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tv   NBC 10 News at 9am  NBC  December 14, 2014 9:00am-10:01am EST

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fire bombs. that's what one philadelphia family claims happened to their house overnight. why neighbors are worried their block has become a target. two philadelphia police officers are in the hospital after their van collided with another car overnight. we now know the details of how it happened. heading for a showdown. eagles take on the cowboys in the sunday night football match-up oi match-up. . we have the game day forecast ahead. good morning. i'm rosemary connors. it's 9:00. brittney shipp is watching the conditions outside for us. a lot on the line at tonight's game, but the weather shouldn't
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really be a problem. >> not going to be an issue, but it will be cold so make sure you bring a thicker jacket if you're heading out. temperatures today will warm into the mid-40s. we'll see a mix of sun and clouds. temperatures right now at 39 toms river. 41 mt. holly. 37 millville. 41 in philadelphia. same thing in pottstown. 37 in will mink on. poconos has warmed just above freezing at 33. as we head into the rest of today, expect temperatures by noon to be in the 40s. 44 fwlees by 4:00 p.m.. 42 and chilly by 9:00 p.m. just a few clouds and 37. i'll have your full "7-day forecast" coming up. a family flees to the roof of their house to escape an early morning fire in philadelphia. p they tell us it was no accident, that they're the victims of a fire bombing and someone may have done the same thing to their next door neighbor's house two weeks ago. matt delucia is live in germantown where it happened on
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east culture street. matt, you were on the same block in the beginning of the month for the other suspicious fire. >> reporter: yeah. and this home you can see some of the residents are inside there right now, they were just outside here trying to salvage what they can. and i'll tell you right next door, that was a home that was set on fire just about two weeks ago. as you mentioned, i was here for that and just talked with the folks around here. they're starting to get used to this. >> somebody throw something and our alarms went off. >> reporter: a rude awakening around 1:00 this morning. five adults and a four month old infant were sleeping in this row house when without warning they had to run for safety. >> i made everybody go up on the roof. >> we got a report of people trapped. >> reporter: firefighters rescued them before the situation got out of control. on scene, our cameras did not catch any visible flames, but we did see an friday residents. just under two weeks ago, the house next door was set on fire. investigators then found two
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flammable containers that set the porch and front door ablaze. >> i'm tire mud of this. i heard them sound like somebody was coming up the steps. they kicked the door and they threw the gas or whatever they threw. it spread across whole house. >> reporter: firefighters collected evidence with a sechbs day gentlem sense of deja vu. >> it's under vehiclinvestigati to circumstances from a previous sdib incident. >> reporter: this homeowner can only watch. >> only thing you can do is be calm. >> reporter: while her husband 34r50 pleads for justice. >> they did investigation and they ain't giving us no answer. >> reporter: you can see some of the folks outside the home right
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now. in the fire marshal's office, they have not declared this an official fire bombing. it's still under investigation. one of the women and the 4 month old were briefly taken to einstein this morning. they were released and rejoined the rest of their family as they try to collect their belongings out here this morning. one of the homeowners just let us inside the home on see the extent of the damage. i'll put that video together for you when we see you together again at 9:30. matt delucia, nbc 10 news. new from overnight, two philadelphia police officers are in the hospital after they were injured in this crash in the frankfurt section of the city. the officers were responding to a call when police say a driver hit the officer's patrol van at sellers street and frankfurt avenue right around 3:00 this morning. according to investigators, the officers did have their lights an sirens on as they were headed to the call. one officer is being treated for injuries to his head and hand.other officer has a broken leg. police have for the released the
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condition of the other driver involved. also new from overnight, a septa train slammed into a car in conshohocken. this is video from nbc 10's randy gyllenhaal. he saw the accident happen. he called 911 and then he gave this video to us. this happened just before midnight on the train tracks near the river walk on washington street. it appeared that the car was parked on the tracks. the train hit the car and dragged it about 100 feet. nobody was inside of the car and no one on board the train was hurt. a house fire in delaware county is to blame for the death of a grandmother. the fire could have also killed her five grandchildren had it not been for their father and a neighbor who sprang into action to get the kids out. the family was sleeping when the fire started yesterday morning in lower chichester. the father and young kids were trapped in the basement. neighbor nick wells tells us he saw the father trying to break the window, stowe grabbeded a
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tricycle and started busting the windows, as well. the father passed the children to the neighbor to get them to safety. >> father pulled him out, he was so burnt burnt, i didn't know where to grab him. >> the father was rushed to the house with severe burns. his children are recovering this morning. investigators are now looking into what caused the fire. they think it may have started on the back porch of the house. that's where the grand other was sleeping. the volunteer fire company is accepting donations to help the family. this weekend, more than 1,000 firefighters from all over the country came together to pay their respects to fallen philadelphia firefighter joyce craig. yesterday sky force 10 flew over the 3 mile procession to ivy hill cemetery in west oak lane where craig received a hero's sendoff. her casket draped in an american flag and brought there by engine 64. before craig was laid to rest, her friends, family and fellow firefighters reflected on her
