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tv   NBC 10 News at 6pm  NBC  November 23, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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ens about nbc 10 news starts right now. a woman's naked body was found near a warehouse in south philadelphia this afternoon. good evening. i'm denise nakano. the woman was found just before 2:00 on south christopher columbus boulevard. the woman's identity has not been released? >> reporter: not as of yet. but police say emotional members of the family came to the scene this afternoon, claiming the victim may be a relative who has been missing since last week. what appeared to be distraught relatives were comforted by police, just feet from where the body of a woman if her late 30s
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was found around 1:30 in the afternoon. >> someone pulled up, and they seen the body there. the body was there. it's so sad. >> reporter: police collected evidence in plain view of a busy shopping center just off south columbus boulevard. >> it's disturbing, yeah. it's so populated outside everywhere but right there. >> reporter: detectives say the woman had a severe cut on the right side of her rib cage and was not clothed. >> as a parent, as a human being, it's senseless, and it's horrifying. >> reporter: at least one witness we spoke to said she'd been out here earlier today, and there was no body. and investigators are trying to figure out, candidate woman die elsewhere and was put here. live in south philadelphia, i'm doug shymel. we have new information about a deadly family shooting. a mother accused of shooting her
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children before turning the gun on herself has died. it was in burlington county last week. two of the children have died. her 11-year-old son remains in the hospital in critical condition. tonight, a first alert from the nbc 10 weather team as we take a look at philadelphia's 30th street station. a blast of winter weather could make one of the busiest travel days of the year even more difficult. this is all part of the rollercoaster week of weather headed our way and it begins with rain tonight. brittany shipp is tracking all this tonight, and tell us about the first alert. >> well, it's issued for wednesday. so that's one of the busiest travel days, trying to get to thanksgiving. so that's for our entire area. the reason why we're giving you a heads up is we do expect to see the possibility of rein and snow. so precipitation we're very confident in. it's just what type of precipitation we're going to see.
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either way, you're going to be dealing with wet roads if you try to make it home to your loved ones on wednesday. we are going to be experiencing a travel difficulty that's been pushed into your wednesday, the day before thanksgiving. but a closer look at our radar shot shows mostly cloudy skies right now. and we are keeping an eye on the system that's going to move closer to us through the rest of the night. it won't be until 11:00 that we see more rainfall moving into the poconos, pushing along the i-95 corridor. the heaviest part of the rein is overnight. as you head to work tomorrow morning most of the rainfall will be gone. once that system pulls out of here we're still dealing with record warmth. so we'll see temperatures pushing into the 70s tomorrow. i'll go over everything you need to know coming up in my first alerlt forecast. winter weather could make its return in time for
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yourholiday travel. and we are joined live along the schuylkill expressway. are they prepared? >> reporter: penn dot tells us major roads are ready. many projects recently finished. they're projecting 46.3 million people will travel this thanksgiving. the most since 2007. penn dot says they've made numerous improvements for those driving through the keystone state. >> for motorists wanting to get to the 422 interchange that's greatly improved. >> reporter: those who traveled early last thanksgiving eve won't forget the deluge of water that caused this deadly accident. preventative changes have been made on the montgomery
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interchange. >> it was about 8 feet deep. but that was cleared. >> reporter: not far away on the schuylkill, penn dot stabilized this rock embankment near route 23. resurfacing has also been done from spring garden to 30th street. while checking out i-76, we also noted piles of leaves near the drains. >> we sweep them four days a week. >> reporter: and if your holiday trip takes you to the airport, you'll notice a new $47 million flat bridge completed since the last holiday season. last year's multiple snowstorms caused part of i-95 to break apart. it's been fixed. >> barring any type of emergency situation, the roadways, travel lanes will be open. >> reporter: and don't expect to see construction crews out limiting the number of travel lanes. they'll be backing up early
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wednesday morning. monique braxton, nbc 10 news. >> and to help you prepare for your holiday travel, download the first alert 10 weather app. it's on talk about a come back. the philadelphia eagles took on the at a the tennessee titans and came away with the win. the eagles really needed this win. >> reporter: yes, the way they performed last week in green bay, they really needed something like this to bounce back. and its with a perfect setting against the tennessee titans. and right from the game's opening kickoff, josh huff provides the necessary spark. he takes it 7 yards deep in the end zone. once he hit the seam it was off to the races, 107 yard kickoff return, the longest in eagles' history. >> these guys have done a great job of staying in the moment,
