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tv   NBC 10 News at 9am  NBC  November 22, 2014 8:30am-9:31am EST

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we'll have more of the live pictures coming up. good morning. this is "nbc10 news today." i'm rosemary connors. meteorologist michelle grossman is tracking the weather today but we will get a reprieve this afternoon and tomorrow, right? >> that's right. finally into the 40s later on this afternoon. by tomorrow, 50s. and then we do have 70s in your seven-day. but, yeah, cold start this morning. blue skies. pretty start to the day. we are looking at temperatures in the teens still in some spots. all spots below freezing. so definitely bundle up as you head out this morning. just 19 right now in mount pocono. 20 degrees in pottstown. 25 in wilmington and 24 in atlantic city. it feels colder than that. it feels like the single digits in mount pocono. feels like 23 in philadelphia. dress for these temperatures as you head out but we will be warming up later on this afternoon. if you want to call 44 warm. we do. compared too last week.
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. by 3:00, looking at 44. tomorrow even warmer than monday. that's our big warm-up. we'll talk about it straight ahead. philadelphia police are investigating a stabbing in west kensington. detectives tell us they got a call around 2:45 this morning about a man lying outside the rite aid on westly high avenue with stab wounds in his back and hand. he's in critical condition at temple hospital. police say someone tried to rob the victim at another location. he collapsed in front of the rite aid. detectives are not arrested anyone yet in this case. in upper darby, an incident on church lane. officers got a call of a robbery overnight. detectives tell us nobody was hurt. we learned that police were on this block back in april for another home invasion. firefighters in philadelphia were busy overnight when flames ripped through a bar in kensington around 3:30 this
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morning in the back of a sports bar under construction on kensington avenue. a roof collapseded a the bar and the fire spread to two vacant billings. crews had it under control in 45 minutes. nobody was hurt. tenksi itensioning are buil. we are expecting a grand jury to we decide whether to indict a police officer for killing an unarmed teenager. this is a live picture of ferguson, suburb of st. louis. it's very quiet there right now. businesses along this main drag have already bored up their doors in anticipation of violent protests. but president obama and authorities there are calling for calm, urging people to be peaceful. missouri's governor has the national guard ready though just in case to help local law enforcement. the grand jury investigation focuses on the deadly shooting of 18-year-old michael brown in august. ferguson police officer darren wilson testified that he shot
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brown because he feared for his life. witnesses say though that brown was trying to surrender and had his hands up in the air. brown's family and officials are hoping for a peaceful resolution to this no matter what the announcement brings. >> let's just face it, the city is really in a panic at this point in anticipation of this decision. >> the reason why there are different hands, different people, different races, different ages is basically to say that, like, we needal the people, no matter who they are, no matter what color they are, to stand together. >> be sure to stay with nbc10 and as soon as there is a grand jury decision in this case, we will bring it to you. protests related to the case are also planned in our region but only if officer darren wilson is not indicted on murder charges. one demonstration will start at city hall and end at broad street and cecil b. moore in north philadelphia.