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bravery and resilience. >> first time she got hurt on the job -- wasn't the last time. i was mad at god that day. >> craig was killed tuesday fighting a fire in west oak lane. she's the first female firefighter in the philadelphia fire department to die while on the job. at the end of yesterday's service, philadelphia mayor nutter posthumously promoted craig to the rank of lieutenant. this morning we have new video of a robbery at a raite ad in camden. police say he walked in around noon yesterday and threatened the clerk with a note. she handed over some cash and the man took off. if you recognize him, police would like to hear from you. former philadelphia sportscaster is expected to learn his punishment tomorrow for stealing hundreds of
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thousands of dollars intended for charity. the sentencing hearing is scheduled for tomorrow afternoon. in october, he pleaded guilty to the charity scam. prosecute are tors say he sold tickets for sports packages with the promise that the money would go to charity, but instead he pocketed the cash. he could be sentenced to more than 30 years in prison. we're getting ready for the showdown between the eagles and cowboys. here is a live look at lincoln financial field. maybe a little bit too early now, but a little bit later on today, the linc will be packed with fans. it's a battle for first place in the nfc east. nbc 10 is the only place you can watch the game. catch all the action right here starting at 7:00. and keep it here for the live post game show with reaction from players and fans.
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the museum in wilmington is breaking attendance records with its costumes of downtown abbey exhibit. more than 200,000 people have visited, that's double the average attend dance for an entire year. if you're looking for something to do over the holidays, the exhibit is open until january 4. it features 40 costumes from the british period sdwrau made drama series. was it a suicide or lynching? still ahead, the fbi is now investigating the strange circumstances involving the death of a black teen in north carolina. plus captain on trial. the man who was steering the cost take concord costa concordia is now talking about the split second decision that he made on that fateful day.
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this weekend thousands of people marched in cities all across america including here in philadelphia to protest the deaths of unarmed african-american men at the hands of police. demonstrators gathered around city hall yesterday in philadelphia. some carried signs, others staged a "die-in". about 60 people got down on the ground to protest the deaths of mirk and he will brown and eric garner who were both skilled by police officers. it all happened under the city's christmas tree in the center of city hall. more than 10,000 protestors marched from downtown washington to the u.s. capitol building. civil rights groups organized this march that they called justice for all. they were joined by the families of michael brown and eric
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garner. >> our sons, they may not be here in body, but they're here with us in each and every one of you. >> the protestors are calling for changes to local, state and national policing policies. federal authorities are now investigating the death of an african-american teen from north carolina whose case was first ruled a suicide. several hundred people marched yesterday in the shawl up to of bladen burrow calling for justice. it comes after lennon lacey's body was found in late august hanging from a swing set in a pr predominantly white mobile home park. it had been ruled a suicide, but now the fbi is investigating. lacey's mother says her son dreamed of becoming a professional football player and his sudden death doesn't make sense. >> his demeanor hasn't changed as far as being suicidal. we were to close for that for me
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not to notice. i'm his mother. >> the fbi was asked to join the investigation because lacey's family claims to have critical information that they are not willing to share with state investigators. ♪ amazing grace this weekend in mississippi, hundreds of people paid hair final respects to 19-year-old jessica chambers who was burned alive. the mourners called for justice during a vigil last night. the young woman's funeral was held earlier in the day. authorities say chambers was doused in a flammable liquid and set on fire. on a rural road earlier this month. investigators have questioned a few people in the case, but list have not made any arrests. and they have not discussed a possible motive. today marks the second anniversary of the deadly sandy hook school shooting in newtown, connecticut. in our area, supporters of delaware county united for sensible gun policy will honor the victims with a candlelight
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vigil. it's happening today along route 320 in springfield. the event begins at 4:00. it was two years ago when adam lanza killed 20 children and six educators. dannel malloy has requested flags be lowered from sunrise to sunset. there will be no public commemorations in newtown. city officials there say that the day will be marked through personal reflection and remembrance. the former captain of the ship wrecked costa concordia was in court this weekend. he recalled the moments that the cruise ship capsized and the decisions that he had to make right after it happened. he testified that his options were to die, dive or fall. so he decided to get on the lifeboat. he acknowledged his responsibility for the ship wreck, but he said only for part of it. he's charged with manslaughter and abandoning the ship in january of 2012. 32 people died when the ship ran aground.
