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tv   NBC 10 News at 6am  NBC  December 6, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EST

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failed rescue mission. within the last 30 minutes we just received new information about what happened. it is day ten in the search for shane montgomery. the reward is up to $40,000. and his family is hopeful someone will come forward. in a live report, we'll update investigation into the college student's disappears. let's look live outside right now at boathouse row. it's a misty, cloudy morning out there in philadelphia and throughout much of the region. and you can expect the wet weather to continual day. good morning. this is "nbc10 news today." i'm rosemary connors. it's 6:00 on this saturday. let's get right to our rainy weather forecast for the weekend and meteorologist michelle grossman. michelle, at least the eagles are playing tomorrow and not today. >> that's right. sunshine in return tomorrow but today we're looking at rain all day long. so the eagles get a break tomorrow. let's look outdoors. waking up to cloudy skies, misty skies and fog across the area. be careful as you head out this morning. looking at radar, looking at
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rain across the area. we're looking at green. we're going to see that all day long as you can see north and west, there's a live look outside. looking at the clouds. radar showing us that we are looking at rain north and west and the poconos, lehigh valley and the bucks county and lancaster county. everywhere else just see that mist that damp feeling. as we zoom out here though, yes, zoom out, that's the word. looking at rain extending to the south. we're going to see that rain filtering in all day long. temperatures, we're in the blue. 43. in philadelphia, 37 in allentown. 40 in lancaster. 44 degrees in atlantic city. temperatures not bad. above freezing. we're going the keep it mildish as we go throughout the day. by 8:00, 42. 10:00, 47. noon, 50 degrees. we'll talk more about the rain today and talking about a colder, windier but sunny day on sunday. we have some new information in the breaking news that we've been reporting all morning long. defense secretary chuck hagel confirms that american photo
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journalist luke somers is dead. hagel says somers and a second hostage being held by al qaeda terrorists in gem men were murdered during a rescue attempt ordered by president obama. also according to hagel several terrorists were killed in that mission carried out by u.s. special forces. somers was 33 years old. he was kidnapped last year. on thursday of this week al qaeda posted a video showing somers and threatened to kill him if the u.s. did not meet their demands. president obama just issued a statement on this. it reads in part, the united states strongly condemns the barbaric murder of luke somers at the hands of al qaeda terrorists during a rescue operation conducted by u.s. forces in yemen in partnership with the yemeni government. he offered his condolences to luke's family and loved ones. we will update you on this story throughout the newscast. in our area the search for missing college student shane montgomery is entering the tenth day. family and friends are not giving up hope. the reward in this case is now up to $40,000.
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they want somebody to come forward. nbc10's monique braxton is live in manayunk where the 21-year-old disappeared. fill us in on what their efforts are this weekend. >> reporter: there is a new focus, rosemary, as the search enters the second weekend since shane disappeared after a night out with family and friends, here along main street. we were with the search team when they walked along south street last night handing out and posting fliers. thanksgiving eve is a time when college students come home and reunite with friends. shane's mom told us he had recently turned 21. it was his first time out. we also followed the group to manayunk where shane's roommate carried a sign. shane's mom told us there is a new focus in this investigation. >> the authorities are now looking for selfies, if anybody was on main street that evening taking selfies in a couple of places that shane was, picture's
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pub, mad river, and kildare's to see if they can find shane on the selfies so we get a better timeline about where he went. >> reporter: according to a bar tab, shane had had a few beers at kildare's before he bumped into the deejay's table and then was asked to leave. that was about 2:00 thanksgiving morning. his family, the fop, fraternal order of police, kildare's and others have combined to get a $40,000 reward for information leading to shane's whereabouts. we're going to follow this investigation and have an update for you in the next half hour. live for now from manayunk, monique braxton, nbc10 news. new from overnight, philadelphia police say a driver was under the influence at the time of this deadly crash on roosevelt boulevard. the accident happened near bennett road in the summer on the section of the city around 12:30. the driver hit a 40-year-old man walking along the road. that man died at the scene.
