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tv   NBC 10 News at 6pm  NBC  December 26, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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suspected driver of that red pickup truck has turned himself in to investigators and at this hour, he's inside bristol township police headquarters where he's been speaking to detectives and i've just been told he is being cooperative. it was just minutes before 3:00 this morning when the truck slammed into the room where hospice patient jenny russo was sleeping. in the home's front yard we could clearly see the truck's tire tracks this afternoon. that truck did not directly strike russo, came just within feet, knocking a clothes dresser into her çbed. more than an hour after the crash, russo passed, badly shaken by the car accident, we're told, and her son had a pointed question for the driver who took off. >> how are you going to live with yourself? you might have thought you did damage to her house but you probably -- i'm not saying you killed her but you led to my mom's death. >> reporter: earlier this
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afternoon, bristol police investigator located the red truck parked on bass street in this area. car parts left at the original crash scene matched up with the red truck they found and late this afternoon that truck's owner turned himself in to police. if you come back out live, perhaps the saddest element of all of this, russo, the victim, would have turned 93 years old if she had lived through the day, december 26th was her birthday. the police chief here just told me the driver of that car will likely be charged next week. live tonight in bristol township, george spencer, nbc 10 news. it's happened again. we just learned a serial bank robber struck twice in our area today. just an hour ago, cheltenham township police sent us these photos of the suspect. he struck at 12:30 this afternoon at a pnc bank.
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police think this is the same guy that tried to rob another bank an hour and a half earlier. police say he successfully robbed four other banks in the city, starting december 11th. either you've got that perfect gift or you didn't. tonight, the malls and stores are packed with people returning and shopping for big bargains. nbc 10's matt delucia live tonight in willow grove. plenty of company there, matt? >> reporter: yes, quite a few people are out here right now. the crowds have been steady throughout the day. christmas may be over but the shopping clearly is not. >> i started really early. >> reporter: before the christmas trees come down, the sale signs are going up. why did you come the day after christmas? >> well, because all the ads said there was a huge discount. >> reporter: at the exton square mall, jennifer and kathleen leonard were hoping to beat the crowds by showing up with a list. >> i've targeted certain stores for after-christmas sales, yes. i have a plan and we are executing it.
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>> reporter: the national retail federation is expecting to see $65 billion in returns this christmas season and the day after christmas is forecast to be the second busiest day behind super saturday last weekend. >> it won't be like before christmas. we are looking forward to a strong 2015. >> reporter: store owners are waiting for the gift cards to come in and exchange those presents that just didn't fit. >> i asked my mom if she wanted to come. no, that's all right. i don't want to deal with the crowds. >> reporter: by midafternoon at willow grove park, finding a parking spot seemed harder than finding the big deal, after a day of spending, this shopper treated herself for a job well done. >> my son is outç here somewhe with his friends and we're just seeing some things that maybe we missed before the holiday. >> reporter: shoppers and retailers have told me this is a great day because it falls on a
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friday. many of the folks who are out here extended their holiday weekend. they took the day off so they could be out here and continue on with their shopping. live in willow grove, matt delucia, nbc 10 news. and christmas may be over but the celebration continues tonight in center city. nbc 10 in love park to kick off the final homecoming weekend for the christmas village. over the next three days and nights you can find free live music, shopping of course and food from around the world. love park christmas village runs through 5:00 on sunday. let's take a live look at camelback mountain resort where skiers are still out there enjoying their holiday weekend. so what can we expect for the rest of the night? let's go to nbc 10 chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. glenn? >> we're finally getting to the level where they can make snow again up in the poconos. it's been mild for that over the last couple of days. we have clear skies, above average temperatures even though it's not in the 60s like it was
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christmas eve. nice drive tonight with dry conditions, comfortable temperatures, not much wind out there. nothing but some high, thin clouds headed our way. it's already down into the 30s in some of the outlying areas. 38 degrees in allentown. 39 in lancaster. 35 in millville. when you see millville colder than everybody else, you know it's clear and you know there's very little wind. that's when it happens. and for the city itself, temperatures going down into the 30s by later on this evening. maybe even 20s in some of the suburbs. the real cold air, more on that plus weekend rain with the seven-day in just a few minutes. the first box office numbers are coming in now after sony's decision to release "the interview." the movie grossed more than a million dollars after just one day in theaters. film had a limited release and sony almost didn't release the film at all after threats from computer hackers. some theatergoers told us they were seeing the movie as an act
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of patriotism. sony is streaming the film online. no word on how much money it made that way. a number of local theaters are showing "the interview," check out our nbc 10 mobile app to find out where the movie is playing. the crime was shocking, two young people murdered the day after christmas inside a big and tall store. ten years later, delaware state police haven't given up and neither with the victim's families. nbc 10's mitch blocker is live in wilmington where the search for justice is under way right now. mitch? >> jim, this is the scene of that crime. you can see behind me, it's also the scene of what has become an annual vigil to remember the victims. >> they want justice for their children. for their families. >> for my granddaughter that doesn't have a mother on christmas. >> you know, each year it pays a little bit more. >> matthew and jessica watsonç
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were set to close this casual male store in wilmington on december 26th, 2004. instead, police say, the register was emptied and they were executed in the basement. the gunman hasn't been caught. >> please take responsibility for the families that you devastated our lives forever. >> brings back memories. we never forget. >> the families are counting on delaware state police who still have a detective working the case. he said he thinks someone is sitting on information and is counting on a jaded girlfriend or accomplice with a conscience to break the case open. >> right now, i still feel like it's 2004 because the pain is still there. there's still no closure. the wound is still fresh and it's still the same day but a different year. >> this is a live look at that vigil where friends and family have gathered. they will release balloons. they will pray all in the hopes that they can bring more
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attention to this case so ten years after the fact it can be solved. we did talk to the lead detective with the delaware state police in this case who says he is a firm believer that time will solve all crime. and that this case is not hopeless. we're live in delaware, wilmington, delaware tonight, mitch blocker, nbc 10 news. a jersey shore restaurant is facing criticism this evening for a controversial message outside its doors. here's what the owner of rivoli's in toms river posted earlier "i can breathe, i obey law." it's since been removed. tony rivoli said he put up the message to show his support for police but critics blasted the sign as a negative reference to the final words "i can't breathe, uttered by garner who died after being put in a choke hold.
