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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 500a  NBC  December 16, 2014 5:00am-5:31am EST

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84 students are dead and hundreds more being held hostage in pakistan after a taliban attack there. and get ready efor some changes today outside. it will be a little warmer today. but it will come with a downside and that in the form of rain for many of you later this afternoon. good morning and welcome to nbc 10 news today. i'm chris cato. >> i'm tracy davidson. let's find out about the timing of the rain headed our way. bill? >> the rain will arrive with the warmer air. this morning, it's cold. 10 to 15 degrees colder than yesterday morning and our skies are mainly clear although some areas of light fog you can make out some of it in this view. no problem across the delaware. not going to slow anybody down just yet this morning. temperatures, those are come down and you'll have to bundle up right now as it has dropped into the 20s and 30s and below freezing right now and right at 31 degrees for reading, pottstown and millville is back down to 29 degrees. clear skies here at the nbc 10 studios.
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clouds will be slowly increasing this morning. rain arrives this afternoon. look at the temperature increase from the 30s to low 40s and to near 50 degrees at lunchtime and still climbing in spite of the rain moving in. your hour-by-hour forecast when i come back in ten minutes and first alert traffic reporter jillian mele is standing by with a report. good morning, jill. >> still have construction on 76. it is right here. see it blocking the left lane between 30th street and the vine street expressway. just a small portion of 76, but one lane of traffic is getting by. if this stays out there a little bit longer, we could see a delay in this area. no delays but drivers are slowing down as they pass that scene. 76 westbound, as i mentioned and blue route looking good in both directions. no accidents and no delays to report there. 95 is free of any delays, however, the northbound side we have been following overnight construction right near girard avenue. again, no delays to report just yet on 95. i'm sure that will change southbound a little bit later this morning. we also have some construction right now that is leftover from
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the overnight hours on the pennsylvania turnpike on the eastbound side right as you approach ben salem. if you're traveling on mass transit this morning, everything is on or close to schedule. tracy? at 5:02, tension is still high as we continue to follow breaking news in montgomery and bucks county this morning. police are looking for suspected killer brad stone. he is accused of murdering six people yesterday. his ex-wife and five family members. overnight they went to his home and towed his car away as potential evidence. a look inside his home right near. here's what you need to know this morning. all schools in the upper per perkiiomen school district. the search now for stone is focused heavily around doylestown, bucks county. that's where police say last night he held up a man at gunpoint and tried to take the man's car keys.
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nbc 10's jesse gary joining us live now from doylestown. start by telling us how that encounter last night ended. >> it ended with the victim pulling a gun and firing several shots and stone running off into the woods. i'm standing outside the police department and i've just come back outside and told us command staff will not be back in until 7:00 this morning. the officers inside say that the case is still under investigation and they don't have any updates or new information about when or where the search will resume later today for bradley stone. so far, as we said, one school district canceled classes because on the loose and no class today for them. that affects students in lower berks county and upper montgomery county and also life works alternative school closed in doylestown, as well. bradley stone was last seen late last night when he tried to steal a man's car keys at knifepoint. and a man matching stone's
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description ran into nearby woods. stone wanted for the slaying of six people yesterday and critically wounding a teenager. we've been trying to get an update on the condition of that teenager, but we have not heard back as of yet. we are hopeful to have the chief from doylestown some time in the 6:00 hour. that's what i'm working for you right now to try to get in touch with the chief around 6:00 this morning. an update on that coming up in the next 30 minutes. live outside the doylestown police department. >> thanks for the update. let's review what we know about brad stone suspected rampage that began more than 24 hours ago. authorities say he went to a home around 3:30 on monday morning where he allegedly killed his ex-wife's sister, trisha flick, along with her husband and their 14-year-old daughter. left their 17-year-old son badly wounded. about an hour later, police say he showed up in lansdale a few miles away. killing his ex-wife mother and grandmother. and then he went to harleyville
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where he shot and killed his ex-wife, nicole hill. we're learning more about the six people killed and the connection between them. members of four generations of the same family died in that killing spree. a grandmother, a mother, two daughters, a niece and a brother-in-law. now, nicole hill's mother, joann, and her grandmother, pat, lived in the same lansdale house where pat grew up and they were killed inside that house yesterday morning. long-time friends recall joann's love of gardening and pat's love of the neighborhood. >> she grew up here and told us stories of how everything was. she was all about this neighborhood. >> nbc 10 was there last night as employees from the montgomery county coroner's office moved around the upstairs bedroom where nicole hill's sister, patricia, lived. her husband and two children. again, they were all shot. 17-year-old son survived. our nbc 10 crews are working around the clock to bring you continuing coverage of the
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manhunt for brad stone. stay with nbc 10 and six minutes after 5:00 now. we continue to follow this breaking news out of pakistan. we now know that the 84 people who were killed at a school this morning were all children. the students in first to tenth grade. taliban gunman are responsible. they stormed the school just a short time ago and just began shooting at random. the bbc is reporting that a taliban spokesperson said this is in response to pakistani army operations. this still an active situation at that school. soldiers are trying to fight off the taliban gunman. we'll continue to monitor the feeds coming out of pakistan and keep you updated as we learn more information. also new from overnight back here at home, police are investigating a deadly shooting in delaware county involving two off-duty police officers. in all, three people were shot inside a home on glenfield avenue. one woman was killed.