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playing the game. i thought they did a great job last week. when you make a mistake, admit it, fix it and don't repeat it. let's move on. they understand what we've got to do. it's long season, but you can't let that loss, can't let the packers beat you twice. >> reporter: john clark will be along shortly. until then, live from lincoln financial, derek gunn, comcast sports net. in missouri tonight the waiting continues. a grand jury is deciding whether to indict the officer who killed michael brown. barricades have been put up around the building where the grand jury has been deliberating. nearby businesses boarded up their windows. it's been months sense the officer wilson killed brown. the grand jury is expected to
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reconvene tomorrow. a scare involving a fake gun, and now a young boy is dead. we'll tell you what led to this tragedy in cleveland. plus another marathon is in the books. and we have a look at the famous face cheering everyone on. then there's trusting your vehicle maintenance to ford service confidence. our expertise, technology, and high quality parts means your peace of mind. it's no wonder last year we sold over three million tires. and during the big tire event, get up to $140 in mail-in rebates on four select tires. ♪
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cleveland police shot and killed a 12 year old boy who was carrying what turned out to be a fake gun. the shooting happened yesterday after a 911 caller said a person was pointing a gun at people at a rec. center. the officer fired two shots after the boy reached for the gun in his waist band. the weapon turned out to be an air soft bb gun. the officers have been placed on administrative leave. president obama is
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expressing sadness over the death of marion barry. he died around midnight saturday in a washington hospital. first elected in 1979, he served four terms as mayor. police arrested him in 1990 on drug charges. he was caught on surveillance video smoking crack cocaine, but he made a come back in the pest decade winning three terms as a d.c. councilman. president obama praised him. he was 78 years old. thousands of runners pounded the pavement in the city of brotherly love. up next, a look at all the exciting moments at this year's philadelphia marathon. i'm tracking rain moving in tonight, plus record warmth tomorrow and then travel troubles for your thanksgiving holiday. i'll let you know what to expect coming up in my first alert.
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and they were off. an estimated 30,000 people laced up their running shoes for the philadelphia marathon this morning. nbc 10 was there for all the action, and we spoke with the winners, as well as people who came from near and far for this race. >> reporter: it's the beginning of a 26-mile journey. a race against the clock and human limits. >> it's awesome. it's like running in a big herd, and everybody's got good vibes, it's fun. >> reporter: runners from all 50 states and other countries came here looking for a challenge. >> i'm a teacher. it's a great way to balance the work load with being outside and being with friends. >> reporter: do you encourage your students to do this as well? >> i do. >> reporter: with every cheer and every step -- what are you looking forward to? >> the finish line. >> reporter: and there was the pennsylvania governor-elect. >> my older daughter is running a full marathon today. so i've come here a number of
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times to of what the half marathon. and today i'm watching the full marathon. >> reporter: quite a few ran their first full marathon today. the only difference was this woman won. this 29 year old from massachusetts was the men's winner, finishing in a little over 2:17. >> it's a dream come true. the last thing on my running bucket list. >> reporter: but no matter if you're a champion or a turkey, the end of that 26-mile journey couldn't be sweeter. >> it's really a family thing. everyone helps each other. it's really fun. >> reporter: in center city, matt valousha. and it's nice that our temperatures were a little warmer for today, but we are tracking rainfall as we head into tonight.
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also record warmth as we push into the start of your workweek. and we have a first alert to tell you about for wednesday. it's the entire area the day before thanksgiving. the reason why is we do expect to see heavy periods of rain with snow mixed in. that's a possibility. how much snow? we're going to firm up the details as we get closer. but we do want to give you a heads up that you will be experiencing wed roads with your driving and possibly flight delays. the our humidity is at 44%. the wind is calm. as we head through the rest of the night, rein will be moving in. if you have a few more errands to run, you're on the safe side. 43 in the poconos. 49 currently in wilmington. and you can see those clouds increasing on our satellite radar shot. it's all from the system to the southwest of us. that system is going to move in bringing heavy rainfall into the
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overnight hours. 3:00, 4:00 is when it's going to be the heaviest. most of the rainfall will head out by the time you head to work. warm air will continue pumping in, and that's going to lead to temperatures in the 70s tomorrow. our average this time of year is only 53 degrees. we'll be almost 20 degrees above that average. the record for this time of year is 71 degrees set back in 2007. so we're going to make a run for the record. we could break it. our temperatures are going to drop right back down into the 50s. we'll stay a little bit above average. the next thing we're going to focus on is wednesday. we have two potential tracks for this coastal storm that's going to work its way up. we also have a second track less snow if this coastal low stays offshore. so we're going to keep a close eye on which track we think will happen.
