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tv   Today  NBC  November 21, 2014 7:00am-11:01am EST

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>> we're not worthy. "today" show is next. good morning. ready for a fight. president obama unveils his plan to help 5 million undocumented immigrants stay in the country. >> to those members of congress who question our authority to make our immigration system work better, pass the bill. >> but will republicans derail his plans? >> he's not an emperor, but he's sure acting like one. from bad to worse. the weight of all that snow in buffalo causing roofs to collapse as shoppers spent a fourth night stranded inside a walmart and the region braces for what could be massive flooding. the show goes on despite multiple allegations of sexual assault, bill cosby still takes the stage to perform his comedy act as yet another accuser comes
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forward, his fourth in recent weeks. and the doctor will see you now. carson and willie getting set to bring attention to the leading cause of cancer in young men, receiving their testicular cancer checks live on air "today," friday, november 21st, 2014. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. well, good morning, everyone. welcome to "today" on a friday morning. let's just get it out there. when i heard what you guys were doing, i thought it was nuts. >> that's a bad -- >> i'm sorry. >> really? >> we all have to get it out right now. you're doing something very important today. >> are you going to be using any more crazy euphamisms?
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>> it's going down today. >> and they talk about me. >> and i love that the same doctor who did matt and al's prostate exam is doing your exam and we know he has kind of a crazy sense of humor. are you ready? >> to remind people who don't know, we've been in observance of no shave november for men's health and, yes, willie and i will get testicular exams live on the show in an hour. >> and there will be a doctor, right? it's not just you and me. >> i'm not very comfortable between you guys. >> want to come over with us? >> apparently not. anyway, it's a serious story. we'll get to that in a moment. president obama is using his executive power to make some major changes. and republicans say that is a move he will regret. peter alexander is at the white house. good morning to you. >> reporter: the president will head west to an event in las vegas to present this new plan,
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first of a series of rallies around the country. republicans are already fuming about what they are calling the president's my way or the highway approach. unveiling sweeping executive actions on immigration, president obama offered a deal to millions of undocumented immigrants now spared from deportation. >> if you meet the criteria, you can come out of the shadows and get right with the law. >> reporter: who gets relief? more than 4 million undocumented parents of children born in the u.s. and more than 200,000 some so-called dreamers. >> are we a nation that rips children from their arms or a nation that values families? >> reporter: he pushed back from republican criticism like that of ted cruz who said president obama's unconstitutional amnesty is in defines of the congress and the american people. >> amnesty is the immigration system we have today. >> reporter: and the president dared congress to act. >> to those members of congress who question my authority to
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make our immigration system work better or question me acting where congress has failed, i have an answer. pass a bill. >> reporter: tougher enforcement and deportations focused on newly arriving undocumented immigrants and criminals. some republicans have threatened to go to court to stop the president. others are furious he's bypassing them. >> rather than finding the areas of agreement, he picked a fight. it's a bad way to start a relationship. >> reporter: warning of civil disobedience and even violence. >> the country is going to go nuts. they're going to see it as a move outside the authority of the president. >> reporter: broad new action, but no end to the bitter partisan debate. more than half of the 11 million undocumented immigrants living in the u.s. will be granted no new protections by these actions. advising people who will be eligible for the program to start gathering the appropriate paperwork, everything from birth
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certificates, savannah, to utility bills. >> peter alexander at the white house, thank you. chuck todd is moderator of "meet the press" and nbc's political director. republicans are furious about this. but what are they likely to do about it? >> they don't know what they're going to do. the leadership of the republican party, senate leadership and house leadership, they would like to try to use the power, find ways to limit the amount of funds that get moved to the agencies that oversee the immigration issue, that that's their way of firing back. perhaps there will be a lawsuit or two, maybe the state of texas, maybe the state of oklahoma, few states like that, file suit against the president on this. i tell you, republican leaders are nervous that they won't be able to control their conservative members who would like to lash out and have a fight now with the president. they would like to keep their powder dry -- the leadership, that is. i don't know if they'll be able to do that. >> what's the president thinking about doing it now?
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there was a time when he said i can't do this kind of action. >> right. >> then he said i'll postpone it until after elections. what was the thinking at the white house? >> it was now or never in their thinking. if they delayed again -- there was some talk in this idea he would announce last night. here is everything i'm going to do. i'll sign the order. on june 1st, 2016, giving republicans a chance to pass an immigration bill. they thought that would be too gimmicky, that hispanics wouldn't trust the president. they regret they didn't do this six months ago. they think if they had, there would be a democratic governor in florida. >> and if you don't like what i'm doing, pass a bill, the president said. what's the chance that that happens? >> very little. the republicans have control of the house and senate. if they don't like this, they can pass a bill. i don't know how they pass a
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bill and the leaders themselves don't know how they do it either. >> chuck todd, thank you. of course, you'll have more on this sunday morning on "meet the press." now to that unprecedented november snow crippling the buffalo region. the death toll is rising and there's new concern about what will happen when all that snow will melt. dylan dreyer is in buffalo. >> reporter: several people have been living inside this walmart since monday, basically making their own little community and communities all across this area, sure, there's a huge sigh of relief that the snow is finally over. now there's also concern about its long-lasting impact. widespread concern this morning that a year's worth of snow over a few days is just too much to bear. >> we've been dealing with numerous reports of collapsing roofs. >> reporter: no sooner had the snow stopped, and residents
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started to work on removing the snow. >> i heard a crack and looked up and saw a crack and told the wife it's time to get out. >> reporter: the scrape of plows can be heard everywhere as crews work around the clock to clear the streets. in hamburg, more than 30 people have been stranded in a walmart since monday. >> i know exactly where my vehicle is. it's under ten feet of snow out at the main entrance. >> reporter: their cars, buried. these guys have camped out, where else? in the entertainment section. others sacked out in the darker auto motive section. a fellow captive of the store made beef stew. when my crew and i left the store in our suv, we got stuck, too. luckily a plow helped us out of the walmart parking lot. the buffalo bills will have to hit the road as well. the game against the jets this weekend is being moved to some place that is not encased in
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snow. the game will be played monday night in detroit at ford field. it's a dome field so there is no concern for snow. we've also heard that some of the players actually have to get picked up by snowmobile and taken to the airport. as for the people inside the walmart, they should be able to dig out their cars today but they're not going anywhere until the travel bans are lifted in this area. and, al, you know, then we go into the weekend and have to deal with the concern of all the rain. it's just concern after concern around here. >> that's right. we'll take a look at that right now, dylan. good news is that the lake-effect snow machine is starting to wind down finally. bands of snow down to the south. you can actually see sunshine and we are looking at clear roads. pavement, actually, is available there. maybe another six to nine inches of snow between watertown and utica. that's the good news. bad news, one-two punch. temperatures slowly are warming tomorrow into saturday and sunday. rain moves in saturday and the
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warmest and wettest point is going to be sunday into monday. look at the heavy rain coming in, plus temperatures in the 40s and 50s. that rain has -- that snow has nowhere to go. and so with one to two inches of rain on top of roofs already, we are going to see more roof collapse and flooding is a big problem. flood watches for the three counties surrounding buffalo. the storm drains are all blocked. the rain and snow has nowhere to go and so streams -- rivers and streams are probably going to flood coming up monday in the buffalo region. >> what a mess. >> it is a mess. thanks, al. let's turn to natalie, following the story in ferguson, missouri. >> police official says darren wilson, the police officer who fatally shot michael brown seems confident that he will not face criminal charges. craig melvin is in ferguson with the very latest. craig, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, natalie, to you. there was another protest outside the ferguson police department thursday night.
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roughly two dozen protesters, police wearing helmets, using shields. a tense stand-off last night. meanwhile michael brown, the father of the 18-year-old shot by police released video thursday, everyone here and around the country to remain calm. no matter what the grand jury decides, i do not want my son's death to be in vain. >> reporter: meanwhile, last night, reports began to surface that darren wilson, the officer at the center of all of this was actual actual actually he told us via text
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message he would not comment on those talks and also stated that he has not been part of those talks as well. a lot of speculation also continues to swirl regarding the timing of a grand jury announcement. we've been told the past few days that it's going to happen. perhaps the next day, the day after that. that speculation continues to swirl. meanwhile, no word yet from a notoriously tight lip ped count prosecutor's office. natalie? >> thank you, craig. we're learning more this morning about the man who opened fire thursday in the library at the university. the fsu graduate believed the government was targeting him for persecution. he apparently detailed that in journal and videos. may opened fire in the library's lobby, wounding three people. officers shot him dead outside the library after he refused to put down his weapon and shot at one of the officers.
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another arrest at the white house thursday night. a michigan woman was spotted walking along the north fence of the white house with a gun in a holster. she was taken into custody. it comes just a day after an iowa man was arrested after agents found a rifle and a knife in his car. protests turned violent in mexico city thursday night. thousands of people took to the streets to rally against the government's handling of the apparent massacre of 43 college students. gasoline bombs and fireworks were thrown at riot police, who responded with tear gas. demonstrations have been going on throughout the mexico almost every day since the students went missing back in september. embattled nfl star adrian peterson said he won't ever use a switch again when disciplining his son. in an interview with usa today, peterson said he realizes moving on from the minnesota vikings might be the best for both sides. nfl suspended peterson for at least the remainder of the season tuesday, weeks after he
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entered a no contest plea to reckless assault of a child. and a pro hockey player who signed a $30 million contract just three years ago is now filing for bankruptcy. jack johnson of the columbus blue jackets says his parents are to blame. he granted power of attorney to his mother a few years back and that gave her full control of his finances. his parents bought a house in manhattan beach with his money but without his knowledge and that they then took out a $15 million high-interest loan against their son's future earnings and that defaulted. he has cut off ties with his parents. >> that's terrible. >> horrible story. >> mom, dad, what did you do? >> that's horrible. >> you left us hanging. >> maybe there's good news in the weather department. >> maybe not. >> uh, no. actually, we will do have some good news.
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a warm-up. some mixed precip in the central mississippi river valley. sunshine in los angeles. high of 70 degrees. sunny skies around the great lakes. finally starting to move into that region. we're going to get to your local robot butler, can you shut the shades? oh and could you turn on air conditioning i'm starting to sweat. i'll just do it myself. useless. that's nice. set's the mood. have your entire house within reach, even when your devices aren't. introducing relay by wink it's like a robot butler, but not as awkward. good morning, i'm meteorologist bill henley. 20s will warm only into the 30s this afternoon, but with the gusty winds, wind chills will stay in the 20s. tomorrow morning, 23 the low temperature. sunshine, though, 45 in the
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afternoon. a warming trend that continues through the weekend. 57 on sunday and 72 monday. showers late sunday and monday we'll dry up for tuesday. wet weather possible late wednesday and could see some snow. have a great day. >> and that's your latest weather. >> all right. al, thanks. we have carson here. tamron's over there. >> we're together at the same time. people often -- >> doesn't happen often. >> similar hair. >> are you going to be on at 8:00 at the doctor's office? >> oh, i will not be there but i'm rooting you on and are proud of you for doing it. >> thank you very much. many people are proud of ty herndon. hours after he revealed a part of his life that he has been hiding, another country artist came out. billy gillam.
7:17 am
now he's 26, all grown up and billy posted a clip on youtube. take a listen. >> a fellow country artist and friend made it easier for me to make this video. being a gay male country artist is not the best thing. now that i have finally found my place as a person, that only makes the music that much better. >> so billy's video has already been viewed 100,000 times. on top of the youtube list. and support is flowing in for both from fans and fellow musicians. leann rimes said i'm crying in a damn mcdonald's restaurant in virginia, thanks to you both. so some colorful language from leann. she's always on the edge. her message is quite clear. she supports both of those brave
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men. bill cosby performs onstage even amid more sexual accusations. we'll hear from his latest accuser. a rare look the a debilitating disorder that causes people to suffer from sudden bouts of sleep. but first this is "today" on nbc.
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wow. this is your best ever thank you. pillsbury pie crust. make the holidays pop. good morning, i'm vai sikahema. first alert forecast from bill henley and live look at the art museum, center stow, but it is cold. >> it is cold for the entire area, vai. the wind is blowing through to make it feel even colder. the temperatures right now in the 20s for most of the area. 29 degrees in philadelphia and trenton 26 and 28 in wilmington. factor in the wind, feels like it is in the teens along the i-95 corridor. the pocono mountains 4 degrees the wind chill. sunny skies, lots of sunshine and plenty of wind will keep us in the 30s. >> keep an eye on traffic problems on 95 all morning. jillian mele, tell us what is
7:27 am
going on. >> right here at the betsy ross bridge, as you can see, southbound is still congested out there and take your time and leave yourself extra time. just past township line road. vai? happening now, the search is on for a missing boy from delaware county. this is 10-year-old michael hawkings. sharon hill police tell us he was last seen at about 8:30 last night playing with a group of children. he was on the playground at the 100 block of greenwood road and he never returned home. they do not believe michael was abducted. another local update in about 25 minutes. i'm vai sikahema. we'll send you back to "today" show and we'll see you in about half an hour.
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♪ like a virgin touched for the very first time ♪ 7:30 now on this friday morning, the 21st of november, 2014. you don't see that every day. that's sister cristina, who won our hearts. she is here to perform the song made famous by madonna. >> there's the limit of our italian. >> ciao. >> pizza! let's see what's make headline this is morning. flood fears are ma s in buffalo.
