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tv   NBC 10 News at 4pm  NBC  November 25, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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be north and west of philadelphia, where we expect some of the highest accumulation. the time line four, north and west of philadelphia, lehigh valley, pocono, 4 to 8:00 in the morning, how early rain will move in, changing over to snow very quickly after it moves in. by the middle of the day, heavy snow can be accumulating there, from noon to 4 p.m., we continue to see the snow but ending as we get closer to the 8:00 hour much the philadelphia area, i-95 corridor from wilmington toward trenton. then closer to 11 a.m., some areas aroundism-95 will start to change over to snow, possibly some heavy, wet snow through the early afternoon and then see that ending as we go later into tomorrow evening. now, for south jersey and delaware, a different thing here, we see warmer temperatures, mostly rain through a majority of the day. the only time we expect a brief changeover to snow for new jersey mostly will be in the late afternoon, early evening hours right before the precip comes to an end, so we don't expect much in those areas.
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coming up, glenn will have a look at how much snow you can expect and we both will be tracking this storm through its entire duration. we will be posting updates tonight and tomorrow. be this you are to follow us both on twitter for all the latest updates. as we have been telling, the northern and western suburbs will get the most snow and that's where nbc 10's doug shimell has been spending this day before the storm, live in milford township, bucks county. >> a lot of holiday travelers trying to come one plan b. >> reporter: exact laich a lot of companies around here who have employees who commute long distances to work, calling area hotels to try to reserve rooms and just a fraction of the calls those hotels have been getting. it is starting to dawn on families fixated on thanksgiving there may be a slight nor'easter logistical problem. mile. daughter going to come home tomorrow from new york city and she is going to cancel until thanksgiving day because of the rush, which would be just crazy anyway but the amount of snow between here and new york city. >> reporter: in the lobby of the
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hotel bethlehem, general manager dennis costello's staff is getting calls from slightly panicky guests. >> some were booking earlier, coming in earlier before the storm. others after the storm. >> reporter: some people are just showing up on their trips from d.c. to boston, not wanting to risk it. randy hull and pat parent from houston haven't decided if and when to check out. >> our plans are to head to hagerstown, maryland, tomorrow. so, we would -- we did have an option of leaving tonight or early tomorrow morning. >> reporter: the hotel expects the wall of panic to hit on wednesday. time to procrastinate is over. >> yeah, 12 more hours of procrastination, then it's decision time. >> reporter: the hotel bethlehem says they are also starting to get calls from some of the 1400
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people who have reservations for thanksgiving day brunch. live in bucks county, i'm doug shimell, nbc 10 news. >> that's a lot of people, doug. thank you. look at the pennsylvania turnpike, traffic looking good now, one of the many roads and high ways this could get dicy when the snow starts falling tomorrow. nbc 10's rosemary conners is live in norris up to this afternoon. >> tell us what road crews are doing now to get ready for the prethanksgiving day storm. >> reporter: renee and jim, they are stocking up their salt piles an making sure that their road equipment is ready and taken care of. we are expecting to get an update on penndot's game plan at 5:00 here and of course, bring that to you. their goal is to make sure that everybody is safe. in addition to the department of transportation crews, truck drivers know the highways out there are the best and so we spoke to one driver today who says that even he isn't going to be taking any chances with the weather tomorrow.
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>> be ready for the unexpected. >> reporter: conditions are clear today but tomorrow will be terrible for traffic. the best advice is to slow down and take your time. you could be the best driver out here, all it takes is one vehicle, one truck, to lose it in front of you. >> reporter: ralph higgins of west mount airy drives between wisconsin and the east coast transporting cheese and beef. he knows the highways better than the back of his hand. >> respect the weather. really get slippery, best to slow down. >> i'm going to stay in and watch the eagles game. stop it. going to be outside playing in the snow. >> reporter: the forecast is forcing many drivers to rethink their plans. >> we have to go to the trenton train station. i have to pick my daughter up. she is coming in from college from new york and i'm getting a little nervous because tomorrow, i don't want to do it, we are going to try to do it tonight. >> the weather is the problem. the weather is the problem. >> reporter: meanwhile, for ralph things, the road is not always a safe place. and so he always proceeds with caution. >> no load is more important than my life. so if it gets bad, i shut it
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down, wait, 'cause the road crews will catch up with it and the next day normally, the interstate's clear. >> reporter: that's gonna be penndot's mission, keeping the roads clear, getting them clear in time for thanksgiving. in addition to penndot, i have been talking to the folks at deldot and nj dot, still waiting to hear back from the new jersey department of transportation, deldot tells me their crews will be out patrolling on the roads at 7:00 tomorrow morning. a similar problem as penndot, not going to be putting out salt right now overnight. they have to wait until the rain turns to snow, otherwise, the rain will just wash it away. reporting live in norris up to, i'm rosemary connors, nbc 10 news. nbc 10 live sky cam network shows 30th street station in philadelphia going to be one busy place tomorrow as travelers head to holiday december at this point nations. another busy spot, philadelphia international airport. nbc 10's tim if you are long is there live. >> the airlines trying to help before mother nature strikes.
