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tv   NBC 10 News at 5pm  NBC  November 27, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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right now at 5:00, a cold thanksgiving day is going to give way to a cold thanksgiving night. nbc 10 in lafayette hill a short time ago. people were bundled up as they picked up their christmas tree. >> cold r around the ice. skaters make their way around the rink at dilworth park. >> let's find out just how low the mercury will drop tonight for shoppers. hunting for those deals. nbc 10 first alert meteorologist sheena parveen is watching the falling temperatures. >> that's right. we're watching the temperatures fall off, so if you are brave enough to go outside tonight, you'll definitely want a jacket. 39 degrees right now in philadelphia. north and west through the lehigh valley we're in the mid
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30s. 27 in mt. pocono where they still have quite a bit of snow on the ground. 38 degrees now millville. 39 in dover. so, the black friday shopping starts tonight for many people, again, brave enough to go outside and do it. so as we go through the evening 8:00 tonight, we should be around 37 degrees. mostly cloudy. 10:00, mid 30s. midnight, we'll be getting closer to the 30-degree mark. as you wake up tomorrow morning, we will be in the 20s. so, yes, it will be getting colder tonight and into early tomorr tomorrow. coming up, we'll take a closer look at your black friday shopping forecast during the day and also your weekend forecast. >> all right. see you shortly, sheena. a live look at the airport from our camera atop the mellon building. yesterday's snow caused cancelations and delays here. we checked and the airports said the majority of flights are on time today. still, airport officials say it's best to check ahead on the status of your flight. now to a live look at 30th street station. things are running smoothly on the rails as well. we talked to amtrak.
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officials there report no problems. big problems, though, in north jersey are crews are working to restore power to thousands of people. yesterday's storm dumped up to a foot of snow in some parts of the northern state. knocked out power to thousands of customers. and moving farther north, people in western massachusetts are, well, sloshing their way through a messy winter storm this thanksgiving. the storm left about 8 inches of snow, knocked out power to 30,000 homes and businesses. some high schools rescheduled their traditional thanksgiving morning football games. back here at home, some people didn't need to wait long at all to get their hands on deals. nbc so in mayfair where shoppers swarmed this kmart. the store opened its doors at 6:00 a.m. like all kmarts it will remain open for 42 hours straight. >> no idea i was going to find this much. my husband will probably kill me. >> kmart has been opening for shoppers on thanksgiving day for 23 straight years.
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bargain hunters are on the move in king of prussia. >> that's right. nbc 10's christine maddela is right there with them. christine, you've been talking to people determined to get that holiday deal this thanksgiving night. >> reporter: and the bargain hunters are right behind me. best buy just opened its doors minutes ago. three minutes ago, to be exact. at 5:00. and there are at least a couple hundred people out here. you can see them streaming in to best buy to get those deals. the electronics that they're waiting for. for the folks watching us now, they're probably at home eating or getting ready to start on dessert, but these people, some of them have been camped out for 12 hours. they're heading inside to buy those tvs and tablets they've been waiting for. >> going to be coming down the way. >> reporter: best buy employees handed out tickets to the tech fan in line. most of the people we talked to have their eye on the discounted big screen tv. >> on dvr saving 350 bucks. >> reporter: a 50 inch l.e.d. normally $549.99. when doors oepen on thanksgiving
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best buy is serving up tvs instead of turkeys for $199.99. you're hoping to walk out with a tv or ipad? >> not hoping. i'm the first. >> reporter: first in line because he arrived at 5:00 a.m. what brings you out today ? >> well, i see the price. >> reporter: good deal? >> very good deal. >> reporter: nelson batista spent the morning scouting sales. >> i'm here for another deal. >> reporter: he already bought a tv at walmart. when we caught up with him, he was on the prowl for a computer. >> i see a computer normally $390-something for $198. i said, well, i better buy it. >> reporter: are these for you or for gifts? >> just for me. >> reporter: and take a look back out here live at the best buy in king of prussia. we are nearing the end of the line, but for the past four minutes, there's been a steady stream of people walking in to best buy. they will be open tonight until 1:00 a.m. and then they'll close overnight and re-open again a few hours later.
