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tv   NBC 10 News at 5pm  NBC  December 24, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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♪ now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> right now on nbc 10 news at 5:00, soggy and foggy, light rain continues to fall across the area and thick fog is building, too. to making travel this christmas eve a challenge. >> nbc 10 first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here now. glenn, it sure doesn't feel like ek outside. how long will the rain and fog stick r%2÷[around? >> the rain will stick around for much of the night. the follow, that condition is really improving from the philadelphia area southward as you can see, i-95 at 4:00 when barely see that road from the sports complex. and now things have improved. but we have heavy rain on the way, maybe even thunderstorms overnight tonight. we have a very windy christmas day. the airport delays still pretty
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substantial, philadelphia international close to two hours. that may be coming down over the next couple of hours as the fog improves in some areas. you can see the rain condition improving, getting lighter and lighter but we have to contend with this area in xfns kentuckye of that will be coming through later on tonight. visibility up a little bit in the poconos but still near zero in coatesville, in western chester county, we're up to eight mile at philadelphia ç international. if that trend o@b:jcontinues, t airport delays are going to diminish as we go through the evening. but the temperature, it's just skyrocketing. more on that and the other big changes with the seven-day in just a few minutes. the fog and rain are combining for a messy evening commute. look at the conditions along i-95. >> whether you're in for a long trip or short drive this christmas eve, prepare for low going. nbc 10's christine madella spent the day on the road.
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she's live along the schuylkill expressway tonight. how does it look out there? >> taking a look at the schuylkill expressway westbound, right now it's one of those go times. we've seen stop and go traffic throughout the afternoon. the delays, they weren't just limited to interstate 76. >> i've learned to go with the flow. being a frequent traveler. >> reporter: connie from doylestown isn't letting the airport delays bother her. in addition to all the travelers and luggage moving through the airport, the rain and fog contributed to slowdowns all day. >> it's pretty crowded. >> reporter: from planes to trains, we talked to holiday travelers with their gifts in tow. >> my mom and i are going to baltimore to meet up with my brothers and nephews. >> she's a triplet. >> i'm a triplet. >> reporter: from santa hats to gift bags we saw plenty of holiday spirit to go around, plus, most of the people we talked to told us when they're
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trying to drive or see family, they'd rather deal with a wet christmas than a white one. >> snow is beautiful but it doesn't help travel. >> reporter: the rain isn't too bad? >> the rain is perfect. >> reporter: the rain paired with these warm conditions out here means no icy spots but there are slick spots, so still leave yourself a little extra time before you head you don't. reporting live, christine madella, nbc 10 news. the rain is clearly making for a mess acommute. >> whether you're headed somewhere for the christmas holiday or headed home, plan for extra drive time. nbc 10's jim rosenfield is monitoring road conditions. >> let's start with storm force 10. taking a look at conditions for us, right now roads look pretty good at springfield township, delaware county. traffic moving along. reduce your speeds a little bit to stay safe out there. let's go to some of our other traffic cameras. pennsylvania turnpike and 422, this is king of prussia, also traffic pretty light as well.