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police tell us they will be on hand to ensure the safety op everybody and the protection of property. this morning in montgomery county, investigators are looking into a crash that killed one person at a busy intersection. this happened last night when two cars collided at route 611 and county line road. four other people were hurt. police have not released their conditions. new this morning, prosecutors plan to seek the death penalty against two men involved in a shooting at wilmington soccer tournament in 2012. yesterday a jury convicted otis philips and jeffrey philips of murdering the tournament's organizer. the jury also found them gullity of manslaughter in the death of a 16-year-old player. according to prosecutors, the men opened fire at the soccer field because they were trying to silence the tournament organizer who was a witness to a murder. the man who killed a philadelphia police officer nearly two decades ago will be put to death next year. governor tom corbett signed an
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execution order for him yesterday. he shot and killed philadelphia police officer during a bank robbery on rising sun avenue in 1996. his execution is set for january 8th. it's a murder/suicide story that's rocked an entire community. this morning we are learning new information about what happened inside the house where police say a mother shot her children and herself. it was on thursday when investigators say jeaninne lepage shot three of her kids before she tried to kill herself i side their house in tabernacle, burrington county. there were other relatives inside the house who did not hear the con fire because lepage allegedly used a pillow to muffle the sounds. two of her children are dead, an 8-year-old girl and 14-year-old boy. lepage and her 11-year-old son remain in critical condition. a friend of the mother tells us that she's disturbed by the incident but she's not
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surprised. she said that lepage threatened murder/suicide three years ago. >> it was because of the financial problems. and i was helping them out. they were completely broke. and she said that it would be easier for her and her kids to be gone. i'm so heartbroken. i just can't believe it at all. it's just the most selfish thing anybody could ever do. >> last night first responders and counselors were at the house to help family member there's cope with the aftermath. a homeless man is behind bars this morning in connection with the shooting of a temple university student two weeks ago. eric hancock on the school's campus earlier this week and took him into custody. he's charged with attempted murder and robbery. police tell us that hancock shot and robbed the victim near a house party on north 17th street. this was back on november 8th. the student was shot in the left hip but is doing okay. we spoke to him shortly after
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the incident and he told us then that he was happy and lucky to be alive. events are already under way in center city leading up to tomorrow's philadelphia marathon. nbc10's matt delucia is live on the ben franklin parkway. matt, i understand that the action is already going on. what's happening out there? >> reporter: the 8k started at 7:30. the winner crossed the finish line in just under 24 minutes. one of thousands who are out here on this very chilly morning to run. >> runner, set! >> reporter: yeah, that was the start of the race just about an hour ago. below freezing temperatures for the start of the rothman 8k but these runners did not seem to mind one bit. many were bundled up and ready with gloves and scarves, keeping their eye on the finish line. >> i tell myself if i want to get home, i have to get to the
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finish line nap keeps me going, because i want to get home. >> reporter: bonnie there is running for her husband who is at home this morning. many of the folks out here running for family members. i talked with the family from richboro here in memory of a loved one lost to alzheimer's. >> going to get together sometime of the year, you remember somebody that you lost. it was my mother's mother so it's close to heart. >> being part of a group is special and always so enthusiastic to be with so many people who are happy and willing to do this on this cold early morning. so it's all for good. >> reporter: and another live look here on the ben franklin parkway at the finish line of the rothman 8k. the time is one hour and five minutes for these runners to come through here. so we are seeing a lot already cross the finish line. a lot more still behind ready to
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come through in the next few minutes. and then at 10:30 the course will be taken over by kids for a fun run. so an important note here, there are road closures in effect right now. you see the parkway. that is out of commission. mlk drive is out of commission as well until about 2:00 this afternoon. we're doing to try to talk with the winner of this 8k coming up in the next half hour. we also have another inspiring story, one of the ruppers out here battling cancer. you want to stick around for that. for now live in center city, matt delucia, nbc10 news. >> as you heard matt stay, it's going to be a little bit difficult getting in and out of the city today. we've got you covered though. just go to now to download our app. you can get weather updates and traffic detours sent right to your phone. still ahead, a rookie officer is on desk duty after shooting and killing a victim whom police are calling totally innocent. we'll look at what happened. and bill cosby performed in
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call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v at 8:41 this morning. let's take a life look at lincoln financial field in south philly. the eagles will take on the tennessee titans tomorrow at 1:00. whether should actually be pretty decent. temperatures are going to warm into the 50s tomorrow. today we're going to be a little bit cooler. temperatures in the 40s. meteorologist michelle grossman will have the details in the seven day coming up. in philadelphia today, community labor and faith organizations will celebrate president obama's executive order on immigration. they will be holding a news conference in center city at noon. the coalition says it strongly supports the president's action to give relief to millions of undocumented workers in the u.s. president obama signed his executive order on immigration
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yesterday in hlas vegas. he said that his action will give 5 million undocumented immigrants work permits and protect them from being deported. the president's move bypassed congress but republicans have vowed to take action against what they see as a violation of the constitution. right now vice president joe biden is in turkey. he's talking to leaders of that nation about their role in the coalition fighting isis. turkey has been somewhat of a reluctant partner because of the controversy surrounding it. the country is pushing for a no-fly zone in syria and the removal of president bashar al-assad. kerry decided to stay an extra day to negotiate with iran's foreign minister. monday is the deadline for western nations to reach an agreement with iran to curb its nuclear weapons program. back in the u.s., today in
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new york reverend al sharpton will join the family of an unarmed manl killed by a rookie police officer. they will be at a rally in harlem today. there they plan to ask the authorities to investigate the shooting. yesterday the police commissioner new york called the victim, akai gurley, he called him innocent and said he was not engaged in criminal activity when the officer shot him thursday night. according to authorities, this appears to be an accidental shooting. right now the officer is on desk duty. a new report on the new town massacre shooter questions whether adam lanza's race and family wealth influenced decisions on his mental health in december 2012 lanza killed his mother, then shot his way into sandy hook elementary school in new town, connecticut. inside the school, lanza gunned down 20 children and 6 educators before he committed suicide. in this new report a state agency found that lanza's parents and teachers helped him to become isolated.
