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tv   NBC 10 News at 5pm  NBC  December 10, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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seeing snow. >> we have areas north and west of philadelphia, our suburbs seeing some snow. but the poconos have seen it the majority of the day. here is a live look. there you can see the snow still falling. it is on the lighter side. but we still do expect it as we go through this evening. now here is a look at the radar. snow still falling here. pretty hard to accumulate especially on paved surfaces through the lehigh valley. grassy accumulations are possible. snow flurries around the i-95 corridor. you can see still snow from the north. so still a chance of snow showers later on this evening. coming up, i'll show who you can expect those and how dry the weather may be going into the weekend. well, the hustle and bus sell of the holiday seasoned isly turned violent. >> shoppers watched as a man pulled out a gun right inside the macy's store.
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cydney long joins us with more. >> reporter: i can tell you it was a female employee inside the lingerie department at macy's that was victimized. handing over a huge amount of cash to the man who was holding gun. it happened monday night just before 10:00 just the as the mall was closing. now police are working with two pieces of video to determine who he is. >> i make sure i have everything secure and i make sure my mom is okay because i travel a lot with her. so you have to be very careful. >> reporter: shoppers in and around the mall. >> i'm always alert. i pay attention to everything. >> reporter: are paying close attention to their surroundings after police say an armed suspect wearing a face mask and dark governoloves forced a fee empl female employee to empty her register. police gave nbc 10 these photos of the suspect speeding off.
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>> that's the world we live in now. >> reporter: police routinely step up mall patrols around the holiday shopping season, but the crime unfolded according02 to utáhr' a matter of minutes. the employee wasn't injured. the mall tells me the safety of guests and retailers is a top priority. they're working closely with law cri. security officers are also available to walk shoppers or employees to their cars day and night. >> should let people know. this is not social media to feel safe. >> reporter: morgan smith says she won't live in fear or change her holiday shopping habits. >> it's unfair to those of us who have to work if a living. it's unfair to those of us who come out here and need to feel that sense of security. >> reporter: police at this point say it is unclear if this robbery suspect had an accomplice or not. they will let you know when and if they can release anymore images. in the meantime, if nip has any
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information, should you contact police. cydney long, nbc 10 news. we're following developing news concerning bill cosby. >> the woman who accused the comedian of sexually assaulting her in the '70s filed a defamation lawsuit today. >> the woman who filed the suit says bill cosby drugged and raped her when she was an aspiring model and sinkgesinger. her name is tamara green. green first came forward with her story in 2005 p she appeared on the "today" show and did an interview with the philadelphia quier. the suit she filed today alleges that cosby publicly branded her a liar afterward when his lawyer called her claims absolutely false. green says she looked forward to clearing her name while hearing from cosby. >> this will give us a chance to go to a forum where we will
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speak our stories and tell our truth and the most important thing is that bill cosby will be required to appear in court and to speak and he will finally be heard. that's what i hope to accomplish. >> through his representative, bill cosby has denied renewed allegations by women. and it's important to note cosby has never been charged in connection with any sexual assault allegations. re renee chenault fattah, nbc 10 news. and now the investigation into the first female firefighter to die while fighting a fire. joyce lewis died in a row home. she was one of the first to go into the home to fight a basement fire. nbc 10 news was able to listen to fire radio recordings indicating craig lewis pressed her emergency button. a call went out that a firefighter was trapped in the
5:05 pm union president says that's not where craig lewis was found. >> we've been told that she was in fact found on the first floor. but again, i can't say if they were in the basement and then came back up or if it they were on the first floor the entire time. i think that's something that will come out in the investigation. >> craig lewis was an 11 year veteran. she was the mother to a 16 month old girl and a 16-year-old boy. there will be two viewings friday night and then saturday morning at bachelor brothers funeral services on north broad street. her funeral will be held saturday morning at the same location. new information now on the search for missing college student shane montgomery. crews are back to the water today looking for shane. the fbi tells us it received a new clue that led to today's activity near the manayunk canal. agents haven't said what the clue is. shane montgomery vanished early thanksgiving morning after leaving kill dare's pub.
