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tv   NBC 10 News at 6pm  NBC  November 25, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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was a 14-year-old kept to satisfy his needs. >> he practiced law by day and bought an underaged girl by night. >> reporter: attorney brian meehan turned himself in today. in march of 2012, the district attorney says meehan paid for a 14-year-old girl to be brought to his center city law office over 20 types. >> it's disgrace and so close to home, too. >> reporter: german town residents on west harvey street are stunned to learn their former neighbors allegedly forced the 14-year-old into prostitution. the couple were clients of meehan's and they fed the attorney's appetite for young girls. >> i believe there is a very special place in hell for men like brian meehan that rape 12 and 14-year-old girls. >> reporter: built girl was quickly moved out of philadelphia, sold for $300 to a couple in camden. >> that then began using her as
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their own basically sex slave, how she was the victim of serious injury, how she was transported across state lines to georgia. >> reporter: meehan's torn says his client maintains his innocence. the law firm in which he was a partner gave this statement -- the names of the couple involved have not about released because we are told there is a continuing investigation and the grand jury. there is also a federal investigation. we are also told the 14-year-old, now 16 years old, continues to suffer physically and mentally. live in germantown, lu ann cahn, nbc 10 news much now to breaking news tonight out of ferguson, missouri. a live look at a scene now but missouri's governor to the taking changes. he says more than 2200 national guardsmen will be available here
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tonight following also that's violence. that's wendell mon straighters took to the street, burning buildings, violence following a grand jury's decision not to indict white police officer darren wilson for killing michael brown, a black unarmed teenager. tonight, attorneys for michael brown's family are viewing to push for federal charges against officer wilson. brown's father, standing alongside them at a news conference today the attorneys blasted the prosecute entered a grand jury process. they say they knew justice would not be served.
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>> you can see this line of police officers, bicycle officers blocking the street here, they are escorting the protesters throughout the city and so you will see some detours and some temporary road closures as the demonstration continues back toward center city. right now, it's been -- it's been peaceful throughout the afternoon and we haven't seen any incidents here as we have been monitoring throughout the afternoon. reporting live in skyforce10, christine maddela. renee? similar protests playing out throughout philadelphia, demonstrators talking to the streets last night while the unrest enveloped ferguson. up like the situation in missouri, police here say the
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protests are mostly peaceful. we checked, there has only been one incident, police arrested two people who tried stopping traffic on the highway. other protests took part in our area today. >> that includes this after nap's demonstration that began at city hall. and deanna durante was there. >> reporter: they are activists and teachers. >> i live in east falls andage judgment professor at westchester university at their masters of social work program and a bunch of my fellow faculty members and students are coming down and march down to cecil b. moore. what are you hoping this will do. they are upset over their action. guilty and not doing anything about it and i want justice, that's why i'm out here for everybody today. >> i have two grand as soon as and why want to see them as the next victim. >> reporter: it is not the city's first rally today. earlier, a noon rally at the federal building attended by
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clergy and activists. >> we want an immediate end to police brutality. >> reporter: the goal, urging federal investigators to look at the shooting of michael brown. >> we are pressing for the attorney general, the president of the united states to make sure the department of justice does come along and hold a -- hold them accountable for civil rights violations. darren wilson accountable for civil rights violations. >> reporter: those protesters are calling for a boycott of black friday shopping to express their frustration. about 200 people gathered here at city hall before taking their march on the streets of philadelphia. at city hall, deanna durante, nbc 10 news. next on nbc 10 news at 6, philadelphia's taney little league players are back in the headlines, this time, not because of their skills, it's because of a lawsuit. glenn? >> snow is on the way. how much and when it arrives ahead in my first alert forecast.