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lanza's father is a finance executive. he and his mother lived in an exclusive neighborhood. the report says the mother took lanza out of high school keeping him home within reach of firearms and violent video games. she also rejected recommendations that lanza be medicated for anxiety. the report also poses the question if the family's reluctance to seek treatment would have gone unnoticed if lanza was a child of color. comedian bill cosby is still getting standing ovations despite a series of sex assault allegations and canceled appearances. cosby's stand-up routine wowed a soldout audience in a theater in florida last night. no news cameras were inside. cosby is facing sex assault allegations from a number of women. their claims date back decades. nobody disrupted last night's show but there were a handful of protesters outside. they shared the sidewalk with cosby supporters. >> he needs to come out publicly and address it. >> he is innocent until proven guilty. let the courts decide.
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>> late last night cosby's attorney released a statement addressing the scandal. it says, in part, quote, the new, never before heard claims from women who have come forward in the past two weeks with unsubstantiated, fantastical stories about things they occurred 30, 40, even 50 years ago have escalated far past the point of absurdity. it is long past time for this media villification of mr. cosby to stop. bill cosby himself has not directly commented on the allegations. still ahead, you would think that warmer weather would be welcome news for the folks up there in buffalo, new york. the meting snow is presenting a whole new set of challenges. and they're getting warmer weather and so are we. we are starting a warming trend over the next few days. today though it's going to be a cold one. here's a live look outside. very pretty. bright blue skies. we'll talk more about today's forecast and then 70s are straight ahead.
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after this week's snowstorm folks living in buffalo, new york, are now concerned about flooding and roof collapses. here's the deal. this weekend the forecast is for rain and warmer temperatures, meaning that the snow is going to be melting. that water may be trapped above ground because there's still some more snow, ice, and leaves that are blocking the drains. residents reported more than 30 may joer roof collapses since the seven feet of snow fell on the area this week. the snow is also being blamed
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for at least 12 deaths. mostly from heart attacks and exposure to the elements. >> now your nbc10 first alert weather. >> all right. good saturday morning. i'm meteorologist michelle grossman. nothing like that happening back home. very quiet. warmer than we have been. still well below normal. at least we're getting into the 40s later on. this afternoon, off to a cold start. temperatures in the 20s. teens in some spots. we're going to warm up as we head throughout the next couple of hours and starting a warming trend today. also sunday, warmer and 70s by monday. we'll talk more about that. also a chance for rain late overnight sunday into monday. taking a live look outside. pretty start to the day. we are looking at mostly season any skies. that's what we will see throughout the day. nice quiet day. 28 degrees. right now in philadelphia, winds out of the south-southwest at five miles per hour. it's that wind direction that's going to help bring up that warmer area. not warm at all, 19. 22 in reading. 28 in philadelphia.
