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tv   NBC 10 News at 11p  NBC  January 5, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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>> announcer: nbc 10 news starts now. >> right now, at 11:00, the snow is on its way. and its arrival comes at the worst possible time, the morning rush. e. >> tonight, we have you covered. what you can expect in the morning, down the shore in delaware and across the philadelphia region. >> good evening. i'm jim rosenfield. >> street crews are gearing up and have a long night ahead eqtr(t&háhp &hc ing and brace yourself, this is just the start as temperatures drop to single digits this week. >> we are keeping a close eye on this radar. right now, the storm, headed our way, is in the midwest.
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we're going to take a live picture of indianapolis, where snow is already falling. as you can see, on the roads there. squl >> george spencer is in montgomery county. we begin with first alert meteorologist sheena parvieen. >> this is why we have a first alert weather day out for the morning hours because that is the time we expect the snow to be moving in. this will be snow during the morning rush. this is why we have a first alert out. not a lot of snow, about 1-2 inches across the area, but the timing is not good. aside from this it will be cold enough for any snow to be sticking on the roadways. be very careful as you're driving tomorrow morning. here's the snow again. it is moving in this direction pretty quickly. as we go through tomorrow morning, that's when we'll continue to see that snow getting closer. winter weather advisories out for most of the area. this does mean about 1-2 inches this goes until the afternoon hours tomorrow.
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again, pretty much, that covers the entire area. as question go from 6:00 to 9:00 in the morning, you will be in the teens, light e light snowfalling here around the philadelphia, i-95 corridor area. and, in new jersey delaware, temperatures in about the mid 20s, light snow beginning to fall there, too. again, this is the rush hour time frame. so, because those temperatures are going to be below freezing, another reason why, again, we have that first alert out. snow will be sticking on the roadways. so that will make it possibly a little slippery out there. certainly something to keep in miepd. take it slower, maybe leave earlier. it is going to be kind of a messy commute for some people. >> so people who make it into work should they think about leaving early? lunchtime, maybe? >> that's a good question. most people when they get to work they see the snowfalling, they want to try to get home because they think it will get worst. at this time the snow will be ending before the evening rush.
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so best suggestion is to stay at work. >> and what can they expect when they leave around 5:00 in the emping? >> again, when you leave at 5:00 in the evenings, it will be cold enough for some slick spots. the roads, i'm sure, are getting taken care of. wu but, again, untreated roads, you want to be very cautious. >> just as nbc 10 is keeping you ahead of this storm, so are the road crews: >> george? >> yeah jacqueline the road crews will arrive just about one hour from now. the immediate concern, tomorrow morning, is snow. but that will be followed by a brutal cold snap that will really have homeowners paying to fend it off. >> bundled up against a cold wind tonight, we watched crews installing a front plow on this truck before it hits the streets overnight. the winter weather 2015 is coming, ready or not. >> i know it's going to get really cold.
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>> are you ready? >> no. i hate it. i don't like it at all. >> we're ready, set, go. we've been ready. >> penndot is prepared. act 2 about 200 trucks will plow and salt across southeastern pennsylvania's five counties. >> we're concerned about the timing of the storm baufz it may occur during the morning rush hour. >> after the snow we'll face bitter cold with gas and oil prices falling, we wondered whether the same would be true for your heating bill. heating oil customers will notice lower pricing. peco, for one, says the timing and amount of its natural gas purchases alock withng with weather impact price. utility's average home heating customer will see a 3.5% price increase this month or about $5.50 more. it's just a cost of living for
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andrew hagel. >> i guess you've just got to keep going with it. >> a little flash back to laes winter? >> yeah, last winter was rough. >> reporter: far rougher than this winter so far. penndot told us it has used only about one fifth the amount of salt it had used about this same time a year ago. live tonight in plymouth meeting, george spencer, nbc 10 news. >> and from the jersey shore, up to camden county nbc 10's denise nicano joins us from rt. 70 in cherry hill. >> crews tackled the first storm of the year by placing brine here on the roadways. they will try to ensure a safe morning commute. crews have cold but most importantly, dry conditions working in their favor on the eve of the first significant snowfall of the season to hit south jersey and the shore. >> everybody will come in early
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and be all hands on deck. >> it's unbelievable. it's one extreme toet next. >> with temperatures taking a tumble and dropping by more than half in 24 hours, anne craig is thinking about ways to keep warm. >> so that i don't have to go out tomorrow. >> she's getting some last-minute staples tomorrow at may's landing inging atlantic county. >> i notice that the roads had been primed so i knew that it could be snow or freezing -- something freezing. >> crews with at lantic and gloucester counties brining major roads and highways as you can see from the thin lines on the atlantic city expressway. >> we'll have the entire county work force, our public works department and our parks department, that's over a hundred personnel and over 70 6c of r)jng the snow commute is lighting a fire under jenna dunn who is planning on cutting her trip to atlantic city casinos short.