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let's be realistic, not enough to prevent flight delays all day, right? >> reporter: yeah a little bit tricky, they are dropping those pesky airline flight change fees, see the depar rains here, busy. some people you are looking at able to bump up to an early flight, some planned well so they didn't have to deal with the crowds tomorrow. when they booked, they didn't know they would also be missing out on the snow. >> i am thrilled. i can't wait. >> reporter: this family waiting to see mom for the first time in a year and a half, flight from orlando and most flights into philly today on time. this family says it is the smartest family around, months ago, booked tuesday instead of wednesday. we have this esp thing going on. we know weather. >> reporter: esp plus maybe a little luck. we did find lots of people getting out early today. here at the airport, most airlines are waiving the change fees if you want to rebecome to get out before the bad weather but good luck finding spots on other planes. i'm told it is getting trickier by the hour. >> i want out really bad.
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>> reporter: tracy didn't take chances a either. okay standing in line today, but the time it gets crazy tomorrow and we are hustling out in the snow, she will be by the pool in west palm beach. no turkey, no snow, no wednesday travel headaches for her. >> because of the rush. >> you don't want any part of it? >> hell know. >> reporter: they tell me this is a tricky time because they get so many inexperienced travelers at thanksgiving, kids, elderly folks, the travel process moves slower at the holidays as it is. the snow not going to help a bit. at 5:00, going to check in with the amtrak situation, see how it is for you folks heading in or out on the rails tomorrow. live at philly international airport, tim furlong, nbc 10 news. if you are flying out tomorrow or picking up anyone, here is number to keep in your cell phone to check the status of the flight, call philly international's toll free
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number, there it is on your screen, 1-800-phl-gate. the storm approaching the nbc 10 viewing area, stay connected to our first alert updates. we will be updating you on air, online, nbc 10 mobile device with the first alert weather app. while you are sleeping, we will be busy tracking the storm as well as its impact on our area. be sure to wake up with the latest nbc 10 first alert forecast plus traffic and news from overnight. nbc 10 today starting at 4 a.m. tomorrow. to another big story we are working on today, a 14-year-old girl sold as a sex slave and shuffles around our region to be pitched out to men. >> today, prosecutors say one paying customer, a philadelphia attorney who had sex with the underaged girl in his center city office. nbc 10's lu ann cahn live this afternoon in germantown. >> i know you learned the couple who allegedly bought and sold this girl also in custody? >> reporter: that's right. and they used to live in this home behind me. the district attorney is not
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releasing their name because he says there continues to be a grand jury investigation. but he did release this man's name, brian meehan, a center city attorney arrested and charged this morning. >> he practiced law by day and bought an underaged girl by night. >> reporter: attorney brian meehan turned himself in today. in 2012, he paid for a 14-year-old girl to be brought to his center city law office over 20 times. >> i believe there is a very special place in hell for men like brian meehan that rape 12 and 14-year-old girls. >> reporter: prosecutors say a germantown couple who lived here on west harvey street force the 14-year-old into prostitution. she lived in the neighborhood and sbreergts live she was one of five girls victimized bay the couple. neighbors are stunned and say they didn't know. it's a disgrace and so close to home, too. >> reporter: the district attorney says the couple forcing young girls into the sex trade
