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tv   NBC 10 News at 9am  NBC  January 3, 2015 9:00am-10:01am EST

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çcf devastation. good morning. i'm rosemary connors. it's just before 9:00 on this saturday morning. let's talk=n keeping her eye on the radar. you ur calling this nuisance kind of storm. >> absolutely. nuisance. we're going to be dealing with this all day long. we're not looking at real accumulation but still looking at tricky roadways through the afternoon, especially north and west. slowing us down or maybe you want that on a weekend. depends on what you like. here's a live look. looking at gray skies. the clouds are in place. we're seeing more activity on radar than what we saw an hour ago. so most of this still not reaching the ground to the nor and west. still something to look at because we're going start to see this moisten as we go over the next hour or so. we're doing to see this reaching the ground. light stuff to the north and west. as you look to the south i wanted to zoom in here because it looks like heavy rain but usually this means that sleet is mixing in with the rain. it's interesting in central delaware. we're looking at cold
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temperatures to the north and west. 28 in allentown. 32 in lancaster. 35 in philadelphia. 35 in millville. this is interesting, too. we've jumped eight degrees since an hour ago. as the system moves in it's going to push that cold air out and warming us up. by 11:00, 37. by 1:00 p.m. 39. by 3:00 41 degrees. we'll talk the timing with this storm. we're going to talk about tomorrow showers, warmer day. and big chill on the way for the end of the workweek. that's all straight ahead. road crews are preparing for that wet and wintry mix. nbc10's matt delucia is live at the penndot yard. matt it's still dry but crews are already out on the roads, right? >> reporter: they have been rosemary, since about 7:00 this morning. really as more of a precaution. right over there behind me you can see some of the 105,000 tons of salt ready for what winter brings us. i just spoke with the assistant montgomery county maintenance manager. he tells me 150 trucks will bey
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on the road salting as needed. the trucks will be out on i-76, blue route and the interstates in the five-county area of pennsylvania. they did put brine solution just to be safe. again, we're expecting some rain in many parts, but also for the north and west some wintry mix up there. we haven't seen a whole lot of these trucks out there so far this season. only for a couple of nuisance storms. >> just for the public out there, be careful. take your time. if you see our trucks out there, stay back. don't try to go around them. if it does start freezing rain it's going to be slick out there. >> reporter: now it looks very quiet out here right now but a second crew just started. another shift just a few minutes ago. for now the folks here are telling me that they're just waiting and keeping an eye on how the weather develops over the next several hours. live in norristown, montgomery
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county matt delucia, nbc10 news. >> thanks. in addition to michelle's forecast that you can watch, you can track today's system right on your smartphone or tablet. you can get realtime information, alerts and advise is are by downloading our new app for the iphone. it's for free. it's on our website a standoff is over in bucks county. police arrested a man they identified as lawrence rouse. rouse threatened family members and neighbors. nbc10 was on the scene in levittown as this situation unfolded at a houseajm. on ice pond road. that's where police say rouse had between 20 and 30 weapons with him. s.w.a.t. teams responded around 9:30 last night. officers took the men into custody around 5:30 this morning. rouse's 90-year-old mother and another relative inside the house were not hurt. in camden a man shot his ex-girlfriend and then shot himself. here's what happened. police tell us after the
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ex-boyfriend shot the woman her father rushed her to the hospital. the ex-boyfriend followed him there. he shot and killed himself while sitting in his car. the woman is currently in critical condition. this morning the american red cross is helping more than a dozen people left homeless after this late night row home fire. the blaze broke out just after 9:00 last night on south 68th street. fire officials tell us that three people were injured including two who jumped from the second floor of one of the houses. a victim is a 70-year-old man who broke his leg as a result of the fall. a family member of one of the residents described the frantic phone call she received during the height of the fire. >> she was just freaking out. like know it was crazy. her being just witnessing her house on fire. i wasn't able to get too much out of her. she was just screaming over the phone. >> the fire marshals office is
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investigating exactly what caused this fire. philadelphia fire department is hoping that 2015 will be better than 2014. the stats show there were more fires overall and more deadly fires than previous year. the fire department reports 32 people died in fires last year. that's an increase from the record low number of 24 in 2013. the department responded to more than 49,000 fire calls. that's up 10% from the year before. we are following new information this morning in the search for airasia flight 8501. the head of the search effort says he is confident four large objects found on the ocean floor are the wreckage from that plane. crews are using remote operated underwater vehicles to try and capture images of those objects before they remove them from the floor of the ocean. so far crews have found 30 bodies. the plane went down with 162 onboard.