8:50 am
we slide down to the south and east. we are looking at temperatures mainly in the 20s. 24 in atlantic city. 27 in glassboro. 25 in wilmington. windchill feels colder than it actually is. feels like single digits as we look at mount pocono, 7 degrees. feels like 20 in pottstown. it feels like 24 in atlantic city. these are the numbers you want to dress for as you head out. certainly is a frigid start. we will be warping by this afternoon. future temperatures as we go throughout time here, cold today. call it chilly on sunday as we warm into the 50s. but then by monday we start our workweek off once again. we're going to be mild with temperatures right around 72 degrees. could break the record of 71. that's something we will have to watch as we go throughout monday. then tuesday, right back into the 50s. and wednesday, it's back to the 40s. we stay there for quite a bit, especially over the holiday weekend into black friday. taking a look at sun and clouds today. high pressure in control. this is the set-up. high pressure in control bringing that southwesterly flow. still cold but not as coal as
8:51 am
yesterday. then we're going to keep it try today. tonight, date night, we have mostly cloudy skies. clouds roll in. you're going to wake up to more clouds on sunday. mostly cloudy is what we'll call it nap will be the story on sunday. keep it dry. we're going the bump up the temperatures a bit into the 50s. then the rain arrives sunday into monday. you can see a pretty heavy at times by 4:00, 5:00, 6:00. as you're getting off to school and work. something to keep in mind as you start off your monday. eagles forecast, tomorrow, a warm one. a nice one to be in the stands. 49 by 1:00. fourth quarter, 54. maybe you're tailgating. mostly sunnynd cold today. 43, 46. tonight, looking at not quite as cold but still cold in the 30s. not as bad as last night. 36 in philadelphia. 30 north and west. today we're looking at a high temperature of 44. tomorrow, up to 54. that rain comes in overnight. warming up on monday. 72. dropping it rybak down to the 50s on tuesday. a high of 58. big travel day on wednesday. not looking great with the storm system of rain and snow. 41. and thanksgiving, a cold one, 40 degrees.
8:52 am
let's check in now on this week'd wednesday's child. he's willing to take on any challenge. he hopes to find a forever family who will help him along the way and make all of his dreams come true. nbc 10 introduces us to jabriel. >> he's ready. >> reporter: jabr ishs el is a bright and friendly 13-year-old who loves all types of martial arts so we went to learn from the best. will martinez from bart necessary brazilian jujitsu in philly. he could not wait to jump in and learn some of the new techniques. within minutes he had a good handle on some of the moves. >> one, two. one, two, three. >> reporter: jabriel loves going to school and he's been on the honor roll. he has an adventurous spirit and loves to try new things. >> someone in his hobbies and interests is playing the saxophone. he just recently started saxophone lessons. he's also very much interested in learning about karate and
8:53 am
he's an excellent, excellent chess player. >> reporter: currently in foster care but he knows what a forever family would mean for him. >> love and take care ofwf me. >> jabriel is looking for a family that would be able to make him the priority. >> reporter: jabriel has a warm heart and is ready to share it. >> jabriel will do great with any family. he is a child that enjoys helping others. very much involved in the day-to-day with what goes on in the family in terms of helping out around the house, helping out in the kitchen. he is just a really, really good, good kid. >> reporter: jabriel is this week's wednesday's child. >> you can make the dream of a forever family come true for jabriel or any wednesday's child sponsored by the dave thomas foundation. go to our website, search wednesday's child, or call the national adoption center at 1-866-do-adopt.
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still ahead, turkey cooking tunes. the new way to set a cooking timer while you're getting in the holiday spirit.
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we have a rul we want to let you know about. it's a luxury brand that's involved with this car recall. if you drive a lexus, this one's for you. toyota is recalling more than 420,000 cars to fix fuel leaks that can cause fires. the cars in question are 2006-2011 dprks s models, 2007-2010 ls models, and 2006-2011 is models. if you are looking for the perfect play list to listen to while you're preparing your thanksgiving turkey, spotify has you covered. it allow yos tou create a play list based on how long it takes
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you to cook your turkey in the oven. enter the number of pounds that the bird weighs and then you pick your play list, the music you want to listen to. the music will play the entire time the bird is cooking. when the turkey is done, the music will stop and you will hear the ring of a bell. all right. as we continue to talk turkey, a food bank needs turkey donations to help feed thousands of families, children, and seniors. the food bank of south jersey is hosting a special tourkey drop t their pennsauken headquarters. you can donate a turkey there until 1:00 this afternoon. the time right now is 8:57. it is a big weekend in philadelphia as tens of thousands of runners get ready to race. next, we'll take a look at the final preparations for the philadelphia marathon. how is the weather looking for this marathon, michelle? >> good. good marathon weather. not too hot, not too cold, especially tomorrow morning. this morning we cold. looking at temperatures in the 20s and teens still.
