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tv   NBC 10 News at 6am  NBC  December 27, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EST

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right now on nbc 10 news today, a final farewell. thousands of people, including police officers from our area will honor one of new york city's finest who were killed in the line of duty. a 93-year-old bucks county woman wakes up to a truck crashed into her bucks county home. the driver didn't hit her, but she died a few hours later. could the driver still be charged? we'll explain what's next. we will see more sunshine today after a long and somewhat dreary week. here's a live look over center city where there is a light breeze going on right now. we are in store for some wet weather that's coming up in the 7-day forecast. good morning. this is nbc 10 news today. i'm rosemary connors. it's 6:00 on this saturday. let's get right to our weather alert with michelle grossman.
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michelle, we have a weather warmup in store for us today. >> a big warmup, into the 50s, upper 50s in some spots. we'll see sunny skies, a nice quiet start to the weekend. we're waking up to partly cloudy skies. it is cold outside, though. you want to bundle up as you head out this morning, but we will warm up later this afternoon. temperatures in the 20s and 30s. 29 in allentown, 30 in pottstown, 27 in millville, 27 in lancaster. a little freezing also in atlantic city. 37 degrees right now in wildwood. future temperatures, we'll see them climb. we'll see them climb pretty quickly by this afternoon. temperatures into the mid-50s by later on this afternoon. today by 8:00, 39. by 10:00, 46. mostly sunny skies and by lunchtime we're looking at 51 degrees. a nice, quiet start indicto the then we see clouds on sunday. a cold blast as we head to the later part of the work week. we'll talk about that straight
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ahead. right now more than 100 philadelphia police officers are heading to new york city for the funeral service of nypd officer rafael ramos. nbc 10's matt delucia is live in philadelphia where a bus filled with those officers is getting ready to leave. matt? >> reporter: hey, rosemary. two buses, in fact, just pulled up in the past 15 minutes, and we've seen those officers show up and then they have boarded the bus. i'm going to get out of the way here. you can see that bus right there, one of them. there is another one just behind it. we have officers retired from active duty, officers from the philadelphia police department who are present right now. more than 100 of them will be headed to new york city for the funeral for officer rafael ramos. the plan right now is to leave in the next couple of minutes. thousands of people are expected to attend that funeral later this morning, and thousands of police officers from around the country have already attended a wake for officer ramos on thursday. both ramos and his partner, officer wenjian liu, were shot
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while sitting in their patrol car in brooklyn last saturday. vice president joe biden and new york mayor bill de blasio are expected to be among those speaking at the funeral service today, and arrangements have not yet been made for officer liu. i've been talking with the f.o.p. lodge 5 here in northeast philadelphia, and i just spoke with the vice president. he says any time that an officer dies in the line of duty anywhere around the country, they make an effort to get buses, to get people on planes however they can to get to the funeral services. take a listen. >> this is what we do. this is our livelihood. you know, we're public servant workers, and we protect and serve. that's our jobs. you know, we don't go to work to get killed. i don't think anyone does. no one is in a profession to go to work to get killed. >> reporter: and i've also been talking with some of the officers out here who are now on the buses. they say that this is important for them to go to new york to be
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with their brothers. and now here at lodge 5 in front of the building, the flag continues to be at half mast, and there is also a digital sign that cycles through and reads, god bless our assassinated nypd brothers. pray for officer ramos as he is laid to rest. and as we are looking live right now, they're getting the buses loaded up, and they should be departing in the next few minutes. it should take a little more than an hour to get up to new york city and they will be there for that funeral service. again, expected to be attended by thousands. live in northeast philadelphia this morning, matt delucia, nbc 10 news. from our jersey shore bureau, a restaurant in ocean county is taking some heat for a controversial message on its digital signage board. the owner of rivoli's in toms river posted the message, i can breathe, i obey law. the message was up only for a day this week.
