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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 430a  NBC  November 28, 2014 4:30am-5:01am EST

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know better sleep with sleep number. let the spending begin. the holiday shopping season is officially under way and, as you see here, the stores are already packed with those black friday bargain hunters. we are live inside the malls and over them this morning. sky force 10 is tracking the crowds flying to and from places all across the area to show you how to get around the masses and where to go for the best bargains. and it is a cold dash from the car to it store ththe store morning. we even saw some snow this morning. i saw some of that when i was driving in and had to dust off a few flakes from my car. >> a black friday dusting. >> this is nbc 10 news today. i'm christine mu dmaddela.
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>> as we head into the rest of the morning, below freezing for most of our area. make sure you bundle up as you head out to do your black friday shopping. there is a closer look at the poconos. 25 degrees in the poconos and 25 in allentown and only 28 in pottstown and temperature in philadelphia at 33 degrees and 36 in wilmington and 36 in wildwood. feels like temperatures. it only feels like 19 degrees now in allentown and 16 in the poconos and 25 in trenton and only feeling like 23 degrees in atlantic city. as we head into the rest today, sunny ask cold conditions expected for us. our temperatures will range between 36 and 39 degrees. we are in store for another cold day on tap. we'll start to see our temperatures warming up. now, we'll check in with first alert traffic reporter jillian
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mele. good morning to you. >> good morning to you. tacony palmyra bridge is open for a ship to pass through. traffic is stopped for a few minutes and the flurries we're seeing out there, apparently what we're being told is that the tacony palmyra bridge is getting a little slippery and crews put a little salt out on the bridge. traffic should get moving, again, roughly in the next ten minutes. a live look at this accident vehicle being put up on the tow right now. 76 eastbound and the ramp to get on to the blue route southbound an accident we have been following since we went on the air at 4:00 this morning and one right at 76. chris? at 4:32. it is black friday. and that, of course, means a lot of people have a lot of shopping on their minds this morning. sky force 10 is live across the area and right now sky force 10 is over king of prussia mall and you can see in the parking lot there. there are a few spaces available. more than a few, actually.
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a lot of people have gotten up early and headed out to king of prussia, montgomery county, to get their shopping started. thanksgiving is over, the leftovers are put away and now a lot of people are waking up from their turkey-induced comas and heading out the door to find some bargains. >> this morning we're keeping an eye on the malls and crowds of people expected to turn out on this black friday. jesse gary is live at the cherry hill mall. jesse, what are the crowds like there right now and are you getting any deals? >> i'm getting a deal because lots of coffee it be had here. the crowds are pretty consistent. i've seen people leaving and people coming. so, it's not really thinned out too badly since we've been here the past half hour or so. as you see our photographer walking around showing you some of the crowds. i've done research online and last year over 300 million people who did shopping on black friday in a brick or mortar store or online.
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we've been out asking shopper, why are they out this morning? the reasons vary from deals to other reasons. >> i come out every year, i love it. >> for the first time tee drug me out with her. >> i like the rush. i like all the crowds. honestly. i didn't come with any idea to buy anything. >> you're just here for the crowds? >> i like it. >> back live here inside the cherry hill mall. the crowds. we'll talk more about that coming up in the next 30 minutes. live inside the cherry hill mall in camden county, jesse gary. from cherry hill to montgomery county. here's a live picture where the premium outlets have been doing business throughout the night. now, these stores kicked off black friday by opening at 6:00 last night. it looked so festive out there and people are bundled up because the premium outlets is an outdoor shopping area and they'll stay open until 10:00
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tonight. you know, a lot of people didn't wait until this morning with all the stores that opened on thanksgiving yesterday. this guy needed a hand there. he has a lot of bargains. ten hours and counting is how long shoppers have been searching for deals at kohl's stores. many eager shoppers getting a jump on their black friday shopping. on thursday. in case you don't know what to buy those people on your list, go to the home page of our website and click on the link for our holiday gift guide. and if you want a different way to get in the holiday spirit, happening this long holiday weekend a longwood christmas. long wood gardens in chester county is decorated for the holidays. you can see the famous bathroom area. >> the bestroom in the country just won that award. >> it did. >> also colorful fountains and snowflakes and really known for their christmas decorations out there. it's a beautiful sight to see.
