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tv   NBC 10 News at 4pm  NBC  November 21, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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and twice this afternoon trucks fell into this hole. officials say trucks fell in because the ground underneath the road wasç unstable. let's come back here live. you can see crews working to fix what's left of this smpg hole. they're trying to repair the ground. the actual pipe has been repaired but i just spoke with officials here. the goal now is to get the road back level. they're not going it open the street up. they'll keep it closed for at least the weekend just to make sure the ground doesn't move around anymore. they'll test it out for a couple days to play it safe. live in bethlehem, randy gyllenhall, nbc 10 news. nbc 10 is following breaking news in that family shooting investigation in burlington county. >> police are giving us an update on the investigation. officers founded two children dead inside their tabernacle home, their brother and mother in the hospital in critical condition. cydney long live on this story
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today for us. >> cydney, give us the latest. >> reporter: well, jim and ra may, state police detectives who have been working on this since yesterday just rushed down to south jersey from trenton in the last hour or so. we are anticipating they will in fact confirm this was a double murder and attempted suicide. a source close to the investigation tells me police know who pulled the trigger and they also know how the noise of the gun was muffled. it is not clear if investigators will reveal why this horrible family tragedy unfolded, though. state police released the home as a crime scene about an hour and a half ago at 2:30 this afternoon. almost immediately they called this press conference set to take place in a couple of minutes. earlier today, the names and ages of the children killed were released. 14-year-old nicholas harriman, his sister, nadia, also died
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inside the home. in the meantime, an 11-year-old child is also in critical condition. the mother is also listed in critical condition. she suffered a gunshot wound to the head. a press briefing will take place just a couple of minutes from now. you can see our microphone set up here. we are waiting for those state police detectives to come out and share with us those details. we'll bring it to you live as soon as it happens. live in vinsontown. cydney long, nbc 10 news. another cold day out there, nbc 10 on the temple university campus today where people as you see here bundled up. listen to this. we are tracking a storm and the timing of this storm couldn't be worse. >> nbc 10 first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here now to tell us that storm may affect
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thanksgiving travel plans. glenn? >> renee and jim, we first mentioned this yesterday talking about a coastal storm that was a possibility. it looks more likely today than it did yesterday as more computer models are agreeing on this. the storm developing down to the south. this is on tuesday and staying offshore but close enough to bring rain into the areaç on t big travel day wednesday and as it moves past, colder air comes in and potential changeover to snow. this is on one of the busiest travel days of the year. we'll get more into that storm possibility a little bit later. but before the storm comes a warmup. my colleague nbc 10 first alert meteorologist sheena parveen is following that part of our coverage. sheena? >> that's right. a warmup just in time for the weekend. for tonight, though, we're still dealing with the cold and then we have some near record high temperatures as we end out the week and go mostly into monday. take a look at the temperatures
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right now. much of the northeast and all around the great lakes are either in the 20s or 30s. so that's what we have to look forward to tonight. to our south, that is where we see the warmer temperatures, 60s and 70s. this air will be moving in over the weekend. here's a look at future temperatures. we see the cool air retreating to the north by sunday afternoon. the mild air works its way up much warmer as we go into monday. we are talking about record warm temperatures as we start off next week. so some warm air to look forward to. then we'll keep tracking that other storm for you. more details on that coming up. >> sheena, if you own property at the jersey shore, you'll want to see this next story. this stretch of cold weather is creating some problems. >> seems some people didn't take the precautions to protect their vacation homes from the cold. ted greenberg is live today in long beach township to explain. >> this is turning out to be costly and a potentially messy problem. >> it certainly is, jim and renee. this early cold spell has taken
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a lot of people by surprise. take a look at what happened here where inside an outdoor shower and a plumber had to cut that pipe because water was gushing out. the same thing has been happening at homes all along the jersey shore this week, including here in harvey cedars where you see water spraying from a broken pipe. ocean city has had more than two dozen of these water leaks from pipes that froze, most at houses now vacant for the winter season. it has been a cold and windy week here at the coast and officials say a lot of those homes have not yet had their water shut off for the winter. >> the cold weather hit us early this year. i think a lot of people were unprepared. they didn't winterize their house properly, turn the water off or have the heat set where it should be. >> reporter: so how much could a fix like this cost? i talked to some plumbers, coming up at 5:00.