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the owner said he posted the message to show his support for police. some people on social media have blasted the sign, though, as a negative reference to eric garner's final words, i can't breathe. garner died in july after a new york city police officer placed him in a chokehold. >> he wasn't mocking that situation whatsoever. that officer was in an unfortunate situation and just doing his job. evidently he did it by the book. >> fratelli tells us he removed the message after a friend of his, who is a police officer, suggested he take it down for his own safety. officers in atlantic city cleared the way for a police rally on the boardwalk yesterday. about 150 people marched in support of law enforcement. many of them carried signs that read, we support our local police. new from overnight, a car crash in philadelphia has left two people hurt. nbc 10 was on the scene at
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chilton head avenue and beverly road and westbrook lane where two cars collided this morning. one car pulled in front of another. both victims were taken to area hospitals with minor injuries. in montgomery county, two people are in the hospital following this crash in marshall township. this happened just before 8:00 last night on germantown pike. a vehicle crossed the center line and hit a parked car. rescue crews pulled victims from the wreckage with serious injuries. investigators are looking into the cause of this accident. this morning people are receiving emergency aid from the local red cross following a fire in an apartment complex in the lawndale neighborhood. it started on north street. crews had it under control about 15 minutes later. flames burned through one apartment. two others have smoke damage. fortunately, nobody was hurt. the bucks county district
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attorney will soon decide how to charge the driver who sped off after crashing into the bedroom of an elderly woman. the 93-year-old woman died yesterday hours after the crash on red brook lane in levittown. police say the dodge pickup truck barely missed hospice patient jenny russo as she was sleeping in her bed around 2:30 yesterday morning. the vehicle left tire tracks in the yard and a gaping hole in the house. the elderly woman was not physically injured in the crash but disturbed and shaken up afterwards. then just hours later, on her 93rd birthday, she passed away. >> how are you going to live with yourself? you might have thought you just did damage to a house, but you probably -- i'm not saying you killed her, but you led to it, my mom's death. >> yesterday afternoon police tracked down the truck parked near the owner's house. the man's family turned him in to police. the 20-year-old driver is not being held in custody as the d.a. makes a decision on
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charges. meanwhile, toxicology tests are pending to determine if any substances played a role in the crash. a long-time philadelphia homicide detective credited with arresting convicted cop killer abu jamal has died. douglas colbreath served in the philadelphia police department for 30 years before retiring. he then joined the defenders association for 18 years. colbreath passed away on friday. he was 73 years old. he was the one who arrested abu jamal for the 1983 murder of philadelphia police officer daniel faulkner. earlier this year you may remember that abu jamal was at the center of a controversy. he gave a speech to a college via audio recording. it prompted protests. abu jamal is serving a life sentence. from the nbc 10 delaware bureau, this balloon release
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marks a decade since two unsolved murders. on december 26, 2004, jessica watson and matthew macerato were killed during a robbery. their murders remain unsolved. the two worked at the big and tall men's store in wilmington. >> 3, 2, 1. >> last night this crowd met outside the store to launch those balloons and hold a moment of silence. it's an annual gathering for the victims' families. >> i hope we don't have to stand out here again next year, but if we do, i want to be able to say the case has been solved. >> investigators hope there may be somebody out there with information who can help them crack the case 10 years later. a food truck caused quite a scare in philadelphia last night in one neighborhood. the truck leaked propane gas. as a precaution, firefighters evacuated houses in germantown. it took about 90 minutes for
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hazmat crews to make sure the area was safe for residents to return. you may remember a food truck exploded this summer in the falc falconville neighborhood of philadelphia. a mother and her daughter died when the truck went up in flames after a leak in the propane tank. now to news from our south jersey bureau. this morning we're learning that a mayor in gloucester county is facing drunk driving charges. police arrested paulsboro mayor jeff hamilton saturday following a traffic stop. officers were responding to a 911 call of an erratic driver. hamilton has served as paulsboro's mayor since 2012. we did reach out to mayor hamilton's office for comment, but we have not heard back yet. looking for something to do this weekend? mummers fest kicks off at the pennsylvania convention center. nbc 10 was there for yesterday's practice runs. the annual event starts tomorrow. it runs through december 31st. it's a preview of the mummers
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parade on new year's day. visitors can learn how to dress up and strut like a mummer. here's the deal for this year's parade. it features a different and shorter route. the mummers will start their route with performances in front of city hall and they'll end about an hour later at broad and washington. the release of a controversial movie here in the u.s. is fueling north korea's anger. the new threat they're making against the united states and the president. plus a gruesome christmas day discovery has officials in one community outraged and contacting the feds to see if it's a possible hate crime. of shaving stuff.
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and thankfully, being able to find backups.