8:58 am
here is a live look you side. they made some snow in the pocono mountains. perfect news for the holiday week. we'll talk more about your temperatures this weekend and warming up for your workweek. that's all straight ahead.
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right now on "nbc10 news today" we are waiting to hear whether a grand jury will indict a police officer in the death of michael brown. this morning the brown family is calling for peace. get ready of race. tens of thousands of runners will hit p pavement tomorrow in philadelphia. in a live report we'll tell you what the city is doing to prepare for the huge crowds. all things considered, decent weather for the marathon this weekend. the comcast center in philadelphia where we are off to a frigid start, but a warm-up is on the way. good morning and welcome back to "nbc10 news today." i'm rosemary connors. it's a little bit after 9:00 on this saturday morning. let's get a check of our weekend weather now with meteorologist michelle grossman. we've seen the temperatures tick up just a little bit in the past few hours but we are going to warm up ten degrees as we move up into the day. right? >> that's right. we're going to warm more on sunday and even warmer on
9:02 am
monday. we're starting out very cold. making it closer to the freezing mark at this point. looking at a beautiful start to the day though. bright blue skies. we're doing to see mostly sunny skies throughout the day. off to that cold start but finally starting to warm up once that sun is really going. 31 right now in philadelphia. just a degree below freezing. 26 in allentown. 25 degrees right now in lancaster. 33 in millville and 36 in wildwood. finally some spots above freezing. now, it feels colder than that. it feels like the teens in mount pocono and allentown. 24 in philadelphia. feels like 25 in dover. so for today, like rosemary said, we're going to tack on some degrees and we're going to be cold just not quite as cold as we have been. still below normal though. 1:00, mostly sunny, 42. by 3:00 p.m., 44 degrees. typically we're about 54 this time of year. we're going to be closer to that on sunday and even warmer on monday. we'll talk more about that coming up. new from overnight, a man is in critical condition after he
9:03 am
was stabbed in the kensington section of philadelphia. detectives tell us they got a call around 2:45 this morning about a man lying outside the rite aid on westly high avenue. he had stab wounds in the back and hand. police say somebody tried to rob the victim at another location. he collapsed outside of that ri rite aid. he's in critical condition at temple hospital. no arrests in this case. also in kensington, investigators are looking for the cause of a fire that broke out at a bar. nbc10 was in the neighborhood this morning around 3:30 shortly after flames ripped through the back of the sports bar that's under construction. this is on kensington avenue. the fire collapsed. a roof on that building and flames spread to two other vacant buildings. crews brought the flames under control in 45 minutes. nobody here was hurt. tension is building right now and ferguson, missouri. the grand jury is expected to decide whether or not to indict
9:04 am
a police officer for killing unarmed teenager michael brown. that decision could come at any moment. this is a live picture of ferg skon in is a suburb of st. louis. it's fact r practically like a ghost town and that's because all of those businesses along that main drag, many of them have boarded up their doors. they are closed for the day because they're concerned about violent protests. president obama and authorities are calling for calm, asking people to be peaceful. missouri's governor in the meantime has the national guard ready of help local law enforcement if case they need it. the grand jury is focusing on the deadly shooting of 1-year-old michael brown. he was killed in august. ferguson police officer darren wilson testified that he shot brown because he feared for his life. witnesses say though that brown was trying to surrender and he had his hands up when he was killed. brown's family and officials say that they are hoping for a peaceful outcome in all of this no matter what the announcement brings. protests in the ferguson
9:05 am
case are also planned in philadelphia, but only if that officer is not indicted on charges for killing michael brown. if and when the common administration happens it will start at city hall in philadelphia and end at broad street and cecil b. moore avenue. we spoke with people who plan to join the protests and others who are not going to join the protests. ridiculous. if he isn't indicted i'm going to be thoroughly update. >> if he's not excited then of course you want to show your feelings about it. it's way better than just destroying stuff. >> it's a good way to get people to come together and i think that everyone's right to have a peaceful protest if they would like. >> philadelphia police released a statement to us. they tell us that they will be on hand to ensure the safety of all citizens, the protection of property, and they'll try to minimize disruption to residences and businesses in the city. today it's the lead-up to the third 30 marathon.
