wearing at the time tan pants, a green colored hoodie, blue and yellow sneakers. he is african-american and you think about how cold it got overnight and certainly police are hoping wherever he is he did find shelter because wearing that type of clothing yesterday evening when it was almost 50 degrees at the time he was last seen but wind chill dropped dramatically overnight. police are searching desperately for him this morning and his parents are searching the area around greenhill road. trying to get a picture of michael so you can see what he looks like in case you're in the area. the search is ongoing this morning. we have a crew on the way there to give us updates from the scene. we'll have that for you as soon as we get it established. we're live in our digital operation center this morning, chris cato, nbc 10 news. we're following more breaking news. right now crews are working to repair a sinkhole that forced evacuations of more than a dozen
6:35 am
homes in north hampton county. this all happened on hampton road in bethlehem just after midnight. jesse gary is live on the scene. we already know that this sinkhole claimed the utility vehicle. but, jesse, you have new information. >> vai, that's right. residents being allowed back to their homes on hampton road and only seen two come back so far and they're not going to have gas service and a couple homes don't have water service, as well. right now working to fix the initial problem which was this broken water main under the ground there digging five feet down and making this hole about 18 feet wide to make those repairs. that initial problem caused a second problem, which you'll see in our video. this was a utility truck that fell into a sinkhole caused by, they believe at this point, the water main break that softened the ground and the utility truck fell into it and it landed on a four inch high pressure natural gas line. there were fears the line could be ruptured. that prompted the evacuation.
6:36 am
i'm told by ugi workers that once repairs to the water main are complete, then they will come in and do their work. the gas leak affects 20 homes. the water main break affects these two homes right back here. another update for you coming up in another half hour. right now residents are being allowed back in, although i've only seen a couple. live in bethlehem, jesse gary, nbc 10 news. 28 degrees outside. grief counselors will offer support at two schools in burlington county this morning after two children were shot to death in their home in tabernacle. nbc 10 monique braxton is live at the crime scene where there are still a lot of questions. monique? >> that's right, tracy. a shift change has just taken place here. police remain outside the scene, while you were sleeping. school officials are preparing for what is a very difficult day, not just here along jolly park drive, but across this community.
6:37 am
>> but deliver us from evil. the kingdom, the power and the glory are yours. >> now, we were with friends who gathered to pray and attempted to cope with the tragedy that has shaken this small community. investigators tell us two children were killed. one identified by her friend as nadia. 44-year-old jeaninne lepage and her 14-year-old son were shot. investigators tell us nine relatives lived here in the house and one of the five survivors called police for help on thursday morning. >> her kids were like my own kids and i just can't believe this happened. >> it's terrible. you have to expose your kids to this. >> friends also say lepage, a nurse, was living here with her sister's family. now, police won't tell us who killed the children and shot the mother and son inside the home. but they do say they have a handgun.
6:38 am
they also tell us at this point they are not looking for a killer. burlington county superintendent has activated a crisis team and we have learned that counselors will be joining children at both the high school and elementary school. live for now from tabernacle township, monique braxton, nbc 10 news. die by lethal injection. the judge sentenced vandamuri to death yesterday. the murders that happened during a botched kidnapping two years ago in the king of prussia. finalize an executive order on his immigration plan. last night the president laid out sweeping changes to the immigration system that allows millions of people without documents to stay in the u.s. this morning republicans are blasting the move and vowing to block the order. >> to those members of congress who question my authority to make our imgrigz system work better, or question the wisdom
6:39 am
of me acting where congress has failed, i have one answer. pass a bill. >> the plan provides relief for about five million undocumented immigrants in the u.s. under the changes, people in the country for more than five years could apply to stay temporarily without deportation. the president says this is not amnesty. people across the delaware valley are responding to the plan. at this small mexican food shop a group of immigrants and their children watched the speech. for many the executive order will bring big changes to their family and some question how the president handled the situation. >> trying to give our daughter a better future that we didn't have. we're trying to give them our best. >> we recognize as americans, this issue needs to be dealt with. the last i checked with to enact laws for the president to then sipe them. >> president obama waited for the house to pass an immigration bill okayed by the senate, when
6:40 am
lawmakers didn't act, he took action. andrew cuomo will give an update on the more than five feet of snow that hit the buffalo area and while digging out is a major priority, the fear is flooding. rain and temperatures as high as 60, which will cause the snow to melt. meanwhile, part of the new york throughway is still closed because of all the snow. and the nfl decided to move sunday's buffalo bill's game against jets to monday night in detroit. people who work for the p.a. turnpike and penndot are in buffalo. helping clear out busy interstate 90 which is buried under several feet of snow. the team of 20 workers plan to stay up there through the weekend. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. a frigid start this morning. the temperatures have been plunging overnight. we are in the 20s to make matters worse, the wind is blowing. we'll get gusty winds this afternoon. feels like it's in the teens right now. but, warmer weather ahead over
