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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 11a  NBC  November 21, 2014 11:00am-12:01pm EST

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we begin with ao developing story out of university city. the hospital at the university of pennsylvania has isolated a !ç slight risk of having ebola. just in the past hour the$%l hospital released a statement which said a patient who returned from í(4b africa is being evaluated in a special isolation room. the patient is stable and we bleb t believe the risk of ebola is quite low. they are prepared to take in patients that may have ebola. stay with nbc 10 for updates throughout the afternoon. i'm tracy davidson.
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grief counselors are comforting students after two children were shot to death inside their home. a family member found the victims yesterday. nbc 10's monique braxton is live at the crime scene to bring us information. >> reporter: we got new information to pass along this morning. just release ad a few moments a, the identities of the children and the mother. >> she was always nice to me. and she was a very, very good friend. >> reporter: little savannah has a picture she took with the little girl. the community7gk!z gathered to candles and remember the tragedy
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oc. investigators have not identified the identity of the person they believe also fired a handgun at the 11-year-old brother and the 44-year-old mother leaving both in extremely critical condition. state police do say a handgun has been recovered and they are not looking for a gunman. grief counselors are at two hospitals. they know it's a very difficult day for students. they tell us that they are still interviewing survivors, including the person who called police to the hospital. state police also tell us, later today they should be able to tell us who fired the handgun. live for now, monique braxton, nbc 10 news. people are back in their homes after a sinkhole led to an evaluation overnight. happened on hampton road in bethlehem just after midnight. a water main break caused the
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sinkhole. then you can see, a utility truck fell into the hole, landed on a natural gas line and that prompted the evacuation of nearby homes. the arctic blast is back. we're dealing with very cold conditions. the wind is making it feel even colder out there. here is a live look at the flags atop the aramark building in center city philadelphia. chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here with your"mc >> at least we have sunshine but we do have a very cold day and night ahead. there's a lot sunshine out there across much of the philadelphia region. and some clouds in the poconos, but that's about it. the temperature, 33 degrees in philadelphia. the windchill, 23. and we have windchills near 20 north and west right now. the wind is picking up. he would now have 31 mile an hour winds in pottstown, gusting
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to 30. and other areas will be gusting to 30 during the afternoon. look at the temperature. 35 degrees by 3:00, the average high is 54. by 6:00, we're already starting to drop, 30 in philadelphia, 20s in the suburbs by 6:00 tonight. we will see how low it's going to go tonight and talk about a huge warm-up, near record warmth in the seven-day forecast in a few minutes. >> we look forward to that. in the past few minutes we have learned there's another victim of the western new york snowstorm. the death toll is now at 13. most of the deaths have been because of heart conditions during shoveling and exposure. officials say 30 major building collapses have been reported. flooding could be the next problem. this weekend's forecast includes rain and temperatures as high as 60, which will cause the snow to melt. the governor just gave the news media an update. >> the good news, it seems
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like -- seems like the snow is stopped. and we have gone through the worst in terms of snowfall, and we will now turn to the snow removal. >> the governor says the+%px national guard is bringing in people to help communities dig out. here is a unique view of the snow in western new york. a camera mounted on a drone took these images. one resident there owns the drone and sent it up to take the video. as you can see, you can't tell where the front yards end at the streets begin. people who work for the pennsylvania turnpike and penndot are in buffalo. they are helping to clear off the busy throughway which is buried under several feet of snow in some sections. the team plans to stay there through the weekend. the fire department of new york is deploying a team to buffalo to help with snowhhd removal. the 35-member team is trained to oversee large-scale emergencies and natural disasters.
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we continue to follow this breaking news. within the past 20 minutes, republicans in the house filed a ñ healthcare law known as obamacare. the suit targets the employer mandate that requires businesses with a certain number of employees to provide health insurance to their workers or face a fine. house speaker john boehner say they filed the suit because the president has chosen to84+ry ig the will of the american people and rewrote federal law without a vote of congress. the suit was filed within the past few minutes. we are waiting a response from the white house. a 10-year-old boy reported missing in delaware county'
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killed the family dog. it happened just before 2:00 this morning. no people were hurt. in montgomery county, a man convicted of killing a grandmother and a 10-month-old baby will die by lethal injection. a judge sentenced him to death yesterday. last month, a jury convicted him of the murders that happened during a botched kidnapping two years ago in king of prussia. new at 11:00, philadelphia police want your help finding a suspect who stole a package from a home.[3yé surveillance cameras capture the guy walking up to the home, take the package from behind a door. if you recognize the suspect, call police. happening today, a judge n31rp+e legalized sports bettin. the judge heard from them yesterday. four major pro sports leagues
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and the ncaa, they say lifting the ban would harm their integrity. no matter what the judge decides, an appeal is expected. don't count on placing a wager any time soon. penndot and police launch the operation safe holiday campaign. officials are holding a briefing to talk about how they will target drunk and aggressive immigration controversy. the president sets off on a mission to sell his plan to eve how john boehner is vowing to take action in comments ez ma s this morning. another show is cancelled as the sexual assault allegations continue against bill cosby. a very cold start to the weekend. get ready for warm and wet changes. the impact on sunday's eagles game and holiday travel plans, that's just ahead.