9:06 am
several ents today are getting people excited for the big race tomorrow. nbc10's matt delucia is live on the ben franklin parkway. matt, you were there for the first race of the day. what's the action like right now? >> well, rosemary, some of the rothman 8k runners are still crossing the finish line. i have the winner here, jim. finished in just under 24 minutes. tell me, what was the course like today. it was a little chilly out there. >> yeah. yeah, it was a little cold. racewise, and the course is great. i mean, it was -- it's a nice course. not too many hills. racewise, went out a little slow. slower paced race. seemed like nobody really wanted to lead which is kind of not what i was expecting but, that said, slower pace race, came down to a sprint and finish in the last mile. the cold, it wasn't too bad once you got going. >> reporter: i mean, all of these people who are out here, tell me about the atmosphere, the environment of being with thousands of people out here for marathon weekend. >> yeah, it's a good
9:07 am
environment. this is the first time i've been to this city of philly and the race, you know, the people who put on the race do a great job. it was -- some people out along the course and, yeah, it's a cool event. >> what's next, marathon next year? maybe? >> i don't know about that. i kind of going up in distance as i get older, so maybe a marathon some day but not quite yet. >> reporter: all right, we know you've got to get over to the award ceremony. congratulations. >> appreciate it. >> thank you very much. as you can see out here on the course, some of the folks are still finishing as we speak. we have some video of what the race looked like at the start. take a look. a lot of runners out here doing this for personal reasons. rothman is the sponsor of the race and one of their doctors we're told was diagnosed with colon cancer just two months ago. he was out here this morning with about 100 co-workers and
9:08 am
friends determined to keep fighting. >> how important is it for you to stay out there? >> well, as my oncologist case, cancer hates exercise. so it's important for me, for my mindset, i think for my health, but i think more importantly, psychologically, just having so many supporters, we're all wearing the same shirts today, it's really special. >> at 10:30 the course will be taken over by kids for a fun run. it's important to note that there are road closures in effect right now. you can see ben franklin parkway is shut down. so is mlk for this race. and mlk is scheduled to reopen around 2:00 this afternoon. and then tomorrow it is time for the marathon. i've been talking with a number of people with inspiring stories. be sure to wake up with us tomorrow morning starting at 5:30. we've been working hard to try to get people out here who are working hard, trained hard for this marathon. a whole year of preparation comes down to this. live in center city, i'm matt delucia, nbc10 news. >> looking forward to those
9:09 am
profiles. thanks, matt. don't forget that you can take nbc10 along with you for race weekend. our news and weather apps will give you the latest forecast, plus we'll give you the traffic detours that are happening around that area. again, it's all through our website starting this weekend, drivers will experience a big change on their i-95 commute. penndot plans to open new southbound lanes near cottman avenue near philadelphia tomorrow morning. contractors rush to get the work done before thanksgiving because a lot of people are going to be traveling this week. the lanes opening is a milestone in this $212 million project. it's the agency's single biggest contract ever with workers essentially rebuilding the highway while it's still in use. the new lanes should be safer, smoother, and even a bit wider. providing some relief to drivers who are just sick and tired of the interstate construction. >> it's terrible. it's like the work in accident. >> it's a mess.
9:10 am
it's hectic. it's been like this forever now. >> so these lanes that are going to open tomorrow on i-95 south near cottman avenue is a good thing. but keep in mind that all of the reconstruction work for this project will not be complete for almost three more years. s. still ahead, high tech strategies for black friday. we'll take a look at what tools you should be armed with as you hunt for bargains. and some are comparing it to charlie brown's christmas tree. why one local community says they need an upgrade.
