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tv   NBC 10 News at 6pm  NBC  November 30, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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nbc 10 news starts now. >> right now at 6:00, we've learned the fbi is investigating the disappearance of a westchester university student. authorities spent the day searching the manayunk canal for clues in the disappearance of shane montgomery. good evening. unfortunately, crews came up empty in their search for the 21-year-old who went missing early thanksgiving morning. nbc 10's monique braxton was in manayunk for the effort and spoke to shane's family. she joins us live. tell us why the fbi is now helping with the search. >> reporter: good evening, denise. fbi agents assigned to a philadelphia police task force are often called in to assist in the cases of missing people when the people disappear under
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mysterious circumstances. also new today, northwest detectives tell us they are reinterviewing some of the people who were out here in front of kildare's the night before thanksgiving. >> it's very difficult. i want to find shane and i want to bring him home. >> reporter: the parents of shane montgomery stand on a bridge over manayunk canal. they're watching seven members of the philadelphia police marine unit head into the water to skerearch for their missing . with each step in the murky water they use sticks to move debris and comb for clues. family members say thanksgiving eve, a bouncer asked him to leave kildare's on main street after he bumped into the deejay's table. >> he put his hands up and said i'm on my way out. they walked him out the door and that's the last time anyone saw him. >> reporter: people say they're drawn here because they, too,
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are concerned. >> my son met him a couple times in high school. you know, we all sort of know each other. we have kids like this and it's a terrible, grisly sight. >> reporter: a member of the police forensic unit walks on the bank as shane's dad kevin observes. across the canal, a search and rescue expert examines debris underneath the walkway on his hands and knees, but after an exhaustive 2 1/2 hours, shane isn't found. >> the love this community is showing us as a family is outstanding. we can't say thank you enough. >> reporter: and this evening the montgomery family is offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to shane's whereabouts. in manayunk, monique braxton, nbc 10 news. and count on nbc 10 to bring you the latest developments on the search for shane, and when we're not on air, you can visit for continuous updates on the case. now to a developing story
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out of new york city. hundreds of passengers had to get off their plane at jfk because of a bomb threat. a flight was on its way there from barcelona and landed safely around noon time. authorities brought the plane to a remote area to search it and found no explosives. now, this all comes on one of the busiest travel days of the year with many people returning home after the thanksgiving holiday, and taking a live look at the schuylkill expressway near the vine street exit where traffic appearsing to going but moving slowly. millions of people are traveling by plane or train to their destination. philadelphia international airport is recommending travelers arrive two hours early for domestic flights while amtrak is telling riders to get to 30th street station early. that's where we find nbc 10's cydney long, and are riders dealing with any problems or delays right now? >> reporter: denise, i have to be honest. it's thinned out within the last half hour or so but it was much
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busier outside of 30th street station than inside. just with people catching their taxi cabs, those drop-off and pickups, and some of the traffic congestion around university city. for the most part trains and buses clinging tight to schedules. many travelers thankful for the nice weather today, much different than the day before thanksgiving to get to their destinations. >> track five down on the right. >> i was a little nervous today but it's not as crowded as i would have expected it to be. >> reporter: a welcome surprise on the busiest travel day of the year. the vast majority of trains are on time or close to schedule at 30th street station. all but james hemmet's number 97 train for his 11 hour train back to south carolina with his granddaughter jordan. >> i have to go to the work in the morning. >> reporter: amtrak added extra trains to their fleet in certain areas of the country, including the northeast country. trip adviser commitments most
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travele travelers, 60%, took to the roads and 35% chose to fly. at philadelphia international earlier in the day, we found a steady stream of travelers in both the security line and ticket counter experiencing no major delays. james and jordan, like many here, who anticipated there might be long lines, are taking it in stride. >> i learned how to hurry up and be patient. i'm a truck driver. we always say hurry up and wait. so, you know -- >> reporter: that's what you're doing today. >> that's what i'm doing today. >> very smooth sailing. we went to the lancaster train station. got there five minutes before my train did, hopped right on, and just got off and have about an hour until my train departs to d.c. >> reporter: and i have to let you know, i'm still waiting for a text from james and jordan. their train set to depart at 4:55 has not yet left the station but i'll let you know when they do. according to aaa, amtrak is supposed to break their record of a record of 754,000
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passengers that went to and from their holiday destinations last year this thanksgiving weekend. i'm cydney long, nbc 10 news. mother nature isn't causing they'rely as many issues for travelers today as last wednesday with that winter storm. in fact, it was a great day to get outside. nbc 10 at the schuylkill river park's dog run this afternoon where some pups and their owners enjoyed the mild temperatures. if you thought today was great, just wait until tomorrow. for a look at what to expect let's go to first alert meteorologist sheena parveen. sheena? >> it was nice outside today. pretty quiet weather day. temperatures milder, a lot milder than yesterday when you compare it. take a look at the highs. north and west through the lehigh valley, we were in the mid to low 40s. philadelphia came in at 56 degrees. 56 for much of south jersey, and even wilmington 60 degrees was the high. in dover 61 degrees, that was the high temperature in cape may. tomorrow will be a little milder than this for part of the area but as we go through tonight, not very cold outside.