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in our area, a philadelphia mother is holding out hope that new surveillance video will help police catch the hit and run driver who killed her daughter just before christmas. the crash happened on state road on december 23rd. you're looking at new surveillance video from the scene. it shows a dark older model truck leaving the area after the driver hit 33-year-old teresa posey. she died at the hospital a short time later. >> it hurts me to the point that not only did they kill my daughter but they killed me. they took a part of me that i can never get back again. how could you be so cold. and so heartless that you can do that and drive away? obviously you didn't have a guilty conscience because you didn't come forward. >> witnesses say posey was waiting to cross the street at the time that she was hit by the truck. in another deadly accident
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are learning more about a driver accuse of running down a 16-year-old girl who was getting ready to board a school bus in bucks county. 18-year-old michael shelly is charged with homicide by vehicle. he failed to stop for the school bus in bensalem township last month. according to officers shelly told them his windshield fogged up because the defroster in his suv wasn't working. officers say shelly also told them that the had to use a mist so he could see just to drive. according to investigators shelly struck and killed bensalem high school student minete zeka who was walking in the crosswalk on december 17th. nbc10 cameras were there yesterday when shelly turned himself in to police. we learned more about the problems with his 1984 ford bronco. police say that shelly admitted his car had a broken speedometer and broken defroster. they discovered the suv had fake
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inspection stickers and registration stickers that belonged to a different vehicle. police say the school bus had its red lights flashing and stop sign arm activated for at least 30 seconds before the crash. a 15-year-old boy is in critical conditionéd stomach. he was hit in chester around 5:30 yesterday afternoon. no word yet on a suspect or a motive in this case. today family friends, and comrades will hold a wake for new york city police officer wenjian liu. he was one of the two officers ambushed and killed last month in brooklyn. his funeral will be held tomorrow morning. last saturday thousands of people attended the funeral for officer liu's partner, rafael ramos. the gunman who shot them later killed himself. officer liu's final farewell was delayed until this weekend so his relatives could travel to
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the states from china. the wife of a man killed by police in south jersey has hired a law firm to conduct an independent investigation. 36-year-old jerame reid was shot and killed on tuesday in bridgeton. he was a passenger in the car when police pulled the driver over. investigators still have not said what exactly led up to the shooting. the officers involved are now on leave. still i hade ç suspected al qaeda terrorist has died in custody just days before his trial was to begin on charges that he attacked u.s. embassies over 15 years ago. and there are more ways now to watch the con tr versetroversial movie.