6:41 am
the weekend. we'll see the temperatures climb significantly. but right now, down to 25 degrees in allentown. clear skies in northeast philadelphia and atlantic city, we're about 15 minutes away from sunrise this morning and we will see brilliant sunshine during the day. but, as far as temperatures, they will be well below normal. the wind will still be blowing this afternoon and the future gusts show 16-mile-per-hour wind gusts. the air was all lining up and northwesterly winds which is a chilling direction for us. sunny skies and no clouds blowing into the area today. some clouds ahead as temperatures climb over the weekend. today sunshine and 27 for the pocono mountains. 34 for allentown, reading and quakertown. and middle 30s for doyletown, northeast philadelphia and mount holly with gusty winds at the shore. 38 degrees for rehoboth while it's up to 37 in vineland and no sign of the 50s today. all into the middle 30s with the
6:42 am
winds to make it feel like it's in the 20s. but as i mention, warmer weather for the weekend. i'm back in less than ten minutes with the seven-day. we have to keep reminding ourselves it's friday and trouble spots at delaware and the schuylkill and 95. >> first alert traffic reporter jillian mele has updates on all those locations. jillion. >> near the betsy ross bridge, we have the left lane blocked and traffic is getting by, but very slowly. this is what 95 is looking like southbound right at the cottman interchange and drive times continue to increase from southbound from wood haven to the vine. so, definitely leave yourself extra time if 95 is part of your commute this morning. same thing on 76. way over there in the corner eastbound at the belmont avenue onramp. we have an accident on the shoulder, but as you can see, heavy volume as drivers pass that scene. we still have this accident in delaware, 273 at airport road. so far no accidents to report on the majors in new jersey.
6:43 am
tracy? at 6:42. we are following breaking news and sky force is over it. this is a fire at 31 ast and dawson. fire started ten minutes ago and everyone made it out safely. no injuries reported and we'll continue to get more information on this and keep you updated. his family and friends say he was a good person, but the 400 students to the man who brought fear and chaos to the campus of florida state university. this morning, learning more about the fsu gunman.
6:44 am
6:45 am
6:46 am
well, say good-bye to that landmark of sorts in atlantic city. yesterday demolition crews took down this boarding home now to the closed trump plaza casino. the home's owner once refused to
6:47 am
sell to donald trump for $2 million. the billionaire investor carl icahn bought the home in august for $583,000 and soon take control of the casino next door. imagine asking a flight attendant for allergy medicine and then being can kicked off the plane. it was no dream for senior at villanova university. the student's name is katie and she broke out in hives on wednesday night. she asked the flight attendant for benadryl and they peppered her with questions with some she hinted with ebola concerns. >> are you sure you haven't been out of the country in the last 30 days? are you sure? are you sure you're not having a fever and you're not sick? i'm positive. it's just hives. >> the airline told us the subject of ebola never came up. it paid for a hotel room for katie and her flight back to philadelphia on thursday morning. city council is calling on
6:48 am
the fcc to clean up the airwaves. it council passed a resolution yesterday asking the fcc to enforce its rules on graphic and vulgar content. council members say some radio stations that reach wilmington aren't abiding by the regulations. florida state music played on urban radio stations. and that violates federal regulations and promotes a disregard for human life. >> fortunately our children, our young children are on the way to school listening to messages about murder and drug use and on the way to school. >> council passed the resolution un unasmousily. and a young woman who lost her leg in an accident with a school bus has now lost her legal battle against school district, as well. the school bus hit ashley outside pensburry high school in '07. the jury awarded her $14 million but a judge reduced it to
6:49 am
$500,000. so, she appealed. yesterday the state supreme court ruled the award will stay at $500,000 because a law puts a cap on what a school district can pay. this morning we're learning more about the gunman in the shooting at florida state university. police shot and killed myron may after he opened fire outside a school library early yesterday morning. two students and a university employee were wounded with one of the students in critical condition. may was an attorney and a florida state graduate with mental problems who feared the government was after mim. . and new this morning secret service officers arrested another person outside the white house. officials say april lenhart had a handgun in a holster as she demonstrated along the fence line last night. agents took her into custody for possession of an unregistered firearm. calls for calm on whether a ferguson police officer should face charges for shooting and killing his teenage son. that decision should happen any
6:50 am
day now. he attacked officer darren wilson and trying to take his gun before the officer opened fire. brown's family said the 18-year-old was surrendering. his father wants the community to avoid the rioting that followed the shooting. >> we live for together. this is our home. we are strongly united. continue to lift your voices with us and let's work together to heal to create lasting change for all people regardless of race. >> a police union official says officer wilson does not expect to face criminal charges. wilson has stayed out of the public eye since the august shooting. ten minutes before 7:00, a family trip to disney world ends in tragedy before the family even got there. five members of the hardman family died in a crash on a louisiana highway while they were headed to the theme park. the parents were killed along with three children. the 16-year-old driver and two other children survived. police believe the teen driver fell asleep behind the wheel. we continue to get new
