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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 500a  NBC  December 1, 2014 5:00am-5:31am EST

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mild, in the 50s. for some locations, it's a bit cooler. but as we head into tomorrow, you are going to notice a big-time difference, a big cooldown in store for us. but today should remain mild, mostly cloudy with a chance of showers. here's a closer look outside right now. you can see those clouds faintly in the background. but if we take a closer look at our right now conditions, we've dropped down to 49 degrees for philadelphia, 77% in the humidity, wind speeds out of the west-southwest at 8 miles per hour. and if we take a closer look at what we expect to see as we head into the next few hours here. by noon, 57 degrees and mild. a chance of showers heading into the rest of the evening. i'll go over all the details on what you can expect as we head into the rest of the workweek. but for now, we check in with nbc 10 first alert traffic reporter katy zachry. good morning. >> good morning. things are looking pretty good on the roads this morning for drivers in pennsylvania, delaware and new jersey. if you're on 202 this morning, you have a great drive ahead of you. this is a live look near route 29, where there are a few cars on the roads, but no issues to report there. there was an accident in whitemarsh township on ridge
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pike and that section of the road was closed. that has just cleared, reopened to drivers. we are following an incident in the germantown section of philadelphia on coulter street between germantown avenue and lena street. there is a fire. crews are out there. it's quite a scene. they're asking you to avoid the area. you can take church lane around that. and also, for drivers on 76 westbound, just some construction to remind you of. if you're trying to access 76 westbound from the spring garden ramp, there is construction that has closed that ramp. that should be out there for another few days at least. and finally, for drivers in new jersey on the 42 freeway, average speeds are in the 50s right now. christine? >> well, katy, you were just talking about that breaking news in germantown, a fire. that's what we're following in the germantown section of philadelphia. authorities tell us a house there was fire-bombed. nbc 10's matt delucia is live at the scene. matt, what can you tell us? >> reporter: we are on coulter street by germantown avenue. let me get out of the way. you can see plenty of police and fire department activity on the scene, and the fire marshal is also out here investigating this
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apparent firebombing. it happened just before 4:00, and it is the first home that is right in front of us. there you see one of the investigators there in front of the door, and we see that there was some burn marks over there on that front door. that's about the extent of the damage. there were people inside the home at the time. they had to be rescued by firefighters, but everyone, we understand, is okay. and i can tell you, just walking up to the scene, i did notice an odor of gasoline and several neighbors have gathered along the sidewalk. but as you can tell, the fire is out. no smoke, no flames, but the investigation is just beginning. and because of that, information is relatively limited at this point. but i'm trying to get an update. for now, live in germantown, matt delucia, nbc 10 news. 5:02 a.m. new from overnight in delaware county, police are looking for the people who fired shots at officers. it happened in chester township along west 12th street and nate ellis drive. investigators say the shots came from a nearby foot bridge. no officers were hit, and so far, police have not arrested
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anyone. well, the fbi has now joined the search for missing west chester university student shane montgomery. he was last seen leaving a bar in manayunk early thanksgiving morning. nbc 10 was there along the manayunk canal as members of the philadelphia police marine unit searched every inch of the murky waters, hoping to find clues. police tell us they're still hopeful that they will find shane montgomery alive. the 21-year-old was bar-hopping with friends wednesday night into early thursday morning. he was last seen living kildare's on main street. >> it amazes me that shane was out on one of the busiest nights, party nights, for kids that are 21 and over, and nobody saw anything. >> a $15,000 reward is being offered for information leading to shane's whereabouts. it is 5:03 and 47 degrees outside. the man accused of murdering an
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off-duty philadelphia police officer is scheduled to go on trial today. rafael jones is one of two suspects in the murder of officer moses walker. he's accused of firing the shot that killed the victim. police say walker was killed while walking home from work in the early hours of august 18th, 2012. this is surveillance video from when it happened in north philadelphia. police say jones violated his parole, should have been in jail at the time of the murder. the other suspect in the case, chancier mcfarland, pleaded guilty to third-degree murder back in june. authorities say mcfarland has agreed to testify against jones. freedom of speech will take center stage in our nation's capital today, as the united states supreme court hears a bethlehem man's case. anthony alonis was convicted of making threats on facebook, but he says he was just kidding when he posted a series of graphically violent rap lyrics on the social networking website that talked about killing his estranged wife, shooting up a kindergarten class and attacking an fbi agent. in this case, the supreme court justices will consider whether
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online speech should be protected under the first amendment. president obama will hold a series of meetings today to discuss the situation in ferguson, missouri. the president will focus on his administration's review of federal programs that provide military-style equipment to local police forces. he will also meet with young civil rights leaders and local law enforcement in an effort to find a way to bridge the racial divide. in missouri, the ferguson commission will hold its first meeting since the grand jury decision not to indict officer darren wilson. wilson resigned over the weekend, saying he did not want to put the community or his fellow officers at risk. wilson did not receive a severance package and will not receive any further pay or benefits. civil rights leaders are calling for new technology in policing after conflicting witness accounts in the ferguson shooting. in delaware, state police officials say they're considering equipping troopers with body cameras. the cameras would be strapped to the officer's chest or shoulder, offering protection for both the police and the community.