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another hurt. and there are reports that the third shooting victim is a caldwin police officer who was shot by another officer who lives at that home. again, we're trying to piece this together for you. we'll have more information later today. also new from overnight, near ll lly a dozen people incl a firefighter were injured. this happened just after midnight in temple. 11 people were treated and released at hospitals. minor injuries there. the firefighter injured his ankle and is expected to be okay. happening today, the funeral for a burling county grandmother who was found beaten to death last week. the body of 59-year-old susan johnson was found. authorities say a man staying with her in her gloucester township mobile home was the one who killed her. 30-year-old miguel diaz was in court yesterday. he is being held on $2 million bail. the head of the ncaa, penn state former president and the former director of the fbi are among those who could take the stand in a trial connected to the way the penn state sex abuse
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case was handled. pennsylvania state treasurer robert mccord brought that lawsuit that alleges that the ncaa did not have the authority to sanction penn state. those sanctions which came about over penn state's handling of the jerry abuse scandal included a $60 million fine. the two-state officials are asking for that fine to be refunded. the case is set to go to trial in three weeks. former philadelphia sportscaster withdrew his guilty plea in a charity scam. he was supposed to be sentenced yesterday for selling sports-related ticket packages and promising the money to charity and, instead, keeping that money for himself. more than $300,000 worth. paulson, though, yesterday in court said he will represent himself at trial because he can't afford a lawyer. he had pleaded guilty back in september. 5:08. happening today, the sentencing day for this california man robert copack. he is accused of causing a
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disturbance on a usairways flight. he was extremely drunk when he groped three women and a usairways employee in may. the plane was on the way from philly to london when the incident happened and had to turn around. pleaded guilty to interfering with a flight crew. he faces up to 20 years in prison. also happening today, the trial is expected to begin for a former philadelphia police officer charged with violating a protection from abuse order. kenneth allen is accused of assaulting a female officer who was his girlfriend at the time. investigators say allen attacked his partner on at least four occasions while the couple was on duty. from our jersey shore bureau, police are looking for the person or people responsible for slashing the tires of three dozen state-owned vehicles in atlantic city. a state employee discovered more than 70 tires slashed over the weekend. the new jersey division of child protection uses all but one of these vehicles. investigators are looking at nearby surveillance cameras to
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see if they captured the incident. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> getting ready to leave the house, bundle up this morning. temperatures are much colder. below freezing for much of the area. but a warm up is on the way as clouds increase. we'll see a bit of sunshine to start with. but this afternoon, you'll need your rain gear. the rain will be moving in and by then the temperatures in upper 40s and low 50s. only rain for us today. 33 in mount pocono and mostly cloudy and 31 degrees in at trenton and 36 right now in dover. and it is dry throughout the entire area. a live view of beach avenue and cape may from the marchequise t lafayette hotel. see some high clouds that have started to move in. the clouds are thicker to our west and that's why we're seeing some rain. already in western pennsylvania and into west virginia and virginia. this is the cold front that's going to be moving in with showers. but, it's not going to get all
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that cold. in fact, ahead of that front, that's where you get the warm air and see by 10:00 this morning. 42 degrees and climbing before the rain moves in, we'll be in the 50s in philadelphia. the rain early this afternoon and the western suburbs and then it spreads into the rest of the area during the afternoon hours. and there's still a possibility we'll see some rain showers into this evening, as well. but this weekend, we're tracking some rain and snow. got the seven-day when i come back in ten minutes. 5:11 and time for a check of the roads to see how things are shaping up for your tuesday moo morning drive. >> yillian mealy is always getting new information. >> we do have some problems out there, including downed wires in port richmond and use caution at burkes street. heading to lansdale accident at main street and that is the only accident pretty much that we're following this morning. a disabled tractor trailer on the shoulder of 76 eastbound right near girard avenue. as you can see, it's not blocking anything and not
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slowing anyone down. 76 right near the conshohacken curve. just some pockets of volume past city avenue. drive times pretty average in both directions and you can see between the blue route and the vine, about 12 to 13 minutes. good news for drivers and no accidents to report on the majors in new jersey or delaware. tracy? >> jillian, thanks. stay with nbc 10 as we stay on top of the breaking news that is still breaking. the search for an accused killer as investigators in montgomery county try to track down brad stone. schools in the area are closed and neighbors tell us what they believe touched out this deadly attack. most of us have seen this video already. new jersey governor rooting against the eagles in south philly. well, now he's taking some heat from the president.