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the driver did stay there. he's now under arrest. authorities tell us charges are pending. police in montgomery county are investigating a deadly hit and run in which two cars struck the victim. a man was trying to cross the roaded a ram who and ford street around 11:30 when he was hit by a black ford explorer. the driver initially stopped but then took off. after that a second vehicle, a green cadillac or lincoln suv, struck the victim and left the scene. the man died at the hospital. a man is recovering in the hospital after he was shot in the hip overnight. this happened around 2:00 this morning on north patton street in the strawberry mansion section of philadelphia. police are still searching for the gunman in this case. today the funerals for three young children killed by their mother will be held in burlington county. investigators say lepage shot 14-year-old nicholas, 11-year-old alexandra, and
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8-year-old nadia inside their house in tabernacle last month. lepage then shot herself smep later died in the hospital. police have not commented on a motive in this case. police in south jersey will resume investigation today into the shooting of local rapper beanie sigel. someone shot him in the a do then yesterday morning outside his hout in pleasantville, atlantic county. sigel is in critical condition following surgery. his real name is dwight grant. last night police told us they found a honda minivan they were looking for in connection to the shooting but it's unclear if they have in i other leads. the gunfire broke out during some kind of fight at sigel's house. sigel's brother-in-law was hurt but not shot. sigel who is from south philadelphia is on probation. officials released him from federal prison in august after he evidence sr. two years for tax evasion. sigel's probation is set to end today. the preliminary hearing for accused cop killer eric frein
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will be delayed until next year. a judge made that ruling yesterday after one of frein's lawyers quit the case. the hearing is not scheduled for january 5th. it was supposed to be this tuesday. frein is charged with shooting two pennsylvania state troopers in the poconos in september. he accused of killing one of them. police arrested frein after investigators say they led him into a manhunt in late october. if convicted he faces the death penalty. investigators say revenge is the reason a woman torched her neighbor's home in montgomery county. her neighbor happens to be a police detective. according to police donna krupp blamed detective ernie morris for her son's arrest in june. investigators say she was convinced that morris told state police where to find her son who had an active warrant. according to investigators krupp started the fire at morris' home in lower pots grow i've township thursday morning while he and his family were away on vacation. investigators tell us the detective's home security system caught the whole crime on tape.
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we spoke to a neighbor who lives just a few doors down. >> anybody that can set someone's house on fire and ruin everything they ever owned, but killing the cat just hurts my heart. that's the real killer for me. i just, you know, it's indescribable. >> krupp faces a list of charges including arson. she will stay in jail unless he comes up with a million dollars for bail. police in chester county may be one step closer to finding out who ran over a teenage girl and left her for dead. it was on thursday night when a driver killed 19-year-old gray of coatesville on lincoln highway as she was walking to work. police recovered the car involve in the hit and run at a repair shop yesterday. they interviewed a woman whom they're calling a person of interest. investigatoring say they know who the owner of the car is but they don't know who was driving it. gray's family tells us they're just hoping for an arrest.
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>> people hit deers and pull over. so why wouldn't you pull over when you hit a person? >> the family says her death seems inconceivable. it comes six weeks after her older sister died from complications related to diabetes. this morning philadelphia police tell us somebody shot the driver of this car 15 times. the car went out of control slamming into the front steps of a house on soet cleveland street last night. the man died at the hospital. everybody inside the house is okay. investigators believe that somebody fired shots from a nearby home. they have not made any arrests. now to a developing story related to the cosby scandal. police in los angeles say they will investigate claims that bill cosby molested a woman shens he was is a years old. huth and gloria allred met with detectives last night. huth is claiming he forced her to per fompl a sex act on him at
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the playboy action in 1974. while more than a dozen women have accused him of sexual assault the comedian has never been charged with a crime. now to news from our delaware bureau. police need your help to find this man. they say exposed himself to a child and her mother at a walmart. according to investigators this man went into the toy section of the kent county store last month and exposed himself and drove off in this gray colored car. if you know the man, delaware state police would like to hear from you. next, a closer look at the zichl rights demonstrations that are growing across the country. and attack on amtrak. next, a scary moments aboard a train after a passenger pulled out a knife.