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we are starting to see some precipitation showing up. especially to the south and east. you see showers.v-wlñ maybe even some sleet mixing in where you see the darker shading. you see snow showing up on radar. is not hitting the ground. we are never the less looking at a soggy saturday today. also on sunday. we'll have your full forecast straight ahead. accused terrorist abu al libi has died. federal authorities say he was an al qaeda member involved in the 1998 bombings of u.s. embassies in kenya and tanzania. american special fosts captured al libi in tripoli, libya, in 2013. he was awaiting trial in a new york prison. al libi died last night from complications from liver surgery. 50 years old. united states is retaliating against north korea for that cyber attack against sony. yesterday president obama signed an executive order authorizing
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sanctions against the country. these sanctions will affect a government intelligence agency north korean arms dealer and ten worker 'the white house says this is the first part of the u.s. response to the sony incident. sony is expanding distribution of the controversial move si "the interview" which sparked the hacking scandal. right now the movie is showing in nearly 600 independent theaters across the nation. it's also available now on sony's playstation network and on demand. a 7-year-old girl who sole survivor of a small plane crash in western kentucky is being treated for only minor injuries after she was able to walk away from the accident that killed her family. kentucky state police say they got a call from a man who told them that the girl walked to his house covered in blood. she told the man she survived the plane crash but that her parents were dead. the girl's cousin was also onboard. the small aircraft went down in a wooded area last night. air traffic controllers say the pilot was trying to make an emergency landing at an airport
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a few miles from the crash site. the long awaited trial of the boston marathon bombing suspect will begin next week. jury selection will not be delayed and the trial will not be moved. the lawyers representing tsarnaev requested the change but the judge ruled yesterday they've had plenty of time to prepare. tsarnaev has pleaded not guilty in the bombings that killed three people at the marathon and injured almost 300 others. the time right now is 9:13. coming up next we'll meet this week's wednesday ease's child and we're tracking that wet and wintry weather on its way. not here yet but getting close. >> yeah pretty close. right on the doorstep. to the south and east rain. and to the northwxur and west wintry mix there. in philadelphia we're seeing some clouds. awfully gla outside. we're going to see the clouds in place right now and looking at a soggy afternoon with rain. we'll talk more about the timing and the snow, rain line is going to be. and by tomorrow showers and warmer air in place before a
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bitter cold blast comes this week. we'll have all the details straight ahead.
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at 9:16 on this saturday morning, we are currently dry in philadelphia as we take a live look toward the ben franklin bridge. however, as meteorologist michelle grossman has been telling us this morning we are tracking a system that's going to be moving in today and creating a nuisance to say the least. she will have the details coming up. this week's wednesday's child is a young woman who would
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be a bright light in any family. she loves art. she's looking for a forever family who will help her develop her talents. nbc10 introduces us to jacqui. >> make it by squeezing the clay like this. check it out.&çñ right personality that she likes to share with others. she likes to do arts and crafts. so we took her to the clay studios in philly to make some art. >> jacqui is a remarkable person. she brings a smile to every room. she's always laughing. she also has a caring and sweet side to her. >> reporter: jacqui has been diagnose with autism and does well in her special needs classroom. she's an out going teen who likes talking to people she meets. >> jacqui loves to be around/n. other people so she loves that one-on-one .fkeattention. >> reporter: the ideal family for jacqui would need to provide love and support. >> the ideal family would provide one-on-one care.
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they will also make sure that she gets all the needs that she has, she is current any a special education classroom. >> reporter: she v at school or other children that she interacted with at school. >> reporter: jacqui is currently in+@b foster carelfou and is very helpful around the house. >> jacqui loves to clean. she loves to vacuum. she is actually doing a sewing class at school so she's very excited about that. >> reporter: she is ready for her forever home. >> one, two, three. >> reporter: jacqui is this week's wednesday's child. >> you can make the dream of a forever family come true for jacqui or any wednesday's child sponsored beity give thomas foundation. just go to our website nbc10'a arch wednesday's child or call the national adoption center at 1-866-do-adopt.
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all right. a good saturday morning. i'm meteorologist michelle grossman. we're looking at a soggy saturday. rain for a lot of us. but to the north and west we're going to see a wintry mix. that means freezing rain snow sleet. we're not looking at a big storm but we're looking more of a nuisance today especially on the weekend. that's not always fun unless you like tov#÷ take it slow ore the weekend. looking at rain mix in spots. especially to the north and west. and then by sunday still some shous in place. it will be warm into the low 60s. so those umbrellas will be needed at least over the next 24 hours. then bitter cold is coming. we're talking 20 as high temperature. windchills in the teens. look at the pocono mountains. very busy. lots of people out. you're going to have that wintry feel today. in philadelphia, dry at 36 degrees. winds out of the east at seven miles per hour. looking at temperatures mainly in the 30s. we're starting to see the temperatures jump. 30 in pottstown. 32 in west chester. 36 in philadelphia. as that storm goes closer the cold air is pushed to the north. 44 right now in stone harbor.
