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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 11a  NBC  December 8, 2014 11:00am-12:01pm EST

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(joe) happy holidays! ♪and best wishes from the lottery♪ nbc 10 news starts now. >> and right now at 11:00, we're tracking a nor'easter that's expected to bring heavy rain and strong winds to our area and some parts of our region could see snow out of this system. there's already some rain and flooding at the shore. this is video from our nbc 10 jersey shore bureau. you can see the high waters on edgewater avenue. then that nor'easter could bring more coastal flooding to places like cape may as we take a live look now from our camera at the marquise de lafayette. other areas are seeing snow. this is one of the nbc 10 crews out on the ac expressway driving from hamilton township into egg harbor township. you can see the snow there
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pelting their windshield. plenty of snow on the ground in the poconos. they're making it for skiers at camelback mountain resort as we take a live look. but people in this area could be getting the real stuff from this nor'easter. nbc 10 first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here with the forecast and an explanation. glenn? >> vai, this is a slow developing and slow moving nor'easter that's going to be affecting us much of the week and we have first alert out not only for tonight but all the way through wednesday at least. slow moving nor'easter, some flooding rains, strong winds, coastal flooding, and even a change over to snow in parts of the area. we are up way up here at the top. this is the low pressure center that's developing. it's way offshore, but it's going to be redeveloping along the coast. watch the wind circulation here. that's where it is now, and by tonight it's redeveloping along the north carolina coast and it's tracking so close to the
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coast that it looks like it's going to be mainly rain because we're bringing that warm ocean air in here, but it's a very, very slow moving system, and even when it's past us we have the threat of some snow. this is way ahead of the main area. we had a little snow, that's changing over to a little bit of light rain right now near the shore and in parts of delaware. that's not a sign of things to come though. 26 in allentown and reading. it's very cold out there, 28 in trenton, but it is a little bit warmer toward the shore, near 40 degrees. as we go through the day today, we're going to be seeing that light mix south and east over the next couple hours. the temperatures not going out of the 30s today, and by 6:00 some more light rain starting to develop, but much of the day today should just be cloudy and cold. things are going to change dramatically starting tonight. i'll have the timing and what to expect in a few minutes.
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all right. thank you. you can count on nbc 10 to bring you the latest on this nor'easter. we'll have updates on air and online. you can download the nbc 10 weather app for free at and now to a developing story we've been following throughout the morning. right now detectives are searching the home of a woman who was found dead inside the trunk of a car. that investigation is spanning two states. take a look at this map here. the woman's body was discovered near a hotel in maple shade, burlington county. police are searching for clues at her home on east wellens e . avenue. jesse, what's happening right now? >> reporter: investigators from burlington county are on scene canvassing the neighborhood. they first did the 100 and 200 blocks of we willens avenue. now they're making their way down a street and some of the side streets close to this location. now, earlier today philadelphia
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police detectives and crime scene unit were out here processing the scene inside 144 east wellens avenue. i asked them if they had any idea what they were looking for, and i was told, no, but they're not worried about contamination of evidence inside the property. this part of the investigation is connected to a discovery last night in maple shade, burlington county. a woman's body was found inside the trunk of this white chevy outside the quality inn hotel on route 38. none of the guests seem to know anything about the crime, but one neighbor told me she noticed the trunk of that car open seattle becau saturday but she decided to say nothing. she said the couple that lives inside the row house would fight constantly. a second neighbor told me she never saw any disputes between that couple and that the two children living inside were always poe lighted. . >> our children get along just fine. her kids love me to death. they stop me in the street and say hi and everything.