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were clients of meehan's and that's how the 14-year-old was introduced to the lawyer. but she was quickly moved out of philadelphia. >> how she was sold for $300 to a couple in camden that then began using her as their own basically sex slave, how she was the victim of serious injury, how she was transported across state lines to georgia. >> reporter: meehan's attorney says his climb yaept maintains his innocence. the law firm which he was a partner gave this statement --e innocence. the law firm which he was a partner gave this statement -- and we have more information about how this all came to light. i'm working on that story for 5:00. live in germantown, lu ann cahn, nbc 10 news. breaking news now out of
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ferguson, missouri, we are keeping a close eye on this ferguson street where violent protests erupted here last night much the outrage, it came, of course, after that grand jury decided the officer who shot and killed michael brown would not be facing charges. that officer, darren wilson. again, no charges. that announcement was made last night. we saw these pictures last night, where there was smoke, there was fire, buildings on fire. and this is the scene right now in center city, philadelphia, the impact of last night's decision being felt across the nation. skyforce 10 over center city, where protestors right now on the move. they are heading to north philadelphia. these have been very peaceful protests and police have been allowing these demonstrators to gather in the streets. we are going to keep an eye on this and have a live report from christine maddela on board skyforce10 coming up in a moment. meantime today, michael brown's father stood alongside family attorneys who spoke out on their behalf. the attorney said the process that led to officer darren wilson not being indicted is "unfair and broken." attorney benjamin crump said the
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process itself should be indicted. the attorneys objected to the decision made by the st. louis county prosecutor, called for the grand jury to examine the evidence. he did not appoint a special prosecutor. crump says because of the circumstance, the attorney knew what the grand jury's decision would be. >> we could foresee what the outcome was going to be. and that's exactly what occurred last night. >> the reverend al sharpton said prosecutor robert mccull locke we -- mccull locke went out of his way.
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firefighters and police in ferguson are still doing damage control from last night's protest. look at the aftermath here this charred rubble all that was left in ferguson, several buildings, firefighters still putting out flames and hotspots hours after the overnight protest came to answered. flames lit up the night sky in ferguson. this is what it looked like as protesters set this beauty store on fire. this fire was one of at least 2 throughout the town and angry people took out their frustration on a parked police car shortly after the prosecutor announced the decision and looters targeted a dollar store and walgreens, shattering the windows. police arrested at least 82 people overnight. here in philadelphia, nbc 10's christine maddela live on skyforce10, keeping an eye on those peaceful demonstrations here. >> crist team, what are you seeing now? >> these protestors right now taking to the streets, they are marving north on broad street. you can see they are just entering the intersection of
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popular street. as you take a look in the crowd, there is a picture of michael brown here that some folks are holding. several bicycle officers, police cruisers blocking intersections. you can expect intermittent shut downs as they march in order, headed to gerard and going to meet up with a smaller group at cecil b. moore near the temple university campus. this isn't the first demonstration of the day. the first was outside the federal courthouse where we talked to police and protesters about keeping things peaceful. >> a pattern of racial violence and we will not tolerate it. >> reporter: faith leaders like rabbi julie greenberg shared their message outside the federal courthouse shortly afternoon today. >> this is not just a problem, a black problem. this is not a ferguson problem.