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>> i think that we're going to leave early so that we're not driving through a snowstorm because rush hour traffic is bad enough driving all the way back to maryland. >> public works department will be staffed and ready to roll out early tomorrow morning. reporting live i'm denise nicano, nb kr 10 news. >> crews are getting a jump start in delaware. this is a live picture along ;i rt. 1 near the it will have some workers on the clock at 4:00 tomorrow mourning. as sheena said tomorrow will be a first alert weather day. >> you can see the first alert weather bug at the bottom of the screen. this is a new feature of nbc 10 to give you advanced warning so you're not caught off guard. >> we don't anticipate any school closures or delays but make sure you down load the nbc 10 news app just in case and watch us bright and early at 4:00 a.m. >> we had breaking news out of new york right now. two n.y.p.d. officers have been shot in the bronx.
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this happened abltsd 30 minutes ago. not clear what led to the shooting, but the officers are expected to be okay. it was just last moblt thatnth that two new york city police officers were shot in wrook lynn. new at 11:00, a cold night for philadelphia fire fightfighters in frankford. sky force 10 was over penn street about an hour ago as these flames poured from the roof of this home. it's not clear how the fire started. this fire at a home in camden is also under investigation tonight. first 10 was over 28 and cramer streets around 9:00 tonight. they tell us the smoke covered the entire block. no one was hurt. >> tonight, change is on the way. to keep an eye on passengers when they get into a limo and cab. this, after a weekend murder. philadelphia police arrested one suspect today for the murder of this driver. nbc 10 has learned he was so new on the job, he did not spot a warning alert for all drivers that might have saved his life.
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nbc 10 is live at police headquarters tonight. >> reporter: well jim, the limo service says that starting tomorrow, they will be installing cameras in all of their cars to make sure that their drivers are safe. the owner tells me that he's had enough because this latest victim makes the fourth driver that's been murdered at his company since 2004. >> nearly a hundred people packed la prima car and limo service. the group, mostly drivers expressed their concerns after ramirez was gunned down over the weekend. >> we're a very tight knit community. within the drivers, when e whenever something happens, they do come together. >> police charged alondo alondo delagard with the murder although he did not act alone. tonight,we're learning a fellow
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cab driver sent a warning to all drivers cautioning them not to pick up a group of passengers. >> they were druk. i didn't understand what they were saying so i said no, i can't take them. >> but the victim was so new on the job, he didn't spot the alert. ramiere sderks picked up three men at 7th and clear field. they asked to be dropped off at 57th and delancey. the suspect threatened to shoot his fiance if ramierez didn't hand over the money. police says he gave him everything he had, the $30 in his pockets. dilagard allegely shot the victim once in the head. >> why take it life? it was just uncalled for. >> a sentiment echoed by the victim's brother. >> nothing we can do now, bringing him back, you know. >> it's important to know that the fiance was not hurt. detectivings tell us she's the
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one who helped piece this case together. and, in a said case, weeks before his murder, the victim posted messages to his facebook telling his friends and family that they should live their life to the fullest because tomorrow is not guaranteed. that is the very latest outside of police headquarters, nbc 10 news. >> the man accused of ambushing two pa pae state troopers and killing one of them will go to trial. nbc 10 cameras rolled as police walked eric frein into the pike county courthouse this morning looking different from his arrest in october with clean-shaven face and glasses. prosecutors show that proves frein shot and killed troopers. officers captured frein after a 48 day man hunt. prosecutors are seeking the death penalty. >> the trial is now underway in the boston marathon trial two years later.