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certainly all rain down to the south ofyv7 philadelphia. rain and wintry today. looking at the big storm. the warm front lifting through first and then cold front bringing cold air by monday. taking a close egg look here, most of russ stillus are still try. some snow and wintry mix. it will take a little while. and then down to the south we're looking at rain. where you see that heavy batch of rain that could be sleet mixing in as well. winter weather adviseory to the north and west through tonight where you see the counties shaded in the purple. see the cold air hanging on longer. future cast half an inch of rain to an inch. some spots may be more than that. especially to the north and west. maybe mt. pocono allentown seeing more than we're not expecting any accumulations in terms of snow. today, rain developing. mix in the north and west. 42 to 45. it will be cold but that is normal for this time of year. and then as we look towards the seven-day forecast we do have pretty big cx÷ áy 43 today. by sunday we're looking at
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showers. still the umbrella is needed on sunday. it will be warm with temperatures in the 60s. well above normal for this time of year. then we have that cold front that swings through. by monday sunshine returns. the winds pick up. 37 degrees by tuesday. mostly cloudy skies. cold right at the freezing mark. then it's wednesday and thursday that we're really watching. looking at dangerous temperatures on thursday. we're not used to temperatures like this. wednesday, cold and windy. 30 degrees. thursday, 23 as a high. windchills in the teens. it's doing to be a windy day. friday breezy and cold. high of 30. we've been really lucky this year. three days into the new year. last year we haven't had any major storms but now is probably the best time that you downloadfv:÷l our nbc10 app. it will give you the updates you need. it's a free download. you can get it on our website officials in mercer county are taking precautions this
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weekend after two women tested positive for hepatitis a. both ate at rosa's restaurant in hamilton township. an employee there was diagnose with the virus in november. here are the spots at the center of this scare. one of the women recently diagnosed works at the hair port salon in hamilton township. crews sanitized that salon. the other patient works at the mercer county board of social services and teaches classes at ymca hamilton township and the@let thick club in lawrenceville. they have warned their members about the possibleo)gg exposure. health experts fear that more people could be at risk. here's what to watch out for. hepatitis a is a virus that affects the liver. early signs include mild fever, loss of appetite nausea that kind of thing. fatigue and pain in the upper right side of your abdomen. the symptoms appear two to six weeks after exposure. we knew her as ellie mae.
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this morning hollywood is mourning the loss of one of the stars of the iconic 1960 sitcom "the beverly hillbillies."
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at 9:25 on this saturday morning, here is a live look outside of boathouse row. it is cloudy. i think this is the foreshadowing before this system coming in, right, michelle? we've got the clouds that are going to give us rain. a little bit of everything right? >> a little bit of everything, yep. we are looking in a gloomy day. soggy afternoon. we're going the see rain for philadelphia. south and east to the north and west. wintry mix. we're not looking at a huge storm but looking at a nuisance today. if you have plans you want to take it slower out there. by tomorrow showers and warmer weather before bitter cold blast.