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we are tracking snow just in time for one of the busiest travel days of the year, nearly 3 million cars will hit the pennsylvania turnpike alone over the thanksgiving who will day and road crews are getting ready. we will have your full first alert forecast coming up in just a few minutes. philadelphia's taney dragons are making national headlines again but this time, it's because of a lawsuit against
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their little league organization. cherry hill couple is suing the taney youth baseball association for more than $50,000. the suit claims a ball hit 73-year-old annan kumar in the eye last year, causing long-term physical and emotional damage. neither the league nor the lawyer representing the couple have commented. taney, of course, became well known last summer when mo'ne davis became the first female pitcher to win a little league world series game. this is usually the time to stock up on food for thanksgiving but right now people in our area are also looking for snow supplies. >> nbc 10's doug shimell live in milford township, bucks county. doug, you talked to the people who could see the most snow tomorrow. >> yeah. and you know, in storms like these, people here know very well what it means to live north and west. that's all they have been doing at this hardware store in bethlehem. today has been crazy, sold 80
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snow shovels before 8:00 this morning and we opened at 6:30. >> reporter: mike and other customers picking up where they left off last winter. >> got like four properties. >> take a beating every time you get a good snow? >> a betting, yes. we got driveways, parking lots that need to be taken care of. yeah. >> reporter: snow blowers have been selling since september since many didn't survive last year. what about salt? >> had one guy take actually three tractor trailer loads this year so far and there's 8784 bags on a tractor trailer load. so, one guy took 2500 bags of salt. >> reporter: but somehow, laura harris still has a stockpile. >> i have probably 100 pounds of salt in my basement. >> left from last winter? >> left over. that's correct. because we had such a bad snow, we kept buying it and buying it. >> reporter: it is very likely that laura will run through that surplus over the next day and a half. live in bucks county, i'm doug shimell, nbc 10 news.
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the most technologically advanced weather lab on four wheels is gassed up and ready to cover tomorrow's storm as well. count on storm force ten to be out in the elements bringing you live coverage as it canvases the region covering the snow and the rain headed our way. and the nbc 10 first alert weather team is tracking this storm around the clock. >> let's go to nbc 10 chief meteorologist, glenn "hurricane" schwartz. something is going to help us tomorrow, will be the temperature and some of this snow will be healthi inmelting . first alert weather day tomorrow. bigger accumulations are going to be, some on the roads, causing travel problems and power outages are possible as well.
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temperatures into the low 40s, pottstown, 42, 51 philadelphia, 59 this morning. things have cooled down. once the snow coming down from above it will cool off the ground nicely. and watch what happens here, it happens fast. by 7 a.m., already changing over in areas north and west. generally the higher elevations, that will happen first, the tops of the hills and then look at that. within two hours, the map is blue. it can go from heavy rain to heavy snow like that. when you get up and it is range, don't assume the temperatures are going to stay that way, temperatures going up, temperatures will go down. 11 a.m., still snowing. noon, snowing. 3:00, maybe a little bit lighter and then it starts breaking up.
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now let's head to the tougher part of the forecast, philadelphia, i-95 corridor, right on the em, as is of the the case. we got rain the morning rush, the heavy side, then that quick changeover, i-95, that's the borderline. but some of this snow looks like it is going to come all the way across the delaware river, into newier say very close call. it depends on how heavy the precipitation is. the heavier it, the more likely it is to changeover to snow and accumulate. there it is, 2:00 in the afternoon and all afternoon, it's snowing until the precip gets lighter and it's about to end. later in the afternoon, see some of that interior south jersey
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getting a little bit of that snow. but not much. eight to 12 inches the poconos, that's good bit. lehigh valley, berks county, upper bucks, montgomery, chester, five to eight, three to gave for the rest of bucks county. lower montgomery. much of delaware. southern chester. parts of the philadelphia area, chestnut hill probably more snow than south philly. rain after 3 a.m., snow in the poconos to start. 39 for the low in the city, 35, north and west. all above freezing when you get up in the morning, temperatures fall during the day, heavy rain changes to heavy, wet snow. and on thursday, it's just plain cold. high of only 40, even colder on friday. saturday pretty cold this time offier. sunday, the temperatures really jump. that's going to feel very nice. and we have a very tricky weather situation coming.