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president obama is on his way to las vegas. he departed the white house a short time ago. he will use his executive powers to allow millions of undocumented immigrants to stay in the u.s. $g÷legally. republicans insist the president is overstepping his authority. nbc 10 national correspondent tracie potts has more from capitol hill. >> you can come out of the shadows and get right with the law. >> reporter: immigrants cheered outside the white house.
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>> no one has given such an articulate defense of our community, such a wonderful description of why it is we are deserving of action. >> reporter: president obama is offering temporary relief to 5 million undocumented immigrants, like the college student he mentioned last night. >> they can't keep hiding behind scaring people. >> reporter: immigrants who have been here five years or have a child who is a citizen or came here as children can get a three-year work permit if they pass a background check and pay taxes. >> we are paying taxes. we deserve to be included. >> reporter: the government will focus on deporting gang members, suspected terrorists, immigrants who broke the law. >> criminals, not children. >> reporter: republicans are threatening to strip money from the program or sue to protect legal immigrants. >> the president is effectively bumped themebr out of the line
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bumped five million people ahead of them. >> this is wrong, it's irresponsible. >> the president said before he is not king and he's not an emperor. but he's acting like one. >> reporter: there's opposition on the front lines. >> we are giving illegal immigrants more benefits than we give american citizens. it's crazy. >> we end up paying for the army >> reporter: this doesn't start when the president signs the orders today. it's february before the first applications open, that's for the dreamers brought here as children. everyone else, they don't get to apply for temporary relief until later in tr tracy pots, nbc news. >> boehner says this makes it harder for democrats and republicans to work together. >> you can't ask the elected representatives of the people to trust you to enforce the law if you are constantly demonstrating that you can't be trusted to
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enforce the law. >> boehner warns the president's the border. stay up to date with what's happening on nbc 10 as well as on our website secret service officers arrested another person outside the white house. owe fishes say april tlenheart had a handgun in a holster as she demonstrated along the fence line last night. they took her into custody for possession of an unrebgistered firea firearm. we are learning about the gunman at florida state university. police shot and killed him early yesterday morning. two students and a university employee were wounded. one of the students is in critical condition. authorities say may was an attorney and a florida state graduate with mental problems who feared the government was after him. the wait continues in missouri as a grand jury is
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deliberating. protesters demonstrated again last night. >> stand up. stand up. people as about a dozen protesters rallied outside the ferguson pñ%ñdepartment. a decision on whether to charge officer darren wilson is expected any day now. eric holder released a statement this morning expressing hope demonstrations remain non-violent. >> peaceful protest has been a hallmark and a legacy of past movements for change from patriotic women who demanded access, to the civil rights pioneers who marched. >> michael brown's father iswt calling for calm. he wants community to avoid the rioting that followed the shooting. >> we live together. this is our home. we are stronger united. continue to lift your voices
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with us and let's work together to heal, to create lasting ch[n7xdñ for all people regardless of race. >> a police union official says the officer does not expect to face criminal charges. wilson has stayed out of the public eye since the august shooting. flames shoot through the roof of an indiana apartment building. southern part of the state. the red cross is helping at least three families who need a place to stay. bill cosby@ takes his comed show to florida amid swirling allegations. we have just learned his februaryt3 appearance in arizon has been canceled. a woman who accused him of sexual assault years ago spoke for the first time. >> say to bill cosby, you do owe me an explanation for why you did this to me, why -- i want añ apology. that's what i want. i want you to apologize to me
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for hurting me. i want you to apologize for taking advantage of me. >> she says cosby drugged and raped her in las vegas in 1976. she is the fourth woman to publically discuss allegations against the legendary philadelphia comedian in recent weeks. cosby has not been criminally charged for any of the allegations. by the way, cosby is still scheduled to perform three dozen shows between now and next may. we managed to get up(clz to yesterday. a break from the cold spell. it's gotten colder again. that freeze continues tonight and into tomorrow. we are tracking rain, some of it before the weekend is over. and then potentially record warmth not that long away from this bitter cold for this time of the year. the flags are blowing hard. the wind is bringing in that
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colder air. only 33 degrees despite the sunshine. 15 mile an hour sustained wind. we're nine degrees cooler than we were at this time yesterday. below freezing in most areas north and west, even glassboro below freeze, trenton at the freezing mark and barely above it in southern sections, too. the temperature not going up much from these numbers during the afternoon. we are about eight to ten degrees colder than we were at this time yesterday. atlantic city, 14 degrees colder than at this time yesterday. look at the wind gusts. around 30 miles an area. it's out of the northwest. that's bringing in the colder air. things are going to be dry today and tonight and tomorrow and tomorrow night. sunday, that's a crucial day, obviously. a marathon in the morning. no problems. not as cold as tomorrow morning.