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♪ >> heresers are something else you can do with the family in philadelphia. the comcast holiday spectacular is under way. it's a free slow. a 15-minute show that is shown on the giant screens in the lobby of the comcast center. comcast is the parent company of nbc 10. and today marks the start of the ski season at camelback mountain resort. a live look from the poconos. it looks perfect to get on the slopes and you can see the snowflakes falling ever so gently. skiers can also hit the slopes at big bolder and blue mountain. the search for two young boys ends beneath a massive snow pile. >> but the story does have a happy ending. next, the wintertime fun gone terribly wrong and the clue that lead rescuers to the children. plus, get ready to pay more for your christmas tree this season. we'll tell you what's driving up
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prices and how much more you could be paying. and i'm tracking a freezing start to your black friday. i'll let you know what to expect as we cruise into the weekend. that's coming up. plus, all morning, we're helping you avoid holiday cyberscams. here's the third tip. don't get cart carded this holi weekend. we're talking about the threat from digital e-cards. if you get a holiday greeting from a well-known site, but watch out for links that will download a virus on to your device.
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ho ho ho green giant! it is 4:39 a.m. new information this morning about a popular event in delaware. organizers of the annual pumpkin chuckin say they might move the event back to sussex county. the competition was set to move to dover international speedway
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after the 2011 in bridgeville, but logistics made that a problem. features giant high pressure air canons shooting pumpkins over long distances. people love it, the pumpkins not so much. well, tax breaks are waiting for companies that move to new jersey or stay put in the garden state. the state promised $1.8 billion in tax incentives this year. that's part of a $5 billion program that began when governor chris christie took office in 2010. lawmakers revamped the program in 2013 to give bonuses for projects in camden, one of the poorest cities in the nation. your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist brittney shipp. >> morning. we're seeing a freezing start to your black friday. as you head out the door, make sure you bundle up. a cold saturday on tap, but then the warming up heading into sunday, temperatures return back to the mid-50s and a live look outside right now. we are seeing cloudy skies, but as we come into the afternoon, plenty of sunshine, but still going to be cold.
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34 degrees in philadelphia. humidity is at 75%. winds out of the west at eight miles per hour. temperature wise very cold in allentown and mid 20s in the poconos and 31 in westchester and low 30s in atlantic city and mid-30s in stone harbor and temperatures in dover at 34 degrees. as we take a closer look at the feels-like temperature because that's really what matters when you head out the door to do your early morning shopping. 27 degrees in philadelphia and feeling like 19 in allentown and 16 in the poconos. just a few snow flurries moving into parts of burlington county due to lake-effect snow. other than that, plenty of sunshine as we head into the afternoon. one other thing i'm tracking is the possibility of a quick burst of snow closer to 11:00 a.m. on saturday. very short live and nonaccumulating and gone within the hour. that's something to point out as we push them to the weekend. also see our temperatures
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warming up by sunday your seven-day forecast coming up. 4:41 now. let's get a check of the highways on this early black friday morning. >> let's check in with jillian mele. >> tacony palmyra bridge is back to normal. as you can see, no issues to report on the ben right now and that accident finally cleared. it wasn't a vehicle that lost control and spun off the roadway. it was right in this location the ramp from 76 eastbound to the blue route southbound. but just in the last four minutes that has completely cleared, as you can see. now we're looking good in that area. heading into new jersey the 42 freeway heading northbound as we approach route 55 and the area bridges average speeds on 42 in the mid-50s. chris? more protests are planned today in ferguson. >> next, we'll tell you what they're protesting and how that could hurt local businesses. plus, buried under a mountain of snow. the accident that trapped two children for hours and the
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rescues that saved their lives. but, first, we've been telling you this morning about scams for this holiday season. scams to look out for. many of us travel during the holidays. this could put your personal information at risk in two weeks. number one cybersecurity experts want you to look out for links to fake online travel do deals. if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. beware of logging on to public computers. your pc could be spyware.
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4:45 a.m. bargain hunters are busy this morning. a live look at the king of prussia mall in montgomery county. a walkway from the court to the plaza side of the mall. a live picture from sky force 10 and we have pilot phil and photographer jeremy on board. happy black friday to you. you see a lot of cars in the parking lot there.
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many merchants here and across the country are upbeat about black friday, 2014. once again this year retailers opened on thanksgiving to lure those holiday shoppers with sales and deals. you're looking at the mall of america in minneapolis where buyers haven't stopped swiping their credit cards since stores opened last night. a website that tracks shopping said thanksgiving day sales increased 3% to 5% over last year. 4:46 now. right now demonstrators are holding a black friday protest in ferguson, missouri. this after a grand jury announced monday there would be no indictment of the police officer who killed michael brown. this was the scene at a mall in west st. louis county yesterday morning at the justice for michael brown leadership coalition launched a boycott of area retailers. they call it no justice, no profit and they hope to keep it going through sunday. the protesters walked through the mall with their hands up. later police escorted them off the property.