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tonight the reward is up to $65,000 to find shane.dare's pu. tonight the reward is up to $65,000 to find shane. people are drying out and cleaning up in kensington. >> this video shows the reason. tore represe water just streaming down the streets. doug shimell is there. and neighbors say it's just the latest in a long line of water issues they have suffered through for months now. >> reporter: exactly. and now we find out late this afternoon that this stretch of roadway in their neighborhood going to be closed now for several days. crews covering up what we believe to be old sections of steel i beam, the old trolley traction. and of course neighbors say after all they have been trying to get from the contractors out here since summertime, they want to know was the failure cold weather or the contractors. once again, the street in front of their row homes was ripped
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open. >> this has been going on if a couple months already. they just keep miss messing up the street and leaving it like that. >> reporter: philadelphia's water department says a 20 inch 1893 cast ifron main ruptured where a contractor had been replacing smaller mains over the summer. >> i asked a couple questions but nobody had any answers. they were all independent contractors so no one knew who was behind will the whole thing. >> reporter: the resulting flood forced an evacuation as a daycare. and it compounded anger in the neighborhood over what they feel was an endless project that ended up like this. >> a lot of frustration. >> reporter: the philadelphia water department says the contractors had finished their work this august and were repaving streets. and the utility claims the contractor is not at fault. if it's not related to the contractor's work, are we looking at cold weather on an
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old cast iron main? >> weather may have played a factor. age may have played a factor. at this point, we can't determine that. we just know it's not related to the contractor's work. >> reporter: and we are heading in to that time of year according to the water department where we will see weather taking a toll on these older cast iron water mains and the water department says they were very lucky that the case of a failure of this one, very little flooding down in the 1400, a 00 block of germantown. they're asking any residents who have damage please call the water department. doug shimell, nbc 10 news.?d% from our delaware bureau, students at concord christian academy were busy today. nbc 10 was there as students packed up more than 10,000 meals for children in haiti still recovering from that devastating 2010 earthquake. the feed the need project helps to raise much needed money for the school itself. these children raised more than $25,000 in just a few weeks with more to come.
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a big honor today for two local men who protected america's coastlines during world war ii. they were awarded the congressional gold medal, the highest civilian honor given by congress. harry mutter and salvadore castro were part of the civil air patrol. they helped protect the u.s. homeland and oil tankers from german u boat attacks. harry mutter tells us this award means a lot to him. in we get together at air show, they're always wearing their congressional gold medals. they didn't know next year when i see them i'm going to have my congressional gold medal. so we'll have a great time at the air shows talking about our past histories. >> the civil air patrol was draeted six days before pearl harbor. it included men, women, teens and the future tuskegee air men. an uninvited guest caught on tape inside a house if this
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philadelphia. he wasn't there long, but it didn't matter. what this guy is accused of stealing. and are you stick with a cold or the flu? why your doctor may be unwilling to give you antibiotics. plus miracle at sea. >> mayday. mayday. anybody picking will this up? >> the distress call that crews weren't expecting to hear after a boater was lost at sea for 12 days.
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a new personal conduct policy for the nfl and it dout to effect immediately. owners unanimously approved the new policy. it came after a string of deaf cases. many involving star places. there have been months of questions about the league standing on abuse.g >>s policy is comprehensive, it is strong, it is tough. and it is better for every soefshl associated with the nfl about. >> it walls for a baseline suspension for six games without pay for violations involving assault, battery, domestic violence, child abuse, other forms of violence. additional violations can result in banishment from the league.
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the new plan calls for stepped up counseling and suit. there also a special conduct committee which will consult with outside experts to review and alter the policy when necessary. detroit back in business. it is emerging there bankruptcy. today detroit implemented a budget for the next two years. city leaders say it eliminates about $7 billion in debt. nobel peace prize co-winners received their prizes today. they were he is cescorted in os town hall. both were activists for kids' rights. malala also died for fighting for the rights of girls to receive an education in pakistan. you might remember this, too. she also received the liberty medal at the constitution center in october of a.