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the clouds increase later in the day. looks like the rain holds off until well after the eagles game. but this rain is coming in sunday night and some of of it could be on the heavy side. just about over with by the morning rush on monday. pretty good conditions for the eagles. temperatures in the 50s, right around average for this time of the year. certainly, warmer than what we have seen recently. for the rest of the day, we expect the sunshine to continue. the wind continuing, too, gusting up to 30 miles an hour. temperatures getting into the mid 30s. then tomorrow morning, 23 degrees in philadelphia and as low as 12, 13 degh7[l in some of the suburbs as the winds go"yárm down. really cold start for saturday. then we only get up to 45. that's still ten degrees below
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normal. and then we warm up a bit on sunday. a good bit, ten degrees. the rain comes in sunday night. then on monday, there's that potential record high. the record is 71 and some warm wind. still relatively warm on tuesday. then we're watching the coast for a potential storm to develop. it could be rain and snow in parts of the area before we get dry and cold for thanksgiving. angelina jolie focused attention on breast cancer when she chose to have preventative double mastectomy. researcher v eers have identifi genes that could increase a woman's risk.
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since angelina jolie double mastectomy, many people have been tested for a gene mutation. many are opting for surgery. these mutations aren't the only cause of hereditary cancers. >> jenny shares a lot with her sisters and mother. . >> you are nervous and anxious. it was in the back of my head,
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what if they find something. >> she had reason to worry. they found breast cancer in her mother twice. the entire family decided to gej tested for the brca 1 and 2 gene mutations, the same ones that led angelina jolie to get a pretentatipr preventative double mastectomy. she had it and so did two of the three sisters. women might test negative for the gene mutation and still be at increased risk for hereditary breast cancer. >> we have known that there were other genes that were likely implicated in the disease. >> now researchers identified some of them. one called palb2 acts like the other gene mutations, increasing a woman's risk of getting the disease. >> an average woman's risk is 10% in their lifetime. a woman who carries these
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mutations mayf0z be as high as , especially if she has other family members with this. >> jenny decided a mastectomy was the best way to get peace of mind. >> vanity takes a back seat. >> get0ñzy all the information know about all of your choices. tomorrow is national adoption day. here at nbc 10 we work all year round to help find forever $ppl families for children waiting in foster care through our wednesday's child segment. vai sikahema has led our efforts since 2004. in that time, we have featured 488 children and almost oñ2ov30 those children have been placed with a family, which is a 60% success rate. find a step by step adoption guide as well as profiles of many of the children features on wednesday's child on our website, from bad to worse. the number of dead from record
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snows in western new york grows. new fears about the effects warmer weather will have on the snow. walmartá>ácustomers sometim get a bad wrap. not in this case. find out what they did after someone attacked a pregnant shopper inside a store.í
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good morning, usher. hey. did you know bees communicate through dance? me, too, we're practically twins! get a free exclusive usher song in specially marked honeynut cheerios boxes. only at walmart.
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bundle up if you are heading out. it's a cold and wind yeah friday. a live look outside at philadelphia's boathouse row. the wind is making it feel much colder out there. details from meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> you can see the camera is shaking a little bit. we do have some significant wind. with the cold already, making it feel even colder. we have a lot of sunshine out there. but it's not really helping very much with the temperatures.
