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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 500a  NBC  December 19, 2014 5:00am-5:31am EST

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cloudy. but will we stay dry through the weekend? good morning. >> i'm tracy davidson. get to the store and travel. a lot of people are starting their holiday travel day. we're starting off with temperatures that are falling right now. the i understand are blowing. it feels like winter. the temperatures will drop down a couple more degrees. there are clouds ahead. we're at 37 degrees in philadelphia. normally this time of year we would drop into the 20s overnight. it could be worse. 38 degrees right now in northeast philadelphia. mount holly is 37 while mount pocono is 28 degrees. with the wind blowing we're back in the 20s and very low 30s for most of the area. blustery start for the day. we'll see sun shine break through the clouds as the day goes on, similar to yesterday. temperatures into the upper 30s. 39 degrees by lunchtime today.
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we'll go through it neighborhood by neighborhood when i'm back in ten minutes. but jirs alert traffic reporter has a look at friday morning. for drivers in chester county, a live look at route 202 right at route 252, free and clear of any accidents. taking a look at the pennsylvania turnpike right now, it's looking great. your drive times between route 1 and valley forge in both directions, 22 minutes. in issues on the turnpike and construction in this hour is lifting. in abingdon township, we're following a water tweak on easton road. you can take york road around that. and also for new jersey drivers along the garden state parkway, there's an accident that's closed the parkway southbound between sea aisle boulevard and the exit at avalon. you can take route 9 around that. holiday shopping procrastinators are expected to be out in full force on this
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last weekend before christmas, especially tomorrow which is now known as super saturday. there are six shopping days left. today starts a marathon stretch for one big box store. jesse gary is live in haverton town county. >> reporter: the kohl's store behind me going to open in less than an hour and they're going to stay open until 6:00 on christmas eve. the online research firm found that 82% of consumers plan to use their computers to make some online purchases this holiday shopping season. overnight shipping available until tuesday. amazon offering something faster, same day delivery on christmas eve in a handful of hub cities including philadelphia. the order has to be placed
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before 10:00 a.m. the company is offering one-hour service in manhattan. order it now and get it at 6 clock in the morning. kohl's isn't the only store having the extended hours. we'll talk about that in 30 minutes. live in haverton, delaware county, yesry gary. >> if you're a last minute online shopper, today is the last day to order gifts to make it to your people in time for christmas with standard shipping. if you do want to may more than retailer shipping fee, thoed is the day to place those orders. it is 5:03. you can. the airports to be packed as we head into the business jest travel days of the year. today is the business jest day for air travel because many stools get out for holiday break. overall aaa projects close on the 100 million americans will
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travel more than 50 miles by air or car over the christmas holidays, up 4% over last year. happening today, a judge will sentence a man on rape, robbery and kidnapping charges in connection with an attack on a woman in philadelphia. smith roughed up the woman near a septa platform in march before robbing and sexually assaulting her. new information this morning in the case against a former owner of a philadelphia day care. tianna edwards has pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter charges in the death of a seven-year-old boy. prosecutors say it took police nine hours to find the boy's body in a back yard pool at edwards' mother's house where edwards dropped off 20 children for a swim and then left. she could be sentenced up to 22 years in prison. she's already serving more than five years for taking a million
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dollars in improper payment frs the day care. the judge who saw bradley stone in veteran's court says stone did not give any hint of violent behavior. he murdered his ix wife and five f h her family members on monday. the court once treated him after a second dui offense. the judge issued a statement that reads in part, mr. stone did not have a record of violence and showed no violent tendencies while in the program. our court community is at a loss to explain his actions. the lone survivor of brad stone's attacks is still recovering and a go fund me account is set up to help pay for his expenses. donors have given $21,000 at this time. a high school student in philadelphia is now charged with bringing a gun to school prompting a lockdown. 18-year-old juan mejias facing
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several charges. the high school senior is accused of bringing an unloaded gun to class on tuesday. another student saw the gun, took a picture of it and told authorities. that triggered a lockdown at the school. they evan chublly found the gun in a trash can inside the weight room. no one was hurt. a newly elected state senator in montgomery county will announce proposed litigation concerning police officers and the use of deadly force. senator elect art heywood will hold a briefing this morning, aimed at addressing the use of deadly force by police. meanwhile, in new jersey, legislation has been approved to study body cameras. the acting attorney general will chair a committee in charges of the city which will report its findings no later than next sunday. more police protests are
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expected this weekend in our air yap. they're expected at the king of push sha mall and tomorrow children are expected to take part in a demonstration at the target in the winfield area of philadelphia. these students held a protest outside the school district headquarters just before a school board meeting yesterday in response to the recent grand jury decisions in ferkson and new york city. north philadelphia's keisha charter school will close its doors today. the school was supposed to shut down last tuesday but schooled a minute starts decided to move the day up today. an all-girls charter school will close at the end of the year. reach academy in new castle, the