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well, philadelphia's preparing for the pope. archbishop charles chaput celebrated his first mass in center city since the pope announced he'll be coming to the world meeting of families. hundreds of people packed the cathedral basilica of st. peter and paul last night. some came by the busload with their parish. during the mass, the archbishop introduced the official hymn of the world meeting of families. it's "sound the bell of holy freedom." for many, the service built excitement for next year's papal visit. >> holy father's coming next year, and we want to get ready. we want to get ready for that. so, i was just flat out excited. >> all parishioners received a takehome keepsake, a photo of the holy family blessed by archbishop chaput. stay with nbc 10 for updates as philadelphia prepares for the papal visit. you'll find a special section dedicated to this major event on our website, there, we also have a link to the world families site. now to a possible major event. we'll soon learn more about
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philadelphia's plan to become the host city for the democratic national convention in 2016. philadelphia's dnc host committee is meeting this morning to discuss the details. last month, philadelphia was named one of the final three cities under consideration, along with new york and columbus, ohio. a final decision is expected in the next couple of months. and happening today, philadelphia mayor michael nutter will once again tackle the issue of paid sick leave for anyone who works in philadelphia. nutter created a task force to review the possible idea of mandatory paid sick time for those employees. this morning, that task force will submit its findings to nutter. right now, about 200,000 workers in philadelphia do not get paid sick leave. this morning we have new information in the case of a 3-year-old chester county boy tortured to death. the school district says school officials followed all protocols and procedures leading up to the boy's death. the coatesville school district came under fire after scotty's
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brother missed ten days of school, which many claim is a red flag for child abuse in the home. the school district conducted an internal investigation and found no wrongdoing. the boy's mother, jillian tait, and her boyfriend are facing murder charges. another twist in the penn state child sex abuse scandal. some penn state trustees want to review documents used to investigate complaints against jerry sandusky. those documents were used to create the 2012 report issued by former fbi director louis freeh. several trustees are asking the chair to share the information. they want to verify sources that accused school leaders of hiding complaints that sandusky was abusing children. the former assistant football coach is now serving a 30 to 60-year prison sentence. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist brittney shipp. >> good morning. a mild monday on tap for us, which will make it a little easier to probably head back to work. we'll see temperatures switching close to 60 degrees, but evening showers in store and then an
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arctic blast will drop our temperatures more than 20 degrees as we head into tomorrow. a live look outside right now, just a few clouds in philadelphia, 49 degrees. our wind speeds out of the west-southwest at 8 miles per hour. and throughout the rest of the region, not everyone is as mild as philadelphia. if you take a look at allentown, 36 degrees. 38 in pottstown but 48, close to 50 degrees in the poconos this morning. 52 degrees in atlantic city. we've seen warmer air come up from the southwest over the past 24 hours. yesterday, daytime highs at 59 degrees. and as we head into the rest of today, we'll continue to see mostly cloudy skies, even a few isolated, scattered showers will make their way in from the west. and so, you can expect as we push into the rest of this afternoon and evening, a little bit of light rainfall. the other big story is that our temperatures are dropping down. so, as we push into the rest of your tuesday, we are going to see our temperatures heading into the 30s for our daytime highs. so, if we take a look at monday, 60 degrees and mild. take a look at tuesday. we drop from 60 to 39 degrees
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with a chance of a wintry mix. pushing into wednesday, we are going to see our temperatures recovering up to 53 degrees, but we're still dealing with a chance of showers. thursday looks to be the nicest day as the entire week. 49 degrees with plenty of sunshine. and as we head into next weekend, we still track another chance of showers and more rainfall on saturday. 5:10 a.m. most everyone already made their way home after the long holiday weekend, but we want to check and see if there's any problems on the road. >> right. we're getting an early start after an off week. >> right. >> nbc 10's first alert traffic reporter katy zachry is watching the roads. >> and if there are a few strikers making their way home, you have nothing to worry about on any of the majors in pennsylvania, new jersey or delaware. starting in delaware, 495 at yale avenue. no issues to report there. then, moving north into pennsylvania, a live look at 95 right at the philadelphia airport. a few more cars on the road there, but that's typical for this time of the morning. in philadelphia, we are following an issue in germantown
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section of the city. this is on coulter street between germantown avenue and lena street. there is a fire there. you're asked to avoid the area. it's quite a big scene. so, an alternate around that is church lane. there is also another fire in philadelphia. crews are asking you to avoid dearborn street between brown street and afton street. an alternate is 52nd street. moving west in west ocean township, fern hill road between turner lane and five points road, the road is closed because of construction. an alternate is paoli pike. tracy? it's considered to be the biggest e-shopping day of the year, cyber monday. jesse gary is live at the amazon fulfillment center in middletown, delaware. jesse? >> reporter: tracy, the busiest day and busiest time of year for amazon. millions of quarters are expected to pass through this center over the next coming weeks. i'll tell you how, after the break. plus, an annual event to fight hunger. a live look at xfinity live
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where preston and steve are getting set up for the camp out for hunger.