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across the street, king of prussia mall employees are getting ready to open their doors at 6:00 p.m. for more of those bargain hunters getting a jump on the black friday sales. reporting live in king of prussia, christine maddela, nbc 10 news. >> wow. that was an amazing line. some people spent their thanksgiving waiting for black friday deals. this group lined up outside the best buy on route 70 in cherry hill early this morning and their patience paid off for them. the store opened there just a few minutes ago. >> so cold out there, too. now to south jersey bureau reporter cydney long, live tonight at the cherry hill mall. >> whether retail workers like it or not, this holiday is a work day. >> reporter: renee, that's right. just one hour from now, the cherry hill mall will open its doors so those employees will be reporting to work. 6:00 on thanksgiving night, it is the earliest that the mall has ever opened on thanksgiving in the mall's history. take a look, you can see customers are getting a jump-start on them. very slowly starting to fill up the parking lot here after their thanks gives meals.
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we spoke to shoppers today who are weighing in on proposed legislation that could limit retail hours on thanks gives. bundled and determined to beat the best of black friday deals the day before. >> laptops for $150 and tablets $40. >> don't forget the beats. don't forget the beats. >> reporter: customers stood their ground outside the cherry hill best buy this thanksgiving keeping warm by a propane heater. instead of being home by the fire with their families. the retail electronics giant opening right now at 5:00. but it's not black friday yet. that's the whole point. it's thursday. it's thanksgiving. >> but it's a black friday sale, so i guess that, you know, we're going to roll with that. >> turkey thursday. >> that's what we can call it. turkey thursday deals. >> reporter: former acting governor and senator dick cody wants legislation that would stop businesses from doing
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business before 9:00 p.m. for them to come to work on thanksgiving? >> i think they should be home with their families eating and enjoying. >> reporter: you say you won't do this again? >> no, i want to be home with my family next year. >> reporter: shoppers are changing their minds, too. a ban on black friday shopping hours if endorsed in the future is shortsighted, that people would shop online anyway. senator cody said he's not trying to limit retail, he's simply trying to protect employees' rights. 50% of the stores, again, here open at the cherry hill mall at 6:00 with all of them opening byby midnight and staying open through 10:00 p.m. tomorrow night on black friday. live in cherry hill, i'm cydney lo long, nbc 10 news. >> thank you, cydney. a lawmaker in ohio has an idea when it comes to retailers being opened on thanksgiving day. he wants them to pay employees
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triple time for working on thanksgiving. opponents say the bill is unfair to businesses that have always been open b on thanksgiving such as restaurants and gas stations. well, what would thanksgiving day be without a parade? marching bands, floats, dancers, singers converged on the ben franklin parkway for philadelphia's 95th annual thanksgiving day parade. ♪ a visual feast for the eyes for the thousands of people who traveled to the city to enjoy this year's parade. and for those we spoke to, it sure didn't disappoint. in fact, for many, this is a tradition. >> came out, it's a thanksgiving tradition. brought the kids down to see the parade. >> first the parade then our thanksgiving dinner. >> 47th parade. it's a family tradition. my children have never missed a parade. >> i love parades and i love philadelphia. it's fun to come in town to the
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parade. >> this year's route was close to 1 1/2 miles. to get a good spot, you had to be there before 8:00 this morning. taking a live at the ben franklin parkway and philadelphia museum of art. how pretty. the parade route is cleaned up now and re-opened to traffic. >> beautiful, but chilly scene out there, of course. if you're like my family, my mom especially watching nbc today, spectators at the macy's thanksgiving day parade in new york were treated to some new sights tonight. ♪ today parades in manhattan featured six new giant balloons including this one, thomas the train. a bit cold and drizzly but better than last year when a nor'easter made the parade route treacherous. our area was well represented this time around. >> accompanying amy are members of the taney dragons, the inspirational little league team and their star pitcher, mo'ne davis. >> there they are, again. philadelphia's taney dragons kicked off this year's march
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with star 13-year-old mo'ne davis leading the way. mo'ne pitched taney into the little league world series this summer. hard to forget that, of course. volunteers for the salvation army of greater philadelphia spent their thanksgiving feeding the community. nbc 10 in fairmount where dozens of volunteers handed out thanksgiving meals to go. a thousand families picked up turkeys and side dishes to carry home and feed their families. >> we're trying to promote families, fellowship, and bring back family union. and so that's how we do our thank thanks giving to go. that's why we call it thanksgiving to go. do all the preparation, put the meal together and all they do is take it home and heat it up. >> 200 volunteers helped with the event here and another one in grays ferry. in center city, the folks with mana were up early preparing thanksgiving day dishes. 250 volunteers joined the staff with the metropolitan area neighborhood nutrition alliance, assembled the meals for families
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in need. fixed everything from turkeys to their famous pies. nbc 10's rosemary connors was one of the volunteers. see her there with the hair net. the meals were delivered warm and ready for clients which includes critically ill residents throughout the valley. things are hustling and bustling like this in south philly, taking care of turkeys for more than 60 years. customers actually started showing up at 5:00 this morning. they bring their bird for them to cook in the bakery's big brick oven and frees up their day so they can do other things. of course, there's a science to it. >> the steam running in both ovens which is what makes the turkey better. it cooks from the inside out instead of the outside in. >> every year i say i'm going to take my turkey there. i always forget. their oven can cook up to 100 turkeys at a time. >> after the early thanksgiving dinner, you want to have thanksgiving dinner yet again after seeing that. it's certainly something on lot of people's wish list bu not
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something you'd expect to find at at shopping malls this holiday season. plus, the factor, nbc 10 goes back to the regions that lived in fear while this cop killer was on the loose. can they get back all the business they lost in time for the holidays? also from puppies to plows. whether it's a new pet for the holidays or getting snow removed from your driveway, the nbc 10 investigators have a new warning on how not to become the victim of a seasonal scheme. and if you're like us, you've had your fill noup there's something that you have to do with your thanksgiving leftovers and the clock is ticking. i'm john clark. it is thanksgiving and that means a high school football feast. we've got a few helpings of local high school football action for you coming up. the high school blitz right here on nbc 10 news at 5.