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live in long beach township, ted greenberg, nbc 10 news. breaking news now. we want to take you to that press conference on the tragic shooting in tabernacle, new jersey. >> i am captain steven jones of the new jersey state police. we'd like to provide an outline of what we now know regarding the tragedy that occurred yesterday in tabor knackal. 9:15 yesterday morning dispatch received a 911 call describing a shooting at 39 holly park drive in tabernacle.ç when troopers arrived there, they found four people had been shot, three of them were children and tragically, two of them were dead at the scene. today, the burlington county medical examiner's office was able to provide additional information through an autopsy and they have identified the two children that have died at the scene as nicholas harrimna and
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nadia harriman, 8 years old an their brother, alexander is 11 years old, is critically injured along with the mother of all three children. her name is jeannine lepage. all pay long state police detectives were out there at the scene interviewing people and collecting evidence at this point that investigation has miles to go before it's complete. we believe with fair confidence that we know who committed this shooting and in addition to that, we know how that shooting was done. to allay public fears at this point, so people don't believe there's any reason to fear in that neighborhood, we'd like to provide substantial details. i'd like to bring up captain jeff noble. >> yesterday, when we provided a press briefing, we identified
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the four victims of the tragic shooting from yesterday. today we'd like to update that. there are three victims who were shot and one suspect who was shot. the victims are the children of the suspect who has been identified as the mother of the victims, jeannine lepage. detectives have been working exhaustive hours throughout last night, throughout today. the findings at this point remain preliminary, as additional efforts are ongoing which include extensive forensic testing. both of the decedents were examined this morning by the burlington county medical examiner's office. both of their manners of death have been determined to be homicide. after consult with the burlington county prosecutor's office, we are prepared to release the following time line
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which we believe to be the best of our information is accurate at this time. jeannine lepage is believed to have shot her three children and then turned the gun on herself. all four victims were found in the same bed, which is identified as the bed belonging to the mother. that was located in an upstairs bedroom of the residence. a pillow was used to muffle the gunshot sounds which we believe accounts for the reason why the other residents of the house did not hear the gunshot.ç the weapon that was used, we believe to shoot all four people, was a revolver. the revolver had been property of the family and had been in the house for a very long time.
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it's an older weapon. and the weapon itself to the best of our investigation, right now, reveals that the weapon was owned by -- originally purchased by a person who was in the family a long time ago. we're continuing to trace the origin of that weapon. but i want to be clear that that weapon was not purchased by ms. lepage any time recently. the weapon was found in very close proximity to the mother, jeannine lepage. her condition as well remains extremely critical at cooper hospital. >> all right. the station commander is going to give us an update about what's going on at the scene. >> okay. very briefly, as you know from yesterday's press conference, the home is shared by other
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family members. there's a total of nine people that do live there. as far as the crime scene, we're through with the home. it's wrapped up. the road is completely open and that house is now secured as any other residence would be secured. we've been informed that the additional family members that do live there are temporarily -- >> you're listening to an update from the new jersey state police on this tragic situation that unfolded yesterday in tabernacle, new jersey. they believe this was a double murder, attempted suicide. the two children killed, they allege killed by their own mother who lies in critical condition right now at cooper hospital with another one of her children, a 14-year-old, also in extremely critical condition. count on us to update this story as developments continue to unfold. that's the latest on this attempted -- this double murder and attempted suicide, according to new jersey state police.
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moving on now to an invisible threat that can kill your family today. state officials are warning people in the lehigh valley to test your homes for ra dxradon. it's a colorless, odorless radioactive gas that can get into your home through cracks in the foundation. it's the second leading cause of lung cancer in pennsylvania. it causes about 20,000 lung cancer deaths in the united states every year. no ebola here. that is the update this afternoon from the hospital of the university of pennsylvania. we told you at 11:00 a.m. about a patient who was in isolation because of a slight risk of having ebola. well, that patient recently returned from west africa and had to shall çevaluated. this afternoon, the hospital released a statement saying test results show the patient is not infected with the ebola virus.
