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tv   NBC 10 News at 10am  NBC  November 30, 2014 10:00am-10:31am EST

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thousands of people will be at the airport or on the road as the holiday weekend wraps up. a great day for travel. a great day to hit the slopes. here's a live look at camelback resort where the mountain is celebrating its first weekend of the season. good morning. this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm rosemary conners. it's 10:00 on this sunday. meteorologist brittney shipp is tracking the conditions outside. and it was really raw yesterday, but we get a little bit of a reprieve today with some warmer weather, right? >> that's right. we've already seen a difference, temperatures anywhere between about 12 to 20 degrees warmer. tomorrow, close to 60 degrees. here's a closer look at the radar. if i zoom out i want to show you the rest of the nation. everything is quiet. one of the busiest travel days of the year for everyone trying to get home from the holidays. as we head into the rest of today, expect temperatures by noon to still be in the 40s for
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flach. we'll sl -- philadelphia. by 8:00 p.m., 49 and cool. i'll have all the details on what you can expect as we head back to work coming up in my seven-day forecast. happening now in manayunk, the search for a missing college student is back on this morning as there is still no trace of 21-year-old shane montgomery. nbc 10's matt delucia is live in manayunk where shane disappeared, and what will philadelphia police be doing there today? >> the philadelphia police marine unit is expected to be out here momentarily to resume this search here along the manayunk canal and the surrounding area. the schuylkill river is also not far away from here. but even with the help of hundreds of volunteers, there's still no sign of shane montgomery. a priest from st. john the baptist leads a group of hundreds in prayer, as candles
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flicker along the manayunk canal. some in tears. others still baffled how the 21-year-old westchester senior could just vanish. >> we went in the caves. we went all the way down there. we were up in conti at one point. we've been all around. still looking, though. >> reporter: a crowd of classma classmates, family, neighbors, and complete strangers gathered yesterday morning searching every corner of manayunk, even under manholes. >> they're taking places off the map and eliminating them and moving on. >> reporter: shane was last seen at kildare's irish pub. after he walked out, no one knows where he went. shane's parents remain hopeful. >> there's just so much help, so much support. but you just keep praying. >> reporter: and looking.
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>> everyone's pulling together for shane. you know, until we find him. >> somebody has to know something, so you cannot -- you can't stop. it's just a matter of he's our son and i won't ever stop looking for shane, ever, ever, ever stop looking for shane. >> reporter: last night, the family asked the volunteers to stay home today so the marine unit can do their work without interference. but some well-wishers just trying to see what's going on. i've seen some people walking along the banks with the manayunk canal with their dogs, seeing what they can see, if anything appears out of the ordinary. we are expecting the marine unit to show up momentarily. shane's parents are asking people to stay up to date through social media. one point of reference here. through facebook, more than 6,000 people at last check are
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following the page help find shane montgomery. that number has been growing by several hundred just in the past couple of hours. live in manayunk, i'm matt delucia, nbc 10 news. philadelphia police are investigating the discover of a body in the cobb's creek neighborhood of the city. philadelphia police tell nbc 10 that somebody found a man dead around 8:15 here this morning. we are working to find out more information. we're continuing to reach out to our sources. stay with nbc 10 and for updates. in west philadelphia, officials tell us a carbon monoxide leak sent five people to the hospital. fire crews received a report of fumes here at the house near 51st and market streets early this morning. testing showed that there was carbon monoxide in that house but there's no word where the gas came from. police have not released the victim's condition. new from overnight,
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philadelphia police are investigating a deadly shooting in strawberry mansion. nbc 10 was on the scene outside of a house on edgily street where a man was shot dead after leaving a party around 2:30 this morning. there were at least two dozen people inside the house at the time of the shooting. the victim was 35 years old. police have been talking to witnesses at the party who may have seen what happened. nbc 10 was on this scene on locust street just after 11:15 last night. detectives tell us a 49-year-old woman was found face down in a bedroom inside the house here. police have not said how the woman may have died, but they are calling this suspicious. a man is in stable condition after a crash in germantown. this happened along wayne after and west walnut lane overnight. the 29-year-old victim was a passenger in the sedan that slammed into a parked car. it's unclear what caused the wreck.