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nothing goes better with turkey than a big helping of football. >> that's right. high school games on thanksgiving are a big tradition in our area. some rivalries date back more than 140 years. comcast sportsnet's john clark joins us with our first helping of highlights. hey, happy thanksgiving, john. >> you, too, renee, keith, hae thanksgiving. hopefully you saved room for our thanksgiving feast. philly's longest standing
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rivalry, northeast versus central, playing each other since 1892. >> northeast, vikings! >> yeah, you can call this a granddaddy of the city's thanksgiving day games. and this one was all northeast. big day for running back rusean grange. three touchdowns. he wasn't the only one putting up points. keep your eye on the top of the screen. trayvon williams. 28 yards for the touchdown. northeast shuts out central 41-0. how about the mayors trophy on the line in south jersey? 106th meeting between haddonfield and haddon heights. a blowout. haddon heights trailing 45-0 trying to get on the board. roman massey scores the only points for his team right there. rushing in for the touchdown. haddonfield all over haddon heights. 45-6. ready? >> yes. >> ready? >> yes. >> yeah. overbrook can't wait to get things going visiting west
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philly this thanksgiving. west philly has to be thankful for justin hamilton. dodges the overbrook defenders right there. hamilton rushes for 105 yards and the touchdown. west philly wins. 21-8. how about we go to delco? 47th meeting of sun valley and chichester. good rivalry. handoff goes to sun valley's juwan chandler. around the outside. four-yard touchdown. sun evaluavalley gets their foun of the season. that means they'll be taking home that turkey bowl trophy right there. let's go to jersey, hum? mainland hosting egg harbor township. mainland needs a stop in the fourth quarter to stay in the game, but nothing is stopping connor augustino. 50 yards for the touchdown. that seals it. egg harbor township with the 13-0 shutout. their first win over mainland in five years. and you can catch the full feast of football games on saturday night. "the high school blitz" at 7:00 right here on nbc 10, but do not go away, we're going to serve up
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a second course of our feast in about a half an hour. for now, i'm john clark. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist sheena parveen. >> happy thanksgiving. temperatures are getting colder as we go through tonight. so if you are brave enough to actually go shopping, it's going to be colder. milder, though, as we go into sunday. colder, though, for tonight. so the headlines a little reversed. a little bit cold for your black friday. we do have mild temperatures, though, to look forward to. through the lehigh valley we're in the mid 30s. 39, philadelphia. 35 allentown. 36 degrees now in reading. 37 mt. holly. still 37 degrees, atlantic city. mid 30s wilmington. upper 30s in dover. these numbers will be dropping overnight tonight. so take a look at your morning lows. this will hit right around sunrise tomorrow. we could be in the low 20s north and west. allentown, you could be at 22 degrees. tomorrow morning, reading, you could be at 23. quakertown, 24. teens in the poconos where there's still snow cover. 26 doylestown and norristown.
