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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 500a  NBC  November 24, 2014 5:00am-5:31am EST

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the long-term impact of all the layoffs. and heading out for the holidays, this is one of the busiest departure days for the thanksgiving holiday. from the weather to the cost of your trip, you can count on nbc 10 to help you prepare before you head out the door. we want you to prepare for this, too, this morning, wet roads and streets across the area, just in time for your morning commute or your start for the holidays. this is a live look at one of the streets there in center city. rain is falling in parts of the area right now. wind is picking up, too. good morning and welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm chris cato. >> and i'm tracy davidson. we're starting off wet, but we'll be warmer this afternoon. so, temperatures are increase aerk but it's really windy, too. meteorologist bill henley is tracking it all. >> it's the wind helping to warm the temperatures. this morning we're in the 60s, which is warmer than we should normally be in the afternoon this time of year. we're heading for the 70s today. but if you're headed out right now, grab your umbrella. clouds and still looking at rain in the area, although the steadiest, heaviest rainfall has already moved out of the area.
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there's still some pretty good showers, especially a line of showers moving through right chester county this morning. the rainfall has tapered off temporarily in center city, but that line will be moving through the city. so, we still have some showers and no shortage of winds. winds gusting to 33 miles an hour in dover, 36-mile-an-hour wind gusts right now in philadelphia, and that's boosted our temperatures into the 60s this morning. it just warmed up to 66 degrees in northeast philadelphia. it's up two degrees in the last hour. now allentown is out of the 50s and into the low 60s. here in the pocono mountains, they're warm this morning at 55 degrees. so, showers to begin with, the last rain drops this morning, then the clouds break and temperatures soar. 70 by lunchtime and climbing. we'll go through it hour by hour when i come back, but first, nbc 10 first alert traffic reporter katy zachry has your monday morning traffic. good morning, katy. >> good morning, bill. we have wet roads, but there's also an issue 95 northbound. the road is closed northbound 95
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between exits 6 and 7. that's the exit for route 320 and the exit for i-476. there was an accident. it's been out there for quite some time. emergency crews are trying to clear it from the roadway. an alternate around this mess, which you can see on the far corner of our camera, is 291. you can take 291 to stewart avenue and then follow the signs for 95 northbound. that will get you back on to the highway at exit 8. we're also following an accident on 76 westbound right at belmont avenue. the left lane is blocked. and then in northeast philadelphia, torresdale avenue at magee street, an accident out there. the road is clear. and finally, northeast extension northbound as you approach quakertown, an update to this accident. tractor-trailer is involved in it and now the right lane is blocked. happening now, we're getting reports of a number of traffic issues. katy's been following a number of them as well. we have nbc 10's matt delucia checking them out in stormforce10. matt, where are you headed?
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>> reporter: right now, tracy, we are on the roosevelt boulevard, heading south right now to winchester avenue. that is where we understand that a tree has fallen down, so we're going to head in that direction, check out what's going on. earlier, there was a traffic light that was out at grant and the boulevard, but that situation has been fixed. we talk about the wind out here and the wet roads. the wind gusts from our equipment that's on top of stormforce10, we have some very high-tech gear out here. when we're stopped at the traffic lights, we have got about 10-mile-an-hour winds. so, you've got trees blowing the leaves out on to the streets and on to the roadways, and so, a lot of cars taking it extra slow this morning, but the roads are wet. a little bit slick. take it easy as you're heading out there. and when we get to that situation and we see what's going on out there, we will come back with another live picture. for now, i'm live in stormforce10, matt delucia, nbc 10 news. 5:03 now. and this among, the legal battle