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at 9:13 this morning. here is a live look at the capitol building in washington. obviously some scaffolding around the dome there. the reason why we're showing you this picture is because we want to let you know the capitol christmas tree arrived yesterday. it will be lit on december 2nd. speaking of christmas trees, ugly, pitiful, and sad. those are the words city leaders in reading are using to describe their christmas tree. i didn't say it. i'm just passing along the message. take a look. see what you think. the 50-foot norway spruce is topped with a giant pretzel. i was informed by my friend john cocoa on twitter that that's because reading and berks county are home to many pretzel factories. it stands at the corner of 50th and penn streets. some say it doesn't look so good though. they're comparing it to a charlie brown christmas tree.
9:14 am
the president of the reading city council says, quote, if you look at the picture it looks sad. you can actually see through tree. it's horrible. here's the deal. a new fuller looking tree will be put up on monday. it's being donated to the city. the city however is raising the money to deckorate it. they will lost a decorating party on black friday. shoppers will begin their quest for holiday bargains. but the luster that that day has had in the past may be dimming a bit. nbc10's mark barger explains. >> reporter: it may seem as if the whole world shops on black friday, but a new survey by bla indicates otherw e otherwise. >> 28% said they were going to go it of and brave the crowds. >> pushing the holiday season earlier and earlier, black friday is no locker the only day for big bargains. >> some of the best deals you you're going to see will be the monday before thanksgiving, a little bit over the weekend
9:15 am
before thanksgiving. and then on thanksgiving day itself. >> apps can take some of the legwork out of tracking all the sales. >> a number of consumers like to use a deal site like slick deals ordeal news. >> reporter: once in the stores consumers can still use apps to scan and price compare. >> it's a great free app. >> reporter: other apps can check product reviews while you shop. >> we like buy or not. it's a free ios app. you scan an item and it will give you the ratings for that particular item. >> reporter: and save receipts. you may be able to get a refund from your credit card if that item goes on sale. >> a lot of the big ones including citibank and discover have actually told us that they are going to match some of the black friday prizes. >> reporter: which could mean more sleep on black friday while still scoring holiday bargains. mark barger, nbc10 news. >> it's the quest for the state championships. next, we have a look at the
9:16 am
playoff action on nbc10's "high school blitz." okay. bundle up if you head out this morning. seeing temperatures rising slowly. here's a look outside. looking at blue skies. not a great day to be in the water but maybe a nice day to bundle up and walk along the shoreline there. we'll talk more about the forecast and then warming for monday. we'll talk about that, too, coming up.
9:17 am
9:18 am
9:19 am
and a good saturday morming. i'm meteorologist michelle grossman. finally starting to warm this morning. we started out in the teen, even the single digits. finally making it over the freezing mark in many spots. i'll show you the numbers in a minute. still very cold if you're headed out this morning. if you have things to do outside, bundle up. we're seeing cold temperatures. we're starting a warming trend. today, sunday, and also monday before we start to dip back down again. we are also tracking the chance of rain that will come late sunday into monday morning. possibly for your monday morning commute as well. taking a live look outside, bright blue skies. mostly sunny as we head throughout the day. a quiet day, cold day, just not as cold as we have been. still below freezing in philadelphia by one digit. 31 degrees. southwest winds at eight miles per hour. winds light. we're going the see light winds throughout the day. temperatures mainly in the 20s. creeping up ever so slowly. 26 in allentown. 25 in lancaster. 31 in philadelphia. same story along the shore points. looking at 32 at the atlantic city airport. is that the freezing mark?