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hup is one of several hospitals in the country preparing to take in patients that may have ebola. tip of the iceberg, police arrested a delaware man for breaking into a house but the pricey evidence officers uncovered leads them to believe suspects connected to more crimes. new castle county police arrested aaron cushing for allegedly breaking into a house in october. they identified cushing because of the jewelry the police found on the suspect. take a look at these other valuable items officers say cushing stole. investigators are trying to figure out who owns all this jewelry. cushing is facing burglary, theft and criminal mischief charges. he's now behind bars at the howard young correctional institution. happening now, president obama is in las vegas to sign off on his immigration executive order. taking a live look at del sol high school. he laid out a broad immigration plan there in 2013. the president's executive order
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will make nearly 5 million undocumented immigrants eligible for work permits. republicans say he's breaking the law. >> with this action, the president has chosen to deliberately sabotage any chance of enacting bipartisan reforms that he claims to seek. and as i told the president yesterday, he's damaging the presidency itself. >> the president's plan won't happen right away. children who grew up here can't apply for temporary relief until february. the next, next spring. the president says he wants to change who gets deported. >> felons, not families. criminals, not children. gang members, not a mom who's working hard to provide for her kids. >> immigrants who have been here five years or who have a child who's a citizen or came here as children themselves can get a three-year work permit. they have to pass a background check and pay taxes. republicans are threatening to strip money from the program or sue to protect legal immigrants.
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today nbc 10 got reaction from a local woman who's closely watching developments in washington on this. >> nbc 10's christine madella shows us what her fight has been like to become an american citizen. >> you want to become a u.s. citizen. >> of course. >> the process is sometimes very painful. but i am also taking it one step at a time. >> reporter: gabriela piaz is from the dominican republic. you came here legally and how long have you been trying to become a u.s. citizen? >> eight years. just to be a u.s. permanent resident. >> reporter: she says the immigration system needs an overhaul. she told me she thinks president obama's plan is not a solution but a good first step. >> most of these immigrants are not criminals. they are people who work hard who benefit the country in many ways. >> if we move 11 million people out of our economy, we will be severely hurt. >> reporter: this week, rempd
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luis cortez jr. answered a call from the white house. he met with the president yesterday before his announcement. >> we had an opportunity to ask questions, both of the president and of the staff. the major question was, why now? >> reporter: cortez worked on immigration reform for years. he worked closely with president george w. bush. >> it's one of the things that most disturbs him about his presidency. he didn't get this done. he thought he could. >> reporter: he told me the president's plan calls for legalization, not citizenship. as well as a penalty for those allowed to stay. cortez also said the president told him his plan would create a new revenue stream by taxing the currently untaxed immigrants, a plan that benefits the economy more than trying to deport all undocumented immigrants. >> once we arrest you, we detain you. you go through the court system, we put you on a plane, we pay for that, too, and we fly you
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back. >> reporter: christine madella, nbc 10 news. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> you can feel that the arctic air is back. only three days from now on monday, it will be about 35 degrees warmer than it is right now. in the meantime, in between, we have rain that's going to be coming in before the weekend is over. record warmth is likely in at least parts of the area on monday. and the possibility of turkey travel trouble on wednesday. wednesday night. the big travel day, coastal storm developing. we have no storminess now. it's perfectly clear. it's 37 degrees. the wind is 14 miles an hour. it feels like it's 28. the wind chill has been in the 20s all day except for earlier this morning when it was in the teens. now, the temperatures are just barely above freezing in much of the area. 35 in atlantic city and in dover
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36, in stone harbor. it continues to be a very cold afternoon across the area. you can see that it's 26 degrees in the poconos. that's the only place that is not in the 30s. 12 degrees wind chill in the poconos, 20s elsewhere. for tonight, the wind is going to die down. we're not going to have deal with wind chills. down to 12 in mt. pocono, 16 in reading and quakertown. 16 also in doylestown. 17 in norristown. in allentown, that could be a record low temperature tonight. 18 in vineland, 24 in dover. and into the low 20s in and around the urban areas, way below average. the futurecast showing us, well, there's no problem with the weather tonight or tomorrow or tomorrow night. let's start on sunday morning. you could see the clouds starting to come in but it's going to take a while for this area of rain to come and that's
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mostly just about all sunday night. some of this pretty heavy as you can see. but you can also see it pretty much moving out byç the mornin rush. so monday could be potentially dry. sunday is likely to be dry for the eagles. 49 degrees at 1:00. 54, the fourth quarter. that's looking pretty good. and here's the latest futurecast, one of the computer models showing the warm air on top of us. that will leave. colder air comes in. then the storm moves up the coast. rain, then potentially a change to snow. it has happened on thanksgiving before and it is possible. clear and very cold tonight. 23 for the low in philadelphia. 15 in some of the suburbs. very cold start tomorrow and then we go into the mid-40s. not nearly as windy as today.
