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tv   NBC 10 News at 4pm  NBC  December 10, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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cydney long is live outside the mall. >> reporte >> the suspect still on the loo loose? >> reporter: that's right. they consider his actions bold but well thought out, viking just before the mall closed and they are thankful that no one was hurt. still images from the macy's mall parking lot surveillance camera capture the white four door car speeding off. police tell nbc 10 a masked suspect also wearing gloves forced a female macy's employee at gunpoint to empty her register. it was 9:40 monday night. >> very scary. >> probably young girl, college, high school, trying to make a little extra money in the holidays. a shame. >> reporter: police say the employee did what the man asked. he got away with 1193 bucks in cash in less than a minute. the crime itself captured on video that police are still
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reviewing. some customers witnessed the holdup. >> a little bit panicked. but, i mean, what can you do. >> reporter: she shops here all 9 ti the time. >> you can't live in fear. so i accept the fact that it happened. sad to hear that it happened. and especially because of the season and what it stands for. >> reporter: police have added patrols, two extra on week nights and four on the weekends from black friday through to the new year. >> look around all the time. that's all. good lighting in the parkingu(b lot. never had any issues. >> reporter: mall management told me this type of occurrence is extremely rare. they can't recall a crime of this magnitude in recent history and that the safety of both their customers and employees is top priority. of course they are working closely with law enforcement, they also want to remind all their customers that anyone,
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employees, shopper, retailers can be escorted to their vehic&b by security day or night. cydney long, nbc 10 news. happening now, medical students across philadelphia are staging a protest in their white coats. >> they are joining a growing nationwide chorus of people demonstrating after the death of two unarmed black men at the hands of white police officers. randy gyllenhaal live this afternoon. >> and these demonstrations aren't just recommendationed to what happened in ferguson and new york city. >> reporter: they say the movement is focusing on systemic racial inequality, not just the brown and garner cases. medical students blocking this intersection to raise awareness about what they say is racial inequality in the nation's health care system. you've seen these protests at high schools, at city hall, even and now medical students at
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philadelphia's premiere universities staged their own "die-in" lying in the middle of this intersection wearing their white lab coats. >> we get exposed to social injustices all the time. >> reporter: they're upset about white cops killing unarmed black men. >> clearly there are issues in all of these cases. i don'txqev think it's our case assign blame, but it speaks to the greater societal issues that are at play with race relations in our country. >> reporter: these future doctors and nurses say they, too, see racial injustice every day in the emergency room and physician's office. it's not always obvious, but they say it's deeply engrained in this country's health care system. >> racial biases within medicine are significant, health care is probably one of the major ones. people of color on which have less access to health insurance than people who are white. a major impact not only here in philadelphia, but across the nation. >> as doctors, we are responsible for empowering those disempowered and make sure they
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have a voice. >> reporter: protesters also say income inequality is a similar issue they face within the health care industry. they say it goes hand-in-hand. meanwhile similar protests at tam spell university and thomas jefferson and as well as med schools all across the country. randy gyllenhaal, nbc 10 news. developing news concerning bill cosby now. a com who being woman has filed a defamation lawsuit against him today. she appeareded in a video about an hour ago go as her lawyers announced the details. green says cosby drug and raped her when she was an aspiring model. she first came board with her story in 2005. the suit she filed today alleges cosby publicly branded her a liar when his lawyer called her claim absolutely false. green says she looks forward to hearing from cosby. >> bill cosby will also have his day in court.