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lifeand thankfully, of shaving stuff. being able to find backups. north korea is resorting to threats and name calling after the u.s. release of the controversial movie "the
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interview." north korea released this statement that says in part that the u.s. persists in american style, arrogant, high-handed and gangsterlike arbitrary practices despite the warnings of the democratic people's republic of korea, the u.s. should bear in mind that its failed political affairs will face inescapable deadly blows. it appears "the interview" will rack up $3 million in its first weekend of release. the film is about assassinating the north korea dictator. north korea is calling it an alleged retaliation on the cyber attack of sony pictures. they also made a racial remark about president obama, claiming he was behind the release of the film. a number of local theaters are showing "the interview." you can check out our nbc 10 mobile app to find out exactly where the movie is playing in our area. more troubles for sony, though. their playstation gaming network
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is still having problems getting back on line. hackers calling themselves the lizard squad claimed on twitter they were behind the disruption. meanwhile, microsoft's xbox live service which also went down this week appears to be working again. now to some news overseas. bombers and drones carried out more than 30 airstrikes in syria and iraq yesterday. the strikes destroyed vehicles, fighters and mortar systems. the u.s. heads the coalition of countries conducting the airstrikes against the militant group. meanwhile, the use ice military released a new video of airstrikes on targets in syria. this airstrike happened last sunday. it targeted three isis buildings in alepo. it shows three separate explosions. the goal of the airstrikes is to weaken isis which has seized control in parts of both syria and iraq. in pakistan, airstrikes have killed 39 militants near the afghan border.
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pakistan's military said several important commanders were among those killed. the airstrikes were launched after they killed the mastermind of a deadly school massacre. 148 people, mostly children, were killed in that december 16 school attack. back here in the u.s., in massachusetts police are contacting the fbi to see if vandalism of a church's nativity scene could be a hate crime. somebody stole the baby jesus from the manger and replaced him with the head of a real pig. according to authorities, police made the gruesome discovery on christmas morning. police are now asking area farms and local butcher shops to come forward if they have any information. also out of massachusetts, this woman is receiving some psychiatric help after she allegedly threw raw meat at a police dispatcher. authorities say the woman walked into a police station yesterday and told the officer that she was there to, quote, feed the pigs. officials say she then tossed raw bacon and sausage at the dispatcher. in court a judge postponed her
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arraignment and ordered psychiatric care after the woman said that god made her do it. it's a life-saving christmas gift this man could only dream of. how his wife is his perfect match in more ways than one. all right, a nice day today. we're starting out nice and quiet. partly cloudy skies. we're looking at a live southwesterly wind. temperatures are cold, though. we're right at the freezing mark across the area. we'll warm up later on this afternoon, though. a live look from our camera. we'll have a live forecast and track some showers in your 7-day. that's straight ahead.
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i'm meteorologist michelle grossman. we're off to a cold start. partly cloudy skies, a cold one this morning. temperatures at or below freezing, in the mid-20s. we'll warm up later this afternoon. about 15 degrees warmer than where we're supposed to be this time of year, right into the mid-50s. mild day today. plan for that one. then we're tracking some changes for sunday, first on the clouds overnight tonight, then we're tracking some showers later on in the afternoon. a couple in the morning north and west of philadelphia and we're looking for the chance of more showers on monday. we're looking at arctic air coming back in, arctic air being in the 30s, so high temperatures being in the freezing mark later on next week. partly cloudy skies in philadelphia this morning. 34 right now in philadelphia, just two degrees above freezing. winds are calm and we're seeing a southwesterly flow and that
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will help to bump up our temperatures later on this afternoon. not bumping them up now. temperatures in the 20s, 26 degrees in lancaster. that's a cold one. 30 westchester, 34 bensalem, 34 in mt. holly. 30 in atlantic city, 34 in dover, and 27 in millville. so right around 34 degrees right now in philadelphia, up to 56 later on this afternoon. again, a live look outside from our adventure aquarium camera, a nice quiet saturday morning. maybe take it a little easy this morning and then it will be quieter later. radar showing us we're clear. we have a few clouds out there, so partly cloudy skies this morning and sunny and mild as we head through the afternoon, mild being in the mid-50s. future weather going through time, afternoon into evening hours. a nice date night tonight on your saturday night, then some changes come into play.