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then on sunday, the rain comes in at night. look at the temperature monday. 72 degrees. that would be a record. cooler weather on tuesday and a combination of rain and snow on wednesday. cold with a chance of snow flurries or showers on thanksgiving itself. then cold on black friday, too. millions coming to see the pope in philadelphia for the world meeting of families. how towns outside the city are preparing for the overflow of tourists. then a recall alert. a major company says 500,000 of their cars should be pulled off the road. coming up, the fuel leak that can cause them to catch fire. and tens of thousands in the city this weekend for the philadelphia marathon. the roads set to close and when. still ahead on nbc 10 news today at 4:00.
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nbc 10 breaking news.
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>> following up on breaking news we told you about just minutes ago. state police have just revealed it appears a new jersey mother shot her three children before then shooting herself. this happened yesterday in their home in tabernacle, new jersey. two of the children are dead, 44-year-old jeanine lepage and her 11-year-old son alexander are in very critical condition. to some encouraging news for pennsylvania's economy. the state's unemployment rate dropped to a six-year low last month. the state department of labor and industry says october's unolympic rate was 5.4%. that rate is the lowest since august 2008 and it's even below the national rate of 5.8%. here's a breakdown of how those numbers impact pennsylvanians. 15,000 people joined the work force last month in the commonwealth but state government is down 2600 jobs. ugly, pitiful and sad. just a few of the words reading city leaders are using to
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describe their city's christmas tree. it's being compared to the charlie brown christmas tree. take a look. see what you think. the 50-foot norway spruce is topped with a giant pretzel. i'm sorry. it stands at the corner of 5th and penn streets. the tree wipresident of theç r city council says if you look at the picture it does look sad. you can see right through the tree. it's horrible. a new and fuller-looking tree will be put up monday. it was donated by the city. the city's raising money to decorate this new tree. sorry about laughing about this. none of that money is taxpayer cash and there will be a decorating party on black friday. maybe i'll go to the decorating party. >> there you go, renee. you got through it. there is a big hole in the tree in that picture anyway. >> thank you, jim. i appreciate it. >> to this now, a giant crater
4:26 pm
in the middle of a local neighborhood. >> that's right. this is scary. one of the top stories we're following at 4:00 today. this sinkhole, take a look at this, opened up in bethlehem after a water main. things got worse when a utility truck fell into the hole, striking a gas line. neighbors had to be evacuated here. new at 4:30, ready to race. thousands of runners are in our area right now. we'll tell you how their challenge could be your road block. glenn "hurricane" schwartz? >> he's coming up. then coming up on nbc 10 news today at 5:00, after hurricane sandy, a new jersey family rebuilt their home. they did everything right. why they are now being forced to pay $30,000 more for insurance.
