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tv   Early Today  NBC  November 28, 2014 4:00am-4:31am EST

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(joe) happy holidays! ♪and best wishes from the lottery♪ let the spending begin. the holiday shopping season is officially under way and stores and malls are packed. we are live inside the mall and above them. sky force 10 tracking the crowds, showing you the places to go and how to get around the masses out there. and it will be a cold dash from the card or from store to store. much of the area below freezing now and look at this, we are seeing some light snow. many of you are, as well, across the area. good morning, this is nbc 10 news today on this friday post-thanksgiving. i'm chris cato, thank you for
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joining us. brittney shipp and the big thing this morning, it is below freezing for many people, right? >> many people are getting up early to go shopping. very cold start to the morning. temperatures staying well below average as we head into the rest of today. there's a look at the center city skyline and switch you over now, we'll show you the current conditions. 34 degrees in philadelphia and winds out of the west at 8 miles per hour and the temperatures throughout the rest of the region and allentown only 25 degrees. we're at 28 degrees in pottstown and 37 in wildwood and also just a few light snow flurries to the lake-effect snow moving through parts of our area. more details on the warmer weather that's on its way, that will be coming up in my first alert seven-day forecast. for now, i'll check in with jillian. >> starting the morning off with a few accidents including one on the ramp from 76 eastbound and
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the vehicle that ran off of the roadway down an embankment partially. crews working to get this accident clear and in the meantime dealing with lane estrictions. the westbound side as you approach the delaware bridge toll plaza an accident that went off the road there. you can still expect to see activity on the shoulder. we're following this accident and take a closer look at this and let you know if that ramp is completely blocked. coming up in a few minutes, i'll give you those details. chris? two minutes after 4:00, yes, the black friday blitz is on. sky force 10 will be giving us an aerial tour all morning of the shopping malls across the pennsylvania/new jersey/delaware region. over the cherry hill mall in camden county. you can see the parking lot looks plenty full there. plenty of people inside the mall competing over those black friday bargains. today many people are waking up
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fighting through their turkey hangover to take part in the shopping frenzy all in shoeps of good deals. jesse gary is live in camden county. we just saw sky force 10 overhead and looks like some pretty big crowds there right now. >> chris, no post-thanksgiving hangover in here. this is the shopping frenzy. you know, i'm amazed that people are this awake and this inne inergetic shopping almost until they drop. trying to get some caffeine to keep going. the mall is open earlier and going to be open for 20 hours straight. some shoppers are here for the deals and other reasons. and coming up in the next 30 minutes or so, we're going to hear from some of those shoppers. many people with multiple bags in hand. we're live in cherry hill, jesse
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gary. >> some don't mind being on camera and some of them do. hey, it's public. the shopping continues here in muontgomery county. philadelphia premium outlets opened at 6:00 last night and will stay open until 10:00 tonight. since this is an outdoor shopping venue, these shoppers may be moving with more hustle than the ones we saw inside the mall there. 11 hours and counting. this is the scene at toys "r" us where shoppers have been going all night. this is store in montgomery county opened its doors at 5:00 yesterday. all toys "r" us will stay open until 11:00 tonight. if you're still not sure what to buy for people on your list or where to go to buy it. has you covered and go to the home page of our website and click on tlink for the holiday gift guide. in other news, a woman is recovering after firefighters saved her from a burning building in atlantic city.
