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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 530a  NBC  December 12, 2014 5:30am-6:01am EST

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this is nbc 10 news. a community plans to honor a fallen hero. we'll show you how friends and loved ones will mourn the first female to die in the line of duty in philadelphia. time is running out for the taj. we're just days away from a new deadline to save that casino hotel from closing. we'll tell you how many jobs are in jeopardy. taking a live look outside. starting off breezy and cold this morning. there is, lincoln financial field the eagles host dallas sunday night. will it warm up for the game? >> i guarantee it won't be a warm welcome for the cowboys. no matter what the cowbtemperat is. >> i know birds fans will be out
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there cheering on their eagles. >> hoping for a repeat of thanksgiving day. i'm christine maddela. >> and i'm chris cato. let's start out with bill henley. >> the winds are not as strong as the last couple days but temperatures falling north and west below freezing and icy spots right now for those areas that have not completely dried out. clouds completely ove;eat(q and make them out in this view and s not up for another hour and 45 minutes. we will get breaks of sunshine today and the temperatures will be climbing. actually, not bad at all right now along the i-95 corridor. north and west, 32 in pottstown and see freezing conditions and feels like it's below freezing once you factor in the wind. 27 the wind chill in philadelphia. wilmington feels like 29 degrees and the flag has been blowing here at the nbc 10 studios. sunshine breaks through the clouds. 9:00 33 and climbing we go
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through it hour-by-hour when i come back with future weather in ten minutes. first, katy zachary has your traffic. good morning, katy. >> icy patches out there and drivers should be aware of that as they head out on the morning commute. route 309 is part of your morning commute. live look right at the pennsylvania turnpike interchange. no accidents to report on any of our majors in pennsylvania, new jersey or delaware and an accident on 95 northbound and within minutes that cleared. for drivers in philadelphia, in kensington on germantown avenue between jefferson and oxford street. a water main break and been out there for quite some time and crews are still there. take fifth street around that. route 1 right near 76, traffic along route 1 is moving great and for delaware drivers, 95 southbound. the ramp to 202 southbound is closed. chris? new from overnight,tion shot the logan section of philadelphia. happened around 10:00 last night. the man was on 11th street when
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someone shot him in the head and chest. in atlantic county, police are looking for a shooter in a deadly attack there. happened at the seagrass grove apartment complex. someone shot and killed a man there. no word on what led to the violence. back in philadelphia, police say two men shot a 13-year-old boy during an attempted robbery. it happened last night. investigators say the bullet only grazed the teen in the stomach. officers are looking for the robbers. also new from overnight, one person is dead after he crashed into a wall in southwest philadelphia. it happened around 12:30 this morning on lindbergh avenue. the driver's car flipped over and you can see it there and no word yet on why he lost control. philadelphia police say they caught a man in the act of assaulting a penn student last night and they believe he's responsible for a spree of sexual assaultses against college students. investigators tell us plain clothed officers were patrolling university city and they spotted james barrett attacking a
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graduate student near 41st and pine. there have been five different assaults on or near the drexel university campuses. each of the five women were walking alone. they believe barrett is behind at least three of those. plus, investigators are trying to figure out if he assaulted two other drexel students yesterday. 5:34. a final farewell will begin tonight for joyce craig, philadelphia's first woman firefighter to die in the line of duty. nbc 10 matt delucia is live in lawn crest outside the fire company where joyce was stationed. it has been a while since the fire department had to deal with this kind of grief, right? >> we are outside engine 64. this is where joyce craig had last worked. she had been here since 2012. the first female philadelphia firefighter to die in the line of duty. her final assignment was that fire in west oak lane on tuesday morning. early tuesday morning. and today her friends, family
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and co-workers will begin to say their good-bye. they will gather to remember the 11-year veteran of the philadelphia fire department and craig was one of the first firefighters to arrive at the house fire on the 1600 block of middleton street. she was fighting that fire which started in the basement, but she did not make it out alive. now, the first of two viewings is scheduled for this evening. 6:00 at bachelor brothers funeral home on the 7100 block of north broad street followed by another viewing tomorrow morning at 8:00 a.m. and the funeral service for joyce craig is scheduled to begin there at 10:00. now, the 37-year-old mother of two joined the department back in 2003. she was a decorated firefighter. earning a citation from the city in 2007 for rescuing two people from a burning home and now you can see that black blunting that has been hanging over the door of engine 64 since tuesday. tom corbett has ordered flags to be lowered to half-staff in honor of this first philadelphia