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at 6:12, here's a live look at the girard point bridge and 95 over in south philadelphia. traffic moving just fine, but we know today the rain is going to pick up. it's going to be a washout for our saturday if so travel conditions may be a little bit tricky out there. so keep that in mind if you're going to be doing driving today. new from overnight, defense secretary chuck hagel is in kabul, africa, this morning on an unannounced visit. he's set to meet with the afghan president and commanders over there. he believes afghans will defeat a surge of taliban violence in the capital. this will likely be hagel's last trip to afghanistan as pentagon chief. he's going to be stepping down as soon as the senate confirms his successor. back in the u.s., thousands of people took to the streets across the country to protest what they call injustices. they're referring to the back to back grand jury decisions not to charge police officers with crimes in the deaths of eric garner and michael brown.
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nbc takes us to those protests. >> reporter: for a third night protesters took to the streets in new york and in dozens of cities across the country. from washington, d.c. to wall street and west chester county, new york. >> we want to push for a prosecutor. >> reporter: it's a refrain that's familiar, echoing from miami to massachusetts. back to new york, marchers staged a die in at an apple's store. the city's police commissioner says he expects the crowds will dwindle. >> these things tend to peter out on their own. people get tired of marching around aimlessly. >> reporter: so far the chants go on. >> erin garner, mike brown, shut
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it down, shut it down. >> reporter: cries for justice in the deaths of erin garner, michael brown and others. not to indict the police officers involved. >> it's the long string of events that we've seen in this country that suggest that the justice system which is bed rock of democracy, right, justice for all, justice system that is colorblind. you have a large number of people in this country who don't believe that's the case. >> reporter: a large number of people pledging to protest until change in that system comes. . young people across philadelphia are reacting to the recent grand jury decisions. yesterday studentsal central high school held a die in nonadministration. they dropped to the floor to symbolize the deaths of the two men eric garner and michael brown. across town in kensington dozens of students left class and marched through the streets of philadelphia. to cleveland, ohio, where the family of a 12-year-old boy
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shot and killed by a police officer is suing for wrongful death. according to the lawsuit cites the city and two officers as the defendants. it says police acted recklessly when they confronted tamir rice outside a rec center last month. he was reaching into his waistband for what police later discovered was a pellet gun. the rookie officer who shot him thought the gun was real. in michigan, a man is facing charges in a stabbings of four people aboard an amtrak train. the violence broke out last night. they got a call from somebody on the train about a suspicious person. by the time officers arrived at the train's next stop the attack had been carried out. police arrested the suspect. the victims were taken to area hospitals. investigators have not commented about a moment -- motive in this case. a south african prosecutor plans to appeal the conviction and sentence of oscar pistorius this week. the olympic athlete was found guilty of the equivalent of
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machi manslaughter and five years in prison. prosecutors say he should have been found guilty of murder. if their appeal is successful, pistorius would face a minimum of 15 years in jail. all right. it may be skimpy but this tree is filling people up with the christmas spirit. next, a look at what's happening today to celebrate reading's charlie brown christmas tree. okay. looking at a sweat start to the day. we're going to see rain all day long, clouds in place. a live look outside. mist, also, is in the air. reduced visibility. we'll talk more about that today. and big changes come on sunday. we're going to see sunshine and much colder temperatures. we'll talk about that coming up.