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28 degrees for the morning low in mt. holly. closer to the shore, right around freezing. a little farther inland for vineland, dover, mid to upper 20s. around the philadelphia area and surrounding suburbs, temperatures here should be around the mid to judge eupper well. colder start to your morning tomorrow. as far as black friday shopping, tomorrow is concerned, it's going to cold. even through the afternoon hours. cold tonight. cold start tomorrow morning. but we will see more sunshine tomorrow than we saw today. so by 10:00 tomorrow morning, temperatures still around freezing, and by noon we should be in about the mid 30s. locally we have a few snow showers around much of the northeast. western pennsylvania. but locally, we are seeing drier conditions across the area. and we do expect that as we go through tonight. here's future weather. we do stay dry tonight. we stay dry tomorrow. more sunshine tomorrow to end out your week for your friday. looking pretty good. then as we go into saturday to start off the weekend, notice a lot more clouds move in. a band of snow just to our north and west. some of the snow could try to
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graze the poconos. that's really about it. all that moves out going into sunday and sunday we're going to be milder with more sunshine again. so a nice end to the weekend. the cold stretch of weather is slowly retreating. mostly cloudy as we go through tonight. colder temperatures. 27 for the low in philadelphia. 23 degrees areas north and west. then tomorrow will be cold. sunny and cold. 36 to 39 degrees. so you'll want your jackets through the day all day tomorrow. saturday, we see more clouds around. and temperatures will be in the low 40s. into sunday, we get milder. mid 50s with sunshine. going to be a pretty nice end to the week. over next week, we stay in the 50s and 40s. a few chances of rain in the forecast. >> all right, thanks, sheena. one day only. >> tonight, how those words could come back to haunt you this holiday season. also, you may not be able to teach a dog new tricks, but some dogs may be part of a trick against you this holiday. one that could of the you hundreds, even thousands. the nbc 10 investigators with a consumer warning.
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food yofor thought. served it up. all went well. an important step for the thanksgiving leftovers that needs to be done sooner rather than later.
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demonstrations dwindle in ferguson, missouri, things are
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heating up on the west coast. here in los angeles, people arrested -- police, rather, arrested more than 100 people that protested this week's grand jury decision in ferguson. authorities detained about 35 people in oakland. protests here happened as an illegal car stunt show played out. police say gunshots were heard at the scene but no one was hurt. it's not clear if this protest and the stunt show were connected. meanwhile, in ferguson, the holiday has brought relative quiet to the streets. >> and the weather is at least partially responsible. cold, rain, and snow are helping keep the crowds down. it's been three days since the grand jury announced it would not indict white ferguson police officer darren wilson who shot and killed unarmed teenager michael brown during a confrontation in august. the shooter set off three months of unrest. as the tension in ferguson eases somewhat, officer wilson is breaking his sisilence. on national tv, he insisted he could not have done anything
5:25 pm
differently in the confrontat n confrontation. ruth bader ginsburg is at home tonight recovering from surgery. according to a court spokesman, the 81-year-old had a heart stint implanted to clear a blocked artery. ginsburg went to the hospital late tuesday after complaining of pain. the justice has had a series of heart problems including colon cancer in 1999 and pancreatic cancer in 2009. she plans to be back at work monday. tonight, food fears. most of you are digesting your dinners, a warning about what can happen to leftovers that can make you sick. also, ready for a return to normal. the snow is falling. the slopes are prepared. will a region recently paralyzed with fear rebound even after an accused cop killer has left his mark? nbc 10 goes back to the poconos to find out. next, you hire them to clear your driveway, not to clear out your wallet. tonight, the nbc 10 investigators with a winter warning for any homeowner before you hire help to remove snow
5:26 pm
from your property. plus, all new on "nbc 10 news at 6," would you volunteer your home for people coming to see the pope in philly? the search for 10,000 local families willing to host people in their spare bedroom.
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right now at 5:30, ready, set, shop. the black friday that just can't wait. nbc 10 news live at cherry hill mall where shoppers who got their fill of turkey are now trying to fill up on discount merchandise. not to be outdone, shoppers in king of prussia are working off calories from that big meal as they hunt for bargains. if you're headed out, you better bundle up. >> people in upper darby, delaware county, definitely needed a warm coat as they walked along 69th street today. no matter how you look at it, today certainly a big improvement over yesterday's snow and rain. >> that's for sure. more cold weather is ahead. nbc 10 first alert meteorologist sheena parveen is back to tell us what to expect for those stepping out tonight. sheena? >> that's right. if you've already been outside today, you know it's on the chilly side, especially when the sun's not shining anymore. then it gets a lot colder like tonight. we will be getting colder. 39 degrees in philadelphia. 38 northeast philly. 36 degrees already in trenton.
