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tv   NBC 10 News at 6pm  NBC  November 27, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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cold outside. through tonight temperatures will continue to get colder. even tomorrow if you're going to go black friday shopping tomorrow. philadelphia tomorrow, this is the feels-like temperature. we have a bit of a wind out there. feels close to freezing in philadelphia. feels like the 20s in areas north and west. this is what you'll run into as you walk outside. feels like the numbers here. 29 pottstown. 28 degrees reading. feels like 31 degrees in northeast philly. the black friday shopping for many people will be starting tonight. temperatures will be dropping. here's your black friday planning for the evening and late night hours. 8:00 p.m. tonight, 37 degrees. actual temperature feeling colder with the breeze out there. by 10:00, mid 30s. by midnight tonight, we'll be close to freezing and early tomorrow morning, that's when you're headingk will be even colder in the 20s. so coming up, we'll take a closer look at your black friday shopping forecast and some milder air moving in for the weekend. that's straight ahead. >> all right. see you in a few minutes.
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thanks, sheena. you might still be eating your turkey, but the early birds wrapped up thanksgiving dinner and already kicked off the holiday shopping season. nbc 10's christine maddela live in king of prussia right now where the stores just opening. shoppers camped out for this moment? >> reporter: some people haven't had turkey today because they've been waiting if line here. some people waited in line starting at 5:00 this morning. you can see they are reaping the benefits. there's a tv on a shopping cart out there. people are walking off with those black friday deals. in fact, some people because they didn't get turkey and there are so many people out here, there's a vending cart out here selling hot dogs because the parking lot is packed. and across the street, the king of prussia mall opens at 6:00. not everyone is out here today to shop. we also talked to some folks who are heading to the movies on this thanksgiving. what about black friday shopping? >> no, no, totally afraid black friday shopping.
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online only. >> reporter: dennis told me the only money he's spending on thanksgiving is movie tickets. what are you coming here to see? >> "penguins 2." >> reporter: he took the kids to the movies while the grandmas stayed home. >> two grand moms. >> reporter: are they back at home cooking the thanksgiving turkey? >> we're giving them time off from the kids and family. >> reporter: a couple doors down from the movie theater, crowds camped out. you done want to deal with the crowds? go, absolutely not. i think people already are camping out at best buy. >> we came from best buy and there are folks camped out. >> those are the crazies. >> reporter: something you're not having any part of? >> not at all. >> we're trying to get out of here before the mad house. >> reporter: eric just made a quick trip to walmart to pick up forgotten turkey trimmings. >> we would be in trouble if this place wasn't open right now, the turkey wouldn't be really good. >> reporter: he's not planning on heading out begin. >> more of a sport now. i think some people still like it. i think with the internet eventually that will go away. >> reporter: walmart set up tempry fences to keep the early black friday shoppers organized.
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>> reporter: are you hoping to get some of the customers? >> i hope a lot of people come out. they say it's going to be really crazy. >> reporter: well, it has been pretty crazy out here. it's been peaceful. opening of best buy. but a lot of people, about roughly estimated 200 people, have been out here. the line wrapped around the building earlier today. and now you can see folks still walking out with their purchases and shoppers i talked to said they're thankful for the savings. reporting live in king of prussia, christine maddela, nbc 10 news. >> all right, thank you, christine. as some shoppers head to the malls, others say, hey, it's too early. they're worried that black friday is eclipsing thanksgiving and at least one local lawmaker wants to do something about it. nbc 10's south jersey bureau reporter cydney long is live at cherry hill mall. tell us about that lawmaker's idea. >> reporter: first off, happy thanksgiving. it wouldn't rescue anything for this year because hundreds of
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customers shoved their way through the front doors at macy's a new moments ago. former acting governor and senator dick cody is pushing for a law that would keep thanks giving sacred at least until 9:00 at night where shopping is concerned to allow employees to have timeoff to be are relatives on the holiday. >> i don't think people value the tradition of thanksgiving anymore, just holidays, period. it's more of just like, you know, business, keeping the business going. >> reporter: almost to the "t," she echos the remarks of senator dick cody who says he'll push for a ban on turning black friday into black thursday limiting the timeframe for retailers to open until 9:00 p.m. or later thanksgiving night. should it just be black friday or should it start tonight? >> i think it should just be black friday because, you know, thanksgiving is a time for thanks and giving and spending time with your family. so why make people come to work and, you know, risk not spending time with their families? >> reporter: your point is if the retailers were not open, you