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the roads are wet on the pennsylvania turnpike. let's head over to cherry hill, route 295 and 70. and those roads look pretty good, too. this is the problem here. if you're traveling by air today, you really want to pack your patience. low clouds, delayed flights all day at philadelphia international airport. second straight day of cancellations and delays because of bad weather. there's the board there right there, right now delays we're told lasting about two hours. you did hear glenn say, perhaps that will ease a little bit as this weather eases as well. we keep an eye on these travel conditions as well and bring you an update. >> right now, christians around the world are celebrating the night jesus christ was born. >> this is a live look from the vatican where pope francis is celebrating midnight mass. it is just after 10:00 p.m. local time there. thousands are gathering at st. peters basilica. here in philadelphia, catholics are celebrating a christmas
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vigil mass right now at the head shurch of the archdiocese. a live look at the basilica saints peter and paulsener it city. >> let's take a look at the christmas vigil mass going on. just wrapping up, as a matter of fact in the overbrook farms section of philadelphia. the parish will celebrate a traditional midnight mass tonight. with christmas eve masses under way, the focus shifts to the true mean of christmas, the religious traditions. >> the late hour isn't stopping the last few shoppers from continuing their hunt for that all-important gift. nbc 10 south jersey reporter cydney long is live at the deptford mall with last-minute procrastinators. cydney, are you among them? >> i have to be honest, i am t not. not one swipe of the credit card here this afternoon. the official holiday shopping season begins on black friday. that's 27 days ago, we did the math. take a look, shoppers out here, those xyçlast-minute
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procrastinators going strong this afternoon. believe it or not, with all of these shoppers, this crowd has actually thinned out. >> who's coming? >> santa. >> santa, right? are you ready for him. >> reporter: santa might be ready but these shoppers are not. >> this is the day. there was no other time. >> reporter: it is the race to the finish, this christmas eve, the countdown clock winding down to 6:00 p.m. at the deptford mall. >> it's always last-minute. i don't know why. >> reporter: some set out to complete their holiday shopping spree with one final purchase. jose knight has a good excuse. >> are you getting everything done? time is running out. >> yeah, yeah, yeah. i'm getting everything done. i have one more gift to shop for. >> reporter: then you'll be wrapping tonight? >> yes, i will. >> reporter: there's a place to wrap and rest. that's where we found dave, who considers himself a classic procrastinator. >> just about everything for my wife. >> reporter: you got it all done. >> yes, i believe so. whatever is not done, it won't
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get done. >> the way it played out with my work schedule, i just got here now. >> we usually find dads on christmas eve. >> you get better deals that way. it's less crowded, well, sometimes less crowded. >> merry christmas. >> reporter: and guys, as we take a look at the last hour, this final hour of shopping here at deptford mall like most malls across new jersey, they do close at 6:00 tonight and for the record, we did see plenty of sale signs today but those sale prices will likely be further slashed the day after christmas, i'm sure on the 26th it will be busy again. one hour left. the mall closes at 6:00. merry christmas from the deptford mall, cydney long, nbc 10 news. from our jersey shore bureau, police say more women have come forward accusing an atlantic county neurologist of inappropriately touching them. only nbc 10 was there yesterday. as authorities brought dr. saeed
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joffrey out of his egg harbor township office in handcuffs. he's charged in alleged sexual contact, claims he denied. after our story aired last night, police say more than ten additional women came forward. >> ever since you first ran this news, we started receiving phone calls. and then we received phone calls throughout the evening and we've had peopleç come in. >> jaffray posted his bail. a devastated family in philadelphia is hoping you can help find the hit and run driver who hit their daughter. >> the crash happened along state road in the northeast. mitch blocker found police have little to go on. he's live in the digital operations center. mitch? >> we now know police are looking for a dark pickup or tow truck, they say the dvqmje hit and killed a 33-year-old woman.
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>> i'm numb. i'm just so numb. it's every mother's nightmare. >> reporter: anna posey is surrounded by family for all the wrong reasons. >> you never expect a police officer to knock on your door to tell you your child has been killed. >> reporter: her child was stacey posey. witnesses described a black tow truck speeding down the street. >> he just left her there. he just took off, didn't stop. he didn't ease up on the gas or not. >> i ran up to her, to see if she could breathe and keep her warm and comfortable. >> reporter: police are trying to re-create the scene using pieces of the truck that were left behind. >> anyone who can please help us
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find whoever it was who did this to my daughter, we would greatly appreciate it. >> reporter: there are cameras on several of the businesses down the street as well as a prison across the street from where this accident happened. philadelphia police are looking for a dark pickup or tow truck with front-end damage. live in the digital operations center, mitch blocker, nbc 10 news. following breaking news in philadelphia's spring garden section. a septa bus collided with a trash truck7[sz at broad and c hill streets. six people are hospitalized. no word yet on what caused this septa bus to crash. authorities have charged a philadelphia man with trying to take a state trooper's gun at parks casino in bensalem. they say 28-year-old lionel cogan was drunk when he asked a trooper for his gun at the casino last friday. when the officer refused, they
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say cogan tried to take the gun. police say casino security already asked cogan to leave before that, because he seemed highly intoxicated. a deadly police sheeting, an officer shot and killed a ut(v near ferguson. what police are saying happened just before the gunfire and why it strongly differs from the victim's family's version of the events. lights out, just before christmas. this 50,000 bulb display was the talk of the town and a winter tradition. but the family decided they had to pull the plug. also ahead -- >> thank you, thank you, thank you. this is beautiful. >> wow. >> an emotional christmas eve for one family in philadelphia. i'm rosemary connors with the story of the students who made it all happen. that's next.