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we have those clouds increasing through the overnight hour. 3:00 in the morning, may see a few showers north and west. then a better chance for those showers come later on sunday. so sunday afternoon we're looking at a chance for those showers building in for everybody. clouds linger on monday and we have a chance for more showers on monday. new year's eve forecast, it's all about the cold weather. 30 degrees by 6:00. by 9:00, just 28, 26 by midnight. bu bundle up as you make your plans for new year's eve. a quick look at your sunday forecast. 56 today, by tomorrow 52, still mild. clouds building, a few showers especially in the afternoon. then by monday, still cloudy and colder, 42. then as you look to the north and west, wet snow mixing in. tuesday, 38, then by wednesday, 34. dropping into the 20s overnight. former president george w.
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bush spent overnight in the hospital. he is in high spirits, though, and is making progress. the 34th president experienced shortness of breath on tuesday and was admitted that night as a precaution. at 90, george h.w. bush is the oldest living former president. he suffers from a form of parkinson's disease that's forced him to rely on a motorized scooter or wheelchair. we will keep you updated on his progress. now to florida where this man's wife is his perfect match, especially when it comes to organ donation. he was suffering kidney failure. his blood relatives were not compatible donors, but tests showed his wife was. the reason this is so unique is it happens only in 2% of cases. his kidney transplant surgery was a success, just in time for christmas. his family says it's a reminder that anyone can be a potential organ donor. collapsed on the court. the quick actions from those on
6:24 am
the sidelines that saved the life of this local basketball referee. that's next. and 'tis the season for returning gifts, but some are trying to cash in at the retailers' expense. we'll tell you what's being done so that stores don't lose billions of dollars this holiday season.
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call it a christmas miracle. a local youth basketball referee is giving thanks for a lifesaving move after he collapsed on the court. veteran basketball referee jim booze, who you see right here, shows us it happened tuesday during a boys' basketball game in burks county. suddenly he fell to the floor. the other coach and athletic trainer performed cpr and used a fibrillator he need to do keep his heart alive. if it hadn't been for them, he says he wouldn't be home for the holidays. >> booze is celebrating christmas with family members who credited the good samaritans
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at the game with making it all possible. the time right now is 6:27. getting ready to say goodbye to a member of the nypd who was killed in an ambush attack. his funeral is today. nbc 10's matt delucia is live today in philadelphia. matt? >> rosemary, just a few minutes ago, two buses and roughly 110 philadelphia police officers just left. they are now on the way to new york city. we're going to hear from one of those officers about why he is going. that's coming up. >> all right, we're off to a cold start this morning. temperatures right around freezing. we'll be cold as we head through the next couple hours, and then mild later on this afternoon. a live look outside. we are waking up to partly cloudy skies. mostly sunshine throughout the day. we'll talk about today's nice forecast and then some changes come on sunday. that's straight ahead. of shaving stuff. and thankfully, being able to find backups.
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lifeand thankfully, of shaving stuff. being able to find backups.
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a final farewell. saying goodbye to one of the new york city officers killed one week ago, and philadelphia police will be among the thousands expected to attend today's funeral. sunny and warmer. that's what's on tap for our saturday. here's a live look over center city. a little bit of a breeze out there this morning. get out and enjoy the last weekend of the year, because some wet weather is coming up in the 7-day forecast. good morning. welcome back to nbc 10 news today. i'm rosemary connors. it's just after 6:30 on saturday. meteorologist michelle grossman is tracking the conditions outside. michelle, we see that light breeze but no strong winds to deal with, right? >> no strong winds today and it's actually that southwesterly wind that will warm us up later this afternoon, so we love the wind direction today. we'll be mild this afternoon into the mid-50s. this morning, though, we are cold. a live look outside. it is partly cloudy. we'll see lots of sunshine as we head throughout the day, but temperatures are really below freezing in most spots or right at freezing. two degrees above freezing in philadelphia, 29 in allentown,
6:32 am
29 in reading, just 26 in lancaster. 27 in millville. 30 in atlantic city and 34 in dover. a cold start to the day. we're looking at that temperature climbing, though, as we head throughout the morning into the afternoon hours. so probably topping out right around 56 degrees. you can see by 5:00, still looking nice. 51, so bit tiy the time you grae dinner tonight, the temperature not bad at all. by 8:00, 39, by 10:00, 46 and by noon, 51 degrees. we do have some big time changes. starting tomorrow, more clouds and showers in the forecast, and then lots of cold air in the 7-day. we'll look at that straight ahead. within the last 30 minutes, two buses packed with philadelphia police officers departed for new york city. the group will attend the funeral service of rafael ramos, one of two nypd officers killed in last week's deadly ambush.
