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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 530a  NBC  November 28, 2014 5:30am-6:01am EST

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some people already have hours of shopping under their belts and many more to go. we're live this morning at the cherry hill mall where the annual black friday frenzy is on. and the safest place to observe the shopping high above sky force 10 live over the philadelphia premium outlets. you can see a lot of cars in the parking lots there. many shoppers in search of savings before the sun is even up this morning. if you're just getting ready to head out the door, you better bundle up. take a live look outside on this
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freezing black friday. you can see flags blowing in the wind, as well. starting off with temperatures in the 20s in parts of our area. good morning, welcome to nbc 10 news today. i'm christine maddela. >> i'm chris cato. most of the area is freezing today. we caught this video of flurries coming down a little earlier this morning. let's begin with brittney shipp and her first alert forecast on this black friday. >> good morning. make sure you're bundling up if you're seeing we're seeing temperatures throughout freezing into parts of lehigh valley and, of course, the poconos. here's a live look right now and our feels-like temperature, we can just go over that. those are feeling even colder than the actual temperatures due to the light wind. 24, that's what it feels like in wilmington. feeling more like 27 degrees in philadelphia. 28 in pottstown and 17 in allentown and it feels like just 16 degrees in the poconos. here's your actual temperatures.
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34 degrees in philadelphia and 24 in allentown and 25 degrees in mount pocono. our actual highs today between 36 and just 39 degrees our average for this time of year. 51. we are colder than average and i am tracking a warming trend as i head through the next few days. for now we'll check in for nbc 10 traffic reporter jillian mele. >> no delays to report out there at all and we're dealing with with this accident on bucks county. route 1 northbound just past oxford valley and tow truck just got to the scene and this entire accident is on the shoulder and not causing any big delays and that is good news and at least that activity is not blocking delays on the highway. out near route 401 and disabled vehicle blocking the right lane and no delays and not seeing that many vehicles and area bridges are all looking good. that's the ben franklin bridge. watch out for fire department activity in hunting park.
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this is right near fifth street. as you can see, if you want to get it around, your best bet. sleep deprived shoppers are scrambling for the best deals. live over the premium outlets in limerick. a live picture of the outdoor shopping center. you can see quite a few folks walking around and somebody with a stroller brought the kids out early this morning. they've been open for business throughout the night. these stores kicked off black friday by opening at 6:00 last night and will stay open until 10:00 tonight. now, to the garden state where nbc 10 jesse gary joins us live at the cherry hill mall. has it been a steady crowd? >> still a steady crowd. yeah, people are still moving around and walking into stores. i tell you, a lot of the things you see are signs. the signs are advertising deep discounts and that is what gets you in. but experts say you want to be a
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mission shopper. this saves the consumer from impulse buying and overspending. we ran into betsy and she said she had a plan before she came out on this black friday. >> i'm not standing outside for seven hours in the rain or the snow or whatever to get headphones. we went online and we got them early and you use your target card and get 5% off. >> back live here. 5% off and then she did some other shopping, some other deals and that's how she's working her way through black friday. coming up in the next 30 minutes or so, we're going to talk about what people are buying. it's not just for them. they're buying for others, as well. we'll talk about that coming up. live in cherry hill camden county. other shoppers are searching for deals at local kohl's stores. this guy has his hands full. one of many eager shoppers getting a jump on black friday. has you covered for your holiday shopping.
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head over to the home page of our website. click on the link for the holiday gift guide. in addition to the black friday rush, you can count on nbc 10 to bring you all the news across the region. three stories following for you today. check to see when a chapel honoring the victims of united flight 93 might reopen. it's closed right now after two cars collided sending one into the wall of the chapel in som somerset county. a 72-year-old woman died and another person was hurt. nbc 10 is checking on developments in ferguson, missouri. protesters took a break and no police or national guard members outside the police station where people were gathering to protest the grand jury decision not to indict a white police officer for killing an african-american teen. we're continuing to update you on the pope's visit to philadelphia next fall during the world meeting of families. this holiday weekend signals the start of a campaign by local catholic leaders. they're looking for 10,000 homeowners willing to host
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guests during the visit. hotels are expected to sell out. >> people with spare bedrooms apply. getting to the bottom of black friday, this morning we're investigating where that name came from and its connection to philadelphia. plus, growing business in the garden state. the tax incentives that state is offering companies to move to or stay in the state. and an icy rescue caught on camera. we'll tell you how the freezing cold conditions here actually us th people trapped in a car. and i'm tracking a freezing start to your black friday. even temperatures at the shore are below freezing. what to expect as we head into the afternoon and as we go into the weekend. all the details coming up in my first alert forecast. another holiday scam to watch out for here. if you're doing online shopping this season, be sure to watch out for shipping notifications and fish ing cscams. people are more likely to fall
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for those scams this time of year. the solution, don't click on any link you don't recognize.
