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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 11a  NBC  January 6, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm EST

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right now at 11:00, the first snow of 2015 continues to fall. it may not be a heavy amount but it's a nuisance for anyone trying to get around. the snow is leading to many accidents, including this one in wilmington new castle county. a fire truck hit a house. more on this coming up. a live look at center city. this is market street. the cold temperature means whatever is falling is going to stick to the ground. radar showing a large area of generally light snow covering most of the delaware valley and in some places the snow is tapering off. good morning. i'm vai sikahema. we have team coverage of the first snow of 2015. crews are spread out across our
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region. tim furlong is live in wilmington where the weather has led to that bad accident we showed you. katy zachry is live in northeast philadelphia. we begin with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz in the studio. >> yeah. it was the combination of the timing of this snow plus the very cold temperatures that have caused some of these issues today. that's why we had today as a first alert weather day. the snow will be heaviest in delaware, by the time it's all over with. it ends later today. there will be some during the afternoon. and then what melts this afternoon refreezes tonight. this is a live view of cape may. you can see on the main roads, it's just black. it's melted. from the sun's rays starting to come through those clouds. unless the snow is coming down hard, it's melting on some of the main roads. as opposed to this morning, when
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there was no sunshine. you can see the snow tapering off pretty dra matmatically in some of our western areas. the heaviest snow is across delaware bay and cape may county. that's why it's snowing more significantly around the cape may area up to wildwood. a little less as you head toward atlantic city. the temperatures still very low. teens north and west. low 20s in other areas, even low 20s in wildwood and atlantic city. visibility shows how heavy the snow is. reading, three quarters of an inch that's significant. but in philadelphia northeast philly trenton, mount holly, not much visibility restriction. all in central jersey hardly any snow there. there's the lower visibility in wildwood. you saw that on the radar. as we go into the afternoon, this is what we expect. at the shore and in delaware we may get another inch of snow
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tapering off later. the i-95 area less than an inch of any additional snow. it's not necessarily over. even if it stops, there may be a mini-burst this afternoon. north and west tapering off to flurries. more about the next issue, the refreezing and also some brutally cold air on the way with the seven-day in a few minutes. >> thank you. snowy roads led to car accidents. nbc 10 reporter tim furlong is live in wilmington where a fire truck responding to the scene got into an accident that we showed you. tell us more. >> reporter: it was a mess. let me tell you, it's snowing here. it's many coulding down on my glove there. it's coming down hard at this point. the main roads are okay. but some of the side streets have been a problem. look at the slushy corner. i want to show you this. this is oak and south franklin streets. you can see the hill the car is
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coming down. this is a weird spot. so what happened here today i'm told is there was a six-car ping-pong accident that took place over the course of a couple minutes in this area here where people kind of popped around. you see what happened at this house. i'm going to show you how that happened. look at video we sent in of a fire truck from wilmington responding to help out at the crash. they got out of their own truck. the truck slid down nobody at the wheel, came across the intersection. people on the corner ran to get out of the way. the truck pushed a car that rejed itself into the corner of the house. some people inside the house. nbc 10 was the first tv station on the scene. we talked to the people. in a half hour more from the people about what it was like to be in the house when it happened. you can see, this is a bad spot. they reopened the roads. if you are in spots like this not a good idea to be going the wrong way on a one-way street on a four wheeler. wouldn't do that either. if you are going out wherever you are and certainly in
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wilmington, be very, very careful. more from this story in a half hour. amazing stuff, luckily nobody was seriously injured. live in wilmington tim furlong, nbc 10 news. >> a team of reporters checking out conditions throughout the area. nbc 10's katy zachry is live in philadelphia. tell us what it's like where you are. >> reporter: well, the snow i would call it light snow. it's still -- it hasn't dissipated throughout the morning. and it is sticking to untreated surfaces like sidewalks and some of the smaller streets throughout the city. if we turn the camera around and show you a shot of route 1 here you can see route 1 has been treated. other than being wet and slushy it's drivable. we caught up with several people who have been out this morning in the elements. they tell me it's not as bad as they thought it would be. the biggest complaint i'm hearing from drivers is that some cars are going too fast because the conditions don't look that awful. >> the traffic is not real busy. but it's real slippery.