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we'll have your full forecast straight ahead. this weekend loved ones and friends are remembering a 10-year-old boy struck and killed by a police car in glocester county. matthew mcclusky died in franklin township. yesterday, family and friends fathered at our lady of peace parish in williamstown for a viewing and a funeral mass. . friends and family vote of matthew as a vibrant child who loved sports and hoped to be a police officer one day. >> there were some cops there and, you know they gave him an honorary badge which was very nice of them. they saluted him, which was very sad. >> the police officer who hit matthew was responding to a call. authorities are continuing their investigation. we have two celebrity deaths to report this morning. first, little jimmy dickens, the oldest cast member of the grand ole opry in mash nashville. he suffered a stroke on
9:27 am
christmas day. he performed regularry at the opry from 1948 to his last appearance on december 20th. dickens was 94 years old. also donna doug dplas has died. she was best known for her role as ellie mae clampett. douglas also appeared in a "twilight zone" episode and movie with elvis presley. the actress had been battling pancreatic cancer in a hospital in louisiana. donna douglas was 82 years old. still ahead on "nbc10 news today," penndot crews are geared up for some wet weather. they're going to be making sure everybody is safe on the roads. michelle? >> that's right. we're looking at a soggy afternoon. whether it's going to be rain or wintry mix. we'll track that for you. either way, a cold day, a gray day. live look outside. you can see the gloomy skies. we'll talk more about today's forecast and more soggy weather on sunday but much, much warmer.
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a winter weather system will bring us a mix of rain sleet, and light snow. it all depends on where you live. don't worry. we got you covered with what to expect in your neighborhood. the roads may be a problem
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today. here's a life look outside at i i-95 in south philly. moving smoothly here however, north and west of this city may be a. different story. live with a check of what opinion dot is doing with the possibility of messy conditions there. fire forced nearly two dozen people out of their homes in southwest philadelphia. this morning investigators are working to determine what caused this blaze. good morning. welcome back to "nbc10 news today" today". i'll rosemary connors. it's just after 9:30 on this saturday morning. meteorologist michelle grossman is tracking the wet weather on this first weekend of 2015. michelle, you were telling me earlier this is a system that's not really going to bring a lot of accumulation. you're not going to see a lot on the ground. >> that's right. in terms of snow cover you're not going to see any. maybe the poconos will see some. that will be about it. the biggest problem will be on the untreated surfaces. otherwise, rainfall totals and in other spots, half inch up to an inch of rain.
9:32 am
we saw clouds in center city. radar showing us some things are showing up on radar but most of this still not reaching the ground. still very dry. it will take a while before it goes that. to the north and west snow showing up on radar. looking at the rain. that will be the trend as we go throughout the next couple of hours. colder air north and west and warmer air south and east. 36 in philadelphia. 33 in reading. 30 in pottstown. a few spots to the north and west. still below freezing but we're starting to see those temperatures climb a bit. future cast showing us we're going to continue to see that rain and mix to the north and west coming in and then everyone is going to see that change over with the exception of the higher elevations of the lehigh valley and the poconos may hold on to the cold air longer. otherwise, everyone will see the warm air working by this afternoon. that change over to rain. later on today, by 11:00, 37. by 1:00 39. by 3:00 41 degrees. good day to stay indoors if you can because we're looking at a
9:33 am
soggy day. warmer. we'll talk all about that coming up. crews have been on the road for about two hours this morning preparing for today's)wqp wet and wintry mix. we check in now with nbc10's matt delucia. he's been monitoring the efforts from the penndot yard. matt? >> rosemary, we are seeing fluor theorys here in norristown. it's very night light. not amounting to much. it's certainly isn't sticking to the ground at this point. nothing we can see on the road surfaces. but the penndot crews are out here right now and they are getting ready to treat the roads if that does become necessary. what they have out here right now is a skeleton crew they tell me. and certainly not what you would expect to see if we were to be having a major storm. only a couple of trucks have been out here of far. they started about 7:00 this morning. more as a precaution. i did speak with the assist about montgomery county maintenance manager this morning. he tells me all in all about 150 trucks will be out there today.