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at just 17, she's the youngest nob nobel lore i can't tell. she says she'll use the $100,000 reward money to help educate children in pakistan.i can't te. she says she'll use the $100,000 reward money to help educate children in pakistan. >> a boater lost at sea for nearly into weeks is back on solid ground. ron abraham was sale to iling t hawaii. he radioed his boat was taking on water. a 12,000 square mile search found nothing. the coast guard called off the search. and "j@n tweflg da12 days rate,e suddenly surface order radar. he was 64 miles south . >> 12 day, man. he's a champ. he's tough. >> that was his son. 67-year-old is an experienced
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fisherman, the coast guard says he was hungry and tlirsity when t thirsty, but otherwise doing okay. we have snow showers across the area. and as we go into the rest of day, we'll continue with those snow showers. if we can switch computers, we can see them streaming in. showers across the poe know, co lehigh valley. and we're really starting to see the back end of the system. we do have them across the area. it will stay in the forecast for the rest of the afternoon and evening. but it will be colder as we go through tonight. temperatures dropping down colder than last night. so we could potentially have some icy spots on untreated
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roadways. something to be cautious of. as we go into the weekend, we're looking at driver conditions, so great for the eagles game. here is a live look in the near. they have been seeing a pretty steady snowfall. mostly on the lighter side. temperature right now mid-20s. fee,1=)jut like 12 degrees because it's still windy outside. only a mile visibility there. north and west, temperatures mid to low 30s. 34 pottstown, 35 westchester, upper 30s in philadelphia. so temperatures will continue to drop. 40 in millville, 44 in dover. so it will be colder tonight than it was last night. the snow showers moving in, lehigh valley, poconos, this is where we have most of the snow shower activity.
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some of the suburbs north aptd west of philadelphia, very light snow showers or flurries. even across i-95 corridor. all part of the same nor'easter slowly moving up the coastline. this is where we get the colder air and the snow coming down. but the winds are still up. they're gusting near 40 miles an hour in philadelphia. through the rest of the area, around 25 to 30 miles an hour. so it will stay windy as we go through the rest of the evening. future west tonight, still snow showers in the forecast areas north and west even closer to the philadelphia reecgion. tomorrow, we stay cold in the morning and a chance of a few showers. so even through the day tomorrow, it will be cold, but the snow showers will still be at least through parts of the area. for tonight, windy and cold, snow showers around. around 30 for a low in philly. mid-20s north and west. tomorrow windy and cold with scattered snow showers.
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maybe not everybody, but we'll see them around the area. temperatures upper 30s. friday, breezy and cold, we start to dry. going into the weekend, would he d we're drier. eagles game looks good. millions listen to them sing the songs and then vote for their favorites. >> it's not "the voice". this this is the more fm christmas choir competition. >> a lot of high notes. today we introduce to you the third place schedule, the 7th help choir of half ford middle school. ♪ >> their choices are celestial. these 7th and 8th graders placed third in this year's more fm holiday choir contest.
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>> last year we came in second. we got to hear our song on the radio which was coolest thing ever. >> reporter: being pitch perfect takes practice and hard work. 120 auditioned, only 40 makes it. it's clear this is more than just a choir. ♪ if you just believe >> reporter: when you sing, it's almost as if you're escaping all the stress that you have from school and at home. and then just kind of go into this own little world before like you music. >> everyone gets involved, voting, really support and the support from all the sfak you willity and staff. so a great weighed aeat way to everyone. >> reporter: and what about the $1,000 cash prize? >> with the money donated by mercedes-benz, the students and i decided to give back to a school that has a music program that maybe needs a little more support. >> reporter: that desire to give
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back makes them winners in the eyes of their principal. >> the competition is important just for the fact that it's nice if our kids to display some of their kids an talents. >> reporter: he says the whole community supports music and the arts and want to pay it forward. >> they were terrific. tomorrow at 4:00 and 5:00, we'll hear from the second place winners. phillies have traded long time short stop jimmy collins. john clark is live to fill us in. number 11 had a huge impact on and off the diamond. >> yeah, he will go down as one of the greatest phyllis ever. longested tenured athlete, jim any rollins has been traded to the dodgers. jim sals baisbury broke the sto.