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and coming up, i'm tracking a cold but sunny sunday for you. i'll let you know what to expect as you head back to work. that's all coming up in my first alert "7-day forecast".
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good morning. it will still be a chilly day. a bit warmer than what we saw yesterday. yesterday we stayed in the low 40s. eagles forecast, it will be a cold day when we check out the eagles game later on tonight. so by tonight, our temperatures will drop down into the low 40s.
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even the high 30s by the time you leave the game. showers will return to us as we head into your "7-day forecast." so a live look at the linc. no cars just yet, but i'm sure folks will be out there the next few hours. overcast skies. the air is calm. and 33 in mt. pocono, 43 allentown, 41 pots down. 38 in westchester. 38 in wilmington. we're starting off at 37 in millville and 39 currently at the atlantic city airport. satellite and radar shows quiet conditions. just a few clouds right now. and we're still seeing wind speeds moving in from the north. so cooler air situated right over our area. our average for this time of year is 45 degrees. we'll be close to that average today. and as we head into tomorrow, a little bit above the average. future wind speeds show that we will continue to see the winds from the northwest. and we are going to see wind spieds picking up a bit in the afternoon. but for the most part, it will be a quiet day. future temperatures show that
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this afternoon, we will stay in the 40s if philadelphia, 44 in allentown, 36 the high in the poconos. along the shore making it into the mid-40s. so typical average day. ranging between 42 and 46 degrees. we're starting off overcast, but you will notice a mix of sun and clouds as we head into the rest of today. we'll see the clouds increasing heading into tonight. your eagles forecast, the game starts at 8:20 and we will see temperatures at a few lingers clouds. mid-30s by the time you leave the game. "7-day forecast" shows that we will see temperatures heading back toward 50 degrees by wednesday. but as you take a look at hanukkah and tuesday, there is a chance of showers. temperatures at 49. overnight lows in the 30s. let's check in on the wednesday's child. he is a smart young kid with a real sense of adventure and he is more than ready to find his
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forever family. nbc 10 vai sikahema introduces us to janai. >> reporter: he has a healthy competitive spirit so we took him to the climbing wall. how are you doing? >> i'm all the way down here. >> reporter: we had a great time. he loves trying new things. >> he's very energy get tig, he has a lot of personality, he's a very caring young man. he loves to ask lots of questions and he enjoys learning. he's a very bright young man. >> reporter: he's currently in the fifth grade and enjoys school. he loves math and science and knows what he wants to do in the future. why do you like science and math? >> i'm trying to become a physicist. >> a physicist?
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>> yes. >> reporter: he also know what's wants in a family. >> i want a family that likes to go out places, likes to travel. i want a family that will have my back and that will the like take care of me, protect me. >> reporter: the ideal family will support and motivate him to reach his goals. >> he'd be best in a two participants household. he desire as family that can give him lots of one-on-one attention. >> reporter: he would make a loving addition to any home. he's this week's wednesday's child. you can make the dream of a forever family come true for any wednesday's child. just go to our website,, and search wednesday's child. or you can call the national adoption center at
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1-866-to-adopt. a rare saturday session ended with an agreement to keep most dwechgovernment operations running. but funds run out in february for one agency and it could set up a fight over a controversial issue. we'll explain.
