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tv   NBC 10 News at 5pm  NBC  November 25, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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the storm. begin with nbc 10 chief meteorologist, glenn "hurricane" schwartz. glenn, what can we expect tomorrow? >> jacqueline, just no doubt that it's going to snow in a good portion of the area, despite it being so warm today and so early in the calendar season. heavy rain changing to heavy, wet snow in a good portion of the area, at least for a period of time, even the philadelphia i-95 corridor, the heaviest of the snow, the greatest accumulations will fall north and west where there's most likely tonight travel problems and some power outages. that storm hasn't gotten organized yet, but there's moisture just offshore that extends all the way down into the gulf of mexico, where the storm is starting to develop. so, this precipitation could move in very, very quickly overnight and it will and then it changes over. nbc 10 first alert meteorologist, sheena parveen has more on what to expect out of this storm. that's right much and one of the first areas that we will see with the changeover to snow will be north and west of the philadelphia area. so some of our suburbs north and
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west lehigh valley, poconos, go through the very early morning hours tomorrow, you will see a brief period of rain before it changes over to snow by 8:00 at least, by the middle of the day, some snow will be heavy at time, heavy, wet snow, accumulating north and west and through the middle of the day to the early afternoon hours, snow will be continuing here, we expect all snow at this point until it comes to an end later on tomorrow evening. philadelphia area, the i-95 corridor starting with rain in the morning and won't be until 11:00 we see a change over to snow. some of the snow at that time could be heavy, wet snow by the middle of the day and this precip will be ending as we go into tomorrow evening. south jersey and delaware, mostly a rain development for you until later on in the afternoon, the later on afternoon hours, between 4 and 8 p.m., could see a brief change to snow, could be mostly in parts of southiercy, northern delaware as well before it all comes to an end. you will be on the back end of the system, as far as the snow comes in, everyone north and
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west will be seeing the snow accumulating and around the philadelphia area as well. coming up, i will show you how much snow you can expect tomorrow and the timing going into your thanksgiving day. that's straight ahead. snow and rain to the usual holiday rush, tomorrow has the potential to be a tough day on the roads. the weather will impact millions of people taking the train and flying to their thanksgiving destinations. nbc 10's tim furlong is live at philadelphia international airport. tim? >> reporter: i'm kind of glad i'm not going to be on the rails or in the air, getting a little busy here, you see here at philadelphia international airport, lots of people getting here, lots of people smart to plan to leave today instead of tomorrow. maybe a little lucky, too, some people rebooked flights and snagged seats to and people on the rails are doing the same exact thing. by this time tomorrow, i-95 won't look like this and philly international airport will be way busier than this. >> my heart just sinks. >> reporter: an event at the university of delaware today, media relations specialist donna o'brien had travel weather
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worries on the planen the brain. her family is flying to san diego tomorrow night. she is now out of moves. >> very few flights to san diego, the ones we looked at are full. we are stuck with where we are. we are going to leave really early and hope for the best. >> reporter: train passengers might be in better shape. >> it's gonna snow. i want to be home before it snows. >> reporter: this young lady skipped out on her last class at delaware state university to get an earlier train out of wilmington. amtrak expects extra ridership tomorrow. they have crews on standby up and down the north eastern corridor, think they should be okay with the weather tomorrow. they can try to rebook on an earlier train, pretty full. the weather, the timing of the weather, messing with a whole lot of holiday travelers now. >> we got caught up in the snow at thanksgiving last year and had an awful flight back from london this year, looks like it might repeat, i just want to get away. >> reporter: and you see on the flight board, lots of on times, that's the good stuff.
