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tv   NBC 10 News at 11p  NBC  November 29, 2014 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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right now at 11:00, hope burns brightly for a family waiting for word on their missing son. hundreds prayed for the safe return of shane montgomery. he vanished on thanksgiving morning after leaving a bar. good evening i'm denise nakano. the search will continue in the morning for the missing student. there's a $10,000 reward for answers about where he is. christine maddela is live where he was last spotted and his parents are not giving up hope? >> reporter: and they're not alone. hundreds of people spent their saturday dedicated to shane today.
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it started with a search here. and this evening there was a candle light vigil as well as a mass. still no word on where shane montgomery may be. >> he's our son. i won't ever stop looking for shane. ever, ever, ever stop looking for shane. >> reporter: karen and kevin called police on thanksgiving to report their son missing. >> he was expected home obviously some time in the morning wednesday into thursday and we would have had thanksgiving dinner as a family. >> reporter: the 21-year-old was last seen at a pub just before 2:00 thursday right across the street from that bar is where his friends and family prayed for his safe return. >> anything you want to tell your son? >> i love him. >> i love him. >> reporter: worried friends -- and grief-stricken relatives set down candle after candle until there were almost as many lights shining for shane as there were search crews looking for him.
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>> there was 300 some people waiting here. what keeps you going? that's what keeps you going. >> until we find him. and we're not going to give up. >> there's dogs on the ground and tomorrow there will be a marine unit out there. there's just so much help and so much support. but it's -- you just keep praying. that's what tonight is. and people open up their hearts and it's unbelievable, this community. >> reporter: tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. a marine unit is expected to expand their search to the canal. the parents thank the crowd for the search efforts but they ask that the people stay home tomorrow so the professionals can do their job. christine maddela, nbc 10 muse news. a man was shot by police in
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germantown. he has a wound to his neck. a police spokesperson says a weapon was recovered at the scene number officers were hurt. the police officer who killed an unarmed teenager has resigned from the force in ferguson, missouri. darren wilson has been on administrative leave since shooting michael brown back in august. last monday a grand jury decided not to indict wilson for killing the 18-year-old during a confrontation on a ferguson street. it fuelled protests across the nation. and the protests have not stopped. demonstrators set out today on a seven-day 120 march from ferguson to the governor's mansion in jefferson city. it was organized by the naacp. they want new leadership in the ferguson police department and police reform across the country. >> is it a righteous anger. but it's a matter of turning anger into action.
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funneling that anger and bringing about justice. >> reporter: more chants are trying to get back to business. some of the worst violence happened here. police declared the streets a crime scene and shut them down. now to the weather. a chilly night. a live look it the ice rink in center city. no worries about the ice melting tonight. but we are about to have a turn around in the temperatures. glenn schwartz is here. >> you will notice when you head outside in the morning it is going to be different. the average high is 50 degrees this time of the year. we had daytime highs of 39 the last couple of days. today's high, 39. and then sunday, 55. look, it's already warmer than
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it was for the daytime high. 41 degrees. it is 31 in allentown. we have a southerly wind. the warmer air is trying to come. in and it will and you will feel it despite all the clouds around here. 44 at 8:00 a.m. 47 at 10:00. 50 at noon and if there is more sunshine it will get warmer than that. and monday will be warmer than that. more on the warm up and cool down and rain coming up with the seven day. philadelphia police say the number of murders this year is up from last year. but still better than in the recent past. so far there have been 228 homicides this year. last year there were 219 at this point in the year. that's still less than 2012 and 2011 when there were 301 by november 29th. last year, philadelphia garnered
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national attention with the number of murders dropped to the lowest in nearly five decades. a fire roars through a house in chester county today at 2:30 this morning on harmoniville road. police say a 64-year-old woman and 67-year-old man were killed. they have not identified the two and we don't know what caused the fire. tonight a car dealership is all boarded up. flames burned through a nissan dealership in vineland this morning. no word on what sparked the two-alarm fire. it burned for an four and a half before the firefighters got it under control. no one was hurt. black friday might be over but the holiday shopping season is just getting started. and many folks skipped the mall to take part in small business saturday. the streets were bustling with shoppers and some score stored
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sweetened the deal. small business saturday was created four years ago to encourage people to shop at independently owned businesses. small business saturday was a hit in camden county. organizers want to help smaller shops cash in on the buying frenzy between black friday deals and cybermonday deals online. the retailers are going all out to attract the shoppers. >> i don't like to go to the big box stores. they are too crowded. here at the nice beautiful town. you can find real good deals and they're very welcoming. everybody's happy to see you and want you to come back. >> reporter: small business saturday continues through tomorrow if you want to check out the deals. the sales numbers are in and it's a bad year for black friday. thanksgiving day spending jumped
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24% to more $3 billion and that may have impacted black friday sales, they dropped 7%. shoppers spent $9 billion. black friday sales online climbed 9.5%. one of every four sales was done on a smartphone or tablet. and a lot of people doing their holiday shopping at philadelphia's christmas village. today was the grand opening. and nbc 10 was there for all the festivities. it features yuletide gifts, crafts and fun. there is still a lot of time. the village is open through december 28th. next at 11:00, a holiday surprise. one woman thought she was going to an ordinary parade and ended up with a gift she'll never forget. and warming up the winter for local children. what one group is doing to get coats for kids.
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the sixers break a franchise record. it is not good. and the flyers are tied up against the rangers and defend their coach. that is coming up.