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philadelphia police say the city's murder rate is up from last year's, but it's still better than the recrept past. police count 228 homicides so far this year, nine more than this point in 2013, but less than both 2012 and 2011 when there were 301 homicides by november 29th. philadelphia received national attention last year when the number of murders dropped to its lowest level in nearly half a century. it was positive news after it had been at high levels in the past. today in ferguson, missouri, officials will issue a statement on the resignation of darren wilson. he's the police officer who shot and killed michael brown, the unarmed teenager. wilson was on administrative leave since the shooting in august. last monday, a grand jury in ferguson decided not to indict ferguson for killing the 18-year-old during a confrontati confrontation. both the shooting and if grand jury decision have fueled many protests in ferguson and across the country. wilson's lawyer says the officer
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stepped down for the good of the community and his fellow officers. >> he is simply walking away because he believes his continued employment would put others at risk. certainly there was no wrong doing on his part. to have resigned might have suggested he did something wrong, and he didn't. >> the way i feel, he should be behind bars. >> it wasn't going to be safe for him to stay, so he didn't have no choice really. >> that's just some reaction to wilson's resignation, which took effect immediately. meanwhile, a new kind of protest in the ferguson situation is under way. yesterday, demonstrators set out on a week-long 120-mile march from ferguson to the governor's mansion in jefferson city, missouri. the naacp organized the march and is calling for police reform in ferguson and throughout the nation. in st. louis today, reverend al sharpton will be a guest today. brown's parents are expected to attend the sunday service that will offer prayers for the late
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teenager. there have been many vie leapt scenes from the protest over the decision, but this heartwarming photo is a welcome change and is drawing heavy attention. it's a portland police officer hugging a young boy during one of those protests. a freelance photographer captured the picture on tuesday. it shows sergeant brett barnum embracing 12-year-old devante hart during a ferguson demonstration. the boy was crying and wearing a sign that read "free hugs." barnum says he took hart up on the offer and the two talked about the protest and just life in general. today, people in our area will be taking to the roads, the rails and the air to return home after the thanksgiving holiday. philadelphia international airport says today is the busiest day of the year for them. the airport recommends that travelers arrive about two hours early for domestic flights and three hours early for international flights, that way people have plenty of time to go through check-in and security.
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let's take a live look at 30th street station in philadelphia. it's going to be busy here today as well. amtrak is advising its riders to get to the station today. amtrak has added extra holiday trains and there are more seats on the northeast corridor. but they do expect large crowds. it's a reunion four years in the making. how a missing boy was able to tip off police while hidden inside of a georgia house. and how low will it go? gas prices continue to drop. next, we'll take a look at just how much money these lower prices are infusing back into the economy.
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developing now in egypt, protesters angry over a court decision this weekend involving hosni mubarak, clashing with police in cairo. government security forces used water cannons and tear gas to scatter several thousand demonstrators overnight. the police say they moved in
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after members of a banned militant group joined the protest. officers arrested at least 29 people this weekend. the protest erupted after a judge threw out charges against mubarak. he's been accused of ordering the deaths of nearly 900 protesters during the 2011 uprising that toppled his regime. today, pope francis will wrap up his three-day trip to turkey by sharing prayers with muslim leaders. the pope attended mass this morning at an orthodox christian church in istanbul. earlier, he visited an ancient house of worship, now a museum. pope francis also prayed side by side with muslim clerics, urging them to condemn violence by isis militants. the pope is expected to return to the vatican a little bit later today. meantime, the philadelphia region is getting ready for pope's visit next fall. this afternoon at 5:30, the archbishop will celebrate his first mass since pope francis confirmed he would attend the
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event. the archbishop had been over in rome when the announcement was made. during today's mass, the choir will sing the official hymn of the world meeting of families for the very first time. the hymn is called sound the bell of holy freedom. stay with nbc 10 for updates as philadelphia prepares for this papal visit. on our website, you'll find a special section dedicated to this major event. it's all there at students in india are gathering to raise awareness about aids. organizers say it's the first step to fighting aids in their country. according to the united nations, india has the third largest number of people in the world living with hiv. hundreds of students from the united states are getting a rare opportunity to visit cuba. they arrived in the port of havana aboard a cruise ship yesterday. it's all part of a semester at sea program. the goal is to take college students around the world to get firsthand experience as they