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amtrak official told me today he is very confident their system is ready for the huge crowds and the snow, they have tree trimming crews, extra trains so they think with some good mapping that they are going to trump mother nature a little bit tomorrow, hopefully get everybody where they need to go on time, the rails, hopefully, folks lake this family headed to atlanta, get to where you are going, too. sound good? live in philadelphia international airport, tim furlong, nbc 10 news. thank you. gentleman happening just a few minutes, see the microphones, penndot officials are talking about their plan for this upcoming snowstorm and what you can expect on the roads tomorrow. nbc 10's rosemary connors will have an update at 5:30. stay ahead of tomorrow's snow and rain with the nbc 10 weather app. delivers important information to your smart fen or tablet, free download now at while you're sleeping, the nbc 10 today team will be business say the work tracking the storm and its impact. wake up with the first alert forecast and traffic and news from overnight, nbc 10 today
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starting at 4 a.m. on to a story that even disturbed veteran philadelphia prosecutors and underaged girl sold for sex for a few hundred dollars. >> the alleged client who fired it all, a center city attorney. lu ann cannes is live in germantown with details on this investigation. lu ann? >> reporter: the district attorney says the couple that forced the 14-year-old into prostitution lived right here on this street in germantown, but one of their best client was this man, a center city attorney. >> i believe there was a very special place in hell for men like brian meehan that raped 12 and 14-year-old girls. >> reporter: the district attorney says a 14-year-old philadelphia girl was sold to men 20 times a week and in march of 2012, he was brought to one penn center on jfk boulevard numerous times to meet and allegedly have sex with attorney brian meehan at his office. she also testified that meehan told her that he knew she was
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only 14 years old, that he liked young girls and that the youngest girl he had sex with for money was 12 years old. were investigators who say the couple forced the 14-year-old into prostitution lived in this house on west harvey street in german up to, that the teen was one of five girls offered to customers until police arrested the couple this summer. >> seen various plain clothes and uniform cops and s.w.a.t. >> reporter: arrest of meehan comes more than two years after police say they started investigating the 14-year-old's disappearance. >> she was threaten and physically abused and afraid. >> reporter: at one point, investigators say the girl was sold for $300 to a couple in camden as a sex slave and she ended up in an emergency room where she told nurses, but police couldn't find her until investigators from georgia took her into custody as a victim of human sex trafficking. >> 14-year-old and some children even younger, it's an
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abomination. so -- >> reporter: that was one of many neighbors here on harvey street to say they didn't know what was going on here, the names of the couple involved have not been released because of an ongoing investigation. in the meantime, the law firm where meehan was a part mer says he has been terminated and meehan's attorney says he main tapes his energy. live in germantown, lu ann cahn, nbc 10 news. we continue to track the breaking news out of ferguson, mice sur roy, keeping a close eye on this street where protesters could gather again tonight. it is calm, as you see right now, violence did erupt last night when a gramm decided no to indict the police officer who shot and killed michael brown. missouri governor jay nixon said more than 2200 national guardsmen will be in ferguson tonight. take a look at these flames, this beauty shop fire is one of 25 businesses protesters torched in ferguson overnight. those angry with the de'tis took their frustration out on a
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parked police car shortly after the prosecutor anouned the grand jury's decision and looters targeted a dollar store and walgreens, shattering the the windows. police arrested at least 82 people overnight. protests are also happening here in our area now. nbc 10's christine maddela live in skyforce 10 with a bird's eye view. what do you see out there, crist team? >> reporter: you can see this group of protesters here, keith, they are gathered outside temple university's morgan hall right at broad and cecil about. moore. this is the ending point, these protesters originally started at city hall and marched north, up north broad street and now listening to speakers and really just this is their ending place it looks like for the march and you can see all of the police presence out here, here at the top of your screen. a portion of north broad street is shut down to traffic. now, it has been peaceful out here and earlier today, we caught one philadelphia police commissioner charles ramsey, who says he is proud of his officers and the protesters so far.
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he said philadelphia is showing the rest of the country how peaceful demonstrations are done. >> there are going to be some testimony mop stations that probably will flow into the rush hour and if so, we want to make sure that people don't unnecessarily get caught in traffic jams if they don't need to, so we will do the best we can through the media and also through twitter to keep people informed of any street closures or people marching that may cause some congestion, you can expect, especially if you are in center city, to have some delays. >> right now, some of those delays are around temple university's campus, delays and detours as we widen this view here. you can see several police vehicles blocking a portion of north broad street. it is shut down to traffic from master to montgomery avenue. so, detours are in effect and police are detouring cars around this closed portion of broad street. live in skyforce10, over temple university, christine maddela, nbc 10 news. >> thank you, christine. today, michael brown's
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father salt alongside family attorneys who spoke out on behalf of the family. the attorneys said that the process that led to officer darren wilson not being indicted is "unfair and broken". they objected to a decision made by the st. louis county prosecutor. the prosecutor called for a grand jury to examine the evidence. he did not appoint a special prosecutor. attorneys representing the family said because of the circumstances, the prosecutor's office knew what the grand jury's decision would be. >> raises all kinds of red flags for us in this process. we are going to hold out hope at some point, justice will be served. >> the reverend al sharpton said prosecutor robert mccull log went out of his way to discredit michael brown. sharpton also criticized violent protesters overnight, saying they weren't on the side of the unarmed teenager. we continue to follow rain and snow moving in our direction. it's part of the nor'easter that
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will hit us early tomorrow morning. you can see it right here on nbc 10 first alert radar. nbc 10 first alert meteorologist, sheena parveen is tracking that storm. also ahead -- >> a controversial philadelphia police tactic violates steps' civil rights. i'm mitch blocker. the nbc 10 investigators uncould have fer it is also an effective crime fighter.