7:31 am
rain is in the forecast over the weekend. president obama discusses his plan to handle immigration. republicans say the president is overreaching his authority. for the second night in a row, police and protesters have clashed in ferguson, missouri, ahead of a grand jury decision over the michael brown shooting. the latest violence came after brown's father called for calm in the latest video message. a hacker has found a way to see everything from baby monitors to home security cameras connected to the internet and has posted thousands of them online. we'll show you how to protect yourself. >> always scary to think about that. >> yeah. >> we'll begin this half hour with yet another accuser coming forward in the bill cosby sex abuse scandal. this, as the comedian made a public appearance just last night. gabe gutierrez has the latest on
7:32 am
the story. hi, gabe, good morning. >> savannah, good morning. fund-raiser in the bahamas, whose membership includes thousands of mostly african-american women in business. a few people gave him an ovation at the end, despite the growing scandal. looking relaxed on stage, bill cosby made no mention thursday night of the sexual assault allegations. instead, sticking to his comedy routine, including stories about his childhood. >> i'm here to have a good time and laugh at what this guy is being paid to do, make me laugh. >> reporter: still others in the crowd, several hundred people, thought his silence has dragged on too long. >> if it didn't happen, tell us it didn't happen. if it did happen, be sorrowful about it and be apologetic and let us know. >> reporter: on thursday, high point university removed cosby from its board of advisers. an arizona casino canceled a performance in february. the allegations against the sitcom star have swirled for a
7:33 am
decade but have intensified in the last month as several more women have come forward. >> he stood before me and he -- in his hand he had two big, large white pills and he said take these. my next memory is feeling drugged and him having sex with me. >> reporter: she says she continued to see cosby and later asked for and received thousands of dollars for him. >> instead of empowering me, like he says he does to people, he made me a victim. and all my life, i've been a victim. >> reporter: overnight former supermodel janice dickinson, who had come forward earlier this week, accusing cosby of sexually assaulting her into 1982 released these pictures to tmz of cosby in his bath robe, pictures taken just before the alleged assault. cosby's camp had previously called her story a complete lie.
7:34 am
contradicting the story in her book. cosby has now said the continues pattern of attacks on mr. cosby has entered the realm of the ridiculous, people coming out of nowhere this sort of inane yarn is what happens in a media-driven feeding frenzy. now many asking why it took decades for the accusers to speak up. it's not that simple, says. >> they don't want to be judged. they don't want to be tortured in the public eye. >> despite the loss of his planned nbc sitcom, cosby's comedy tour is going on as planned. he he is scheduled to perform tonight in melbourne, florida, and next week in vegas. savannah, carson, back to you. >> thank you so much, gabe. a new rossen report this
7:35 am
morning. your most private moechlt broadcabroamoment broadcast for the entire world to see. national investigative correspondent jeff rossen is here with more. jeff, good morning. >> carson, good morning to you. it's a brand new hack and a bad one, too. 70,000 victims, strangers watching you inside your house. your living room, bedroom. even your baby's crib right now. worst of all, you wouldn't even know it. here is how it works. if you have cameras at home, we're talking about web cams, nanny cams, even home security cameras so you can watch your house while you're at work. your life could be exposed. hacker in russia has figured out an easy way to break n what has he done? he has set up a website to show the world. you're watching a mother and her young children at home in new york. every move they make streaming live online. and they have no idea. we're blurring their faces but on the web it's as clear as day. this baby, recorded sleeping in
7:36 am
a crib. this father, walking around his son's room. this man, laying in a hospital bed. we found live video inside this daycare center. even more intimate, this man sleeping in his own bed in new jersey. yet another camera, rolling in a bathroom. all of it posted thon website run by a russian hacker. we're not disclosing the site's name. how is this happening? >> people go out and buy these cameras that come preinstalled with a default password, one, two, three, four. they then plug it into the internet without changing the password. the hackers go, know the default password and they're able to break into these cameras. >> it's a worldwide hack. 73,000 cameras streaming live from 152 countries. including nearly 5,000 victims here in the u.s. and it's not only your private moments exposed. the site even pinpoints your exact location.
7:37 am
new york's wnbc tracked one of the videos to this kickboxing gym. >> oh, that's not a good feeling. >> reporter: the manager had no idea the russian hacker hit her, too. >> knowing that, you know, someone could hack into a password-safe security camera is sort of unnerving. >> reporter: in a bizarre new twist, the hacker now claims he's doing it all to help people, posting this site has been designed in order to show the importance of the security settings. to remove your public camera from this site and make it private. change your camera default password. >> beyond the obvious privacy concerns here, how dangerous is this? there could be criminals out there watching. >> that's correct. you're letting millions of people see inside your house. it's pretty dangerous when they can tell when you're home, not home, when your kids are home alone. you're letting almost anyone know what's going on inside your house at a given time.
7:38 am
>> scary stuff. authorities around the world are condemning this attack. the simple tip right now, change your password if you have a nanny cam or home security system. that will lock the hacker out. better yet if you don't need the cameras connected to the internet it's just very easy to shut that function off entirely. during that piece, you were just showing us little baby vale. >> she just got picked up. >> daddy went and got her. good job, daddy. >> we can see your baby right now, that someone else could be watching. >> that's what scares me. we have it so we can watch it but some hacker could get into it? >> we set these up to protect ourselves instead it makes us more vulnerable. change the passwords. >> eating candy now. >> all right. >> jeff, thank you. >> thank you. let's get a check of the weather now from al. >> announcer: "today's" sunday night football weather is brought to you from nfl football
7:39 am
exclusively from verizon. >> let's show you what we have going on for today. big severe weather outbreak will be a problem as we get into the weekend. low level jet stream, low pressure system developing. lot of moisture out of the gulf. storms will be approaching severe just west of dallas, between abilene, wichita falls and dallas. from corpus christi on into new orleans, risk of strong storms, tornadoes are very possible with this. and it continues to the east. sunday, midatlantic states, gulf coast on into the south. in fact, atlanta will be looking at heavy showers and thunderstorms. so, we are going to probably have airport delays in atlanta on sunday. a real mess throughout the southeast with heavy rain. that's good morning, i'm meteorologist bill henley. a cool, blustery day ahead. 20s will warm into the 30s this afternoon, but with the gusty winds, wind chills will stay in the 20s.
7:40 am
tomorrow morning, 23 the low temperature. sunshine and 45 in the afternoon. a warming trend that continues through the weekend. 57 on sunday, 72 monday. showers late sunday and monday will dry up for tuesday. wet weather possible late wednesday, could see some snow. have a great day. coming up, it's the greatest night of the week. it's the one we wait for. that's right. the giants will be hosting the dallas cowboys coming into metlife stadium. the weather will be good. will the giants? eh. cloudy and cool. temperatures, 48 degrees. on sunday night, football night in america! >> nice job. >> i want to see you do that for
7:41 am
34 hours. >> 34 minutes maybe. >> all right. al, thank you. coming up next, an eye-opening look at narcolepsy through one young woman's video. one doctor says this is the most through one young woman's video. one doctor says this is the most extreme case he has ever se aj green? through one young woman's video. one doctor says this is the most he's just like you. ever se except .... he's in a commercial. he got hands like glue... and just bought... a 10,000 gallon salt- water fish tank. otherwise... he do what you do. drives to work, listens to his music, ...get's caught up in a wire-based headphone situation. uhmm. i know you seen that. so like you... he went and did something about it. and now he walks into work like a boss... like who? you. there you go aj. exclusively at verizon.
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we're back 7:44 with an online video getting a lot of attention. it captures one woman's battle with narcolepsy. an extreme disorder that sometimes makes people fall asleep mid sentence. kerry sanders has been looking into this for us.
7:45 am
good morning. >> reporter: good morning, savannah. i'm at florida hospital the center for sleep disorders where every day they hook people up to monitors like this and try to treat narcolepsy. the woman on this videotape lives in tulsa, oklahoma. when i first saw the video, i was skeptical. watch. what do you think? >> imitating -- >> reporter: at first glance it looks like a workout video but watch what happens. 21-year-old sarah wheaten says her muscles give out, she slumps over. a few seconds she pops back up, crawls over to the camera and appears confused. all this, she says, a debilitating case of narcolepsy. not to be rude but it looks full time putt on t looks fake. >> i wish it was. you aren't the first to say
7:46 am
that. >> reporter: we went to see sarah and she was asleep. even with the help of her service dog it took her 2 1/2 hours to wake up. >> crying my eyes out because i want to do something so bad but i can't stay awake long enough to get out of bed. >> how are you feeling? >> i'm all right. >> reporter: this is the most extreme case of narcolepsy she has ever seen, when her muscles give way moments before she sleeps, doctors call that kat tcht -- cataplexy. >> sarah can very easily transition from full conscious awareness into a sleep state. >> reporter: during our interview, we saw what doctors call one of sarah's microsleep moments. >> because i was, uh -- i was -- sorry. wow, i totally checked out there
7:47 am
for a second. >> that's okay. is that an example that have sort of little micro -- >> yeah. it's like zoning out really bad and then coming out. >> from earliest childhood there were signs something wasn't right. >> a 2-year-old who begs to take a nap, i thought, was a wonderful blessing. because our other kids fought sleep so hard. >> reporter: independent expert that is have seen sarah's video says this is not the norm for narcoleptic patient. >> it's atippatippical, but it the signs of a cataplectic episode. >> no matter how badly you want to stay awake or do things, you can't. >> this video posted online has now been viewed by more than 2.5 million people. sarah said she put it online because she wanted people to
7:48 am
understand what it's like to have narcolepsy. about 250,000 americans have this condition. one that's monitored by experts here. florida hospital experts and experts worldwide say unfortunately there is no cure for narcolepsy. it is something they can try to give medication to to control. >> wow. >> debilitating. >> hard to hold a job when you have micro checkouts like that. >> and a safety issue. >> you can't drive a car. >> raises awareness, absolutely. willie and i are raising awareness for a very serious disease. and then the nun who took
7:49 am
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7:52 am
all right. we're back, 7:51. almost time for carson and willie to head to the doctor. hey, guys. >> we're ready. >> you're ready? >> a big sendoff planned for you guys. meanwhile, thursday, we were live in times square for the world's largest billboard thanks to barbado and clear channel outdoor. we'll be live, as we mentioned, with the exam -- >> on that thing? >> wait a second. >> i was waiting for to you realize that. >> that's the biggest billboard in the world. >> that's where your exam will be playing out live for all to see. >> are you serious? >> i'm dead serious. >> at least everything looks bigger. i'm kidding. >> don't mention that. >> i'm kidding. >> but on a serious note, look at these words of wisdom and praise coming in. from analicia, my 2-year-old brother just finished chemotherapy for tc. i love that people are talking
7:53 am
about testicular cancer. we wish the best to your brother and to you. this is why you guys are doing this. >> 15 to 33, highly susceptible. we're pretty much out of that bracket but we're going to do it because people are skittish about going to the doctor. >> go, team. go, team. go to for more. and our fellas go to raise awareness for testicular cancer. >> all right, guys. have fun. >> i love how they're walking with a purpose. >> they really are. >> was tamron serious, it's going to be on that billboard? >> yeah. >> is it really on the billboard? >> i hope not. >> the final countdown. >> we'll see you guys soon. >> i can't wait for some of the lines your doctor has. he's funny. >> he is. sister cristina comes u
7:54 am
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7:56 am
and we've just learned a 10-year-old boy reported missing in delaware county has been found safe. police tell us michael hawkings of sharon hill is just fine. he spent the night at a friend's house and did not tell his parents. they say michael was spotted walking home this morning. again, michael hawkings reported missing this morning has been found safe. let's get our first alert forecast now from meteorologist bill henley as we take a live look at camelback where it's cold enough to make snow and have snow the natural way. >> it is. but look how blue that sky is. bright sunshine and make snow all day today and again tonight. the wind is blowing. keep bringing in the colder temperatures that will stay with us right on through the day. 13-mile-an-hour wind now in the pocono mountains and up to 16 miles per hour in atlantic city. temperature at 29 degrees in philadelphia. feels like it's in the teens. in fact, teens for just about
7:57 am
every location this morning. let's get a check on traffic with jillian mele and blue route. >> blue route is slow moving, vai. you'll see it's at a crawl southbound because about 20 minutes ago we had a disabled vehicle that was blocking one lane beyond this point and that caused a pretty big backup there. accident on the southbound side and watch out for lane restriction in that area. grief counselors will comfort students at two burlington county schools after two children were shot to death inside their home in tabernacle. friends and family held a candlelight vigil to remember the individuals. two others that survived the shooting are listed in critical condition. no search for a suspect. authorities are not saying if this was an attempted murder/suici murder/suicide. another update in about 25 minutes. of course, you can always get the latest news and weather at n
7:58 am we'll send you back to "today" show and see you in about half hour.