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would be home with your family? >> i'd be home with my family right now. >> reporter: stores like walmart and kmart already attracted customers today. target like many new jersey malls opens at 6:00 p.m. best buy opened an hour ago. lines wrapped around the cherry hill store since last night. the national retail federation suggests 140 million people will shop this thanksgiving weekend. this being a jump-start. or a kickoff to fueling that part of our economy. rashana jenkins says this shopping is for the birds. >> it was freezing out here. but i know one thing, i won't do it again. i just wanted to get this. >> reporter: and last year on thanksgiving night here at the cherry hill mall, they opened their doors at 8:00. a 6:00 opening tonight is the earliest the mall has ever opened in the mall's history. live in cherry hill, cydney long, nbc 10 news. >> happy thanksgiving. you head home to your family now. our holiday guide will keep you in the loop on black friday ze deals. find it on which you can also access on your mobile device. our holiday guide also includes
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information on local events. looking to cash in on your holiday spirit, schemes are in full spring right now. the nbc 10 investigators found the fbi has issued a major warning. mitch is live right now in bala cynwyd. mitch, what's that warning? >> reporter: hey, renee, that warning involves a plot to steal millions of people's identities and here in mainline, philadelphia, we found another scheme targeting homeowners. this year the fbi says online bait is dangling everywhere. agents say they found scammers fishing on facebook, hijacking accounts so they can ask friends for money. they are again warning against buying gift cards in bulk and other to-good-to-be-true deals. there are already reports of scams targeting the elderly. with all of the warnings we found one business working the right way and wednesday business was good for mainline yard and garden. was it hard getting started and
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people to trust you? >> absolutely. this is a service business, and it's about the customer experience, whether landscaping, snow plowing or painting. >> reporter: james hugh has been in business two years. >> i've had several customers say they called somebody, paid somebody in advance for services and not shown up. >> reporter: then they call you? >> then they call us. >> reporter: contractor scams have been around longer than any on the internet. a normal driveway should cost you about $50 to plow depending on snow depth. he said to make sure your contractor has insurance and to avoid seasonal contracts, you should pay for each service individually. now one of the hottest scams going around right now is the $100 bill in your windshield scam. basically you get in your car, you see a $100 bill under your windshield wiper blade, get out to get it and someone steals your car. for the investigators, i'm mitch blacher, nbc 10 news. >> unbelievable. thank you, mitch. a lot of people still had to travel today to get to their thanksgiving destinations. nbc 10 spoke with passengers who were arriving at philly
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international airport this afternoon. they said while the airports were crowded, things went smoothly with just a few minor delays. and now they're ready to enjoy the holiday weekend. >> made it here in the city of brotherly love. couldn't be happier. ready to get our philly cheese steaks and hoagies. can't get that in florida. so we're very happy. >> forget the turkey, right? travelers, though, aren't out of the woods just yet. airports say their busiest travel day this weekend will be on sunday with up to 2.5 million passengers. and philadelphia prepares for pope francis' arrival. the city is being asked to show some brotherly love, sisterly affection, sto incoming visitor. 10,000 volunteers are needed to host the masses during next year's world meeting of families. area hotel rooms are filling up fast. event are looking as far as baltimore to accommodate the families. more than a million people are
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expected to come out and see the pope in september. well, don't be alarmed if you hear sirens in ocean county next week. the oyster creek nuclear plant will be testing its emergency sirens tuesday. it's part of their safety drill that happens twice a year. the sirens let neighbors know to tune in to the radio or tv in case of an emergency. the test will begin tuesday morning at 10:00 a.m. a deadly crash has shut down a chapel that honors the victims of flight 93. state police say a car crashed into the building here after colliding with another car on tuesday. this happened in somerset county. an engineer now has to determine if this is safe for people to go back inside the chapel. just last month a fire destroyed three buildings at the flight 93 national memorial. the flames destroyed hundreds of items that were supposed to go on display. investigators ruled out arson or foul play, but the cause is still under investigation. new questions surrounding bill cosby and a series of sexual assault allegations
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against him. according to a 2005 deposition, cosby testified that he gave the "national enquirer" an exclusive interview in exchange for the tabloid not printing an accuser's story. the deposition was taken during a civil lawsuit filed by andrea constand. she met cosby through her job at temple university and claimed he sexually assaulted her in 2004. prosecutors never filed any charges. the classic story of alice in wonderland is coming to philadelphia. the original handwritten manuscript by author louis carroll will be on display at the free lie bare of philadelphia next year. it will be on loan from the british library to mark its 150th an versery. the book was first published in 1865. bearing the title "alice's adventures underground." well, critics call this the charlie brown christmas tree, but who's laughing now? how reading is embracing the
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controversy over this display. renee, thanks. i'm john clark. we have our third and final serving of thanksgiving high school football. lots of rivalry. that's in ten minutes. and i'll have your black friday forecast. we're also tracking our next chance for rain. i'll have all the details ahead in my exclusive nbc 10 first alert forecast. a secure retirement. a new home.