9:34 am
the trucks will be out on all interstates in the five-county area of pennsylvania. and theyñe did also put down some brine solution on the roads in the suburban areas just to be safe. the penndot workers have had it fairly easy so far this season with only a couple of nuisance storms but they can still present some challenges. >> we're going the salt as needed. i hope we don't get anything because they're talking about freezing rain. >> as we take another live look out here right now as i mentioned, we are seeing some very light flurries. it started about 15 20 minutes ago. not seeing much in norristown. seeing the penndot crews and one truck loaded up with salt. another crew just started at 9:00 this morning. so for now the folks here tell me they are just going to be watching and waiting and really keeping an eye on how these weather conditions develop over the next few hours. live in norristown i'm matt
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delucia, nbc10 news. >> thanks for that update matt. remember, you can track today's system on your smartphone or your tablet. get realtime information. all the alerts and advisories. the new app. free download on our website a standoff is over in bucks county. police arrested a man identified as lawrence rouse. investigators say rouse threatened family members and neighbors. nbc10 was on the scene in levittown as the situation unfolded at a house on ice pond road where police say rouse had between 20 and 30 weapons with him. s.w.a.t. teams responded around 9:30 last night. officers took rouse into custody around 5:30 this morning. his 90-year-old mother and another relative inside the house were not hurt during the incident. h calm len overnight a man shot his ex-girlfriend and then killed himself in the parking lot of cooper university hospital. here's what happened. police tell us a domestic
9:36 am
dispute started and the couple ended up in east camden where the ex-boyfriend shot the woman. her father rushed her to the hospital. her ex-boyfriend later drove to the hospital and shot and killed himself while sitting in the car. the woman is currently in critical condition flkts this morning the fire is out and clean-up crews are at the scene of a row home fire in southwest philadelphia. you can see the intensity of the flames from skyforce 10 over south 68th street around 9:00 last night. several people were home at the time and had just a few moments to escape. in total, three people were injured including two who jumped from the second floor of one of the houses. we spoke with family members who rushed to meet their relatives at the scene. >> i'm emotionally like distraught right now because of the kids that were in there. i'm just happy everybody was able to get out safely. >> conditions as you can see, you know involved a lot of heavy extent of fire. right now three properties that
9:37 am
was affected by fire. >> the american red cross is helping 19 people who are out of their homes this morning. as you heard the woman mention, some of them are children. today the wake for fallen new york city police officer wenjian liu will be held. he and his partner were ambushed and killed last month in brooklyn. officer liu's funeral will be held tomorrow morning. new york's police xhiger is urging his officers not to make any political statements following the recent protests and this violence. last saturday thousands of people attended the funeral for officer liu's partner, tu(t(q& ramos. the gunman who shot and killed them later killed himself. officer liu's final farewell was delayed until this weekend so his relatives could travel to the states from china. philadelphia police may have a new lead in december's deadly hit and run in the holmesburg section of the city. it happened on state road two days before christmas. you're looking at new
9:38 am
surveillance video from the scene. it shows a dark older model truck leafing the area after 33-year-old teresa posey was hit while crossing the street. she died at the hospital a short time later. this morning nbc10 has learned that the man suspected in a brutal attack on a woman in a philadelphia parking garage is a violent criminal history. steven woodson made his first court appearance yesterday charged with attempted murder and rape in connection with the new year's day attack in the spring garden section of the city. according to police woodson beat choked, and raped the 33-year-old victim inside the garage at 17th street. police tell us a married couple who witnessed the attack stepped in and stopped it. according to investigators woodson is from the pittsburgh area and was here visiting his grandparents. he has prior convictions in philadelphia for robbery, assault, and attempted murder. charges are also pending in allegheny county. police tell us that woodson is not cooperating right now with their investigation.
9:39 am
former philadelphia sportscaster is set to go to trial on monday. a bucks county judge7÷jfç denied his bid for a delay yesterday. he is accused of scamming people out of $300,000. he sold tickets and travel packages to sporting events promising to give the money to charity but pocketed the cash instead. he with drew a guilty plea last month saying he would represent himself at trial. he will be a standby lawyer with him in the courtroom. still ahead. dog treats that could harm you and your pet. we'll tell you about a nationwide recall of a popular brand of treats that you may have inside your home.
