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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 500a  NBC  December 18, 2014 5:00am-5:31am EST

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windchills in the 20s this morning. the wind is going to stay with us like yesterday. it is dry. no clouds over center city at this point. there will be clouds blowing through the area. winds steady at wilmington at 22 miles an hour. 16-mile-per-hour winds, philadelphia, 36 degrees. most of the area is above freezing. but with the wind, it feels like the 20s this morning. a blustery start. bundle up if you're heading out the door, a cold morning. lower 30s for 7:00 and 9:00, by lunchtime, just 41 degrees and the wind will still be blowing. your hour-by-hour forecast when i come back in ten minutes but right now, kate? zachary, "first alert" traffic reporter standing by. >> good morning, bill. there is an accident to tell you about for philadelphia drivers, specifically at route 1 southbound at f street. you can see the two inner lanes are blocked as a result of this accident. throughout the area, the drive times are great on your majors. pennsylvania turnpike drive
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times look good. eastbound between valley forge and route 1 look good as well. there is a disabled vehicle in king of prussia, i'll have that for you in a few minutes. now this morning in the atlantic city casino crisis there appears to be a deal on the table to save the trump taj mahal casino. the taj was scheduled to close saturday putting 3,000 people out of work. nbc10 jesse gary is there with more. >> reporter: i went into the casino for a little bit to talk to some people. and the emotion from the rank and file range from cautious optimism to relief. just days before set to fall, 3,000 jobs have apparently been saved. in a few hours, the casino's union will announce a plan with billionaire carl icahn. it will relieve some work rules as well as health care and pensions. that was a sticking point in a
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dangerous game of brinkmanship. the new york post reports icahn gets $50 million in tax breaks from the state. he will swap deep debt and $100 million in cash for ownership. one of the workers tells me he's waiting for the ink to dry before letting loose with a sigh of relief. i'm looking for other aspects of the deal and will have that in 30 minutes. you can count on nbc10 to update you as soon as we get new information on the casino crisis. you can get instant updates on your iphone. and you can use the new and improved nbc10 news app. you can read news articles and watch video. you can download it and it's all free. 5:02. new from overnight, a pizza delivery man carjacked at gunpoint. two men stole his money after he made a delivery at 1 at 30 this
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morning. then they also took the man's car. the victim was not hurt. also from overnight, two people were hurt in this crash on roosevelt boulevard in the crescentville section of philadelphia. police say the driver lost control. flipped the car several times and crashed on the boulevard at adams avenue around midnight. the two injured people were taken to the hospital. police say both should be okay. this morning, a community is calling for changes at school bus stops after an suv hit a teenage girl yesterday killing her. investigators say a school bus had had stopped at the intersection of bridgewater and bensalem boulevard in bensalem yesterday morning. had its lights flashing and a stop sign extended. but an suv went right past it running over the girl. family friends and classmates gathered at the place where 16-year-old minete zeka lost her life. parents say they complained to the school district about students having to cross the boulevard in the early morning
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hours. now the district is looking to make changes. >> increasing bus routes, changing bus locations. >> i would definitely say this should not be a bus stop because it's not in a good place at all. >> how is this for a trip of faith, her girlfriend who you see right there said she was almost hit by a car there but minette pulled her out of the way. we have more about the victim and the accident on there are new questions about the death of a man who killed six people in montgomery county monday. the coroner released that brad stone did lut guy of stab wounds. we learned there was a machete, an ax and two pill bottles near his body. a toxicology test could reveal what killed stone but those results won't be back for four days. a trial begins for the man
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charged with pushing his wife's corvette in the delaware river in northeast philadelphia. you'll remember the story, police had to pull that car out 0 of the water earlier this month. this guy john kramer is involved in a bitter divorce. his wife told us that he broke her front door and damaged another car. the wife has filed a protection from kramer. in the new case of eric garner that died in a choke hold in new york. our sister station is reporting that a judge has taken himself off the case. he was supposed to preside over a hearing that is scheduled for tomorrow over whether grand jury documents can be released. the judge's wife works for the same hospital that sent emts to respond to the garner call. a hearing has now been put off until january. >> happening today, philadelphia school students will hold a die-in protest in response to the killings in new york and missouri. >> yeah, that's supposed to take place at 4:30 this morning