9:20 am
and 30 in glassboro. windchills, feels like the teens in mount pocono as well as allentown, 17. feels like 25 in doefer. as we go throughout the rest of the week we are looking at cold air today. even cold air tomorrow into the mid 50s. but then by monday, a huge warming trend. we're looking at record breaking warmth. mild air comes up from the south. we could reach 72 degrees. 71 is a record. so we'll keep you posted. mild air retreats. we're looking at a cool day on tuesday and cool air on wednesday, thursday, friday. thanksgiving does look to be a cold one. we're looking at 40 degrees. high pressure in control today bringing up the southwesterly flow. not quite as cold as yesterday. 37 yesterday. i think today will be closer to 44 or 45. typically we come in at 54. we're still well below that. at least we are dry. we're looking at mostly sunny skies a we go throughout the day. there are the clouds that come in tonight. mostly cloudy night tonight into sunday morning. mostly cloudy as you wake up
9:21 am
sunday morning into the day. and then things change pretty drastically sunday night into monday. there's that rain that comes in late sunday. there's monday morning around 1:00. and then some heavier rain comes in as we head towards 5:00, 6:00. for your morning commute you want to keep that in mind. but for today we're looking at a cold one. 43 to 46. sunny skies. quiet day overall. today not quite as cold as last fight but still around the freezing mark. 36 in philadelphia. more clouds so we'll call it a mostly cloudy night. 44 today. and then tomorrow, tack on ten degrees. 54. that's right at normal. that's going to feel good. that rain comes in overnight sunday into monday. monday, that is not a typo. 72 with warm winds in place. we drop right back down to the 50s on tuesday. 58, cooler. and then wednesday, a big travel day. looking at the chance for rain and snow. that's going to be the day to watch for the workweek. 41 degrees. thanksgiving, 40. still cold on friday. partly sunny skies, 42.
9:22 am
good morning to i don't know 3 here's the playoff edition of "the high school blitz." let's start in south jersey. shawnee moving the rock against michael welch. presser far side. cuts across the grain and just gets into the end zone. shawnee advances with a 42-10 win. cha cherokee with a clear direction against north. mark woodward find daylight. cherokee moves on with a 37-14 win. springfield delaware county punting to great valley. change of direction from adderley. 50 yards. great valley wins the district, 3a crown, 21-0. young always a threat to run.
9:23 am
touchdown for him. they advance with a 31-12 win. >> the high school blitz game of the week is brought to you by your quality plus ford stores. home of america's favorite brand. >> if you want to see salem and pennsville. it was all salem. johnathan taylor breaking free. lots of open field or them and salem as they win, 56-7. >> time for skylights and rutgers commit charles norway, had himself a night. i mean a huge night for pennsbury. carried the ball for 305 yards and four scores. got the upper hand on upper dubl dublin. it's a fumble. timber creek recovers, winning 25-22. >> the high school blitz play of the week is brought to you by toyota. let's go places. >> the distribute. 11 championship in overtime. we've got drama. easton down by three. pass is picked off by eric d.
9:24 am
let the celebration begin. parkland takes the title with a 13-10 victory. one more from down the shore. michael alberto throws a strike to robinson. they win, 38-7. and rest assured we have a half hour of playoff action on the "high school blitz" tonight at 7:00 right here on nbc10. i'm danny pommells from comcast sportsnet.
9:25 am
9:26 am
at 9:26, still below freezing. let's look live down the shore right now at cape may, new jersey. it looks like it would be a great beach day but something tells me a little chilly out there. i think we do have another shot we want to show you of the pocono mountains, camel back
9:27 am
resort. can we pull that shot up quickly? >> i love it. >> they are making snow earlier this morning. here's my question, michelle. we know there's rain coming in the forecast. is that going to wash away all of their snow making efforts? >> they look like they did a good job making snow. we have that cold air. they look good right now. of course, it could wash away a top layer. today though, starting out cold. 44 this afternoon. a warm one, 54 tomorrow. then 72 on monday. >> have a good one.
9:28 am
9:29 am
9:30 am
this week, what does an interior designer look for when shopping for a new home? we're on the house hunt with guy clark in new york. plus, i get a behind-the-scenes tour with meredith viera on the set of her new talk show. but first, a magnificent modern lakefront gem just outside of seattle. -this home was designed by internationally celebrated architect wendell lovett. and it is the best example of art and architecture you'll find in the northwest. welcome to open house. today i'm coming to you from a 4,000-square-foot loft in the heart of manhattan's trendy tribeca neighborhood. this home is the perfect marriage of the chic and industrial.


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