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>> that officer, he was just doing his job. evidently he did it by the book. >> rivoli tells nbc 10 the message was up for less than 24 hours. he took it down after a friend who is a police officer suggested he do so for his own safety. new at 6:00, a judge ordered the accused ring leader of a philadelphia dogfighting operation to stand trial. the pennsylvania spca charged carlton lane with more than a dozen counts of animal cruelty, working on a tip back in october. officers removed 13 dogs from lane's home on mifflin street along with dogfighting. as you can tell, the dogs are doing fine and they're up for adoption. police arrested a 76-year-old man accused of creating dangerous situations for drivers in atlantic county. police tell us robert grenier played several two liter soda bottles on the road so drivers
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would have to swerve around them. he's been doing that for the past several months. officers tell us they caught grenier inç the act early this morning. a coast card cutter that recovered $800,000 worth of cocaine and rescued 42 migrants are back in new jersey this evening. the dependable returned to cape may after a 60-day deployment. the cutter traveled through the florida straits to the eastern caribbean sea during its tour of duty. crew members were excited to greet their families waiting on the docks. >> fantastic. there is anticipation, the last day or two, we call it channel fever. people watch tv because we can't sleep because they're so excited to get home. >> a proposal to raise the retirement age of pennsylvania's judges causing some concerns, right now there's a proposal, a proposed constitutional amendment that would raise their
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retirement age from 70 to 75. 20 judges turn 70 next year. under current law they'd have to resign. if the measure passes it could complicate next year's elections. 2014 was a big year for philadelphia hotels. according to our partners at news works, the city's hotels had their best numbers in 65 years. philadelphia tourism officials say it's because the city has become a major destination for vacations and conventions. officials expect 2015 to be even better in part because of the pope's planned visit to the city next september. ♪ the week-long celebration of kwanzaa kicked off today. nbc 10 at the celebration at the free library in philadelphia in center city. the spirit of kwanzaa is to be celebrated year round. it's built on seven principles integrated into everyday life and applied throughout the year. >> we want to move into this new
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year, continue to lift america up. >> the kwanzaa holiday dates back to the 1960s. it's capped off with a feast and gift giving on new year's day. >> it would be a first for pennsylvania. the state could take over an entire school district and turn all the public schools into charter schools. the major development in court today. last night we told you about the baby born on septa. tonight, an update on the family and what they decided to call the little boy who made such an unusual entrance. why his name is perfect for the special occasion. mild weather now but the cold will return, along with showers. also looking ahead to the weekend and new year's eve.
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breaking news from skyforce 10 which is over a hazmat situation in germantown. at least ten homes are being evacuated, we're told this is in the 200 block of west clappier street. there are reports that a food truck is leaking. you see the fire trucks on the scene. obviously firefighters taking no chances after that food truck explosion you may recall from the past summer, this past summer. count on us for updates on our nbc 10 mobile app. also tonight on nbc 10 news at
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11:00. the fate of a pennsylvania school district is now in the hands of the state. a judge approved a bid from governor tom corbett's administration to take over the york city school district and place it in receivership. the order names david mechanically mechanikley. the school district filed an appeal, two other pennsylvania school districts are also in receivership, including chester upland in delaware county.ç the mummers are moving into the pennsylvania convention center. we were there today as crews set up for mummersfest. then of course comes the big parade on new years day. that parade features a different and shorter route this year. the mummers will start with their march with performances in front of city hall and then they'll head south, ending about a mile down the road at broad and washington avenue.