5:30 pm
washington township. 35 in wilmington. mid 30s chester springs. through the lehigh valley, some spots like quakertown at freezing. mid 30s in allentown. 20s in the poconos. 24 pottstown and coatesville. closer to the shore we're right around 40 degree s farther inland, mid to upper 30s. 39 degrees in millville. the black friday shopping starts tonight for those who are going to head out tonight and do that shopping. temperatures will be getting colder by the hour. by 8:00 tonight, 37 degrees. mostly cloudy. by 10:00, 334. midnight, closer to 30 degrees. colder when you wake up tomorrow morning. coming up, i'll show you that forecast and some of the milder air moving in for your weekend. >> all right, thank you very much, sheena. shopping smart not only means looking for bargains but means knowing how to stay safe. aaa reminds shoppers to be aware of their shoppers, stay on guard in parking lots especially when you're carrying a lot of purchases. have your keeds rys ready.
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behind the wheel, you'll wand to be seen. be sure to use your headlights even in the daytime to make sure other drivers can see you. don't park in between tall suvs or minivans otherwise you may have trouble seeing when you try to back out of your spot safely. take away any opportunity for a thief to separate you from your money. philadelphia district attorney's office says this time of year is the perfect time for criminals to pounce on unsuspecting shoppers. shop with a prepaid card. they offer the same anti-fraud protection as a credit card but also keep you on a budget. stick to reputable websites. if you're shops online, stay with sites you know and trust. beware of too good to be true deals and change, of course, your passwords frequently. right now the d.a.'s office is monitoring several scams including one day only or leaked black friday bargains. be leery of what could be a fake auction in classified ads. watch out for steeply discounted electronic stores. also always avoid parking lot bait and switch offers where
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strangers approach you and offer to sell boxed items. in other news, authorities announced today they made an arrest in a murder at the jersey shore. police found 52 -year-old debra mason shot in a home on sears avenue in mays landing last night. investigators arrested and charged a man who lived with her. his name is joseph morrison. a 62-year-old. authorities are holding him $1 million bail. meanwhile in pittsburgh a pregnant woman was hit and killed while sitting outside a drugstore. an elderly driver was trying to park when he jumped the curb pinning the woman against the wall. the 30-year-old victim was rushed to the hospital where doctors were able to save her baby. the child is in critical condition. family of the drivers say he suffers from dementia. today a minivan recall. >> the popular automaker that's telling owners they may have a problem onboard. also, it's more than just turkey and the trimmings. today the body benefits of
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really giving thanks. nbc 10 with the research and how being thankful on thanksgiving may be better for your health than the food you eat today. and sign up while you shop. the one thing millions of consumers need but might never expect to find at a mall during the holiday season. a secure retirement.
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a new home. earning your diploma. providing for your family.
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real associates, using walmart's benefits to build better lives for their families. opportunity. that's the real walmart. after a long day of cooking, the last thing we want to do is more work, but food safety experts say getting those leftovers into the refrigerator is a must. bacteria like salmonella can grow on hot food as it gets closer to room temperature. store leftovers within two hours after it comes out of the oven and eat leftovers within three,
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four days unless you freeze them, of course. did you know giving thanks is good for your health? a 2012 study found people who feel grateful generally feel physically healthy and have fewer aches and pains. another study found that writing about things you're grateful for before bedtime may lead to a better night's sleep. other research links gratitude with a stronger ability to overcome post traumatic stress syndrome. health insurance signups coming to the shopping mall in time for black friday. the department of health and human services says starting tomorrow it's bringing the affordable care act to malls in serve states. they include florida, illinois, connecticut, maryland, new york, washington, and a mall in north jers jersey. no malls in our area are listed on there. workers will be stationed at the malls with information helping people sign up on the website. the effort will continue through february 15th. open enrollment for the affordable care act's insurance began two weeks ago.
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more cars under a recall tonight. this time toyota's recalling about 30,000 2015 sienna minivans. the reason, overhead assist grips can detach when airbag deploys. they'll fix the problem at no cost. tonight a feast fit for the first family. >> nbc 10 though shows you wha the menu at 1600 pennsylvania avenue. scenic images like this translate into dollar bills for one part of our region, but will a recent scare keep the people and the money away? nbc 10 in search of answers. and it's a cold thanksgiving day. i'll tell you what kinds of conditions shoppers will face as they head out tonight, overnight and early tomorrow morning in my nbc 10 first alert shopping forecast. plus, all new at 6:00, a twist in reading's christmas controversy. renee, take a look at the
5:38 pm
screen. how the city is now embracing what nsome people call the charlie brown christmas tree.