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as the reverend says, this is an american problem. >> racism is still very much alive and doing well. >> reporter: matthew smith is the president of the national action network of pennsylvania. >> that was our goal, to have a peaceful process and yet to get the message out to the people. >> reporter: smith told me his generation has seen injustice for decades and testimony machine straighting in philadelphia to impact real change, not to advocate violence like we saw last night in ferguson, missouri. if i recall police are there to do the same. >> philadelphia police department, the leadership under commissioner ramsey believes in allowing people to protest, a certain point, we don't allow for property destruction or harm to others. outside of that we try to be very tolerant of what's going on. >> extra staffing on hand? >> we always do in cases like. this >> the deputy commissioner told me officers will be on hand throughout the afternoon and evening to monitor the protess s
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and community. >> those may not be in this particular struggle, may not care about them and we will protect them, too. >> reporter: these marchers are cross the intersection of north broad and gerard avenue, holding up the signs, stay in skyforce 10 and follow the protesters throughout the afternoon. christine maddela, nbc 10 news. nbc 10's deanna durante live on the ground in center city. >> deanna, you talked to demonstrators who are still calling for justice? >> they are, not only calling for continued protests but federal investigators now get involved. a decision they are not happy w paula peebles is the president for the local chapter of the national action network. >> we are going to put pressure and continue to put pressure on the department of justice to bring darrion wilson -- officer darren wilson to justice, ought
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not to be able to get away with murdering michael brown in cold blood. >> reporter: she and others organized a noon protest to coincide with others at the same time across the country. the goal, you recalling federal investigators to step in. >> we are hopeful that the federal government, the department of justice will take up the cause and bring up civil rights charges, obviously, an individual who was unarmed, african-american, whatever he may have done in the street that day did not deserve a death ensentence to be killed. >> you think about black people in america, african-american, the only time we can really be guaranteed we are going to have a fair trial is when the federal government gets involved. >> reporter: those here today want all to take action this weekend. they are asking people to protest with their wallets. no justice, no peace, means that, there means until we get justice, there will be no peace. what that means is what we are requesting can come in all kinds of forms. for example, we are calling for
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a boycott of black friday. none of our economic dollars will be spent. >> reporter: we ask protesters here what if the federal investigation results with the same outcome? >> if we can even get the federal government to get involved and try to get an indictment on civil rights violations or something, i mean, i think that's start. so, let's at least push for that and we will cross that next bridge if we ever get to it. >> reporter: taking a live look through skyforce 10, you can see the group of protestors that started here at city hall, 200 of them now marching north on broad street toward the campus of temple university. we talked to a number of those people. they are teachers and students and philadelphia resident, you will hear why they are a part of this crowd coming up tonight at 6:00. for now, live outside city hall, deanna durante, nbc 10 news. >> all right, deanna. skyforce10 will keep following the protesters from the air and our crews on the ground will monitor activity as well. stay with nbc 10 for updates on these demonstrations in motion. nbc 10 first alert weather
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technology showing you the storm that we are watching closely. 12 hours from now, it will be here. >> it's gonna start as rain and then it's gonna turn to snow for most of us. >> nbc 10 nbc 10 chief meteorologist, glenn "hurricane" schwartz has been analyzing this prethanksgiving storm. give us the latest. all right, renee, it is warm now but it is going to change and it is going to snow in a good bit of the area and first of all, it's going to start as heavy rain. so, don't let it fool you, get up early in the morning, raining, the roads are just wet, you think, oh, it's not gonna snow. many areas, it will. heaviest snow north and west. another way you can get fooled. say you're northeast philly and raining, the roads are fine. you're going to go visit your aunt martha in upper bucks, different weather up there. so you got to pay attention, not only to the weather where you are but where you're going. there will be some travel problems and there will be some power outages across parts of the area. so the traffic is fine now.
4:20 pm
the roads will just be wet first thing in the morning. by midday tomorrow, tomorrow afternoon, even here in philadelphia, there may be some slippery driving. 54 degrees, hard to believe considering that temperature. we got up to 59 during the day today. but it can cool off fast. temperatures in the low to middle 50s, even mid-40s in the poconos right now. plenty of moisture to our south, not that far to the south, nothing's organized yet, but it's just sitting there waiting for a low pressure center to develop along the coast. and here's what to expect as we break it down. first, north and west, the area that's gonna get the greatest amount of snow. here we are at 5 a.m., just starting and it may start as rain, but quickly goes over to snow, especially in the poconos, the lehigh valley, berks county. 7 a.m. by 9 a.m., not only has the snow covered the whole area, you got darker blue, that's heavier snow. by 10 a.m., still snowing.