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nbc 10 breaking news. >> we are following breaking news today. state police now believe a new jersey mother shot her three children yesterday. the shootings happened in their home in tabernacle. the children ages 8, 11 and 14 were all in their mother's bed. according to investigators, the mother, jeanine lepage used a handgun to shoot them all and shoot herself. two of the children are dead. the mother and her 11-year-old son right now in critical condition in a hospital. battle lines drawn over immigration. republican leaders lashing out against the president one day after he took executive action on immigration. >> the president plan would offer relief for millions in this country illegally. let's go to wilmington and nbc 10 delaware bureau tim furlong. >> you've been talking to elected leaders. how do they plan to move things forward. >> reporter: it's one of the best things about living a small state. you can track down your elected leaders easily. i asked them that question,
4:31 pm
what's next? turns out there's no clear-cut answer. delaware and its governor and three others in one place today. delaware's governor did talk to >> we haven't gotten a delaware specific briefing but i think what it means there are a lot of people around the country who have had to live in the shadows and will now be more comfortable engaging more fully in society. >> reporter: at the state level there's a wait and see approach. at the federal level it's a little bit different. >> the action by the president yesterday will only encourage more people to come here illegally. and putting their lives at risk. >> reporter: house speaker john boehner says he will push back against the president's plan. delaware's lone çcongressman, democrat john carney says he wishes the president would have let the house handle immigration but understands the president's frustration. he supports more fairness to those who have come here legally. right or wrong, many industries have come to rely on undimed
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workers. it makes sense to know who they are. >> that's really the tough issue, right? how do you deal with the people who come illegally and go through the process, go to the end of the line, pay whatever fees and penalties, pay back taxes, whatever that is, to apply for citizenship. >> senators coons and carper says they believe the president's move is a step in the right direction. senator carper said he wishes it would all get done on capitol hill instead of with one move at the white house. live in wilmington, tim furlong, nbc 10 news. you know what that means. ready, set, run. thousands have sprinted to philadelphia with their sights set on making it to the finish line. tens of thousands have arrived for race weekend. >> that's right. it includes a marathon, a half marathon as well as a host of ear events. here's the nbc 10 countdown
4:33 pm
clock ticking away the hours until the marathon starts at :00 sunday morning. >> taking a look at the starting line along the ben franklin parkway near the philadelphia knew seem of art. >> it takes runners through fairmont park, manayunk and through the historic district. matt delucia talked to city leaders and race organizers today. >> what can we expect as people get ready to lace up their running shoes? >> that starting line is just up the street from where we are. police are already out here. the fences are lined up. i'll tell you with 30,000 runners expected to be out here this weekend, the marathon of planning and training all comes down to this. >> brotherly love and sisterly endurance is what i wish to all tomorrow. >> reporter: a twist on the long-time philly slogan kicks off the 21st year of the philadelphia marathon. at a news conference this afternoon, mayor michael nutter emphasized that a lot of work has gone into the making the
4:34 pm
26.2-mile course safe and memorable. >> the philadelphia marathon weekend is a great opportunity to show case philadelphia's incredible sights, sound and attractions. >> reporter: but only those who complete the marathon receive one of these shiny medals. marathon weekend starts tomorrow and so do more road closures. parts of the parkway and mlk drive will be shut down until 2:00 p.m. and sunday the list gets longer, adding closures in old city to center city, fairmont park and manayunk. >> the man thrathon is a specia charge. just a few days after completing last year's marathon, josh was diagnosed with a brain tumor. >> eventsç unfolded so rapidly >> reporter: a full year of ups and downs, a marathon in itself, but the marathon kept him in the race. >> i needed something to get me
4:35 pm
back into shape. i got my support team with me to finish it. >> reporter: back live here on the ben franklin parkway. you can see some traffic is still getting by for at least right now, before the full closures take effect. 30,000 runners and everyone has a story of why they do this. i've been gathering some of those tales of inspiration which i'll have starting tomorrow morning at 5:00 a.m. for now we're live in center city, i'm matt delucia, nbc 10 news. more than 100,000 people will pack philadelphia for the marathon events this coming weekend. more than 30,000 runners will hit the pavement for the weekend's events and about 60,000 fans will be cheering them on to the finish line. none of the fun would be possible without the help of more than 3,000 volunteers. thanks to them. here's a look at what you can expect if you're headed into center city for the events tomorrow morning. an 8k run will kick off at 7:30 near the philadelphia museum of art. a kid's fun run will be in the
4:36 pm
same spot at 10:30. take along with you for race weekend. we'll give you the latest forecasts and traffic detours that are in place because of the marathon and half marathon. count on car owners should expect a message in the mail. >> today, the potential danger in hundreds of thousands of vehicles. but first, this is what we're working on right now. >> happening right now, police in south jersey revealing more about the deadly shooting in this home. we're looking into the victims and who pulled the trigger. water pipes bursting inside homes at the jersey shore. >> coming up, there's more emergency risks, many don't realize, putting other homes in danger. >> reporter: using drones in our area after a natural disaster like superstorm sandy. why many say the flying eyes are nothing but bad news. how local democrats are expressing concerns about immigration. count on nbc 10 news at 5:00.