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female firefighter. it is 5:36 on this friday morning. now, to the atlantic city casino crisis. we are now little more than three days away from the deadline to save the trump taj mahal. that new deadline is monday. the owner says the main workers union backed out of the deal to save its 3,000 jobs. trump entertainment ceo robert griffin says the union has until 5:00 p.m. on monday to drop its appeal of a cost cutting move that cancels workers health insurance and pension plans. the union isn't commenting on the deadline. the taj is still set to close one week from tomorrow. 5:36 now. a man convicted of killing a philadelphia police officer will spend life in prison without the possibility of parole. now, jones shot and killed officer moses walker during a
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robbery in august of 2012. walker was a 19-year veteran of the philadelphia police department. he was walking home after his shift headed to a bus stop in north philadelphia when two men stried to rob him. rafael jones conviction carries a mandatory life sentence. the philadelphia police department unveiled its body camera pilot program and now two local university police departments are considering using those cameras. officials at the university of pennsylvania and temple university say they will be monitoring the city's tests to see whether officer body cameras would be effective. many local universities are already closely monitored by networks of oncampus network overhead surveillance cameras. right now 30 officers are voluntarily testing out those body cameras. we're following that and three more things we're following throughout the day for you on nbc 10. chaka fatah jr. will be in court arguing that he does not need to fight charges against him.
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he plans to represent himself. sentencing day for the man convicted of killing a teenager who was an innocent bystander when a shooting broke out at this philadelphia playground. rahim pleaded guilty to the shooting death of bernard scott. he was at that playground when a shooting broke out. and bensalem police are looking for two men wanted in connection to this armed robbery of a coin and collectible store. the suspects held up the store at knife point on tuesday. they got away with more than $5,000 worth of antique silver dollars. a mystery at the jersey shore and we have the photogr h photographs here. just what is this creature that washed up on the beach? we'll take a closer look and tell you one theory of its origin. live view from camelback this morning. clouds overhead and they're making snow. here at nbc 10, it's 35 degrees at 5:38.
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a cold start this morning, but much of the area is above freezing, northeast philadelphia, 35 degrees right now. north and west and allentown is 33, but there are a couple spots that are a little bit colder. run into ice in those areas that haven't dried up. clouds over the city and breaks of sunshine over the day. and the big system that has been with us for days is still spinning to our northeast and still spinning clouds into our area and a few flurries are possible being reported in the reading area and a few flurries. then we'll see breaks of sunshine as the day goes on and the temperatures will be climbing. radar nice and clear. no steady rainfall or snowfall at this hour. look at the temperatures. by noontime up to 37 degrees. and then into the very low 40s this afternoon. that's a little bit cool for this time of the year. we'll fix that over the weekend. got the seven-day forecast coming up in less than ten minutes. just about 20 minutes until 6:00 now on friday morning. a lot of people looking forward
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to their final drive to work of the week for many people. >> that's right. we want to check on those roads out there. let's check in with katy zachary. >> other than some areas of icing that people should be aware of. we haven't had any major problems this morning. for a friday, that's great. we want to get through the week unscathed. for drivers in philadelphia, in the kensington neighborhood along germantown avenue, it is blocked in all directions. both lanes, jefferson street and oxford street because of a water main break. crews are out there trying to fix that broken main and alternate fifth street been out there for quite some time. be aware of that. the ben franklin bridge looking great in both directions. no track work to tell you about westbound. that's all finished and looking really good. no problems on any of our area bridges. a live look at 476 right at the 95 interchange here. drive times on 76 are great between 95 and on 476 rather between 95 and 76. 17, 18 minutes in both
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directions. when i see you in a bit, we'll look at new jersey roadways. christine? a traffic alert for you later today if you're driving through philadelphia. the right lane of the eastbound schuylkill expressway. and this section right here that you see between the vine street expressway and south street, that will be closed from 9:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. penndot will do bridge inspections along that stretch. if you're driving in the area, give yourself extra time. we have interesting pictures for you a strange sighting at the jersey shore. the remains of what looks like kind of a mysterious creature washed up on a toms river beach. the toms river patch sent us these images. a woman who lives nearby snapped these pictures and we don't really know what it is, but it looks like something from the dinosaur age. you can see the rows of sharp teeth there. most of the skin is gone and one theory, though, from a rutgers university professor says it could just be a bottlenose dolphin. so, maybe not a dinosaur.