7:59 am
8:00 am
it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, manning up. willie and carson help raise awareness for testicular cancer as they get set for a screening live on the air. then, is going gluten free really good for you? what you need to know about the newest diet trend. ♪ like a virgin touched for the very first time ♪ >> plus the nun who is taking on madonna, sister cristina, the winner of "the voice: italy" stops by studio 1a to perform her version "today," november
8:01 am
21st, 2014. go lehigh university! we're freezing for you, mom, on the "today" show. >> from pittsburgh, p.a.! >> it's my 40th birthday today. >> georgia peach turning 35 in new york city. >> i turn 16 today! >> whoo! and good morning, everyone. welcome back to "today." we have a great, boisterous crowd out here on the plaza. >> wow! >> savannah guthrie, tamron hall and al roker. >> i love how you're keeping your composure with this crowd. >> i know. >> lehigh and lafayette this weekend and they are fired up, ready to go. as are willie and carson. they're about to get their
8:02 am
testicular exams live on the air, part of our campaign to raise awareness for men's health. >> early detection, 95% cure rate. >> and we're tremendously proud of them and the awareness. it's really touched home. a lot of the tweets and facebook posts you've sent to us from home touch on this as well. let's get a check of the top stories. natalie is over at the news desk. >> good morning to you once again. republicans in congress are pushing back hard against president obama's immigration reform detailed in a speech thursday night. nbc national correspondent peter alexander is at the white house. peter, good morning. >> natalie, good morning to you. those republican critics accuse president obama acting more like he's king than president. in effect these sweeping new changes will give legal status to the 5 million of roughly 11 million undocumented immigrants living here. the president will head to las
8:03 am
vegas today to promote this program. the programs likely won't take until the spring to be up and running. in many ways, politically the ball is in the republican's corner with a heated debate raging within that party about its best response. but it comes with a risk, natalie, potentially alienating latinos in this country. >> peter alexander at the white house. thanks so much, peter. snowed-in buffalo, new york, facing a new threat. there could be flooding as temperatures rise this weekend and six to eight feet of snow begins to melt. the weight of the snow has caused dozens of roofs and farm buildings to collapse. more than 100 people had to be evacuated from a nursing home. two of those people later died, raising the death toll to at least 12. and a snowbound stadium has forced the buffalo bills to move sunday's game against the jets to monday in detroit. it's hard to believe one vehicle could cause so much damage. but take a look at the security camera video from kansas city.
8:04 am
suv that refused to pull over for a traffic stop. it crashed into a building where vintage cars are stored. part of the brick building collapsed and one of the antique vehicles actually fell out. the suv driver was injured and it's possible the building will have to be demolished. we're so proud of our "today" show friend marlo thomas, who was honored with the naming of the marlo thomas center at st. jude's children's research hospital in memphis. she was joined by hillary clinton at the name unveiling. marlo has worked tirelessly to carry on the work of her father, danny thomas, to care for sick children. it's 8:04 now. let's now get a check of the weather. >> congratulations to marlo. we love her. it's your ninth birthday. what's your name? >> avery. >> avery, where are you from? >> florida.
8:05 am
>> it's colder here than florida. are you having a good time? good. let's show you what's going on for avery and everybody else. out west, a big storm is getting ready to come onshore, bringing heavy rain and heavy snow as you get into the mountains. you can watch this thing friday morning. heavy rain moves into northern california as well, bringing heavy snow as well. 60-plus-mile-per-hour wind gusts and heavy rain will continue along the coast. can you see the snow anywhere from six to nine inches in the sawtooth and bitteroot into central, northern seattle, washington and oregon we're looking for two to three inches of rain. that's what's going good morning. i'm meteorologist bill henley. a cold, blustery day ahead. temperatures only in the 30s this afternoon. but wshs will stay in the 20s. sunshine and 45 for the afternoon.
8:06 am
a warming trend through the weekend. 57 on sunday. 72 monday. showers late sunday and monday will dry up for tuesday. wet weather possible late wednesday. could see some snow. have a great day. >> and that is your latest weather. >> al, thank you so much. coming up on trending, dress code for reporters? the duke and duchess' cambridge upcoming trip. plus willie and carson's exam for testicular cancer. plus willie and carson's exam for testicular cancer. dishes yo♪ ♪n make ♪ let us be lovers, we'll marry our fortunes together ♪ ♪ i've got some real estate here in my bag ♪ ♪ it took me four days to hitch-hike from saginaw ♪
8:07 am
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8:11 am
get 50 percent off your second guest... ...and more money to spend on board. it's royal caribbean's vow to wow sale. call today. welcome back. it's what's trending today at 8:11. natalie, you're going to cover will and kate when they visit next month. >> yes. >> be careful what you dress. >> i know. >> a dress code has been released for the trip, what it calls smart attire. women must wear trousers or skirt suits. and guys, jacket or tie. no jeans or sneakers allowed, you sloppy americans. >> i'm okay with that. the crew is standing out there for 14 hours. >> the crew as well? >> yeah. everybody has to be dressed like that. i think that's -- >> perhaps the royals could provide refreshments.
8:12 am
>> wardrobe allowance. >> that's crazy. >> you think it's going to be chilly as well. you want a big puffy coat, a parka and not some fancy -- >> it's not like we're going to be showing up -- >> slovenly. >> i love how they feel like they have to remind us. >> like we're sloppy americans. >> you know, they're not our monarchies. >> whoa! >> all right, natalie. >> no, she didn't. after washing your hands in the bathroom, do you use the electric hand driers? >> i still use the paper towels. >> apparently the dryers are supposed to be more eco friendly but they're the cause more bacteria. >> you wash your hands with soap so the bacteria should be dead or gone and you're drying clean hands. >> and i would think the hot air, too. >> the other problem with them, you go in there, wash your face
8:13 am
and realize there's no paper towel. >> you wash your face in a public bathroom? >> sometimes. yeah. >> as a reporter, have you never tried to blow dry your hair in one of those? >> i changed my clothes in a public bathroom, but not washed my face. >> okay. >> as a reporter when you're on assignment -- whatever. >> ♪ getting to know you >> you know jimmy kimmel's popular segment, where he gets celebrities to read mean tweets about themselves? >> looks like jon hamm if jon hamm was a crack addict. >> how old is bob newhart now, about 120? >> geena davis is a real man's man. >> guys, john stamos has a gross belly button. i don't -- he's right.
8:14 am
>> he does kind of have a gross belly button. willie and carson's live last year all remember when matt and al paid a visit to the doctor to get their prostate
8:15 am
screenings live on air. this year, carson and willie decided to top that. they're again at the office of dr. david samadi. we learned he's a funny guy as well. here with us in the studio, gold medalist, scott hamilton, who survived his own bout with testicular cancer. no more stalling, guys. take it away. >> all right, guys. scott, great to see you, too. dr. samadi, great to be back with you again this year, i think. let's talk about testicular cancer. who should be thinking about it and how prevalent is it? >> age 20 to 40, do self examination. it's curable, 90 to 95% cure rate, very high if caught early. no better time than november to talk about men's health, prostate cancer, testicular cancer. appreciate you doing this. >> as you're examining us, you can kind of talk the audience through so they'll have the of
8:16 am
that self examination that's so important? >> absolutely. >> this isn't your average when you go for a physical and turn your head and cough? you're going to do more than that? >> that's right. that's mostly to check for hernia. we're going to do that, actually. but also look at the whole anatomy -- >> hey, you pay the co-pay. might as well take advantage. >> all right. who's going to play ball first? >> nickelodeon. >> that's the safe word? >> go easy on him. that's my friend in there. >> very eager to get that started. >> so what we're doing here, we're going to first look at the testicles so that there are obviously like two testicles. >> i would hope so. >> well, if you find three testicles, then that person has done a surgery and sometimes you see that, but that's not the norm. usually the left testicle is
8:17 am
lower than the right testicle and somebody in the studio over there is going to guess whether we have brief or boxers over here. >> dr. samadi, have you no shame? >> what are you looking for, doctor? >> the size of the testicle is normal. you're looking at the texture of the testicle. it's smooth. there is no mass. there are no lumps or bumps. behind the testicle, there's something called epididemis. you look for the vas deferens, a tube that carries the sperm all the way out. i'm going to ask willie to turn to the side and cough and make sure there's no hernia. go ahead. okay. there's nothing on that side sbch. and this side? perfect. he's perfectly fine. i'll give him a few seconds to prepare and then we're going to come out in a minute.
8:18 am
so, i don't know. so he's perfect. everything is great. he survived. >> worked out okay. >> well, good. >> normal exam. normal-sized testicles. you look at the whole anatomy behind it. he's perfectly fine. there is no hernia. within a few seconds, if there was any firmness, any lump, you could actually -- >> you made it, right? it wasn't so bad. >> no. few seconds. very easy. >> that can actually save one person every 24 hours is diagnosed with testicular cancer and that simple test can truly save lives. so congratulations. >> and you don't have to be a doctor to go through that self examination process to red flag to get in to your doctor. >> that's a great point, carson. self examination, how often? once a month after warm shower because the muscles are relaxed. you can actually feel to see if you feel any firmness. that's what we're looking for, lumps or bumps. if there's any question, just getting ultrasound, simple ultrasound will tell us whether there's any -- >> okay. i'll see you next year.
8:19 am
>> no. >> whoa, whoa. step in there, big guy. >> carson, you're the next contestant. >> you guys want to come in? no, okay. >> the ball is in his court. >> blake shelton's in there. >> and as carson gets his exam, we'll talk to scott hamilton. we were having some fun with this. but the whole point of this is to remove the stigma from getting these exams. it's so important, early detection. you had your own bout. >> and mine wasn't early. i was having severe abdominal pain. 50 cities into a 60-city tour i couldn't take it anymore. i went in and got the news, we seem to have found a mass, which i thought was funny, considering my size. but the diagnosis, testicular cancer. and i found out later on that the tumor in my abdomen was twice the size of a grapefruit, and i had no idea. >> sometimes it's symptom free? >> i was on tour, in great shape, skating. everything was going really well. then it was four months of chemotherapy, a pretty big surgery and we're back to life.
8:20 am
>> you made the decision to really go out there. in a sense, you became the face of this disease. was that a hard decision for you? >> not really. i always joke in my speeches, okay, when i visit the "today" show i'm going to talk to matt about this, but not katie. and now, here we are. savannah. so, you know, it is -- there's something about it. it makes it a little uncomfortable. but at the same time, you throw all that away. and it's your life we're talking about. you need to be vigilant because early detection is still the best cure for cancer. >> you have such a great perspective on this. obviously you wouldn't wish for cancer but you have done so much in your life after that happened. >> i talk to a lot of cancer surviv survivors and something within you is awakened with that diagnosis that you never would have possibly known existed without it. and you become stronger and more in touch. and clearer. and you become this warrior that you never thought you could be. and it's an unbelievable journey. >> scott, carson just had his
8:21 am
own journey. let's hear how it went. doctor, everything okay? >> yeah. so, yes, he did also very well. there were no mass or lumps or bumps. perfect anatomy. he's going to be okay. >> thank you very much. >> and as scott mentioned, this could be a lot of times asymptomatic. you may not have any symptoms. you could wake up in the morning with a back pain and, god forbid, the cancer has already spread. we don't want that to happen. i also agree that women play a huge role when it comes to this. look, guys, we don't want to see doctors. it's a pain in the butt. you don't have the time. it's the women that bring us to the doctors. so there's a whole challenge out there for women who want to help us, to really bring men to doctor, prostate cancer, men's health, testicular cancer. women do a great job but we need to get on board. >> a little nudge to get in there. >> wasn't so bad. >> not at all. i appreciate it. >> it's a nerve-racking thing because at any moment you're afraid the doctor is going to say they're discovering something, as much as it's a
8:22 am
live demonstration, it's still nerve racking. >> we should convey it was about 30 seconds. prostate exam can be unpleasant. it wasn't even -- >> not at all. >> no pain, discomfort. >> it's a great message. >> thank you, doctor. >> you're welcome. >> appreciate it very much. >> happy thanksgiving to you. >> you're in the clear. >> congratulations. >> thank you very much. >> scott, real quick, your foundation, tell us about that. >> it's called cares, cancer alliance for research survivorship. we've been at the cleveland clinic and we're going to grow now. once you're diagnosed, once you have a loss -- i lost my mother to cancer -- you become this warrior against cancer. we're going to grow and expand. we're really excited about the future. lot of stuff to talk about in the very near future. >> we'll put the information on our website. >> speaking of growing and expanding, you have two kids added to your family. we'll talk to you about that next half hour. thank you for being with us this
8:23 am
morning. and now over to natalie. >> millions of americans are going gluten free. is that really a good decision? taking a look at the positives and negatives and sheinelle jones is here. >> gluten-free band wagon. there are things you should know before you decide to make the change. the gluten-free diet is all the rage among celebrities. gwyneth is doing it, lady gaga and miley cyrus. cut the bloat and improve overall health. a new article in consumer reports says a gluten-free diet may not always be healthy. >> if you're not careful to replace whole grains, other whole grains for those wheat products, then you could be missing out on a lot of nutrients and fiber. >> reporter: according to the national institutes of health, 1% of our population suffers from celiac disease, abnormal
8:24 am
immune response to dplgluten. for them it's medically necessary. for other whose choose to give up gluten, another serious health condition could go undiagnosed. >> many other conditions like irritable bowel syndrome that might be playing a role here and you're not seeking the correct medical attention because you're trying to figure it out on your own. >> reporter: a recent study that found many gluten-free foods cause people to gain weight. >> calories, fat, sugar, don't disappear with the gluten. a cookie is still a cookie. >> reporter: gluten free foods cost twice the price of conventional products. >> we're looking at all these gluten-free products, we found that in almost every case the gluten-free version was more expensive than the regular version and sometimes the cost was double or more. >> reporter: medical experts say going gluten free might be a good idea for some but there are things to consider before making the change. >> if you do decide to go gluten
8:25 am
free it's best to go for naturally gluten free products, fruits and vegetables, for example, as opposed to processed gluten-free products that may have more sugar, fat and calories in them. and always speak to nutritionists about the best options for you. >> the gluten-free industry is worth almost $9 billion and growing with the market now including pet food, beauty products and household cleaners. i tried it at first. people think i'm going to lose weight. i told my doctor i was doing it and his response was, what are you doing? talk to me. you're self diagnosing. >> actually sometimes the opposite, people gain weight. >> something to keep in mind. >> savannah, over to you. natalie, thanks. i'm with sister cristina. she won "the voice: italy." a
8:26 am
good morning. let's get our first alert forecast on the cold november morning from meteorologist bill henley. bill? >> cold and windy to make it feel like it's in the teens right now. look at the flag on top of the aramark building. bright sunshine, but we're now seeing winds gusting to more than 20 miles an hour. that's getting us temperatures that are in the 20s for most of the area. starting to warm up, though, in northeast philadelphia at 30 degrees. but with the wind blowing, it's going to feel like it's in the teens even as temperatures climb to the middle 30s. >> thank you, bill. let's get a check on traffic with jillian mele. >> yep, inbound to center city,
8:27 am
philadelphia. right as you approach sweet briar drive. we're hearing there are delays in that area. heavy delays on 76 and 422. drive time from oaks to 202 will take you 13 minutes. happening now, people are waiting to get back in their homes after a sink hole led to this an evacuation. this happenedover night. this is all a result of a water main break there. this is in hampton road and bethlehem. a utility truck ended up falling into the sink hole. happening today, race weekend for the philadelphia marathon begins with a health and fitness expo. this takes place this afternoon at the pennsylvania convention center. about 30,000 people expected to compete in this weekend's event. sunday's marathon starts at 7:00 a.m. we'll have another local update in 25 minutes. see you back in half hour.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
8:30 now on this friday morning, the 21st of november, 2014. hear that music, that's sister cristina, the unexpected winner of "the voice: italy," a huge sensation. she will be with us for a very special live performance this morning. we look forward to that. meantime, scott hamilton, could you come back over here? >> you're tall. >> i know. and i'm wearing my crazy heels
8:31 am
today. >> you had an option, position yourself there or there. >> scott, tell us about your growing family. you have double the kids all of a sudden. >> yes. we have two boys, 11 and 6 and we just brought home two children from haiti, 13-year-old jean paul and 11-year-old evaline. they're beautiful, beautiful children. and our hearts are just twice the size they were before. we're blessed beyond our wildest dreams and haiti is a country that's on the mend. they're open for business, but we fell in love with these kids two years ago and it took us that long to bring them home. >> so wonderful to have a teenager in the house now. >> yes! >> how has the adjustment been? >> it's good. it's busy. mathematical equation. two kids. one plus one equals two divided by two. we have four kids in three different schools. >> you're in the zone defense and offense. >> i'm in new york and she's doing a solo this morning.