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between donald trump and a casino company bearing his name will continue in wilmington. the two sides will argue their case in u.s. bankruptcy court. trump is suing trump entertainment resorts. he wants his name removed from that company because he claims the company has harmed his brand by letting the trump taj mahal and the trump plaza fall into disrepair. trump plaza closed in september. the taj is scheduled to close december 12th. in other atlantic city casino news, a bankruptcy hearing in new york city today will determine the future of revel. according to reports, lawyers will try to rescue the sale of the closed casino hotel. a canadian firm announced last week that it's backed out of a $110 million bid to buy revel because of concerns over the utility bill. it's unclear if that company will be at today's hearing. and the casino crisis in atlantic city is impacting the holiday season now. with just days until thanksgiving, food banks in that area are facing an unprecedented need. four casinos have closed this year, leaving 7,600 people without jobs. if the taj closes next month, as
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the owners promise, that will add another 3,000 people to that list. nbc 10's jesse gary is live for us on the boardwalk this morning. jesse, this means that a lot of families who have never been in this situation before will find themselves in need at the holidays, right? >> reporter: chris, that's right, and those closings have left stretches of this boardwalk dark and thousands of workers unemployed. some have left the area, but the vast majority have sought help from social relief agencies. an influx three times the norm has left some of the shelves at st. nicholas of tolentine roman catholic church sparse or completely bare. monsignor william hodge calls the situation desperate. >> for the most part, the working poor, they have a little job, but it just isn't enough to get them through the month without some assistance. >> reporter: and that assistance, bags of groceries handed out each morning. the problem that's spiking here is affecting other communities in new jersey. coming up in the next 30
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minutes, i'll tell you which communities. live in atlantic city, jesse gary, nbc 10 news. >> and you can count on nbc 10 and to follow all developments in the expanding casino crisis in atlantic city. it is 5:06 and 64 degrees outside. happening today, a former montgomery county political leader will go on trial. former county republican chairman robert kerns will face a judge on charges of aggravated indecent assault. an employee at his law firm accused kerns of giving her drinks and sexually assaulting her after she passed out in october of 2013. kerns has chosen not to have a jury hear his case, so a judge will decide his fate. police still have not determined exactly what happened to a woman whose naked body was found lying near a busy shopping center in south philadelphia yesterday. it was found next to a warehouse on south christopher columbus boulevard near modell's sporting goods and shoprite. a witness tells nbc 10 the body was not there earlier in the day. police have not confirmed the
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woman's identity, but family members say it's their loved one, crystal goodwin. she went missing last wednesday and goodwin's family is convinced she was murdered. >> it's disturbing, because yeah, it's just so populated outside everywhere but right there. >> as a parent, as a human being, i mean, it's just, it's senseless and it's just -- it's horrifying. >> homicide detectives are waiting for the medical examiner to release the cause of death. police are hoping security cameras in the area might show what happened. seven minutes after 5:00 now. today the union representing septa's engineers will call for a federal hearing. the brotherhood of locomotive engineers and trainmen wants the federal railroad administration to reject septa's request for an extended waiver of safety rules. now, the union says this waiver would decrease the amount of rest time for train operators. now, this information just came out in the overnight hours, so we're working now to find out exactly what it means for you and get a response from cemesep