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a luxury brand is part of a major recall. toyota is recalling more than 500,000 lexus cars. they need to fix fuel leaks that can catch fire. the included models are 2006 to 2011 gs models, as well as others. more shows are pulling the plug on bill cosby's show. theaters and casinos have
4:40 pm
canceled shows in las vegas, arizona and illinois. the treasure island hotel and casino said ticket holders for next friday's show will get a refund. casino officials say they came to a mutual agreement to cancel the show. he's still scheduled to perform at least 35 shows between now and may of next year. the canceled performances come on the heels of cosby television shows affected this week as well. nbc scraping a cosby sitcom that was in the works. netflix indefinitely postponed a special and tvland pulled reruns from its air. the comedian has never faced any charges relating to the alleged incidents and temple university officials saying cosby remains on the board of trustees. come hungry and bring your wallet. >> that's right. but don't worry about the gratuity. nbc 10 takes you to the new local restaurant where there's no tip necessary. so how do the servers make their money? we'll explain the concept. glenn "hurricane" schwartz.
4:41 pm
i've got a tip for you. better see my seven-day forecast. mother nature will be throwinga bunch of curveballs just in time for the holiday. all new tonight on nbc 10 at 5:00, a new jersey family rebuilt after sandy. they said they followed all the new codes, so why are they being forced to pay $30,000 more for insurance?
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4:44 pm
aria health employees filling up these bugs in philadelphia's frankford neighborhood today. food for 200 dinners donated for low-income seniors in the community. >> here's an idea. >> a restaurant where you don't leave a tip. that's the idea behind girard as
4:45 pm
the city's first no-tip restaurant. employees are paid more so they don't depend on the tip. they get health insurance and other benefits. there is a learning curve. >> it's an interesting idea. a little awkward when you get the bill and you don't know how much to leave. i wound up leaving a little bit. it's definitely a cool idea. i think it's good for the waiters and waitresses. >> the owners say they want it to take on the european style of no tipping restaurants. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> we have a huge swing going on over the next three days. temperatures way below average to way above average. record levels, as a matter of fact. and in between, we've got some rain. maybe even some heavy rain. record warmth coming and then a
4:46 pm
storm offshore that could create some trouble for the big travel day before thanksgiving. right now we have clear skies. it's 37 degrees. it feels like 28 with that 14 mile-an-hour wind. that's 10 degrees colder than it was at this time yesterday. remember we got up to 50. today only 37. tomorrow 45, sunday 54. monday 72. how about that for a climb? it's not going to keep climbing. it's going to go back down. and we're barely above freezing in much of the area. lancaster's only 32. mt. pocono 26 degrees. we have that northwest wind bringing in that colder air. the wind not as strong as it was even a few hours ago. it will diminish even more, close to calm in some places by morning. we have no weather issues, at
4:47 pm
least with rain or snow or any of that stuff for saturday or saturday night. it looks like even sunday is likely to be dry. the clouds will increase during the afternoon and then here comes the rain. and could be pretty heavy, in the middle of the night for the most part. it also could be just about gone byç the morning rush on monday. then the warm air comes in. we get sunshine sunday. we get it well into the 70s. it's not going to be in the 70s. it will be a whole lot warmer than today for the eagles game. 49 at kickoff, 54 degrees in the fourth quarter. now, this is the issue for the middle of next week. we told you about this yesterday. when other models were not indicating any kind of problem. there's a storm developing offshore likely to become some sort of nor'easter. of course, a lot depends on how strong it gets, how close it gets to the coast. it does look like it has the
4:48 pm
potential to pull moisture in, give rain, wet roads, maybe change over it snow in parts of the area. it has potential but way ahead of time here. tonight, clear and very cold. 23 for the low in philadelphia. 15, some of the suburbs. allentown could set a record there. very cold start, mix of sun and clouds tomorrow, not nearly as windy. highs in the mid-40s. the seven-day forecast, here's the rain sunday night. the record warmth on monday, cooler weather tuesday. wednesday, a combination of rain changing to snow. and then on thanksgiving day, it looks cold either way. but there is a chance of some snow showers in parts of the area at least. it looks cold for black friday as well. so you're going from 72 to a chance of snow in three days. >> wow. what a range. thanks, glenn, i know you'll stay on top of that. >> it is a friday in november.