8:32 am
i'm sorry, darling. i'm really sorry. i'll be home soon. >> good for you. you guys have done so much work in haiti as well, you and your wife. >> it's a fabulous thing t really is. >> look at the video there. beautiful smile. just gorgeous. >> to have a daughter, holy cow! >> right? >> i know, it's like holy cow, it changes everything! >> you ain't seen nothing yet, bud. >> you need to talk to mr. roker. he has good stories for you. >> you guys are blessed, indeed. thank you so much for being with us this morning. >> thank you. >> congratulations. >> oh, carson is back. awesome. coming up, we'll destress your thanksgiving with dishes you can make, freeze and heat up on thanksgiving day. >> don't forget about cranksgiving tomorrow, food drive on two wheels. couple of us will be spanning out across cities to participate. if you can, in the respective cities, washington, d.c., here in new york, i'll be in miami. >> go online,, and
8:33 am
find out where we are and join us on the bike ride. it's not a race. it's not a run. >> no, no, no. >> you can go as slow as you want. >> it's going to be kind of a scavenger hunt. >> that's right. >> let's get a check of the weather. all right. here we go. as far as your weekend is concerned, starting with today, strong storms, especially through the south and tomorrow. icy mix up to the north. then sunday, sunday! another storm getting itself together in the southeast. rain in the good morning. i'm meteorologist bill henley. a cold, blustery day ahead. 20s will warm only to the 30s this afternoon. but with a gusty winds, windchills will stay in the 20s. and tomorrow morning, 23, the low temperature. sunshine, though, and 45 in the the afternoon. a warming trend that continues through the weekend. 57 on sunday. 72 monday. showers late sunday and monday will dry up for tuesday.
8:34 am
wet weather possible late wednesday. could see some snow. have a great day. >> and that's your latest weather. carson? >> all right. thank you very much, al. it's been a crazy morning. but i'm all good, mom. that's the good news. we've been teaming up with the nfl for our series "together we make football." josh elliott joins me now on the plaza. good morning, josh. >> good morning, carson. all nfl season long we've asked you to share with us your nfl stories, of how the game of football has impacted and touched all of your lives, all for a chance to win a trip to superbowl xlix. from all the submissions we have it down to a final pick. >> no stop lights but we have football and we love it. >> one, two, three. >> my role model is my dad, cause he cares. >> what we're do iing is specia.
8:35 am
it's special. >> i'm like, look, coach, i don't know what's going to happen with my mom. if something does happen, she and i will live here with you. >> i played for my dad. my brother, chance, played for my dad. >> we wouldn't have a story without football. >> i'm the head coach of the tiny. it gives you a sense of happiness. they're amazing. >> it's not about your size or your gender. it's really about your heart. >> i have surprised a few people before but not on camera. this is going to be fun. >> oh, my -- >> congratulation. >> oh, my god. >> this story right here, you deserve to be a finalist. >> all right. we want to introduce you now to the finalists. first of all, coach felicia garcia from charlottesville,
8:36 am
virginia. and two of her frozen children. boy, are we sorry about that. karlie harman and her parents and from florida, for whom this weather makes no sense at all. tra sean, christian and his family are here from edmond, oklahoma. and last but not least the wright family. good to have you all. all right, felicifelicia, what it mean to you and your family if you won this? >> well, i think football is my passion and of our life. you have to have passion in life. that's just another step to get there. >> these ones are warm, by the way. you hail from a town that doesn't have a traffic light and yet here you are, on the biggest
8:37 am
stage of all. how has it been for you guys? >> absolutely amazing. this is our first time in new york. these two guys, first time on a plane. >> wow! >> we're glad you guys made it. best of luck to you. karlie, how about you? if you won this thing, what's the one thing you would want to do? >> definitely take all of this opportunity in and definitely get some confetti after the game and maybe even meet katy perry. >> one thing we want to do is get everybody inside, as fast as possible. so, america, it is up to you. head over to together we make watch all of these stories. there are so many good ones to tell. vote for your favorite and send some of these lucky folks to the super bowl. >> watch the cowboys take on the new york giants 7:00 pm. check it out. willie behind the scenes over at "snl."
8:38 am
first this is odd on nbc. what's possible today?
8:39 am
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8:40 am
tina fey, jimmy fallon, just a few of the names that have made names for themselves on "saturday night live" weekend update. willie checked it out. >> particularly fun assignment as they gear up for their seventh weekend update together, they gave me a behind the scenes look of snl where they've taken the torch of one of the funniest sketches. the longest running sketch. weekend update has featured some of the biggest names in american comedy. and this year, a new team has suited up to deliver the news. >> good evening. welcome to weekend update. i'm colin jost.
8:41 am
>> and i'm michael che. >> to meet with leaders from china, russia and japan to deal with some pretty tough questions like, who wore it best? >> new research shows that reindeers in norway have unusually high level of radiation due to dust from the chernobyl meltdown. in fact, you could even say they glow. >> like his friend and predecessor colin jost is also a writer. is he joined by one time daily correspondent michael che. >> how long have you known each other? both stand up in new york, about the same age. did you cross paths before this? >> yeah. what do you think, two, three years? >> no. it's got to be more than that. three years. >> so -- >> what do you remember about colin, watching him do standup? >> i was like, that guy's got
8:42 am
great hair. white meat. >> was michael the kind of guy who always jumped out at you? >> i saw him and really just wanted to have him here. i thought he was super funny. >> so colin picked up the phone and called michael. che has gone from guest writer to full-time anchor. >> i remember colin saying would you come in to guest write and i was like, sure. but i didn't know what guest write meant. i thought i was going to be shadowing a writer and getting coffee, maybe getting a bagel, something like that. i thought that would be my job. >> like would you come intern? >> honestly that's what i thought. >> as the pair finds its groove, six episodes in, one thing the guys are trying not to do is stop and think about the big seats they fill. >> chevy, jane curtin, amy, seth. it goes on and on. >> it is crazy when you think about it. but we can't think about it.
8:43 am
it's just you have to be funny. >> i'm sure you know there are entire blogs dedicated to this sketch and we're going to grade it this week. >> sure. >> can i just say, listen, just enjoy the show. don't grade it. if it's not funny, just don't laugh. no one's getting hurt. >> and you got an a. >> thank you. >> a behind the scenes peek at "saturday night live" where i learned the secrets of the show's success. through the hallowed if somewhat sparse halls once walked by belushi -- >> getting narrow like "alice in wonderland." >> photos of everyone who is ever a credited writer on the show. larry david is up there. conan o'brien. adam sandler. >> that wall alone is the comedy hall of fame. >> why they may not yet have the instant recognition of conan or
8:44 am
larry david, one of them has his first doppleganger. >> i'm told that we look an awful lot alike. i get that on twitter a lot. michael? >> yeah. >> we do. i never seen it, but, yeah. >> do you get this ever? >> wow! >> i think we're kind of two generic white guys maybe. >> yeah. >> funny on their own and hilarious together. they're really good. you can catch colin jost and michael che. musical guest marc bronson. a tweet about what's on the show "today." we're getting testicular exams and also michael che and colin jost and michael tweets out, tough act to follow. >> you did really well. >> you did. the make-ahead dishes to
8:45 am
save you time and aggravation next week. first this is "today" on nbc.
8:46 am
8:47 am
>> what a morning. leading up to the big day, we'll guide you thruways to survive the holiday stress. dishes you can make ahead and freeze. we're hear with food network host katie lee. >> hi. good morning. >> we're going to make an appetizer and dessert. how far in advance? >> do it this weekend. check one thing off the list. exactly. just get it done. >> three, four days this stuff frozen before thursday is fine? >> totally fine. a couple of weeks in advance. >> what are we starting with? >> baking mix. we're going to make sausage balls. >> that's the running theme this morning, isn't it? >> it's for manning up. it's our theme. >> fair enough. >> i knew you were going to make
8:48 am
that joke. >> well, i can't help it. >> baking mix and then some sausage. just stir this for me. >> what kind of sausage? >> i'm using hottie talian. you could use sweet, breakfast sausage. we always use breakfast sausage. that's what we had available. >> can you use your hands in this or no? >> you want to use your hands in this. you don't have to. >> i prefer it. >> get in there. >> these ingredients are okay to freeze? >> totally fine. >> are some ingredients better to freeze? >> you want a high fat content. that will help you keep the texture. this is what it comes out like. i use an ice cream scoop to get these out and make little sausage ball. >> there's no point in stressing over this stuff day of. >> no way. >> they will serve just as good frozen? >> i love to take short cuts. it's like a fake out. nobody knows. freeze it on a sheet so they are all individual. then put it into a bag. >> cook them and freeze them, you keep them raw?
8:49 am
>> keep them raw. 15, 20 minutes in the oven. they come out like this. >> do you want to let them thaw and get them room temperature before you bake them? >> no. these go straight into the oven. >> wow! okay. >> classic on every thanksgiving menu. brown sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger and salt. put that right in. then i'm going to add some hot, heavy cream, milk and butter. you twoont mix that up. >> is there something that's more susceptible to making it frozen than mashed potatoes? >> you can freeze regular mashed potatoes. the butter, the cream adds fat. you want to get this nice and tightly wrapped. do it over. pick it up for me. >> pick this up? the whole thing. got it. >> do it all around, both sides
8:50 am
and then put it in the freezer. >> you don't do the marshmallows. you wait on that? >> wait on the marshmallwochlt s. night before thanksgiving, put it in your refrigerator. when it comes out, put the marshmallows on, put it in the oven. and over here, we have dessert. in the freezer, pumpkin cheesecake. >> this right here? >> this goes into the refrigerator overnight as well. it thaws, comes out like this. gingersnap crust. >> bake this, let it sit, garnish it day of and you're good to go? >> whipped cream on top and cinnamon. i'll tell you what, this makes a great breakfast, too. go ahead and dive on in. >> i deserve it after this. thanks so much. happy thanksgiving to you. >> happy thanksgiving. how to set the perfect table. we'll answer your last-minute questions, too. the winner of "the voice:
8:51 am
8:52 am
>> announcer: the toyota concert series on "today" brought to you by toyota. >> sister cristina became a global sensation earlier this year during the audition round of italy's "the voice." her performance of alicia keys' no one has been seen millions of times on youtube and went on to
8:53 am
win the competition. her new single, interesting one. cover of madonna's "like a virgin." sister cristina, good morning. >> good morning. >> take it away. >> thank you. ♪ i made it through the wilderness somehow i made it through didn't know how lost i was until i found you ♪ ♪ i was beat incomplete i'd been had i was sad and blue but you made me feel yeah you made me feel
8:54 am
shiny and new ♪ ♪ like a virgin touched for the very first time like a virgin when your heartbeats next to mine ♪ ♪ gonna give you all my love my fear is fading fast been saving it all for you cause only love can last ♪ ♪ you're so fine and you're mine
8:55 am
make me strong yeah you make me bold oh, your love thawed out yeah your love thawed out what was scared and cold ♪ ♪ like a virgin touched for the very first time like a virgin when your heartbeats next to mine ♪ ♪ next to mine next to mine ♪
8:56 am
thank you. >> sister cristina winner of "the voice" italy. >> good job, sister. >> very, very beautiful. thank you so much. we'll be back in a moment. but first on a friday morning, a check of your local news and weather. have a great weekend, everybody. >> nice job. very good. very good. good morning. i'm chris cato. it's 8:56. let's get your first alert forecast with bill henley. bill, that wind is not our friend today, right? >> no, and it's been increasing in the last hour now. 40 miles an hour in wilmington tr the gusts. and in the pocono mountains, the winds are gusting to 28 miles an hour right now. that's a view of camel back.