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>> reporter: police have not released the victim's identity or a possible motive for this killing. of course, we'll stay on top of this story and give you updates all through the day both on air and online and let you know if the detectives that are still working the scene find anything. we're live in you wiolney this morning. >> jesse, thank you. philadelphia police are investigating a shooting that happened inside an abandoned building in kensington. it happened within the last hour on east cambria street. the victim in his late 20s was shot twice. he's now in critical condition at temple university hospital. and happening now, lawmakers are reviewing the findings of a report looking into governor chris christie's connection to the jersey jam bridge scandal. someone leaked details of that report last week, and the report found no conclusive evidence linking governor christie with the lane closures on george washington bridge in september of last year. the report blames some of his former top aides for the closures which caused traffic
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jams in fort lee, new jersey. christie's opponents say it shows a lack of curiosity about how his administration is run. cydney long is at the state capitol. she will have a reaction to the report on nbc 10 news at 4:00. happening now, public hearings under way on 40 charter school applications in the philadelphia school district. the germantown community charter school committee just -- is just one of the applicants presenting its case this morning. the school could open inside the former germantown high school which was forced to close last year because declining enrollment. later today charter and public school parents will deliver a complaint to pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane. they're calling for an investigation into charter school fraud and state regulation. they say their request for information has gone unanswered. philadelphia fire officials are investigating an apartment fire in the frankford section of
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philadelphia. flames tore through this abandoned building on arrott and oakland streets overnight. it took crews four hours to get things under control. it's the second time in a week firefighters were called to this same property. neighbors say a squatter has been going in and out pft. one person was injured in a fire in the kensington section on kensington avenue around 9:40 last night. it took firefighters ten minutes to get in fire under control. the victim was treated at temple hospital for minor burns and he also had smoke inhalation. no word on a cues for the fire. in germantown police are trying to find a gunman who shot and killed a man inside his car. this happened on east hortter street late last night. police tell us someone shot the man multiple times through an open driver's side window while the car was parked. no motive or arrests at this time. and a man is in critical condition after his car crashed into a pole. nbc 10 on the scene around 1:00 this morning at westfield and
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sherman avenues in pennsauken, camd camden county. police are looking for leads in the murder of a security guard whose body was found in southwest philadelphia yesterday. 67-year-old -- a 67-year-old man's body was found tied up inside a van at locker room storage incorporated. police say he had facial injuries. they have not released his name or possible motive for the murder. a good samaritan is recovering in the hospital after being hit by a car. daniel callaway was on his way to his job as a firefighter in belvedere, delaware, yesterday when he saw an accident on i-95 in delaware county. he stopped to help the driver, and that's when he was hit. the road was shut down for hours. callaway also works for urgent ambulance. nbc 10 spoke with his boss who said being a good samaritan is something daniel does every day. >> that's what he do. you know, it doesn't matter who you are, you know.
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if you need help, he's going to stop and help you. he's trained to do that, and that's in his head. that's what he loves to do. >> callaway is in critical but stable condition at crozer-chester hospital. his father told nbc 10 that he's expected to make a full recovery. today people in montgomery county will come together to remember the victim of a deadly hit and run there. two different vehicles struck tom daily in bridgeport over the weekend. neither stopped. he later died. police are looking for two vehicles, a black ford explorer like this one here, and a green cadillac or lincoln suv. now, investigators have questioned a person of interest in this case. tonight a vigil will be held in daily's honor. rapper beanie sigel is in critical condition after he was shot outside his home in pleasantville on friday. police tell nbc 10 they served sigel's home this weekend but would not say what they were looking for or if they found anything useful to the investigation. so far no one has been arrested.
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today a big crowd is expected at a supervisors meeting in montgomery county community which is facing money problems. people who live in franconia say they want answers about the township -- how the township ran up more than $3 million in budget deficits over the past three years. because of the shortfall, officials laid off six police officers and four other township employees. they also raised taxes 19%. happening today, a new jersey senate committee will meet for a preliminary vote on a tax plan to help atlantic city. the pln lays out how much the eight remaining casinos would have to pay instead of property taxes. it lets the city know how much revenue to expect from those casinos. a computer glitch continues to cause parking problems in philadelphia. the problems started on friday when more than 1,000 parking kiosks in the city stopped accepting credit cards and debit cards. the pay stations would only take cash. the philadelphia parking authority offered up free
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parking on sunday, but don't expect that today. the parking authority says they plan to ticket for expired meters but will give drivers a ten-minute grace period. up next, spilling the beans. the controversy among lawmakers over the release of a scathing report about the cia. plus, you're not the only one who can't get rid of a nagging sore throat. what president obama just found out when he went to see a doctor. and i'm tracking a nor'easter heading our way. we're in for a lot of moisture with this. and also it is going to be a long-lasting storm. the timing of it when the first alert coming up.