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♪ let us be lovers, we'll marry our fortunes together ♪ ♪ i've got some real estate here in my bag ♪ ♪ it took me four days to hitch-hike from saginaw ♪ ♪ "i've come to look for america" ♪
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good morning it is a cold, really freezing start to the morning. only 26 degrees in mount pocono and 31 degrees in reading and 28 in pottstown. kenneth square 30 degrees and coatsville 29 and doylestown only 28. 31 below freezing in trenton this morning. even atlantic city airport, only 30 degrees. 32 in woodvine and temperatures in delaware city at 33 degrees. but the feels-like temperatures, it only feels like in 26 in northeast philadelphia and 17 in allentown and feel more like 25 degrees in atlantic city and continue to see plenty of
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sunshine as we head into the rest of the afternoon. but earlier this morning, we did see a few snow flurries and that is pretty much over with. our average for this time of year, 51 degrees, but, today, only 38 for us as a daytime high. heading into tomorrow, 41 degrees and go over your seven-day forecast and tracking warmer conditions as we head into the next few days. 5:40 a.m. let's get a check of the roads, been pretty quiet out there so far, though. >> first alert traffic reporter jillian mele is watching the roads for us. oh, what do you have there for us? >> a minor accident. northbound side of 95 right near penns landing. police are coming to the scene because this vehicle is actually facing the southbound direction on the northbound side of 95. a one-vehicle accident. possibly a vehicle lost control. we have seen some icy spots out there this morning. so, police are going to be blocking one lane there. aside from that, really our only problem we're seeing right now because we're not reporting any delays and no big accidents out there tying up for any traffic.
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for drivers in the lehigh valley and 78 looks good and so does the northeast extension. we have seen some icy spots, as we mentioned. especially in parts of bucks county and that intersection and penndot was notified about icy conditions there. slow down and take your time if that's part of your plan to travel that route this morning. in hunting park, we are dealing with fire activity out near fifth street. christine? there's a new champion at the american kennel club's national dog show, that is. the judges named it nathan the bloodhound best in show. he has his tail wagging there, applause all around. the dog show aired right after the macy's parade yesterday. took place 15th and 16th in oaks montgomery county. black friday deals are not just for the tvs and the toys but you can save money on a new pet today. the animal alliance of new jersey will have special adoption rates on all cats that
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have any black fur on them in honor of black friday. you can stop by the robert w. curtis memorial pet adoption center in lambertville to check out those deals. for adult cats, the rates drop from $75 down to 25 bucks and there are also discounted prices for kittens. the adoption center will be open from noon until 8:00 today. the spca will offer special adoption rates. a dog older than 7 months old. that deal is good between 10:00 this morning and noon at the facility in media. puppy fees 50% off with an online coupon. the adoption center from 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. well, if it's not a puppy, what's on your wish list? if it's an ipad or x-box, you're not alone. google's list of the most searched for gifts when we come back. but, first, beware of iscams. this targets your mobile
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devices. the experts at mcafee warn even the most official looking or festive app could be malicious and access your personal information.