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right now, nbc 10 first alert radar tracking a northeast they're will bring rain and snow to our area, starting tomorrow morning. the storm is expected to make thanksgiving travel a real challenge. nbc 10 first alert meteorologist, sheena parveen has the hayesest forecast in just minutes. the nbc 10 investigators revealing new details now about unjustified stops at the hands of philadelphia police. new at 5:00, investigative reporter mitch blocker found a tactic nope as stop and frisk targets minorities, but national studies and experts say it does little to clean up the streets. mitch? >> reporter: the last hour, showed you how thousands of philadelphia citizens have been stopped with no probable cause and philadelphia police keeping track of how many people officers stopped, friskeded and detained for three years and numbers set to be leased the coming month, we have a simple question, does stop and frisk work? stop and frisk was first made famous bait nypd, the, aggressive police tactic was at
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first celebrated for helping to bring down crime in new york. it was also heavily criticized for violating steps' civil rights. a human gap between research and practice. >> reporter: rutgers university professor louis tuthill studies stop and frisk. he worked for the department of justice before moving to the classroom. >> as far as the about the tomorrow line question does stop and frisk work, you think what? >> stop and frisk specifically, most of the research shows no immediate impacts. >> reporter: the nbc 10 investigators found this national study released in january much the university of pittsburgh surveyed the 50 largest police departments in the country about their stop and frisk tactics. one of the conclusions, stop and risk activity in philadelphia was actually more intense than under the nypd in new york. the study found philadelphia police stopped one in six people while the nypd stopped one in 14. philly police have down played
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the numbers and say stop and frisk help dropped crime in philadelphia. for the investigators, i'm mitch blocker, nbc 10 news. a performing arts center in wisconsin is the latest to cancel an upcoming bill cosby show. the comedian's performance in green bay was scheduled for april. the concert hall gave no reason for the cancellation. several cosby shows and prom jokes have now been cap selled, especially in recent weeks as a growing number of women accused him of sexual assaults. now, we continue to keep a close eye on the forecast. >> a nor'easter will bring snow and rain to our area. nbc 10 first alert meteorologist, sheena parveen joins us. when will we start to see these changes? >> the changes will come as early as the morning hours tomorrow before the sun even comes up. we will start to see rain moving and changing over to snow. so, some a first alert weather day for the area. we will see hazardous travel conditions, in the morning, heavy rain to possibly heavy, wet snow across parts to of the area. heaviest snow north and west of philadelphia, travel problems
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expected. with any heavy, bet snow that we see, we could have power outages with the heavy wet snow on the power lines and possibly the tree limbs much here is a look at the winter storm warnings though, stretch through a majority of the eastern part of the country. tomorrow, no the a good travel day, winter storm warnings through a majority of our area, north and west of philadelphia, accumulating snow leading to hazardous travel, you really don't want to be traveling. see the nor'easter move in and snow through much of the area. here is a look at the timing. poconos, lehigh valley, north and west, now at 7:00 tomorrow morning, rain already moving in and then a quick changeover through the higher elevations in the poconos. then the changeover happens very fast for the lehigh valley, chester, montgomery, upper bucks counties by 9:00 tomorrow morning. after this, we just continue seeing the snow get heavier at time, consistent snowfall accumulating, even through noon tomorrow.