6:33 am
nbc 10's matt delucia spoke to some of those officers just before they left. matt? >> reporter: rosemary, we're outside fop lodge 5 here in philadelphia. those two buses left about 10 minutes ago carrying about 110 officers from the philadelphia police, both retired and active duty. and they are now on their way to new york. take a look at some video we just shot of those buses as the folks were getting on those buses and heading out. now, thousands of people are expected to attend the funeral later this morning for officer rafael ramos. thousands of police officers from around the country had already attended a wake for that officer on thursday. now, both ramos and his partner, officer wenjian liu, were both shot while sitting in their patrol car in brooklyn last saturday. now, later today, during that funeral vice president joe biden and new york mayor bill de blasio are expected to be among those speaking, and also arrangements have not yet been
6:34 am
made for officer liu, but the officers i've been talking about out here saying they will attend that funeral as well. i've been talking with the officers out here about why they are doing this. take a listen. >> it's personal, because as i see the ems workers, fire department as well as the police department, we've suffered -- just suffered some great losses. so yes, it is personal. i'm anxious to get to new york city and show support from the west m rest of our brothers and sisters. >> here's outside live in philadelphia. those officers have just left so it's pretty empty here right now. but the flag is still at half staff and a digital sign out front. it will cycle through every now and then. it does read, god bless our assassinated nypd brothers. it also says, pray for officer ramos as he is laid to rest. i just spoke with some of the organizers here. they are going to be going up to
6:35 am
new york city for that funeral service. they say they do this every time an officer is killed in the line of duty anywhere in the country, so they make that effort. the officers here say this is something they had to do. we saw some of the officers being dropped off by their wives getting big hugs as they got ready to board those buses. so they are on the way up there right now and we'll be following their progress. live in northeast philadelphia, matt delucia, nbc 10 news. new from overnight, a car crash in philadelphia has left two people hurt. nbc 10 was on the scene at chilton head avenue and westbrook lane where the two cars collided early this morpg. police say the accident happened when one car pulled ahead of the other. both victims went to the hospital with minor injuries. in montgomery county, two people are in the hospital following this crash in whitemoore township. police say a sedan crossed the
6:36 am
center line and hit a parked car. fire and rescue crews had to pull the victims from the wreckage. both are being treated for serious injuries. investigators are looking into the exact cause of this accident. this morning the american red cross is providing emergency aid to five people who were affected by a fire at an apartment complex in philadelphia's lawndale neighborhood. the fire started around 7:30 last night on north street. crews had it under control about 15 minutes later. the flames burned through one apartment. two others have smoke damage. fortunately, nobody was hurt. now to news in bucks county. the district attorney there may soon decide what charges a driver should face in connection with a hit and run. police say the 20-year-old driver crashed his dodge pickup truck into a house on red brook lane in levittown early yesterday morning. the driver barely missed 93-year-old hospice patient jenny russo, who was sleeping in her bed at the time. the elderly woman was not physically injured in the crash but she was disturbed and shaken
6:37 am
up, and she passed away just a few hours later. toxicology tests are now pending to determine if any substances played a role in the crash. in montgomery county, one person is dead, another hurt after a truck and a motorcycle collided. sky force 10 was over the schuylkill river road in upper marion township last night. police tell us the motorcycle hit a food services truck head on. the truck flipped on its side. the motorcyclist, who has been identified as eric keifer of conshohocken, was killed. we're told that the truck driver's injuries are not serious. no charges will be filed against the driver who hit and killed a two-year-old on christmas eve in ocean county. prosecutors say the driver struck the little girl while the driver was backing out of a driveway in lakewood. the girl was walking with her family at the time. prosecutors say it's a tremendously tragic accident. this morning we're learning that the accused ringleader of
6:38 am
the philadelphia dog fighting operation will stand trial. carlton lane is facing a series of charges involving cruelty to animals. the pennsylvania spca says their officers removed 13 dogs from lane's house in south philadelphia along with dog fighting equipment. as psych in the pictures, though, the dogs are doing just fine and they are now up for adoption. this morning philadelphia police are trying to track down two serial robbers before they can strike again. police say the duo seen on this surveillance video have targeted at least nine convenience stores in philadelphia. this video is from their last known crime inside the b & r grocery store. this is on north 23rd street in north philly. this is from december 18. here is a map that shows the locations where police say these robbers have hit. according to investigators, the robbers have the same routine. they target grocery stores. while they've been armed for these crimes, investigators say no shots have been fired. police say two holdups in
6:39 am
our area yesterday are the work of a serial robber. chilton head township police sent us these photos of the suspect. the images are from the pnc bank in glenside. this is from around 12:30 yesterday afternoon. according to police, the suspect told the tellers that he had a gun, but he did not show it to them. today is day 2 of the week-long celebration of kwanza. ♪ >> singing and readings kicked off yesterday's kwanza celebration at the free library of philadelphia. the holiday is built on seven core principles such as unity, creativity and faith. those themes are designed to preserve african heritage within african-american culture. >> this time of year we gather and celebrate being proud of our african ancestry in our culture and honor in our ancestors. >> the kwanza celebration dates
6:40 am
back to the 1960s. that's when it was first started. the holiday is capped off with a feast and gift giving on new year's day. deep discounts have shoppers back at the malls and stores this weekend. what you may want to bring with you as many retailers are trying to curb fraudulent returns.