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a senate report about cia interrogations in the wake of 9/11 is expected to be made public next week, but many top lawmakers say the release of the report will incite violence abroad. nbc's andrea mitchell reports. >> reporter: the u.s. embassy in egypt is one of many on alert today as washington braces for the release of an explosive senate report on the cia's use of torture ordered by president bush after 9/11. >> foreign leaders have approached the government and said you do this, this will cause violence and deaths. our own intelligence community has assessed that this will cause violence and death. >> reporter: the report is expected to accuse the cia of lying repeatedly to congress, the white house, and the american people. it concludes that torture, notably waterboarding, using on
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three detainees including khalid sheikh mohammed, did not produce results. former cia leaders are already firing back. >> to say that we relentlessly over an expanded period of time lied to everyone about a program that wasn't doing any good, that beggars the imagination. >> reporter: agency defenders say the program did help find osama bin laden and also prevented other attacks. defenders also claim cia officials briefed congress repeatedly and they say the senate never interviewed any of the officials named. president obama acknowledged the torture program last august. >> we tortured some folks. we did some things that were contrary to our values. >> that was nbc's andrea mitchell reporting. we could find out today whether prosecutors will seek the death penalty for the gunman accused of killing a tsa agent at los angeles international airport. he has pleaded not guilty to
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murder and other charges. etion scheduled to appear in federal court for a status hearing about two hours from now. prosecutors say he opened fire inside l.a.x. in november of 2013 killing a tsa agent. three others were injured that day. the judge wants this case to head to trial next year. and this morning in los angeles, two major freeways were shut down after a massive fire at an apartment complex that was under construction. more than 250 firefighters were called out to help fight this intense fire. you see the flames. no one was hurt in the fire. now officials are working to find out how it started. demonstrations over police killings turned violent for a second night in a row in california. protesters in berkeley attacked police, attacked each other, and shut down a freeway there. some tried to light a highway patrol vehicle on fire and threw rocks, bottles, and explosives at officers. police responded with tear gas. on saturday night three officers
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were hurt and six people arrested when the protests turned unruly. an exception to the largely peaceful demonstration that is continued throughout the country over the weekend. and president obama has been diagnosed with acid reflux. the president was diagnosed over the weekend after getting a c.a.t. scan for his chronic sore throat. acid reflux is when stomach contents flow back up the esophagus. it can be treated with medication and lifestyle changes. now, your nbc 10 first alert weather with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> well, we have one weather system that's going to be affecting us all week this week that's going to be a nor'easter. first alert for tonight through at least wednesday for that slow moving nor'easter with some flooding rains possible, gusty winds, coastal flooding. we had some this morning.
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more tomorrow morning, and also a change to snow. we have cloudy skies right now. it's cold. 31 degrees, 16-mile-an-hour wind making it feel like it's 20. that is really cold. 31 in philadelphia, but it's in the 20s to the north and west. much milder down toward the shore. 44 degrees in stone harbor. so some of that warm water is having its influence with the wind coming in off the ocean down there at the shore. now, we're going to have more of an east wind that will bring the warmer air in but the question is will it come in in time by the time the precipitation comes in. you can see the wind arrows out of the northeast and pretty brisk. 16-mile-an-hour sustained wind here. the winter storm warning in effect in the poconos, 3:00 a.m. tuesday to 7:00 a.m. wednesday, and the storm will continue beyond that. several inches of accumulation at least plus some ice. coastal flood advisory for
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tomorrow morning. i expect tides to be higher tomorrow morning at 8:00 to 10:00 a.m. than they were this morning. if you flooded this morning, you're going to flood tomorrow, and the water is going to be even higher. now, the nor'easter is forming. you can see that circulation well offshore, but it's going to kind of redevelop closer to the coast. this is way ahead of that system. don't let this scare you, that the storm is coming in faster than we're expecting. this is just way ahead of it. a little bit of light snow, a little bit of sleet with that. the storm time -- the heaviest of the rain, 3:00 a.m. tomorrow to 3:00 p.m., and that's when we could see the flooding. the highest winds tomorrow morning to wednesday evening. that again mostly at the shore. could be over 50 miles an hour. and the biggest snow threat doesn't even start until wednesday. so, again, we're going to be watching this thing all week. 7:00 p.m., still not much going on here.