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he will come to court. he will 5/speak. he will be heard. and he will have his day in court to defend himself. and i look forward to that event. >> cosby has never been charged in connection with any sexual assault allegations. new video in where crews are back on the water searching for missing college student shane montgomery. the fbi tells us they received a new clue that led to today's activity near the man young canal. tonight the reward is up to $635,000 to find shane manry. he vanished early thanksgiving morning. flyers have been hanging for merely two weeks now. shane is a senior at westchester
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university. police are looking for a shooter who left a plan in the street. someone discovered his body just after 7:00 this morning. the man had been shot once in the back of the head. a woman told police a man sexually assaulted her and robbed her monday night. the attack happened as woman was walking along 47th street. the victim told police she the man grabbed her from behind, forpsed her to the ground, physically and sexually assaulted her and toog hk her pe and ran. he has a heavy build. the man accused of kidnapping a fill woman won't face charges for abduction in have a virginia at least for th. investigators accused delvin barnes. they dropped charges as a procedural move so the feds can now move forward with their case. prosecutors can decide to refile the charges in the future.
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investigators in virginia say barnes hit the teen in the head where a shovel, forced her in the trunk, raped her and then poured gasoline on her and set her on fire. the victim was able to escape two days later. barnes returned to philadelphia and allegedly kidnapped carlesha from a germantown street. police tracked down barnes and the victim in maryland. barnes could face life in prison in that case. switching gears now, pennsylvania governor tom corbett ordered flags to be lowered to half-staff at the state capitol and in philadelphia to honor the first female philadelphia firefighter to die in the line of duty. 36-year-old joyce craig lewis died battling a fire yesterday in west oak lane. lu ann cahn is live on the scene of that fire. and you've been learning more about what actually happened inside that house. >> reporter: investigators are here at this moment still trying to figure that out. i can tell you at this hour we still do not know the cause of
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death. we still do not know the cause of the fire. and there are still questions about where joyce craig liewiie was found unconscious. someone left bright red flowers in front of the row home where joyce craig lieu ewis lost her . three firefighters went in, the 36-year-old did not come out. today we were able to listen to the early tuesday morning fire radio reporting, an alert that craig lewis pressed her emergency button. >> emergency activation in the basement. >> reporter: but fire union president says he's talked to firefighters on the scene who say that's not where they found craig lewis. >> we've been told she was found on the first floor. but again, i can't say if they were in the basement and then came back up or if they were on the first floor the entire time. i think that's something that will come out in the investigation. >> reporter: she made a mayday call for help. we've not heard that recording
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yet. did she run out of oxygen, did she get disoriented by smoke. did she get hooked on something. when did firefighters realize she didn't come out with the others. all questions federal and local investigators will piece together. this afternoon, they were looking for evidence of what happened in the rubble while others will interviewj!ó firefighters to put together a time line. >> our hearts are filled with grief. >> reporter: one thing is clear, the 11 year veteran was considered one of their best and bravest. in 2006, the union said she suffered third degree burns on her electric requiring skin grafts and long recovery, an injury that would have kept? other firefighters from ever coming back to the job. >> shows the character that joyce had. she wanted to be a fireman. will not comment on where firefighter joyce craig lewis was found in the house. we're told it may be days or weeks before we have more answers. live in the west oak lane section of philadelphia, lu ann
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cahn, nbc 10 news. >> local be two viewings for firefighter joyce craig lewis friday night. and saturday morning at bachelor brothers funeral services on north broad street in north philadelphia, her funeral will be held at the same location. they are mopping up a big mess in kensington this afternoon after a water main broke open spilling water all over germantown avenue. look at this mess. this is just moments after it happened. doug shy male imell is on the s. >> do utility knows the cause? >> reporter: it's pretty much looking at the ancient water main and apparently the repairs will take a lot longer than anybody thought at the beginning of the day. and that will compound the frustration in a neighborhood that says this project has gone on way too long. >> seeing all this water just