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jimmy would have had to waive his no trade clause for this to happen, so he will return to his home take after 15 seasons with the phillies, a world series championship, mvp, jim any romys is headed to l.a.. first or second in doubles, stolen bases and games. four time gold governor, three time all star and he famously said we the phillies are the team to beat now and that started the phillies on their great run which included the world series. jimmy rollins trades to the dodgers. we've have a lot more coming up including who jay roll has been traded for hopefully in the next hour or so. i'm john clark. now a pennsylvania school is the scene of a bizarre one vehicle crash. check it out. an suv punched a hole right through a wall. and flying the annoying
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the school superintendent says there is a big jump in the graduation rate and dropout rate is the lowest in three years. district leaders say 62% of the cra class of 2014 graduated on time. if he same time the district's dropout rate of 17% is the lowest since 2011. speaking of school, a helping hand for upcoming preschoolers. the garden state is one of 18
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states to receive a massive grant aimed at creating high quality preschool promises in diverse community . the grand comes to $17.5 million. it's part of the initiative called preschool if all. using this money, states will ensure universal access to preschool programs for all 4-year-olds from low and moderate income families. more people than usual plan to fly during this holiday season. 45 million people are expected to fly between december 17 and january 4. that is up 2% from last year. the busiest travel day is expected to be friday, december 19. airlines plan to use larger planes to accommodate those crowds. >> and speaking of flying, you might encounter this if you travel by plane over the holidays. annoying passengers. exteed i can expedia released its etiquette study.
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topping the list this year, the rear seat kicker. that always feels good. that is followed by the inattentive parents and the aromatic passenger. to put it nicely. >> that's right. well, from the big box stores to small town information, shoppers are out in droves these days. >> packing the store, but not all of them are looking for bargains. some of them are passing around fake cash. plus -- a local community pulls together after a horrific plane crash takes the lives of a jersey shore native and her young sons. >> a lot of us still can't even believe that this is happening. >> reporter: i'm ted greenberg, you how long time friends are working to help a husband and daughter left behind. plus all new on nbc 10 at 6:00, a student sexually assaulted. the investigation understand way near a philadelphia college campus.
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>> snow showers in the poconos. a few skiers are out. poconos aren't the only part of the area seeing the snow. sheena. >> that's right. so we do have show showers north
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and west of philadelphia mainly higher elevations have been seeing snow showers pretty much all day. and through the lehigh valley, allentown seeing lighter snow showers. also parts of chester county. and even flurries around the philadelphia area up to trenton. so we still do have this in the forecast for the rest of the afternoon into the evening hours and even part of tomorrow. it's all part are the big more easter spinning up around new england. and now we have cold air and snow on the back side. temperature wide, right now mid-30s. little to no accumulation especially on the roadways. we'll talk more about the snowfall coming up. a fiery plane crash has touched off a tidal wave of xra grief.