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11:00, the rain is starting to come up from the south and as we go through the night, it gets heavier and heavier. by tomorrow morning's rush i expect heavy rain in much of the area, and even into the afternoon expecting rain. now, the other thing that's going to happen is as the storm moves away, colder air is going to start coming back in. because the storm is tracking so close to the coast, this is mainly a rainstorm, but watch the changeover starting to happen as we go into wednesday with some of the latest computer guidance. obviously north and west has the best chance of seeing some of that snow, and this is the general snow map as we go through the week, and new england once again gets hammered with a winter storm out of this. today our temperatures stay in the 30s, way below average, with wind, too. so it is nasty. the light wintry mix to the south and east. don't think it's going to make it up to the philadelphia area.
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plus it's getting a little bit warmer so it would be light rain anyway. the main rain comes overnight tonight after midnight and the temperature does not drop. holds steady or goes up a little. heavy rain, gusty winds tomorrow. then the colder air arrives. snow and rain showers on wednesday. the snow could reach all the way down into the philadelphia area and some snow showers thursday as well. look how cold it is all week. >> thank you, glenn. british invasion. it's a busy morning in the u.s. the duke and duchess of cambridge and we'll let you know why william and kate are spending part of the day apart as they continue their american tour. and what's in store for one of the world's most watched couples tonight. and later, know any vegetarians? you may not for long. a new study that shows mohow ma
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people stick to a meatless die y yet for the long haul. t for the long haul.
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at 11:24, we have breaking news just into our newsroom. a plane has crashed into a house just outside of washington, d.c. there were two homes involved in the crash. at least one of them burned and was burning. this is gaithersburg, maryland. this crash happened less than a mile from the montgomery county air park, a small municipal airport. so presumably that plane was either headed there for coming from that small airport. fire and rescue crews are on the
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scene of the house. we are trying to find out if anyone was hurt. we don't have any word of any injuries or fatalities but we're working on that. stay with nbc 10 as we continue to follow this breaking news. and we have new video this morning of the royal couple's visit to the u.s. take a look at this. here is prince william sitting alongside president obama in the oval office. this is his first trip to washington, d.c. the president has met the royal cup toll previous trips he made to britain. after the sit down, prince william will address the world bank. meanwhile, the duchess of cambridge is busy in new york city. she's visiting a center for child development. the duke and duchess of cambridge arrived at the carlyle hotel last night. this is their first trip to the big apple, and the couple is expecting their second child in april and they will meet up tonight for a basketball game between the brooklyn nets and the cleveland cavaliers.
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preparing for a nor'easter. parts of the jersey shore are already seeing flooding and here is a live look now from cape may. we're in for a whole lot of rain and parts of our area could see snow. glenn will break it down and the timing of it all and who should expect what just ahead. plus, cash or charge? dozens of retailers hit hard by hackers have fallen victim to data breaches. we'll let you know if it's changing the way you're spending money this holiday season.