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today, philadelphia archbishop charles chaput returns from rome and is expected to give a briefing on the upcoming pope visit to philadelphia. last monday, the pope laid out his plans to make it official to visit the city during the world meeting of families next year. it's expected to be a three-day visit attracting an estimated 2 million people to the area. the last time the pope was in philadelphia was 1979. >> you know, hopefully, there will be a big parade, like when i was a little kid when john paul came to town and come out and support and go on the parkway and, you know, say hello. >> the pope will be in philadelphia in late september. archbishop charles chaput's expected to brief us this afternoon on his trip to rome and what else he knows about the pope's visit. you can hear what he has to say on nbc 10 news at 4:00 and online at now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> heavy rain, gusty winds, that's what we've had so far early this morning, but the
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windiness, well, that stays. the wet weather takes a break. and we're heading to record temperatures this afternoon. but it won't last. by wednesday, we'll see falling temperatures in the area and a coastal storm that starts as rain may very well end with accumulating snow for our area. allentown right now 63 degrees. northeast philadelphia's 66. and atlantic city still seeing some showers and they're getting rain on that nice snow pack in the pocono mountains. the view from blue mountain this morning. they'll be in the 60s, but they'll still have snow on the ground as the temperatures start to fall later this week. they'll be making snow again. just rain is in the area, though, this morning. you can see that line of showers, steadier showers now in eastern chester county and portions of upper monterey and bucks counties. showers have tapered off in philadelphia, but i'm expecting a few more rain drops before it comes to an end. most of delaware is in the clear this morning and showers in cape may county are just offshore at this hour. the future rain and clouds showing tapering off. the rainfall really going to be
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hard to find in the western suburbs at 7:00. and just a chance of some scattered, very light showers in new jersey at 9:00. by lunchtime, the clouds break and we'll see enough sunshine that the temperatures will be near 70 degrees at lunchtime and still be climbing. the record is 71 degrees. we could hit that early this afternoon. so, the forecast is calling for a windy and warm one. showers end, sunshine breaks through. the temperatures take off into the 70s this afternoon. but as we head into the holiday, we'll be nowhere near the 70s and we will be watching for snow. the seven-day forecast with the timing when i come back. >> he said snow on thanksgiving. that will probably make many of you adjust your travel plans. we'll keep a closer eye that as we ged towards wednesday, but we already have some obstacles out there on the highways this morning. >> nbc 10 traffic reporter katy zachry is tracking it all. >> it's me, it's katy. let's just go with katy. hi, tracy, how are you? we're starting off with a new accident into our system.
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this is for new jersey drivers, the garden state parkway northbound right near the exit for northfield/pleasantville, which is exit 36. there's an accident there. also for our new jersey drivers, a live picture of the 42 freeway in belmar right at creek road, where wet roadways, that's just one of the things that drivers are going to have to deal with this morning. as bill said, the rain is pushing out, but it's still something for drivers to be aware of. and in pennsylvania, a number of issues on our majors. starting off on i-95 northbound between the exits for 320 and i-476. the road is closed. here's a live look at that. so, 95 northbound between that stretch is closed because of an accident. an alternate is 291 to steward avenue. then look for the signs for 95 northbound. it will get you on right around exit 8. also, 76 westbound, there's an accident at belmont avenue. the left lane is blocked. and the northeast extension as you approach quakertown, the right lane is blocked because of an accident involving a semi truck. tracy? katy, thanks.
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5:11 right now and we are following breaking news in new jersey, where state police have just issued an amber alert for a missing baby. police say 3-month-old steven ristick was taken from green point in new york and could be heading to new jersey. the baby was last seen with his father. they could be in a blue dodge minivan. we're working right now to get you a picture of the child and his father. we'll keep you updated on this breaking news. the holiday travel season is officially under way, and this year you'll catch a break if you're driving out of town. with gas prices low, we're checking the round-trip costs to three major cities within driving distance to see how they compare to this time last year.