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the holidays mark the season of giving and spending. >> also means more people out to manipulate you and steal your money. the nbc 10 investigators are watching out for you, though, tracking the scams making headlines this thanksgiving. >> mitch, what did you find? >> reporter: you know, keith and renee, the scams aren't targeting where you spend this year or where you go to spend or who you spend with. in fact, we find devious
5:41 pm
business practices linked to things as innocuous as the weather and they're all targeting homeowners. this is the sound of money melting away. for james hugh who owns mainline lawn and garden, a nor'easter is white gold. what about heez gthese guys who take your money and don't show up? >> that's a problem. >> reporter: he says a storm like the one we saw thanksgiving eve can also leave people desperate and vulnerable. >> we've had several customers say that they've called somebody, paid somebody in advance for services and not shown up. >> reporter: then they call you no. >> they call us. >> reporter: the snow plow scam, a cinch one, take your money and run scheme. this holiday season the warnings are, again, everywhere. the gift card scam is back. major retailers warn scammers steal the code on the backs of cards and wait until you activate it to drain the account. and if you're thinking of adopting a pet over the holidays, heed this warning. the puppy scam involves phony websites, pictures of purebred
5:42 pm
dogs and pickup date at the airport. you send money, but there is no dog. also back, the grandparent scam. >> i have no doubt we're seeing a wild increase in the grandparent scam. >> reporter: it's usually done over the phone. a grandparent gets a call from someone claiming to be their grandchild and claiming they need money to get out of trouble. if you're sensing a theme, from booking a sfoe plonow plow, pic a puppy, be careful who you pay in advance. >> there are a lot of people who do probably prey on people. >> reporter: how much should getting your driveway plowed cost is. >> that's a great question. everybody's driveway length is different, but typically you should ask your contractor about depth of snow. >> reporter: now, whether you live here in the mainline where most of the snow has now melted, or further north, a couple of things to keep in mind when hiring somebody to plow your property, first of all, make sure that they are insured. secondly, you do not have to sign a seasonal contract or pay
5:43 pm
upfront. you should be able to pay as you go as you need services. for the investigators, i'm mitch blacher, nbc 10 news. >> good information. thank you, mitch. u.s. troops are celebrating thanksgiving away from their families in afghanistan. they got to eat a special holiday meal at the dining hall at the headquarters in kabul. soldiers lined up for turkey and all the fixings, to feel at home as much as possible while being deployed. >> we make do with our team we have over here. it's kind of sort of our home away from home and little replacement for a family and eating over there. >> boy, do we appreciate what they sacrifice. this will be the last thanksgiving celebration here before the u.s. and nato combat mission ends at the end of the year. soldiers stationed in germany enjoyed a traditional holiday meal today as well. this facility is home to the european headquarters of the u.s. army. sure, it's not mom's cooking but it's still plenty good and the
5:44 pm
troops are so tight right now, many of them tell you they might as well be family. >> having our soldiers and families come together to share a meal and all the great work that these cooks and the whole dining facility team has done, i think that's just one example how we try to recognize those families that are separated from their loved ones right now. >> that is important. tradition here in germany calls for the commanders and leaders to serve the meal to the other troops. president obama spent part of this thanksgiving day calling u.s. troops. the white house released this photo today. the president called representatives in each of the five services branches to express his appreciation. according to the white house, the first family's thanksgiving dinner has plenty of old standbyes. honey baked ham. accompanies the turkey on the white house menu tonight. there's also two kinds of stuffing. cornbread and oyster. mashed potatoes. sweet potatoes. veggies and good old-fashioned macaroni and cheese. for dessert, the family has six
5:45 pm
pies. banana cream, coconut cream, pumpkin, apple, pecan, and cherry. mmm. >> wow. a lot of pie. >> it is. time for our second helping of the "high school blitz" on thanksgiving. >> so many great thanksgiving rivalries to talk about. let's check back in with comcast sportsnet's john chlori clark, more on our thanksgiving feast. >> hopefully you saved room for this helping. this time in south jersey, burlington city, palmyra, the game you voted as our game of the week. [ cheering ] >> nice. this rivalry dates back to 1909. pal maya quarterback matt smith taking the handoff. fakes out our cameraman, too. goes deep finding anthony perkins in the palmyra's offense not taking time off this turkey day.
