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tv   NBC 10 News at 5am  NBC  November 29, 2014 5:00am-5:31am EST

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know better sleep with sleep number. this morning on nbc 10 news today police are looking for this college student who disappeared after a night out with friends in philadelphia. his family is now offering a reward for his safe return. plus black friday madness is over. today it's small business saturday. another cold start to the day. here's a live look outside at center city. we'll be below freezing for most of the morning. good morning. this is nbc 10 news today. i'm rose mary connors.
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michelle is tracking the conditions outside, and a little bit cloudy right now. >> we are cloudy. we're going to see the clouds stick around. mostly cloudy with a peek of sunshine throughout the day. it will be a cold day. teens in some spots. we are waking up to mostly cloudy skies. and temperatures right now, 19 in pottstown, 21 in lancaster. 20 in philadelphia. temperatures in the teens, low 20s. 21 at the atlantic city airport. and take a look at radar. we see snow showers off to the west. we may see a snow shower sneaking throughout the morning and a sprinkle in the afternoon. for the most part we'll keep it dry throughout the day. want to mention that throughout saturday. by 8:00 a.m., 30 degrees and below freezing. by noon, 37 degrees. we'll be 11 degrees below normal for this time of year. we're going to warm it up for the second half. we'll talk about that coming up. black friday is over, but for many small businesses, this
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is their day to kick off holiday sales. the saturday after thanksgiving has recently become known as small business saturday. matt, a little bit quiet out right now, but a big day ahead for retailers. >> reporter: indeed, rose mary. plenty of stores are out here in germantown avenue. none of them are open. but give it a couple of hours. this is small business saturday. yesterday i went around to mom and pop shops throughout the area where there were considerably less customers and business activity than the mall ls. owners tell me today is when they hope to shine. a lot of small towns are going all out for this. santa will be making a visit for a holiday celebration. philadelphia has free meter parking after 11:00 a.m. on
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saturdayings until the end of the year. for small businesses, get out and do your shopping. that's what they're hoping for today, at least a good start to the holiday selling season. live in chestnut hill this morning for nbc 10 news. >> thank you, matt. >> on black friday in some places this year there seemed to be less of a frenzy. possibly because shoppers took advantage of many stores being open on thanksgiving day. people looking for the best deal ls appreciated the crowds but the parking lot was still full. we observed some customers with only a few shopping bags. they seemed more interested in browsing than scoring black friday bar dans. shoppers in atlantic city had purchases at tanger outlet, taking advantages of the deep discount. it's been a tough year with four
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casino closings and a fifth possibly weeks away. american consumers will be shelling out more this holiday season. up 4% from last year to nearly $617 billion. that's the largest increase since 2011. now to a developing story. shane montgomery is 21 years old. he's a student at west chester university. montgomery hasn't been seen since he left a bar the night before thanksgiving. investigators are trying to enhance surveillance video taking at kildare's pub on main street wednesday night. police do not suspect foul play but are calling it suspicious. a bouncer told shane to leave the pub after he accidentally bumped into the dj table.
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that's the last time anybody saw him. his mother and father are now pleading for help find him. >> he told me he was going to main street with a couple of his friends and my nephew. there are no words to tell how difficult this is. my heart is broken. >> each hour that goes by, it's harder and haroder. zblf shane's family is offering a $10,000 reward for his safe return. if you have any information, philadelphia police would like to hear from you. now to breaking news that we're following overseas this morning. a court just dismissed charges against former egyptians president hosni mubarak. he was accused of helping to kill more than 800 protesters. many egyptians have called it the trial of the century. mubarak was charged following the country's 2011 uprising tha
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ended his nearly three decade reign in egypt. back in our area, new surveillance video may be the key to helping police in burks county find a man who shot up a barbershop. police believe he may have opened fire at a barbershop. that was the scene on wednesday at the all star barbershop on rockland street. a fourth victim is in critical, but stable condition. three are doing okay. this is not the first shooting at the shop. investigators believe this crime may be related to another shooting that happened there earlier in the week. starting today police officers in pennsylvania will now be allowed to carry a drug that can reverse the effects of heroin overdose. before today only paramedics and doctors were legally able to administer narcan. the new state law allows doctors to prescribe it to friends and
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relatives of addicts. today health network laboratories is offering free health fair. it's in fountainville between 9:00 and noon. after a judge's ruling, ray rice is allowed to play in the nfl again. his wife is now talking about the incident that went viral on the web and led to his suspension. >> in my heart i knew that our relationship wouldn't be over. >> next, more from janay rice on her marriage, when you can watch the full interview, and what's next for ray rice now that he's eligible to get back on the field. plus, black friday did not stop protesters angered by the ferguson grand jury decision. we'll show you which retailers they targeted and where some demonstrations turned violent.