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and these demonstrators gathered before the macy's thanksgiving day parade yesterday. police arrested seven demonstrators, but at this point, it's not clear why or what they were charged with. well, hackers are taking credit for blocking access to hundreds of websites. they're with a group known as the syrian electronic army. it happened yesterday. the group targeted a company and that firm connects hundreds of companies with customers through social media. hackers rerouted its internet traffic blocking online traffic and experts fix the problem in a few hours. authorities say the hackers didn't compromise any data. new from overnight, a thanksgiving disaster. a deck collapsed in south carolina injuring more than two dozen people. it happened last night at a home during a thanksgiving celebration. officials say the victims fell 15 feet on to a cement patio. a lot of them had broken bones and none of the injuries,
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though, are life threatening. authorities blame icy road conditions for a chain reaction crash near niagara falls, new york. 56 cars collided there on interstate 90 last night. several people went to the hospital, but new york state police say none of those injuries appear to be serious. in montana, look at this, ice actually saved two people after the suv they were in slid off the road and on to this frozen pond. the thick ice prevented the vehicle from sinking into the frozen water. emergency crews brought the people to safety. they were not hurt. and in new york, two young boys are recovering after they were trapped under several feet of snow. police say they were building a snow fort when they were accidentally buried by a plow. the boys are cousins, just 9 and 11 years old. one of their mothers started looking for them when they didn't come home and then they called police. after hours of searching and below freezing temperatures, one officer spotted a shovel sticking out of a snow bank when he started to dig, he saw a
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small boot. that's when the officer, ems workers and the community rushed in to save the boys. >> it was all just adrenaline. wasn't thinking of much. just to get to the kids. >> the boys were taken to the hospital to get checked out and the good news is they are expected to be okay. now your nbc 10 first alert weather and me meteorologist brittney shipp. >> good morning. it's a freezing start to your morning, so make sure you bundle up when you head out the door. a cold saturday on tap and we'll see warming temperatures as we head into the rest of the weekend. today is going to be cold, as well. so, closer look at philadelphia. only 34 degrees right now and 75%. wind speeds out of the west at 8 miles per hour. 25 degrees in the poconos and only 25 in allentown where we're at 28 degrees in pottstown and even in atlantic city at the airport, 35 in stone harbor and
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34 degrees this morning in dover and temperatures in millville in the temperatures, as well. needless to say, very cold when you step outside and our feels-like temperatures are even cooler than that. it feels like 19 degrees in allentown and feeling only like 23 degrees in wilmington and 26 in dover and 27 in millville. our 24-hour temperature change amount shows we're down about nine degrees. nine degrees cooler in allentown and two degrees cooler in poconos. moving along the i-95 corridor and stretching into south jersey and lake-effect snow and shor d lived and what we'll see as we head into the rest of today, cold and below average temperatures will remain by saturday. and 41 by sunday. you'll start to notice the difference with temperatures pushing back into the 50s. our temperature at 34 degrees as we head to the rest of your morning hours and as we push into the rest of the afternoon, barely make it out of the 30s. 39 degrees our forecast high for
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philadelphia. and it's going to be a cold way to end the week. heading into the weekend, take a look. we warm back up into the mid-50s sunday heading into monday and then we track another chance of showers by wednesday. nine minutes until 5:00 now. unless you're in the parking lot of a local mall, probably not seeing a lot of cars on the road out there this morning. >> let's check in with jillian mele. looking pretty slow out there? >> typically friday is a quiet day on the roads, the battle is in the parking lots this morning. this is route 1 right at the dover toll plaza. you can see, not so many cars out there right now. things are very quiet as it is every black friday. this is 95 right near the walt whitman bridge. no accidents to report on 95 and certainly no delays. checking some of your drive times right now, 95 southbound from wood haven to the vine. take you about 14 minutes. 14 minutes on 76 westbound from the blue route and a very average start to the day and blue route from 95 to 76. you're looking at an 18-minute trip. chris? happening this weekend, are
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you ready for christmas?wilming. that city will hold its 51st annual christmas parade tomorrow featuring floats, antique cars and, of course, the big guy himself. santa and tigger. the parade starts tomorrow morning at 1 1:00 at the intersection of fifth and market and end at 11th and market in wilmington. tim furlong made an appearance last year. a community in cape may county will start. the event in stone harbor at 6:00 and, of course, santa will be there hustling over from the wilmington parade. he's very busy this time of year. well, you had no idea what to buy for the people on your holiday shopping list this season. up next, the lineup of the most popular presents that will help give you some ideas. plus, take some extra cash where you go pick up that christmas tree this weekend. what's driving up tree prices and how much more you may be
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paying. and a spending increases, it's also easy to overlook unauthorized charges on your debit and credit cards when you're going over your bill statements. hackers are ready to take advantage of that. be wary of phony scams, phone calls claiming to be someone from your bank or financial institution. if that caller claims that your computer is infected and ask for your personal information, hang up the phone and call the bank yourself.