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storm force 10 is on the road headed toward the schuylkill expressway just past villanova. the fog is beginning to lift there. it looks actually as if they're merging on to the schuylkill expressway as we speak at the moment. fog lifting, not so much rain in that particular area. you want to make sure you drive slowly and take your time out y transitioning to this, police in st. louis county, missouri, are investigating another deadly shooting involving police. >> it happened overnight in the small town of berkeley, just outside of ferguson. nbc's john wang with the latest.
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>> reporter: just a handful of protesters here at the gas station and convenience store where this incident happened late last night. a different scene in the moments after the incident. as the word spread on social media, a large group of protesters gathered. there were clashes with police. at one point someone threw a firecracker in the midst of all those gas çpumps. luckily nothing happened. there were four arrestse?9b÷ overnight but they -- the crowds were mostly gone by about 4:00 a.m. and police are quick to point out that this is different from ferguson. it's a neighboring community to ferguson, only a few miles away) from all that happened there. they point out there is surveillance video they released that they say shows the young man raising his arm with a pistol, pointing it at the officer before he was shot. they say a pistol was a 9 millimeter gun was recovered at
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the scene. five rounds in the magazine, one round in the chamber, ready to be fired. >> this is not a policeman in the city of berkeley half cocked going out and, as we say, you know, black lives matter. this was not the case. this is -- you couldn't even compare this with ferguson or the gardner case in new york. >> officials, investigators are looking for more surveillance video. they say the officer was issued a body camera before his shift began but for some reason, he didn't have it on. they also say that for some reason, the dashcam in his patrol cars with not turned on. the incident is being investigated by the local berkeley police, and by the st. louis county police department. back to you. you can see more on this story on "nightly news" with brian williams starting at 6:30 right here on nbc 10.
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$12.5 million, that's how much it cost for security in ferguson and the st. louis area following the deadly shooting of michael brown. those estimates are for the work of the missouri national guard and state highway patrol. security detail started shortly to indict police officer darren wilson. new concerns in new york city tonight in the wake of last week's ambush killing two of officers. there's increased security now at several police stations after threats were made against officers. authorities made two arrests. they didn't give any details of any specific threats there. officers rafael ramos and wenjian liu died on saturday. they were killed by a man who posted anti-police statements on social media before shooting the officers. the american held captive in cuba for five years and just released just got a check for more than $3 million. alan gross worked as a contractor for a u.s. government agency when@:h÷ was arrested in 2009. he was freed last week during a
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prisoner swap. the company gross works for gave him the money as a settlement but says it does not admit liability. a neighborhood in california is not so merry and bright. >> a family decided to shut off a giant lights display because it was getting too popular. here's a look at the display before the lights went dark. it has 50,000 bulbs that twinkle in time to the music "frozen." i'm sure it's "let it go" and other holiday classics.vmtwñ the family started this in 2008 but this year's has been extremely popular and neighbors weren't happy with the traffic coming through their neighborhood. others were just as sad to see the lights go dark. >> it's really good to hear people's reaction but it's also stressful with all of the traffic and the inconvenience that it causes for all of our neighbors.ç >> so they let it go. they said they will try to work with the town on maybe finding a better location for the display.