8:57 am
with those strong, gusty winds, very cold temperatures. it's 30 in philadelphia. it's 20 in the mountains. factor in the wind and mt. pocono feels like 5 degrees. 18 in philadelphia and 20 in millville. well people are back in their homes after a sink hole led to an evacuation in north hampton county overnight. it happened just after midnight. water main break caused a sink hole and then a utility truck fell in the hole and landed on a natural gas line. more than 30 people had to leave. they're back inside now. but they may not have gas or water until workers make repairs. counselors will be comforting students today after two children were shot to death inside their home. a family member found those young victims yesterday inside a house on holly park drive in tabernacle. friends and neighbors came together for a candle l light vigil last night. the children's mother and a teenage sibling were also shot and are in critical condition.
8:58 am
investigators say they are not looking for a suspect. they're not saying if it was an attempted murder/suicide. right now they're saying they're just treating it as a homicide investigation. i'm chris kais i kato. we'll have another update in 25 minutes. always get the latest news and weather at now we go back to the "today show." have a great fridayment
8:59 am
9:00 am
>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today's take" with al roker, natalie morales, willie geist and tamron hall, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. welcome to "today." it's friday morning, november 21st, 2014. a big, excited crowd out on our plaza today. and into a holiday week next week. i'm willie geist along with natalie morales, al roker and tamron hall. why are you all looking at me like that? >> what did you do today? >> i had a testicular exam and it went very well. i went over to the office of dr. samadi. it's no-shave november, to raise
9:01 am
awareness for men's health. we got the old testicular exam. old reliable. >> you guys want to come in? no? >> everything is great. he survived. i didn't have to use the nut cracker today. it worked out good. >> okay. good. >> normal-sized testicles. you look at the whole anatomy behind it. perfectly fine. no hernias. if there was any firmness, any lump, we could actually -- you made it, right? >> made it. >> how bad was it? >> a few seconds. very easy. >> dr. samadi gives me a clean bill of health. >> i love his humor. >> he worked the circuits. >> lot of word play. >> lots of it. >> the thing he said if you're 18 years old, you ought to start looking for these things. if you feel something, it has a great cure rate. it's worth knowing what to look for, various lumps and
9:02 am
irregularities. >> 95% cure rate. >> young guys, check it out. >> few minutes, in and out. >> 30 seconds. >> and you can find them yourself, too. >> yes, you can. we were talking about this, this morning. hackers based in russia apparently have been able to tap into the cameras on the web cams. i have one. i actually have one in my home. you do, too. >> yeah. >> they've been able to tap into several thousand of these web cams, and in the united states. you set it up, hook it up. then you have a dummy password that come with his it. >> default. >> default password. you're told to change the password. a lot of people, for whatever reason, don't. as my phone just goes off. and the hackers have tapped into the websites. so they're watch iing people, storing some of the video. adam, what's that website? >> keeper. >> there's an app now called keeper. it allows you to store your
9:03 am
passwords. you can imagine a lot of people don't bother to change -- you have to keep up with them. now they require lower case, upper case, you need a number. the list goes on and on. how scary is that? >> the advice we heard -- jeff rossen said earlier, change the passwords often. >> it's a nightmare. >> you have to do it. >> also they said if your web cams are connected to the internet, that's where you should be concerned. most people's cams are connected. you want to be able to remotely log in. >> the one in my bedroom that i have, for example, when i'm in my bedroom, i turn it around, to the wall. >> i put a piece of black tape on my kids', over their cam. >> keeper is a great idea. who can remember all of these? oh, this was the one where you have to use the lower and the number. and you don't remember it. get yourself a keeper. >> i also will snap a photo of the screen and i keep that as well. but the keeper is cool, keep it all in one spot.
9:04 am
we all had a loss, especially when you're playing sport. >> not other kind. >> so this one is pretty good. young lad was beaten 11-6 by his opponent at the table tennis tournament in russia. here is how he takes out his frustration. >> what? >> that is not real. no, no. >> he pushed the ref? >> the ref. there he goes, shakes hands. oh, by the way, i'm going to push you over. >> are you sure that's not some prank or stunt? >> no. >> no, it happened. >> i don't think so. >> who would do that? >> vladimir putin. >> good luck with that. >> we had nothing to do with it, vlad. >> the web cams and -- >> your identity was just stolen. >> bizarre. >> my take away, there's a ref in ping pong? >> yes, the line. >> that's willie geist.
9:05 am
>> if it hits the table it's in. if it hits the side of the table. >> you have to be somebody -- >> ping pong is different from table tennis. it's very serious. >> is it? what's the difference? >> they're both serious. >> we're talking about the competition of table tennis. it's a big deal. it's not like when you play -- i beat willie once. >> natalie beat me. twice. >> neither one of you are very competitive. >> not at all. >> susanhe was in heels, too. >> in heels and cooking lunch for her kids. >> i was like forrest gump. >> started as a friendly game. >> don't they always? especially with this one. look out. all right. i got a new ride i want to show you guys. check out this new ride. unfortunately this one happens to be in australia. it's called the crazy rider. reportedly the world's longest roller coaster zip line, cables are attached to 270 trees and it keeps the ride about 59 feet
9:06 am
above the ground. >> man. >> it is over half a mile long and you go as fast as 37 to 49 miles per hour, depending on your weight. >> i would so do that. >> i would love to do that and i'm terrified of everything. >> "today's take" field trip to australia. >> good luck with that. >> kate, kate, that's your -- do you know where that is? you do? >> yes. >> i say we go. >> i'm fine with that. >> let's go to australia. >> that would be fun. >> we are on in australia. >> i know. we're a late-night show. >> we're a show in australia. >> a lot of drunk people watch us. best way to watch. >> you need to stay for two weeks when you travel that long. >> now we're pushing it. you know we're not going to get two weeks. let's just go real. >> will you go with me here? we want a vacation to australia. >> you go high. >> negotiating. >> i thought pitching that we're going was high. >> last time i was in australia, i went to be the orange wiggle.
9:07 am
>> i remember that. >> that's right, the wiggles. >> it's like your royalty. you can go anywhere. >> can we go with you? >> i robbed a bank while -- >> so if we go with you to australia, we'll get in to restaurants -- >> as a wiggle. >> what color wiggle do you want to be? >> i don't know. >> let's move on. facebook friday. >> this is a really good one. >> what do you do? all right this show changed today. >> you're on the longest zip line. >> normally -- we're talking to each other and now i'm being told to talk to the camera. why is that? >> well, talk to the hand. >> stage direction. >> you have a fill-in director. >> oh, hi, rob. >> ooh, somebody is very in love with their voice. hi, i'm rob george, director. hey, spielberg, shut up! >> ow! >> going to be in the paper.
9:08 am
facebook friday. what do you do when you're stuck in traffic? comedian laura o'brien practices her celebrity impression. take a look. >> what's with the traffic today? maybe people are coming out to see my new adam sandler movie. are they yelling at me? i am not josie grossy anymore. city in traffic, it's good. i practice patience and keeping it together. you move or i'll kill your whole family! it is halloween. maybe we should dress up. i'll dress up if you do. these costumes are really original. i'm really glad we did this. driving around, looking for ideas for like a new album. like there's my neighbor. he's a st. bernard. he gave me this idea. this is so, you know, like not
9:09 am
okay. like don't even like know what to do. okay. that is so not -- >> pretty amazing. she kind of transforms her whole persona. not justify the hair. >> and maybe she's not just really going anywhere. >> sitting in the driveway. >> what do you do when you're stuck in traffic? i don't drive. what do you do when you're stuck in traffic? >> honk at people. drive on the shoulder. >> swear. >> get out of my way! >> turn the radio up and find a good song. >> do you break into song? people pull up on the side? >> people are looking at me and i'm the crazy mom going -- having my own dance party. >> people think when they're in their car -- the things that people -- you look over and you see them doing. >> picking the nose, i can't stand it. >> are they unaware? i want to go, stop. i see you. and everyone else sees you. >> i do love when people are going for it and they sing. >> that's me. >> it's like, good for. >> you that's me. >> good for you. >> we all know i can't sing. >> yeah.
9:10 am
>> shower in the car. >> what? >> rob, where should i go now? tell me where to go, rob. i bet you want to. lake-effect snow still hanging out. good news is that it is starting to die down. we're seeing less and less of this snow. hamburg where they've got in some places, eight feet of snow. it's going to be sunny. temperatures fairly mild. we may pick up another generally three to six inches of snow between watertown, oswego. otherwise one to three inches of snow. big problem will be the temperatures. they'll start rising tomorrow into saturday and sunday. temperatures slowly rising. afternoon rain starts on saturday, continues sunday into monday. so you're going to get warming temperatures on top of all this snow. then you add rain. that adds more weight to the snow on roofs. we look for possible roof collapse. all the storm drains are blocked. it's going to be melting. flooding as well when you add
9:11 am
anywhere from half an inch to an inch of rain into this area good morning. i'm meteorologist bill henley. a cold, blustery day ahead. 20s will warm only to the 30s this afternoon. but with a gusty wind, windchills will stay in the 20s. and tomorrow morning, 23 is the the low temperature. sunshine and 45 in the afternoon. a warming trend that continues through the weekend. 57 on sunday. 72 monday. showers late sunday and monday will dry out for tuesday. wet weather to believe late wednesday. could see some snow. have a great day. >> and that's your latest weather. >> coming up next, the week in pictures. did you hear the one about the baby baboon and teddy bear? >> that's the cutest. >> unbelievable story behind the picture you're looking at and some of the the holidays are for family. and what turkey dinner is complete
9:12 am
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9:14 am
we're going to some breaking news now from the nation's capitol. speaker of the house john boehner is about to speak. he's giving his reaction to president obama's prime time address last night in which he announced executive action on immigration reform, a plan that will allow about 5 million undocumented immigrants to remane in the u.s. at least temporarily, a plan the republicans are vowing to fight. let's listen in. >> immigration system is broken. and i think we need to work together to fix it. but if fixing it starts with a commitment to working through the democratic process and enforcing the laws that the president is sworn faithfully to execute. all yearlong i've warned the president that by taking unilateral action on matters such as health care law or by threatening action repeatedly on immigration he was making it
9:15 am
impossible to build the trust necessary to work together. as i warned the the president, you can't ask the elected representative us of the people to trust you to enforce the the law if you're constantly demonstrating that you can't be trusted to enforce the law. the president never listens. and with this action he's refused to listen to the american people. the president has taken action that he himself has said are those of king or emperor, not the american president. he's doing this at a time when americans want nothing more than both parties to focus on solving the biggest problems in our country, starting with our still struggling economy. and the action by the president yesterday will only encourage more people to come here illegally, and putting their lives at risk. we saw the humanitarian crisis on our border last summer, how horrific it was. next summer it could be worse.
9:16 am
and this action also punishes those who have obeyed the law and avoided their term. with this action the president has chosen to deliberately sabotage any chance of enacting bipartisan reform that he claims to seek. as i told the president yesterday, he's damaging the presidency itself. president obama has turneded a deaf ear to the people that he was elected and we were elected to serve. but we will not do that. in the days ahead, the people's house will rise to this challenge. we will not stand idle as the the president undermines the rule of law in our country and places lives at risk we'll listen to the american people. we'll work with our members and we'll work to protect the constitution of the united states. >> mr. speaker -- >> you all know what the the rules are. >> mr. speaker, the president says you could have prevented
9:17 am
this, mr. speaker by showing that the house was going to take action on comprehensive immigration reform. did you miss the boavote? >> president made 38 changes to the affordable care act. the president repeatedly suggested he was going to unilaterally change immigration law, and he created an environment where the members would not trust him. and trying to find a way to work together was virtually impossible. and i have warned the the president oef and over that his actions were making it impossible to do what he wanted to do. >> mr. speaker, can you tell us how you plan to respond, when the house will respond, and whether or not you agree with chairman rogers that given how these things are funded, this is not a constitutional avenue to
9:18 am
fight this. >> we're working with our members. will say the house will act. >> you started a peace meal process earlier in the year. can you reinvigorate that? >> as i said at the beginning of my remarks, we have a broken immigration system. the american people expect us to work together. we ought to do it in the democratic process, moving bills through the people's house, through the senate and to the president's desk. thank you. happy thanksgiving. >> house speaker john boehner there addressing the president's prime time address last night, in which he explained his executive order on immigration reform. let's listen again to what the president said very directly to members of congress. >> to those members of congress who question my authority to make our immigration system work better or question the wisdom of me acting where congress has
9:19 am
failed, i have one answer, pass a bill. >> and here's the sticking point. it would provide relief for 5 million undocumented immigrants in the u.s. people in the country for more than five years could apply to stay temporarily without fear of deportation. the president says this is not amnesty against speaker boehner, saying the president has circumvented a bipartisan process and put the republicans in a position where they can't trust him. he says the house will take action. he couldn't specify what type of action, but certainly aiming towards some type of legal action to try to stop the president's executive order on the matter of immigration reform. we'll continue to follow the developments in this this debate and bring you any new information as soon as we get it. and we'll have another local update for you in about six minutes here on nbc 10. ♪
9:20 am
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9:23 am
taking a look at the headlines, if you have a graco stroller, listen up. graco is recalling nearly 5 million strollers in the u.s. as a result of reports of chimp getting their fingers amputated, pinching a child's finger posing a laceration or amputation hazard. 11 models of graco and century brand stolers. go to for a list of those asked. ebola vaccine is under way at the university of maryland in baltimore. the vaccine has been given to 20 people to check for safety and effectiness. trials of another ebola vaccine developed in canada began testing last month. embattled nfl star adrian peterson says he won't ever use a switch again when disciplining his son. in an interview with usa today peterson says he realizes moving
9:24 am
on from the minnesota vikings might be best for both sides. he was suspended for the remainder of the season weeks after he entered a no contest plea to reckless assault of a child. forcing the bills to take their show on the road. the nfl has moved sunday's game against the new york jets to detroit. and the game will be played on monday. western new york was battered with snow making conditions too dangerous to be played as scheduled. if you're looking for a nanny, think mary poppins, not fran drescher. children respond better to an english accent better than an american one, even in the u.s. 600 families have been tracked and found children listen more tentatively and longer when playing with an app with a british voice than an american one. take a look as shaq took the co cookie challenge thursday night on inside the nba.