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♪ besides turkey and stuffing, nothing says thanksgiving like a parade marching band. floats, dancers, singers, converging on the ben franklin parkway for philadelphia's 95th annual thanksgiving day parade. this year's route was close to 1 1/2 miles. well, up in new york, philadelphia's taney dragons kicked off the macy's thanksgiving day parade. 13-year-old mo'ne davis led the way here. she pitched taney into the little league world series this summer. this thanksgiving some 300 active and retired military ve s s received a heartfelt salute aboard the battleship new jersey. it was a reminder to give thanks for our freedom. nbc 10 south jersey bureau reporter cydney long has the story from the camden waterfront. >> reporter: 4-year-old luke got
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to eat pumpkin pie before the turkey. he hopes to be just like his dad one day. >> it would be a dream come true for me if he chose to fly as well. >> reporter: camden native and vietnam veteran leonard moore is, too, enjoying the battleship new jersey's thanksgiving feast and says he's never felt more appreciated. in a word -- >> gratifying. you know, it shows that the country has changed. i feel for the guys who are going to afghanistan and boots on the ground over there now, going back. i pray for them. >> i know what it's like to not have your loved one at your table because they're serving. >> reporter: for cherry hill councilwoman and gold star mother melinda kane, today is bittersweet. at 22 her son, jeremy, paid the ultimate sacrifice. he was killed by a suicide bomber in afghanistan four years ago. >> if i can be here with men that are serving, who can't be with their moms, i'm happy to do that. and it feels like jeremy's with me today. >> happy thanksgiving.
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>> reporter: u.s. family health care, andriati's catering, jersey mike subs and 7 6ers were among the sponsors of the military mess hall style buffet. when this started ten years ago it was simply for homeless veterans. it's now grown in size and popularity to include active military members. some of them hundreds of miles away from their own families. >> that means a lot to us. we can't have our, you know, brothers, sisters, parents out here with us, so this is our family really. >> feels great. best day of the year. to give back, celebrate what our nation's about. >> happy thanksgiving. >> reporter: happy thanksgiving from the battleship new jersey, cydney long, nbc 10 news. well, who can forget this story? the city of reading rededicating its so-called charlie brown christmas tree and embracing the comparison, actually. residents criticized the puny tree after it was first displayed. city officials then made arrangements for a bigger, better tree, but the logistics became complicated, and, well, the unattractive tree stayed.
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now the city says it will decorate the 50-foot tree with a single red bulb just like charlie brown. they'll do this on december 6th. they hope it will remind people of the deeper meaning of christmas. good message there for all of us. let's check in with sheena parveen. sheena, it's cold out there. folks are going to be out shopping tonight. >> that's right, renee. if you're brave enough to get out there tonight when the stores open, good for withdrew. i don't think i'll be doing it. it will be colder. have the jackets on. colder tonight for that or if you want to take a walk tonight after your thanksgiving meal. as we go into tomorrow, for the day friday, it's also going to be cold through the day. milder air, though, returns as we go into sunday. so a nice change with our temperatures. here's a live look out at the ben franklin bridge. looks nice tonight. temperatures in the upper 30s. philadelphia, feels like 33 degrees. when you factor in the breeze we have around. areas n s north and west, actua temperatures getting closer to freezing, about the mid 30s. 26 degrees in mt. poconos.
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34, westchester. south jersey temperatures mainly in the mid 30s. except if you're closer to the shore, stone harbor in the upper 30s. 37 degrees right now in dover. the numbers will be dropping down into the 20s as we go intoeint tonight. early tomorrow morning, 22, allentown. 23, reading. 24, quakertown. 26 degrees for the morning low in trenton, doylestown, norristown. 27 for the morning low in northeast philly. along the shore, near freezing. farther inland, mid to upper 20s like in vineland. around philadelphia, westchester, chester, wilmington, temperatures here should be in about the mid to upper 20s early tomorrow. but we do stay on the dry side. we have some snow showers across the northeast, but we are fairly dry. wouldn't be surprised if a few flurries tried to move in. as far as your black friday is concerned, here's a look at the planner. tonight will be cold. through the day tomorrow, we're still cold. at least we're going to have sunshine.