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sheena will have more on this with new data at 11:00 tonight. >> always changing, too. >> yeah. it's -- this early and late season storms the trickiest. okay, glenn. glad you're here. we want to see your view of tomorrow's storms. send your weather pictures to pics at that's pix at a battle over the price of booze at tgi friday's. why one customer wants to file a class action lawsuit. a secure retirement. a new home. earning your diploma. providing for your family. real associates, using walmart's benefits to build better lives for their families.
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opportunity. that's the real walmart.
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philadelphia international airport has crews ready for tomorrow's snow and rain. the airport officials had a meeting late today to get all the airlines on the same page. the major airlines are dropping
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flight change fees if you want to rebook and get out on an earlier plane, could be tricky, because a lot of early flights are already packed. it was the old, oh, gosh, did we plan well or what? we had planned this long ago. >> that woman flew her mom here from orlando and now she is really glad she bought a ticket for today and not for tomorrow. a battle over the price of booze. that's what's happening at a popular restaurant chain. south jersey law firm is suing tgi friday's customers -- customers claim the restaurant didn't print drink prices in its menu, patrons wouldn't know just how high the drink prices actually are. that's not all. nbc 10's south jersey bureau cydney long reporter explains. >> makes me not want to visit their establishment. >> reporter: tgi friday's customers tell nbc 10 they had no idea that the popular restaurant chain allegedly hid or didn't showcase drink prices for mixed drinks, beer, even soda on their menus. kind of a little understanded,
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in my opinion. >> reporter: the attorney representing numerous it gi friday customers in this class action suit tells nbc 10 some of the allegations are not brand new. they date back 14 years to the year 2000. >> tgi fridays makes a victim of every single person that walks into the restaurant anded orrers a beverage without knowing what the price is. >> reporter: a judge ruled there is now enough evidence to classify the suit as a class action which means if you have been there, you may be eligible for damages. attorneys also say the chain fixed or engineered their menus, charging more or less for drinks based on where you sat. >> i think if they are fixing the price or pricing different areas of the restaurant, they should get sued. >> it's just wrong to do this to people that are honest and that live right and work hard. >> reporter: our attempts to ask tgi friday's in person -- >> gonna have to refer you to the corporate office. >> reporter: as well as their corporate office by phone and e-mail went unanswered today. customers stand to gain $100 per drink in damages if the court
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rules in favor of the plaintiffs. >> yeah. i think putting money back nat consumer's pockets would be great. >> reporter: the case moves back to court in burlington county december 9th. from marlton, cydney long, nbc 10 news. >> we just heard back from friday's in a written response. it does not address the drink prices on the menu but in part says friday's finds the claims without merit and will defend the allegation. we are right back.
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you have been telling us this is a tricky one. >> hard to believe after 72 degrees yesterday, talking about snow, eight to 12 inches in the poconos, five to eight inches in many of the areas north and west, far north and west, three to five inches from philadelphia just into the suburbs and then much less south and east. sheena will have more at 11:00 and tomorrow morn, really gonna need to pay attention to the weather, 'cause things are gonna change hour by hour and from mile to mile across the area. >> that's the tricky part of following this. thank you, glenn.
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for all of us here at nbc 10, thanks for watching, i am renee chenault-fattah. >> i'm jim rosenfield. and tonight, brian williams reports from ferguson, missouri. on our broadcast tonight, from ferguson, missouri, the decision that set off a wave across the country. here in ferguson, fears realized. a community in flames. chaos and anger in the streets. the wave of protests stretching from coast to coast as police departments hope for a peaceful night ahead. plus, inside this grand jury. the evidence, what they heard and saw that ended with no charges. why this grand jury proceeding was so different from others as the prosecutor now comes under fire. also tonight, the other big story. a big storm about to hit at the worst possible time. a thanksgiving travel nightmare for millions of americans. "nightly news" from ferguson begins now.


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