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>> what does the electric bill look like at that house? >> painful. continue to track santa's christmas eve trek. let's take a live look right now. santa and his ninekk4rx reindee >> don't forget rudolph. >> i have to correct my facts. right now he's above norway. norad says technology and social media have become key to tracking santa. volunteers will spend today taking phone calls and answering e-mails from children wondering when santa claus will be coming to town. see where he is all night long using the new nbc 10 news app-to-the iphone. if you haven't done it already, download it for free by going to the apps store or his helpers here in our area had plenty of work to do in philadelphia. >> they were busy. this next story is partly about the joy of opening presents, it's also about the generosity
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of strangers and the true meaning of the holiday season. rosemary connors reports from nicetown.4e >> reporter: when they opened their home to santa and their elves, they knew their children, 11-year-old evan -- >> thank you. >> reporter: and 8-year-old ramo would be in good hands. the parents had no idea how much it would mean to them. >> they know about the birth of christ. they know the whole story of christmas. but what i really wanted for christmas was for them to be happy. >> are you excited? >> yes. >> have you been looking forward to vjw'zchristmas? >> yes. >> have you been good. >> yes. >> i guess so if you got the presents. >> yes. >> reporter: santa's helper come by way of nazareth academy, a catholic all-girls high school in the northeast where students, staff and parents raise money for the gifts to carry out their christmas mission. >> you have an organization that
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reaches out to all families, all walks of life. they show tremendous love, respect. it's just an awesome feeling. >> every kid deserves a christmas. >> i love it so much. there's not enough words to describe how happy i am to see them so happy. >> reporter: for robin garland who is a social worker, she's grateful others came together to help her. >> this is it. this is tops. it's really tops. i thank all of you. thank you, thank you, thank you. >> reporter: in nicetown on this christmas eve, i'm rk, nbc 10 news. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> we've had big changes just in the last hour or so. we've had a first alert day. we've had dense fog at times, massive airport delays, the heavy rain will be returning tonight, though, and thunderstorms are possible. we also have some windy weather coming christmas day. the visibility has improved
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tremendously around philadelphia. that's i-95 at 4:00. we could barely see it. but look at the temperatures. 63 degrees. visibility is going up to 10 miles. it was a half mile-an-hour ago. that's a tremendous change. it's up to 50 now in çallentow. 64 in mt. holly. and in dover, 64 on christmas eve. we're very close to record levels at this point. visibility has even improved in the poconos, coatesville has improved. three-mile visibility. the fog, three-quarter mile in trenton. that's about the last of it. because everywhere else, the visibility has improved and we'll probably be able to take fog out of forecast here pretty soon. hardly any rain left except some going to be the end of it for the night, because we've got this to come in. this is with the cold front. it's a line of showers and
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storms that's moving to the east. that's going to be affecting us later tonight, maybe even in the middle of the night. there's 10:00. still not a whole lot going on. w+le we go, by midnight, 1:00 a.m., the rain comes back, some of it on the heavy side. maybe even thunderstorms, temperatures in the 60s most of the night. by morning, you get up, the sun's not out when you get up, it will be out soon, because everything is moving fast. for tonight, the rain, the fog, fog lifting, very mild. 60s most of the night but 55 by day break. the wind becoming less than 10 to 20 miles an hour. during the day tomorrow, becoming sunny, a windy day, gusts up to 35 miles an hour. temperatures hovering in the 50s and dropping toward the afternoon. but it does not get real cold around here. friday and saturday, very mild for this time of the year. the average high is 43.
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even sunday is warm. but the showers come in and then it looks like it may get wet, colder and potentially a chance for snow by new years eve. >> enjoy these next few days, glenn. changes will soon be coming to the well-traveled pennsylvania turnpike. plans are in the works to replace or rebuild the mile-long tunnels. the alternatives being discussed and the cost.