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>> > 4:55 a.m., it's early, but the holiday shopping frenzy is on. >> it's black friday and across the country shoppers are hitting the annual black friday sales and today, in fact, many people got their start last night. you could tell i had a little too much turkey yesterday. many people got their start last night before the turkey even got cold. jay gray is live at the mall of america in minnesota. jay, what are things looking like there? >> good morning. i'm hanging out with some new
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friends. somebody here from philly in the mall of america. they are shopping and the bags are big. it has been crowded throughout the morning and now it's been that way for a long time. girls, enjoy your shopping. see you. and it's something that, as you guys know, it's just happening across the country right now. a few stats. first on this mall. it's unbelievable. 4.2 million square feet. 520 shops. it's a roller coaster over there i'm going to ride later and it also has a twitter thing going on where it snows every once in a while here. it's really amazing. as for black friday itself, a couple ideas about that, first of all. analysts say the average shopper will spend about $400, $418 today. guess who they're shopping for today, guys. not for grandpa or the little ones most everybody who shops on black friday, shopping for themselves.
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but i'm a giver, so, tell me, what do you guys need? send me an e-mail and send me your list and i'll try to help out the best i can. >> i'll tweet you my suit size, jay. thanks. jay gray live in minnesota. good to see him. there's a story you know that the term black fwrooriday actually begans in philadelphia. vai sikahema frank farley if that story is true. >> back in the 1930s the army/navy game on saturday. >> the saturday after thanksgiving. >> exactly. you got thursday thanksgiving and then you got friday and then the world famous game. the day before the people are rushing into philly for the game. the police are overwhelmed and the idea of this day is just a very bad day for the cop became labeled black friday by the police. >> so, the philadelphia police department credited with coining the term black friday.
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streets were jammed everywhere. so, merchants took that term and started using it for their own good as the story goes. >> that's right. now we have black friday and if you're heading out to shop today. google has a break down of the gifts that are trending this holiday season. google says people searched for these gifts the most. apple's ipads and microsoft x-box so, you might want to add them to your list. as for toys, consumers are looking for american girl, my little pony, i used to have my little pony as a kid andilationo friends. christmas trees are expected to cost a little more money this holiday season. experts say throughout the past six years the prices were lower because of decreased demand. this year, though, the prices will vary depending on several factors, but the average tree could cost about $2 more and prices will rise as the holiday gets closer and the supply starts to run out. today the 2014 white house christmas tree will be delivered to 1600 pennsylvania avenue.
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this was the scene from last year when the first family welcomed their tree. this year the white house will be featuring an 18.5 foot tall douglas fir and installed and decorated in the blue room. the city of reading is rededicating its so-called charlie brown tree. >> that's right. after criticizing the tree, now the city is actually embracing it. after getting a lot of flack about the punny pine. take a look at it, you can see it there. made arrangements to get a bigger, better tree but they were never able to take down the spindly tree. now the city says on december 6th it will decorate the 50-foot tree with a single red ball, just like the charlie brown tree. they will hope it will remind people of the deeper meaning of christmas. hopefully that works. >> good grief, as charlie brown would say. you're watching nbc 10 news today news at 5:00 starts right now. nbc 10 news starts now.
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>> let the holiday shopping season begin. right now, shoppers are making the annual dash for deals. many of them started on thanksgiving day instead of waiting until today, which is actually black friday. here's a live look from sky force 10 hovering high above the king of prussia mall. throughout the next hour, we'll take a tour of malls in our area to see how busy it is out there this morning. sthothose shoppers will wan rush from store to store because a cold start on this friday. a live look at eighth and market. you'll need to carry around the big coats and gloves and below freezing in most areas at 5:00 a.m. good morning and welcome to nbc 10 news today. we saw a few snowflakes in our live pictures this morning. let's begin with brittney shipp in our first alert weather center. >> freezing conditions for most of our area, even stretching down to atlantic city. a very cold w


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