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today the christmas tree that's caused controversy in reading will be at the center of the celebration if city will rededicate what's been dubbed the charlie brown christmas tree. the festivities get under way tonight at 6:00. the tree will be decorated with one single red onment just like the one in the peanuts christmas classic. some in town complained when it was topped with a pretzel. they make a lot of pretzels in berks county. despite the outcry the city decided to keep up but put up a new fuller tree across town. now your nbc10 first alert weather. >> good idea to bring the umbrellas if you're headed to that tonight. if you have in i plans we're going to see rain at least the potential for rain all day long. not ending until the overnight hours. then we're going to see the winds pick up overnight. weather headlines on your saturday, a soggy saturday. we have rain. we have mist. we have fog across the area. and that changes on sunday. sunshine returns. returns very early. it would just be blustery cold and windy. more rain and snow in the
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forecast tuesday into wednesday. taking a look outdoors we're seeing clouds. great start to the day. live look. looking at philadelphia. right now we're seeing clouds across the area. mist in philadelphia. 43 degrees. winds are calm. that will change over night though when we see the winds gusty into sunday. areas of fog right now take it slow on the roadways if you're coming out this morning, call ahead. reduced vesibility down to six miles in philadelphia. four in mt. holly. impacting down to a quarter of a mile in mount pocono and three mile visibility in pottstown. temperatures are not bad. keeping us at least not seeing the ice. we're seeing some rain falling. that's the good news. 37 in allentown. 40 in lancaster. 43 in philadelphia. temperatures in the 40s in southeast. new jersey as well, 44 in atlantic city. 34 in mount pocono. 43 in wilmington. radar smoeing us where that rain is falling. we're not seeing a whole lot right now. most of it is to the north and west of philadelphia and berks county, lancaster county.
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this will fill in as we head throughout the day and we're looking at the potential for steadier and heavier rain through the evening into the nighttime hours. so look at all of this rain back to the south and this will work its way through today. so we're going to see rain on and off throughout the day. just really kind of a gray day and good day to maybe be indoors shopping, good nap day, movie day. future weather cast as we go throughout time here by lunchtime seeing that rain especially to the north and west of philadelphia. you see yellow on the map that's indicating heavier stuff and that really fills in by 4:00. if you have dinner plans, yeah, you're going to be contending with wet weather. same story by 8:00, and then as we go towards the nighttime hours, still seeing so rain around 11:00, midnight, it then clears out quickly. clear skies overnight. waking up to sunshine tomorrow and waking up to windier conditions. rain throughout the next 12 hours of anywhere from a half inch up to an inch in some spots. mainly to the south of philadelphia. today, 52 to 55. rainy and mild.
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at least we have the mild temperatures. we change that as we head towards sunday. we bring back the sunshine paul ryan we're going to flip-flop that. rain, breezy. today the rain in place. 54. by sunday, windy. 43. lots of sunshine. monday, clouds building in. rain late. 40 degrees. clouds on tuesday. windy. 48. snow showers on wednesday. by thursday looking at windy conditions, cold once again. temperatures in the upper 30s. chilly day on friday. partly sunny skies, 44 degrees. with 3,000 jobs on the line at the trump taj mahal there's new developments in the efforts to keep the casino open. we'll tell you about it after the break.
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deciding between buying bread and health care is much tougher. healthy pa is now here to help, with name-brand health insurance for the cost of a few basic groceries. if you're uninsured, call or apply online today. at 6:26. here is a shaky look at the wells fargo center in south philadelphia. a little bit windy out fl today. we know the conditions are not going to be great. but if you are looking for something to do indoors, starting at noon today fans are invited to a holiday family event here. it includes skating on the center ice and an appearance by santa. events happening at citizens bank parkway around the corner.
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if you're looking for something to do with the kids, head down to south philly. the city of camden is about to get an economic boost. subaru plans to move the u.s. headquarters there. the japanese automaker a headquartered right down the street in cherry hill. the company hopes to consolidate and transfer about 500 of those workers in those other office buildings to their new home in camden. the subaru move is expected to involve millions of dollars in tax incentives. several other major companies recently agreed to set up shop in camden and receive tax credits in return. you may remember earlier this year p philadelphia 76ers announced a plan to build a practice facility on the camden water front. in the atlantic city casino crisis there is a last ditch effort to save the trump taj mahal. the casino was supposed to close last friday but yesterday the owners pushed the deadline back eight days until december 20th. the casino is hoping the extra time will allow it to work out,
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contract, and tax relief issues with the union and with the state to stay in business. the time right now is 6:28. "nbc10 news today" continues in just a moment with another half hour of news. nbc10's monique braxton is live in manayunk marking day ten in the search for shane montgomery. >> reporter: a new focus and a new appeal to college students in the area. and the search for shane montgomery, coming up after the break. rain is falling across the area. if you're not seeing the rain you're seeing the fog, you're seeing the mist. it's going to be a gray and damp day here. here's a live look outside. wet roadways from our cape may came camera.