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heavy rain expected tonight, but not until after 10:00, 11:00 at night. but temperatures drop down to 48 degrees. as we head into tomorrow, we will see lingering morning showers, depending on how early you get up. record warmth expected with temperatures ranging between 68 and 72 degrees. we drop right back down on tuesday. cooler temperatures. wednesday is when we're looking for the possibility of rain and snow. temperatures in the 40s. mostly sunny skies once we get rid of all the rain and snow. and temperatures stay in the 40s for the rest of the week. thanks brittany. i'm john clark. we're going to hear from an eagles player who says the thanksgiving game is a must-win. next.
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i'm john clark. the eagles coming off of that awful loss in green bay. they wanted to get back on track against the tennessee titans who cam in with a 2-8 record. josh huff breaking free for 107-yard kickoff return, the longest in eagles history. that is their sixth special team score of the season. that is amazing. and then terrence spruell is going to cap off their drive, the eagles jump out to a 17-0 lead. late first quarter, mark sanchez, a mistake. the pass coming up here intended for riley cooper. it is intercepted. mark with two more interceptions
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in this game. with eight turnovers, the titans turn it into 7 points. right into the hands of justin hunter. 40-yard touchdown. imemmanuel acho. titans get to within 6. but the eagles respond with a 10-play drive. mccoy, 130 yards rushing against the second-worse rushing in the nfl. he rumbles, and fumbles. recovered by nate allen. check out the replay. it appears he possibly could be down, but hey, the call stands. we will take it. sanchez finds casey. sanchez throws for 307 yards. eagles win. and they are really wanted to get that packer loss out of
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their minds. >> the way we played last woke, we had a lot to prove. i mean, for me, it was like i was a kid. this sunday was christmas. i couldn't wait for it to get here. i thought like what we did as a group last week was embarrassing, know what i'm saying so we were focused on playing better this week. >> as lofty as our goals are and as fun as that can be, winning three games in a row, you can't win the three without this first one. i promise you, that's the way the guys feel in there. that's from the top down. >> and it is now dallas week. the eagles have a few short days of practice before the huge thanksgiving game in dallas against the cowboys. during the second half, you started to hear eagle fans moving on to the cowboys. >> we're in the third quarter and people are screaming about dallas game and this thing's still going on, what are they
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talking about, you know? i'll get a good introduction next week. >> we've taken on a little bit of what the fans feel, and, you know, fans dislike a team. we dislike a team. we're all in this thing together. i don't like dallas. >> we've got to go on this week, really focused, a short week. a big game. thanksgiving's coming up, and it's a division game at that. so i think you add things up together, man, it's a must-win type of game. the patriots beat the lions. not good news for the eagles, because you don't want to play green bay again. tom brady and his wife sent out this picture of their daughter watching daddy play today. he deliver a touchdown for the new baby. and he celebrates by cradling
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the football like a new born. colts win. i'm john clark, we're right back.
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all right. here's your seven-day forecast. a lot's happening with our weather. a.m. showers are possible. we drop down to the 50s on tuesday. we have a first alert issued on wednesday for a possibility of a rain/snow mix throughout our entire area. things should clear out by thanksgiving, but we are going to see cold temperatures in the low 40s by thursday. >> i'm stuck on the springtime weather tomorrow.
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on this sunday night, flood fears. with temperatures on the rise, growing anxiety over the threat posed by mountains of snow and what happens when it starts to melt. new allegations against bill cosby from women who say they were victi izimized who worked the actor claims he paid off women. hooked. america's heroin epidemic. and we go behind the lines to find the source. and blues brothers. a legendary musician setting the stage for a young progeny. from nbc world headquarters in new york, this is "nbc nightly news"it


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