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5:14. if you didn't want to deal with the cold or crowds on black friday, here's your day. cyber monday is here with deals specifically aimed at online shoppers. it's expected to be a lucrative one for retailers. shoppers are expected to spend about $2.5 billion this holiday season, which is more than last year's total of $1.7 billion.
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nbc 10's jesse gary is live in middletown, new castle county. what's happening there, jesse? >> reporter: tracy, i'm standing on the level of this facility with the sorters behind me. this facility is massive. 28 football fields in size. and they anticipate the amount of boxes you see coming down to increase as the day moves along. we're in the intake area. the boxes, the merchandise come in off trucks, they go through the sorters, and then they are stacked on shelves in the upper levels. amazon executives say they anticipate topping last year's cyber monday pace of more than 400 items sold per minute. i did some digging and found that retail sales from black friday at brick and mortar sales slipped 7%, so cyber monday may help bridge the gap from online deals. >> last year, customers ordered 426 items per second, and that's
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really record-breaking for us and we expect this year to be bigger, mostly because we're offering so many deals. we are actually offering 15,000 deals over the course of cyber week. and customers can expect new deals every ten minutes. >> reporter: and coming up in the next hour, moving all of this product requires people. how the growth in the digital world will mean growth for people looking for jobs. that's coming up in the next hour. we're live in middletown, new castle county, delaware, jesse gary, nbc 10 news. consumer experts say to get the most savings, sign up for e-mail and coupon alerts from your favorite stores. also check the retailer's facebook and twitter pages. for more cyber monday savings, go to our website, thousands of pennsylvania residents not covered under the affordable care act will now have a chance to get health insurance. enrollment begins today in the healthy pennsylvania program. that's the name given to the expansion of pennsylvania's medicaid system. about 600,000 primarily low-income, single, working
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adults are newly eligible. 900,000 others who are already covered will also be affected. everyone can pick from plans offered by private insurers paid by the state. coverage will begin on january 1st. today is world aids day. yesterday, students in india gathered to raise awareness for the disease. organizers say it's the first step to fighting aids in their country. according to the united nations, india has the third largest number of people in the world living with hiv. meantime, the fight against ebola is facing a major setback. the world health organization has set today as their deadline to isolate 70% of patients in the outbreak zone, but so far, guinea is the only country that will meet that goal. in liberia and sierra leone, less than 40% of ebola cases have been isolated. nearly 7,000 people in west africa have died from ebola. billions to fight ebola is just one of the items on lawmakers' to-do list today when
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they return to capitol hill. over the next two weeks, they have to tackle a number of topics, including money to fight isis, immigration and avoiding another government shutdown. congress will adjourn in mid-december. the new congress will take over in january. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist brittney shipp. >> good morning. taking a live look at boathouse row as we head into the rest of today. we will see a mild monday, temperatures well above the average of 60 degrees. pushing towards 60 degrees. this evening we will have a chance of showers and then colder temperatures in store for us by tuesday. by tomorrow, you will notice a big-time difference. temperatures dropping over 20 degrees. but right now in philadelphia, 49 degrees. humidity's at 47%, wind speeds at 9 miles per hour. throughout the rest of the region, 48 in the poconos, 36 allentown, 39 in lancaster. closer to the shore, low 50s.