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right now on "nbc10 news today" we are learning new details about the failed rescue attempt that ended in the death of an american journalist held
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hostage by terrorists. we are going on ten days now and there's still no sign of missing college student shane montgomery. in a live report, how his family and friends are keeping the hope alife. a wet, foggy start to our weekend. here's a live look at camel back mountain resort in the poconos. of course the rain certainly isn't doing anything for their snow making efforts this past week. we'll talk about it in just a moment. good morning. welcome back to "nbc10 news today." i'm rosemary connors. it's just after 6:30 on this saturday. meteorologist michelle grossman is tracking the soggy conditions outside. michelle, it's going to warm up today but it's not like we can really enjoy it. >> that's right. we're going to be mild and in the low 50s. we're going the see the rain falling. tomorrow we're going to flip no and drop the temperatures and bring back the sunshine. right now we are looking at gray skies, cloudy skies in philadelphia. live look outside. we're log going to keep the clouds with us all day long. the rain will be on and off in the morning and becoming steadier throughout the afternoon. so a soggy saturday on tap. here's a look at radar. you can see spotty showers
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mainly to the north and west of philadelphia. if you're not seeing the showers you're probably seeing that mist in place, even some fog. a wider view showing us we have plenty of rain back to the west and that will be moving through as we head towards the later part of saturday. so temperatures right now, they are on the mild side for this time of year. 37 in allentown. 40 in lancaster. 43 in philadelphia. 44 in dover. 46 in wildwood. these are numbers we like because they're above freezing. we're not seeing many problems on the roadways. we're just seeing wet roadways but we are seeing fog as well. by 8:00, 42. by 10:00, 47. by noon, 50 degrees. we'll talk more about the rain today, the rain tonight, and then what we can expect for sunday. we have new information on the breaking news that we've been telling you about this morning. defense secretary chuck hagel is confirming that american photo journalist luke somers is dead. somers and second hostage were being held by al qaeda terrorists in yemen and murdered
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in a rescue attempt ordered by president obama. several terrorists were killed in the mission carried out by u.s. special forces. somers was 33, born in britain, went to college in wisconsin. kidnapped last year. on thursday al qaeda posted a video showing somers and threatened to kill him if the u.s. did not meet their demands. president obama issued a statement this morning condemning the murder and offering condolences to somers family. we will keep you update tond breaking story. the search for the missing college student shane montgomery. family and friends are keeping their faith and hope alive on day ten of this search. a reward in the case stands at $40,000. nbc10's monique braxton is live in manayunk where the 21-year-old disappeared last week. right now the focus is on the weekend crowd there. tell us about it. >> also the focus is on appear to college students. as you know on thanksgiving eve shane was out with family and
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friends going to several bars here along main street. he was last seen here at kildare's. so the family got together yesterday with college students and they hit some of the places that college students frequent. we were with the search team when they walked along south street handing out and posting fliers. shane's mom told us he had recently turned 21. it was his first time out on thanksgiving eve. we also followed a group to manayunk where shane's roommate carried a sign. shane's family says there is a new focus in this investigation. they're now appealing to college students who have cellphones. >> all we need is one kid who thinks they may know something, think that they may have seen something that is not significant at the time but will be the clue that points us in a direction. the other thing that we're asking these kids that were on main street last week, last wednesday into thursday morning, is if you took any selfies. look in the background, look for a kid thatting loos like our shane.