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and then we continue it through the afternoon with the snow. so, now we are at 4 p.m. we are still seeing snow falling and accumulating here and then later on tomorrow evening, we finally see it leave the area so by 9:00, we should be dry in those areas. so, now, philadelphia and the i-95 corridor from new castle county up to mercer county in new jersey, this area will be seeing rain at 7:00 tomorrow morning and then we continue with the rain by about 10 a.m. some of this rain heavier at times, where you see the yellow coloring, but notice the rain/snow line gets even closer, some of this heavy rain could quickly change over to heavy, wet snow. now, you see noon tomorrow, some of that heavier wet snow sheep by the darker purple, that could be in the philadelphia area up toward trenton, through the afternoon, we could see that rain/snow line fluctuating at times. by 5 p.m., expect it through part of the area, along the i-95 corridor, clearing out later tomorrow night. we look in south jersey and delaware, in these areas, we do expect mainly rain, starting in the early morning hours, 6:00,
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topping heavier by about 10 a.m. by the midmiddle of the day, mostly rain, through the afternoon, we could see a brief area of snow in parts of new jersey, as far as the totals are concerned, the highest alps could be in the poconos, eight to 12 inch, lehigh valley suburbs north and west could see five to eight inches, north and west of the philadelphia air, could be including the i-95 corridor at times, see three to five inches there one to three in much of new jersey, and northern delaware as well, closer to shore, we expect an inch or less than that along our shore points. for tonight, rain mostly after 3 a.m., snowing in the poke know, mid to upper 30s tonight, tomorrow, the temperatures drop off, the snow moves in, heavy, wet snow at time, temperatures in the mid to low 30s there you see tomorrow, first alert weather, you don't want to be traveling, to be dangerous much of the northeast, we see snow falling, as we go into thanksgiving, we dry out, we cool down, so, thanksgiving day is looking decent for traveling, it's really just tomorrow morning. that's when all the precip
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starts to move in. stay colder through the weekend, but if you can leave tonight, if you need to go somewhere, it's a good time to go. >> a lot of people might try to beat the snow early in the morning but that's not a good idea, it is going to change over so quickly from rain to snow likely. beat it deading where you're going, i would say do it before 6, 7:00 in the morning and that's really early. so -- >> good to know. good advice. >> thank you, sheena. make sure all families can celebrate thanksgiving. 102.9 wmgk hosted the 13th annual turkey drop at philadelphia's love park this morning. the event benefits city teen philadelphia, an organization that provides holiday meals and services to shelters and food groups. last year, 9,000 turkeys were collected at the turkey drop. tomorrow is one of the busiest travel days of the year, especially at the airport. now, imagine that controlled chaos every day. why one travel expert says that could become reality as early as next year.
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if you fly in or out of the lehigh valley airports, safety improvements to tell you about the airport authority has nearly $13 million in grant money to build a new runway safety system. the goal is to stop an airplane if it goes off the run watch the system uses crushable concrete, if a plane goes off the run wake its tires will sink in the concrete and that will slow the plane down. the faa say their system has already stopped nine planes the other airports from going off the run way. usually the day before thanksgiving is one of the busiest travel days of the year. >> imagine seeing that crowd once a week, even in the middle of may a new report says in about a year, that's what we can expect. the u.s. travel association says there will be more crowded terminals, more flight delays and more cancellations. the group says the answer to the problem is for travelers to simply speak up. >> one thing people can do instead of complaining when you are in the security line or complaining when you are in a crowded terminal, con contact
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your member of congress, tell them we need better airports, more airlines, to have competition in the airspace and avert the crisis. travelers can do something, if they don't act, it will be thanksgiving-like travel year round. >> we reached to you the to philadelphia international for a comment but they haven't returned our calls. villanova university gets the go-ahead to move forward with a $300 million expansion project. the board of commissioners gave the university conditional approval to expand its campus along lancaster avenue. villanova wants to build more dorms a parking garage and performing arts center. a specs person for the university tells us while the process has moved forward, it still needs to go through the land development process. several inches of snow could be on the ground by this time tomorrow. >> the heaviest winter weather will fall north and west of the city. next, we check in with penndot officials to hear their plan to keep the roads clear on one of the busiest travel days of the year. harry?
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the son of congressman chaka fattah tells me he doesn't need a lawyer to fight his federal charges. i'm harry hairston, i will tell you why and what he plans to do to defend himself. that's coming up next. plus, a battle over booze. what popular restaurant chain is accused of overcharging customers for their drinks, coming up on nbc 10 news at 6:00.
