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tv   NBC 10 News at 11p  NBC  January 3, 2015 11:30pm-12:01am EST

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ichele: congratulations, joe. >> thank you. >> and rare technical difficulties there as michele was going to turn to talk to the always entertaining terrell suggs, and the camera cut out and i guarantee you that we will hear from mr. suggs before the next weekend's game in foxborough, and the steeler defeat means that denver awaits the winner of tomorrow's game between cincinnati and indianapolis, and thaey will host them next week. let's bring in tony dungy. how were the ravens able to come into pittsburgh and win tonight? >> well, really, bob, you have to credit john harbaugh. he is able to create that chemistry and that attitude that they can go on the road and win. you mentioned joe flacco seven-time winning on the road, and i thought that the ravens were outstanding in the confidence today. joe flacco played well, but the defense played outstanding keeping the steelers out of the end zone. >> obviously, without le'veon bell, the steelers had almost no running game and held to 68
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rushing yards, and beyond that, what went wrong for the home team tonight? >> well, it is the lack of the running game, a ndnd we are used to seeing bell as a factor, and catching the ball out of the backfield, and the other place they missed him was pass protection, bob. ben tate came in and ran the ball early, but it is tough to pick up the protection, and here he has the outside guy on the blitz, and he misses the man. that forces ben to throw it off balance and that interception turned the game around and they missed bell in a number of ways, but you have to credit baltimore for doing a number of things well tonight. >> and we will look to mike florio of "profootball talk" and ask him what he is working on. >> well, the panthers' cam newton got the first playoff win, but maybe he was banged mup the process. his ankle was stepped on by calais campbell, and he said he
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was sore, but we will have to keep a look at the injury re reports all week long to see if he is limited or unavailable next week. now, as a result of the playoff loss, larry fitzgerald's fewuture is instantly going to be in question in arizona. the speculation has begun that the team won't be able to keep him around with the $23.6 million salary cap number for 2015. we reported last month that the team fully intends to bring him back, and the following day steve kind said that they have the budget set to carry that high cap number, but he is still going to be traded, and they won't cut him, but he could be traded traded. and six head coach vacancies, an none of them will be filled un until the beginning of the week, and part of the reason is because offensive coordinator todd bowles was not available to
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be hired, and he may be gone from arizona sooner than later after today. >> and once again, the final score from heinz field, the viz visiting ravens over the steelers, 30-15. we will be back to wrap it up after this. for the new volkswagen on your list this year just about all you need, is a pen. festive, isn't it? get zero due at signing zero down, zero deposit and zero first month's payment on select new volkswagen models.
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>> al: well, he is on the road, but he is collegial, and those are ravens' fans there, and it is easy to be collegial, and terrell suggs with the interception, and big night for the defense on the way to foxborough as are we as "football night" starts at 5:30. and the whole thing, brady is finished, and the whole thing, and then baltimore, and they
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lose to bengals, and barely get into the playoffs, and here they are. >> cris: the tales of the crypt, and all that. but it is always like that, and it is who is healthy at the right time. and haloti ngata coming back, because when you pair him with suggs on the outside and dumervil on the other, and mcphee, and those guys pushing on the inside, it is very difficult. i guarantee you that tom brady and we have his attention after watching what they did out here rushing ben roethlisberger. >> al: correction, 3:30 is "football night" next week and the game is little past 4:30. and the coaches, and we all know about belichick, and no matter what happens to this guy, somehow someway he figures out a way. and john harbaugh, seven years in the league, that is a good run for the guy. >> cris: and you think about what he has had to do with the
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guy, seven dif present starting corn corners, and seven different safeties and having to shuffle the starting line, and taking yanda off of the tackle, and tonight, it did not look uncomfortable for the baltimore ravens. >> al: all right. have a good week, and we will see you next week at 3:30 when we start it off with "football night in america." and we will start it off. until next saturday, i'm al mike lts, and cris collinsworth with michele tafoya, and all of the fine folks here saying good night from pittsburgh.