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the pennsylvania turnpike commission is taking a new look at replacing mile-long tunnels near somerset. some options include building new tunnels. the other idea is to build
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around the mountain, depending on the decision, the project could cost between $250 million and $750 million. the idea of replacing the tunnels has been on and off the table for two decades. a decision could come in the spring. happening right now, a nearly 300-year-old tradition is taking shape in the lehigh valley. >> randy gyllenhall is live in bethlehem. >> reporter: we are in christmas city, usa. next we'll tellnyp you how the little town of bethlehem, pennsylvania, got its namesake. all new at 6:00, the preholiday holdup. the search is on for these robbers who were caught on !yzt. why police say these thieves aren't what they appear to be.
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now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> right now at 5:30, slow going, whether you're headed home from work, heading to christmas eve mass or headed somewhere for the holiday, rain and fog are interfering. mainly light showers moving through at this hour. >> let's talk to our expert, nbc 10 first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. the fog has dramatically lifted in some places. you can see the center city skyline behind us. rain still on way, though? >> oh, yes, we'll be getting periods of heavy rain as we go later into the night and this
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is, once again, that picture in center city, at 4:00 you couldn't see)taç anything. visibility has improved tremendously, just in the last hour. so we're getting past the fog problem. now we've got heavy rain that's going to be returning. we have thunderstorms possible in the middle of the night. and some windy weather for christmas day. we're still seeing reports of nearly two-hour delays at philadelphia international. as the fog lifts, the delays will probably get smaller and smaller. you can see the rain is getting lighter and lighter, nothing more than a little bit of drizzle at times. but we're waiting for this line of storms. you can see the yellow in here. that's a solid line of thunderstorms coming into west virginia. and that is going to be affecting us later tonight. the visibilities have improved tremendously. so the fog has gotten out of here, now we'll see what other dramatic changes we're getting with the seven-day in just a few minutes. all right, glenn, we continue to monitor the roads across the area this christmas eve. >> the rain is making the ride
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home a real mess. nbc 10's jim rosenfield is monitoring those conditions. jim? >> we're getting our best view from storm force 10. storm force heading from the vine street expressway to 95 north through center city. they're telling us here in storm force 10, the traffic is actually not bad. you can see it right there on your screen. let's head to some of the other traffic cameras right now. first to the pennsylvania turnpike, 422 and king of prussia near the mall there. traffic is moving along. th. you see the west pavement. cherry hill, 295 and 70, also pretty good onç the roads righ now. the weather does seem to be improving a little bit. people dealing with light rain, wet pavement but all in all, not too bad. a different story at the airport. the rain and fog, it's delayed flights all day at philadelphia international. look at these crowds here, standing in line, trying to get where they're going. it's the second straight day of cancellations and delays because
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of the weather. delays are averaging about two hours at phl. pack your patience. if you're headed to the airport, there's the screen. if it says on time, you're one of the lucky ones. everybody trying to get to mom and dad or a relative's for the holiday. pack your patience as we said. we'll ten to update you. >> thank you. here's a live look from the vatican where pope francis is celebrating midnight mass. this is st. peter's basilica, i should say. thousands of people are there -- actually, this is in philadelphia, catholics celebrating christmas vigil mass. i was going to say, it looks small to be st. peter's basilica. this is tat the ba sill caz of saint peter and paul.
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nbc 10 lehigh valley bureau reporter randy gyllenhall is live in bethlehem."a;;o cf1 o randy? >> reporter: we are some 5,000 miles away from the christmas story but bethlehem, pennsylvania, was founded in honor of the nativity and that christmas tradition still holds very strong here today. it's christmas eve in bethlehem as moravian churchgoers celebrate, this tradition dates back to 1741 after settlers arrived from europe. we're standing where they came, correct. >> that's correct. >> their leader named bethlehem
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christmas eve -- on christmas eve of 1741. >> their leader named bethlehem christmas eve -- on christmas eve of 1741 is when he christened it bethlehem. >> reporter: over the next 273 years, that name would stick and bethlehem came to be known as christmas city, usa. ♪ jingle bell rock today the spirit of the holiday is deeply engrained in local culture and lore. >> christmas is a big deal here. >> reporter: ?5+;çhjáju$e biggest draws all year. at the historic hotel bethlehem, is this week, almost no room at the inn. that church service still full of moravian culture. and on main street, despite the downpour of unseasonable rain, the little town of bethlehem was clearly bustling with christmas spirit. >> it makes it a beautiful place to be. when you think of christmas, you  >> reporter: as you can imagine, christmas events will continue into january here in bethlehem. though people here are hoping this rain will eventually turn into snow. we are live in bethlehem, randy gyllenhall, nbc 10 news.