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among the dead, a mother and her two young children. >> the family has roots in new jersey. and ted greenberg splin explains the loss has left the community shaken. >> reporter: amy grew up with marie gemmell in brick township. tonight she's heartbroken after her friend since middle school and gemmell's two young sons all suddenly lost their lives. >> it's so tragic. surprising that a lot of us still can't believe that this is happening. >> reporte >> reporter: gemmell, cole and dech were killed when the plane crashed in their home and sparked a fire. >> she was the first one to reach out when anyone had any issue going on. >> reporter: now gemmell's
5:33 pm
friends from the class of '97 are work to go help her husband and five-year-old daughter who weren't home when the plane went down. >> they have nothing. they lost their home, they need toys, 6qgclothes, furniture. they need a home. >> stick together is what we wanted to do. >> reporter: a benefit is set for friday night at this brick township restaurant and bar. and as of this afternoon, and online donation drive organized by a maryland waitress had generated more than $343,000. >> it gives me chills to think about it. >> reporter: there will surely be tears shed at what organizers are calling a toast to marie here friday evening. but they say the woman who always made everyone laugh with her sar chism would want 13450 smiling, as well. protests are taking an
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unusual twist today in philadelphia. we've already seen demonstrations at high schools, city halls, and even after an eagles game. today medical students from four local universities staged a "die-in". aspiring doctors and nurses laid in the middle of an intersection to protest the eric garner and michael brown grand jury decisions. they also call racial injustici. >> health scare probabcare is p major ones. people of color have less being a tes to health insurance than people who are white. >> these protests are would being more broad. their goal is to highlight racial inequality throughout the country. a thanksgiving day crime left police with lots of clues. it a look at this video. detectives say a security camera
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captured it all. the intruder went directly to the master bedroom and grabbed the jewelry. police tell us the burglar was efficient getting in and out in just a few minutes. no matter what you're shopping for, there are deals and there are steals out there. >> and it's those steals that have merchants and secret service agents on alert in our area this holiday season. rosemary connors is live in center city to explain everything heightened this time of year. >> reporter: yeah, absolutely. we're talking about counterfeit cash. even though he did makes up a very small percentage of all the money in circulation, holiday shopping season provides more than opportunity for cocrooks t advantage. >> generally we use a small bills traveling with just a small amount of cash. i feel safe their way. >> reporter: in center city's christmasville alle village, sh
5:36 pm
wise to watch their money. >> this is the newest version of the 100. and this is the genuine bill. >> reporter: bigger bills make much of what theyqy confiscate. the zespecial agent in charge explains any $100 bill should have this rib bop and look blue. special agent beach warns this time of year retailers should be on alert. >> best thing a retailer can do if they find they did receive counter fit owing ig is call pl. >> reporter: vendors at the christmasville allege are vigilant about funny looking money. mark sells ceramics and says so far so good. >> all the cash that i've received i've taken and deposited successfully at the bank. so no reject so is far. >> i'm not that concerned i
5:37 pm
guess, but you've got me thinking about it right now. >> i worry more about it around the holidays and we do tend to take more catch places with us. >> reporter: people are using a lot more cash and so the counter fitter s try to get their fake money in the mix. people should especially be watching out for the 50s and 100s. rosemary connors, nbc 10 news. now to a roesh wibber with apappreciation for the firn things in life. this man walked into anna's linens a s and robbed the place. the man took off in a white ford van. quite the scene inside and outside a pennsylvania school. an out of control driver plowed right through the building. no students were there, but the crash still turned their day upside down. and not so fast. if you're sick with a cold or the flu, why your doctor might not write youñf a prescription r
5:38 pm
antibiotics.'% here is what is coming up at 6:00. hidden under old city philadelphia. how much it will cost the train company to start investigating if the tracks are worth reviving. always wilmington being labeled murder town usa by news week. now the city's mayor is fighting back.
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don't be surprised if your doctor refuses to prescribe annenian antibiotic. cods and most sinus and ear infections are viral and antibiotics don't work against them. patients call the doctor after just three days to get an antibiotic. >> doctor under certain circumstances gives in and gives the patient inappropriately the antibiotic and low and be hold in a day or two, they feel better which would have happened anyway. >> there are two down sides to overprescribing antibiotics. first, one fourth of people have reactions to the medications.
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and there the brwsóhproblem, bacteria that once could be tamed by these drugs grow resistant. doctors say one day we will run out of effective treatments. there are symptoms that should send you to the doctor. a fever of 101.5 degrees or greater. also severe pain. or relapsing after you have started to recover. get a lolold oa lold of thi story. a gaping hole in an element taker school. a woman drove her suv straight through the school's gymnasium leaving a massive hole there. her suv pushed bleachers about 30 feet damaging the gym, cafeteria, as well. the crash happen willed around 3:00 a.m. but the maintenance worker didn't find the woman until several hours later. no word yet how the crash happened. it is not clear yet what caused the fire that killed a
5:42 pm
fire. how her bravery in a male dominated field is being praised by colleagues outside the city who never met her. plus all new at 6:00, it's known as patco's ghost station. the plan that could reopen an underground stop out of service for decades.