6:41 am
6:42 am
if you thought the holiday shopping rush was over, think again. gift returns and discounts of shoppers heading back to the mall for another round. shoppers tracks predicted that the day after christmas would be the second busiest of the year for store traffic, but it wasn't only due to those taking back
6:43 am
gifts. retailers slashed prices on merchandise that included winter apparell, holiday decor, of course, and toys. >> retailers are going to be trying to clear their shelves to make room for all that new spring merchandise, so it is a really good time to shop. >> this year many retailers will be cracking down on fraudulent returns. experts suggest that you check the store's return policy in advance and bring along with you your receipt and your i.d. retailers estimate that holiday return fraud will cost them billions. according to a survey by the national retail federation, the retail industry will lose nearly $4 billion this season. overall, retailers estimate that 5.5% of holiday returns are bogus. it was a successful holiday shopping season. ups and fedex delivered 90% of their express packages on time. that's according to shipping tracker ship matrix, as compared
6:44 am
to the low 90s a year ago. remember it was such a problem a year ago? this year both fedex and ups made improvements in operations and increased the number of seasonal workers. 2014 has been a big year for philadelphia hotels. according to our partners at news works, the city's hotels had their best numbers in five years. they say it's because the city has been the major destination for tourists and conventions. they expect 2015 to be even better, in large part because of the pope's planned visit to the city in september. the eagles are getting ready for the final game of the season that's ending too soon and it may already be over for one player. we'll have that and more coming up next in sports. all right, a mild day. by this afternoon, temperatures into the mid-50s. lots of sunshine. a beautiful start to the weekend. i like this shot. we're looking at partly cloudy skies across the area. it is cold right now,
6:45 am
temperatures in the 20s and 30s. it will be a nice one and changes coming on sunday. we'll look at that straight ahead.
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okay, we're off to a cold start this morning, temperatures right around freezing. but a nice warmup later on this afternoon, so a beautiful start to the weekend and then some changes come in later during the weekend. we're looking at showers by later tomorrow. so right now we're looking at partly cloudy skies, a nice start to the day. we're looking at temperatures right above freezing. 34 in philadelphia. lots of spots in the 20s sorks we're off to a cold start, not really looking at wind chills. 29 in reading, and partly cloudy
6:48 am
skies in philadelphia, 30 in atlantic city. as we look over the past five days, we were mild wednesday and thursday, christmas eve and christmas, right into the 60s. yesterday it felt good at 50 and today another nice one at 53 degrees. temperatures mainly 29, 29 in reading, 29 in pottstown, 32 degrees in millville, 36 in mt. pocono. usually they're the ones below freezing. 34 in philadelphia, 30 in washington township and 33 in wilmington. as we scoot north a little bit, 34 in doylestown and 30 degrees in trenton. on the shore we're looking at the 30s. 39 in avalon and 30 in woodbine. we're waking up and out the door to partly cloudy skies. you'll want the coat, the gloves, the hat this morning but you'll definitely not need the gloves and scarf later this
6:49 am
afternoon. sunny and mild later this afternoon, so a quiet start to the weekend. nice and quiet on future weather as we head throughout the next, let's say, 12 hours. then tonight clouds start to build in. we may look up to a few showers well north and west of philadelphia, but the better chance for widespread showers comes later on in the afternoon. you can see sunday by 4:00, those showers overtaking radar. again on monday, we'll see a lot more cloud cover. we'll see a chance for rain, especially south of philadelphia. maybe even some wet snow mixing in north and west of philadelphia. today temperatures mainly in the 50s, quakertown 45, 48 in mt. pocon pocono. along the shore, nice, tooch. 51 in atlantic city, 54 in west chester. 56 today. by sunday there are clouds, also a chance for showers, especially in the afternoon. 52, then the temperatures really begin to drop.