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5:15. happening today, the president of the university of virginia is expected to hold a briefing on the recent sexual assault allegations on campus. this comes following an article in "rolling stone" magazine which detailed what it called a culture of rape at the school. a first-year student claims she was gang raped at a frat house. the university has suspended all fraternity activities until next year. meantime, new jersey is the latest state to consider requiring colleges to define when yes means yes. it's known as affirmative consent. officials hope it will help stop sexual assaults on campus and encourage students to talk openly about issues surrounding sex. and we have new information this morning about just how many veterans are without health insurance. new research out of nyu langone medical center finds more than a
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million veterans were without health coverage in 2012, but the research showed 87% of the uninsured vets may be eligible for coverage through the m medicaid expansion or by enrolling in va benefits. thanksgiving week is here and studies show many people start their traveling today. a lot of people travel today. >> yeah, i'm kind of jealous of them, or maybe not. aaa mid-atlantic says gas prices for the holiday will be the lowest they've been in the past five years at thanksgiving. the national price of regular gas has stayed below $3 a gallon for 20 days now. in fact, more than three-quarters of gas stations across the country are reporting prices below that level. >> and we wanted to know what that means for you, so we sent nbc 10 first alert traffic reporter katy zachry to find out how much you could save if you're hitting the road this holiday season. >> and i talked to a lot of drivers who say they are going to be driving more for the holid holiday. so, since gas prices are lower than last year, as i said, i've found more people will be
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driving. if you're wondering how much it will cost you, take a look at this map. these are round-trip prices for how much money you'll spend, whether you are heading north, south or west. it will cost about $28 roundtrip to get to new york city from philadelphia. this is just gas prices, keep in mind, not tolls or parking. last year you would have spent $3 more to get there. and if you're going to washington, d.c., you'll pay about $41 in gas. that's a savings of $5 from last year. if you're headed west to pittsburgh, you'll see the biggest savings. this year it costs about $89 roundtrip. last year it was more than $100. we asked some drivers if gas prices will affect their holiday travel. >> i think the marginal difference in cost is somewhat minimal, but i think that certainly, if you look at it in a dollar amount, it certainly goes down. >> yeah, i'm actually surprised. i'm shocked. so, yeah, i'm definitely going to take advantage of it while it's low, right? >> well, that just makes you want to get into the car and just ride, you know? i'm enjoying it. my pockets are enjoying it, too. >> now, take a look at gas prices for our area. you'll pay about $2.96 in the
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philadelphia five-county region. in south jersey, a gallon of regular will run you about $2.68. and in delaware, you'll pay about $2.84. tracy, not bad, huh. >> yeah, no, not bad at all. the cost won't keep you from visiting family and friends and according to penndot, road conditions shouldn't, looking good as well. improvements include the schuylkill expressway, new lanes on route 202 and a new platt bridge. you'll also have a smoother ride on 95 near the airport, which really took a beating last winter. penndot says you shouldn't have any trouble getting where you're going. >> barring any type of emergency situation, the roadways, travel lanes will be open. >> penndot says construction crews will stop working on wednesday morning and will be off throughout the holiday weekend to keep roads clear for the travelers. now let's talk about how the weather may affect that travel. we saw bill's forecast earlierly. people, bill, wanting to leave on wednesday or maybe later
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wednesday evening may want to adjust those plans. >> either delay them into thursday when conditions will be improving or make them earlier. i think it's going to start as rain on wednesday, but falling temperatures will likely get some snow later wednesday and wednesday night. but not today. the temperatures are in the 60s right now! and that is rain that has been steady in cape may, but starting to taper off there. strong, gusty winds expected to hit 45 miles an hour at the shore, have been close to the 40-mile-an-hour mark in philadelphia. you can see it right now in some of the live pictures. the aramark building, the flags are trying to hold on. strong, gusty winds in center city. those will stay with us even after the rain ends. right now 63 degrees in philadelphia, winds gusting to 37 miles an hour. look at the snow in the pocono mountains. there's still snow on the ground. and even after the rain ends, it will still stay as snow, even with temperatures warming up this afternoon. 26-mile-an-hour wind gusts currently in philadelphia and
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those winds, as i mentioned, could top the 30-mile-an-hour mark, closer to 40 miles an hour this afternoon. rain is a steady rain now in portions of montgomery and bucks county, but it's quickly ending in chester county. and there goes the rain from cape may. so, we're starting off with lots of clouds, some rain and gusty winds. the clouds will head out of here. we'll get some sunshine and we'll warm into the 70s this afternoon. it's the strong, southerly winds that are pushing our temperatures up. to the west, you can see some snow. and that is a possibility for us as the week goes on. a coastal storm developing should start as rain wednesday morning and a good deal of it. but as the temperatures fall during the day, the future snowfall cast shows by wednesday evening, we could see shovelable snow in our area that will stick into thanksgiving day. so, gusty winds, warm conditions and temperatures in the 70s today. the winds will push the rain out of here. winds will die down tonight and tomorrow morning.