9:25 am
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9:26 am
wow. this is your best ever thank you. pillsbury pie crust. make the holidays pop. good morning. i'm chris cato at 9:26. we're back in the freezeer again on this friday. let's get your first alert forecast with bill henley. >> it's sunny, but it is cold. look at the wind blowing the flags plenty of sunshine but winds now gusting to 29 miles an hour in philadelphia. 30 miles an hour wind gusts in wilmington. that's keeping temperatures feeling like the teens. just below freezing in tifl. 16 degrees in allentown. >> investigators are trying to figure out what caused a house fire overnight.
9:27 am
firefighters found fire in the basement and smoke throughout the home. the family that lived there made it out alive, but their dog did not. today a federal judge in new jersey can decide or could decide if the state can have legalized sports betting. the judge heard arguments in trenton yesterday. on one side you have governor chris christie and state lawmakers who want sports betting at casinos and they say it will help the committeconomy. on the other side, they say lifting the ban would harm their integrity. no matter what the judge decides, a quick appeal is expected to happen. also today, penn dot and police will launch the operation state holiday campaign. they will hold a brief hearing to encourage safe driving this time of year. police will talk about how to target drunk and aggressive drivers over the holidays. we'll have another update for you in 25 minutes. always get the latest news and weather at now we go back to the "today show." have a great friday.
9:28 am
9:29 am
9:30 am
that is a jacked-up crowd. >> yeah. >> welcome back to "today" on a friday morning, november 21st, 2014. i'm willie, along with al, natalie and tamron. i have an interesting new study to tell you all about. >> really? >> new research that your most significant birthday -- you probably think it's 20, 30r, 40 50. >> right. >> it's actually the birthdays that end in nine. >> so right before. >> you're more likely to take a hard look at your life, take action because you feel 30, 40 or 50 coming. >> who did the research? >> probably an australian group. i'm 39. >> you're 39? >> are you doing that? are you taking a hard look. >> before you turn 40?
9:31 am
>> no. i have a few months before i turn 40. i wouldn't call it that significant yet. >> but they say 39, this is when you say i want to run a marathon by the time i'm 40. >> i'm not running a marathon if that's what you're trying to push me to do, natalie. it's not going to happen. >> what are you doing? he's just being willie. >> you believe that study? >> no, i do not. i'm 44. when i turned 40, those milestone birthdays were for me. 25. that's the only other age outside of 30, 4025. 25 i said i have to straighten my life out. what about you, mr. roker? you just turned 60. >> 60 was more significant than 59. i hit 60 and i thought -- when you hit 50 you think i still have half my life to live. you hit 60 you realize, not really. i've only got about 20, 25 good years left. >> oh, talk about a downer. >> you know -- >> by the way -- >> my kids are hoping 15, 20.
9:32 am
but anyway. >> na that was by the national academy of science. >> great american think tank. >> can you think of something uplifting after what you just said? come on, killjoy. >> it's not that. it's making the most of those 20, 25 years you have left. >> like rocker-thon. >> getting more light. step into the light. >> there you go. >> real mess in the pacific northwest on saturday. also strong storms through texas, including dallas. going to be a lot of airport delays there. icy mix as you get up into the great lakes. then on sunday, sunday, that whole mess moves east. strong storms south of atlanta. delays there. wet weather in the great lakes and more rain, icy/snowy good morning.
9:33 am
i'm meteorologist bill henley. a cold, blustery day ahead. 20s will warm only to the 30s this afternoon. but with the gusty winds. windchills will stay in the 20s. and tomorrow morning, 23 is the low temperature. sunshine and 45 in the the afternoon. a warming trend that continues through the weekend. 57 on sunday. 72 monday. showers late sunday and monday will dry up for tuesday. wet weather possible late wednesday. could see some snow. have a great day. >> and that is your latest weather. well, we're wrapping up our series "today's take" on thanksgiving favorites with, what else, dessert. >> yes. this time it's natalie's turn to share her beloved recipe. >> that's right. a dish that's been a staple in my house since i can remember. this time of year i like to give it a little bit of a special thanksgiving twist. one of my thanksgiving favorites has been a longstanding tradition in our house. it would be the flan. my mom, by osmosis has taught
9:34 am
me, having seen my mom make many, many flans, you can't help learn how to do it. for the holidays, i have jazzed up the recipe a little bit by adding some pumpkin to it and some spices to give it more of that seasonal flavoring and that really is the great thing about flan. it's such a forgiving recipe, you can pretty much mix in other things with it and you'll get something delicious and creamy. it's about family always coming together around the dinner table and to me, having the flan there represents my culture and my heritage, being brazilian and. eventually i think they will try it and learn to love it. this is really so good. i can't even talk right now, it's so good. >> let's get cooking. one of the easiest, most forgiving recipes. evaporated milk. i use low fat, which is the
9:35 am
great thing about this recipe. it is low fat. although not low calorie. >> entire can? >> whole can. sweeten condensed milk. >> toss the vanilla in there, willie, too. >> okay. >> tamron, you have the pumpkin. >> eight ounces or so. >> canned pumpkin. >> real pumpkin. four eggs in there as well. and then you can use all spice, pumpkin spice n this case we're using cinnamon and nutmeg. >> i'm going to put that in there. >> this is your custard for the flan. i'm caramelizing the sugar. this is a double boiler pan that my mom actually gave to all of us, my two sisters and me. >> that's a great gift. do you use that a lot? >> all the time. >> keep it is from burning. >> over a gas flame it works even better. make sure it doesn't get too brown or too dark. the sugar burns.
9:36 am
let it caramelize. coat the entire surface of the pan. then what you would do in a double boiler or in a roasting pan with water, all right, you're going to put the custard right in there. we're not going to do it because the sugar isn't caramelized here. you could drink that. it's like eggnog with pumpkin flavor. put that in the roaster or double boiler if you have one of these pans. put it in the oven. the reason you do the double boiler is the custard. you don't want it to burn. put this in the oven. it will come out 45, 50 minutes. when you see the custard tart start to separate from the sides of the pan. it's pretty easy to see when it's cooked. here you see it. it was done in a roasting pan. you might want to loosen it up so when you flip it, it comes out. >> you've got a flip going? >> this is my easy way to flip
9:37 am
it. >> nice. >> party trick, party trick, everyone. >> there you go. >> oh, look at that. >> beautiful. >> voila. >> holy mackerel. >> this is the one that was done in my pan, the double boiler. see it's a little bit bigger. all right, guys. >> that's a work of art. >> it is. >> i'm telling you, it's so easy. my mom makes it with coconut. put mango in it. >> you can change the flavor to seasonal? >> you can make it seasonal. it's a little bit like -- you have pumpkin pie. we have pumpkin flan. super easy, tamron. >> by the way, for natalie's pumpkin flan recipe, five other yummy desserts for thanksgiving. >> this is so easy, i would do this one. >> your kids are so wrong. boys, you have to eat this. oh, my gosh. >> you'll love it. easing your child's never-ending cough. some advice that may help you both rest easier after this. >> and
9:38 am
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>> announcer: "today's" health is brought to you by garmin vivofit. join the movement.
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is it a cold or allergy, something more serious? if you have a child you know those persistent cough that is won't quit? they're pretty common. >> parents can drive themselves crazy trying to figure out what's going on. "parents health" magazine director and pediatrician dr. lisa thornton. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> dr. thornton, what is chronic cough? >> when it lasts 30 days or more, believe it or not. a long time. >> wow! and, you know, is it really that common? >> it's very common. parents sometimes think that their kid has been talking persistently for 30 days. usually what it is, a child has caught several colds during that time. >> back-to-back? >> back-to-back. they've gotten a little better, then they get worse again. they just keep catching a different cold. >> so how do you treat a cough that stems from a cold to make sure it doesn't come back? >> right. the first thing to know is that for children under 6, you should not give an over-the-counter cough/cold medication. plenty of fluids. you can use a nasal saline
9:43 am
spray. for children over 2, this rub works well, top of the t-shirt would go. studies show it does suppress the cough. >> post nasal drip as well at night when they're sleeping, is there something you can do, dr. thornton, to ease that situation at night? when nobody is getting any sleep? >> give them warm water, tea, chicken soup, whatever makes you happy. and then use a bulb syringe to suction out a lot of that -- >> oh, i remember doing that. >> yeah? it's that drip that causes the cough. >> it's amazing how much is in their little head. it really is. how about allergies? how do you tell whether it's a cold or allergy? >> with allergies, think about the timing. if the cough comes around the same time every year or if they come home from their friend's house who has a cat, itchy eyes, runny nose. those are telltale signs of
9:44 am
allergy. >> really great everyday medications that kids can take for seasonal allergies to help relieve all those symptoms during that time. >> sometimes a chronic cough can be a symptom of asthma, which is more serious. dr. thornton, how do you know if your child is having an asthma attack? >> sometimes you can hear your child wheeze. it's that high pitch noise when the child is exhaling. your child might complain of shortness of breath. asthma is something you do not want to ignore. there are very effective treatments and it can be dangerous. it also tends to run in families. if mom or dad had asthma, more likely that the child will have asthma. be sure to check with your pediatrician if your child is wheezing. >> what about the croup? >> my son had that. you know that son. >> that's the one good thing about it. there's no question whether it is. it sounds almost like a seal barking. the doctor will say get your child into the bathroom, get the steam going and that helps to
9:45 am
open the airways a bit. >> what about a nebulizer, do you use that to help with coughing? >> they have a medication in them and can be very effective in opening the airways. your physician can direct you on that. >> thank you so much for that, cara and lisa. coming up next, jennifer gar ner with what powerful skills she and ben want their daughters to have ♪ vivofit. gently reminds you to get moving. join the movement.
9:46 am
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okay. get your mugs up. it's time for pop fix. >> tamron wanted my kids to bedazzle these. >> i need a little bling on my cup. >> lucy will light these up for you. >> hook your aunt up, lucy. why do we have to tear other women down to build another woman up? it drives reese witherspoon crazy. men are as well but i don't think it's to the same ferocity. she is talking about renee zellweger's new look when she
9:50 am
appeared on the red carpet. she said it's rude, disrespectful. i could go on and on. zellweger told at the time she's glad people think she looks different. she's living a happier life. >> if renee is happy, good for her. >> reese was making the point, back off. >> when people change their look or whatever, it becomes fodder. >> it's a whole society that wants it tear people down. male, female. >> it feels that way. >> it is. >> it does feel that way. listen, bad news for cher fans. sending love to her, not tearing her down. the pop icon has been forced to cancel the rest of the days of her tour, dressed to kill. the 68-year-old continues to fight an infection she has had since september that affected her kidney function. doctors have advised her to get more rest to ensure a complete recovery. cher is obviously devastated. i was with her in north carolina
9:51 am
at this tour. her heart and soul is in this. >> they don't make these decisions lightly. >> they only make one cher. >> absolutely. >> we love you. >> don't want to mess with that. jennifer garner and her husband, ben after ffleck with save the children illumination gala. she was asked what value she wanted her two daughters, violet and serafina. to have. >> i want them to love math, being a scientist is the coolest thing on the planet, to love carrying a baby doll around, know how to bake and my favorite part of all, to be able to kick a guy's bleep. that's why they've been in karate since they were little. >> teaching them right. >> the math and the sciences. >> and karate kick, too. >> it doesn't hurt when your dad is batman and your mom was
9:52 am
alias. ashlee simpson is married to diana ross' son. they got married in august. now evan is revealing that the two not only share a lovely life together, they share clothes. they are wearing each other's clothes so much, they are putting a fashion line together. he, by the way is in "mocking jay" coming up. do you share clothes with your spouse? >> no. >> a sweatshirt every now and then. >> is that a trick question? no. no, no. the sizes don't match. >> al, you and deborah? >> leyla seems to think i wear mom jeans. i do not. >> you do not? >> i do not. >> might spice things up. you never know. >> ooh! >> that's the pop fix. this is "today" on nbc. willie finds out what is in christina's wardrobe. >> that i can wear.
9:53 am
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9:55 am
here with a preview, erica hill. >> we have a lot of dog and animal lovers at the table. willie, we know you're going to have a dog very soon. >> it's coming. >> the kids are putting the pressure on you. if you lost a dog, you know how difficult it is. a woman who lost her dog spent some $35,000 to find the dog. >> what? >> so she's talking about it. we'll tell you whether it worked out. we'll talk about why this was so important to her and why -- if anything happened to jake, my dog, he's 12 -- >> and my zara -- >> i would be very upset. sorry, jake, i don't know that i have 35 grand to find you. >> it is like a child. my zara is
9:56 am
good morning. i'm chris cato. it's 9:56 and the weekend is off to a frigid start. let's get your first alert forecast with meteorologist bill henley. >> chris, we have sunshine trying to warm things up, but the wind is keeping it cold. that's a live, sunny, windy view from center city where it's 33 in wilmington. just 30 in philadelphia. you factor in that with the gusty winds, and the windchills have barely budged this morning.