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10:00 a.m. in the morning tomorrow, 32 degrees by noon temperatures will be in the mid 30s. here's a look at future weather. we stay dry tonight. we stay dry tomorrow. more sun like i just showed you, and through the afternoon, temperatures will still be on the colder side. saturday, more clouds start to move in. you notice an area of disturbed weather passing by. through the afternoon, there could be a band of snow that has the best chance of reaching the poconos. only briefly, though, before it clears out. as we go into sunday, we'll see more sunshine once again. for tonight, though, mostly clou cloudy, colder. 27 for the low in philadelphia. 23 degrees areas north and west. tomorrow, sunny and cold. 36 to 39 degrees. similar to today except more sunshine. saturday, low 40s. sunday, we're in the mid 50s. there's the milder air. we stick with the mid 50s going into monday of next week. a few chances for rain showers next week, but high temperatures stay mainly in the 50s and hows. >> sheena, thanks. i'm john clark. we have our thanksgiving feast
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of high school football. flyers coach not happy. they waive a player. and the eagles score. good. that's next.
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hey, i'm john clark. eagles are having a fun thanksgiving in dallas. they have jumped all over the cowboys in the first half. take a look at the score. the birds right now are up at halftime. 23-7. mark sanchez with 200 yard passes in first half. shady with 83 rushing yards. eagles defense has held demarco murray to 36 yards. we'll have reaction from dallas on nbc 10 after the 49er 49ers/seahawks game sfwlmplts they'
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. thanksgiving spirit in detroit. calvin johnson. 146 yards. two touchdowns. fastest player in nfl history. 10,000 receiving yards. he takes out the cameraman. lions win 34-17. flyers have a big home and home series with the rangers starting tomorrow at the wells fargo center. see it here on nbc 10 at 1:00. flyers lost 6 of 7. they had a players-only meeting following the loss last night in detroit to the red wings 5-2. there are players not playing to their potential and that is being addressed. ron hextall said it's time to man up. they waived jason atkinson today to send him to allentown and will keep scott lawton with the flyers. thanksgiving feast continues. third and final serving of high school football coming up here. plenty of thanksgiving rivalries all over the delaware valley. delco. 93rd meeting between upper darby and haverford. calls his own number.
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haverford quarterback is going to take it to the air. this deep ball is right on target for nick costello. nice touchdown. haverford wins it 28-12. the crowd bundled up. lincoln hosting father judge. check this out. judge's eric patrasky recovers a fumble in the end zone for a touchdown. judge with a big verdict all over lincoln 42-17. their 25th straight thanksgiving win. ♪ trying to battle back against joe flacco's school, audubon. they fumble the ball on their way to the end zone. they would get one last chance. curtis. the hail mary. but takes off by audubon. haddon township looses a heartbreaker. 26-2 2. mainland hosting egg harbor township. mainland needs a stop in the fourth quarter to stay in the game. can't stop. connor augustino. that will seal the win. eht with a 13-0 shutout.
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their first win over mainland in five years. vikings! >> and northeast is the granddaddy of philly's thanksgiving game. this one all northeast. big day for running back rasean grange. three touchdowns. he wasn't the only one putting up points. take a look at the top of your screen, that is trayvon willi williams, going to take it 28 yards for touchdown. northeast shuts out central 41- 0. this is a bunch of servings here. some helpings. see the entire football feast saturday night on the "high school blitz" at 7:00 on nbc 10. happy thanksgiving, everybody. we'll see you after 49ers/seahawks. i'm john clark. we're right back.
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kind of cold out there, huh? >> if you're going to go black friday shopping, good luck with that. temperatures in the 30s for the rest of this evening.
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early tomorrow, the 20s. as we go into friday, 38. milder on sunday. >> for all of us at nbc 10, thanks for watching. i'm renee chenault-fattah. the news continues now with nbc nightly news. happy thanksgiving. on the broadcast tonight, no place like home. that nasty winter storm that hassled millions lightens up for thanksgiving celebrations allowing many stuck travelers to make it to the table on time. the dash for deals is already upon us. stores opening even earlier further blurring the line between the holiday and holiday shopping. everything must go, big end of the year deals to be had at car dealerships. but don't make the same mistake that so many do on your car loan. and smash and grab, these are the real door busters this holiday. a rash of bold burglaries, thieves ramming their way into stores. "nightly news" begins now. from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this


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