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study. this is the last stop for the group of more than 600 students and faculty. cuba is still under an embargo by the united states and is on a watch list as a sponsor of terrorism, but people are still allowed to travel there. now to some new information about that deadly mall shooting in chicago. police say the woman who was shot by her boyfriend inside nordstrom's department store died at the hospital last night. the gunman killed himself at the scene on friday. the woman was a nordstrom seasonal employee. nobody else inside the store was hurt. but we are learning that court records show that the victim's family tried to get a restraining order against the boyfriend last spring. in georgia, a boy found behind a fake wall inside of his father's house was reunited with his mother four years after he was first reported missing. the 13-year-old boy cried as he hugged his mother yesterday. here's what we know. police say that the boy was visiting his father in 2010 when
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the father refused to return him to the mother. officers found the 13-year-old hidden behind a false wall this week. they were able to find him because the teen called his mom while the officer were searching the house. the mother then relayed vital information to the police. the boy's father, stepmother, and three others who were living there, they have all been arrested. although the boy was reunited with his mom, for now he'll likely stay in the custody of children's services. several former ohio state football players are now offering a reward to anybody with information that helps find missing player kosta karageorge. yesterday was ohio state's last home game, and when the team's seniors were recognized, kosta's photo was displayed on the big screen. he disappeared wednesday after sending his mother a text message saying that recent concussions he suffered were affecting his brain.
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family members are worried that he may be disoriented and lost. the faa is investigating a small plane crash that happened on a street in connecticut. the plane was on its way from plainville to hartford yesterday when it lost power. the aircraft crashed on a street that's used for bus traffic. although the plane was heavily damaged, pilot, danny hall, was not hurt. nobody on the ground was hurt either. this, by the way, is hall's second crash landing. six years ago, he was in the same kind of plane when he crashed into a river in rhode island. let's head now to texas where a houston man is in the hospital after his truck plunged more than 20 feet down a ditch at a construction site. police say the man ran several red lights, sideswiped a car, and then crashed through this fence here before ending up in the hole. witnesses chimed down to rescue him. investigators believe that alcohol may have played a role in the wreck. right now, researchers are developing a breath test for drivers who have been smoking marijuana. right now, there is no such tool
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to determine marijuana impairment. experts at washington state university are working on the new test. they hope to start trials on people early next year. now let's talk about the price of gas. it is at its lowest level in four years. gas prices are dropping every week. last week, the price went down four cents a gallon. aaa says the national average price is about $2.78. prices are expected to keep falling, especially because opec failed to agree to cut back on oil production. with the holiday season in full swing, shoppers say they appreciate the savings. >> it makes me not feel so bad about driving further out to shop. >> every penny dropped in gas prices leads to a billion dollars pumped back into the economy in terms of discretionary income. >> some experts say we could see these lower prices at the pump until at least the middle of
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next year. and coming up, warmer weather has already made its way into our area. i'll let you know how warm we'll get. plus, i'm tracking a 20-degree temperature drop. i'll let you know when that's coming up in my first alert seven-day forecast.
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♪ with the card most accepted in the philadelphia region, you have the power to do more. independence blue cross. live fearless.
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here is a live look at i-95 in south philadelphia. traffic moving along just fine. however, keep in mind, this is one of the busiest travel days of year. nearby here at the airport, it is the busiest travel day. so if you're picking people up or flying out, give yourself a few hours to make that flight. now your first alert weather with brittney shipp. >> the good news with travel is at least we're not experiencing any weather-related delays for the most part. we're going to see warmer
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conditions today. the warming has already started. temperatures anywhere between ten to 20 degrees warmer right now than they were this time yesterday. dry conditions expected for us, but a chance of showers is back in your seven-day forecast and it's over multiple days, so an unsettled weather pattern for us into next week. but a live look at the lake. temperatures in philadelphia 47 degrees. breezy conditions. that's going to continue throughout the rest of today as well. 24-hour temperature change map shows that we are 21 degrees warmer in atlantic city. we're up 20 degrees in mount holly, up 16 degrees from this time yesterday in philadelphia. 13 in the poconos. so you should already feel the difference between this morning and yesterday morning. 35 degrees in the peck knows. mid 30s in allentown. 41 degrees in pottstown. 49 degrees currently in northeast philly. 46 degrees in trenton. temperatures along the shore, 52 degrees in woodbine.