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as many as 500 perspective jurors filled out lengthy questionnaires today. they shared an assembly room with the suspect. he seemed to smirk as he took a seat at the defense table and then listened as the judge gave the potential jurors instructions. opening statements are expected to begin later this month. the trial is expected to last up to four months. >> snow will be falling just in time for your morning rush. then, temperatures will take a dive. i'm tracking what you can expect as you head to work. plus how soon it will feel like 10 degrees below zero. >> then governor chris christie back in the cowboy's box. >> plus the judge approves the sale of revel casino. but not so fast. why the buyer is changing his mind.
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get ready for snow in the morning. sheena parveeen is tracking the timing of the snow. >> that e nasa says an unmanned
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space x rocket is set to lift off tomorrow morning at 6:20. it will carry supplies including science experiments from ocean city high school. we'll have live coverage tompl morning on nbc 10. >> the student experiments were destroyed in that accident but they rebuilt a new patch for this launch. >> duoto atlantic city casino's crisis. there are signs that the end may be near. liza cartmel announced retirement. the launch announced lawmakers are considering legislation that would dissolve the group. revel has a new reluctant buyer tonight. a judge approved the sale of the former casino to developer glen straw. straw was the runner-up bidder. but the auction's bidder backed out of the deal. today, straub won the right to buy the casino for his original bid of just over $95 million.
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but he doesn't want to pay that price now and plans to appeal. >> check your tickets. someone in bucks county won a million dollars on saturday night's millionaire raffle drawing. the lucky ticket was sold at a wawa in bucks county. if you're the winner, sign the back of your ticket right away. you have a year to claim your jackpot. >> not sure if you saw this tonight. a highly anticipated nbc show with a philly twist. >> the celebrity apprentice kicked off its second episode with the help of philly tech company neat. during the two hour episode, the two celebrity teams used neat's organizational software and the winning team avoided donald trump's board room. talking about being a native of hershey,pennsylvania as well as the challenges of shooting the apprentice. squl . >> i learned a lot about myself
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because it felt a lot like dealing with eight kids but they were just a lot taller. it's just about what is the goal and the quickest means of the goal. >> comcast featured its brand new voice activated next genx 1 platform. the celebrity airs monday night at nbc 10.ko >> new jersey governor chris christie has been causing quite the controversy here in eagle's country with his continued presence and cheering at dallas cowboy games. tonight, we've learned he's been attending these games on the cowboys' owners dime and not taxpayers. a christie spokesperson confirm e firms the governor has attended three games, the most recent being sunday's cowboys-lions game. he says jerry jones provided the transportation and ticket at no expense to state taxpayers. but some believe that crhhristie is making a political move.
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texas has 38 electoral votes, which is more than pennsylvania new jersey and delaware's combined 37. >> people in one jersey shore neighborhood are already cleaning up because mother nature left behind quite a bit of damage in ocean city last night. experts believe straight lined winds of nearly 60 miles an hour during a fast-moving thunderstorm are to blame. the storm up rooted trees knocked down shingles and siding and everyone sent a dock flying. about four areas were hit the hardest. >> now, your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist sheena parvine. >> well we have that first alert weather day out for tomorrow. it's mainly tomorrow morning. though, because of snow, during the morning rush a couple inches possible across the area, but the temperatures in the morning especially will be cold enough for any snow to bem sticking now because of this winter weather advisory for most of the area i-95 corridor into the lehigh valley, south jersey
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and delaware for tomorrow morning through tomorrow afternoon. and, again, about 1-2 inches of snow. so the thing is the timing isn't very good right during the morning commute. that's why e why we're issuing the first alert. here's the storm right now. very soon, it will be into parts of western pa and then early tomorrow morning, we'll start to see that moving in with temperatures well below freezing at that point. tonight, we do stay dry, overnight, clouds start to increase. and then we go into tomorrow morning, 6:00, 7 cloek in the morning, you notice the snow entering into our western counties. also, the poconos by 7:00 a.m. this is the time you're leaving in the morning, most of the areas should be fine. but, quickly, this snow should continue to spread. by 9:00 in the morning, a little more widespread. it will be on the lighter side. but, remember, tempberatures below freezing. 1 p.m. we could still have a good amount of snow around.