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a $1.1 trillion spending bill is now on its way to president obama for his signature. the senate voted 56-40 last night in favor of the bill. formally averting a government shutdown. the bill funds most of the government operations until september 2015, but homeland security is only funded through february. that may set up a fight over the president's executive order on immigration. also included in the spending bill are a roll back of wall street reforms, changes to campaign financing and cutting for the epa. the vote happened in the nick of time. the deadline to avoid a shutdown was fast approaching. >> it is not the way to do business. it's an embarrassment to the congress and to the public. >> president obama is expected to sign the spending bill this week. >> another verse hal topic in washington will be the focus of this morning's "meet the press". we're talking about the recently released cia so-called torture
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report. dick cheney will join chuck todd to discuss the report and america's current world standing. that's this morning at 10:30 right here on nbc 10. the time is 9:27. this morning a philadelphia family is recovering from what they say was a fire bonl attack on their house. matt delucia is live in germantown where police are calling the situation suspicious. >> reporter: yeah, and the investigation continues. folks here are cleaning up as they wait for justice, as well. we will give you an inside look at the damage that was caused out here, that's coming up. and a chilly sunday on tap for us. we also have a chance of showers back in your "7-day forecast". i'll go over the details in the "7-day forecast" coming up.
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two suspicious fires in would weeks in the same neighborhood in philadelphia. the latest victims say it's the work of a fire bomber. we'll explain in a live report. we're learning new information about this overnight crash involving two philadelphia police officers. we'll have an update on the accident and the officers' conditions coming up. it's a cloudy start it our sunday morning. but the sun should peek through came.
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here is a live look. a few people out there snow fword a boarding and skiing. if you're head willed to the eagles game, make sure you wear a few have a layers.willed to t eagles game, make sure you wear a few have a layers. good morning. this is nbc 10 news today. let's get right to the weather with brittney shipp. it seen like you're not really seeing any significant storms in the forecast. >> that's right. we'll get a break over the next couple of days. it's a quiet weather pattern with the exception of a chance of showers on tuesday. but if we take a look outside right now, we are seeing a cold start. wind speeds fairly light. overcast skies, but that will give way to a little bit more sunshine as we head into the afternoon. here is a closer look at our satellite radar shot. you can see a few clouds an current temperatures at 33 in the poconos, 41 in philadelphia. 38 currently in wilmington. today temperatures will range between 42 and 46. sunny and chilly. but changes are on the way. i'll go over all the details in
9:32 am
my "7-day forecast". a philadelphia family is demanding answers this morning after they say someone threw a fire wombomb in their house. matt delucia is live at the scene in germantown. and you've been talking to the residents there and they want you to see the damage first happened. >> reporter: yeah. the damage is quite extensive on the first floor right inside that front door. take a look here. the homeowner let us inside and you can see the front door is gone. it was blown into the home by whatever was used to start this fire he tells me. the fire marshal's office is still investigating the circumstances. but here is what we do know. at around 1:00 this morning, the people inside tell us they heard a loud bang and then the smoke alarms went off. five adults and a four month old infant had to be rescued from the rooftop of this home. two of them went to the hospital, but they were released a few hours ago. and just walking through this
9:33 am
house, we can see everything from christmas decorations to furniture was destroyed. we'll come back out here live, you can see right next door, that's where a fire was set just about two weeks ago. for now the investigation in both cases continues thorn. we'll hear more from the family here and how they rushed to safety coming up at 10:00. matt delucia, nbc 10 news. new from overnight, two philadelphia police officers are in the hospital after they were injured in this crash in the frankfurt section of the city. the officers were responding to a call when list say a driver hit the officer's patrol van at sellers street in franklin avenue around 3:00 this morning. according to investigators, the officers did have their lights and sirens on as they were headed to that call. one officer is being treated for injuries to his head and hand. the other officer has a broken leg. police have not released the condition of the other driver involved. also new there overnight, police in montgomery county are
9:34 am