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take a good look at first alert radar, that giant, green blob is packed with rain and snow and moving right in our direction. the nor'easter will hit our area tomorrow morning and last well into the evening. >> and some areas will see several inches of snow, all of it in one of the busiest travel days of the year. >> we have live first alert coverage, beginning with glenn hurricane schwartz. glenn? >> may not seem too likely, with temperatures in the 50s today, but tomorrow is the first alert weather day, it's going to be a mess, from start to finish. gonna start with heavy rain, then change over to heavy, wet snow, at least in parts to of the area, the heaviest snow will fall north and west, typical type of storm and the travel problems again most likely, where the heaviest snow is along with some power outages because of the heavy, wet snow and some leaves still on the trees. the rain just offshore and it extends all the way down to the eastern gulf of mexico where the storm is actually going to
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develop. and once it starts moving up, it's going to push all that moisture up this way. now, for more on the travel troubles, not just here but elsewhere, too, nbc 10 first alert meteorologist, sheena parveen. >> yes, really depends where you're going as far as this storm is concerned. if you're going anywhere in the northeast tomorrow, not a very good day to travel. try to go tonight or you can go thanksgiving morning, here is a look at your travel forecast washington up to boston. as we go into early tomorrow morning, we expect a quick changeover to snow. here, you see through the middle of the day wednesday, through wednesday afternoon, should be the peak of the storm at this time from washington up to boston, we expect rain changing to snow, accumulating, especially in the interior sections of the northeast. this continues late wednesday night, hazardous material in this area is expected. but as we go into thanksgiving day, things really start to dry out. we cool down into the 30s thanksgiving morning, so, if you have to travel and you don't want to do it tonight, i wouldn't suggest tomorrow but i would suggest early thanksgiving morning, if you can do that that
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is going to be the best time to get on the roadways, come on up, show you how much snow you can expect locally and where it will clear out. straight ahead. >> the north and we were suburbs will see the most snow tomorrow. >> thousands of extra cars and trucks on the road, keeping ahead of the storm will be vital. rosemary connors is live in norristown. penndot briefed you on their plans. >> reporter: that's right, jacqueline and keith. here's what i learned from penndot. first crews are going to come in around midnight, going to be stationed in bucks, montgomery and chester counties, philadelphia and delaware counties will follow. really what they are going to be doing in the overnight hours is gearing up, making sure that their trucks are ready to go. not going to be mining or treating the roads because of the rain, don't want to wash away the salt, they are going to be looking for that changeover. penndot says it will be very busy with their crews on the roads and asking drivers to be flexible. >> asking people to either adjust or delay their travel plans, if possible. it's a very good idea, you know,
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look -- look at the weather, you might want to delay your plans until the storm has passed. >> reporter: of course, we know tomorrow is one of the busiest travel days of the year, so people are going to be out on the roads, penndot is asking that if you do have to drive tomorrow, do yourself a favor and steer clear of the crews that are going to be out there. they want to plow the roads, want to get the salt down, just give yourself a safe distance when out this on the roads. reporting live in norristown, i'm rosemary connors, nbc 10 news. the approaching northeaster is forcing many thanksgiving travellers to make last-minute hotel reservations. at the hotel bethlehem starting to get calls from people driving from d.c. to boston wanting to spend the night and wait out the storm. other calls are coming from slightly panicky guests. >> somewhere booking earlier, coming in earlier before the storm, others after the storm. our plans are to head to hagerstown, maryland, tomorrow.
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we did have the option of leaving tonight or early tomorrow morning and thinking the latter. hotel bethlehem many companies are reserving rooms for their employ grills who have to commute from philadelphia to new york. while you are sleeping, the nbc 10 team will be working the storm and impacts. wake up with the latest first alert forecast and traffic and news from overnight much nbc 10 today starting at 4 a.m. nbc 10 continues to follow breaking news out of ferguson, missouri. missouri governor jay nixon said that 2200 national guardsmen will be in ferguson tonight. we are keeping an eye on this ferguson street as sunset as. violent protests erupted here last night. the it came after the grand jury decided the officer who killed michael brown should not face charges. hundreds of protesters took to the streets in philadelphia today, marched north on broad street before gathering at city hall chanting, no justice, no
5:34 pm
peace. earlier today, local clergy and activists protested outside the federal courthouse. they say these demonstrations are designed to put pressure on the feds to look at michael brown's death as is rainfall rights violation. >> we are pressing for the attorney general, the president of the united states, to make sure the department of justice does come along and hold a -- hold them accountable for civil rights violation. darren wilson for civil rights violation. some protesters are threatening to take action with their wallets, calling on people to boycott spending money on black friday. at 530, chaka fattah, jr., says he doesn't need a lawyer, the sop of u.s. congressman chaka fattah wants to fight federal fraud and wire fraud charges without an attorney. >> if convicted, he could go to jail for a number of years. nbc 10's investigative reporter, harry hairston, spoke to fatah about this latest turn of events and join us with more on why