4:21 pm
1 p.m., starting to get a little bit lighter blue. the snow may be tapering off. you get one last burst toward the rush hour and then it's out of here by 8 or 9:00. think, i--- philadelphia, i-95 corridor, starts off as rain, sure bet there heavy rain for the morning rush, all of a sudden, it could change to heavy snow. we can go from heavy rain to heavy snow in a matter of minutes here and it's going to really vary across the area and some of that may occur across theism-95 corridor, a huge difference in new jersey from what you're going to be getting but eventually, later on during the afternoon, it may change
4:22 pm
it won't change over until later in the day. that will limit the snow falling. how much snow? eight to 12 in the poconos, a large area of five to eight from allentown down to the middle portion of bucks, montgomery and chester counties, three to five across much of theism-9 a corridor and one to three inches farther to the south and east. corridor and one to three inches farther to the south and east. temperatures fall during the day, the heavy rain changes to heavy, wet snow. travel should be okay for thanksgiving. friday and saturday, you're cold. sunday really warms up, up near
4:23 pm
60 degrees again by then. >> tomorrow is the day, a lot of activity? >> yeah, just about all day, too. >> thank you, glenn. [ inaudible ]. >> because i'm african-american, driving a nice car. >> authorities stopping and frisking drivers. the nbc 10 investigators find out who local police are pulling over the most. a popular food chain under investigation for taking advantage of customers. how some say they would charge different drink prices depending on where you're seated in the restaurant. >> coming up on nbc 10 news at 4:00. @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@
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good afternoon, i'm nbc 10 first alert meteorologist, sheena parveen. well, if you're doing thanksgiving holiday travel, tonight would be a great time to do it before the snow gets here tomorrow. here is your travel forecast before wednesday morning, you there see snow developing across a large portion of the north eastern part of the country, washington up to boston and even farther north and east of that,
4:27 pm
hazardous travel in these areas all the way through the day wednesday into wednesday night, but the good news is thanksgiving day looks dry. coming up, glenn will show you how much you can expect in the way of snowfall for tomorrow. the most technologically advanced weather tracker on four wheels is gassed up and ready to cover tomorrow's storm. count on storm force ten to be out in those elms, bringing you live coverage as it roams the region, covering the snow and rain. >> send us photos of the storm in that neighborhood. e-mail weather photos to pics at and you might see your photos here on nbc 10 or website at today, stopped by the cops. >> apparently, for no good reason. yncht do you think you were pulled over? >> because i'm african-american driving a nice car. >> detained and questioned by police. today, the nbc 10 investigators uncover what local police apparently are not finding when they stop and frisk. a secure retirement.
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an early blast of winter is coming right at us. first alert weather tracking a storm that could get in the way of your thanksgiving travel. nbc 10 first alert chief meteorologist, glenn "hurricane" schwartz, has the latest track on the storm. >> when will it start? >> start as rain in the middle of the night, while people are sleeping and roads will be wet when you get up in the morning, but that heavy rain is going to change to heavy, wet snow in a good portion of the area. the heaviest of that snow will be north and west, the biggest accumulations where there could be some travel problems and even some power outageables as a result. now the storm itself has not organized yet but there is a ton
4:32 pm
of moisture just sitting, waiting for it. right now, it is just elongated, straight northeast to southwest, we start to see a bulge in it, get a little circular, the storm starting to develop. now the details of the timing of the storm and start to see the snow, turn to my colleague, nbc 10 first alert meteorologist, sheena parveen spring hill. >> the fir-- nbc 10 first alert meteorologist, sheena parveen. >> here is a time line for these areas tomorrow morning, early inially in the morning, before 8:00, see rain moving and quickly changing to snow afterwards. and by the middle of the day, heavy snow could be accumulating in these areas, even through the early afternoon hours, but ending as we get closer to 8:00 area tomorrow night. so majority of the day north and west, you see snow, around theism-95 corridor in the morning, rainy and cold, closer to the 11 a.m. hour, that is when we expect it to change to snow and after that, could see heavy, wet snow at times, too, causing problems. then for the evening hours, we start to see this precip mainly from delaware to new jersey
4:33 pm