9:57 am
19 in trenton. 18 at philadelphia international and 6 degrees in the pocono mountains. a cold and windy one. winds gusting to 30 miles an hour. well, people are back in their homes after a sink hole led to an evacuation overnight. officials say a water main break causeded the sink hole and then a utility truck fell into the hole and landed on a natural gas line. more than 30 people had to leave. they're back inside, but they may not have water or gas until workers make repairs. this morning grief workers are comforting children at two burlgington county schools. friends and neighbors held a candle light vigil. the mother and a teenage sibling were also shot and in critical condition. investigators are not looking for a suspect. they're not saying if this was an attempted murder/suicide.
9:58 am
i'm chris cato. we'll have another update in 25 minutes. you can always get the latest news and weather at now we go back to the "today show." have a great friday.
9:59 am
10:00 am
from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb, from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> and it's try day friday yet again, this november 21st. glad you're here with us today. we're going to have a lot of fun. >> we love when the ladies -- >> funny ladies here. >> susie essman, judy lampanelli. >> when someone is talking, you can't think of anything but getting it out. >> it wouldn't be a party if our own fix it guy lou manfredini, he has a name that rhymes
10:01 am
with -- you'll have to wait. >> i always like that. >> he's in the house to answer your questions about sealing up drafty windows and repairing the holiday lights. >> if you ever wondered what it takes to become a nun, you're about to find out when you meet the stars of something called "the sisterhood". >> i'm surprised the catholic church allowed cameras in to, you know, to shoot this. >> i think it will be interesting to see. >> it will be. >> happy birthday to my brother adl. his birthday is saturday. >> your brother. >> i'm 50. >> look at the guns on him. >> how about that? that's him with hannah. and i took that picture because it is the most flattering picture of adl. >> and do you know what else is saturday? saturday is volunteer familiar -- family volunteer day. lots of organizations are hosting family volunteer events. >> good opportunity to go do it. so go to generation --
10:02 am okay, anyway, you can find it there. >> you want to teach your children how to be successful human beings, volunteer as a family, teach them by example. go do something like that. they'll never forget it. it will have a huge impact on them. >> take the focus off of you. >> yes, hello. winter weight gain begins. >> it is cold outside. and it is almost getting to be kind of wintry. now, you know that 50 states, all 50 states, had temperatures of freezing or below. >> even hawaii, temperatures in the 30s. >> amazing. are you one of these women, in the wintertime, when you have more clothes and sweaters on, 60% of women admit they let themselves go when it gets cold, they gain weight, wear warmer, baggie clothes, not hiding anything. >> the one good thing about having to be on camera is incentive. it is incentive to just eat half of it, put yourself away, get down to the gym, you know? i think it doesn't -- >> i can already feel it.
10:03 am
it has been cold already. >> have you been nibbling? >> well, i am that girl. and the workouts get shorter. it is cold. you got to put your boots on to go out. women don't even shave their legs that often in the winter. do you shave your legs every day? >> every day. >> you do? >> yes. i should have done years ago when jill did. jill had her entire body except for her head waxed and it is gone. not waxed. lasered. she looks flawless. >> all right, now, elvis durant is one of our favorites, one of our friends. he is busy. >> he's outsidewalking vigorously. >> oh, my gosh. >> he has a group with him. >> that's elvis joined by the z 100 family. i think they're coming back. where is elvis? >> elvis is in red. >> that's him in the jacket. >> red jacket. >> he's not. he's in the gray jacket.
10:04 am
>> you know what, it is cold out and they don't stop. >> anyway, all for a good cause. the reason they're hosting that -- he's hosting an elvis cancer walk to benefit st. jude, the children's research hospital. they're going to go on a walk. >> they should get donald trump to walk with them. then it is really elvis trump cancer -- >> you're right. >> donald is a good guy. he should get out with them and walk in front of the trump plaza or something. >> i like that. we'll talk to him in a little bit. he'll come inside and explain what's going on. >> this apparently has got to be seen. we'll talk about good deeds. >> this is -- there is a group called crank it forward. they spread joy by pulling pranks. the latest was this housekeeper named kara, single mom of three. the cleaning service that she works for said she was going to go to someone's home and supposed to be getting ready for a party. and -- >> yeah. >> so when she got there, the owner said, well, here's the things i want you to do for me if you wouldn't mind.
10:05 am
would you please taste test the gourmet food and she did that. would you help warm up the massage therapist's hands? that was the next thing she was told to do. so she got a massage. and then they brought in some boxes filled with kara's stuff into the house where she didn't know anybody. look at what happened next. >> for tonight, i'm going to sit them down right here. >> can you unload that for me while he gets the other box? >> says here these items are for the woman who lives here in this house, miss simmons. >> yeah. >> we have some things out on the truck. it might clear it up. >> this is actually your house now. >> oh, my gosh. >> we have renovated this house. we have rebuilt it.
10:06 am
and we have paid for it and these are your keys. >> oh, my goodness. >> jerry. thank you. >> that was one of the most beautiful things. >> between this today and everyone has a story yesterday we have not stopped sobbing. >> okay. how about -- >> how about kara opening that box and going, this is my stuff and not getting it. >> not getting it. and before that, we didn't show you, apparently she had a whole bunch of designer clothes. she goes, oh, the lady that supposedly owned the house, she said, you know what, i'm not going to take any of this, i don't want -- you take some stuff you like. we'll give the rest to goodwill. so she got designer clothes, she got gourmet food, she got a little rub. >> a house. how about a house? congratulations to her. >> they provided financial support so they can meet the financial obligations also required to reside in the home. that's a big issue.
10:07 am
taxes, insurance, all that. that's wonderful. we have been trying to show you the world's largest wedding gown for two weeks now. >> it weighs a ton. not a ton. but it weighs a lot. >> like 400 pounds, right? >> it was created by gail b. of minnesota. it took 22 additional seamstresses and three years to make. it has a 20 foot train. it weighs 400 pounds. and it is valued at almost $50,000. $47,500. they call it a work of art. >> probably never worn by an actual bride. who could carry that around? >> lugging 400 pounds. it begs the question why? good for her. good for us for finally getting it on the air. you know what it is time for, hoda? >> what? >> friday funny. >> yes. ready. >> one summer a husband and wife purchased an old home in upstate new york from two elderly sisters who had lived in the home for over 30 years.
10:08 am
the couple loved the home but as winter was fast approaching, the house seemed to be get very cold inside. the wife started to get concerned that the house lacked insulation but the husband said, if those two old sisters lived here for all those years, so can we. it is going to be fine. well, the temperature finally dropped to freezing and one morning the couple woke up shivering to find the interior walls of their bedroom completely covered with frost. that's it, said the wife. i'm calling those sisters to find out what they did to get through the winter. we are obviously doing something wrong. she left the room, called the sisters, and after a brief conversation, returned to the bedroom. what did they say, asked the husband? how did they get through winter? the wife sighed and said, they went to florida. i kind of liked it. >> it was good. you sell it, by the way. you really sell it. >> they're not dirty, you got to sell them. it is time for our johnson's baby announcements, we celebrate moms and the adorable new additions to their families. >> our first johnson's baby of
10:09 am
the week is mia grace woods, she was born in ft. lauderdale, florida, on october 30th. and her parents cody and ron say little mia is already showing a lot of personality, very independent. >> next to tyson carter osman ovic, born in charlotte, north carolina, on october 23rd. his parents julie and moore offer this advice, you can never spoil a baby too much when it comes to holding. >> true. now it a little girl named sadie lynn lamendola from jacksonville, florida, on october 9th. this is the first child for mom katrina and she's also the first grandchild in the family. >> our final johnson's baby of the week, elena mae charles, born in lexington, kentucky, on october 15th. her parents offer this advice to new parents, try to have a lot of patience when the baby arrives. congrats to all of our babies. >> if you want to submit your baby for our johnson's baby of the week contest, go to >> i'm on my way to florida, by the way. >> i know. i'm a little jealous, going to
10:10 am
boca raton. >> for chris evert's charity tournament. >> give her my love. have a great time. >> she loves you. >> i know that. it is a love fest. is it okay or not okay, hodawoman, for an adult to dress up at disney land. here's what we had to say. >> you know, it may seem like a good idea at the time, but be prepared to live with the photoographic proof. >> i say yes, it is okay. extend your childhood for as long as you can. >> you certainly are. >> whatever. >> i apologize my voice. i was sick that week. remember i was -- still getting over it. but anyway. >> bobbie is all abuzz. >> and lou manfredini will help heat you up while keeping your bills down. a good time to tell : you're doing okay, mom. i can call you "mom," right? i know we haven't known each other very long,
10:11 am
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it is time now to ask lou about all the pesky problems around the house you wish you could fix yourself if only you knew how. >> whether it is putting up shelves to handle a heavy load or winterizing your windows, all you need are a few tips from "today" contributor and host of house smarts. >> what's his name, hoda? >> lou manfredini. he's got a name that rhymes with martini. >> very nice. not too early. >> never here. all right, let's get started. samantha peters from rockford, illinois, wants to know what is the best way to fall or winterize drafty windows?
10:15 am
>> interesting we haven't come up with a new piece of technology yet, but these window film kits are still the best way to go. >> wow. >> they're inexpensive. they're easy to do. we already put one on here. this plastic, you can barely see it with the camera, maybe a little shine. >> looks like saran wrap. >> it is saran wrap. it will increase the energy efficiency of a drafty window by up to 70%. >> and the wind won't tear it? >> it won't. >> inside the house. >> you're inside the house. here's two things to remember. you can't open the window. so if all of a sudden it warms up, sometimes it happens where you want to open the window, you have to take this all down. and if you have window treatments that are inside the window, you better set them like you like them because you can't get at them. >> yeah. and i think it is a little unsightly to have that -- >> well, you can trim it up, make it look nice. from a budget perspective, if you can't afford new windows, this is the way to go. there is also caulking that is removable, this is a zipaway
10:16 am
caulk that you can caulk the windows, and then the springtime take away the traditional clay caulking that is roping here that you can stick into the joints. you can peel that away and you don't see the plastic. >> okay, good. >> marlene asks, we have drywalls throughout the house and wanted to put up shelves in my 9-year-old son's bedroom to put his lego display on. nothing we tried stays up. it falls down. >> there is all different kinds. plastic anchors is what everybody goes to right away. they're okay. but they're not great. they don't hold a lot of weight. these anchors right here that go into the drywall can hold up to 25 pounds. but what i prefer, the ones that actually expand like this and this one, if i look on the back side here, they expand, come in close, see how this particular one has, like, a little leg that sticks out. so now when i take that screwdriver and i start to tighten it up a little bit, you see how it pulls across the back of the drywall, this can hold up
10:17 am
it 25 pounds. you use a couple of these, it is going to hold. choose the right anchor, go to the hardware store and find them, little drill, sometimes you can take a screwdriver, pop it in like that. put the anchor inside and go. >> right like that. >> thank you. thank you, lou. >> hi, lou, it seems like every year after i put up my holiday lights, it seems like a section goes dark, even though they worked before i hung them up. is there any way to figure out how to fix holiday lights without spending hours trying to check every single bulb? >> this particular tool will be your holiday wonderful tool, the light keeper pro. this helps to fix incandescent light strands. they also make an l.e.d. keeper, these are l.e.d. lights there. they sometimes can go out as well. this set is plugged in. what this does is replace the shouldn't in t shunt in the bulb. locate a bulb, take out a dead bulb, then this little socket right here goes into this socket
10:18 am
and what you do is pull this trigger. you set this thing up and when you get it inside there, it brings the light back on. >> some aren't coming on. >> there is a whole other set i got to do. now i'll put the new bulb back in there and if all goes -- now i can go the other set here and do the same thing and relight it, this little tool, about 20 bucks, and if it is up on your tree and you don't want to -- you keep this in your back pocket. >> of course you would, lou. >> because you're lou manfredini. he's got a name that rhymes with. >> martini. >> yes. >> go to click on the connect button for a chance to have lou answer your questions next time. they say laughter is the best medicine. >> we acsesembled the funny lads of comedy to help get you through the holiday. and bobbie is all abuzz with her girls. ♪
10:19 am
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10:20 am
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10:22 am
it is time for "bobbie's buzz". >> with the holiday sneaking its way on to our calendars, bobbie has the perfect gift for your girlfriends. >> here with some items you're going to want to put on your holiday wish list is "today" style editor and's bobbie thomas. >> hi, bt. >> you look beautiful. >> we love you. >> i am doing well. but i love giving gifts to my girlfriends because you get to sort of shop for yourself. >> hello. >> one of my obsessions, ruby
10:23 am
and ed slippers. >> we felt these earlier. they're like wearing little baby lambs on your feet. >> they're known for slippers. they make hundreds of -- >> i got to get these for cassidy. she would go crazy for them. >> they're amazing. they have lots of ballerina iconic styles. >> and they're affordable? >> around $40 to $60. you'll live in them all winter long. >> my gosh. >> and i'm actually wearing the next thing i wanted to mention, on my ears there is a trend that girls in hollywood like, jennifer lawrence, are actually wearing these earring jacks that come from the back on the -- the back of your ear, they connect to the front. special studs. these are from bloomingdales. the aqua collection, $15 to $40. great girlfriend gifts. then, of course, my team, has been helping me scour for the best beauty finds and i am obsessed with dior's pallet. you get a full thing of makeup and keys and phone can fit inside after as a wallet.
10:24 am
>> so cute. >> and then on donna, for the teens, the tweens in your life, benefit has fun, trendy, if you're going to do it, bling for your brows. it is just out today and so you can pick up something fun for the little ones. >> they love all that. >> how do you like those, donna? >> i think they -- >> i think they're good for moms to buy for their kids. it is a fun new brow trend. >> bt, we love you. >> okay. >> do you have problems dealing with your family over the holidays? >> my family is perfect. we're going to help you laugh it off.