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by 7:00 p.m. right around 53 degrees. we'll still keep the clouds around. by 9:00 temperatures near 50, and my 11:00 really not as cold as we have seen previously, and again that milder air continues tomorrow before the temperatures drop back off and i'm also watching a chance for some rain and snow showers possibly. those details coming up. new at 6:00, police are investigating a deadly shooting in north philadelphia. officers say someone shot the victim five times on west cuyahoga street before 3:00 this afternoon. no arrests have been made. now, this is one of at least four deaths since yesterday now under investigation by philadelphia police. that includes a 57-year-old woman in cobb's creek. police found her dead in a home on locust street around 9:30. they're calling this case a homicide but have not said how the woman died. also in cobb's creek, police say a man's death is suspicious after he was found unconscious on reger street this morning.
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someone had shot the victim. no arrests have been made. in strawberry mansion police are investigating a homicide. a 35-year-old was found dead around 2:30 this morning. police say he was shot in the head after leaving a party. new information about last night's shooting by a philadelphia police officer. we now know what happened after a chase in germantown. we're told officers followed a car without taillights and an erratic driver. police finally stopped the car on west reger street and one of the passengers jumped out and ran off. an officer chased the man into a house and they began fighting. authorities say the man reached for a gun, and that's when the officer shot him. the suspect is in stable condition. there will be no severance package for former police officer darren wilson. wilson killed michael brown back in august and he resigned from the ferguson, missouri, police force yesterday. ferguson's mayor said the town vas severed tie was wilson and
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he will not receive any further pay or benefits. last week a grand jury decided not to indict the officer for killing michael brown during a confrontation on the street. wilson's lawyer says he resigned after threats were made against other officers and the department because of his continued employment. excitement is building as catholics in philadelphia prepare for next year's visit from the pope. and tonight the official hymn for the world meeting of families will be sung for the first time. this is a live look inside the cathedral basilica of saints petitioner and paul where the archbishop will preside over tonight's mass. deadly fire. tonight, we're learning new information about what's believed to have caused a blaze in westchester that left a couple dead this weekend. plus, the holiday season is officially in full swing, and for many people that means it is time to get shopping. what you need to know to score some big deals this cyber monday.
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officials have identified the chester county couple who died yesterday when their home went up in flames. the fire started in the basement of the home on harmonyville road in woolworth township. 67 yird gary schade and 64-year-old katherine shade did not make it out. the exact cause remains under investigation but authorities believe the fire was accidental. and if you like today, you'll really like tomorrow. we'll be milder, but i'm also tracking cold changes and our next chance for some rain, possibly snow showers. that's coming up.
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after a disappointing black friday, retailers are looking to
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bounce back tomorrow on cyber monday. millions of people will be looking for deals online tomorrow. last year shoppers spent more than $1.7 billion on cyber monday. consumer experts say to get the most savings, sign up for the e-mails and coupon alerts from your favorite stores and check the retailers' facebook and twitter pages. for more cyber monday tips, just visit ground is broken today for a new skate park in montgomery county. nbc 10 and upper merion township. the park will be named in hopper of daniel kellett. he was a police officer who lors his life in a motorcycle accident in 1990. he was president of his police academy class. he also received the congressional medal of valor for saving someone thefrom a burnin car. ♪ media got into the holiday spirit today with their annual christmas parade. santa and mrs. claus were making
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their appearance there. the parade included floats, dancers, and vintage cars. mummers, too. now, your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist sheena parveen. >> well, it was a mild day today. temperatures 50s in parts of the area that got into the 60s. tomorrow we will be a little milder than today in some spots, so you might really enjoy tomorrow if you liked today. then as we go into tuesday, we'll actually get a lot colder and we could see a few rain and snow showers moving in. so that's going to be our next chance for showers. not everybody tuesday will see the snow showers. there's just a chance through part of the area. right now in philadelphia though, it is still pretty mild at this hour. 55 degrees. now, the average high is around 55 degrees. for this time, it's pretty mild. 44 degrees pottstown, 51 in west chester. and then you look at the temperature difference as we go into south jersey and delaware, still in the 50s here.