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coming down the street from both angles. >> reporter: water flowed down south 4th as residents went to work away 8:30. >> it was coming really fast. i couldn't cross the street. it was on the sidewalk, water, dirting everything. >> reporter: the philadelphia water department says a 20 inch cast iron water main dating bag to 1893 had ruptured. >> the street is like sinking in. it's caving in. so it's bad out here. all nasty, muddy. >> reporter: they evacuated a daycare at jefferson and germantown while the water department shutñi off the wate started a cleanup and sent claims adjustors in tolts ken zipg ton neighborhood. sgr they will be visiting properties in the area, they will go door it door, see if anyone has any water in their cell cellars. >> reporter: residents said the street had been torn up for months. >> i asked a couple questions to
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the guys, but no one had any answers. they were all independent contractors apparently. so no one knew who was in charge or who was behindx$ the whole thing. >> reporter: many of the neighbors say the biggest question is what caused the break of this ancient cast iron water main. was it the weather or the contractors work i7ixzthis ? we look into that coming up. doug shimell, nbc 10 news. a pair of suspects made off with passports and nearly $7,000 from a robbery in northeast philadelphia. police say the victim was carrying a bag with the money and i.d.s on large street early this morning. two people meld the mheld the m gunpoint. he was headed back to china for a funeral. police arrested 44 people allegedly connected to a drug trafficking network in new castle county. investigators have been following the two alleged ring
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leaders for the past year. police served more than a dozen search warrants and rounded up a pound of heroin and more than five pounds of marijuana. >> also send as strong message to the drug trafficking organizations and gangs to continue to pedal hatheir poiso know all the agencies here will bring to bear every tool and resource we have to arrest them and bring them to justice. >> both alleged ring leaders are facing dozens of charges and are being held on more than $1 million cash bail. strong reaction today over a news week article that paints a grim picture of delaware's biggest city. the news week story published online yesterday dubbed wilmington murder town usa. the article focuses on what it calls a playing of violent crime in that city. the author describes her trip to wilmington, she says four teens were shot during her four days in the city. the author also notes how the fbi ranks wilmington as the third most violent city of its
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size and fifth when compared to all big cities up from eight just a few years ago. but neighbors and city leaders say the author only focused on a small pocket of the city leaving out everything that is good about wilmington. we reached out to will minute ton mayor williams, his office sent us a statement which reads to refer to wilmington as murder town is grossly inaccurate characterization that severely misrepresents the many good natured residents within our community. the snow continues to come down in upstate new york. several inches on the ground, but not enough for this guy in short sleeves. some parts of the catskills up will had well over a foot of snow. it's a combination of the
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nor'easter and lake effect. our though showers are related to that nor'easter, too. the snow showers continue across our area.showers are related to that nor'easter, too. the snow showers continue across our area. it's very windy. gusts up to 40 miles per hour. and we'll also talk about the eagles forecast. see if the nor'easter is out of here by the weekend. camera is shaking. it's 40 degrees. temperature has dropped a little bit. but nowhere near the freezing mark. 28-mile-an-hour sustained wind, gusting to 35. right now, four degrees colder than it was at this time yesterday. the center of the nor'easter just off the new england coast. still spinning around there. covering a huge area. and there is that flow. we have a little bit of lake effect coming down here, so it adds to some of those snow showers around pennsylvania and new york right now and certainly the nor'easter's responsible for all that wind. take a look at these
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temperatures. it's right near the freezing point in quakertown, they have been getting snow for the last couple hours at least. pottstown, 36. doylestown, 34. so roads are okay now, but later tonight as temperatures drop and we still get more snow shower, there may be slick spots especially in northern suburbs that see more hours of the snow. well into the 40s further to the south. take a look at some of the current wind gusts. 35 miles an hour in philly and wilmington, 36 in mount pocono, gusts to 40 miles per hour in some areas. and the windchills are in the 20s across most of the area. getting close to the teens at al when town. there is the live radar showing the snow up to the north. for the most part, everything is coming from mort to south around that gigantic storm. we have some of it in berks county, chester county, but the more serious snow is up in the poconos.