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it happened at an abandon apartment complex yesterday evening. firefighters found the woman inside, she had no pulse at the time. they gave her cpr and revived her. the fire chief believes she and others may have been in that building illegally. >> they had to generate their own heat. they probably lit fire or did something or candles or something to that nature. you fall asleep and if you're intoxicated or under the influence of some substance and fall asleep and next thing you know, the place is on fire. >> the chief tells us that no official cause of the fire has been determined yet and no one else was hurt. a chapel in western pennsylvania honoring the victims of united airlines flight 93 is closed today after a deadly car crash. two cars collided yesterday sending one into the wall of the chapel in stony creek township somerset county. a 72-year-old woman died and another person was hurt. the chapel was built as a memorial to the victims of flight 93 which crashed in a nearby field after being hijacked during the september
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11th attacks. visitors won't be back inside atill they determine the building is safe. just last month remember a fire destroyed three buildings near the national memorial near shanksville. hundreds of items that were on display were lost in that fire. investigators still have not determined what caused it. ski season opens in the poconos and business owners are certainly hoping it will bring in a lot of dollars that were lost during the seven-week manhunt when suspected eric frein was on the run. he was accused of shooting two state troopers. the search for frein forced some businesses to close and it kept fall tourists away. a month later snow covers the same wood where the fugitive hid. the tourists are back. this time hotels and resorts are full of visitors from out of town and that's good news for
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shopkeepers this fall. >> lost quite a bit of business because the people don't come out and the police around here. >> he told us that he's really thankful that the manhunt ended safely and that things are getting back to normal now. frein's next court date on a murder charge is set for december 9th. seven minutes after 4:00 now. this holiday weekend the start of a campaign by local catholic leaders. they're looking for 10,000 homeowners who are willing to host guests during pope francis' visit to philadelphia next fall. organizers say more than 400 families have signed up to host families. hotels are expected to be full. archbishop charles says that families can offer to host people on the main website. >> we hope that a large number of the people of philadelphia, not just the catholic community, but others, will open their home to visitors from around the world. >> now, 15,000 catholics have registered to attend the
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week-long conference in september. a million and a half visitors are expected to pour into philadelphia to see the pope. you can count on nbc 10 to see any developments. you'll find a special section dedicated to this on our website nbc on thanksgiving day in dalitous was the birds that did the cooking. the philadelphia eagles sit alone in first place in the nfc east after feasting on the dallas cowboys in a blowout. sean mccoy had a big day. busted this 38 yard run to put the birds up 30-10. shady finished with 159 rushing yards putting him at over 1,000 yards on the season. eagles win 33-10. tough day for romo. the seattle seahawks on december 7th and then another matchup with the cowboys. that's a sunday nighter right here on nbc 10. happening today, cooper river park in camden county will officially open.
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a new seasonal attraction, an ice rink. that rink is in the center of the parks jack curtis stadium. organizers say it's about the same size in new york's rockefeller center. the ice rink open through january 6th. kids under 12 skate for free. more fun for ice skaters here. today the blue rink at penn landing oep toons the public. starting at 11:00 this morning, a full day of events that continue at penn's landing. elsa and anna from the movie "frozen" will be on the ice with everyone. that will bring a lot of people out. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist brittney shipp. >> good morning. as we head into the rest of today, we are going to continue to see a little bit of lake-effect snow moving into parts of our region. a closer look at the radar. you can see that lake-effect snow and we don't expect it to last too much longer. maybe another 30 minutes or so.
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as we push into the rest of today, what you'll continue to see is below average conditions. temperatures staying in the high 30s and as we push into the weekend, we are going to see more of a warming trend heading back into the 50s, but it won't be until sunday when we start to see those temperatures recovering closely to where we should be for this time of year. right now a cold start to the morning and then a dry stretch and then we're also tracking warmer weather as we head into sunday and also monday. right now in philadelphia, 34 degrees. our humidity at 37%. winds out of the west at 8 miles per hour and throughout the rest of the region, take a look at some of these temperatures. in allentown, only 25 degrees. the same as mt. pocono. 31 degrees in westchester and 31 in glasboro if you're heading out the door to do a little shopping, make sure you layer up and bundle up because we're seeing cold conditions and below freezing for atlantic city. still warmer at stone harbor at
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35 degrees. temperatures throughout the rest of the morning will stay pretty low. our feels like temperature right around 25 degrees for trenton. our 24-hour temperature change shows down nine degrees in allentown and 3 degrees in philadelphia and the lake-effect snow that continues to push into parts of south jersey and burlington county and this is very light, not accumulating at all. coming off the lake there and as we head into the rest of today. we are going to see plenty of sunshine, but cold conditions expected for us. our average for this time of year, 51. today's high only 38. i'll have your seven-day forecast coming up. 11 minutes after 4:00 now. nbc 10 first alert traffic reporter jillian mele tell us about a situation on 76. do we have a better idea of what happened there? >> the ramp to the blue route southbound a vehicle that went off of the roadway. a traveler on the ramp and icy conditions out there this morning. that vehicle is completely off
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the roadway and also you'll notice right now the ramp is op open. so, one of the two lanes on that ramp are blocked right now. at least traffic can get by. that ramp is not completely blocked. that's something we'll keep you updated on. the pennsylvania turnpike connector westbound right as you approach the delaware river bridge toll plaza. a vehicle that went off of the roadway. no lanes are blocked in this area, but, still, something for you to be aware of. slippery roads out there. this is route 22 at airport road for drivers in the lehigh valley. here we are accident free. chris? bill cosby's allege cover up. the story about the philly native that a tabloid said they were bribed not to tell. a new way to shop for health care. the change that will give some people an up close and personal chance to pick their coverage. but, first, on this busy shopping morning, we're helping you avoid some common holiday scams. here is the first tip, if you're doing online shopping this holiday season, watch out for
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phishing and people are more likely to fall for those kind of scams. the solution, don't click on any link you don't recognize.