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his picture is all over the place. you can find it on the web. see if you have a picture of shane. >> reporter: the bar tab shows shane had a few beers at kildare's before he bumped into the deejay's table and was asked to leave. now, that was 2:00 a.m. or so thanksgiving morning. his family, the fop, fraternal order of police, and the bakery where his dad worked and kildare's have combined to offer a $40,000 reward for information leading to shane's whereabouts. we're going to continue to follow this investigation. live for now in manayunk, monique braxton, nbc10 news. new from overnight. a man is dead after a driver hit him while he was walking a i long roosevelt boulevard in philadelphia's summerton section. police say the diver of the car was under the influence at the time of the crash and is under arrest right now. authorities say charges are pending. new from overnight, a house fire in kensington is under
6:36 am
investigation. nbc10 was on the scene in jasper street where the blaze broke out around 2:00 this morning. crews had it under control within several minutes. no one on the scene was hurt but a battalion chief had trouble getting to the scene. he got into an accident on the way. his vehicle collided with a car several blocks from the fire. it's unclear if the chief was injured. police tell us that the woman driving the other car involved did not have a license. she went to the hospital but police have not said how seriously she may have been hurt. a monster, that's what convicted drunk driver joshua called himself in court yesterday before a judge sentenced him for killing two teenage cousins in cape may count. the judge gave him 18 years in prison. prosecutors say 15-year-old naomi and her 13-year-old cousin ashleigh were walking to get ice cream in july 2012 when he hit them with his suv in middle township. naomi's 14-year-old sister with
6:37 am
them just missed getting hit. he became emotional in court while apologizing to the victims' sffamilies. >> for the first time in my life, i'm sorry doesn't fix my mistakes. since the accident, every day i pray for forgiveness. it is never enough. >> he will have to serve nearly all of his sentence before eligible for release. a man is facing charges in the theft op 12 air conditioners units off the roof of a shopping center. police arrested john warrior iii on criminal mischief charges. investigators say he stole the units in new castle earlier this week. police believe there may be more suspects out there and they are still investigating, new jersey's auditor is calling for better monitoring of the state's welfare system after a report showed that the state is still distributing welfare benefits to dead people and lottery winners. the study found almost 40 people
6:38 am
who died by the end of last year still receive the benefitting and dozens of people who won at least $10,000 in the lottery were collecting welfare. in northern new jersey officials are calling for the continue asian of a red light camera program. newark's mayor and state senator say the devices help cut down on crashes. the red light camera program is set to expire later this month after a five-year test period. lawmakers have indicated that it most likely will not be renewed. those against the program say it's a scam to raise money for the government. from our jersey shore bureau. there's a new memorial in atlantic city dedicated to the first responders who put their lives on the line to keep us safe. nbc10 was on the boardwalk yesterday afternoon as they revealed the memorial. it's called "in the line of duty." it feature two monuments. the first, a bronze statue of a police officer, a fireman, and a canine officer. the second symbolizes the world
6:39 am
trade center's twin towers. the mayor talked about the decision to have the memorial here on the boardwalk. >> today we take these wooden board and we make it hollowed ground for the men and women that gave their lives. and this way millions of people every year will pass by and be able to appreciate it. >> the casino reinvestment development authority along with the atlantic city alliance made the memorial possible. ♪ the fully pops are ringing in the holidays with the salute to our first responders. nbc10 was at the center last night for the premier of the christmas spectacular series. military, police, and firefighters got in for free. pennsylvania governor tom corbett and philadelphia mayor michael nutter were on hand for the show. there are so many lights to choose from to deck your halls this holiday season. next we'll check out whether spending more up front on those led lights can save you in the long run.