5:35 pm
fatah, jr. wants to represent himself. harry? >> reporter: he could go to jail up to 400 years if convicted. i wanted to tell you a while ago, i talked to fatah about his decision to dump his attorneys and go it alone in federal court. >> i am not scared of the federal government. should there be any doubt remaining, you know, i am not afraid of the federal government. >> reporter: weeks after making that statement to the nbc 10 investigators, fatah times this motion in federal court to dump his court-pointed a attorneys. via phone today, fatah tells me, "i have the whipping strategy. i want to take the fight to the feds. my life is on the line." as we first reported, the feds indicted fatah on more than two dozen counts earlier this year. the charges also include defrauding banks and the philadelphia school district. fatah says he is innocent. for better or worse, innocent until proven guilty in this country, not really. >> reporter: jeff lippedy is a former federal u.s. assistant prosecutor. he says the u.s. attorney's
5:36 pm
office will more than likely present hundreds of documents to the jury to prove their case. >> because if a jury glazes over, they are going to get the benefit of the doubt to the prosecutor. they are not going to give the benefit of the doubt to the defense and the defense attorney and the defendant. they never do. >> reporter: fatah declined to tell me why he feel it is necessary to drop his attorneys much the hearing is scheduled for december 12th. that's when a judge will decide if he can represent himself in his trial that's scheduled for next year. for the investigator, harry hairston, nbc 10 news. fatah, jr. is the stepson of nbc 10 news anchor, renee shep naut fatah. well, an 11-year-old spending time at a soup kitchen may not sound so appealing, but a group of sickth graders the one montgomery county school have to work for the opportunity. nbc 10 at advocate cafe in north philadelphia. today a dozen meadowbrooke school students toured the facility, helped prepare the food, served those in need a tradition dating back 30 years much the group also donated $800 to the outreach ministry.
5:37 pm
by the way, in order to work at the soup kitchen for the day, students had to write a letter to the school principal about the importance of helping others. >> great tradition. dangerous cargo rolling on the rails, hundreds of freight trains carrying oil and other dangerous chemicals soon be coming through new jersey neighborhoods. what state leaders just that opens up the tracks to more cargo. and tracking rain and snow. next, how you can get the updated first alert weather forecast and keep ahead of the storm, even while you're away from your tv. but first, here's what's coming up tonight on nbc 10 news at 6:00. >> a philadelphia attorney accused of sexually assaulting a teenager at work. the couple who helped and how they are tied up in the local sex trade. this popular chain restaurant in trouble. why they are accused of charging customers more depending on where they are seated. count on nbc 10 news at 6:00.
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i'm christine maddela live in skyforce10 where i have been following the march in response to last night's decision in ferguson, missouri. this group of protesters marched up bradstreet to city hall to temple university campus. now they are on the move again. right now, this group is heading
5:40 pm
south on 20th. the police -- philadelphia police are escorting them, you can expect intermilt tent lane closures and road closures as they march south back toward center city. we -- it's been a peaceful protest and you can see here, there are some road closures and detours in effect. reporting live in skyforce10, christine maddela, nbc 10 news. and right now, nbc 10 first alert radar is tracking a nor'easter which will bring rain and snow to our area starting tomorrow morning. >> several inches of snow could fall depending on where you live. that storm is expected to make thanksgiving travel a real challenge. >> getting where you need to go safely is all about preparation. >> and can help. vince late tan zee yo is here tell us how. >> nbc 10 has a suite of technology and apps to keep you informed during the holiday storm and any bad weather this winter. we have a special section to kater to severe weather, tomorrow's storm, here at the top of our homepage.
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in it you will find the latest forecast from our meteorologist, storm time lines and interactive radar that will let you track when the storm and snow will move into your neighborhood. and then with the free nbc 10 weather app, you can get the latest conditions for precisely where you are and also live radar and most importantly, severe weather alerts delivered directly to where you are at that moment when they are issued. now, we'd also like to see what conditions look like where you are during the storm tomorrow. share photos and videos of the winter weather throughout the storm by e-mailing them to pics at you might see them on tv or in our apps. all fees into etch churs are free for you to use. we built them to keep them safe and informed. nbc 10 has got you covered. keith? >> vince lattanzio, thank you very much. turning to this, dangerous cargo rolling right through populated areas. what new jersey officials do today that opens the door for hundreds more freight trains to hit the local rails.
5:42 pm
and i'm watching a developing nor'easter for tomorrow, so coming up, i will show you how much snow you can expect where you live, plus the timing on it. ahead on nbc 10 news at 6:00, paying a high praise to dine out. why tgi friday's is accused of stealing from its customers.