investigating this scene where a septa train crashed into a car. it appears to be parked on the train traction. randy gyllenhaal was driving by the scene, he saw what happened, called 911 and eventually accepts us this video. the accident happened just before midnight near the river walk on washington street. nobody was inside the car and no one on board the train was injured. this weekend a community in delaware county is rallies behind a father and five children recovering from a fire that killed a family member. neighbors in lower chichester dropped off clothes and holiday presents for the kids yesterday afternoon. they say nobody should have to lose everything right before christmas. the fire started in the family's house yesterday morning. the father and a neighbor were able to get all of the children out safely. but their grandmother who was sleeping on the back pormg of the house died in the blaze. investigators think the fire started on the porch. they are still looking for an
9:35 am
exact cause. yesterday sky force 10 flew over the 3 mile procession to ivy hill cemetery in west oak lane where fallen philadelphia firefighter joyce craig received a m hero's sendoff. she was brought there by engine 64. before craig was laid to rest, her friends, family and fellow firefighters reflected on her bravery and her dedication to the department. >> walk away with the black bands on my wrist for the past seven years. do you know what this is? everyone goes home. reality is, joyce is home. >> craig was killed tuesday fighting a fire in west oak lane. she's the first female firefighter to die while on the job in philadelphia. at the end of yesterday's service, mayor nutter posthumously promoted craig to the rank of lieutenant.
9:36 am
from our south jersey bureau, we have an update on the landfill odor controversy. a group of residents who live in florence township have filed a class action lawsuit against the landful in bucks county. they have been complaining over the smells coming from that landfill. according to, waste management officials say they have spent about $3 million this fall to control the odors. the latest improvement was a weather station near the river that will monitor and control the smells. we have a heads up to driver 76. there could be delays later tonight. septa will shut do you thidown . crews will be improving the emergency exit for the 30th street trolley station. closures are in effect 9:00 tonight until 5:00 in the
9:37 am
morning. will is sunds this is sunday through thursday until the end of january. we till have a few hours, i guess less than 12 at this point, we're getting ready 209 sunday night showdown between the eagles and cowboys. here is a live look at lincoln financial field. a little while from now. we probably should start to see some fans heading out there to the parking lot getting ready to do some tailgating. this is a big game. eagles and cowboys, they are battling for first place in the nfc east. nbc 10 is your place to watch the game. it's football night in philly and you can catch all the action right here beginning at 7:00. and of course kickoff at 8:20. and then be sure to keep it here for our live postgame show with reaction from the players and the fans. the hustle and bus sell of the holidays is expected to keep postal workers pretty business city tomorrow. when you need to mail your cards and packages to make sure it gets to their destinations on time. we'll have the deadlines for you
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after the break.
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at 9:40, let's take a live look at the pocono mountains. you have to love these diehards who are out there at camel back resort. they're already on the mountain skiing and snowboarding before 10:00 on a sunday morning. chances are they will be out there much of the day. and the weather will be relatively decent for a day in december. it is going to be cold, but we will be dry for today and tomorrow. the pound days for what will be philadelphia's tallest skyscraper is now set. this time lapse video shows yesterday's concrete pour at the site for comcast innovation and technology center. crews poured 15 million pounds of concrete into the ground yesterday morning setting the building building's foundation. once construction is complete,
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the 59 story building will be even taller than the comcast center next door. it will house 4,000 employees including software engineer, technology expert, and even all of us here at nbc 10. that's where our new studios will be. it will also be the new home of the four seasons hotel. comcast by the way is the parent company of nbc 10. i think it's safe to say that the holiday season is in full swing. we have hanukkah on tuesday and of course christmas coming up the week after. if you still need to send out cards or order gifts, there is really not a lot of time to procrastina procrastinate. tomorrow is the busiest mailing day of the year. more than 640 million cards, letters and packages are expected to be processed tomorrow. december 20th is the deadline to send greeting cards, packages and letters to ensure delivery in time for christmas. for the last minute shoppers, december 23 is the deadline for
9:42 am
sepgd pa sending pack an naganages using priority mail express. christmas day is fast approaching, so look for harried holiday shoppers to take advantage of the robust job market. this week it is the final meeting of the year for the fiscal elves at the federal reserve as they discuss monetary policy and easing and benchmark interest rates. will they raise them. what investors want to know, when the central bank plans to start raising those interest rates sometime after the new year. lots of housing news this week including existing home sales for november. housing starts for that same month and home builder sentiment for december. and most of the data expected to be positive. this monday is the deadline for individuals looking to enroll in the federal health insurance plan through the affordable care act website and the marketplaces there.