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52, wilmington. 51 in dover. 50 degrees right now in stone harbor. as we go through tonight, we will stay on the milder side and tomorrow more mild air moves in, so there you see it really moving in from the southeast. this will be in place as we go into your monday, so we are going to start off the week on a mild note, but then after that by tuesday there you see all the cold air really trying to work down from canada. we will have a colder day as we go into tuesday, and this could come with some snow showers for part of the area. doesn't look like anything possibly accumulating though. so way off to our west, the great lakes, that's where we find rain showers at the moment. that's one area of disturbed weather we will be watching. here is what future weather is showing. for tonight we stay fairly dry as we go through the overnight hours. then as we go through the day on monday, there you notice more clouds, showers mostly to our south. by monday evening we have a chance for showers around, and even as we go into tuesday. so this kind of lingers to our south overnight. by tuesday afternoon we still do
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have that chance of some rain showers, about you then as we go into tuesday night, we get colder. so north and west we could see a chance for some snow showers across areas. the lie high vehigh valley, mak. it looks like it will be short lived. doesn't look like much accumulating. mostly cloudy for tonight. 45 for the low in philadelphia. upper 30s north and west. tomorrow mostly cloudy. we will be a little milder in some areas right around 60 degrees. but then you see the big drop-off as we go into tuesday. we could only be in the upper 30s for a high for some spots and we have a chance for a few rain and snow showers across the area and then as we go into wednesday, we'll get mild again, and we're going to stay in the 40s to end out the week. john? >> i'm john clark. the eagles getting some help in the quest for a first round bye in the playoff race. desean jackson has to leave the redskins game today. we'll show you what happened and tell you how he's doing. and the giants sink to a new low. that is next.
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this is the xfinity sports desk brought to you by xfinity, your home for the most live sports. >> i'm john clark. the eagles are getting some help from the falcons right now. the falcons lead the cardinals 23-10 in the third quarter. the birds are behind the cards for a first round bye in the playoff race. packers are beating the patriots 23-14. tough day for desean jackson in indy. a colt falls back into jackson's knee and then going for a catch, desean gets hit low. he left the game with a fibula confusion, but it is not fractured. big day for andrew luck. career high five touchdowns, 370 yards. colts win 49-27, so the redskins are 3-9, just like the giants. because the giants were up 21-0
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in jacksonville. a fumble is returned 41 yards for a touchdown. the jaguars, their biggest comeback in team history. they win 25-24. the giants have lost seven straight. they are 3-9. browns coach from central bucks west, he sat brian hoyer, brought in johnny nmanziel. usually he likes the bills, but the bills win 26-10. there it is. the money sign. st. louis rams players at home for first time since the ferguson verdict. some came up with the hands up don't shoot pose. this was their way of paying tribute. ray rice and his wife janay sat down with mike lawyer for an exclusive interview that will air tomorrow and tuesday morning. janay doesn't believe roger goodell was being honest. >> so when the commissioner of
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the nfl, roger goodell, says ray was ambiguous and the nfl says that it was a starkly different sequence of events, is the commissioner lying? >> i can't say he's telling the truth. you know, i know for a fact that he told -- that ray told the telling from february. >> and you think the league and the commissioner covered their butts? >> i think they did what they had to do for themselves. the eagles will host the top ranked defense in the nfl next sunday, the champion seahawks coming to town. they'll have to contend with the nfl's fastest offense, the eagles. the birds are averaging a play every 22.8 seconds. that's the quickest in the nfl. that is faster than chip kelly's offense last season. but can the birds go even faster? >> we hope so, you know, and we never want to get complacent with that. you can always go faster.
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just ask coach kelly. he'll tell you. te >> tempo is always a point of emphasis. i think once we kind of got in a rhythm, we just kept going and going, you know, and that's what we do. we're built for it. >> defense is all about responding and reacting to the offense. we line up over here, they line up over here. if you're going fast it's hard to get the calls in, the blitzes constructed the way you want. it works in our favor for sure. >> villanueva aova and philadel center. nova is up 78-45 on delaware right now. temple hosting liu brooklyn. first half temple down two. daniel dingle throws one up to bond, jaylen bond. nice alley-oop. temple wins 70-56. i'm john clark, back to you,
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denise. >> thanks. time to check in with carl quintanilla for a look at what's coming up on "nbc nightly news." >> we're on the ground in ferguson as that community reacts to the resignation of officer wilson. matt lauer's interview with janay rice and giving shelter a dogs a second chance at adoption. denise, back to you. >> thanks, carl, and we'll be right back.
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that's nbc 10 news for now. for sheena, john, and all of us, we'll see you back here tonight after the game. "nbc nightly news" is next. for updates at any time, head to
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on this sunday night, the fallout. in ferguson, missouri, the police officer who shot michael brown offered tos and tonight statements of protest against the decision not to indict. the numbers are in after the biggest shopping weekend of the year, but will they make retailers happy. critical mission, nasa gears up for a crucial test flight that could be the first step in a journey to mars. and hollywood makeover, shelter dogs get a new look and a second chance at finding a home. good evening. the resignation of ferguson police officer dre


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