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right now on nbc 10 news a limo driver becomes the target of a killer. a gunman killed him inside his limo on a philadelphia street. police are looking for the man who pulled the trigger. the limo company say it started as a routine call and turned into a case of murder. nbc 10's randy gyllenhaal is live at headquarters. what have you learned? >> detective, looking into this case. the second murder of this new year in philadelphia. they have not released
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dames pft drivedame s tell me this driver only worked here a few weeks out of north philadelphia when he was robbed and shot by a customer. the limo driver's chrysler is the focus of this crime scene. according to the car service the driver picked up two passengers in north philly one dropped off. the other asked to be taken here to this west philadelphia neighborhood. once they got here the company says that suspect shot the driver without warning and stole cash and a cell phone, maybe $100. philadelphia homicide detectives are investigating this case. the city's second murder this year. maybes neighbors on this west philly block furious the year begins with such senseless violence. >> unfortunate we would have the second murder in the city of philadelphia for the year 2015 and for it to be so senseless. >> reporter: the victim's girlfriend was inside the
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vehicle sitting inside the front passenger's seat. she was not injured, witnessed the whole thing snd and is being interviewed by detectives. meanwhile, detectives have not release add description of that suspect. live at police headquarters, nbc 10 news. a wet and foggy night. you can barely see the comcast building in center city through the fog. part of a wild weather roller coaster we're on over the weekend. nbc 10 first alert meteorologist is tracking the rain and a dramatic workup. how long will it last? >> overnight heading into tomorrow. keep your umbrellas out for sunday and war%9 up meaning temperatures warming into the 60s. light rainfall knee mat borp oh near the corridor stretching into are parts of south jersey
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and the rain continues on and off throughout tonight and the pfsf building foggy, you can see. another round of moisture moving up from the south. the rain we'll experience on and off throughout tomorrow. visibility is down. if you plan on driving late be careful. down to two miles. down a quarter in the pocono just over two mimeles in pottstown. tomorrow morning warmer than today. today we stayed in the 30s. by 7:00 a.m. temperatures at 48 degrees. showers expected throughout the day sunday.s#s
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all-volunteer garden state underwater recovery unit found shane's body just before noon. >> that's what we do. what we're here for. that's why we do this. just to find family's loved ones and bring them back to them. >> reporter: something shane's family tells us they're forever grateful for. >> god bless the divers and we love them and they will be forever part of our family. promised, found and brought shane home. >> reporter: once again, praying
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for the montgomery family. >> i don't know if we could ever repay what this community did for our family. >> we want to thank everyone for their support and prayers and love and ask they continue to pray for our family at this trying time. >> reporter: shane disappeared after a night out atxps/ kildare's=jw irish pub on main street. we stopped by the pub to see if anyone wanted to say a few words. they declined. in manayunk nbc 10 news. read more about the case and the search on nbc a woman remains in critical condition after being shot by her ex-boyfriend. he killed himself in the
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when he father arrived to give her a ride johnson shot at his vehicle. both father and daughter were lurt. the father was able to drive to cooper. he's now in stable condition. investigators are trying to determine what caused this row home fire in southwest philadelphia. the red cross says 28 people were forced out of into the cold last night. it started in one home on south 68ening street and spread 20 two more before firefighters were able to get the upper hand. three people were hurt including two people who jumped from the second floor of one of the homes. tomorrow hundreds of police officers from around the region including from philadelphia will say good-bye to a fallen comrade. nypd officer wenjian liu, laid to rest tomorrow. his wake was today in brooklyn. officers liu and raphael ramos were[w gunned down december 20th as they sat in their pa trot katrol
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car. the killer then shot and killed himself. the fraternal order of police will provide buss to take officers to that service. in west philadelphia today, black lives matter movement. >> what do we want? >> justice! >> when do we want it? >> now! >> the family-friendly event started at the calvary center. marchers called for justice for michael brown and eric garner two black men who died at the hands of police. some were parents, concerned how racism is affecting their community. if you drive the pennsylvania turnpike get ready to pay more after midnight. each trip through a turnpike toll booth will now cost anywhere from a nick toll a dime more, up 5% across the board increase. the turnpike commission will use the extra money to pay for
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highway expansions widening it's road from four to six lanes. the rate hike will also fund costly winter road repairs that in recent years have become unpredictable. >> they have to keep the road up and i know there's a lot of bridges that need repair and a lot of roadwork that needs to be done. that's what they need to do, then i support. >> i feel i'm paying more than i should anyway. weú pay. >> the turnpike commission notes the h?? system is aging and needs improvement. some stretches of the turnpike will turn 75 years old next year. next on nbc 10 news a miracle story of survival. >> he's upside-down in an aircraft that's crash landed. she is in shorts t-shirt. she's 7 years old. she has broken bones. she pulls herself out of the aircraft -- >> coming up the knock at the door that changed two people's lives. >> i'm john clark. the first day of nfl playoffs.
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highlights and why chip kelly is ready for full football power. flyers beating unto end their road trip. what jaromir jagr did is one for the ages that's next.