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5:15 and 33 degrees outside. continue to follow breaking news where police continue to search for suspected killer brad stone, accused of going on a shooting sfr spree, murdering six peeping, his ex-wife included. all schools up in the upper perkiomen school district are closed. investigators are towed stone's car as potential evidence. neighbors believe a child custody dispute is behind the
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shooting spree. they recently went to court over the children. neighbors who knew nicole hill heard loud arguments and fighting and they say when the couple's two daughters were picked up by stone, at lohse a few times, law enforcement had to get involved. >> sometimes the police would have to come and get her to release the child to him. they weren't getting along. she didn't want, you know how it goes when they start arguing with one another. i don't want you to have her. i don't want you to see her. >> we should mention and remind you that police say after nicole hill was shot and killed inside her home yesterday, police say that brad stone took the couple's two daughters and dropped them off at a neighbor's house. they are under the age of 10 and they are doing okay, at least physically. we'll continue to bring you continuing coverage as this investigation continues. stay with nbc 10 and as the search for brad stone continues. we'll bring you the latest information on air and online. president obama visited a
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military base to mark the end of combat operations in afghanistan. the president stepped off air force one yesterday and thousands of military men and women were there. the president said every american who served in afghanistan should be proud of their accomplishments. taking out osama bin laden and winding down the 13-year responsibly. 5:17 now. new jersey governor chris christie is no stranger to criticism. even the president, though, is giving him heat over his love for the dallas cowboys. tracy mentioned the president saluted troops yesterday. christie said the two did talk about sunday night's game at lincoln financial field and he said the president had no problem teasing him. christie, of course, was spotted high fiving jerry jones, the cowboys owner there in the luxury box, which, of course, led to a firestorm on social media. >> i'm an enthusiastic dallas cowboys fan. i never made a secret of it from
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the time i entered public life. and, you know, i was there rooting for my favorite team in the nfl last night and, you know, some people reacted badly to it, but that's okay. i understand. they're passionate about the eagles, too. >> some people reacted badly to it? every eagles and giants fan in the state of new jersey and in the philadelphia area. governor christie said he'll never change his sports team loyalty for political points. red light cameras at intersections across new jersey are about to go dark because part of a pilot program that is ending at midnight. up to each town to deactivate the cameras on their own by tonight's deadline and after all the cameras are unplugged the new jersey department of transportation will review the data and submit a report. >> you still have to stop at a red light. >> you do. >> most importantly. hopefully nothing but green lights for people out on the highways. >> yillian mealy will tell us.