9:43 am
insurers and administration officials are looking for a big surge in sign ups this weekend. get busy if you haven't already. the u.s. postal service says this monday will be the busiest day of year for mailing cards and thursday is free shipping day. hundreds of retailers will ship orders placed that day for free with no minimum amount required and delivery is guaranteed it says right here by christmas eve. sony pictures the latest version of annie this week. one movie that hackers put on illegal file sharing websites after breaking in to sony's computer system. that hack attack could cost the studio $100 million and some executives their jobs. get all your business news on cnbc. less than 12 hours from now,s eagles will take on the voi cowboys. you'll hear from the players next in sports.
9:44 am
and it will be a cold night ahead. so bring your thicker jackets. i'll have your eagles forecast plus i'm tracking a chance of showers. what's possible today?
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we'll see a chilly week and we're also going to see a chilly he said to the weekend. for the eagles, dropping down to the high 30s. so definitely need a thick jacket. there is a live look at the lincoln financial field. and we will see temperatures starting off in philadelphia in the 40s. right now overcast skies. we'll see more of a mix of sun and clouds. temperatures 33 in the poconos, 41 pottstown. we push into the 40s in philadelphia. 39 in stone harbor. 37 currently in dover and 38 degrees in wilmington. temperatures will stay pretty close to our average throughout
9:47 am
the day. so not warming up too much more. we're up 8 gris in reading, 6 in pottstown, 4 in atlantic city. but every else, similar conditions to what we saw yesterday. just a few degrees warmer. satellite radar shows the clouds over our region, but again, they will thin out a bit today. cold air is in place, but this is average for this time of year. 45 degrees typically where we are. for today, we're right on afrpg as we head into tomorrow, we'll warm just a few degrees. eventually we'll push back into the 50s by wednesday. but today not so lucky, we will. 45 in toms river and dover. so today sunny and chilly, 42 to 46, but warmer than what we saw yesterday. so we're gradually making progress with our temperatures
9:48 am
returning back to average. if you plan on heading out to the eagles game, 8:20 the start time, 40, a few clouds. by the fourth quarter, 38 degrees and cold. if you're heading home, we'll be dropping down into the mid-30s. so a cold night ahead. as you head back to work, 48 and still chilly on monday. chance of showers tuesday. by wednesday, breezy, but 50 degrees and we drop back down below average by thursday. i'm john clark. today is the day the eagles/cowboys rematch tonight. birds have won nine of the last ten games against dallas in december. here are the boys arriving into philly last night. jerry jones signing autographs for the fraud cowboy fans living in our area. it is on! >> winning the division, especially being a home game, we realize this team is really who we're competing against when you talk about the division. so i think everybody is fired up. >> we got to do it again.
9:49 am
we got to get focused. we know we're playing a different team and we got to be prepared for a whole different team, a team who is ready to get revenge. >> and it is all right here on nbc 10 tonight. and afterwards, catch our live postgame show from outside the eagles locker room. hey, sixers were on their way to the first win at home this season against the team with the second best record in the nba, the grizzlies. will smith in the house. third quarter, michael carter williams driving and he'll throw it down. mcw the triple double. but a three point lead at the buzzer. oh, my goodness, mike conley sends to overtime. sixers lose a heartbreaker in overtime 120-115. >> a cruel loss. that is a very cruel loss. >> that is a cruel loss. flyers have won two straight for the first time in five weeks.