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just about ten minutes after 5:00. here's a live look at boathouse row. all dressed up for the holidays so to speak, looking very calm. it's not windy, however it is cool. we're below freezing, 28 degrees. we will warm up to the 40s today. michelle grossman will have details coming up in the 7 day forecast. >> ray rice is reinstated. an arbitrator ruled in his favor, but will the nfl team want to sign him. he punched his wife in an elevator in new york city. then the nfl suspended him indefinitelily after the video was released. the baltimore ravens canceled his contract. yesterday a judge agreed that he should not be penalized more than once for the same incident shl , so the two-game suspension
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stands. his wife janay is now speaking out. here's part of the exclusive interview set to air monday and tuesday. >> i didn't want to entertain him, anything he had to say, any explanation. of course, in the back of any mind and in my heart i knew that our relationship wouldn't be over. because i know that this isn't us and it's not him. ray rice released a statement that says in part i'm thankful there was a proper appeals process in place to address this issue. he added i will continue working hard to improve myself and be the best husband, father and friend while giving back to my community and helping others learn from my mistakes. rice is now a free agent who can play again if he signs with the team. nbc 10's george spencer spoke to people in philadelphia for their reaction last night. >> you're willing to believe what they say? >> i don't think a man should ever put his hands on a woman,
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let alone anybody else. >> so what we hope is every institution and every employer will take a hold of this and look at that irown policies. >> don't forget. you can watch matt lauer's exclusive interview on monday and tuesday next week on the "today show" here on nbc 10. we have some new information about a deadly shooting in chicago we first told you about as breaking news at 11:00. police say a man shot his girlfriend and then turneded the gun on himself inside a nordstrom department store. the man died. the woman is in critical condition right now. she's a seasonal employee. nobody else inside the store was hurt during the shooting. in texas, police are trying to figure out why a man fired off more than 100 rounds in downtown austin. the gunman, identified as larry mcwilliams, targeted the medical examiner kans consulate, the
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federal courthouse and the police department department around 2:00 a.m. on friday. # authorities are trying to figure out if that was a fatal shot or they took his own life. san francisco is coming off a night of protests after the grand jury decision in ferguson. it starteded with demonstrators marching through downtown. later people vandalized stores and clashed with riot police. protesters hurled bricks at officers, according to one report. we're working to find out about any arrests and injuries from overnight in san francisco. at the shopping mall in st. louis, black friday turned into brown friday. protesters use todayed and the evening to demonstrate. the protesters urged people to boycott one of the busiest shopping days of the year. it was last monday when we learn that had the grand jury did not
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find probable cause to indict darren wilson. the officer shot and killed michael brown during a confrontation in august. according to authorities, he was unarmed when he was shot to death. the deadly fun fire touched off three months of unrest. the ferguson situation is having an effect here at home. sky force 10 was over a march for justice in center city. more than two dozen protesters moved down chestnut street, making their voices heard about the grand jury's decision. people say the group did not disrupt traffic an did not disturb the peace. this protest in new york was less peaceful. officers arrested seven people during a demonstration against police aggression. it followed a protest march from times square to macy's. it was a protest against the grand jury decision in ferguson. a grand jury in new york is
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close to a decision about a case that's been compared to what happened in ferguson. the group will decide whether a police officer should face criminal charges in the choke hold death of eric garner. this cell phone video from last july shows one of the arresting officers wrapping his arm around garner's neck before garner lost consciousness. the medical examiner found that the choke hold contributed to his death. a decision is expected before the end of this year. next, it has been called the charlie brown christmas tree because of the less than impressive appearance. now one city is making it a symbol of what the holidays should really be about. it's feeling like the holidays around here. temperatures in the teens and 20s in some spots. here's a live look outside waking up to mostly cloudy skies. we're going to warm it up for the rest of the weekend coming up next.
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good saturday morning. i'm meteorologist michelle grossman. temperatures in the teens and 20s. we're going to keep it below average throughout the day, probably ending 11 degrees below what is typical. hope your saturday is a good one so far. yeah, a cold start to the day. it's going to be a cold finish as well. then we're going to warm it up for the the rest of the weekend. adding on about 12 degrees tomorrow. we're watching the chance for showers, maybe snow showers in your 7 day. we'll look at that in minute. right now we are waking up to mostly cloudy skies throughout the area and we're going to see mostly cloudy sky ls throughout the day. clouds will be the rule throughout the day. 28 degrees in philadelphia. winds out of the northwest at 3 miles per hour. we'll keep the winds light throughout the day. right now we're mainly look at cold temperatures across the area. 22 in reading. 28 in atlantic city. so as you sart out your day, dress for the 20s as you head out the door.