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if you are planning on putting up your christmas lights on this rainy day, maub you want to wait until tomorrow. whenever you do it you may want to make sure near led lights. the department of energy says a six foot tree with led lights will cost you just 27 cents over 40 days while traditional incandescent light on that tree will cost you ten bucks. the department adds it may cost you more up front to get the led lights but it will be worth it over time. a burst of hiring in november shows the u.s. economy is still growing. here's cnbc's tyler mathisen with a look at this past week in business news. with a look at this past week in business news. stay in school. >> a spectacular november employment report with 90,000
6:43 am
more than forecast. with sizable gains in manufacturing, construction, and high earning professional jobs. jobs. the nation's unemployment rate though held steady at 5.8%. 5.8%. stocks hit some new record marching pmarching toward the 18,000 mark. meantime, oil prices continued ahead lower and several gas stations in oklahoma and texas began selling gas for just $2 a gallon. auto sales drove higher last month with the industry now on pace to sell 17 million cars and like trucks this year, the most since 2003. chrysler up 20%, notching its best november in more than a decade on big demand for jeeps and ram pickups. meantime, chrysler, ford, and honda are expanding their recalls of cars with potentially deadly driver's side airbags made by takata corp. in japan, they've been linked to at least five fatalities. sony pictures was hit with a major hack attack with at least five movies showing up on illegal fire sharing including brad pitt's "fury" which is
6:44 am
still in theaters and a remake of "annie" three weeks before it hits theaters. a new report says only one in five full-time college students earn their undergraduate degree in four years. and it costs 23 grand for each extra year it takes to finish on average. i'm tyler mathisen. stay in school. get your work done, folks. get all your business news on cnbc. all right. you definitely do not see this on the golf course like ever. next, the interruption that gave one pro golfer quite the surprise. all right. we're dealing with the rain this morning. not everywhere but in some spots. everyone will see rain as we head towards the later part of today. looking at clouds in cape may. looking at clouds everywhere else. the mist, fog, talk more about that coming up. what's possible today? wi-fi access in more places then ever before. all your favorites in the cloud and on every device.
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the time is 6:47. the "today" show starts at 7:00. we check in now with lester holt and erika hill with a preview of what they're working on in new york. hey, guys. >> good morning. >> coming up on a saturday morning on "today," luke somers apparently killed during a rest cue mission. our chief foreign correspondent rich chart echarred engel will have the latest. and "rolling stones" article about an alleged gang rape at a fraternity part at the university of virginia. plus, is eight good idea? coming up, new push by british regulators to have pregnant women give birth at home rather than the hop. it's got some wondering if we will see that trend in the u.s. a toy filled with
6:48 am
radioactive -- a doll that can bite things like your child's finger. it comes with a wanting it could be fatal. probably not the toys you are putting under the tree right new. they are banned but live on in the museum of banned toys. >> all that and much more when we get started on a saturday morning. >> thanks, guys. see you at 7:00. m. now your nbc10 first alert weather. >> good saturday morning. we're seeing rain outside. seeing some fog, even reduced visit across the area. it's going to be a gray day. kind of a day to take it easy, stay indoors if you can. look at reduced visit down to six miles in philadelphia. worse as you head to the north and west. down to a quarter mile in mount pocono. four-mile visit in allentown. right now looking at a misty day. a fog can start to the day. clouds are going to stay with us all day long. 43 right now in philadelphia. winds are calm but we will see them picking up overnight. so right knew we're seeing rain in reading. clouds in philadelphia as well
6:49 am
as atlantic city. temperatures across the area though above normal. so we're just seeing rain out there. temperatures right now mainly in the 40s and the 30s. kn north and west. 43 in philadelphia. also 44 in millville and 46 in wildwood. so soggy saturday. we're going to see the rain all day long across the area. right now seeing it spotty to the north and west in the poconos and the lehigh valley. everywhere, just looking at that fog and mist. it fills in as we head towards the later part of today. you can see that rain stretching back to the south. this needs to work through as we head towards the later part of saturday. aing so dpi afternoon, evening, and nighting time hours. future cast as we track our weather here by 1:00, seeing it filling in, especially north of philadelphia. hurricane katrina, you can bet everyone is see that rain. so if you do have plans you're probably using the windshield wipers at this point. same story by 7:00, 8:00. by 11:00, we're going to start to see it winding up. this is midnight. seeing clouds in place. we really start that clearing
6:50 am
process. and we wake up to sunshine on sunday. we also wake up to colder temperatures and pretty windy conditions. today rainy and mild. temperatures not bad. mild for this time of year. 52 to 55. i think we will end up around 54 degrees. winds on the light side out of the south, five to ten miles per hour. we're going to see them pick up tonight. tonight, the temperatures will drop into the 30s around 38 in philadelphia. 32 north and west. those winds really picking up. you will hear that overnight. skies will be clearing letting that temperature drop. so today, 54 with rain in place. grab the umbrella as you head out today. there is a look at sunday with that sunshine in place. eagles play at 4:25. we will start out in the 40s. by the end of the game, temperatures fling back in the 30s. high of 43. windy as well. feeling colder than the actual air temperature. monday we start to see the changes. mostly cloudy skies. especially in the afternoon. we may start out with more sunshine as clouds building in. rain late with a high of 40 degrees. tuesday is the day to watch.