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52 degrees in atlantic city, 51 in dover and wilmington. our radar shot shows that we are seeing -- our satellite/radar shot shows clouds and rain continuing to move in, but it's light, isolated rain, not a whole lot and it's not going to happen until the rest of the afternoon. 3:00, 4:00, you'll see isolated showers closer to burlington county, pushing into parts of the poconos, and that's going to linger on and off throughout the rest of this evening. we'll continue to see moisture pumping in, but as our temperatures drop with a cold front moving in, we could see some of this rain turning into more of a wintry mix. no accumulation is really expected with this particular weather disturbance that's moving in, but we could see, again, a wintry mix over your morning commute. and as we head into the rest of tuesday it's going to be a wet day with rain showers expected. this is going to be a cold rain, because our temperatures are dropping from the 60s today all the way down into the 30s for your daytime highs tomorrow. our average for this time of year is 60 degrees. as we push into tuesday, we are not going to make it out of the
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high 30s, so that is a big difference. today's going to feel nice and mild. it's going to be comfortable with the exception of that chance of showers. by 10:00 a.m., we're in the mid-50s, and then as we push into the rest of the afternoon, we're talking about temperatures in the 60s for philadelphia, 60 degrees in toms river, close to that in atlantic city. even the mid-60s. 63 degrees in dover by the afternoon. for today, our temperatures range between 58 and 61. and then as we push into your seven-day forecast, it shows that big drop with the chance of showers tomorrow. wintry mix even a possibility. then pushing into wednesday, showers linger, but our temperatures recover. we track another chance of rain by saturday. 5:20 a.m. though mild temperatures are good for this, in a little less than an hour, wmmr's preston and steve will begin collecting donations in their camp out for hunger. here's a live look from xfinity's parking lot in south philadelphia. preston and steve will be broadcasting live from there for the entire week and collecting
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donations for fill abundance. those donations will be passed along to people in need of food throughout the delaware valley. it's been a slow start to holiday shopping. experts at cnbc break down the early numbers from this weekend and what it could mean for the rest of the shopping season.
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after black friday, small business saturday, and today, cyber monday, there is a growing movement to give back this holiday season.
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it's called giving tuesday. here in philadelphia, several charities, businesses and volunteers will participate. it's an e-mail campaign, and it's been created to boost online giving. just use #givingtuesdayphl. well, despite all the deals and discounts, a new survey shows many shoppers steered clear of black friday this year. cnbc's landon dowdy is here with the early numbers in this morning's "cnbc business news." good morning. >> that's exactly right. good morning to you, tracy. early promotions in online shopping took a toll on brick-and-mortar sales this holiday weekend. the national retail federation says total sales fell 11% to $50.9 billion. shoppers spent on average about $381, and that's down 6% from last year. analysts say consumers may be feeling better about their financial situation, so they don't need as many deals. online sales rose 32% on thanksgiving, 26% on black friday. and your true love won't have to get a second mortgage to
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buy you everything you want this christmas. pnc is out with its christmas price index, which tracks the cost of every item in the 12 days of christmas song. this year's bill, $27,673.22. so, that's up about 1% from last year. the smallest increase since 2002. 8 of the 12 items cost the same as the last year. the six geese a laying rose a whopping 16% while partidge in a pear tree is up, but still reasonable at just $20. make sure you put that our you list. tracy, back to you. >> or take the expensive ones off the list. thank you. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> i'm first alert meteorologist brittney shipp. as we head into the rest of the day, it is going to be a mild monday, temperatures pushing into the 60s, even the mid-60s for a few locations, but a big drop in store for us as we head into tomorrow. katy? >> thanks, brittney.
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i'm following an accident new into our system. this is on the vine street expressway right at 24th street. if you're traveling in the eastbound lane, you are going to be delayed. coming up, i'll give you the details behind this. we're also following this. someone firebombed a home in the germantown section of philadelphia this morning. >> nbc 10's matt delucia is live on scene following this breaking news. >> reporter: i just got new information about what happened along with who was inside the house at the time. i'll have that coming up in just a couple of minutes. and banning junk mail. it's a bill in one part of our area that sounds good at first, but it could have some unintended side effects. we'll explain.
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with the card accepted by 90% of doctors in the philadelphia region you have the freedom to relish right now. independence blue cross. live fearless. philadelphia firefighters rescued several people from a home in germantown after someone threw a firebomb into the home. we're live on the scene. the search for shane. it's now day five and still no sign of the missing college student. we're live as the reward for information continues to grow. and a comfortable but cloudy start to your workweek. and we're starting out as mild. as we take a live look outside this morning. get ready, temperatures are about to plunge big time. it is 5:30. good morning and welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> and i'm christine maddela. let's start with meteorologist brittney shipp to find out about
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today's mild forecast and tomorrow's cooldown. >> it's a nice start to the morning, temperatures mainly in the 50s throughout our region, especially in south jersey. high 40s for philadelphia. but as we head into tomorrow, we are going to see a big drop in temperatures. here's a closer look at the comcast, and you can barely make out the clouds, but know that we'll see mostly cloudy skies for today with a chance of showers heading into the afternoon. here's a look at our radar shot. right now just dealing with clouds, as you can see, off to the west. there's those isolated showers that are going to make their way closer to us as we head into the rest of your monday. today's temperatures will range between 58 and 63 degrees, well above our average of 50 degrees for this time of year. but by tomorrow, we will be well below average. i'll go over all the details in my first alert seven-day forecast. but first, we'll check in with first alert traffic reporter katy zachry. good morning. >> good morning. it's slow going for drivers on the vine street expressway eastbound, as you can see behind me. there is an accident new into our system. it happened a short time ago, and it is creating some backups. i want to give you another look. this is from a


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