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a mix of sun and clouds expected for us today. and throughout most of the nation, quiet conditions. mild air coming up from the south, for today heading into your monday, and then we'll notice our clouds increasing monday. by afternoon, a chance of a few scattered showers and even the possibility as we push into the overnight hours to see a little bit of snow mixing in with the rainfall. this isn't going to be a widespread, long-lasting event. just a few showers expected overnight monday into the early morning hours on tuesday. our temperatures are going to drop substantially with the cold front that's going to help trigger those showers. so our temperatures will drop below average once again. but today we're beginning to head above the average, which is 51. our high today, 55, heading into tomorrow, 59 degrees. that's close to 60 degrees for this time of year. well above average. our wake-up temperatures as we head into the rest of the afternoon, mid 50s for philadelphia. 53 in allentown. 44 in the poconos.
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as we push into the rest of this evening, by 8:00 p.m. dropping back down into the 40s. so a mild evening ahead for us. our seven-day forecast shows the big drop between monday and tuesday. then we recover nicely heading into wednesday. but we still track a chance of showers. all rainfall because the highs are going to be 52 degrees. plenty of sunshine thursday with a high of 49. rain expected again friday and saturday. stay with us.
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we have some new information out of manayunk where the search for a missing college student is under way. nbc 10's matt delucia is live where shane montgomery disappeared. i understand you just spoke to a family member. >> reporter: rosemary, i spoke with shane montgomery's uncle just a few moments ago. he and other family members are heading out here right now as the marine unit does their work behind me. i'll give you a look. they arrived within the past 30 minutes. they've brought out equipment and they're heading into these waters. they've been here before, but they're giving it another go.
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and in my conversation with shane's uncle, he told me he will not give up. that no one disappears like this, and said "i'm going to find shane today." we'll keep you posted on air and online. volunteers have been asked to stay home for now, but we will keep you up to date, on twitter and on social media as well, as the marine unit starts their work trying to find shane montgomery. i'm matt delucia, nbc 10 news. >> thank you for that update and for those live pictures. now to some charitable news for this week. this week, wmmr's preston and steve will brave cold overnight temperatures all for a very good cause. it's their annual campout for hunger. starting tomorrow, they'll broadcast live from the parking lot of xfinity live in south philly. they'll be collecting nonperishable foods all week long. the donations will then be passed out to people in need throughout the delaware valley. before we leave you this morning, we do want to give you a live look at love park and the
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christmas village, which will be opening in the next half an hour. the vendors there have all kinds of crafts and holiday gifts. should be a great day to do some shopping, right? >> they have really good hot chocolate there. >> they do. >> a good day for hot chocolate, although temperatures are warming up both today and tomorrow. mid 50s as our daytime high. take a look at camelback mountain. a beautiful day to hit the slopes. and our seven-day forecast shows that we'll see temperatures at 55 today. tomorrow, breezy, 59. take a look at the difference between monday and tuesday. we drop just over 20 degrees. we're also tracking a chance of early morning showers. rain showers for wednesday. temperatures at 52 degrees. and then another chance of rain friday, saturday. today and tomorrow looks pretty nice. >> we jump a around a lot in the seven-day. >> we do. but at least we're warming up today and tomorrow. >> so have the jacket handy for
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when we cool down and bring the umbrella, right? >> pretty much. keep everything handy over the next seven days. >> that's going to do it for us on this sunday. "meet the press" is next. have a good one.
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downloads. so hurry to get this fully-loaded holiday deal. go to! call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v >> this sunday, a "meet the press" summit, race in america. >> protests across the country following a grand jury decision not to indict police officer darren wilson in america. >> a deep mistrust exists between law enforcement and communities of color. >> are we just as divided under ameri america's first black president. and are leaders not following the president. we are heading to washington, and we are going to make them squeal. >> and what impact will younger and more


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