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5:45. look at this video from montana. the ice here actually helped
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save two people after their suv slid off the road and on to this frozen pond. investigators say the thick ice prevented the vehicle from sinking into the freezing water. emergency crews brought the people to safety. we're following news across the country this morning, thanks to our network of reporters and photographers. a deck collapsed in south carolina injured more than two dozen people. it happened last night at this home during a thanksgiving celebration. officials say the victims fell 15 feet on to a cement patio. several people suffered broken bones, but none of the injuries are life threatening. police in virginia say dna links this suspect to the deaths of two college co--eds five years apart. jesse matthew jr. is charged with abducting university of virginia student hannah graham in september. her remains were found last month. investigators say dna found on a cigar butt in matthew's wallet matches material found on the shirt of virginia tech co-ed
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harrington found murdered in 2009. u.s. supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg will be back at work following a heart procedure, a hospital in washington released the 81-year-old yesterday. the chief justice went in tuesday night after feeling ill during exercise with a personal train. doctors implanted a stent to help open a blocked artery. today the 2014 white house christmas tree will be delivered to 1600 pennsylvania avenue. this was the scene from last year when the first family welcomed the tree. this year the white house will feature an 18 1/2 foot douglas fur. it will be installed and decorated in the blue room. well, once again, this year retailers nationwide open their black friday sales on thanksgiving to lure in holiday shoppers with sales and deals. you're looking here at the mall of america in minneapolis where buyers haven't stopped swiping their credit cards since stores opened last night. a website that tracks shopping
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says thanksgiving day sales increased 3% to 5% over last year. and if you're getting ready to start your friday shopping now, you may be wondering what gifts you can get for your loved ones on your list. google has some answers, doesitant always? people searched for these gifts the most often. apple ipad, microsoft x-box. so, you moy want to add a couple of those to your lists. consumers are looking for american girl, my little pony and lego. christmas trees are expected to cost a little more this holiday season. over the past six years, the prices were lower because of decreased demand, but this year, though, the prices will vary depending on several factors, but the average tree will cost about $2 more than it did last year. prices will rise as the holiday gets closer, so get that tree early, if you need one. you know, there's a story that the term black friday actually began in philadelphia. >> could be another first for philadelphia. v vai sikahema asked him if was
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true. >> the saturday after thanksgiving. >> exactly. you have thursday thanksgiving, and then you've got friday and then saturday the big game, a world famous game. the day before people are rushing into philly for the game. the police are overwhelmed and the idea of this day is just a very bad day for the cops became wave of black friday by the police. >> dr. farley said people started shopping on that day and merchants took the term and started using it for their very own. >> i didn't know that. brittney knows everything about shopping. >> but online shopping because it's so cold outside. if you do head out to get those deals, you want to bundle up. look at the poconos. a few snow flurries this morning and nor snow flurries yesterday and even the day before that. so, it has definitely been an active weather pattern. as we head into the rest of
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today, cold temperatures will settle in for us as we head into the rest of your morning. today even heading into tomorrow. and then on sunday, that's when we'll start to see our temperatures recovering, which will be a nice change. so, our first headline a freezing start to your black friday and a cold saturday on tap and warming up as we head into sunday and also into monday. we take a closer look at our center city skyline. we are going to see just a few clouds this morning, those clouds are going to clear out and then we'll see plenty of sunshine for the rest of the afternoon, but cold conditions will stick around. 34 degrees in philadelphia. wind speeds out of the west, northwest at 8 miles per hour. below freezing in reading. also in atlantic city with a few clouds. and throughout most of the region, we are below freezing and if we're not below freezing, it feels like we are. so, a closer look at our right now temperatures in the poconos. 26 degrees and 24 in allentown and 28 in pottstown and 29 in coatsville and temperatures this
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morning in mount holly at 33 degrees and 31 in trenton closer to the atlantic city airport and only 33 degrees and 33 in dover and then feels-like temperatures. it only feels like 27 degrees in philadelphia right now. feeling more like 28 in pottstown and 25 in atlantic city. the biggest difference is in all allentown where it's nine degrees colder right now than this time yesterday. our radar shot shows that we saw a few snow flurries move through burlington county as we head into the rest of today, we will see plenty of sunshine, but cold conditions will remain. so, sunny for us into your friday afternoon and then as we head into saturday, clouds increasing and even a pass of a few snow flurries and by 1:00 everything is done in terms of any snow flurries and plenty of sunshine heading into sunday and warmer air is on the way by sunday. temperatures back into the 50s. look at monday. 56 degrees and then we stay close to average heading into next week.