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black friday which means shoppers are scrambling all over each other for the best deals out there. aerial tour of shopping centers across the area. live look here at walmart in northeast philadelphia. looks like the parking lot actually has a lot of spaces available there. walmart is open now. franklin mills nearby opens at 6:00 a.m. so, we certainly expect to see some more shoppers turning up
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there in the northeast. you know, a lot of people hit the malls for those deals, those doorbuster deals today, but others got a jump start on their shopping on thanksgiving day. this is video from king of prussia mall. for some people it is all about the saving. for others, it is all about the tradition. >> it's nice. i think it's fun and just brings on the christmas spirit and i'm so excited about it. >> we do get great deals. we have our plan, you pull out all your circulars and make sure you have everywhere you want to go. the doorbusters, the great deals and, like we said, we'll end up at breakfast by 1:00 or 2:00 in the morning and it's a great night. >> not a bad strategy. if you don't know what to buy, we have a great online shopping guide on utility crews from pennsylvania to maine are working to restore power knocked out by wednesday's winter storm. more than 300,000 customers in the northeastern u.s. are still in the dark. the state of maine took the biggest hit by far.
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one electric company there said they're trying to find restaurants to open their doors to feed utility workers. 4:17 now. a thanksgiving day of cleaning up from that storm. clearing the storm helped travelers at philadelphia international airport. many of them told us it was pretty easy to move through security yesterday and get on the plane. most said the airport was crowded, but their flights were on time. >> we had no problems at all. we celebrated thanksgiving yesterday. we got on the flight out of nashville. everything was on time. smooth flight and very enj enjoyable. >> now, air travelers have just until sunday to breathe easier. airports say sunday will be the busiest day of the holiday weekend with up to 2.5 million passengers flying on sunday. in virginia this morning, police say dna evidence links a suspect to the death of two college students five years apart. police arrested jesse matthew jr. on charges that he abducted university of virginia student hannah graham in september. her remains were found last
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month. investigators say dna found on a cigar butt in matthew's wallet matches dna found on the shirt of morgan harrington who was found murdered in 2009. fraternities and sororities at san diego state university will be cooling. the greek groups have suspended their own events after some frat brothers misbehaved at a rally to protest the attacks. the school says it will put more police on campus and develop a training course for students. newly really excerpts reveal sexual assault allegations against comedian bill cosby. according to a deposition from 2005 cosby testified that he gave "the national enquirer" an exclusive interview in exchange them withholding a deposition. a woman at temple university
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claimed cosby sexually assaulted her in 2004. prosecutors never filed charges in that case. just in time for black friday another shopping item of sorts. the government said starting today it's bringing the affordable care act to malls in seven states. maryland, new york, washington, new jersey no malls in this area, though. health care associates stationed at those malls with information and help people apply for information. this will continue through february 15th. oep nn rolement for aca insurance began two weeks ago. now nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist brittney shipp. >> good morning, a few snow flurries moving into parts of our area and cold start, as well, with lot of temperatures below freezing and a dry stretch which is a nice change. we are going to see our next chance of rainfall not until next week.