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right now across the region, 18 in shenandoah. 19 in pottstown. all spots around the area, in the 20s, the teens. 23 in northeast philadelphia. and then to the south and east, teens and 20s as well. 21 at the atlantic city airport. philadelphia, 27 degrees. these are temperatures throughout time here. we're not going to go very far. i think we'll pop out around 41 degrees to the end of the day. then we drop quickly back to the 30s for the rest of your night. for tonight, your saturday night plans, plan on the 30s. we're looking at a chance for snow showers. not any accumulation. but could see a snow shower as we head throughout saturday. future weather tracking the chance for a few snow showers. really the story will be mostly cloudy sky ls. then tonight the clouds stay with us. by sunday we're looks at more sunshine. so nice looking day on sunday. temperatures around 53 towards sunday. and showers in the forecast for
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monday. for today, mostly cloudy skies. chance of furlies and snow showers. don't be surprised to see that. temperatures around 40 later this afternoon. for your plans this evening. we're looking at cloudy skies. temperatures around freezing in philadelphia. so better than what we're seeing right now. and then 28 degrees north and west. chillier to the north and west. 7-day forecast. a few chances for snow showers and flurries. for today we'll keep it dry. 11 degrees below what is normal. by sunday milder. 53. nice day. partly sunny. monday, 56 and breeze sieve. mostly cloudy. could see a shower late in the day. in the afternoon top evening hours and overnight. by tuesday the sunshine comes back, mostly sinny, colder. wednesday, we're looking at clouds. could see a sure or snow shower. 52. sun and clouds on thursday, 49. back to 50 on friday. today is a grand opening of the annual christmas village at
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love park. during a sneak peek yesterday, visitors were treated to a black friday jam concert. the village featured yuletide gifts, crafts and fun. it will be open through december 28th. wilmington will hold the 51st annual christmas parade. it will feature marching bands, singers, floats, and of course santa. the parade starts off at 11:00. and a community in cape may starts its holiday season with a christmas parade tonight. floats will go through the town. they'll end at the beach lot and of course, santa claus will be part of the parade. there are some new developments this morning in the debate over reading's so-called charlie brown christmas tree. the less than impressive 50-foot spruce is on display downtown. residents are debating whether to keep it or replace it. yesterday both sides got their
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christmas wish. the city is keeping the charlie brown tree, but they have a new, fuller and healthier tree they're putting up across town. >> we're a city in the process of being revealed. both trees represent hope. they represent a better tomorrow. >> well put. the city's original tree will get the real charlie brown treatment when a single red bulb will be placed on top. the fliers are getting booted home after losing 7 of 8 games. next in sports, what management has to say about the poor play and how they're going to try to turn things around. plus the road to a championship. two local high school teams make a run. highlights are coming up. and 62-year-old actor mickey rourke steps into the ring once again.
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hey i'm john clark. it was supposed the to be an orange and black friday yesterday but the flyers were shut out by the rangers again. they have lost 7 of 8. they have to play at madison square garden where they've lost nine straight regular season games. the team got booed and they say they deserve it. fliers down 1-0. rangers up 2-0. then the flyers have a four-minute minute power play. rick nash spoils it with a four-handed goal. flyers shut out 3-0. that's three shutouts in the last six games. >> we're going to keep working. >> there's no short-term finishes. this is a better team than we're playing and this is a better team than the record is showing.
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our players have to get going here. no doubt about it. >> yeah, they do. the birds dismantled dallas. and the eagles took some cheap shots. she said he can't bleeping wait to come to philly for the rematch in a couple l weeks. they stuffed the cowboys on thanksgiving. the birds are 9-3. the arizona cardinals have a better record. the birds aren't bragging. they know the seahawks are coming in next week. >> i think our message for green bay is the same thing. i don't think you'll find anybody patting themselves on the back. >> inside the locker room, nothing changes. the ball is the same size, the field is the same size no matter how big. everybody wants to say this is life or death and all that. come on. you got to put it in its place. and last night a pair of
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local teams taking another step on the road to a state championship. piaa action for you. check out great valley. it bounces into the hands of jared mcclinton, and he heads straight to the end zone. not a great night for grape valley. wood, light in the wood. 44-7. bishop mcdevon, looking to make it five straight titles. district three aaa championship. quarterback nick marcello under pressure avoids the sack and he finds the end zone. brice hall makes the catch. wow. he shuts out calico, 41-0. we have half hour of football later tonight. and the full thanksgiving feast. so some leftovers as well.
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the high school blids at 7:00 on nbc 10. in other sports news. actor mickey rourke's return to the boxing ring is a success. his first bout in more than 20 years. rourke at 62 years old beat a boxer more than half his age. the star of the wrestler took a break from acting in the '90s to box professionally for a short time and he's back in the ring now. the time is 5:28 today is small business saturday. matt is checking out what this means for local mom and pop shot shots. >> black friday is over and the small businesses are getting ready. >> not a bad day to get out and shop. temperatures in the low 40s this afternoon. right now we're starting in the teens and 20s. a live look outside. this is at camel back mountain. we'll talk more about today's
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cold weather and tomorrow we'll warm it up a bit.
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right now on nbc 10 news today, the search is on for this missing college ed from a popular philadelphia area after a night o


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