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here are some of the stories making headlines on nbc 10 news at 5:00, penn dot says its workers are ready to handle tomorrow's incoming snow. the department will have more than 400 trucks on the road at the height of the storm and they are encouraging drivers, if possible, to adjust or delay their travel plans until after the storm has passed. and travelers are trying to get out of done a day early. nbc 10 at philadelphia international airport where the people we talked to are taking
5:45 pm
earlier flights to avoid tomorrow's snowstorm. some air lines reduce the changeover fee to asome da-- ace customers. returning to breaking news in ferguson, missouri, snow is billowing from burped out businesses after a night of protest. the unrest erupted after the grand jury's decision no to dial officer darren wilson. wilson shot and killed unarmed teenager michael brown in august. an attorney for michael brown's family called the grand jury's process to officer wilson not being indicted unfair and broken. >> this is raising many questions about how exactly a grand jury works in a case like this. for more on that, attorney howard bruce climb joins us live in the digital operations center. he's former federal prosecute here now works as a defense attorney. >> some are criticizing the st. louis county prosecutor's decision to call a grand jury instead of appointing a special prosecutor to the case. can you explain the difference between the two? >> he is a dually elected district attorney and up to him as to how wants to proceed.
5:46 pm
if he wanted to prevent the case himself, certainly, he can do that. if he felt he had a conflict because of family concerns or his father's situation many years ago, could have asked for a special prosecutor and certainly, the governor could have appointed a special prosecutor, but he chose to proceed on his own with his office and present it to the grand jury. i think that was his decision to make. >> howard, there's been some controversy over the amount of evidence presented to the grand jury. usually, they hear a condensed version of the evidence, as i understand it but we are told that wasn't the case here. why is that? >> normally, the prosecutor presents a case with an eye toward getting an indictment. and what happened here, he decided to present an entire case, as he described it, both sides, the good and the bad, without looking toward getting an indictment, just to sort of let the grand jury decide because it was such a controversial matter and he was gonna present it to them and it would be up to them to decide it rather that the prosecutor pushing it through as they normally do. >> a lot of people are wondering
5:47 pm
how common or uncommon it is for a grand jury to decline an indictment in a case like this. >> it's jai alai unusual. in one recent year, let's say in the federal system this is not a federal case, obviously, the federal system, there were 160,000 indictments returned and 11 no bills, meaning they refused to indict in 11 cases. so it's highly unusual for that to happen. normally, a prosecutor presents a case with an indictment and the prosecutor can get whatever he or she wants but every so often, in a police brutality case, they sort of throw it in and leave it to the jurors to decide. i would say it's highly unusual but not unheard of. >> former federal prosecutor howard bruce klein, thank you so much for your insight and for joining us. >> thank you. 11 everybody my yes of the pennsylvania turn pike commission use their e-mail accounts at work to forward or receive pornography, according to a commission spokesman. some employees were suspended.
5:48 pm
commission says its own compliance department conducted the investigation. earlier this year, dozens of current and former employees of the state attorney general's office were disciplined for something similar. 330 more oil trains could make their way onto new jersey's railroads each year. state environmental officials approved a permit to open railroads in densely populated towns to oil trains coming in from canada. right now, trains carry 5 billion gallons of oil into the state from north dakota every year. earlier this morning the the dep granted buckeye partners the right to accept the large amounts of oil at its newly renovated terminal at perth am boy, middlesex county. we talk, of course, about the smoker the rain moving into our area on one of the busiest travel days of the year tomorrow. >> nbc 10 first alert meteorologist, sheena parveen is here to tell us when it starts and what expecting with it. sheena? >> going to start very early in the more, start as rain but for areas north and west, very quickly before it changes over to the snow, so, tomorrow is a
5:49 pm
first alert weather day, hazardous travel, heavy rain, heavy wet snow at times, the heaviest of the snow areas north and west of philadelphia, we could certainly see travel problems out there we expect travel problems and could see even the potential for power outages with some of the heavier, wet snow that could be falling. so, if you need to travel, either do it tonight or do it thanksgiving morning. you really don't want to be on the roadways tomorrow, here is all the moisture watching, down around the southeast now, a lot of heavy rain, bay the time it gets up here it will be our nor'easter and cold air will start to change the rain over to snow. a lot of winter storm watches and warnings up across much of the northeastern parts of the country accumulating snow is expected, providing dangerous travel conditions. this is mostly north and west of philadelphia, includes much -- all of the lehigh valley and the poconos. we will start with this area first as we go through tonight. we stayed quiet, early, 6, 7:00 in the morning, do expect rain in this area, poconos will start to see snow though, very quick