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not until next tuesday and we're also warming up not today, not tomorrow but eventually by sunday temperatures back into the tos. 34 degrees in philadelphia and humidity at 75% and wind speeds out of the west at eight miles per hour and throughout the rest of the region, below freezing in reading and below freezing even in atlantic city at 31 degrees. a cold start, make sure you bundle up when you head out to do your shopping. we're only at 25 degrees in the poconos. 25 in allentown and 28 degrees currently in pottstown and 31 in washington township and just freezing in mt. holly and closer to the shore. we're at 34 in dover and 35 degrees in delaware city. i also want to point out the feels-like temperature because feeling more like 27 degrees in mount holly and 27 in philadelphia and 19 in allentown and 16 degrees with the light wind speeds in the poconos. there is a closer look at just a few snow flurries pushing into parts of burlington county.
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not accumulating at all. i don't want you caught off guard as you're driving to the malls this morning. we're dealing with a bit of lake-effect snow but after that plenty of sunshine and cold conditions and well below our average of 51 degrees. by tomorrow temperatures push into the 40s. won't be until we head into sunday that our temperatures will start to recover back into the 50s. 56 degrees as we push into your monday and then as we head into next week, temperatures stay slightly below average. 4:21 now. a lot of you heading out to shopping malls and other destinations this morning. let's get a check of the roads. first alert traffic reporter jillian mele shows us what happens. jillian? >> the roads are quiet as expected as they are on black friday. this one accident we're following on 76 and it is a vehicle that went off the road and the tow truck just got to the scene. that should be cleared momentarily. minor accident on pennsylvania
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turnpike westbound at 76 and zooming this map out a little bit you notice speeds very average right now. 58 miles per hour and 55 on 76 and to the blue route right now. chris? yesterday nbc 10 viewers got to see a new champion crowned at the american kennel club's national dog show. and there he is. nathan the bloodhound. look at him. he's proud. judges named him best in show. the dog show aired right after the macy's thanksgiving day parade in new york. and the dog show actually took place at the greater philadelphia expo center in oaks on november 15th and 16th. we had to wait until yesterday to see nathan be crowned. black friday may belong to the malls, but locally owned stores are gearing up for tomorrow's small business saturday. organizers of that annual event encourage people to shop small tomorrow. it is a way to beat the crowds at the malls and find unique gifts for people on your holiday list. small business saturday also helps to keep and create jobs in your local community.
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a new invention ames to eliminate air pollution. t how much of a difference it really makes. all morning cuing you in on some holiday scams that go around this time of year. here's number two on the list. beware of eye scams. targets your mobile devices. even the most official-looking or festive apps could be malicious and lead to access of your personal information.
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4:25 and happening today you could get a black friday deal on a new pet. the animal alliance of new
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jersey will have special adoption rates on all cats that have any black fur on them. the black friday connection? black fur. it could be even just a black tip of the tail. stop by the memorial pet adoption center to check out the cats there. they're also discounted prices for kittens. and happening this weekend in bucks county while you're out and about, a free health checkup. a health fair going on. health network laboratories sponsoring a new event in fountainville between 9:00 a.m. and noon. people can get free gluicose and cholesterol screenings. peru is using particles to suck up dangerous pollutants. the devices trap contaminants to clean in the capital city. a super tree can filter out lead, chrome and other harmful substances and transform as much
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carbon dioxide into substances. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> and as lots of people are heading out the door this morning. we're seeing a few snow flurries in the poconos and freezing temperatures. another cold day. i'll have your weekend forecast coming up, jillian? >> this accident still out there. 76 eastbound and the ramp to the blue route southbound partially blocked as you can see one lane of traffic gets by. situation on the tacony-palmyra bridge. sky force 10 flying high above the area this morning. not delivering toys, though. actually looking for people who are out shopping for those black friday deals. we're checking out local malls and parking lots to tell you where to avoid the crowds and where to join them, if the bargains are the best. silent night not so silent?
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with sleep number, now there's an adjustment for that. give the gift of amazing sleep, only at a sleep number store. this week only, save 50% on the ultimate limited edition bed.
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know better sleep with sleep number. let the spending begin. the holiday shopping season is officially under way and, as you see here, the stores are already packed with those black friday bargain hunters. we are live inside the malls and over them this morning. sky force 10 is tracking the crowds flying to and from places all across the area to show you how to get around the masses and where to go for the best bargains. and it is a cold dash from the car to it store ththe store morning. we even saw some snow this morning. i saw some of that when i was driving in and had to dust off a few flakes from my car. >> a black friday dusting. >> this is nbc 10 news


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