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the sole survivor of this plane crash in kentucky is now out of the hospital. the 7-year-old girl walked ouch the woods in the dark and cold with no shoes. sailor gutzler knocked on the door of the first home she found nearly a mile away. a man inside says he was stunned when he saw a little girl bloody and crying. relatives say sailor used the plane's wing to light a branch so she could find her way through the woods and get help for her family.
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>> her voice was quivering. she told me her mom and dad were dead and she was in a plane crash and the plane was upside-down. >> reporter: the girl's parents, her sister and a cousin were all killed in the crash last night. they were flying home from florida to illinois. the cause of the crash is under investigation. well despite bad weather, looks like parts of that airasia jetliner may have been found today. the plane was lost last week with 162 people onboard. today sonar equipment located four large objects in the java sea. searchers tried to get a better look with underwater cameras. instead a mapping ship meshrd them from the surface. biggest, 59 feet long 18 feet wide and appears to be part of the jet's body. slip sliding away. still ahead a truck that was supposed to make pennsylvania roads safer turns into a dangerous weapon. and wet weather will continue overnight tonight heading into sunday plus
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tracking temperatures in the 60s. how long we'll see mild conditions? going over the details in my first alert seven day last in.
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talk about a rude awakening. an allegheny county family jolted when a salt truck slammed into their home. everyone was upstairs when the truck barreled into their living room. the driver rescued. no one else hurt. freezing rain made for slick conditions in parts of pennsylvania today. good evening, as we head into the rest of tonight, we continue to see on and off rainfall lasting into your
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sunday. heading into sunday. temperatures today stayed in the 30s. by tomorrow warming into the low 60s. much colder air is on its way as we head into most of next week. a live look outside now. wet roads for people trying to get home tonight. we're going to continue to see the rainfall even as we head into most of tomorrow bust it's going to be the same on and off. right now we're seeing a steady rainfall moving into parts of center city. you can see the comcast center in the background and a foggy evening out. be careful. 43 degrees, light rain coming down now for philadelphia international airport. high wind speeds out of the east three miles per hour. heading into the rest of tonight, warmer air moving up from the south leading to warmer temperatures, but our live radar shows we're seeing a steady rainfall moving into parts of burlington county along the shore and also parts of the i-95 corridor. so more of a moderate rainfall pushing into parts of woodland at this time. a moderate rain fall here and heading into the rest of tonight, a bit of a low but
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another round of rain is on its way and that's going to affect your sunday. so we'll be warmer not as cold as we saw today definitely another round of moderate rainfall closer to 8:00 a.m., in parts of our suburb the poconos, the lehigh valley area and another round, 8:00, 9:00 before the rest of the moisture pushes offshore. cold conditions settle in heading into monday. plenty of sunshine but temperatures more than 20 degrees colder as a cold front drags through our area. right now at 34 degrees in the poconos. 37 in allentown. 37 in quakertown. same in pottstown, 39 in bluebell. northeast philly low 40s. 41 in trenton closer to the shore at'abj# 51y doctors. yy yy yy near the shore. heading into tomorrow and sunday, 63 degrees and a big drop in temperatures heading into monday. we actually get even colder than that as we go into your
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seven-day forecast. show you what that looks like future temperatures waking up tomorrow, 10:00 a.m. in the 50s. 54 degrees. a mild day. by 3:00, 60s for philadelphia. cold air moves in and we'll see a big drop in temperatures by the time you head to work on? ] monday. as far as tonight's concerned, expect conditions to stape in the low 40s for philadelphia. 36 for suburbs to the north and west pushing into tomorrow much warmer showers. temperatures range between 55 and 65 degrees. where the temperatures really drop heading into the rest of your workweek. thursday, daytime highs, 22 a blast of arctic air and a chance of snow showers heading into tuesday. i'm john clark at the end of november eagles 9-3. panthers had just three wins yet they're moving on to the second round of the playoffs.
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unbelievable. the panthers toying with arizona. cam newton to whitaker. cardinals with a third-string quarterback, just 78 yards, fewest ever in playoff win and panthers win 27-16. cam, first playoff win for the panthers in ten years. the rarchens all they do is win road playoff joe flacco, record seven playoff games on the road. ravens beat the steelers in pittsburgh 30-17, they're going on to new england next week. chip kelly has all the football power wir the eagles search fog a new director of player personnel. ed man witts will interview for the job, the current assistant director. chip will be in charge of picking players he coached. only a few coaches have that power, like bill belichick and pete carroll both won the super bowl. ruben frank thinks kelly can do it. >> you don't do what he's done


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