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all right. welcome back on this saturday morning. starting to see some precipitation moving in to the north and west. we're seeing a wintry mix. to the south we're looking at rain just as expected. some spots may be seeing some freezing rain that are below freezing. we'll look at that. also talk about your sunday. we're going to be much much warmer. that's straight ahead. we have a warping for pet owners this morning. possible salmonella contamination has prompted a recall of a popular dog treat that is sold nationwide. the recall affects the jump your bones brand name. the pet treats were distributed to retail pet food stores across the country and sold in
9:43 am
boutiques and online. here's the deal. not only can it make your pet sick but also people who are handling the treats. customers can return the product to their place of purchase wherever they bought it for a full refund. a federal judge in new jersey says a disability lawsuit against six flags great adventure can move forward. his parents sued the theme park in ocean county in 2012. this after the teenager was told that he was only allowed on two rides at the park. six flags bans people without at least one fully formed arm and one fully formed leg on most rides. joseph was born without fully formed feet and missing his right arm below the bellow. officials tell us they cannot discuss the matter because of the pending lawsuit. talking sports now. the eagles front office shake-up continues and ends up with chip kelly getting more power. plus, zd:ñflyers captain claude
9:44 am
giroux had an injury. turns out not bad. we hear from him next in sports. light precipitation is falling. we have rain to the south of philadelphia. to the north and west wintry mix. here's a life shot from the poconos mountain where they love the wintry weather. we'll talk more about the forecast and much warmer for sunday although we'll still have showers in place. full forecast is straight ahead.
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lq? snow squall triggered a traffic nightmare in new
9:47 am
hampshire this week as many as 50 cars crashed in two pile-ups along interstate 93 yesterday. police called it a chain reaction from so many cars just spinning out of control on the slick highway. fortunately nobody was seriously hurt but dozens of those drivers were stranded for hours in below freezing temperatures. we are looking at our own wintry weather today. mainly rain. to the north and west below freezing. our concern there would be freezing rain. look at radar. weather headlines on your saturday morning. we're looking at rain. looking at soggy afternoon into the evening and over night hours. a mix in spots. then by sunday showers still in place. warm into the low 60s. that's going to be your big weather headline. then a bitter cold blast coming by thursday. temperatures into the 20s. but cold all week long after our 60s tomorrow.
9:48 am
here is a view we love to see on saturday. the pocono mountains. lots of people skiing. not a lot in the poconos but still that winter like feel. 36 right now in philadelphia. starting to see the warmer air working in although we still have temperatures below freezing in allentown. 28 degrees, 30 in pottstown. 24 in mount pocono. the point is frees rain if the precip reaches that area before the temperatures rise. 43 in stone harbor. 37 in dover. that's good news because the storm system is push that cold air to the north and we are starting to see the temperatures rise. here's a big view of the storm. it's a big one. warm front moving through today. we're seeing rain to the south and that mix precipitation to the northwest. you can see this on radar. showing up again. still not a lot of this reaching the ground. it will take a little while before it does that. but this is a trend over the next few hours. you want to get the umbrella ready and be careful on the roadways. to the north and west we do think there is freezing rain out there. winter weather advisory for
9:49 am
every county here painted in this purple. through tonight and that's because we expect the cold air to be hanging on a little bit longer. so wet and wibtry today. winter weather advisory to the north and west. purple counties i just showed you. rain totals from half inch up to an inch. some spots a little over an inch. we're not expecting accumulation in terms of snow cover. maybe the highest elevations of the poconos. just a nuisance in terms of snow and ice. and then more showers on sunday. plus warmer air. so for today, yeah the rain developing. we're seeing that on radar right now. mix to the knot and west. 42 to 45. so take a little slower on the roadways. it doesn't take a lot to slow us down. seven-day forecast. 43 today. right around normal for this time of year. then by sunday we still have clouds in place, we still have showers in place. it will be warmer though with that warm front that lifted through. 64. then the cold front swings through and this drops us on monday. mostly sunny skies, windy. feeling like the low 30s. by tuesday, could see a snow