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special reunion for a mother and the septa officers who helped deliver her baby boy on christmas day. septa officers daniel cabon and -- they posed for pictures today. the reunion was calmer than the delivery on board septa last night. the mother's water broke. the officers coached mom through delivery and remove the umbilical cord from around the baby's neck before paramedics got there. >> i was hoping for a quiet shift, like don't we all? this experience was pleasant. >> everything happened so quick. it was amazing. >> so baby chris as in christmas and mom, are both doing well tonight. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> great weather across the
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entire area for folks out and about, returning christmas gifts, doing just about anything else. nbc 10 at washington street mall at cape may, beautiful spot where we saw lots of sun this afternoon. very pretty place, cape may all year round. all right. mild weekend. temperatures well above average. not into the 60s like they were christmas eve but 50s. that's way above average. tracking some showers before the weekend ends and some cold weather returning next week. all week. clear skies now, 44 degrees. the wind west at 6 miles an hour, we're 6 degrees colder than we were at this time yesterday. and when we compare december of last year to december of this year, well, last december was a little bit warmer than average. you might not remember that after that brutal winter and this winter so far, 3.2 degrees
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above normal. last december, 11.2 inches of snow. this december, just enough to measure. that's about it. right now we're seeing temperatures drop pretty quick. we have clear skies and light winds. 38 in allentown. 35 in millville. those places will be down in the 20s tonight. we have even colder air than that. that is poised to move in. look at these temperatures as we go up into central canada. these are temperatures, not wind chills. the arctic air has returned to central canada and the weather pattern is favorable for some of that arctic air to come down into the country. you2can see nothing more than high, thin clouds here. this would be the satellite and radar. you don't see anything on the radar until you get down to arkansas and snow in the plains states. that's all associated with this cold front that's approaching. and the head of the front, it stays mild. as the front comes in, sunday, a
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few showers around. computer models drier than this. we're not expecting a lot of rain on sunday. the front comes through, colder air comes in and then this low pressure area rides along the front and so the closer you are to that low and the front, the better chance you have of precipitation. that means delaware, south jersey, the lower chances of any precipitation is where it would be cold enough for snow and sleet. have to keep an eye on that. clear and cold tonight, 34 for along philadelphia. 28 in some of the northern and western suburbs. temperatures into the mid-50s tomorrow and considering the average high is 42, it's pretty mild weekend. sunday even with the clouds, a few showers around, not especially heavy. or long lasting. monday, the rain generally, delaware and south jersey. everybody gets much colder, high of only 42. then we're cold all week with highs only in the 30s.
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by new year's eve, we're dry, not much wind but chilly. highs, temperatures in the upper 20s at midnight. >> up next, the eagles can hardly believe they have one more game left. penn state gets set for its first bowl game in three years.
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this is the xfinity sportsdesk brought to you by xfinity, your home for the most live sports. i'm ron burke from comcast sports net. the eagles less than 48 hours from playing their final game of the season against the giants. it's a season ending way too soon for the birds. >> three weeks ago it was -- we
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all thought it was a promising thought, too, that we were definitely going to be in the playoffs. i'm sure other teams thought the same thing. >> extremely frustrating three weeks and extremely frustrating end of the season. i don't really know there's much else to say. >> cornerback bradley fletcher listed as questionable for sunday. everyone else on the injury report is probable except for nick foles who is out with a shoulder injury. the last time these two teams met, the giants were on a seven-game losing stream -- streak. eli manning was asked what is the key to beating the eagles? >> we have to make some plays offensively. you know, i thought the first time playing them we had opportunities to hit some big plays that we didn't quite get to. they do a good job getting pressure on some things but, you
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know, i think eachç one of us have to play a little bit better and make some plays. >> penn state will play its first bowl game since 2011 tomorrow. the knitly lions face boston college in the pinstripe bowl at yankee stadium. one of the penalties was a bowl ban lifted this year. it's a team filled players getting ready to experience the bowl game. >> i also went back and looked. you look at our record against bc in the last three or four times we played them. we have a tremendous challenge. >> and finally the sixers will try for a third consecutive win in portland. that's sports, i'm ron burke. we'll be right back. that life is is lived.
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the wild atlantic way. 1500 miles of extraordinary nows. jump into ireland. visit to find out more. that's nbc 10 news at 6:00. for glenn and all of us here at nbc 10, i'm jim rosenfield. thanks so much for joining us. the news continues with "nbc
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nightly news." tonight, an inside look at what happens to your baggage once you check it at the airport. have a good evening. see you at 11:00. on the broadcast tonight, paying tribute to the two police officers gunned down in the line of duty. a tense time for communities and police across the country. the day after, draws millions back to the stores in search of one more big deal. plus a retailer with a bold new idea on how to use those gift cards. ten years later, remembering the day when the sea took an awful toll. we're in the tsunami zone with some of those who survived. follow that bag. just what happens when you check your luggage. tonight, an inside look at how millions of bags get screened. and unbroken, the new blockbuster about a hero of the greatest generation. tom brokaw goes behind the scenes with director angelina jolie.


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