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a christmas gift for the homeless in atlantic city. nbc 10 atç sister gene's kitch at the presbyterian church. that's where alfie capers has spent the last three days giving free haircuts to men and women living on the streets. it's an offer he makes every year in the days leeing up to christmas. this is the tenth year he's picked up the tools of his trade to give back to his community. >> you have to make them feel good about themselves. >> he sees about 15 to 18 customers a day. the other 362 days of the yearr the 71-year-old is a professional jazz singer. breaking ebola news out of m atlanta. the centers for disease control and prevention says a lab technician there may have accidentally been exposed to the virus. the cdc is monitoring that person. officials say the technician may have come into contact with a small amount of a live virus
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that was part of an ebola a bucks county guidance counselor won't be charged form protesters outside lincoln financial field. the district attorney ruled today that the post from mary-kate blankenburg was inappropriate but not criminal. blackenburg is a guidance counselor at cd west high school. three weeks ago she locked on to facebook and posted she would shoot protesters outside the linc if her son couldga not geto the eagles game. that protest was in response to the recent grand jury decisions in new york and ferguson. organizers desigs8jñ it to disrupt traffic at the eagles game. for delaware bureau, a sussex county woman is accused of stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars from an elderly couple. dawn green of georgetown was working with as the couple's caretaker. financial records show the checks were written to green for close to$500,000 over two years. she allegely brought a car with one check. police say she even accepted a
5:38 pm
payment for the couple's kitchen to be remodeled. that never happened. and two philadelphia police officers are recovering at home tonight after their cruiser's collided on the way to a call. morning at fm-h22nd and montgom avenue in north philadelphia. the officers were responding to a report of gunshots. both were treated and released from temple university hospital. it is the fictional comedy that created real-life drama. "the interview" is now playing, why you don't have to find a theater to see it. and everywhere you look, in one pennsylvania town it looks like the holiday every day. how this christmas museum keeps the tradition going year round.
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today's rain did not put a damper on a south philadelphia holiday tradition. people started lining up at termini brothers around 4:00
5:41 pm
this morning with umbrellas in one hand. people had the other hand free to accept a +rcanolli who pass them out to the line. when the doors opened, the owner greeted customers and talked about what this tradition means to him. >> it's a tradition, a tradition that will never stop. my father did it before me and now i'm doing it. after i'm gone, my sons will do it. >> termini brothers has been in south philadelphia for more than 90 years. >> those canollis look so good. it's not evenm&3 fair. christmas day is a huge day for the box office.p48 the movie that got the most press is playing tomorrow in limited theaters but it's available for everybody to see on your phone or computer. i'm continuing to track the fog and the rain. i'll tell you how long it will stick around, plus whether christmas day will be dry. >> this is the best christmas
5:42 pm
present ever. >> this gift didn't come wrapped in elegant paper. ahead at 6:00, a christmas eve that one local family will never forget. we'll take you there for the top secret surprise that this mother and daughter didn't see coming.
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here are some of the stories making headlines on nbc 10 news at 5:45. philadelphia pless are searching
5:45 pm
for the hit and run driver who killed a 33-year-old woman last night. sped through philly, killing posey. more women are coming forward saying a neurologist touched them inappropriately at his officeõ saeed joffrey was charged with criminal sexual contact. it's the second straight day due to the bad weather at the airport. the fog is easing up a bit at the moment. call it a santa rally. wall street finished a short day on a high note. the economic recovery pears to be picking up steam. gas pumps and stores to wall street where the dow set another record today. nbc 10 national correspondent brian moore has the story from washington.