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>> that is a nice-looking warm up. thanks. nine minutes until 6:00. let's get a check of the roads if you're heading out this morning. >> jillian mele is watching an accident out there. jillian? >> 94 northbound washington avenue, specifically. a vehicle that is actually facing the wrong way on 95 northbound. you can see it right there. we have police that have, they came to the scene in the last few minutes, excuse me. so, as you can see, one lane blocked out here on 95 and traffic can get by. not causing any delays, but as you can see, we're also still getting more of a response out here as we're live on the air right now. it appears to be the single vehicle accident just involving that car right there. more details coming in and as soon as we get more information, we'll pass it along. right now not causing any delays on 95. heading into new jersey. 73 at 293. all is quiet on 73 and free of accidents or delays and same situation for drivers on 42 as we head northbound towards the bridges. you can see average speeds in the mid-50s. chris? tax breaks are waiting for
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companies that move to new jersey or stay put there. the state promised $1.8 billion in tax incentives this year. that's part of a $5 billion program that began when governor chris christie took office in 2010. lawmakers revamped the program in 2013 to give bonuses for projects in camden, one of the poorest sties in the nation. well, first came thanksgiving and then black friday and next small business saturday. we'll look at what our local shops are doing this year to try to lure you out of the malls this weekend. and another heads up here for some scams going around during the holidays. many of us travel this time of year and that could put your personal information at risk in two ways. one cybersecurity experts want you to watch out for fake links to online deals. if it sounds too good to be true, it probably it. beware to logging on to public computers or public wi-fi. the pc at your hotel could be infected with spy ware which would give hackers access to your log-in names and passwords.
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5:56 a.m. black friday may belong to the malls but locally owned stores are gearing up for small business saturday.
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organizers of the annual event encouraged people to shop small and patronize local eateries tomorrow. they say it's a way to beat the crowds at the mall while finding unique gifts for people on your holiday list. small business saturday also helps to keep and create jobs in our local community. >> waffles. waffles are always on my list. the holiday season is here and that means there is plenty to do and celebrate. this morning we're taking you county by county to help you plan your weekend. we start in camden county where there will be a new attraction at cooper river park and ice rink. the rink is in the center of jack curtis stadium. organizers say about the same size as the one in new york rockefeller center. opened through january 6th. kids under 12 skate free. kick off the holiday season with a christmas parade. that parade in stone harbor begins at 6:30 tomorrow night. floats going through town ending at the beach patrol building. of course, santa claus is very busy this time of year, but he will be in stone harbor to be part of that parade.
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you can also check out the parade in wilmington. wilmington's christmas parade takes place in new castle county tomorrow. the city is holding its 51st annual parade featuring marching bands, singers, antique cars and, of course, santa. he is going to be busy but coming to willemten, too. that parades starts tomorrow at fifth and market and ends at 11th and market. tim furlong sighting. i don't know if he'll be there tomorrow. celebration of christmas gifts under way in chester county. longwood gardens in kenneth square ready for the holiday. stunning christmas display there. colorful fountains, snowflakes and half a million lights and those award winning restrooms. that's what you're seeing in the video right there. just won best restrooms in the county. the city of reading is rededicating its so-called charlie brown christmas tree now embracing the spruce after getting some flack about the
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pine. reading officials made an arrangement to get a bigger, better tree but people online said, no, we want to keep this tree. the city has decided to keep it. on december 6th it will deck raid the 50-foot tree just like the charlie brown tree. they hope it will remind people of the deeper meaning of christmas. >> a lot of events throughout our area. >> we'll be busy. just like santa. nbc 10 news today at 6:00 a.m. starts right now. nbc 10 news starts now. >> the black friday madness continues. sky force 10 giving us an aerial tour this morning taking you from mall to mall. a live picture of morris town mall and you can see the parking lot. some malls are full and some aren't so full. shoppers, though, working off the thanksgiving calories hitting all of the stores. it's going to be freezing outside if you're heading out there this black friday. bundle up.
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we're getting your first alert forecast hour by hour as we take a live look at the comcast building there. good morning, you're watching nbc 10 news today, i'm christine maddela. >> i'm chris cato. it's chilly for all those shoppers and let's start with meteorologist brittney shipp. >> i think chilly is an understatement. down right freezing throughout most of our area and we'll continue to see temperatures staying well below average and daytime highs in the 30s. winds moving there and flags are moving atop the aramark building and contribute to how cold it feels outside. closer look for philadelphia. 35 degrees and wind speeds out of the north, northwest at nine miles per hour. our feels-like temperature is closer to 27 degrees in philadelphia. and to the teens if you're closer to allentown. for the rest of today by 9:00 a.m. temperatures close to freezing and 34 degrees. by noon 36 and by 4:00 p.m., still in the 30s. it's going to be a cold day, but i am tracking warmer weather. i'll let youno


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