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winter weather advisory continues up there for tonight with temperatures lower and more snow, that's where the driving will be difficult. windky a ky and cold tonight. 30 for a low in the city. 36 north and west. watch out for a few slick spots later. windy and cold with scattered snow shower tomorrow. highs only in the upper 30s and still pretty windy. highs on" in the upper 30s and degrees. still cold on saturday, but it war warms up just in time for the eagles game on sunday. 50 degrees for the afternoon. but by the time you're playing sunday night, temperatures will be dropping into the 30s. and then it's a little bit milder early next week. today the sounds of the season. >> nbc 10 and more fm are teaming up to share the finalists of the local christmas choir competition. listen into the third place winners for the kindergarten through eighth grade division.
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>> the 7th heaven choir of hal r haverford middle school. ♪ ♪ children sleeping, snow softly falli falling, dreams are calling ♪ ♪ bells in the distance ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪
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congratulationszjob to 7th heaven. new at 5:00, we'll take you behind the scenes and what it takes to create that winning sound. this is the newest version of the 100. >> counterfeit money at one of our area's largest malls. the's secret service is warning you to be on alert. how to make sure fake cash doesn't end up in your wallet, coming up. the holiday season is here,
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lights out in toms river ocean county last night. police say a woman from pennsylvania was drunk when she crashed her suv causing several power outansweoutages. is victoria ventura slammed into a pole and pontoon boat. police say ventusve ventura's b alcohol was tree timhree times legal limit. water street was closed while utility crews replaced the pole and wires. new jersey vetters wa voter see a new tunnel, but they didn't want to pay for it. a new poll asked more than 1300 voters about the idea of hiking the gasoline tax to finance transit improvements. 58% opposed the idea, but 53% want transportation improveme s
4:25 pm
improvements. new jersey's transportation trust fund is on the verge of bankruptcy. lawmakers have been meet to ing find a solution. as for gas prices, they're falling. in philadelphia, you'll pay an average of $2.85 a gallon. south jersey, $2.55. and delaware is at $2.71. turning to this now, a stickup at the lingerie department. >> just one of the top stories we're following. a masked gunman got away with nearly $1200 during a holdup at a cash register sunday night inside macy's. no one was hurt, but that suspect got away. counter fit money at one of our area's largest malls. now the secret service is warning you you to be on alert. how to make sure fake cash doesn't he said up in your wallet. and is this a live picture
4:26 pm
of the snow falling in rochester, new york. there have been lots of places with over 6 inches of snow. we're getting some of the snow showers, the same nor'easter that affected us yesterday hitting new york and new england today and it's not done with us yet. we'll let you know how long it will last.
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nbc 10 first alert weather watching the skies for show showers. we've seen them in the pocono, but that's not et's not the onl. some may be falling outside your
4:30 pm
door. >> glenn "hurricane" schwartz is back to tell us when we can expect to see the snow. do you expect any accumulation? >> well, not on the roads. about the only place i would expect some accumulation is in the poconos. here is the another view in camel back. there. so it's obviously not enough snow to totally cover the ground in that particular spot. we see the nor'easter still affecting new england and the circulation around it is bringing some of that snow down here. it's a direct tie-in and you don't have to stretch to say, yes, eats part of the nor'easter. and you can see the direction that the snow is coming down from the poconos. burkes count i getting a fair amount and lehigh valley, visibilities down in both places. so could be a little bit of accumulation on the grass, but still above freezing there and that will be of course the key for tonight. there it is above freegz. it will drop below freezing. so some slick spots in that area at least overnight tonight. more snow showers from this same
4:31 pm
storm coming tomorrow. more on that with the seven day in a few minutes. funeral argume arrangements set for joyce craig lewis. she died battling a house fire. viewings are friday night and saturday morning rn, she will b laid to rest saturday. >> some women don't get paid for it. deanna, you talked to some women who are now some n. something that used to be a male only line of work. rrl >> reporter: yes, this is a male dominated field and in the philadelphia suburbs, a large number of firefighters are volunteer, very few paid full-time employees. and fewer are paid full-time female employees of the fire department.