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as we just told you, jimmy rollins has been traded. he's now an l.a. dodger. he's the longest tenured athlete in philadelphia spending 15 seasons, his entire career thus far with the phillies. we'll have more on that. plus a muddy mess in part of kensington. p a big water main dating back to 1893 run dhptured threatenin cars and homes. funeral plans are set for the first female fch irefighter history to be killed in the line of duty. firefighters found joyce craig lewis on the first floor of the burning west oak lane home. a macy's clerk was robbed at gunpoint in the lingerie department. the man was wearing a face mask and gloves.
5:46 pm
he took off in a white four door car. and three local nonprofits will share $100,000, it's grapts money from nbc universal 21st century solutions because of unique innovations. >> the asap was given a $25,000 grant.of unique innovations. >> the asap was given a $25,000 grant.because of unique innovat. >> the asap was given a $25,000 grant.century solutions because unique innovations. >> the asap was given a $25,000 grant. police daul it the danger zone for teams, 3:00 to 6:00 p.m.. school has ended, parents are working and many kids are on their own. >> it's times that they're more likely to be engaged in dangerous behaviors, abuse drug, become victims of crimes or even perpetrate crimes. >> reporter: but she has something she's proud to do. the debate team. lewis and her teammate are seniors at northeast high. >> all of our information comes from great, great sources. >> reporter: they say they like having something to do after
5:47 pm
school. justin innis says they're not the only once. >> it's way to give comfort to parents to know their kids have a place to go after school. >> reporter: asap connects kids with programs that excite them. a list of city wide after school programs available in print, online or mobile app through philly's 311 system. >> center piece initiative is the philadelphia youth chess challenge and we have 250 chess clubs throughout the city and 3,000 kids playing weekly. >> reporter: search a topic like fashion and a list pops up. there is everything from scrabble to home work help. it's in the just educators and parents who find the dwrekts tore useful. >> it clearly makes a difference. >> reporter: the district attorney works with first time juvenile offenders. she likes they can search by zip code keeping kids close to home. >> most kids want to do it, but they won't seek themselves out. so they can help the kids find what they like because they
5:48 pm
don't always know what they like unt unthil they try it. >> she believes kids respond best to the app version. they will use the grand money to expand the app. tomorrow we'll tell you about a theater group that tells its show on the road in an unusual way. we still have some snow showers around the area. really it depends where you live. but the main area seeing those north and west of philadelphia, lehigh valley, poconos especially, so the snow showers will continue as we go through the evening. and even for parts of tomorrow for some of you. colder as we go through tonight. icy spots could form on untreated roadways just from the moisture that we've had around. so that is just something to be cautious of early tomorrow morning. drier weather as we go into the weekend. so good news for eagles. that forecast coming up. here is a live look out at philadelphia center city skyline where we still have the gusty
5:49 pm
winds. temperature 39. this will be dropping below freezing as we go through tonight. winds are gusting near 30 miles per hour or sustained near 30, but gusting cl ining closer to . feels more like the upper 20s. areas north and west, mid-30s. 33 in allentown, mid 20s in the poconos where we've seen pretty consistent snowfall today. 38 wilmington. mid-40s in dover still. so we have the milder temperatures farther to the south and where the snow is, this is where it is definitely the coldest. so here is a look at the radar. snow in lehigh valley, but this is the area where we've seen it the longest period of time today. upper mount bethel getting a pretty good snow shower right now. and most of this is on the lighter side. so not much in the way of accumulations. anything would be on the grass. we don't expect it sticking to the roads. but overnight, we will get a lot colder. light snow showers and maybe flurries around the i-95
5:50 pm