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we'll start cooler, 55 degrees, and then warm to 60 tomorrow afternoon with lots of sunshine. then things quickly change as we head into wednesday. 40 degrees wednesday morning and then falling into the 30s during the afternoon. by evening time, a good possibility of snow in the area that should be ending for thursday, thanksgiving, but the cold stays for thanksgiving day. 42 degrees the high temperature on thursday, then we're dry for friday, saturday and sunday. we'll see the temperatures climb a bit, near 50 sunday afternoon. to prepare for holiday travels, download the nbc 10 first alert weather app. it's free. download it on our website, 21 minutes after 5:00, and the weather is definitely playing a role this morning in what's happening on the roads. it's not raining right now in all areas, but streets are wet. >> wet roads and a number of issues. nbc 10 first alert traffic reporter katy zachry is following them for you. >> it was raining earlier this morning when a lot of the accidents started occurring. so, on 95 northbound, if you're headed there, keep in mind it is
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still closed between the exits for 320 and i-476. you can take 291 to stewart avenue and that will get you to 95 northbound right around exit 8. on another pennsylvania major, 76 westbound at belmont avenue, the left lane is blocked because of an accident there. and headed north to the northeast extension on the pennsylvania turnpike as you approach the quakertown exit, there's an accident involving a semi truck-tractor-trailer, so the right-hand lane is blocked. and i just got word of a tractor-trailer accident on the vine street expressway, so i'll have more on that in a minute. in new jersey, garden state parkway northbound between northfield and pleasantville, an accident is affecting things there. >> wow. accidents really backing things up out there. all right, katy. well, have you started putting together your holiday shopping game plan? next half hour, you'll want to see this. we'll help you prepare for black friday with a look at which items will have the biggest discounts this weekend and which stores give you the best odds of
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ho ho ho green giant! 5:25, and we have breaking news in new jersey, mr. police are just issued an amber alert for a missing baby. police say 3-month-old steven ristick was taken from green point, new york, and could be heading to new jersey.
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the baby was last seen yesterday with his father. they may be in a blue dodge minivan. we're looking to get a picture of the baby and his father and then we'll update the story. 5:25. it's a big week ahead for the stock market, but expect a lot of activity in the financial road. now "cnbc business news." >> hey, tracy, good morning to you. futures are pointing to more green arrows at the opening bell. the markets are coming off another positive week with the dow and s&p 500 posting five straight weeks of gains. now, there's no major economic data today, but look for reports this week on gdp, housing, consumer confidence, unemployment and personal income and spending. on friday, the dow rising 91 points to 17,810, the nasdaq up to 4,712. and retailers are using virtual technology to vie for holiday sales. target has an app for a toy catalog to find products in a
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game-like fashion and add them to their wish list, which can then be shared on social media. you can also use an ipad to make the catalog appear 3d with more information. macy's app this year lets users take a picture of a similar item and suggests products in stores. >> tons of apps to save people money. apps are where it's at this holiday season. thanks. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> a damp night, a windy day. the rain is starting to taper off for much of the area. the strong, gusty winds are still with us. and rain has returned now to boathouse row. 62 degrees here at nbc 10. katy zachry's watching traffic. good morning, katy. >> good morning, bill. this is a live look at the vine street expressway right near 24th street, where there's a jack-knifed tractor-trailer. it happened a short time ago, affecting traffic headed on to 76 eastbound. that's the ramp you're looking at right now. there are some other accidents on our majors throughout the area coming up shortly. and at 5:27, there's more evidence of the ripple effect in
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the atlantic city casino crisis. >> nbc 10's jesse gary has uncovered the potential impact on the holiday season. jesse? >> reporter: yeah, tracy, closings here on the boardwalk creating a need elsewhere in the city that's hard to fill. i'll tell you what that is, coming up.
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