9:50 am
flurry or two. 32 degrees. and then wednesday and thursday we get into the deep freeze. below freezing as a high. feeling like the 20s. then by thursday, 23. feeling like the teens. cold day. we haven't felt that in quite some time. a high of 30 on friday. good morning to you. i'm danny pommells. a couple days after vice president of player personnel tom gamble and the eagles agreed to part ways the other shoe has dropped. howie roseman got a new title and chip kelly gets more player personnel control. kelly will oversee the entire department has been tasked with finding the team's next gm while roseman will handle contract negotiations salary cap management and have no authority in personnel matters. his title changes to executive vice president of football operations. owner jeff lurie released a statement saying in part when i said after the giants game that
9:51 am
how we're was returning as gm next season i meant that. after carefully listening and reflecting on the lengthen discussions i had with our senior team i changed my mind. chip kelly for his part released a statement saying quote, i am very confident about where we are headed as team and as an organization. i look forward to continue working with jeffrey and howie as well as the personnel department. to the ice now. flyers lost fourth straight game in carolina but it almost ended up being the least of their problems. eric staal put a rebound past may john, the flyers took the game on the chin, 2-1. almost also lost their captain giroux. his skate came down on giroux's leg. he was taken immediately to the carolina tunnel. fortunately he was wearing kevlar socks. giroux could play tonight. >> my doctor but i'm pretty sure i got lucky there. i know i got hit.
9:52 am
but i kind of tried to put pressure on it and it felt weird. didn't feel really good. so i kind of panicked a little bit but doctors did a good job and i'm pretty lucky to do it there. >> a close call for g and the flyers. the sixers like the flyers trying to snap a three-game losing sfroo streak. second quarter, takes it to the ten. for the bang and the bucket. he had 28. sixers up by 2 at the half. third quarter, the supposeds on the fast break. and gerald has more bounce than that fabric softener. 21 points. the sixers take it on the chin 112-96. that's your look at sports. i'm danny pommells from comcast sportsnet. >> quick reminder. nbc10 has the nfl playoffs for you tonight. the pittsburgh steelers will host the baltimore ravens in an afc wild card game. coverage starts this evening at 7:30. we're going to take a quick break and then we'll be right back.
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it's just a few minutes before 10:00. here's a live look at camel back mountain resort. plenty of skiers snowboarders out there today. poconos is going to be getting some of that wintry mix. we'll talk more about it. today we want to let you know about something happening in burlington county. a fitness fund-raiser to help keep a catholic school open. they will dance the afternoon away during a zumba session in burlington at 2:30 this afternoon. the school is slated to close unless the community raises $250,000 by january 15th. so far they have half that.
9:56 am
the big welcome home party in collins wood last night. u.s. air force captain turned. he serves as a c-17 pilot and a parachutist. friends, family, military veteran, police, and firefighters all welcomed the captain home last night. nice celebration. and of course we do want to talk about the weather. just give people one last check before we get out of here. >> soggy. soggy this afternoon. kind of a day to be on the slopes. certainly a wintry like feel in the poconos. and we're looking great there right now. we do expect a wintry mix. snow, sleet, rain mix in the parts of north and west. here's a look at radar. you can see precipitation falling to the north and west. still some not reaching the ground. it's been dry. it's going to take a while to get to the ground but when it does we're going to see that]t÷/ snow and sleet mixing in.
9:57 am
those are always tricky spots to the south and east. looking at rain. everyone will eventually make that change over to rain. look at sunday. 64 degrees. it's going to be warm with showers. then i want to point out thursday. looking at a high of 23 degrees with windchills in the teens. >> not looking forward to it. it sounds like for today people should get their stuff done now. >> i think, yeah. >> sooner rather than later. that's going to do it for us. see you back here tomorrow morning.
9:58 am
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