4:32 pm
>> it's not something that every little girl wants to grow up and ride a fire truck tomorrow. >> reporter: she began running with the volunteer fire company when she was 16. >> my father was a police officer. so he was supportive of it. my mom had i'm sure heart palpitations. >> reporter: now as a mom, she says tragic events like the loss of joyce craig lewis is a reminder did have how quickly lives can be lost. >> i can't guarantee that every day i go to work that something will not happen, but i will do everything in it my power to make sure that i come home safe. there are days when it's the triumph gets you past the what ifs. so that it gets you over the hump of the fear of what may happen because you know you're
4:33 pm
helping somebody. >> reporter: those we talked to say fires like the one yesterday are the most dangerous to fight and there are a number of firefighters again here in the philadelphia suburbs that don't get paid at all. coming up at 5:30, we'll talk to a female volunteer firefighter and get her perspective. new information now on the shooting that critically injured rapper bernie seigel. it says it doesn't appear he was the intended target, but they can't say 100% that he was not the target. police say the gunman fired at the house of his brother-in-law who was allegedly refusing to cooperate with investigators. police say the brother-in-law is not a suspect. the 40-year-old rapper was spending his last day of home confine him at his brother in you what's house.
4:34 pm
he got out of pennsylvania prison in august after serving two years for tax evasion. authorities are trying to figure out who dumped two dead c donkeys on the road. they appear to have been intentionally shot. a university of delaware student screams for help scared away two men that tried to rob her. two men approached the student just after 11:00 last knight. the suspect punched the student in the face and knocked her to the ground. the two men tried to rob the woman, but she screamed. so the suspects took off with nothing. bruises, but did not need medical treatment. stabbing on campus. philadelphia police are investigating a fight over a girl that they say set off the attack at drexel university. university officials say five opportunities were involved in the fight. one stabbed another student in the group.
4:35 pm
university spokeswoman says the perpetrator was 3450edly apprehended by drexel police. the injured student was transported to the hospital of the university of pennsylvania where he was treated and released. governor christie's approval rating continues to hover at a three year low. 48% of new jersey voters approve of the job christie is going while nearly as many 47% disapprove. the governor received a negative grade when it cams to the economy, jobs and education. the numbers slump comes a year after the governor's big victory to a second term. christie took a hit in the polls following the fallout of the george washington bridge lane closure controversy. a new report that state lawmakers found no evidence the governor played a role in the jersey jam scheme. a mail man committing a no-no with a package filled with electronics to one grandmother's
4:36 pm
home. >> the video of his unconventional video. but first, here's what we're working on you at 5:00. a philadelphia home burglarized and it's all caught on camera. new at 5:00, how police are using this footage to track him down. plus an suv crashes into a pennsylvania school. we're finding out what happened behind the wheel.
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a holiday sgrinch staked out her location to steal a package from a porch in lower kensington. take a look. you can see the woman casually sitting down on the steps at the north fifth street house and then snatches what police say is a package of clothes. gets up and walks off. another less than gentle delivery caught on camera. that a look. this video shows a postal worker on his cell phone walking up to the home. he just tosses the package on to the porch. homeowners said the thud of the package alerted will her to the delivery. the homeowner didn't want to go on camera, but said her postal carrier could have been more careful. >> i don't think it would with v. taken much longer just to
4:40 pm
walk a few more step. >> reporter: the homeowner says postal workers should treat all packages as if they were open. the package contained electronic gifts for the children. he's one of the richest people in the world. >> and he made an appearance in a local classroom today. nbc 10 takes you there. also, bogus bills. counter fit oig currency circulating around our region and how some people are using bleach to pass the fake money. and don't be surprised to see some snow falling from the sky tonight. even into tomorrow. we'll let you know if it will amount to anything. has helped thousands of people let go of all the hassle that comes with selling or trading in. we make selling your car, truck or suv, fast, safe and fair with three simple steps: one -- get your free online valuation. two -- drive to your local car-buying center. three -- walk out with a check in as little as thirty minutes.