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>> it has been pretty quiet. one accident we've been following and main street heading north to the lehigh valley. the majors there looking pretty egood. no accidents to report on the northeast extension. interstate 78 is clear and so is 22. this is a live look at route 22. right near route 309 and you can see just a few drivers out there. no accidents and no delays to report there. for drivers in new jersey, this morning we had overnight construction on 295. some of that normal, long-term construction. nothing that is causing any slow downs right now. new jersey turnpike is looking good and so is the 42 freeway. you can see that's quiet. no problems to report so far on mass transit. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> clear of any rainfall for now. but cold, we've got it this morning with clear skies overnight. the temperatures have really come down, we're running 10 to 15 degrees colder than yesterday. that 33 degrees at philadelphia
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international is 10 degrees colder than yesterday at this time. nice and dry for the area, but we will see rain developing during the morning hours and the western suburbs and spreading through the rest of the area this afternoon. by then, the temperatures will be warmer. look at that 12 degrees warmer in millville and northeast philadelphia and 10 in reading and philadelphia. seeing 30s and some 20s. right now 31 in northeast philadelphia, but look at doylestown at 29 degrees and 28 in west town while westchester is 34 and 28 now in chester springs. it's bumped up to 30 degrees in phoenixville which was in the 20s last hour. radar shows nothing going on just yet. but look to the west and you can see a front, cold front that is coming our way. spreading some light, scattered showers into western pennsylvania. but more impressive is the rain that is farther to the southwest. that is what we're going to see arrive this afternoon and into this evening. going to be several hours of rainfall. so, we will see accumulation by
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6:00 this evening about a quarter of an inch in philadelphia. but then it continues into the evening hours. we kind of wind up with half an inch of rain in philadelphia while very little rainfall falls at the shore under a quarter inch for atlantic city. the forecast is calling for clouds to increase and sunshine to start with and see the temperatures climb into the tos this afternoon. but rain this afternoon and into this evening. then, it clears out for tomorrow. the seven-day forecast has us down to 34 to start with and 53 in the afternoon. the wind will be blowing wednesday and it will bring in colder air for thursday and friday. brisk with a high of 40 degrees on friday. we will see sunshine fade on sunday, however. clouds increase leading to a chance of rain and snow on sunday and into monday. looks like it's going to be mostly rain for philadelphia, but there will be a snow component, especially north and west. high of 41 degrees sunday and up to 40 monday afternoon. >> with winter precipitation on
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the way like that, you can always track storms as they move through your neighborhood. you can do so with the rain this afternoon, as well. just download the first alert weather app for free. you can get it right now at a crucial deadline was missed yesterday. a casino union did not withdraw its appeal of a court-ordered ruling of the trump taj mahal. what that means for the casino and 3,000 workers. if you're one of those like me who like to wait until the last minute to get the holiday shopping done. here's something you may want to know. several stores are keeping their doors open longer. we'll tell you which ones, ahead.
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5:25. we want to update you on the casino crisis in atlantic city and a growing crisis, apparently this morning. the deadline to save the trump taj mahal has passed. the casino's union did not drop to cut health insurance and pension plans. the casino is now scheduled to close at 6:00 a.m. on saturday. neither side has commented on the passing of that deadline or what else may happen for the casino and its 3,000 workers who would be out of a job on saturday. now, the taj mahal would be the fifth casino to shut down this year in atlantic city. it all start would the atlantic club back in january, that was followed by trump plaza, showboat and revel leaving 10,000 people out of work. procrastinators take note. by procrastinators i mean you. some stores staying open around
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the clock as we get closer to christmas. landon has the details in cnbc business news. good morning. >> good morning to you, tracie, yes, if you haven't finished your christmas shopping, time to shop until you drop. with only nine shopping days left. toys "r" us will keep the most stores open for 39 straight hours from december 23rd jñ thrh 9:00 p.m. on christmas eve. many locations will be open 24 hours this saturday to monday and new york times square will have the lights on, for get this, 183 straight hours starting on wednesday. last week, kohl's said it will keep more stores open for more than 100 hours through christmas eve. a live stream of its network show starting today. content will be available on demand and consumers will have to prove they have a paid tv subscription. launch a mobile so you can get your favorite blacklist show
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wherever you go. >> excellent. thanks. now your nbc first alert forecast. >> most of the area below freezing now, but it is dry. and a little bit of light fog is forming. you can see it in this view. view from comcast center in center city. doesn't look like that fog that will slow anybody down. you're getting ready to hit the roads, jillian mele has traffic. >> getting a check of things on the pennsylvania turnpike right now. clear in both directions and overnight construction. not slowing anybody down. most of that has wrapped and drive times between ben salem and valley forge about 21 to 22 minutes. coming up in a few minutes, i'll take you to a live look at the blue route. staying on top of the breaking news we have been following for 24 hours now. brad stone, the man suspected of killing six people in montgomery county yesterday is still on the run this morning. >> a number of developments. jesse gary is following the
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investigation. jesse? >> that's right. part of those developments this search for bradley stone affecting school district and an alternative school and that will affect students in this county and two other counties. i'll explain all of that coming up after the break.
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