5:50 pm
change to snow. you will see it a couple hours later, the rain chances to snow north and west. continues the middle of the day, by noon, accumulating snowfall here and even through the afternoon, we still expect accumulating snow, quickly clearing out through the late evening hours, so, it's gonna pretty much be an all-day thing, lining the i-95 corridor, wilmington, trenton in the morn, expect rain, 7:00, by 10:00 that snow starts to push closer to theism-95 corridor from the north and west, there you see the rain/snow line in pink there, by 10:00 in the morning, you notice heavy rain sheep by yellow in much of south jersey, this could quickly change over to heavy, wet snow bay the middle of the day, all depends on that rain/snow line, do expect the wet snow around, by 5:00 in the afternoon, we top to see the rain and snow through a imagine, jr.ity of the i-95 corridor, clearing out in the evening. then as we go into south jersey and delaware, for you, if you live in south jersey and delaware, this will mostly be a rain event, 7:00 in the morning, see rain, heavy rain at times
5:51 pm
through the late morning house, by the middle of the day into the afternoon, could have a brief period, where we do see snow before it all clears out tomorrow night. keep in mind, we do not expect good travel tomorrow, if you need to, again, leave, i would leave tonight or at least thanksgiving morning. highest amounts in the poconos, eight to 12 inches possible, lehigh valley, five to eight inches of snow possible, near the i-95 corridor, mostly north and west of that, expect three to five inches but then in parts of south jersey and delaware, maybe one to three inches there, closer to the shore, less than one as that would occur as all this thing starts to move out. for tonight, rain after about 3 a.m., snow in the poconos, 39 for float philadelphia, mid-30s north and west. tomorrow, as the snow moves in, help to drop the temperatures down, we expect highs to be dropping anywhere from the mid to low 30s, heavy rain changing over to heavy, wet snow at times. not a good travel day tomorrow. then on thanksgiving, we do dry out. so thanksgiving will be dry if you need to travel, but it will be cold, as we go into the
5:52 pm
weekend, we do stay colder, we stay dry and we really stay dry for the next several days, but as far as tomorrow is concerned, we will be here certainly monitoring all this for you, keeping you updated. again it will start very early and the area seeing snow first will be north and west and that will start to shift into philadelphia by midday. the timing really is essential here with the storm. >> it is. but it's going to start so early, i would just sect either tonight or thursday morning to do any traveling. if it's tomorrow, about 6 or 7 a.m., right? >> very early. you have to be out before sunrise, for sure. >> thank you, sheena. >> thanks. a major honor for an ocean city police patrolman. members of the coast guard presented patrolman john pareck a a with the outstanding service award yesterday, instrumental in establishing the ocean city police department's marine unit. he has also helped with more than 30 search and rescue missions in the past year and a half. congrats to him. >> absolutely. well, counting our own
5:53 pm
blessings. >> giving to those less fortunate, that is the true meaning of thanksgiving and it was on display today. next, nbc 10 is there as one family touched by tragedy sees the generosity of others. then coming up on nbc 10 news at 6:00, philadelphia's taney dragons are back in the headlines. this time, it's not because of their skills, it's because of a lawsuit. why the little league organization may be in trouble.
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the season of giving is here. >> now a local family hit by tragedy is getting some help for the holidays. yay! >> happy thanksgiving. >> this morning the could be aen group donated thanksgiving dipper to stephanie alexander and her family in bala cynwyd. alexander lost her cousin, keshia williams and williams' three young children in july when a carjackedsome uville crashed into them. alexander is helping williams' surviving school aged daughters and thanked those who supported her. >> we appreciate everything everyone has done for our family, especially with everything that happened over the summer and trying to bounce back. now this is a huge holiday where, you know, at guess to be tough to get through it, with the love that everyone has given us and the love of our family, we are gonna be good.
5:57 pm
>> a fund has been set up online to raise money for williams' surviving children. coming up next on nbc 10 news at 6:00 -- >> a 14-year-old girl forced into prostitution and a philadelphia lawyer under arrest. what investigators uncovered about a local sex trafficking ring and who was involved, plus glenn has your first alert forecast. >> i'm tracking snow and rain for the holiday and it may affect your travel plans. tell you when it is going to arrive and how much you can expect in your area next. right now, hundreds of people are marching through philadelphia, angry that a police officer will not be charged for killing an unarmed teen in ferguson, missouri. the action they want you to take, even if you don't join them in the streets.
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