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now, your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> almost 11:30 right now. we are watching a nor'easter that's already starting to bring rain and flooding to some parts of our area. this is new video we just got from the jersey shore bureau of flooding on surrey avenue and
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ventner, atlantic city. here is a live look at the flag on top of the aramark building. we are tracking a nor'easter that's expected to bring heavy rain, some strong winds, and a coastal -- possibly coastal flooding to our area and some parts of our region could see some snow because of this system. nbc 10 first alert chief new jersey glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here now to lay it all out for us. >> this is going to be a long-lasting event. there are a whole lot of different things that are going to be happening, and we want you to know about them ahead of time. we've been talking about this storm for a week now. tonight through at least wednesday, we have a first alert out for that slow-moving nor'easter with some rain that's capable of producing flooding. very strong wind gusts. coastal flooding and also a change over to snow in some areas. we're way up here at the top of the screen and you can see a bit of a circulation way out in the ocean, but that's not going to
11:31 am
stop anything. see, there's the circulation on a future wind map, and then it redevelops tonight right off the north carolina coast and then comes right up the coast and it's so close to us that it's bringing in enough ocean air to have this as a mainly rainstorm. once the storm moves past us and the winds turn around, that is going to bring in another cold air to change things to snow. now, we've had a little bit of snow in parts of south jersey and delaware this morning, way, way ahead of this storm that you saw which is hundreds and hundreds of miles away and so we got to keep our eye on this, but the atmosphere generally warming up, so we're already starting to see a change over toward rain in some of the areas that saw some snow earlier. the temperatures though not going very far. the precipitation tonight as it comes up from the south. you see the temperatures are going up a little bit if anything, and by tomorrow morning look at them, into the
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upper 30s to near 40 degrees, near 50 farther to the south. so we are expecting a lot of rain, then a lot of wind, then some snow. more on the timing of all of this and the details coming up with the seven-day in a few minutes. >> of course, you can count on nbc 10 to bring you the latest information on this nor'easter. we'll have updates on air. we'll have it online. you can download the nbc 10 weather app. it's a free download and you can do it at nbc now an update on that breaking news we told you about just a few minutes ago. we have learned a small plane smashed into two homes just outside of washington, d.c. this is a shot that's a little further away but you can see the plumes of smoke there. it's just a few miles from a small municipal air park called montgomery county air park. fire and rescue crews are on the screen. we're told several homes have been damaged because of this plane crash. we're trying to find out if anyone was hurt.
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we don't have that confirmed. no information on injuries or any fatalities but you can stay with nbc 10 as we continue to follow this breaking news. hands up! >> don't shoot! >> lay down! >> scenes like this have played out in our area and across the country as protesters reacted to recent grand jury decisions not to indict police officers in the deaths of eric garner in new york and michael brown in missouri. these demonstrations gathered -- demonstrators, rather, gathered outside the eagles game for a die-in near lincoln financial field. some leaders are calling for action. nbc 10's lu ann cahn is at a news conference in strawberry mansion where community leaders are talking about what happens next. fill us in. >> reporter: the press conference continues here at the prince of peace baptist church where over a dozen leaders from the pennsylvania legislative black caucus, the philadelphia black clergy, the naacp are
11:34 am
talking about what to do next, what the conversation should be. state representative vanessa lowry brown just finished speaking saying there is a collective frustration as a result of the shooting in ferguson, the choke hold death in new york, what seems to be a lack of concern for the value of minority citizens' lives. reverend robert shine expressed his frustration also just a couple minutes ago. >> an atmosphere of distrust has escalated. the meaning of the word or the mentioning of the word police and their awrrival in our neighborhoods strikes fear and intimidati intimidation, and the question is who they will -- who will they shoot and kill next? >> the group says whether it's departmental change or cultural change, it must happen. they want to support that. they want to be part of the
11:35 am
discussion. live in the strawberry mansion section of philadelphia, lieu a ann cahn. officials are worried about more death and destruction as the typhoon heads to manila. miguel almaguer reports. >> reporter: after smashing into the philippines over the weekend, this massive killer storm claimed at least 21 lives, washed out roads, and swept away homes. now it's rumbling into manila as 12 million here take cover. we're safe here, says this woman. if we stayed near the coast, we'd be dead. once the largest storm on the planet this year, the super typhoon lost power and is now a tropical storm packing 84-mile-an-hour winds. 48,000 raced to get out. last year a typhoon killed more