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area, even georgetown, atlantic [kqmt windchill has now gotten t of the teens in most of the area. but it's going to stay in the right now, we're in the low 20s for the windchill. we have winds gusting 25 to 30 miles an hour in general. as we go through the afternoon, we will see a lot of sunshine here. the wind is going to gusts up to 30 miles an hour. the temperature down by 30 degrees. the wind starting to diminish. a cold night ahead. i will tell you how cold it will get and how warm it's going to get just a little while later. that's with the seven-day in just a few minutes. >> we should feel lucky when you see what's happening in buffalo. residents there are starting to dig out after snow buff buri people under feet of snow. the death toll is now 13.
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>> reporter: good afternoon. as you can see, residents are beginning to dig their way out of this snow pack. a lot of the white stuff remains. the concern is for flooding asé we head into the weekend and the temperatures increase. overnight, there were two more d nursing home that had to be moved because of fears of a roof collapse. there were also 30 building collapses throughout the area, mostly farm buildings and buildings with flat roofs. the driving ban is in effect. authorities are meeting to determine if and when to lift e ñ the bills/jets game scheduled to be played in buffalo has moved to detroit. we have told, there are 220 thousand tons of snow covering the stadium. checking out our top stories. we know the names and ages of
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the two children shot to deathp yesterday. the dead are siblings, 8 and 14 years old. the brother, an 11-year-old boy, and their mother survive d the shooting and are in critical condition. people are in their homes after a sinkhole led to an evacuation in northampton county overnight in bethlehem. it happened just after midnight. officials say it was a water main break. that caused the sinkhole many then, a utility truck fell into the hole and landed on a natural gas line. new this morning, philadelphia police want your help finding an alleged package thief. cameras captured it a woman walking up to the home on reed street, taking a package from behind a door. if you recognize the suspect, call police. m biden criticizes russia for its role ini7i)t eastern uk. the vice president toured the
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captain this morning as he met ú ukraine's president. he met i[ñ officials to uphold a cease-fire. the conflict claimed more than 4,000 lives since april. hundreds of ukrainians gathered to mark the anniversary of the start of protests that toppled the then-president. poroshenko and other leaders visited the monument. john kerry meets with iranian diplomats for talks about the nuclear program. four days remain until a deadline to reach an agreement on the disputed program. negotiators from six world powers want a deal to set limits on iran's nuclear ability. new video this morning from a walmart in arkansas. a pregnant woman says she wgrop.
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you can see customers jump into action. they chased the man out of the store, tackled him. she says she's no hero. >> i told him, listen, you don't know me. i was like, but you never lay your hands on a woman. >> the victim and her unborn child were not hurt. the suspect is facing assault charges.8s an suv brings down part of a building. chg the driver of a stolen suv when the driver blew through a stop sign at 80 miles an hour, slammed into a building causing part of the it to crumble into the street. luckily, no one was in the building at the time. the driver suffered minor injuries. connecticut officials will release a report on the sandy hook school massacre. officials say it will examine how adam's case can lead to changes in public health systems. he killed his mother and 26
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others, including 20 children back in december of 2012. it's happening right now to thousands of americans. officials are issuing a warning that your most privatem2 could be broadcast for the world to see if you have cameras at home, nanny cameras, seen security cameras, your life could be exposed. a hacker in russia has figured out a way to break in and he has set up a website to show the world. >> reporter: you are watching a mother and her young children at home in new york. every move they make streaming live. they have no idea. we are blurring their faces. on the web, it's clear as day. this baby recorded sleeping in a crib. this father walking around his son's room. this man laying in a hospital bed. we found live video inside this day care center,fe.hcvl+íu even intimate, this man sleeping in
11:36 am
his bed. another camera rolling in a bathroom. all of it posted on this website run by a russian hacker. we are not disclosing the site's name. how is this happening? cameras. they come preinstalled with a default password. they plug it in without changing the password. the hackers find the cameras. they know the default password. >> reporter: it's a worldwide hack. 73,000 cameras streaming live from 152 countries, including nearly 5,000 victims here in the u.s. and it's not only your private moments exact location. new york's wnbc tracked one of the videos to this kick)]9:p bo gym. >> that's not a good feeling. >> reporter: the manager had no idea. >> knowing that someone can hack
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into a password-safe security camera is sort of unnerving. >> reporter: in a bizarre new twist, the hacker now claims he is doing it all to help z posting, this site has been designed in order to show the important of the security settings. to remove your public camera from this site and make it private, change your camera default password. beyond the obvious privacy concerns, how dangerous is this? there could be criminals watching. >> that's correct. you are letting millions of people see the inside of your house. it's dangerous when they can tell when you are home, not home. they know when your kids are home alone. you are letting anybody know what's going on inside your house. happening today, race weekend for the philadelphia marathon beginning with a health and fitness expo this afternoon at the pennsylvania convention center. more than 30,000 runners are expected to take part in this weekend's races. many will run in sunday's
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marathon and half marathon. whether you are running or are in training, go to our website. we have a special section with advice to get you prepared. the u.s. capitol gets its christmas tree today from minnesota. the true will be decorated with ornaments made by people in minnesota. it will be lit december 2 through new year's. if you are waiting to get bargains on black friday, you may be missing out. why experts"=s say next friday might be the day to catch up on sleep. the days you might find better deals. stuck with the cold weather for a little while longer. i'm tracking a huge warm-up and wet weather, too. we will let you know how it could affect your weekend and the thanksgiving travel plans.