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another accuser has stepped forward with allegations of bill cosby. this woman has a famous background and her allegations are laid out in "vanity fair." vai joins us now with that story and others happening around the country today. vai? >> somebody new a sis added to list. super model beverly johnson first african-american to make the cover of "vogue" and in an essay published in vanity fair online. this happened in the mid-'80s alleged lae. johnson says the comedian gave her a drugged cappuccino. his attorney has not commented on the latest allegations and not been charged with any crime. and, of course, you can see more of johnson's story, as we've
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been promoting later on "today" show this morning. meanwhile in washington, the house passed a massive spending bill last night, just hours before a government shutdown. the $1.1 trillion bill will finance the government through 2015. the bill now moves to u.s. senate for debate and a vote. severe weather outwest has killed two people. a storm system coming off the pacific ocean is battering communities from san francisco all the way up north to seattle. flooding washed out roads and bridges while loose ground swallowed up some homes. you see this guy in the kayak and then there's the wind, which brought down power lines and damaged property. we continue to follow these stories and all the news from around the country. live in the digital operation center, i'm vai sikahema. frank rizzo jr. announced he does not plan to run for mayor next year. rizzo tells nbc 10 he wants to make another run for city
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counc council, instead. he served four years on the council until 2011. he switched parties last year. some thought that was a move he was planning to run for mayor. a new push to change the way colleges in philadelphia define sexual consent. reynolds brown proposed that schools adopt a yes means yes policy. now, under yes means yes, both parties must give clear and conscious consent. the councilwoman's proposal comes during a nationwide shift from the long held no means no standard. that standard requires rape victims to show they said no or resisted verbally or physically. 5:49 now. a new poll shows a majority of new jersey voters are saying no to a presidential run by governor chris christie. quin quinnipiac came out with that poll. their favorite candidate in the poll, democrat hillary clinton. here are the numbers, the poll found that 53% of new jersey
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voters believed chris christie would not be a good president. 43% believed he would be a good president and 49% of the polls said america is not ready for a ñch. the assistant director of the poll said even jersey guys, even jersey girls don't think the nation will go for a jersey guy like governor christopher christie. if christie runs for president and faces hillary clinton, he'll get 59% of to clinton's 50%. a controversy is brewing over a holiday cartoon with a racial theme. take a look at the[]?r cartoon. it features a group of african-american children asking santa claus to protect them from police. it was published in sunday's bucks county courier times. some are demanding an apology. >> it's a disgrace. just a low blow. not only to the police officers, but to the families of those who gave their lives. for the cartoon to defame the
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memories of those officers. it's a disgrace. >> cartoon was printed to highlight the need for race relation discussion and the paper also said if it had known some people would be offended, it would not have published it. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> a breezy morning, but it is dry. the winds are blowing and getting some gusts that are going to spread into the philadelphia area this morning. 36 degrees, though, that's above freezing. actually warmed up a degree since we've been on the air since 4:00 this morning. clouds are still over the city, but they're starting to thin out. and we will get some breaks of sunshine today. not a ton of sunshine, but enough to warm us up to 40 degrees this afternoon, which is not a huge warm up, considering we are 36 degrees. the concern, areas north and west and some spots in new jersey, too, that are at or just below freezing. you see brandy wine airport not a problem. and westchester and those areas
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that didn't dry out from yesterday. chester springs now 32 degrees and 33 in phoenixville while berwyn seeing 31 degrees. not everybody will experience that. all get winds increasing during the day. ten miles an hour right now with gusts to 21 miles per hour in the pocono mountains. that will make it feel chillier than the actual temperature that will climb close to the 40 degree mark this afternoon. goes warmer over the weekend and more sunshine, too. that low pressure is finally pulling away. 44 degrees with partly sunny skies on saturday and bright sunshine for sunday. 47 the high after another cold morning down to 31 degrees and then monday is looking nice and sunny. high of 52 degrees on monday. clouds return, but still mild tuesday with a chance of some rain showers. and then we dry out wednesday and thursday. 50s look nice. 5:52 a.m. right now. and take a look at the roads. things are pretty quiet morning. we'll keep our fingers crossed