10:25 am
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10:26 am
. good morning. i'm chris cato. a cold start to the weekend. let's get your forecast with bill henley. >> it's a bitter wind blowing this morning. look at the pocono mountains where they are making snow.
10:27 am
bright sunshine but a cold wind gusting to 22 miles an hour in the mountains and even stronger other parts of the area. pottstown and millville seeing wind gusts near 30 miles an hour. the temperatures have started to climb. 32 in philadelphia, but with stronger wind it feels like it's in the teens. the cameras are going to shake all day long in the cold, gusty wind with highs in the 30s. investigators are trying to figure out what caused a house fire in delaware county overnight. it started just before 2:00 a.m basement and smoke throughout the house. the family that lives here did make it out alive, but their dog did not. people will gather today for a second community meeting in south philadelphia to discuss two recent attacks on teenage girls. town watch volunteers and other neighbors will meet tonight where an attempted abduction took place monday. the neighbors held their first meeting last night where a robbery and attempted rape happened one week ago.
10:28 am
today, race weekend for the philadelphia marathon with a health and fitness expo at the pennsylvania convention center. about 30,000 people are expected to run in this weekend's event. sunday's marathon starts at 7:00 a.m. it will be a little warmer then for the runners. i'm chris cato. a full hour of news in 30 minutes. you can always get the latest news and weather at have a great friday.
10:29 am
10:30 am
we are back on this try day friday with more of "today." in less than a week, many families gather around the thanksgiving to enjoy each other's company. >> while others will tolerate one ear. here to help you handle the holidays with a sense of humor are actors and comedians susie essman. >> lisa lampanelli. >> and writer and comedian judy gold. >> thank you. >> certain families you would never put a knife on the table setting. >> you have to get the right combo of alcohol. a little bit, not too much, because then you get angry. you have to, like, let it last for many, many hours, just sip. >> and you know how they have
10:31 am
like adult table, kids table, you need an annoying relatives table you put in the garage, with the car there with it running. >> i wonder if they have a knife on the cheneys table. >> that's the entire family. >> i like to sit at the kids' table. >> why? >> they're more fun. you put the focus on the kids, it dissipates everything. >> what if there is a relative everyone knows is annoying, the one that stirs up trouble. what do you do with that? >> you mean my mother? i think thanksgiving is like, you know, the gathering is like congress, they all -- we met last night, we had coffee, we played some golf and we're going to be working together and you know they hate each other. >> yeah, right. >> we're really going to have some bipartisanship. >> my girls are all coming with their boyfriends this year. there is a sleepover issue, but when the boyfriends are there, they're on their best behavior, there is no bickering between the girls or anything. >> the sleepover issue. >> it is an issue. i don't want to be a hypocrite. they're all 21, 23, 25, but they're not having sex with
10:32 am
their long-term boyfriends at this point, there is something wrong with that. but then do they need to be sleeping in my house together? >> yes. >> no. not under my roof, baby. >> it is an issue. >> did you sleep in your mother's house with anyone? >> well, i was a ho. >> not in my house. >> you have the whole family around the table and everyone says what they're thankful, all you have to say is i'm thankful i didn't have kids, i'm thankful i don't have to see my brother-in-law for a whole year and then -- >> things you're truly thankful for. >> the vegan thing, in our house it is vegan, gluten free, dairy free, there's vegetarian, not vegan. >> what do you do? >> you have to make six different stuffings, one with sausage, one with -- >> they should cook for themselves and bring it over. >> bring what they like. >> who cooks in your house, you guys? >> i cook. >> you do the whole -- >> i'm not -- i'm going to my sister-in-law's, in thanksgiving, but in general, i cook. my husband used to do the
10:33 am
cooking until i redid my kitchen and now nobody is allowed in my kitchen. >> for thanksgiving, i buy all the food, my sister does all the cooking and we do it at my house. it is even. >> i freeload. >> you're a moocher. >> i'm a moocher. i don't want to sit there, forget it. my kitchen is tiny. the whole place will go on fire. i make, like, dishes. >> what do you make? >> carrot pudding. >> yuck. >> it is -- that's it! i'm bringing carrot pudding. it is so good. >> who would like that? >> pineapple in it? i bet [ bleep ] would like it. >> wait. >> i'm not allowed to say his name? >> no. >> anyway, no, it has been great. >> sorry, nbc, i'm so sorry.
10:34 am
>> we love having you. >> great to see the two of you next time. >> will they stay on their holy path to becoming nuns? >> we'll meet the stars of "the sisterho sisterhood". >> and sissy biggers has the right tools for the job. >> to get you through your thanksgiving day cooking right after this. good morning, usher. hey. did you know bees communicate through dance? me, too, we're practically twins! get a free exclusive usher song in specially marked honeynut cheerios boxes. only at walmart.
10:35 am
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10:38 am
now for "today's" holiday
10:39 am
entertaining. tools that will make thanksgiving dinner easy as pie. >> planning your menu is stressful. here with the hottest new gadgets and new and improved oldies but goodies to cut down on your time in the kitchen is lifestyle expert sissy biggers. >> she's looking down on us. >> she's grown. i'm up here because i want to show you the benefits of the new charbroil big easy oilless turkey fryer. >> oilless? >> your stage manager has been raving about it all day. fueled by propane. $99. no oil. you pop your turkey in here and in, like, half the time of roasting a turkey, it will do it outside. we put a ham in here. bianca loaded a ham. how beautiful is that? infrared technology. it cooks through but gives you the crispy exterior so you can coat your turkey or your kebabs or roasts with herbs and the oil won't, you know, get rid of it, it won't disappear in the oil. >> delicious. >> isn't that fun? >> low on calories. >> smart. >> now i'll just point to --
10:40 am
this is the roasting laurel. it is a silicone roasting laurel. you pop it in your roasting pan, put your veggies around it. you lift your turkey in, it stays off the base, thank you for that, of your roasting pan, so the air will circulate, it will cook more evenly. >> you get your droppings. >> you get your droppings and it goes into the dishwasher afterwards. >> fun toga parties too. >> this is from, it is the little turkey timer pop-up. when the legs are down -- >> it is cooking. >> when the legs are up -- >> it is done. >> are you serious? you put veggies in there? >> you don't want to stuff your turkey. >> i always stuff my turkey. >> there it is with the legs up. >> yeah. >> i wanted to show you this is a three in one baster. it is see through. you have three different -- two different attachments.
10:41 am
the little shower. >> isn't that fun? >> you get a lot more -- you can cover a lot of ground. this is from cuisapro. this is from oxo, another innovation -- >> talk about 50 shades of grey. >> it is a poultry lifter. >> oh, wow. >> and then lift it. it can lift up to a 24-pound turkey. this is the slippery slope of your thanksgiving dinner, the move from the roasting pan to the platter. so you eliminate that dangerous moment. >> great idea. >> now we're into the side dishes, always my favorite thing. this is the vagetti. you can have spiral veggies. nowadays you have a lot of vegans and vegetarians at your table and they don't want any cream or -- why not shred a bunch of squash with some carrots and roast it up with olive oil, pepper.
10:42 am
as seen on tv. it is so fun. >> i love it. >> where do you get it? >> at, a lot of places. i begged my producer jackie to let me show you the green bean shredder. you want that same texture you get out of the can, but want it in a more healthy way. so look at that. it strips and shreds. >> wow. >> and you can have fresh green bean casseroles. >> what is this? >> these are silicone rolling pins. this is the way you can keep your rolling pin even. >> i like that. >> different silicone bands, it will keep it even and distribute the dough so it will cook -- >> give me all the rings. >> they also have these wonderful pie crust -- these will protect your pie crusts. and time to go to the party, over the river and through the woods. with our progressive -- our pie carrier, ladies. >> oh, finally. >> problem solved. >> every single thing is an
10:43 am
absolute winner. >> all right. to be or not to be? we want to find out what it takes to be a nun. >> hoda is interested in it. when we meet the cast of the sisterhood after this. in case the tv thing doesn't work out. you used to sleep like a champ. then boom... what happened? stress, fun, bad habits kids, now what? let's build a new, smarter bed using the dualair chambers to sense your movement, heartbeat, breathing. introducing the sleep number bed with sleepiq™ technology. it tracks your sleep and tells you how to adjust for a good, better and an awesome night. the difference? try adjusting up or down. you'll know cuz sleep iq™ tells you. give the gift of amazing sleep, only at a sleep number store. find our best buy rated c2 queen mattress with sleepiq. know better sleep with sleep number.
10:44 am
♪ok. then we will do it all together. treats! teets...teets...teets... yeah, look at this! it seems like the best family traditions.... always start in the kitchen. happy holidays from rice krispies. when he first joined the army, i was very nervous. ♪ we didn't know what they would have him doing. ♪ but, bobby always had a plan. ♪ [ male announcer ] with unmatched training in over 150 careers beyond the battlefield, there are over 150 surprising ways to become army strong. talk to your son or daughter about opportunities in the army. talk to your son or daughter you've been part of this family for as long as i can remember. and you just mean so much to all of us. the holidays wouldn't be the same without your crescent rolls. we got you a little something. we got you jeans. it's about time. pipin' hot pillsbury crescent rolls. make your holidays pop!
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10:48 am
if you've ever wondered what it takes to become a nun, now is your chance to find out with a new series on lifetime called "the sisterhood." >> the show follows the journey of five 20 somethings who are exploring the idea of becoming a catholic nun. take a look. >> every single person starts in some kind of a place. there is a wide range. that's the reality of discernment. >> it is just the dynamic of we are a group of discerners, automatically puts us as peers and when peers come from very different backgrounds and different experiences and different points that they have gotten to -- >> that's the beauty of the catholic church.
10:49 am
we take everybody. >> i know. >> sister maria torres is here with christie young and stacy jackson. welcome, ladies. >> we never have seen anything like this. tell us how this came to be. >> well, we belong to a national organization for vocation, the nldc. and we're one of the communities that they thought might be a good fit for this type of program because of our unique ministry. we work with the elderly. and so they contacted us, lifetime, and so we -- >> did you welcome it or were you hesitant? >> such a personal journey, you know? >> it was really a stretch, but i think in light of this being a special year for the celebration of consecrated life and really following on pope francis', you know, kind of mandate to make us
10:50 am
known, you know. i think one of the greatest things is people think we're invisible. it is a way to enter into the world of many more young people than we could in our ministry. >> we have two young people right here. christie and stacy. christie, we can't reveal yet whether or not you've chosen to become a nun or not, but there must have been so many personal questions to deal with as you were on your journey, right? >> yes, there definitely were. thinking about becoming a nun means giving up a lot of things, you know, being in the world, we think we'll get married and have babies and families and all of these other things and jobs and careers. and those are things we are thinking, okay, well maybe not. maybe our whole direction is changing. >> tell us the things you will have to give up. vow of chastity, vow of poverty and vow of -- >> obedience. >> christie, you're kind of the date-loving one. oh, that's you.
10:51 am
tell us your thoughts when you were deciding whether or not to go into this. what makes it appealing to you, the idea of becoming a nun. >> the idea of becoming a sister, well, so many things. you really are not choosing this sad life, you know, this drab sad life where you go around and hit little children on the knuckles with a ruler. you are a life giver as a nun, even if you're not a physical mother, you're a spiritual mother. >> you're a servant. >> exactly. there is so much satisfaction in that. it was beautiful to see that on the show. very difficult process because you really do give up, you know, any attention from men and, you know, your makeup and cell phones like we saw there and you don't own anything. so it is a sacrifice, but what you get in return is a family of a community. >> how many people truly live an authentic life. >> right. >> we have so many trappings, don't we? >> had we sat down, you were serenading us.
10:52 am
>> it sounded beautiful. >> it is actually one i wrote when we were visiting. >> very maria von trapp. >> sing a little for us. the chorus. ♪ lord we gather together with your name on our lips ♪ ♪ using our lives to praise you we can't resist your call ♪ ♪ your touch is tender your voice is sweet ♪ ♪ lord we surrender all we are ♪ ♪ guide our hearts lord ♪ >> that was beautiful. >> beautiful. that's a beautiful prayer for all of us. thank you so much. >> "the sisterhood" premieres november 25th on lifetime. we'll tell you why elvis durant would like you to take a walk.
10:53 am
10:54 am
10:55 am
10:56 am
our very good friend elvis duran and the rest of the z 100 show are here for the elvis duran trump walk for st. jude's children's hospital tomorrow. >> they're practicing. let me tell you what's going on. this saturday across the country, the walk is going on raising money for st. jude children's research. here we're doing it across the brooklyn bridge. we're up to $180,000 so far. we want to crack $200,000. >> come on, elvis. >> you can go to right now and contribute. >> that's an amazing organization. >> great morning team, the hottest morning team. >> good times, yeah. >> sure do. >> a lot of caffeine. >> who are these people? >> derrick, sam, karla marie. >> next week, a great show, garth brooks is here. >> barbara corcoran.
10:57 am
>> oh, no. >> back for another round of curb appeal. >> and advice from matthew hussey and julie scardina's animals. >> they're still here. >> and help you stop the creep. have a good weekend, everybody. bye-bye.
10:58 am
10:59 am
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we begin with ao developing story out of university city. the hospital at the university of pennsylvania has isolated a !ç slight risk of having ebola. just in the past hour the$%l hospital released a statement which said a patient who returned from í(4b africa is being evaluated in a special isolation room. the patient is stable and we bleb t believe the risk of ebola is quite low. they are prepared to take in patients that may have ebola. stay with nbc 10 for updates throughout the afternoon.


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