5:46 pm
>> reporter: not christmas bells but close enough as the dow reached another record about 18,000. just one sign the u.s. economy is on a roll. >> the key point comes down to the job market. when we started this year, we just weren't adding nearly as many jobs per month as we are now. as jobs, wages, incomes, house prices, confidence. >> reporter: don'tç forget plummeting pump prices. the national average down 90 cents in the last year to $2.35 a gallon. >> you'll be paying less at the pump and you'll be paying less for heating bills in the winter. >> reporter: that leaves more money for -- >> shopping. >> shopping. >> definitely shopping. >> reporter: after several lean years, merchants are feeling the >> this holiday season has been the busiest season we've ever had. >> reporter: encouraging news from main street to wall street. as 2014 comes to a close. ♪ so have yourself a merry
5:47 pm
little christmas night ♪ >> reporter: and there's more good news. analysts say they7pls don't ex oil prices to rise anytime soon, providing an economic tailwind for 2015. brian moore, nbc news, washington. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> we had rain most of the day, fog most of the day. but the fog is pretty much gone. the rain at least temporarily gone but the rain is coming back. we have a first alert day. heavy rain returning. we have thunderstorms in the middle of the night, along with near record warmth. and windy christmas day on the way. hey, we can finally see the bridges and the buildings and other stuff. watch this temperature rise.
5:48 pm
63 degrees now with a southwest wind of 15. the visibility 10 miles at philadelphia international. it was just a half mile at 4:00. we can see i-95. we can see all over the place. and what a change it has been. the temperature up to 50 in allentown and reading. 61 in blue bell. the warmer air is going all the way up there. 64 mt. holly, 63 in washington township. 63 in wrightstown, trenton is up 6 degrees in the last hour. we're in the mid-60s in central and southern delaware. pretty amazing. the visibility is still relatively low in the poconos. that's not too bad. coatesville was zero an hour ago. now it's up to 7. philly is -- wilmington is up. we're in great shape. visibility wise in most of the airy, millville, the lone holdout in southern sections with the visibility below 2
5:49 pm
miles. nothing much left on live radar. a little bit of drizzle at times but we have more rain on the way tonight. definitely. this from ohio into kentucky and now west virginia, it's moving rapidly eastward. it's going to be affecting us before the night is over. not much around during the evening hours. the fog in pretty good control here. but look at the middle of the night. we're seeing some showers and even thunderstorms moving through. but it's all out of here by 7:00. and by 9:00, the sun is out and we're ine$) really great shape here. now as far as christmas day is concerned, it's going to start off on the mild side, not as warm as the middle of the night but 55 by 7:00 a.m. increasingç sunshine as we go through the day and finally cooling off late in the day. that's still way above average temperatures. the rain returns, it becomes heavy, maybe even a
5:50 pm
thunderstorm. very mild, 55 for the low. after spending much of the night in the 60s. temperatures holding in the 50s for much of the day tomorrow. very windy, that's going to be the big weather feature tomorrow. wind gusts at 35 miles an hour. seven-day forecast, way above average temperatures. the average high is 43. we're more than 10 degrees above that. all the way through sunday. the showers come in sunday and then next week is a totaçx differentñá!úkstory. we have colder weather with. we have rain coming in monday and may be cold enough for snow by new year's eve. the holy father's visit to philadelphia is months away but planning for pope francis is picking up during this holiday season. organizers from the world meeting of families say they are tackling issues large and small. everything from housing and transporting more than 1 million expected visitors to buying and storing millions of mass booklets and communion wafers.