5:46 pm
calvin harman breaking through. nice. finally finds open space. off to the races. palmyra never looked back, beat burlington city 47-0. how about we jump over to delco? ♪ strike up the band. it's the battle of macdade boulevard. hosting rival reaidley in the turkey bowl. nothing foul about this play. major touchdown there. ridley, they hang on for a 9-8 win. how about a first-time thanksgiving meeting? frankfurt fired up to face prep charter. in the red. prep charter is in the red zone. struthers with a touchdown. they win 24-14. how we go to jersey? camden woodrow wilson facing off for their 84th time on thanksgiving. cameron quarterback kahlil
5:47 pm
williams, going to do it by myself. takes it to the house. camden wins 41-12 over woodrow wilson. roxborough hosting roman catholic. you can call this the mug bowl. look at the field there. still a little snow on it. the conditions can't slow roman down. how about this name? john cheney taking the opening kickoff all the way for the touchdown. he's got to go to temple, don't you think? roman rolls over roxborough. 45-6. the anchor bowl. no, not coat jones versus keith jones versus renee chenault-fattah. it's middle township versus lower cape may. harrison, plenty of time here. going to let it go. find corey carlson in the end zone. touchdown. nice grab. middle on offense now. taking the pick. loads up. throwing deep to jimmy. he's in for the touchdown. middle township lowers the boom on lower cape may 49-13. you can catch all of these games, a full feast of football on saturday night, the "high school blitz" 7:00 right here on
5:48 pm
nbc 10. and there's still more to go. one more helping of highlights coming your way at 6:20. for now, i'm john clark. happy thanksgiving. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist sheena parveen. >> well, here's a look at people in philadelphia working off those thanksgiving calories on the ice rink. but it was a chilly afternoon for ice skaters at dilworth park in certainnter city. looked like they were having fun. a little progress for some of them. hopefully they can stay on their skates. yes, a lot of people may be walking off the calories later on tonight. otherwise, you might be going black friday shopping. either way, colder for both of those. colder temperatures as we go through tonight. many of us will be in the 20s, if not all of us. it will be a cold black friday tomorrow during the day. cold into the week. the milder air does arrive as we go into the weekend. it will mostly be on sunday, though. here is a nice shot of the ben
5:49 pm
franklin bridge. beautiful view now with just about mostly cloudy skies. temperature in philadelphia, 39 degrees. we have a bit of a wind. it feels more like 32 degrees. feels closer to freezing. pretty much everyone's feeling about 5 to 7 degrees colder than they actually are. up in the poconos, temperatures are in the 20s. allentown, mid 30s. 34 pottstown and west chester. 37 degrees in mt. holly. south jersey and delaware, temperatures anywhere from the mid to upper 30s. so from here on out, temperatures will continue to drop and then we'll be in the 20s as we wake up tomorrow morning. here's a look at the morning low temperatures. possibly the teens up in the poconos where we still have the snow. that tends to give us colder temperatures anyway. 22 allentown. 23 degrees for the morning low in reading. mid 20s quakertown. mid 20s in trenton, northeast philly. 26 for doylestown in the morning. 28 mt. holly. along the shore right around freezing in the morning. 25 for vineland. 27 degrees for dover. under clearing conditions tomorrow so we'll see more sunshine around the philadelphia area and the surrounding suburbs about the mid to upper 20s.
5:50 pm
right now, we have snow showers around much of the northeast. but locally, we're on the drier side. wouldn't be surprised if there were a few flurries around but we will be staying dry. even as we go into your black friday, so tonight we stay dry. tomorrow we have more sunshine and we're dry. 8:00 in the morning, around 30 degrees. 10:00 a.m., freezing. then by noon, mid 30s. your black friday planner looks nice. as we go through the afternoon, we continue to see the sunshine. we stay dry friday afternoon. here's friday 2:00 p.m. saturday, more clouds move in. a little band of snow getting close. the best chance of any of that will be in the poconos. tonight, mostly cloudy, colder, 27 for the low in philadelphia. 23 north and west. tomorrow, sunny and cold. mid to upper 30s for an afternoon high temperature. we go into saturday, around 41 degrees for the high. milder on sunday. temperatures mid 50s. then next week, we have a few chances of showers, but temperatures stay in the 40s and 50s.
5:51 pm
>> thanks, sheena. well, while some of us dread it, others love it. >> tonight thankful for the snow, at least up in the poconos. we're hours away from ski and snowboarding season. kicks off on black friday. at many pennsylvania resorts. can the winter fun industry survive the damage done by accused cop killer eric frein? nbc 10 returns to the poconos to take the pulse of the community. plus all new on nbc 10 news tonight at 6:00, bill cosby makes an admission under oath. the impact it's having on the sex assault allegations against him.