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a boy missing for four years are back with his mother tonight. the 13-year-old cried as he hugged his mother this morning. he was reported missing four years ago and police found him hidden behind a fake wall in a jonesboro home. they were alerted by phone calls from that home saying that someone needed help. the boy's stepfather and mother are under arrest tonight. 'tis the stop sign ftime fo
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wishes to come true. a holiday surprise she won't soon forget. the mild air to the west is coming here. we'll tell you how warm it's going to get and when the rain returns in the forecast. then there's trusting your vehicle maintenance to ford service confidence. our expertise, technology, and high quality parts means your peace of mind. it's no wonder last year we sold over three million tires. and during the big tire event, get up to $140 in mail-in rebates on four select tires. ♪
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she looks shocked. carole got the surprise of her life during the holiday parade. long-time resident proposed
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marriage during a stop in the action. he dropped to one knee and whipped out that ring. >> took me two months to pull this together. i did it. mind. i'm extremely happy. i couldn't be any happier. >> their families and friends were all there to watch the proposal. congratulations, carole and chris. the salvation army wants to keep kids warm this winter. it teamed up with burlington ç a coat drive for kids in need. each child was accompanied by a parent or personal shopper to help pick out the right stuff. there's no doubt that there
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is warmer air that is moving in and you will feel it during the day tomorrow and even more so during the day on monday. going to be dry on sunday. but we do have a lot of clouds in the seven-day forecast and also a few chances for rain. some of it may be fairly significant. we have cloudy skies across the area now. 41 degrees. the southerly wind is keeping the temperature up. 12 degrees warmer than at this time last night in philadelphia. chilly in allentown, pottstown, westchester, trenton. but that southerly wind is going to make it in during the day tomorrow. 47 in stone harbor right now. just think how warm that air is. we're going to be seeing a lot of clouds over the next couple of days. it's going to determine how warm we get on monday. if we get a bit of sunshine, some places get to 60 degrees.
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but there's a cold front coming down. what a powerful cold front it was out west. some place in wyoming dropped 36 degrees in one hour. this even. that's not going to happen here but we have colder air coming down and precipitation coming in, some rain and maybe sleet as we go into tuesday. and the day after we are 60 degrees. cloudy, not as cold tonight. 38 for the low in the city. 28 north and west. cloudy and milder tomorrow. high temperature in the mid-50s. that's a bit above average. the daytime high today and yesterday were 39. then 59 on monday despite the cloud cover. that is pretty warm and it's going to feel that way. but look at the drop in just one day. a high of 38, clouds a little
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bit of rain, chance of some sleet and some nasty weather there. warmer weather comes in on wednesday and it cools down again. and by the end of the week it is chilly and rainy and looks like the start of next weekend will be rainy too. i'm john clark, the sixers off to the worst start in franchise history. the mavs and mavs not today. the mavs can rest dirk and still win. look at this in the third quarter. k.j. mcdaniels is finally going to get it. had a sixers high 21 points. and the dunk. 18 points for him. he had a triple-double. but the sixers lose.
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they are 0-16. worst start in team history and two losses away from matching the nba record. >> we're getting close. we're improve every day, every game. and i think we have a lot more room for improvement. we're just sticking with it. >> the flyers lose their tenth regular season game in madison square garden. flyers power play. chen finds the net. but the rangers nicknamed him quickie. roughly three minutes later, first nhl goal, game is tied at 2. in the third, broussard scores again. the flyers lose 5-2. they lost eight of nine. players have been benched but nothing is working. >> it's not his fault. we are slower everywhere.
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that's the problem. he can't score goals for us. >> we got to man up and win hockey games. penn state finishes the regular season 6-6. the first non-winning season in ten years. bad start. opening kickoff, shelton, 90 yards for the touchdown. and it will be 7-0, spartans. it takes 14 seconds to quiet happy valley. end of the half. hackenberg looking for the end zone. intercepted. the nittany lions lose. lost four of five at home. but the quarterback remained committed to penn state. >> moving forward this is where i'm at and where i want to be the guys i love and the university i love to be at. and you know, wouldn't rather be anywhere else. villanova will host liberty in the second round of their
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playoffs. trouble for the owls. walker loses the football. the bear cats would get a touchdown out of it. the owls lose 14-6. they are 5-5. they need a win at tulane next week to be bowl eligible. second round of the division three playoffs. weidner wins. the pride will face lindfield in the quarterfinals. westchester lost. l1salle facing vanderbilt. watch the ref. he gets backed in the head. trainers tended to him for ten minutes. he was taken to a hospital. he is doing fine now. l1salle lost that game. penn lost to wagner. st. joe's prep and penns bury wins. we're right back. silent night not so silent?
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with sleep number, now there's an adjustment for that.
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give the gift of amazing sleep, only at a sleep number store. this week only, save 50% on the ultimate limited edition bed. know better sleep with sleep number. today marked snow fest saturday in avalon cape may with a celebration of winter at the
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jersey shore. for the second year in a row families could enjoy games, and rides at the carnival. and santa was there with two of his reindeer friends, rocket and fetch. the american heritage credit union get into the holiday spirit for the lighting of its 40-foot christmas tree. a beautiful way to kick off the season. a nicer day tomorrow to end the weekend. >> warmer than the last couple days. you should notice that. monday closer to 60 degrees. >> that's nbc 10 news for now. i'm denise nakano. "saturday night live" is next.
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