5:51 pm
pope francis' visit next september will be his first trip to the u.s. here's a look at the to-do list, design and print about 2 million mass booklets in multiple languages. solicit and do background checks on as many as 10,000 volunteers and stock up on millions of communion wafers. pope francis still doesn't have a place to stay. still looking. organizers say they are paying attention to every detail. a spokesman from the u.s. conference of catholic bishops says the one thing you think doesn't matter can create a domino effect and cascade. by the numbers there's a $45 million budget for preparing for the pope. the world meeting of families is expected to generateóg5dz $417 million for the region. about 15,000 visitors from 153 countries are expected to attend. we have new information on the movie at the center of the sony hacking scandal. sony pictures today maid "the
5:52 pm
interview" available for rental on google play, youtube movies and microsoft's xbox video. the controversy comedy is about a plot to assassinate north korea's leader. last week, sony canceled the movie's release in the aftermath of a tacking attack against the company. then yesterday, it announced it was going ahead with a limited release. at least two local theaters are planning on showing it. both are in delaware, penn cinema in wilmington and westtown movies in middletown will screen "the interview" tomorrow. happening right now, we continue to track santa's christmas eve travels. i've been told he's in spain right now. that gives you some perspective. here's a look at santa and his nine reindeer making his way across the globe. norad says technology and social media have become key to tracking santa. volunteers will spend today answering all those phone calls and e-mails from children. you know what they want to know,
5:53 pm
they're wondering when santa claus is coming to town and probably how soon they have to go to bed so that they're asleep when santa arrives. you have to be asleep or else you don't get the gifts. >> i love how we're following by the minute. @(t&háhp &hc& >> he was in france a short while x4çago. the signs and sights of the holiday are everywhere you look. >> in one part of pennsylvania, you can celebrate 365 days a year. next we take you to the biggest christmas themed museum in the world. then, coming up on nbc 10 at 6:00 -- >> i thought i was the only one. i didn't know he was doing it to other patients. >> a day after police charged a jersey shore doctor with inappropriately touching women, more areá[m
5:54 pm
rescued. protected. given new hope. during the subaru "share the love" event, subaru owners feel it, too. because when you take home a new subaru, we donate 250 dollars to helping those in need. we'll have given 50 million dollars over seven years. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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5:56 pm
the center of the christmas spirit might be in paradise,  county, home to the national christmas center. the museumç devoted to the holiday's start in 1998 by jim morrison who wanted to capture his childhood christmas imagination and bring it to live for visitors of all ages and all year round. >> this is christmas every day here.!x and sometimes we're a little bit
5:57 pm
low and people come in in the summer and they -- we make them happy. >> the center has life-size nativity scenes, santa's workshop and a recreation of the original woolworth's store complete with original signs, cases and merchandise from the lancaster store. coming up the next on nbc 10 news at 6:00, it is the night before christmas and it's a wet one, glenn. ñ more rain for tonight. this is coming our way. i'll tell you what it all means for the rest of your christmas eve and what's in store for christmas day. it's all ahead in my first alert forecast. new at 6:00, up in flames. a person is hurt and a log cabin is a total loss. details on the christmas eve tragedy next on nbc 10 news at 6:00.
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
nbc 10 first alert weather breaking news. the countdown to christmas is on and time is running out to finish your shopping and get to your holiday destination. whether you're hitting the roads or taking to the skies, mother nature sure isn't making it easy. rain has been a factor for most of the day and while it's tapered off in some spots, the first alert weather radar is tracking another round headed our way tonight. right now the fog that's created problems is easing up as well. low clouds throughout the day at philadelphia international airport. right now flights are still backed up more than an hour and a half. fog and rain creating trouble on the road for travelers.
6:00 pm
traffic looking pretty good considering it's the holiday eve. but in the past hour,ç the fog started to lift out of most of our area. that's helping pm9mñthings. storm force 10 also out tonight patrolling the roads this christmas eve, keeping an eye on trouble spots as people make their way to church or holiday gatherings. good evening, everyone, i'm jim rosenfield on this christmas eve. a first alert day, the timing of this messy weather isn't helping to put people in the holiday spirit. glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here with the christmas eve forecast, not the weather most people would like to see for the holiday. >> a lot of people talk about a white christmas. we're)k6p talking about record warmth for christmas eve and temperatures in the 60 but at least the fog has lifted in most of the area and it caused a lot


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