5:52 pm
5:53 pm
5:54 pm
happening this long holiday weekend, a longwood christmas. longwood gardens in kennet square chester county is decorated for the holiday. see colorful fountains, glimmering snowflakes and half a million lights that illuminate the outdoor garden. and from kennet square from center city, the comcast holiday spectacular is under way. free shows in the lobby of the comcast center. center city, philadelphia. will run through new year's day. comcast is the parent company of nbc 10. the new ice rink at cooper river park in camden county opens for business. in addition to a new skating
5:55 pm
rink. these beautiful trees are covered with holiday lights. also, vendors will sell hot chocolates and soft pretzels. and skiers will hit the slopes here at camelback mountain resort tomorrow. black friday also marks the start of the ski season at big boulder and blue mountain. speaking of the poconos, businessowners in the pennsylvania mountains, they're hoping that ski season brings back the business that they lost after the sniper attacks on two state troopers. >> as nbc 10's randy gyllenhaal tells us, they're hoping a season of snow means a lot of green. >> reporter: in the very same backwoods where fugitive eric frein hid for so many weeks, a thick layer of snow now covers the trees and fields. it's finally ski season here in the poconos. >> i want to go skiing, yeah, tomorrow. the mountains and everything. >> reporter: the tourists are back. hotels and resorts are stock full of visitors from out of town. >> tourism is extremely important. having the snow up here really does help because we got an early ski season and it's
5:56 pm
pretty. >> reporter: this is quite the contrast from last month when armed police were patrolling the streets. the accused cop killer was still on the loose. and cancelations cost local businesses a lot of money. eric frei nnn was finally captu just a mile and a half from tannerville's food mart. >> how is thanksgiving going? >> getting extra drinks. >> quitelost quite a bit of bus because the people didn't come out, the police were around here. >> reporter: the owner remembers s.w.a.t. teams in his parking lot. he's thankful today that it all ended safely with the fugitive in custody and hopeful that things return back to normal. >> so, you know, thanksgiving and we got snow already, so hopefully, you know, so we'll be, you know, a good season. >> reporter: and a positive sign is a lot of tourists i spoke with hadn't even heard of eric frein, they just heard there was good skiing to be found. as for frein, himself, he's still in the poconos at a local
5:57 pm
jail. next court date, december 9th. in the poconos, randy gyllenhaal, nbc 10 news. coming up next on "nbc 10 news at 6," some shoppers camped out days for this moment. they're hitting the stores now while some people are still eating their thanksgiving dinner. but should it be illegal for black friday to come so early? the local lawmaker who's asking that question. and i hope they have their jackets. i'll have your black friday forecast. i'm also tracking our next chance for rain. details just ahead in my exclusive nbc 10 first alert forecast. for freedom. the honor for hundreds of vets on thanksgiving day. it's all next on "nbc 10 news at 6." ♪ there's confidence... then there's trusting your vehicle maintenance to ford service confidence. our expertise, technology, and high quality parts means your peace of mind. it's no wonder last year we sold
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right now at 6:00, calendar says thanksgiving but the stores say black friday. the sales have begun and it is game time for shoppers who camped out for a bargain. good evening, and happy thanksgiving. i'm renee chenault-fattah. tonight as you see, we have live team coverage as the holiday season begins. searching for deals. looking at the controversy over stores opening earlier and warning you of ways criminals try to take your money. we're going to begin with nbc 10 first alert meteorologist sheena parveen. sheena, what can people expect if they're headed out in the weather? >> well, renee, it's already
6:00 pm
cold outside. through tonight temperatures will continue to get colder. even tomorrow if you're going to go black friday shopping tomorrow. philadelphia tomorrow, this is the feels-like temperature. we have a bit of a wind out there. feels close to freezing in philadelphia. feels like the 20s in areas north and west. this is what you'll run into as you walk outside. feels like the numbers here. 29 pottstown. 28 degrees reading. feels like 31 degrees in northeast philly. the black friday shopping for many people will be starting tonight. temperatures will be dropping. here's your black friday planning for the evening and late night hours. 8:00 p.m. tonight, 37 degrees. actual temperature feeling colder with the breeze out there. by 10:00, mid 30s. by midnight tonight, we'll be close to freezing and early tomorrow morning, that's when you're headingk will be even colder in the 20s. so coming up, we'll take a closer look at your black friday shopping forecast and some milder air moving in for the weekend. that's straight ahead. >> all right. see you inew


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