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school has a history of financial and academic problems. a philadelphia family will get to keep their home after fighting the city for months. the sourovelis family was evicted. the city ruled civil forfeiture law allowed them to seize the property. but now the suspect has gone to treatment and the drug dealings has stopped. but despite the victory, the family will continue with its lawsuit challenging the city's forfeiture practices. >> this happens to too many m people for no reason. we want to continue to fight to change the laws. >> the d.a.'s office says it uses the law appropriately to address nuisance properties and protect people in city neighborhoods. we'll plern more today about the new year's celebrations happening in the philadelphia area. philadelphia mayor michael nuder and cam don red will announce the plans for the cities this
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morning. the featured events include fire works along the water frobt and the mummer's parade. they have a new parade route this year starting at 15th and market marching south on broad. clouds are overhead, temperatures coming down. there's a cold breeze blowing to morning. we're starting with reading that feel like they're below freezing. clouds and sunshine just like yesterday. and this weekend looks lyiooks like it's going to be dry. right now 35 in redding and holding at 37 degrees in philadelphia and cape may with clouds overhead, you can see the clouds from this view. look at the flag blowing in the wind. the wind isn't quite as strong as yesterday at the time but still just enough to give us wind chills of teens in the poem
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knows. feels like 28 degrees in millville and at atlantic city at the airport, 27 degrees. winds now at 12 miles an hour for philadelphia and northeast philly and that's blowing clouds through the area. not just philadelphia, millville, cape may is starting off with clouds this morning. but like yesterday, we will see breaks of sunshine. in fact more sunshine this afternoon than this morning. and nothing is falling from those clouds. so don't have to deal with any of that. 33 this afternoon. for mouth poem no. 40s for allen stoun, quakertown and regd will be up to 39. the wind will be blowing but not as strong as yesterday. partly to mostly sunny skies this afternoon for atlantic city, cape way. and you will see clouds and sunshine in westchester, a high of 39 degrees and up to 41 for philadelphia and wilmington today. there is warmer weather ahead.
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got the seven day forecast when i come back in ten minutes. 5:10 a.m. and commuters are having to deal with a water main break and an accident? . >> we have you kord. what are you seeing? >> so our majors in pennsylvania look pretty good. i want to start thing out showing you 476, a live look right at route 30 where you can see just a few cars on the road. but this friday we'll see this pick up in the next little bit. taking a look at your drive times on 95 between wood hachb and the vine in both directions, 13 minutes. it's a great time to get on 95. also we're following that accident on an interstate in new jersey, the garden state parkway southbound is closed between sea aisle boulevard and the exit fb avalon. taking a look at mass transit, everything is running on or close to schedule. 11 minutes past 5:00 right
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now. there's been a lot of back and forth over the future of the taj mahal. the casino was scheduled to close this morning until a last-minute reprieve yesterday. hours later that fell apart. we'll tell you where things stand right now. we're expecting new information about the flu season today as one local state reports wide-spread cases of the virus.
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people living in cuba hope the normalization of u.s. cuban
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relations will bring even more visitors and money. there are long lines of people seeking visas to visit or move to the u.s. but some say fewer cubans would leave if better relations improve the stagnant economy there. the trade embargo to be lifted, congress would still need to approve it. the policy change represents a big opportunity. sammy parado never met his cuban grandparents because of the travel restrixs. they've sense died but he's hoping to connect with other relatives who still live there. >> i would love to finally visit the grave site of my grandparents. it opens up the door to meet family that i've never met. >> and aaa in wilmington is already getting calls for people wanting to visit cuba. but travel is still not allowed. governor cruise is headed to
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west africa. coons says that it's worth to go to liberia and thank the u.s. forces work in the area. we still don't know when that trip will be. and today the centers for disease control will give us an update on the flu. they're saying at least 14 states had wide spread flu activity. the vaccine being given this year is not a good match for the main flu virus that's circulating through the u.s. and doctors say pennsylvania is one of the 14 states with wide spread flu cases. the flu season could get worse been it gets better. the flu vaccine appears to be less effective this year but they advice getting the vaccine can prevent many cases and lessen the severity of the flu if you get it. the allentown health bureau is
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offering a clinic, it's free, anyone six months of age or older can get the shot this morning between 9:00 and 11:00. no insurance or appointments is required. new jersey lawmakers passed a bill that would require schools to stock epi pen injectors and they would not need permission to use the pen if the child has a ñ2mireaction. one in 20 children in the u.s. has food allergies. if new jersey governor chris christi decides to run for president, he might have trouble getting help from his own state. 47% of viewers have a good view of christie. he also ranked low in his dealing with top issues. he's said he'll make a decision of whether or not to run sometime after the holidays. two click cities casino