6:50 am
38 on tuesday, new year's eve and new year's day. we're going to keep really cold temperatures, right around freezing. nice and quiet on friday, but still cold, 39. mostly sunny skies. it's just a few minutes now before the start of the today show. lester holt and diane jones join us with what they're working on. good morning, guys. >> coming up on a saturday today, tough rhetoric from north korea this morning attacking president obama over the sony hacking scandal. this as the company is reeling from another suspected attack, this one affecting millions of video game users. he was known as screech in the hit miscomesitcom "saved by bell." justin diamond in trouble in connection with with a stabbing. and he's the teen who has become a star attraction at brooklyn mets games thanks to his incredible dance moves. but wait until you see what he's
6:51 am
had to overcome in order to get there. >> we'll have those stories and more as we get started on a saturday morning. rosemary, we'll send it back to you. >> we'll see you guys at 7:00. hi, i'm ron burke from come past sports net. in less time than it took to get from thanksgiving to christmas, they watched their chances fall apart. sunday the eagles take on the giants. >> you always want a chance to get to the playoffs and hope you have a nice run to the super bowl. that's something i've always dreamed about doing. >> i don't care who you are, if you're in this league, there is no better thing that playing football on sunday. we get another chance to play football is sundays, and that's playing the new york giants and playing really well against a real good team who is on a
6:52 am
three-day hiatus themselves. >> his job already in jeopardy after a tough three days on the field. nick foles is still out with a shoulder injury. embry is expected to be on goal tonight. it will be the flyers first look at former head coach peter l lavriolette who now coaches the flyers. a bowl ban was lifted this year. so it's a team filled with players getting their first taste of the bowl experience. >> it means everything to us because coming in, i didn't think i would ever play in a bowl game, and it really didn't matter to me until now. >> i have to sit down and think, actually, wow, we're going to play a game in yankee stadium. >> that's sports. i'm ron burke. have a great day. right now let's talk about the sixers. their two-game winning streak is over. they were on the road last night
6:53 am
in portland. philadelphia kept up with the trailblazers early, but they started to run away with the game before the half. terrell came off the bench to score 22 for the sixers but it wasn't enough. the trailblazers win 103-93. we'll be right back.
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truly a heartwarming reunion. police officers terrell baun and ron james visited a woman at the hospital yesterday. this meeting happened after the officers helped deliver chris aboard a septa train. her water broke as the train headed to 15th street in center city. the two officers coached her to delivery, removed the umbilical cord from the baby's neck and then the paramedics arrived. >> i was hoping for a quiet shift, like don't we all. but this experience was pleasant. >> everything happened so quick, but it was amazing. >> we've been checking and baby chris is doing just fine. and, of course, chris is named for christmas because he was
6:57 am
born on christmas day. a really nice story. >> i love that, his reaction. he looked a little stunned, that officer. >> i would be stunned, too. all right, weatherwise we'll be sunny today. a nice, quiet day. we'll be mostly cloudy in cape may, but others are seeing cloudy skies, some spots seeing clear skies, depending on where you are. 35 in philadelphia, 29 in allento allentown. a mostly sunny, 56 degrees. this is not bad for late december. then by sunday changes come into play. overnight we'll see clouds build in. we'll see a cloudy day on sunday with showers, but still a mild 52. then monday clouds stick around. you could see wet snow sticking around in philadelphia, then it's just a cold and dry 38 on new year's eve, temperatures dropping into the 20s, so bundle up. >> that's going to do it for us. we'll see you in 25 minutes for a local update. ♪ ♪
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good morning. it's getting ugly. overnight, north korea lashing out with a racial slur against president obama over his response to the sony hacking scandal. while issuing new threats. but could it be back firing? we will tell you how "the interview" is doing at the box fice. brawl at the mall. multiple areas forced to close to fighting after nearly 1,000 teens show up at the scene. "saved by the bell" shocker. the actor best known for playing screech is arrested for stabbing a man with a switch blade on christmas night. and gift of a lifetime. we will show the


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