11:36 am
than 7,000. this time more destruction but no massive death toll. our roof will be blown away, she says. we're scared. that's why we left. with more than a million evacuated in some regions, power is out and floodwaters are rising. now there could be mudslides. today this storm threatening even more damage while in some communities they're still waiting for help. with the outer bands of this storm still hammering this area, forecasters say there is good news. they believe this country avoided disaster as the storm slowed and now works its way back out to sea. back to you. >> that's miguel almaguer reporting. in florida three people are dead and several more are hurt after a chain reaction crash caused by a bear. the driver hit the bear on a road in broward county and a second driver stopped to help, and then a third vehicle hit the crowd of people standing in the road. emergency crews responded and
11:37 am
took six victims to the hospital. the bear was also killed in the crash. and now to a bizarre scene just outside of chicago. this is the annual midwest fur fest and it had to be evacuated after chlorine gas had spread throughout the convention's hotel. hundreds of guests dressed as animal characters filled the street while firefighters investigated. 19 people had to be treated at the hospital. police say it appears the chlorine gas was released intentionally. detectives have opened a criminal investigation. and today indonesian police harnded over a murder investigation to prosecutors involving a u.s. couple. 19-year-old heather mack and her 21-year-old boyfriend tommy schaefer are accused of killing mack's mother and stuffing her body into a suitcase. police say the couple had argued with her in the hotel lobby shortly before the killing in august. prosecutors now have 20 days to decide whether to formally charge the couple and bring the case to court. today the final convoy carrying wreckage from downed
11:38 am
malaysia airlines flight mh-17 is traveling from ukraine to amsterdam. the wreckage is being take ton a dutch air base where the investigation will continue. workers in ukraine finished recovering all the wreckage last month, more than four months after flight mh-17 was shot down over rebel-held eastern ukraine. a major milestone in afghanistan as the u.s. and nato close their combat command. it's been 13 years since a u.s.-led coalition invaded afghanistan to target al qaeda and osama bin laden. that was in the wake of the september 11th attacks. today the flag at the command center was lowered to mark the end of deployment there. the commander of nato and u.s. forces say the mission will now transition to a training and support role for afghanistan's own security forces. >> the afghan security forces are very, very capable and i'm proud to have been associated with them for this many years. they have to make some change in leadership which they're doing. they have to hold people
11:39 am
accountable, build on the systems that are very hard for any army. sustainment systems, logistical systems. >> from the start of next year, the coalition will maintain a force of 13,000 troops in afghanistan, down now from a peak of around 140,000 in 2011. today outgoing defense secretary chuck hagel arrived in kuwait. he sat down for a meeting with the prince of kuwait as well as the kuwaiti deputy prime minister and defense minister. hagel talked with the leaders and expressed appreciation for their strategic partnership with the u.s. this trip to kuwait is likely to be one of hagel's last as defense secretary following his resignation last month. and you can see baseball and softball possibly at the 2020 olympics in tokyo. that's because the international olympic committee has approved plans for a more flexible sports program. now, the reform package gets rid of a 28 sports cap for the summer games and moves to an event-based system.
11:40 am
that clears the way for tokyo to add baseball and softball which were dropped after the 2008 games in beijing. the reform package includes improvements to the bidding process and strengthening doping control at the games. rolling stone magazine is once again backpedaling over a story about a college student who said she was gang raped at a fraternity at the university of virginia. on friday "rolling stone" said the magazine would no longer stand behind the story. and now it has clab clarified its apology. they said the staff made mistakes, not the victim. they initially said their trust in the victim was misplaced. they removed that line in the apology as critics said it seemed like the magazine was blaming the victim. septa riders, this next one is for you. passengers will soon be able to use debit cards and cell phones to pay for their rides. transit officials will begin testing a new key payment system later this month. septa hopes the new system will be ready to go in 2015.
11:41 am
it will be a welcome change. septa is among the last major transit agencies in north america still using metal tokens. cloudy and cold right now but we're in for a real mess. i'm tracking a nor'easter that is heading our way. rain for some, snow for others. a lot of wind for everybody. breaking down all the timing coming up next.
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♪ wow something sounds sweet in here!!!! ♪ need a little honey in the bowl. yeah!!! badabopbopbopa!!! no? must be the honey!!!