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notice how it's tapering off west to east. and then closer to the 5:00 p.m. hour, the snow really starts to taper off. so for the emping commute, it actually looks a lot better. we could still have some snow on the roadways, especially untreated roads. but if you're heading to work and you see the snowfalling when you're at work i would suggest you stay until the evening commute. that's going to be a better time to get on the roadways. accumulations are going to be small. about 1-2 inches across the area. take a look at what our future temperature map shows us. here's wednesday. here's thursday morning. arctic air takes over a lot of the country, much of the midwest into the northeast. our actual temperatures come thursday morning. this is thursday, 7:00 a.m. it is going to be very cold as we go into thursday morning. here's what it will actually feel like. it's not going to feel like the numbers i just showed you. it will feel like this, well below zero. allen town etown could feel like a minus 12 philadelphia could
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feel like a minus 20. it is going to be cold later on this week. 20 for the low in philadelphia, 15 north and west. tomorrow the light snow moves in the morning lasting until early afternoon and then tapering off, theemperatures stay in the low to upper 20s. then, wednesday, highs in the upper 20s. there you see that single digit temperature thursday morning, 9 degrees. but when you factor in the wind, it will feel below zero. this is the coldest morning we've had so far. if you remember last year last winter, we did have a couple mornings, quite a few, where we had temperatures windchills below zero and we're getting this now for the first time in 2015, our mornings will be feeling below zero. so it is going to get very cold after tomorrow's snow. >> snow, then the frigid air coming. >> yes, what a week, right? >> yep. >> to start off in the few year. >> and we'll be on at 4:00 a.m. with the very latest in weather and breaking traffic.
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>> fly ohers feeling some pressure. ron hextall says big changes could be coming with the flyers. the sixers are still undefeated at home in 2015. see how they track over a shorthanded cavalier's squad at a crazy night here at the wels fargo center. stick around. deciding what to buy is one thing. deciding between buying food and health care is something else. healthy pa is now here to help with name-brand health insurance that costs as little as a few basic groceries. if you're uninsured, call or apply online today.
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. good evening. danny pommells with comcast sports net with you again. philly native deione waders would get a shot in the starting line-up against his hometown
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team or at least some minutes. waders was pulled from the line-up all before tipoff. the casvs loses one of their top five scores. cavs up at the half. 16 seconds to play tony roton was nearly unguardble. he had 20. sixers take the lead. last chance for cleveland. matthew delandova, can't finish robert covingto 234rks corrals it. the sixers first home-win of the season. >> we're not apologetic with this win at all. i think it's unfair, you know when you start weigh up in we're about to come pair resumes and years of experience, and those types of things accolades, have a look at my group. young guys that don't know what they don't know and just came out what they played. i'm proud of our team. >> a huge monkey off the sixers'
11:27 pm
back. the fellas have dropped five straight after ron hextal hit on a conference call today that changes are coming but with the players, not the head coach. >> we're looking at getting rid of guys, but i will say we're far from a winner if we don't get it going, we're going to have to start thinking about some things. >> the captain, claude giroux still day-to-day with some lower body injuries. the phillies added a lower arm to a one-year deal worth 5 million bucks./íñ that's sports i'm danny pommells. we'll be right back.
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an update now on the breaking knew out of new york city. two n.y.p.d. officers have been shot in the bronx. the officers are expected to survive. no suspects at this time.
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>> and we are watching the snow for the morning hours. take a look at future weather. the snow is on its way early tomorrow morning, 7:00 a.m., it will be approaching. temperatures below freezing and it continues through the day. >> and we're on at 4:00 a.m. >> thanks for watching tonight. we'll see you tomorrow.
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mattress set only $1199.98. know better sleep with sleep number. >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- bradley cooper. harry connick jr. musical guest big k.r.i.t.


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