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happening right now, help for job seekers. the fall job fair is this afternoon at the vare recreation center. it offers workshops and resume advice. for many shoppers who haven't started, one week from today will start the quest for holiday bargains, black friday. the luster that day has had in the past may be dimming a bit.
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>> reporter: it may seem as if the world shopping on black friday. but a new survey indicates otherwise. >> 28% said they were going to go out and brave the crowds. >> reporter: with retailers pushing the shopping season earlier and earlier, black friday is no longer the only day for big bargains. >> some of the best deals that you will see will be the monday before thanksgiving, a little over the weekend before thanksgiving and then on thanksgiving day itself. >> reporter: websites and smart phone apps can take some of the leg work out of tracking sales. >> consumers like to use a deal site. >> reporter: once in the store, they can still use apps to scan and price compare. >> red laser is a great free app. we like buy or not. it's a free app. you scan it and it will give you
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the ratings for that particular item. >> reporter: and save receipts. you may be able to get a refund in your credit card issuer if if goes on sale. >> big ones, including citibank and discover have told us they will match some of the black friday prices. >> reporter: which could mean more sleep on black friday while the largest christmas auction in the country is officially under way. the buff loaf valley auction started yesterday and continues today. buyers flocked to the auction looking for garland, wreeft and other decor. once everything is snapped up, they will start in on 50,000 christmas trees available for sale. the holidays prompt people to give back. tomorrow you are asked to think and give back as the philadelphia community hosts a food drive. thanks for being here. >> thank you for having me.
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>> tell us about the#/ñ organization for people who don't know. >> is we are trying to organize our community to address the education, economics and public safety. sor,uxs the organization is organizing our leaders and the community to address this issue and toing a aghelp out. >> tell us about the food drive. >> well, i mean, it's a no brainer. right now with nearly a third of our community in poverty -- what they don't talk about is another so we have a very, very poor community. this environment today in this period, we have a heightened sense of want to give and festive. but there's a lot of people who are struggling. with a we like do is get people
11:45 am
need. so we're asking people to bring fo food. >> right. we should talk about the face of poverty, the face of hunger. it has changed so much. these are people like you and i have. they have jobs but there's not enough money to put food on the table. >> right. i think there's things we can do. there's questions, what are we doing and what can we do? i think sometimes this is very hanging fruit. we should do some of this stuff. philadelphia community leaders are saying, we will start this process and create>wj:x some ki infrastructure to be able to start addressing those who are in need. we do it this time but we want to did it year round. >> right. really address the bigger issue. >> no question. people are hurting. they aren't just hurting in november. they hurt every month of the year. the bottom line is that i think this is a time of heightened
11:46 am
trauma for the children who don't have access to food and the festivities of this month brings to a lot of people. >> while we can give, hopefully we can change that situation. >> absolutely. >> the philadelphia community of leaders holiday food drive. it's tomorrow morning. >> thank you so much for having me. >> good luck with the food drive. >> appreciate it. the salvation army is trying something new this year at some of the red kettle donation sites. a qr code is posted. people can scan the code using their smart phone to donate electronically. the salvation army says not only will it be more convenient for those who don't carry cash, but it lets them track data. >> we will be able to be strategic in where we play locations. sglt r
11:47 am
>> the red kettle campaign is one of the salvation army's largest fund-raisers. big changes coming. we're going from an arctic chill to near record high temperatures on monday. that's a few days away. the freeze continues, at least through tomorrow. we are trackingçb[l'ápr' before weekend is over and then that possible record warmth coming in on monday. travel conditions are great now. next week, maybe a different story for travel for thanksgiving. more on that with the seven-day. 33 degrees right now. it feels like it's 23 degrees with the northwest wind. we hit 50 yesterday. 36 today. then 45 tomorrow. 56 sunday. and 72 on monday. it's not going to continuefá#cñg up after that. it will start coming back down, not as far down as it is now. 33 degrees now.