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a new study suggests people who have surgery to repair a
11:44 am
tear in the meniscus of the knee may be more prone to arthritis. researchers at boston university looked at mri scans of 700 knees. half of those had arthritis. all 31 knees had been operated on to fix men niscle tears developed arthritis within a year. a new study shows 84% of vegetarians in the u.s. eventually go back to eating meat. according to the humane research council, the most common motives for ending a vegetarian diet were social pressure and a lack of community support. 58% of vegetarians said they chose the diet for health reasons while 27% wanted to protect animals. it's been a rough year for retailers that have been hit by data breaches. according to cnbc's courtney reagan, despite security concerns, people are not making drastic changes to their shopping habits. >> reporter: it's been a rough
11:45 am
12 months for retailers when it comes to data breaches. target took the brunt of the hit as it confirmed a massive breach just days before christmas last year and then neiman marcus, michael's, home depot, and staples followed with similar breach confirmations. nunlerrous surveys indicate consumers are concerned but perhaps not enough to stop shopping at a retailer who suffered a breach. >> you think about it but sometimes you go there for the deals. some of them are pretty big ones. it's hard to not shop there. >> reporter: while a survey of more than 5,000 consumers reveals data security is a concern for 76%, more than half still don't let it keep them from shopping a retailer that has experienced a data breach and just a quarter of those say they will use a different form of payment as a result of a breach. >> it was just that fear, the same way with tj maxx a couple years ago, people's cards were
11:46 am
breached, and i remember we had to call the bank and ask for a new card. you see, it's that uneasy feeling that holds a customer back. >> reporter: others just feel safer using cash this christmas. >> we use cash all the time. >> i feel safer when i use cash in store. i'm a college student so i like to use my debit card a lot. >> it does concern me but i haven't switched to cash net, no. >> reporter: so far this season td bank says plastic is the payment of choice. >> credit card transactions are up year-over-year. if you look at the period thursday through cyber monday, the whole period is up. they are spending longer into the season. >> reporter: at least until the next data breach. courtney reagan, cnbc business news. just when you thought all the coin shopping days were over guess what? today is actually green monday, and green monday falls on the second monday in december and has become a popular online
11:47 am
shopping day for last-minute shoppers. last year com score ranked green monday as the third biggest online shopping day of the 2013 holiday season. and a big day today for pitching phenom mo'ne davis. "sports illustrated" for kids will presented mo'ne with the first ever sports kid of the year award at the linc. she will be joined by michael carter williams and skylar digins to help her celebrate the big day. the eagles are focused on a sunday night date with the hated dallas cowboys after the birds' offense went silent against a tough seattle squad yesterday. the eagles kept it close despite the poor production. third quarter mark sanchez finds zach. that's a 35-yard touchdown. eagles were down three at this point but the seahawks answered right back eventually handing the birds a 24-14 loss. the eagle just 139 yards of total offense and that's the fewest in any game chip kelly has coached with the eagles or
11:48 am
even back in his college years. well, not to worry, the big one is still coming up. next week the dallas cowboys come to town for a sunday night showdown. right now the teams are tied atop the nfc east with 9-4 records. it is football night in philly. coverage begins at 7:00. kickoff is at 8:20 and we'll have a live postgame coverage show on nbc 10 that night. now, your nbc 10 first alert weather with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> well, i think the nor'easter will finally be out of here by sunday, but it's going to take quite a while, as a matter of fact just about the entire week. we have a first alert weather day for tonight, tomorrow, wednesday, and possibly even beyond that. very slow moving nor'easter is going to be affecting us for days. some rain capable of producing flooding. strong winds, coastal flooding, and also a change to snow in
11:49 am
parts of the area. flags are blowing. it's starting to blow off the ocean and we already had some coastal flooding this morning, and tomorrow morning's high tide should be even higher, so that flooding should be even more widespread. 31 right now. feels like it's 20. 9 degrees colder than it was at this time yesterday. still in the 20s north and west, and we'll have to keep our eye on those temperatures later tonight as the precipitation moves in. but it is plenty warm at the shore. 44 in stone harbor. some of that warmer air coming in off the ocean, so it's a race between that warmer air and the precipitation. now, you can see the circulation, that storm offshore. it's way offshore, but as we go into later tonight, it looks like it redevelops right off the north carolina coast. you can see the winds coming in off the ocean, and even by tomorrow morning at the high tide time, it's still coming in off the ocean. so i think there's going to be