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before a scheduled school reform committee meeting in spring garden. in recent weeks we know people have staged die-in protests in philadelphia and across the country in the wake of those controversies in new york. and police are trying to figure out how a student got a gun into his school, samuel fels high school was shut down after a student saw another student with a gun. the .38 was not loaded and the student will be charged. they're not sure how he got it past the school's medtal detectors. princeton university's crime log shows three sex assaults were reported over this past weekend. one victim was allegedly fondled at one of the eating clubs this past friday. another victim reported a fondling incident at another club within the past month. and the third reported an assault in an earlier academic
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year. essentially an ivy league school like princeton, you wouldn't think that stuff like that would ever happen here. >> the campus is still reeling from a sex photo daniel that was just last month at the tiger inn eating club. students allegedly circulateded picture in an e-mail of an under grad performing a sex act in the club. the club removed two of its officers and the police launched an investigation. police are investigating an alleged sex video at a middle school. officers tell us that video involves minors. officials have confiscated several students' cell phones. police have not arrested or charged anyone in the case. federal investigators say they have concluded the north korean government ordered the sony hack attack. it ordered the cancel of the release of the film "the interview." actually the threat of taking
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action against movie theaters did that. u.s. officials told nbc news the hacking originated outside of north korea. they believe those behind it were acting on orders of north koreans. the new reveal comes on the heels of sony announcing five movie chains would not show the film. some worry more about that response than the threat. >> what it does, it sets a precedent for others who wish to attack cultural items. >> the canchancancellation of " interview" could lost $50 million in revenue. they are discussing a range of options. we do not know what those options include. bundle up, if you're heading outside. the temperatures are dropping right now. and the wind is blowing. so a cold morning.
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feels even colder with winds that have been gusting to 30 miles an hour. dry weather, though, today, tomorrow, with some sunshine and a few clouds blowing through the area. right now, 34 degrees in allentown. flicks in northeast philadelphia. and in the 30s in south jersey. atlantic city is 34. but there's the problem, the wind is steady this morning, so it feels like it's in the 20s. winds gusting to 30 miles an hour. lancaster with a windchill of 26 degrees. feels like 26 in northeast philadelphia and wilmington, 24. so a cold blustery morning. it's clear for now but some clouds. at times some of these clouds will blow through but it will stay dry today. for the forecast, it's calling for a cold morning. a slow warmup by 10:00 this morning. 36 degrees and then into the low 40s. and that's where the temperatures will stop this afternoon. after 1:00 this afternoon. so stand by to bundle up this morning. and it's not going to be in the 50s like we saw yesterday.
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lower 40s with wind, gusting to 30 miles an hour. drier weather and tracking wet weather, the seven-day forecast back in ten minutes. >> it's about ten minutes after 5:00 now. and a couple accidents throughout already this morning. >> nbc10 "first alert" traffic reporter katy zachry is monitoring it all. >> yeah, one accident on roosevelt boulevard southbound. but first, i want to get to the interstates. we are looking pretty good. this is the time of morning when a lot of construction on or area roadways is lifting. and volume is not yet building on the roadways. 76 between the vine and the blue route in both directions, about 11 or 12 minutes so you can't beat that for this time of morning. here's that accident i was telling you, north philadelphia in roosevelt southbound, at f street, the two inner lanes are blocked as a result of that accident. goddard boulevard at north gulf road, there's a disabled vehicle, be aware of that if
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that's part of your morning community. and drive times, look at that, greets all around on 202. and president obama announces the u.s. will restore diplomatic relations with cuba. plus, how the change could help the police in new jersey catch one of the fbi's most wanted. and will he or won't he? new jersey governor chris christie sets a deadline to decide if he'll make a run to the white house.