11:48 am
31 in pottstown. pretty uniform temperatures with the uniform wind coming right out of the northwest bringing the cold air across the region. these are sustained winds now, 15, 20 miles an hour, reading, sustained wind at 24 miles an hour. for tonight, the wind is going to die down. that's going to allow the temperatures to drop. but we're not going to have windchill issues. 12 in mount pocono, 15gf in allentown and in doylestown, 19 d norristown, 18 inzsñkñ vineland, dover 24 degr. you can see, it's going to be a cold night everywhere. 20 degrees in west chester. it's not going to be that cold by this time the eagles are playing sunday afternoon. temperatures into the 50s. right around average or a little bit above average. now, here we go sunday, this is
11:49 am
one of the future weather models. sunday, 6:00,hm$pl the rain sti isn't here. there's hardly any model that brings it in that soon. by 9:00, 10:00 at night, a lot of the models are bringing the rain in. and it's plenty warm.j> there's the monday morning rush possibly with the rain getting ready to end and southwest winds come in. we go up to 70 degrees. but things are going to change next week. here is a storm developing along the east coast. and thisoi example, is bringing rain back in and then having it change over to snow on big travel day. that's wednesday. more on that this afternoon as the new data continues to come in. camera is shaking out there because it's windy. gusts to 30 miles an hour. temperatures into the mid 30s.
11:50 am
it's 20 degrees below average. tomorrow, ten degrees below average after that very cold start. and then sunday, we're going up. 56 for the high. the rain looks like it holds off until nighttime. and then monday, warm near still relatively mild on tuesday and then that system developing off the coast possibly rain changing to snow, at least in parts of the area. and thanksgiving day dry and cold. we will be right back.
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we have this just in to nbc 10. a spokesperson forf@ treasurer island hotel and casino in las vegas has confirmed the bill cosby show next friday there is canceled. it was canceled by mutual agreement. earlier in the show we told you cosby's february 15th show in arizona was also canceled. in recent weeks at least four women have come forward to say cosby assaulted them decades ago. the philadelphia native has not been criminally charged for any of these allegations. this afternoon at 3:00, "ellen" is all new. it promises to be exciting.
11:54 am
one direction will appear. and then on nbc 10 at 4:00, bracing in the bburg. we prepare for a vip visit. the windfall that businesses are expecting and planning and preparation under way. that's in afternoon at 4:00. we want to update our top story. the university of pennsylvania has isolate acsolated a patienta slight risk of having ebola. a patient who returned from west africa is being evaluated in an isolation room. the patient is stable and the risk of ebola is quite low. now let's get updated on the temperatures and what's ahead today and the weekend with glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> the arctic air has returned. it's not going to stay with us all weekend. we will have some tremendous changes. we have the arctic air in here
11:55 am
tomorrow morning especially cold. by sunday, the mild air is coming back. by monday, it is surging up. unfortunately, even into buffalo where they are going to get rain and then warm temperatures. that's going to cause flooding with all that snow that's there and also the weight of that rain on top of the buildings is going to cause a lot more roofs to÷z collapse. for today, we have temperatures only into the mid 30s. tomorrow, mid 40s. sunday, mid 50s. monday up into the 70iñ="ñs, poe record warmth there. what a roller coaster we're on. it's kind of typical for temperatures to go up and down, but that's really:y]a extreme. >> significant. wow. look at monday, 72. it doesn't seem real. but then neither do the chilly temperatures now. breaking news. sky force 10 is over the scene of a house fire. this is highland avenue, camden
11:56 am
county. no reports of injuries. you see crews on the roof venting. we will keep you updated on airo and on our website at nbc for glenn "hurricane" schwartz and all of us here at nbc 10, have a great day.
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>> chad: because i've known you for a long time, t, and i know sometimes you have trouble keeping your mouth shut. i'm counting on you. all right, don't let me down. hey. >> jordan: hey. >> chad: i've been trying to reach you. >> jordan: yeah, your butler told me where to go, but i got lost. >> chad: uh, look, something's happened, and i want you to hear it from me. >> jordan: okay. >> chad: and i hope it doesn't cause any problems between us. >> jordan: why would it? >> chad: i'll let you be the judge of that. >> sonny: hey, will. it's me again. uh, if you'd call me back, i wouldn't have to leave you all these messages and texts. i miss you, and i love you. i hope everything's okay.


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