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crisis, the trump taj mahal will stay in business for now. the billionaire investor says he's going to pledge $20 million to keep the taj open through the bankruptcy process. another deal to save the casino and its 3,000 jobs fell apart yesterday. the loser in the bid for eastern pennsylvania last casino license is fighting to stop the winner from moving forward. the developer is appealing last month's decision that gave the license to a baltimore based company. the hotel and casino is plans to be built near the sports complex. he's appealed the control board's decision to the state's supreme court. 5:18. friday. we've got to get through one more day. >> katie has you covered. >> for the last little bit
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drivers in montgomery county have had to deal with at water main break on easton road, and it's closed between york road and fitzwater road. we've been monitoring it and crews are still out there. a live look right now route 1 right at 76 free and clear of any problems on route 1 or the expanse of 76. if that's part of your morning commute, now is a good time to get on the road. we're following an accident in new jersey, towarden state parkway is closed between sea aisle boulevard and the exit for avalon. and also taking a live look at your speeds and your flows of 95 in delaware, there is some construction to tell you about. on 95 north beginning at 7:00 this morning you will not be able to get on tho 896 north which is the main chute into the university of delaware and downtown newark. that beginning at$ñç 7:00 this
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morni morning. we are less than two hours away from sunrise at 7 o'clock this morning. we'll be seeing brighter skies and a better view of the clouds overhead. but nothing is falling from the clouds. just like yesterday. it's just the temperatures that are slowly coming down. and it now feels colder because the wind has picked up at 12 miles an hour. the wind chill is 29 degrees. you'll find similar conditions around the rest of the area. clouds are overhead and yesterday we saw bright sunshine to start with and then it spread to the rest of the area. 37 degrees right now if philadelphia. northeast philadelphia and wilmington are above freezing. and it is in the middle 30s for logan township, harrison township at 36 degrees, turnersville is 36 degrees right now. a chilly start. temperatures are normally colder this time of the year. we should be falling into the 20s. that's not going to happen today. just feels like the 20s. we will not see anything today,
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tonight or over the weekend. but into next week we'll be watching to the south. we expect to see a storm coming together with rain for us later on monday. sunday afternoon it's way to the south. no sign of any wet weather for our area this weekend or to start with on monday. that's 3:00 monday morning. but later monday and then tuesday and wednesday, a chance of rain. stand bay for some wet weather. it's no going to be here today. temperatures into the very low 40s this afternoon with the wind blowing. it will feel like the 30s. and ood cloudy to start with tomorrow. saturday breaks of sunshine, high of 40. not as windy on saturday and sunday. winter finally arrives sunday evening. and then monday the temperatures climb, 47 degrees with rain developing in the afternoon and the warming trend continues for tuesday and christmas eve, up to 60 degrees with a steady rain.
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their team colors are usually crimson and gray. but when the hockey team from st. joseph prep hit the ice on monday night they'll be wearing pink. the annual pink the rink night at the skating rink in haverton. the prep plays cardinal o'hara. pink the rink happens monday the 22nd. there's a $10 open skate starting at 6:0030. admission is free if you buy a pink the rink t-shirt for 20 bucks. the jv game is immediately afterwards. apartment pacoming up in th half-hour were we'll tell you about the project that will change the skyline and bring dozens of jobs to our area.
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today investors will be watching to see if the rally on wall street will continue for another day. fingers crossed. cnbc business news, morning landon. >> the market rally looks like it could roll on for a third day. stock had their best day of the year as the fed reassured investors they'll be patient about raising interest rates. traders largely shrugged off that big drop in i'll prices.
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dow rising more than 7 points. best percentage gain since 2011. the nasdaq up 104 top 4748. google is reportedly laying the grand work to wire its software directory into your car. that would across drivers to access streaming apps and music without having to plug in their phone. google could roll out the new version of the android in the next year or to. happy friday. back to you. >> thanks. a breezy and cold start this morning. the temperatures feel like they're below freezing and the coldest is in the pocono mountains where man made snow is blowing. a live view from the pocono mountain pps right now it's 28
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degrees but it feels like 17. here at nbc 10 it's 37 degrees. we're not doing too bad weather wise. traffic is looking good for pennsylvania drivers. no accident or issues on 95 or 76. in new jersey, there's an accident on the garden state parkway and a new one i'll tell you about in a few minutes. it's the busiest day to fly for the christmas holiday. >> nbc 10 monique braxton is checking out the conditions at philly international this morning. >> reporter: it's a busy morning here at the airport. as you look inside the terminal, you can see the passengers are already preparing to take off. we'll have that for you after the break. and staying open for 100 straight hours, we are live with a look at the last-minute holiday shopping season and all of the ways retailers are trying to lure you in.
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slashing prices, extending hours, we're staying open all night last-minute holiday shopping kicks into high gear today and the retailers are making it easy for you get the job done. the business jest day to fly. we're live at philadelphia


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