along the i-95 corridor. south jersey and delaware, mostly a rain event for you, by the late afternoon hours, could see a brief change to snow, mostly in new jersey, parts of delaware, took the i-95 corridor there, as we go into tomorrow evening, we will see a lot of the precip coming to an end, many areas in new jer circumstance the chance of snow they have won't be until the end of this event later on this afternoon. a closer look at the snow totals, coming up. >> with the storm on the way, right now is a good time to be ready with the nbc 10 first alert weather app. take it with you as you travel for thanksgiving dipper. download it for free on the smartphone or tablet by going to with passionate reactions from ferguson, missouri and around the country, the nbc 10 investigators looking into philadelphia police practices. >> they have been taken to court and questioned countless times about violating pep's civil rights. nbc 10 investigative reporter mitch blocker found for three years running, a significant
4:34 pm
percent of philly police stops were unjustified. mitch? >> reporter: jim and renee, when you look at the number, you notice a specific trend. philly police are stopping, frisking and questioning fewer people each year, but the numbers released by the department show half of those who are stopped haven't done anything wrong. this affects thousands of people every year. [ sirens ] watch the streets of west philadelphia and you will notice a familiar sound. >> got your i.d.? >> going to work. >> reporter: and a familiar sight. this 2013 video of a philly police stop went viral. the department said it investigated what appears to be a severe example of stop and frisk tactics in philadelphia. >> officer, i'm sorry. officer, i didn't do nothing. you are under investigation right now. investigation of what? i was walking. >> reporter: dig through data provided by the philadelphia police and you will notice a familiar trend, figures released by the philly police show roughly 40% of stops with no
4:35 pm
legal justification since 2011. >> it just became a habit of being stopped, unprovoked, no reason, no justification. y do you think you were pulled over? >> because i'm african-american, driving a nice car. >> reporter: for george up to law grad, mahari bailey, the sight and sound of philly police became familiar by the summer of 2010. bailey and nearly a half dozen other african-american men sued philadelphia police over their stops. >> did you ever think that there were thousands of other people who had the same experience? >> yes. >> you knew it? >> yes. i knew t. >> reporter: the civil rights lawsuit forced philly police to document how often they stopped, frisked and detained suspects. for years, the statistics remarkably similar according to the data collected and analyzed by the american civil liberties union. half the people stopped with no justification were also frisked. people found no weapons or
4:36 pm
drugs. in the first three months of 2013, they recovered guns or drugs less than 3% of the time. what we are trying to get to is a world where when the police stop someone, it's because they have reasonable suspicion. >> reporter: mary katherine roper is the pennsylvania aclu's lead attorney. she is waiting for police figures from this year. we still see thousands and thousands of if i recall citizens stopped for no good reason. >> reporter: the be in tense investigators asked the philadelphia police department to speak with us on camera about the city's stop and risk methods. the police refused. a department spokes person said officers received specialized training on stop and risk and said crime is down. in a court document, the department said the idea that 40% of stops are meritless is untrue. its analysis of three years of data shows only 35% of pedestrian stops were lacking reasonable suspicion.
4:37 pm
>> i told you to. were when the nbc 10 investigators watched the streets of west philly, we saw plenty of police activity but did not see anyone being stopped an frisked, not at the corner of 64th street where mahari bailey was first pulled over for 59th and master, where he was last stopped. he says he wouldn't change anything and still holds out hope that his case will force philadelphia police to change tactics. >> we knew that this was going to be a decade-long process. >> just a couple years in? >> just a few years in. so i'm confident the city will do better. very confident. >> reporter: the stop and frisk numbers show 75% of the people stopped are african-american or hispanic minorities. also make up 80% of those frisked, we will soon see if this trend continues, the 2014 information is supposed to be released in the next few months. for the investigator, i'm mitch blocker, nbc 10 news. thank you, mitch. so, we wanted to know is
4:38 pm
stop and frisk worth it? does it cut crime and keep citizens safer? we asked a former member of the department of justice. hear what he has to say in the next 30 minutes. today, the new in your face approach to what you eat. your bea to get a eye opener before you dig into your meals. but first, here's what we are working on for you for nbc 10 news at 5:00. >> happening now, philadelphia's police commissioner concerned about protesters backing up the evening rush. coming up, skyforce10 is in the air watching for problems. >> new at 5, facing federal charges for alleged bad business deals in philadelphia. now, he has a new plan to prove his inspects. no charges brought against the police officer who killed michael brown. top law experts tell us if the testimony was flawed. also, with snow heading our way, we are checking how holiday travelers are starting early before the first flake. count on nbc 10 news at 5:00. then there's trusting your vehicle maintenance to ford service confidence.