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federal investigators are still looking for clues in to the cause off the deadly plane crash that slammed in to a
4:44 pm
neighborhood killing three on board and three inside the home. the three in the home include marie gemmell who was trying to protect her two young sons. they all died. as we reported, marie was from ocean county. >> thousand back here at home, tren tre friends are working to help gemmell's husband and daughter. ted greenberg spoke to some of those friends who are how taking action. >> she is a good soul. >> reporter: in the jersey shore community, broken hearts. >> it's devastating. >> reporter: and an overwhelming will to help the husband and daughter she left behind. >> she's the first one to reach out if anyone had any issue going on in their life. >> reporter: the brick township native and her two sons 3-year-old cole and 7 week old devon lost their lives monday morning when a private jet crashed into their gaithersburg maryland home and sparked a
4:45 pm
fire. three people on the plane were also killed. >> it's so tragic and surprising that a lot of us still can't even believe that this is happen. >> reporter: but in grief, gemle's friends have come]r together to collect gift cards and raise money for herawvy hu and daughter. thets w >> they have nothing. they lost their home, they need clothes, toy, fun chur. >> reporter: a benefit is set for friday night. and as of this afternoon, and online donation drive organized by a maryland waitress who often served the family had generated more than $343,000. >> it gives me chills right now to think about how many people have donated. >> reporter: gemmell and her husband met as college
4:46 pm
sweethea sweethearts. organizers are calling friday night's fund raiser here a toast to marie. in brick township, i'm ted greenberg, nbc 10 news. the wind has been blowing today. stronger than yesterday. and that wind goes from the carolinas up into canada. it's also bringing in snow showers. they will be around tomorrow, as well. the wind and the cold combining to put windchills in the 20s in some areas right now. and the eagles won't be quite so cold or so windy by sunday. the flags are blowing hard. they have been that way all day. we've been seeing gusts up near 40. right now the temperature is 40. 28-mile-an-hour wind. gusts to 35. feels like 29 in philadelphia
4:47 pm
even with that 40 degree temperature. we had snow at 42 earlier. it's now down to 32 with snow in allentown. so again, we may see some slick spots in some of those areas with the snow showers continuing during the night tonight. it's not nearly at cold to the south, but 39 in it atlantic city. wind gusts 20 to 35 miles per hour right now. we have seen some gusts up as high as 40 across the area. looks like most of the snow is north as expected. a few sprinkles in southern sections. but the snow that was in the poconos moved through the lehigh valley, burkes county, and how some of[o it down into the northern and western portions of chester county. some fairly significant snow there, too. especially higher elevations could be getting accumulating a little about the on grassy surfaces. but the may have bein accumulat the poconos. the visibility gives us an idea
4:48 pm
of how heavy the snow is. three quarters visibility in allentown is pretty significant. reading three miles. other places really not much of a restriction at all. meaning just very, very light flurries. and we'll be seeing some of those flurries or snow showers, not only through the night tonight, but into tomorrow, too. and every once in a while, you see is it coming down toward southeastern pennsylvania. eagles game, no snow flurries around then, no strong winds. dry weather. seasonably chilly by the fourth quarter, 36 degrees. of course by the fourth quarter, it's midnight, so it should be fairly cold in december. for tonight, we have wind. still 15 to 25. and some snow showers. a few slick spots especially in northern sections where temperature will drop sooner. windy and cold tomorrow.
4:49 pm
highs only in the upper 30s. then on friday, still breezy. but not quite as windy as tomorrow. and then saturday, still pretty cold. we finally get less cold on sunday and we have above average temperatures early next week. so imagine this. a conversation in the classroom with that man, bill gates spoke live via video chat with some very lucky sixth grade science students in new castle. the student's teacher registered her class to participate in a computer science project through a nonprofit. registering that class also entered them to win a live chat with an expert. >> the kids have been doing a lot of research about him, getting reallyss hyped up about it. so they're also very excited. and to be able to speak with one of the most influential people. >>m5gsf pretty good expert.