11:50 am
some real significant flooding here tomorrow morning at the shore. there's also going to be some significant snow in the poconos. 3:00 a.m., tuesday, to 7:00 a.m. wednesday is the current storm warning but i expect that would be extended because the snow threat will continue. coastal flood advisory likely across all of the shore areas. high tides tomorrow, 8:00 to 10:00 a.m., higher than we saw this morning. there's the developing storm way off shore. it's likely to come back in our direction. and we started off the day with a little bit of snow in parts of south jersey and delaware. starting to warm up a little bit, change over to a little rain, a little wintry mix here. the heaviest of the rain occurs from 3:00 tomorrow morning to 3:00 in the afternoon in general and that's when some localized flooding is likely. the highest winds at the shore gusting to 50 miles an hour
11:51 am
possibly. tuesday morning to wednesday evening, although they will shift in direction and the heaviest snow generally starting on wednesday. so early this evening it's dry, but the rain comes up from the south. by tomorrow morning's rush it looks like it should be heavy in parts of the area, and then start to spin around. depending on the track of the storm, you can determine how much rain is going to fall, but i'll give you just a little bit of an idea in just a second and where the snow is likely to be in poconos and areas north and west, but it could potentially start wrapping around the entire area as we go into wednesday or wednesday night. again, depending on the track of the storm. now, computer model rainfall by 7:00 tonight not much at all. by tomorrow morning's rush, that's pretty significant, over an inch of rain in some areas, and by tomorrow night, that's an average of around 2 inches, meaning some places get more
11:52 am
than that and 2 1/2 total from that particular model. cloudy and cold with a light wintry mix south and east. temperatures not going very far today. mid to upper 30s but they're not dropping tonight. holding steady or rising. heavy rain and gusty winds tomorrow. the colder air comes in wednesday, changing rain to snow. rain and snow showers depending how heavy it is. then thursday it's cold enough for snow, and it's cold on friday and windy. maybe the weather will improve by the time the eagles get to play. about eight minutes before noon. we want to update you on that plane crash breaking news that we told you about. it's a twin engine plane that crashed just outside of washington, d.c., in gaithersburg, maryland. here is the crash. you're taking a live look at it. it's about -- the screen of the crash is about a mile north of a small municipal airport called montgomery county air park. we're told the plane was approaching the runway this morning when the crash took
11:53 am
place. authorities say the plane itself appears to be a six or ten-seater or up to ten people in that plane possibly. although we don't know how many people were in the plane. they say it crashed into one home setting it and then two other homes on fire. we're told crews are there and they have the fire under control but they're conducting a search and rescue operation right now to find if anyone in those three homes that the plane hit are there or if there are any victims or anyone that was on the plane. the plane is a registered to a sage aviation that's out of chapel hill, north carolina. as we get more information, we'll bring it to you. we'll be right back.
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coming up this afternoon starting at 3:00, ellen is all new with amy poehler. then it's nbc 10 news at 4:00. this afternoon the check is in the mail. today the $1,000 payment that's coming for hundreds of local homeowners and why that amount will only cover a small fraction of their pain. this afternoon on nbc 10 news at 4:00. a quick check of the weather? the slow moving nor'easter, it will be cold this week feeling more like january and we're having mainly rain, could change to snow at the end but a lot of wind. >> thanks, glenn. thanks for watching nbc 10 at
11:57 am
11:00. from all of us at nbc 10, have a great day.
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>> kelly: did you really think we wouldn't find you? game over. >> serena: excuse me, the woman who's just leaving, is that dr. marlena evans? >> maxine: uh-huh. that's dr. evans. you know her? >> serena: from a long time ago. god, she hasn't aged a day. >> maxine: how do you know her? >> serena: we only met once, actually. >> maxine: at a medical conference? [phone rings] oh. sorry, gotta go.


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