6:51 am
information on breaking news we're following for you this morning out of delaware county where a 10-year-old boy is missing. nbc 10 chrisica cato is live inr digital operation center with details we're gathering. >> the boy's photo. we can now show you what this missing 10-year-old looks like so you can get a good look and look for him in the area of sharon hills, delaware county. this is michael hawkings and he's 10 years old. last night he and some friends were playing at a playground and last seen with those friend at that playground around 8:30. 8:30 p.m. the police sent new information saying he was last seen at 8:30. his sister reported him missing at 11:00. again, he hasn't been seen all night and he wasn't with any of those friend at their homes and concerned about his well being. here's what sharon hill police just told us a few moments ago. listen. >> his sister reported him missing. he was out and seen in the area of 100 greenwood road at
6:52 am
approximately 8:30 that evening playing with a group of children. the victim after that point was supposed to return home, but never did. >> officer speaking there just moments ago. still searching the area for michael and i want to tell you what he was wearing at the time, just in case he's still wearing the same clothing. you should look for him wearing tan pants and a green hoodie. again, we know it got very cold overnight and certainly officers are kerped. they are hoping he was in some place that was sheltered from the cold. they do not believe and we'll have that description for you right there. 4'8". he's a 10-year-old. they do not believe he was abducted. they do not believe he was abducted. we don't know why they ruled that out at this point, but they think this is just a missing child case. they say he does have adhd and is not on medication at the time. so, certainly some concern for his well being this morning. michael hawkings, obviously, in
6:53 am
sharon hill, if you see any 10-year-old boy that loosely fits that description, call police and report it. live in our digital operation center. chris cato, nbc 10 news. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> now, this is a morning where you want to limit your time outside. it is cold outside. clear skies we're going to see a lot of sunshine today, but not going to see much of a warm up. 29 degrees right now in the city. feels like 18 degrees with the wind at 14 miles per hour and even the shore is going to be a cold one with gusty winds. temperatures only into the upper 30s this afternoon. this is the view from marquise to lafayette hotel. philadelphia international and wilmington and in delaware county where they're looking for that child, it is in the 20s for marcus hook, but go farther away from the river and it gets colder. newtown square. it is going to be a cold day today, but we will see plenty of
6:54 am
sunshine. satellite has no clouds heading our way today, just cold riding in on those winds that will be a bit stronger this afternoon. so, bundle up. plan on temperatures that will be about 20 degrees below normal for this time of year. 30s this afternoon and with less wind tonight, it is going to get colder tomorrow morning. by the time the eagles take the field, look at the turn around. 1:00 on sunday afternoon. 52 degrees. 56 degrees by the fourth quarter. but it will be a slow warm up. still have to get through saturday morning. 23 degrees and 45 saturday afternoon. we will peak at 57 degrees on sunday and even warmer monday. but sunday night and monday we'll likely get some rain showers in the area. those will be drying up for tuesday and more wet weather is possible. a coastal storm system taking place later on wednesday can could produce some snow. but before we get to the warm up for the weekend, we have to get you to work right now on this friday morning. there are a couple issues to know about.
6:55 am
one of them being on 95. >> jillian mele has you covered in the first alert traffic center. jill? >> 95 southbound at the betsy ross bridge. all lanes temporarily blocked for the next minute or so. part of it they moved to the shoulder and that traffic is starting to get by. coming up in a few minutes, your drive time for 95 just in case you're heading out the door and traveling south. we'll be right back.
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we continue to follow breaking news in sharon hill, delaware county. officials are looking for this boy. if you're away from your tv, come, take a look at this boy. he's missing. his name is michael hawkings and disappeared after playing with friends last night. police do not believe he was
6:59 am
abducted, but he is missing. if you have information, please call police. jesse gary live in bethlehem where the gas company and the water company both fixing repairs right now. the sinkhole that swallowed a utility vehicle. it will be quite some time before they have service. live in bethlehem, jesse gary, nbc 10 news. all right, that accident on 95 south near the betsy ross bridge cleared over to the shoulder and we have a big backup. this is at cottman avenue and drive time southbound from wood haven to the vine, 31 minutes. and zero minutes to the cold if you're heading out the door right now it is frigid and feels like 18 degrees in philadelphia. a cold, but sunny morning at the bus stop. center city the in upper 20s, but it feels like the teens. we'll see sunshine all day long and only in the 30s later today. >> again, congratulations to our hall of famer. thank you. >> thank you, vai.
7:00 am
>> we're not worthy. "today" show is next. good morning. ready for a fight. president obama unveils his plan to help 5 million undocumented immigrants stay in the country. >> to those members of congress who question our authority to make our immigration system work better, pass the bill. >> but will republicans derail his plans? >> he's not an emperor, but he's sure acting like one. from bad to worse. the weight of all that snow in buffalo causing roofs to collapse as shoppers spent a fourth night stranded inside a walmart and the region braces for what could be massive flooding. the show goes on despite multiple allegations of sexual assault, bill cosby still takes the stage to perform his comedy act aset


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