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5:13. a live look at the city from our cameras at the comcast center. blustery morning. meteorologist bill henley says windchills in the 20s. we will find out if and when we will see warmer temperatures coming up in just a few minutes. there continues to be mixed reaction to president obama's announcement. the united states will restore diplomatic relations with cuba. for the trade embargo to be lifted, congress still needs to approve it. part of the diplomatic deal included the release of american alan gross from a cuban prison. the government contractor had been in prison there since 2009. last spring, the president authorized senior advisers to get talks. nine secret meetings held. >> first thing is buying a computer and getting a mobile phone. everything that normal people do. >> now, while gross says he supports the change, some lawmakers criticized the
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announcement saying it will reward the government that brutal ices its people. >> now, the three remaining jail members of the so-called cuban five were also released as part of this deal. cuban president raul castro welcomed the men as they arrived in havana yesterday. the men were part of a spy network that operated in the '90s. the two other men were previously released from prison. those are people celebrating in the streets of havana after hearing the announcement of the policy change. it could be cuba's economy a much needed boost even though tourists are still banned from going there. travel restrictions will be lifted. and those who are approved to visit can now bring those famous cuban cigars back to the u.s. meantime, new jersey state police with the deal with cuba has been in contact with the fbi's most vawanted.
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there is the woman. she escaped in 1989. fidel castro granted her asylum in cuba. and voters will wonder whether chris christie will run for president in 2016. the governor said he will talk to his family over the holidays and make a decision early next year. and this comes as jeb bush said he would actively explore running for president. christie will not be sued over the jersey bridge scandal. lawyers who were stuck in that lawsuit originally named the lawsuit with christie and some of his defendant, and aides and ex-port authority officials. but now lawyers are filing a new suit that would not include the governor. this came after the lane closures on the g.w. bridge found no evidence that christie was involved. pennsylvania governor tom
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corbett told the associated press he will consider working with a presidential candidate for 2016. though he didn't say which possible candidate he would prefer to work with. he also said he may teach or accept a seat on a corporate board. new york governor cuomo has released plans to ban fracking for states. the process is legal here in pennsylvania and there's been a drilling boom here since 2008. health alert for anyone living in delaware. medical experts want everyone to get flu shots for the number of people in the state with the sickness continues to climb. there are more than 250 cases of the flu in delaware. and two people die you can get a shot in allentown. and another clinic there tomorrow starts at 9:00. finding a doctor of any kind
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can be a pretty difficult process. >> many of us depend on referrals from friends and family. according to a new report, a lot of people just shop blindly by their care. a study by the house improvement institute said a majority of cases, 40, received an "f" when it came to the amount of information available to the public about doctors. the study says consumers are sharing more of the health costs, it's difficult to find objective information on the quality of doctors in the country. south philadelphia may soon be the home for a new arena for indoor cycling. last night, organizers discussed their plan for the olympic track also known as velodrome. it would be built at the park that includes other entertainment and facilities. the parks and recreation committee is now reviewing the project and will make a final recommendation to city council who has the final say. >> announcer: now your nbc10 "first alert" weather with meteorologist bill henley.
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>> it's a cold start this morning. the wind is blowing and the temperatures have dropped in the 30s. this is a view here from the nbc10 studios. it's nice and clear. we'll see a lot of sunshine, but at times like yesterday the wind will blow a few clouds through the area. right now, 36 degrees. it's above freezing but it feels like 28 degrees with winds that are gusting to 20 miles an hour in the city. dry at cape may, you'll see sunshine at cape may and some scattered clouds as the wind blows through today. it's cold across the north. below freezing in pottstown, doylestown, while trenton is 35 degrees. camden county. camden is 34. audobon, right in the middle of 30s for voorhees and glendora. it's going to be a blustery day. it will be dry. radar completely clear for our area. look to the south and southwest. and that's where you can see rain and snow. but a huge area of high pressure is going to keep the entire northeast dry for the next few days.