corridor. but again, those temperatures right now pretty well above freezing. area of low pressure that nor'easter has not left the northeast just yet. it's spinning around new england. that's the center of it and it's really swinging us the colder air giving us the snow, as well on the back side of the system. so as we even go through tomorrow, we could see more lingering snow showers before it all moves away. so here is future weather for the rest of the evening. even overnight tonight, you see future weather showing 4:00 a.m., snow showers still. and through the day tomorrow, we also somewhere the chance for some lingering snow showers. 10 it's really not until friday when the entire system starts to move out more. so for tonight, windy and cold, snow showers still in the forecast. 30 for the low in philadelphia. mid-20s areas north and west. then tomorrow, we'll see another cold day, 37 to 40. another windy day, too. winds could still be gusting 35 miles an hour with scattered snow showers in the forecast. and then we start to see good improvements. more sunshine, but chilly on
5:51 pm
saturday. by sunday, looks pretty good for the eagles game. more sunshine for this game, as well. and temperatures will be dropping down as we go through the afternoon. so fourth quarter temperatures should be this about the mid-30s. but we warm up to the mid-50s monday. so we just have to get through the cold by the end of the week. she lost her life in the line of duty. philadelphia firefighters moush the first female killed on the job. >> joyce craig lewis was a pioneer, now her impact is felt far i don't understand the city limits. >> reporter: yeah, that loss being felt in the counties, as well. and we talked to female firefighters who say that the job is much more than a job, it's a passion.
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tom corbett ordered flags lowered to half-staff at the state capitol and at philadelphia to honor the first female firefighter to die in the line of duty. 36-year-old joyce craig lewis died battling a fire yesterday in west oak lane. dean dean deanna did your ant deanna durante is live. >> reporter: and it loss is being felt across county lines. they didn't have for know firefighter lewis to understand what her family is going through
5:55 pm
tonight. >> i followed my dad. >> reporter: per passion for the job is in her blood. she's a teacher, but in her spare time -- >> i'm in charge of this truck here. >> reporter: she says you don't have to work in philly for the tlos affect you. >> no matter how much training, there are some things inevitable and she did her job. >> reporter: a male dominated field, but she says the loss of firefighter lewis is significant and a loss is a loss. man or woman. >> my first reaction is why are they highlighting the fact that she's female. it isl6r a great loss to the ci that she lost their first female. but a female is a firefighter just like a male firefighter. same gears, same training. >> reporter: and the captain says no matter mother or father, the children of firefighter
5:56 pm
lewis are the ones who have suffered the greatest loss. >> every death is a shock. i don't think it matters if it's father or mother. losing a parent is a huge sacrifice. >> reporter: the firefighters we spoke to say of course that their support goes out to the men and women at the philadelphia fire department. deanna durante, nbc 10 news. coming up next, a college student attacked. >> drexel university student sexually assaulted. what we're learning about the investigation. and i'm tracking snow showers. i'll tell you how long we could see the effects of the nor'easter. plus murder town usa also known as wilmington, delaware. that's the headline on news week. but is it true. next at 6:00, how the city is fighting back against the bad press. if
5:57 pm
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5:59 pm
snow and the winds are really gusting. >> so let's go to glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> we have seen some snow showers as far south as philadelphia itself. we got a trace of snow at the airport. this is all around this guy beg gigantic nor'easter. it continues to spin moisture around. poconos getting the most. steady snow in$$ñ berks county in we shastern portion of chest county. temperatures are starting to go back below freezing, but still barely warm number for light rain. the temperature is above freezing just about everywhere, but it won't stay that way all night. we'll see what will happen tomorrow and in to the weekend
6:00 pm
with the 7 day. assaulted. police are telling us this happened a block from the drexel campus on spring garden street in university city. the 21-year-old student told police she does not know her attacker. police say they have no suspects. count on nbc 10 news for updates as we get new information. pennsylvania's governor has ordered flags to be flown at half-staff in honor of fallen firefighter joyce craig lewis. tonight we're learning new details about the fire and also how she returned to firefighting despite being seriously injured years ago. >> lu ann cahn is live at the scene of the fire. you saw activity there? >> reporter: yeah, fire investigators have been here ail all day.


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