4:50 pm
she said she was motivated to get her students more engaged in computer science because she wants them to learn 21st century skills that can then them be successful in our modern worlds. >> got to love that. >> what a person to talk to. p. today counterfeit concerns. >> the funny money float being around our region and why investigators are green with frustration over the techniques the bad guys are you now using to fool the rest of us. and all new tonight at 5:00, in need of cold or flu relief? antibiotics. why your doctor may be unwilling to write you a prescription.
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some funny money has made it into circulation. >> counterfeit cash is changing
4:54 pm
hands at shopping centers. maryann connor is live in center city. >> seem like the bad guys have managed toçg%r outsmart a lot o people. >> reporter: you're right. in fact just last month, there was an incident at the king of prussia mall. police tell me somebody made a purchase at the louie vuitton information using more than a dozen $100 bills, all fake. here at the christmas village in center city, there haven't been any reports of counterfeit money being passed along, but because shoppers here often use cash, vendors are on alert. >> sometimes you don't know until you take to the bank, but so far nothing. >> reporter: shoppers can paywo cash or credit at paula's booth at the christmas village. like other vendors mere in ther watches for counterfeit bill. >> i have gotten it together. in new york, i got a $100 bill
4:55 pm
that looked pretty real to me and country know until i went to the bank and they actually had two officers come to my house just to check it out to make sure i wasn't making them. >> you you should see two benjamin franklin, but i have a ben franklin and abe lincoln. >> reporter: counterfeiters will bleach $5 bills to look like hundreds. while the fake stuff accounts for less than 1% of the money currently in circulation in the u.s., special agent beach says the holiday shopping season provides crooks with more opportunity checking that the water mark matches the portraits for example is key to avoid getting scammed. >> i'm very aware of it and where i work, we have to scan all our money markers and make sure everything is real because a lot of counterfeit money going around. >> reporter: shoppers like tammy say they're on alert especially during the holidays and instead
4:56 pm
use deb bit and credit. >> i usually keep everything on my cards. i don't deal with cash around this time. i'm from new york the land of the pick pocketers. so i'm a card person. >> reporter: of course secret service wants people to also be aware of credit card theft this time of year. coming up at 5:30, we'll show you the difference between a real and fake $100 bill, how you can spot the difference. rosemary connors, nbc 10 news. >> windy out there. thank you. nbc 10 news at 5:00 is left. >> and all new, the ultimate violation is caught on tape. the guy seen in this home video doesn't live here and he's no friend of the people who do. now the search is on for a fast moving burglar. and we have snow showers for parts of the area. so coming up, we'll talk about who can expect more snow as we go through tonight and you how the weekend is looking. that's straight ahead. and a pennsylvania school is damaged in a bizarre crash.
4:57 pm
an suv blew right through thep, wall.p how it happened and how it changed the school kday for student.
4:58 pm
4:59 pm
are passing through parts of the nbc 10 viewing area. the light snow is also part of the nor'easter that caused flooding rain yesterday. >> sheena parveen is here. and it's not just the poconos
5:00 pm
seeing snow. >> we have areas north and west of philadelphia, our suburbs seeing some snow. but the poconos have seen it the majority of the day. here is a live look. there you can see the snow still falling. it is on the lighter side. but we still do expect it as we go through this evening. now here is a look at the radar. snow still falling here. pretty hard to accumulate especially on paved surfaces through the lehigh valley. grassy accumulations are possible. snow flurries around the i-95 corridor. you can see still snow from the north. so still a chance of snow showers later on this evening. coming up, i'll show who you can expect those and how dry the weather may be going into the weekend. well, the hustle and bus sell of the holiday seasoned isly turned violent. >> shoppers watched as a man pulled out a gun right inside the macy's store.


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