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i'm crist team maddela live in skyforce10, i have been following the response to the redee six in ferguson, missouri. protesters matched up from broad street to city hall from here, on temple university campus. police have broad street from master montgomery shut down to traffic. you can see there is a large police presence out here. live in skyforce10, christine maddela, nbc 10 news. well, you may not care how many calories are in that cheeseburger, but the fda says you have to know. >> today the agency released
4:42 pm
some new rules that require business to post calorie information right on their menus, these new rules apply to chain restaurants, convenience stores, bakery, even coffee shops, pizza delivery stores, amusement parks, vending machines, they all have to comply. the fda points out americans eat and drink about one-third of their calories away from them, they say this change will help consumers make more informed choices, businesses have a year to comply. this new federal law is more expansive than the one that began in philadelphia in 2010. the city law applies to fast food chains and sit-down restaurants, menus must include calories, saturated fat, transfat cautious and sodium. menu boards only have to include the calorie count. philadelphia's mayor pushing another way to get healthier. today, mayor michael nutter recognizes city businesses that stopped selling tobacco product and encouraged other business to follow their lead. nutter said with fewer tobacco retailer, fewer people will start smoking and more people
4:43 pm
may be encouraged to quit. nbc 10 first alert weather is tracking a holiday storm. >> glen glenn is getting new data every minute. glenn? >> the timing of the storm, when it's gonna arrive in your doorstep, who is gonna get snow and who is gonna get rain? the answers in my exclusive nbc 107-day forecast. count on nbc 10 for weather updates every 30 minutes tomorrow, right here on nbc 10. blp
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gentleman look at this, serving up thanksgiving meals to the community they serve every day. today, philadelphia police officers putting together holiday meal boxes for 400 families in need. nbc 10 at police head quart he is for operation thanksgiving. firefighters and paramedics in philadelphia got into the giving spirit as well today.
4:47 pm
they announced a start of operation warm. local union members will be collecting money so they can buy new coats for children across the city. right now, first alert weather is watching this storm right here, it is a snowmaker and a rainmaker as well and it's less than 12 hours from our area. let's get specific is on this storm. >> nbc 10 chief meteorologist, glenn "hurricane" schwartz is in the weather center now, monitoring the storm's movement. glenn? >> yeah, renee and jim, there is no snow associated with this storm now, but there will be during the day tomorrow. we are going to get heavy rain changing to heavy, wet snow in a good portion of the area. the heaviest of the snow will fall north and west, like a typical type of winter storm, but there's going to be some travel trouble and some power outages we don't normally have, those leaves on the trees and heavy, wet snow with winter storm. so we may have more outages than a typical winter storm. 45 in the poconos, low to middle
4:48 pm
50s, the ocean almost 50 degrees, hard to get a winter storm with a 50-degree ocean and not expecting much snow at the shore. here's moisture just offshore already and that extends all the way down into the gulf of mexico where the low pressure center is developing. severe weather down in florida with this thing. now, again, north and west, the greatest amount of snow, the greatest amount of snow and the temperatures cold enough for it to stick, at least eventually, 'cause at 6 a.m., it could be starting as rain. but quickly changing to snow. you can go from heavy rain to heavy snow in just a matter of minutes. you got to monitor the weather tomorrow and that's part of the morning rush, so north and west, even the morning rush potentially could see some of that wet snow, by 9 a.m., most of the north and west is snowing. by 11, it's snowing pretty hard, then it gets occasionally
4:49 pm
heavier during the afternoon. but not as heavy as the middle of the day. now, in the philadelphia i-95 corridor, it's a pretty good bet to start as rain and also a pretty good bet to be wet or in the morning rush, some of that rain on the heavy side and then, that quick turnover and a sharp edge between rain, heavy rain and heavy snow, depending on how hard it's coming down. it comes down hard, it's going to change from rain to snow quickly and then it can change back when it gets a little bit lighter. as you can see, not only does it change in philadelphia, it could change in parts of new jersey, but only briefly. most of this south and east delaware and south jersey is going to be rain. some of it on the heavy side and there may be gusts, 40 or 45 miles an hour at the shore tomorrow. 8 to 12 inches of snow in the poconos, locally higher in the higher elevations, five to eight
4:50 pm