6:51 am
looking at rain and wind. we could see coastal flooding as well. snow showers on wednesday, 38 by thursday. mostly cloudy. snowflakes flying around. windy, a high of 39. probably feeling like the low 30s. sunday, chilly, 44. good morning to you. i'm danny pommells from comcast sportsnet. after getting the first win on wednesday, the sixers are going for the first winning streak at home against the thunder. eagle's linebacker in the house. second quarter. good hustle by robert covington. saves the rock to michael carter williams who lobs it up to mcdap yes, sir. go get it. 14 assists, 13 points. russell west takes it to the ten. finishes with the left hand. seven assists. fourth quarter, cut the lead to five the. kevin durante, the head of the pack. yes, ten points. sixers lose.
6:52 am
brett brown was happy with his team's effort. >> there was a physical side to the group tonight, albeit with young guys that i was proud of. we -- there was no back doup. we had that one bad lull in the third period. we called a quick timeout and tried to get back on track. >> halftime of last night's game the sixers celebrated the release of the new wilt chamberlain stamp. lewis irving on stand. dh meanwhile, the eagles may be 9-3, squarely in first place in the nfc east but they could be bet we're more success in the red zone. the birds had five trips inside the 20 yard line against the cowboys on thanksgiving day and scored just one touchdown. eagles are 29th in red zone efficiency but chip kelly isn't spending more time in practice trying to fix it. >> you can't because then you're going to be short somewhere else. we just have to do a better job executing when we're down there. it's such an important area for
6:53 am
us. i don't think we need to spend more time down there. we just need to do a better job when we're down there. the fliers winless in the last six and 1-8-2 stretch in the also 11 games. head coach's job is safe. . >> there's culpability from all of, from myself, chief, assistant coaches, players, everybody. even is in this. we all have to do a better job. i have no plans on replacing the coach. while the fliers will try to get back to the winning column against the kings, coverage at 3:30 on comcast sportsnet. that's sports. i'm danny pommells. enjoy your day. here's a hazard they don't tell you about on the golf course. wait for it. wait for it. yeah, there you go. pga star luke donald was lining up a shot in south africa yesterday when the bamboo baboon went on the fairway.
6:54 am
6:55 am
6:56 am
at 6:56, live look at citizens bank park where the fi phillies will hold their holiday sale. fans can buy special phillies items. there will also be music, a
6:57 am
raffle, and appearance by center fielder ben revere and you can get pictures with santa claus. that's phillies fanatic dressed up as santa claus. i know that because my twin nieces are going to be there this morning. >> that is the best santa claus. i love it. they might want to bring the umbrella for that picture. that's all right. a little wet out there. we are seeing soggy conditions. we're seeing some mist, some fog, live look outside. kind of a gray day. i don't know. it's cozy this time of year. soggy saturday. see that rain falling on radar. mainly confined to the north and west. everyone will see that rain throughout the afternoon and evening hours. temperatures above freezing. 44 in philadelphia. 46 in allentown. rain is falling. no snow or ice. sunshine on sunday, cold one. next weather topic is tropical weather on tuesday. michelle andly see you back here at 8:30. have a good one.
6:58 am
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7:00 am
good morning. breaking overnight, an american hostage killed. journalist luke somers was murdered by al qaeda during a failed u.s. rescue mission authorized by president obama. this morning, what we know about the dramatic attempt to try to save his life. churning closer, that massive super typhoon taking aim at the philippines this morning. hundreds of thousands of residents running for their lives before the huge storm makes landfall. terror on the train, several people recovering this morning after a knife wielding man stabbed them aboard an amtrak train in michigan. terrified passengers look on in disbelief. and the glitz, the glamour, the thieves. miami's art basel event is one of the hottest parties around, drawing celebrities from around the rl


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