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and potentially this weekend, too. future rain shows friday night at 9:00, the rain is way to the south. and we are dry. it will be chilly over the weekend, but we'll see sunshine on saturday, as this will all stay to the south. this is 4:00 saturday afternoon. we'll be in the clear. and even into sunday morning, we'll see some clouds, but the wet weather stays to our south and west. so the forecast is calling for a colder day today. high temperatures in the low 40s. with the wind out of the northwest, it will feel like the 30s. partly sunny skies. another cold one, 42. a high of 42 degrees with the winds blowing. it will feel like the upper 30s. a bit colder on saturday with partly sunny skies. and a mostly cloudy day sunday. but dry until later on monday when rain will be moving in. and a rainy tuesday. and christmas eve is going to be rainy with a high of 57. all right. bill, remember, you can only get
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important weather information delivered straight to your smart phone or tablet through the nbc10 "first alert" weather app. that's a free download. you can get it right now. >> another thing you can get right now, a look at the roads at 5:21. >> and you don't need an app for that. you just need katy zachry. anything happening out there? >> a few things to keep drivers on their toes, chris and tracy. good morning to you we do have incidents to tell you about, at broad road and newark road. there's an accident there. moving into pennsylvania, in north philadelphia, there's an accident. it's been out there for quite some time at roosevelt boulevard southbound at f street. the two inner lanes are blocked as a result of that crash there. and then king of prussia, there's still a disabled vehicle, goddard boulevard at northbroke road.
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and the turn spike and the freeway clear right now. chris. >> it's the case of vanished vacation videoed. these old videos were found on the shore decades ago but no one knew who he belonged to or who those laughing girls were until now. that's coming up. and getting set for super saturday. the experts at cnbc will show us what stores are doing to lure in the shoppers in the last weekend before christmas.
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5:24 on your thursday morning. if you're headed south on 95, toward the airport, this is what your drive looks like right now. not too bad out there. trader will look for another big day on wall street today. landon dowdy it following that on cnbc's business news. landon, good morning. >> tracy, good morning to you. wall street looks to build on wednesday's big rally. futures are pointing to a sharply higher open. and the markets had their best day of the year as stocks bounced back, investors also reacting to the fed which is a strong signal that they might start raising interest rates in the middle of next year as long as the economy keeps on improving. look for data on manufacturing and the dow is up 282 points from 17366. the nasdaq up 96.
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and christmas is actually a week away from today. and retailers trying to reel in the last-minute shopping. amazon is offering free shopping if you get your order in by 10:00 al. target is keeping most stores open from now until new years. and customers can get same-day pick upwith online orders as late as 6:00 p.m. on christmas eve. >> a lot of people offering free shipping today. landon dowdy with cnbc. thanks. now, your nbc10 "first alert" weather. a blustery start for the morning. the temperatures have dropped into the 30s. but the winds are going to feel like the 20s. we're already seeing winds gusting 20 to 30 miles an hour. that's a live view. here it's 37 degrees. katy zachry is in the traffic center. good morning, katy. >> good morning, bill. your majors in philadelphia
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looking great. no accidents or issues to report on 76, 95, or 476. we are following an accident on delaware and an issue on the boulevard in delaware southbound. and we continue to follow developments in the atlantic city casino crisis. nbc10's jesse gary is live in atlantic city. we're learning new details about the future of the taj mahal, jesse. >> reporter: that's right, deep pockets and wheeling and dealing have come together to save this casino. and the 3,000 jobs within. i'll break it down for you after the break. and remembering philadelphia's first female firefighter to die in the line of duty. we'll tell you ho you the community is coming together today to support the family of joyce craig.
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>> announcer: this is "nbc10 news." tax breaks. union concessions, and a lot of cash. that's what it will take to keep another atlantic city casino from folding. we're live in atlantic city with new information on the plan to save the trump taj mahal just days before it was scheduled to close. mourning minete. as officials answer our questions on what some call a dangerous bus stop. you're waking up to a brisk and breezy morning. we're tracking temperatures and the changeso


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