inches, lehigh valley, berks county, upper bucks, montgomery and chester counties, the higher amounts in the higher elevations, one of those elevation things, you are atop of the hill, you will get more. same story the philadelphiaism-95 corridor, more snow in chestnut hill and south philly, for example. one to three inches farther to the south and the east, hardly anything at the shore. tonight, the rain starts after 3 a.m., but snow in the poconos, remember, part of the morning rush can see snow north and west, the heavy rain changing to heavy, wet snow, temperatures falling during the day. 7-day forecast, there's thanksgiving day, just plain cold, pretty cold for this time of year, the average high is 52. and chance of a shower, nothing like tomorrow, and it's going to be cold on black friday, pretty chilly on saturday and by sunday, kind of balmy again, near 60 degrees, it's a all-day
4:51 pm
thing tomorrow. >> all right. we will be watching it. thanks, glenn. from the bar to the courtroom. >> a fight over alcoholic beverages is really heating up. today a booze battle involving a popular restaurant chain. local customers claimed they paid more that they should have for drinks and they say it's no accident. ♪ ♪ ♪ with the name the philadelphia region has trusted
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4:54 pm
a battle is brewing over the price of booze at a popular restaurant chain. >> some customers claim they were overcharged for drinks at tgi friday's n a lawsuit, customers claim the restaurant didn't drink -- didn't put drink print prices in the meal so they wouldn't know the prices were excessive. sounds like i've been drinking. also, the customers say friday's would charge different prices for the same drink, depending on
4:55 pm
whether it was ordered inside the restaurant. as nbc 10 south jersey bureau reporter, sydney long, tells us, that is not all they are alleging. >> reporter: it's a case of customers feeling deceived, alem xredly not able to find drink prices on menus, something required by new jersey law. and now, a judge says there may be numerous plaintiffs, enough for a class action lawsuit. >> they don't disclose what their prices are and you're entiesed to buy the drink thinking it would be reasonable and it turns out that it's not, you have no choice but to pay for it. >> reporter: attorney sander freeman calls it a dogfight with the popular corporate chain. he says in at doing to hidden prices, some pay the tropes paid more or less for drinks, beer, even soda, depending on where they sat, at the bar or a table. >> menu engineering is a way of subconsciously getting people to buy things when maybe they otherwise wouldn't. >> reporter: this isn't the first time new jersey-based it gi friday's restaurants have been the subject of an investigation behind their bar. in the summer of 2013, new
4:56 pm
jersey's attorney general named them one of the biggest offen r offenders for selling bottom shelf liquor at top shelf prices. >> i don't have any maps to go to tgi friday's, but, you know -- >> because of this? >> yes, definitely because of this. >> reporter: we called and e-mailed it gi friday's corporate office several times but couldn't get any anticipates. if a judge rules in favor of the pate trop, friday's could be ordered to pay pay the tropes back up to $100 per drink. >> whatever the penalty is, i think she should pay it. >> reporter: sydney long, nbc 10 news. nbc 10 news at 5:00 is next. >> here are jacqueline london and keith jones. guys, next on nbc 10 news at 5:00. tracking rain and snow just in time for thanksgiving travel. sheena? >> these right. we are tracking a developing nor'easter, by tomorrow, of how will be dealing with several inches of snow. i will show you who can expect how much snow, coming up. more dangerous cargo. why new jersey officials paved the way today for hundreds of
4:57 pm
freight trains loaded with dangerous chemicals to roll through neighborhoods. a secure retirement.
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right now on nbc 10 news at 5:00, tracking rain and snow this giant, massive moisture down to our south is moving in our direction. by this time tomorrow, several inches of snow could be on the ground in some places and this will all come on one of the busiest travel days of the year. live nbc first alert coverage of
5:00 pm
the storm. begin with nbc 10 chief meteorologist, glenn "hurricane" schwartz. glenn, what can we expect tomorrow? >> jacqueline, just no doubt that it's going to snow in a good portion of the area, despite it being so warm today and so early in the calendar season. heavy rain changing to heavy, wet snow in a good portion of the area, at least for a period of time, even the philadelphia i-95 corridor, the heaviest of the snow, the greatest accumulations will fall north and west where there's most likely tonight travel problems and some power outages. that storm hasn't gotten organized yet, but there's moisture just offshore that extends all the way down into the gulf of mexico, where the storm is starting to develop. so, this precipitation could move in very, very quickly overnight and it will and then it changes over. nbc 10 first alert meteorologist, sheena parveen has more on what to expect out of this storm. that's right much and one of the first areas that we will see with the changeover to snow will be north and west of the philadelphia area.


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