9:50 am
yesterday against carolina, just under a minute in, doing the dirty work. giving the flyers the early lead here. later in the period, check out the laser from simmons. he got five goals in his last five games. 2-0 flyers. and then the finish. and scott lawton getting his first nhl goal. flyers win 5-1. scott says he kind of blacked out after getting his first goal and his parents were there to see it. >> it's really special. i mean, they taught me everything and my daughter's been huge in my hockey career. so definitely nice to have them here tonight. >> to see the smile on his face, i think he turned beat red. >> isn't very often that you get your first. i'm still waiting for mine.
9:51 am
villanova and delaware renewing their rivalry. they're also friends, but a big loss for nova. john robertson out with a concussion. the backup, 53 yard touchdown. villanova is down three under a minute to go. and he misses from 51 yards out to tie it. that's the first time nova has lost a playoff game at home in 17 years. st. joe's prep taking on pine richland for the quad a state title. this is the run of the night. 58 yards. then check out the trick play. he pitches it back to clemens and throws it to swift. an unreal trick play.
9:52 am
st. joe's prep repeat as state champions. and congrats to the northwest raiders from west oak lane. they win the pop warner super bowl in florida. young four touchdowns, they win 26-6. and la salle beat drexel and mariota won the heisman trophy. we'll see you after sunday night football. live outside the eagles locker room. have a good one. you heard john clark say it oregon university has either first heisman trophy winner. marcus mariota took home the award. he was the odds-on favorite and received more than 90% of the vote. that's the second highest percentage received in the past 50 seasons. wisconsin's melvin gordon landed in second place. an inspiring story here. this guy, 104 years old, he's from poland. he is now spending his old age
9:53 am
sitting down. he broke another running record. he beat the fastest time for a 60 meter print by an orlando rubber. he ran the distance in just 19.72 second. he's also the only skippy!!
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yippee!! fun fun fun! shiny! you never listen! what? is someone talking? ♪ skippy!! ♪ yippee!! i'm bored. hashtag bored. skippy!! yippee!! look a ride! (vo) made with the funnest peanuts ever! skippy. yippee!! ♪ . this is actually in radnor. it's not christmas yet, but santa claus decided he'd make some special deliveries out
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there. this is last night. santa spreaded some holiday cheer by handing out gifts to lucky kids. certainly a show of holiday spirit on the delaware river. last night the fifth annual seaport parade of lights. boats were decked out. parade watchers got to choose which vessel was the most festive awarding it with the honor of best decorated boat. monet davis is paying it forward.little league all-star is motivating girls to take charge of their health and independence. she joined other young women to talk about health, positive body image and self-esteem. the event is part of a weekend of promoting women's empowerment. the time is 9:356. a philadelphia family says someone fire bombed their house and they're not the only ones on their block to have something like this happen.
9:57 am
matt delucia has been following the developments. >> reporter: and another fire truck is out here on the scene as the family here tries to clean up what they can from all the damage, try to collect some of their blockings. we'll be hearing from them right after the break. and a cold sunday will give way to a chilly eagles game. i'll let you know what to expect and help you plan your workweek.
9:58 am
9:59 am
right now on nbc 10 news today, we are following a developing story in philadelphia where a family tells us they are the victims of a fire bombing in a live report. we'll explain why neighbors are worried that their block has become a target. two philadelphia police officers are in the hospital after their van collided with
10:00 am
another car overnight. we have new information about how it may have happened. the sunday night showdown is in south philly this evening. the birds will take on the cowboys here at lincoln financial field whereby game time, the temperature will struggle to stay above 40 glees. so dress for the weather. good morning. this is nbc 10 news today. i'm rosemary connors. it's 10:00 on this sunday. brittney shipp is watching the weekend weather for us. and we have cloudy skies out there this morning. is that going to clear up by this afternoon? >> we'll see a mix of sun and clouds. but right now an overcast start. we will see a cold eagles game tonight. there is a live look at the city skyline where we can see overcast skies in the distance. temperatures right how for toms river at 41, 42 atlantic city, 38 millvale, 39 quakertown, 43 pottstown, temperatures this morning in coatesville at 3


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