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it stays that way this friday. >> let's see if it is for now. katy zachary has a look at all the cameras on the roads. katy? >> classically at 6:15 that always changes. here, you heard it first. things are looking pretty good. we'll start off with a look in new jersey. this is in camden right at route 70. free and clear of any problems in new jersey. delaware majors look great, as well, as do pennsylvania majors. a live look at 95 right at the philadelphia international airport. we're seeing a little bit more volume on the roadways, but not accounting for any delays of any sort. there is a water main break in kensington along germantown avenue and jefferson street and oxford street. all lanes closed. you can take fifth street around that and then finally along 422 average speeds in the 50s right now. for drivers along 422. 202 no issues to report and your speeds look good, as well. chris? >> all right, katy. we are helping you get into the
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holiday spirit if i can get the words out there. when i come back, a county-by-county look at some of the holiday happenings around the area. four wholesome grains. sugar. only six? six grams of sugar? that's really good. excellent, delicious... and yummy! honey bunches of oats. tasty! yummy!
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5:56 a.m. here is a live look at lincoln financial field. i am surprised people aren't tail dch gating out there already. nbc 10 is your place for big eagle eagles/cowboys coverage. football night in america starts right here on nbc 10. the kickoff is at 8:20. right after the game, stay with us for football night in philly. vai sikahema and john clark outside the locker room all sunday night right here on nbc 10. 5:57. time to take you county by county and see what is happening in your community. this morning a special holiday edition, just in case you're looking for festive fun before the eagles beat the cowboys on sunday. we start in wildwood cape may county where the christmas parade kicks off. starts at 15g9 ath and central
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avenue. immediately after the parade they will light the christmas tree. there is the information on that parade now. let's move on now to camden county. a unique shopping experience. candlelight shopping, the streets of downtown haddonfield offer gift ideas and live entertainment. you can take a ride on a horse-drawn can carriage and free photo with santa. speaking of candles. let's move to gloucester county where you can take a tour of the whitall house. it serves as a hospital for troops wounded during the revolutionary war. troops on both sides. if you're still in the touring mood come saturday come to new castle county. one of the best preserved miñ america is offering tours of historic homes, live music, ornament making for the kids and at 5:00 p.m., the annual christmas tree lighting at market square in downtown new castle. finally from chester county, a story of sharing where santa
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has a lot of helpers. in westchester where the design remodel firm assembled bicycles, dozens of bikes they assembled for deserving kids. the 100 wheels project. in the first six years the project has provided bicycles for nearly 450 kids in that community in westchester. christine and vai. >> could there be anything better than getting a bike for christm christmas? >> that was on my list every year. when i finally got it, i didn't ride it as much. you're watching nbc 10 news. nbc 10 news at 6:00 a.m. starts right now. the final farewell. today friends, family and firefighters will gather to say good-bye to joyce craig. the first female firefighter in philadelphia to die in the line of duty. serial sexual predator caught. this morning students are breathing a sigh of relief and police say the case is not
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closed just yet.rr breezy and cold. that's what we can look forward to today as we take a live look outside on interstate 95 at girard point bridge. nbc 10 first alert forecast hour by hour. good morning, happy friday, everybody. you're watching nbc 10 news today. i'm christine maddela. >> i'm vai sikahema. residual effects of that nor'easter. let's get right to bill henley. good morning, bill. >> not as bad as the last few days. no rain, no snow just a little bit of a breeze blowing and temperatures that have come down in parts of the area. pocono mountains looking nice and white this morning. making snow there. clouds overhead and watching temperatures north and west fall right to the freezing mark and this is where we could see icy spots and those areas that have not dried out from yesterday's light snowfall and some spots in new jersey are getting close to the snowfall and trenton and atlantic city. factor in the wind


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