4:49 pm
you know what that means. high school football playoff action. for that we take you to salem county. kickoff for this game, 7:00. count on nbc 10 to be there. look for highlights from that game and other playoff action from across the nbc 10 viewing area. that's tonight on nbc 10 news at 11:00, in addition to our crews on the ground, skyforce 10 will fly high above the game to bring you the skylights. today, preparing for the pope. the philadelphia experience that will spill outside the city limits. >> the scope of this event has changed with the announcement from the vatican. >> bracing in the burbs. anticipation builds for the v.i.p. visit. and all new tonight on nbc 10 news at 5, taking flight. next month, drones will be flying over new jersey and nbc
4:50 pm
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[ speaking italian ] >> philadelphia. nbc 10ç brought you this announcement as breaking news early monday morning. pope francis confirming he will come to philadelphia in september to attend the world meeting of families. today, trenton bishop david o'connell said he's getting questions from people in his diocese asking if they can attend the world meeting of families. bishop o'connell told us this. quote, i am gathering details to help us as the diocese of trenton participates in this wonderful week of prayer, sharing and celebration of
4:54 pm
family life. bishop o'connell says he'll wait for more information on the pope's itinerary and will update catholics in the trenton diocese within he knows more. even though the visit is ten months away, the time to act is now. hotel space is already running out. >> not just in philadelphia but way beyond the city's borders. nbc 10's deanna durante shows us how the pope is causing a boom in the burbs. >> reporter: business as usual in the wayne hotel, from the lobby to the upscale rooms. behind the scenes booking and travel plans have begun for the hundreds who will stay in downtown wayne come next september. >> we starred receiving inquiries regarding the world meeting of families three months ago. the pope's visit changes everything. >> reporter: david brennan, gm of the wayne hotel and member of the wayne business association says the visitors pope francis will bring will require more than just a place to sleep. >> when people are coming to
4:55 pm
visit for this event, they will take time to enjoy wherever they are staying. >> reporter: wayne shops and restaurants will see a big impact along with other venues in the five-county area. >> we expect and anticipate an economic impact of $390 million for the entire region. >> reporter: advice chair of the convention center thinks montgomery county alone will see 10 million infused into the county. >> when you see the prom imty, you would think our hotels in conshohocken and plymouth meeting to valley forge will be full. we anticipate using about 5,000 of our hotel rooms. >> reporter: local visitors and convention bureaus will be working with the world meeting of family organizers to build web links and tourist information into the website that's already established to assist travelers, including those from abroad who are planning their trip. early projections, people may stay as far sa way as lancaster, wilmington and into new jersey which is why some communities say they're not sure what the
4:56 pm
economic impact will be until the event is over next year. in wayne, deanna durante, nbc 10 news. now to nbc 10 news at 5:00. >> here are jacqueline london an keith jones. >> we continue to follow breaking news from south jersey. >> nbc 10 is learning new information about the victims of yesterday's deadly family shooting. two children died, two others are in critical condition. police now know what happened at that crime scene. and i'm also tracking a colder night tonight, then a nice warmup through your weekend and the chance for some rain and snow next week. those details coming up. and bird's-eye view. drones will soon be taking off from new jersey. see the reason for their special aerial mission, next on nbc 10 news at 5:00.
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nbc 10 breaking news. new developments in the family shooting deaths of two children. a short time ago we learned the shooter is also the children's mother. police say she shot and wounded a third child before turning the gun on herself. nbc 10's cydney long is live in burlington county where police briefed us a short time ago. it bears çrepeating, police sa the kids' own mother is to blame. >> reporter: keith, that is correct. they may never comprehend or get to the bottom of why this
5:00 pm
happens. they may never know why she decided to pull the trigger on her own children. police, though, did confirm that the mother used an older model revolver to shoot and kill two of her children and also critically injure, critically wound her 11-year-old child as well. that child, alexander, does remain in critical condition at cooper medical center this afternoon. we know that jeanine lepage was found beside those three children in an upstairs bedroom in the same bed identified as her bed and that the gun was lying close to where she was, that she was still breathing. police also narrowed down the time frame to between 5:00 a.m. and 9:00 a.m. thursday morning. police say lepage tried to hide the noise of that gunfire. >> a pillow was used to muffle the gunshot sounds which we believe accounts for the reason


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