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it's real slippery. >> reporter: have you slid? >> we slid. >> it wasn't supposed to be a heavy hitter. put the truck out, salt out. >> it's not that bad. i lived in chicago. it's bad in chicago. >> reporter: this is nothing? >> this is nothing. if they take their time. >> reporter: good advise take your time. the philadelphia streets department put a salt solution on the roads well before the storm hit. they put thatsolution out on sunday. from here it looks like it's doing the trick. the salt trucks are out as well and have been since 7:00 this morning. i will have an update from the streets department at 11:30. >> we are glad we live in philadelphia, not chicago. some of the heavier snow from the system has been falling west of philadelphia. jesse gary has driving through the area throughout the morning in storm force 10. tell us where you are right now. >> reporter: we just made it
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into chester county and we are headed east towards the city. we're on route 30 lancaster. you can see that the roads do have some slushy snow on them. the snow is falling out here. the roads are slushy but the major roads are pretty clear. you may have more accumulation on the side roads. it's definitely slippery and slick. chester counsel chester county, we checked in with emergency response. this has been the busiest of the counties in the region as far as accidents and fender-benders due to the weather. if you are driving out, you want to go slow. not so much of a trouble on the main roads but when you get on the secondary roads, you can find your way into trouble. the road we passed there, it hasn't been plowed. there have accumulation on it. just take it easy. we will be moving further east into montgomery county. we will look at that in 30 minutes. live in storm force 10 jesse
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gary, nbc 10 news. >> drive carrifulefully out there. nbc 10 was in south allen ton town this morning. this guy is doing brooming there. you can seal snow here. the road was clear in north wilmington this morning. this is along route 202 in new castle county. snow falling down the shore this morning. this was a scene earlier today. the roads fairly clear there. snowplows were out early this morning. crews were already out as the wood started to fall. this was main street this is it before sunrise today. the snow caused problems on the turnpike in morgantown berks county. the driver of this car swerved to avoid a vehicle that was stopped, slid into the path of an 18 wheeler. there are no injuries reported there. no serious injuriesyies but drivers are dealing with a backup. police blocked off two miles in
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cherry hill because of another accident there. we are trying to find out if anyone involved in that accident was hurt. we checked around and most counties in our area say that they are seeing a routine number of traffic problems. chester county says things are busy there with lots of fender benders. philadelphia county also says it is seeing more accidents than usual. gloucester county it is seeing more accidents there as well. let's get a check on traffic. >> good morning to you. we have a couple of things going on right now. let's start with the overview with the radar. you can see we have snow across the area the darker blue that's the heavier bands of snow. heading to middle township right now, you can see the snow falling in the live picture. this is route 47 at route 9. the road not too bad in that area. this accident in cherry hill we have cleanup going on. that's closed between browning road and evesham road. heading out to chester county
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west chester pike at chester road, route 352, an accident out there in the process of clearing. we have seen some delays on septa throughout the morning. i just checked. the only delay out there is on the septa paoli/thorndale line. >> thank you. this morning, philadelphia international airport is issuing a warning that the weather could impact flights. we just checked a few minutes ago. there is a ground stop in effect right now. that means flights that are scheduled to head to philadelphia never even took off from their original city. flights have been taking off from philadelphia, but there are some delays there. officials suggest you check the flight status before heading to the airport to make sure that it's not canceled or delayed. the number you call is 1-800-phl-gate. two more nypd officers shot in the line of duty. details on their condition. the motivation and clues about the suspect, that's coming up.
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a live look outside. this is delaware county. snow is still coming down over much of our area. for how much longer? >> it's going to be tapering off this afternoon. a bitter blast of much colder air is on the way. i will show you how cold it's going to get and feel coming up. as a small business owner you wouldn't deliver just half of what you have to offer to your customers. so why are you settling for half-fast internet? only verizon fios comes with speedmatch. upload speeds as fast as your download speeds. so large files are sent in a snap and video conferences with customers are seamless. don't miss your last chance to get $300 when you switch to fios internet and phone
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at 11:13, a live look at i-95. you see snow is coming down there lightly, but it's coming
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down. we continue our live coverage now of the first snow of 2015. nbc 10's matt delucia has been traveling the roads in delaware county. he is live now in woodland. the snow still falling where you are? >> reporter: it is. i will tell you, we are along mcdade boulevard just off i-95. you can see the roads are wet. we have seen some of the trucks like that one there that have been spreading salt throughout the morning. i haven't seen anyone using the plows. look at the untreated surfaces like this parking lot here and the snow it is sticking and has been since about 6:30 this morning. when we see snow this man sees something else. >> money and a lot of hours. you know? >> reporter: the first time this season he is loading up his truck and treating parking lots like this one. >> it has been a while since we had to do this. just getting ready for everything. >> reporter: driving down mcdade boulevard, we saw light traffic
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as light snow fell from the sky. several drivers say this is cause for caution. >> i slipped three times. >> reporter: on the road or while you were walking? >> driving. i drive a pickup. >> reporter: that led to slow movement on ramps and slower rush hour traffic. delaware county officials tell me they have not issued a snow emergency for today. clearly, most are brushing off this early winter snow with ease. >> it's up with terwintertime. we have been lucky. you can't get too excited. >> reporter: not like last year? >> not at all. >> reporter: rich and his dog used their legs instead. >> taking him for a walk. he don't care whether it's snowing or not. i hate it. it's my birthday. so it's a double shot. >> reporter: delaware county officials tell me there have been no major problems with the exception of more congested road and a few accidents. i will check on the conditions
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once again. i will have an update within the hour. live in woodland, delaware county, i'm matt delucia, nbc 10 news. >> we should take care of our wets. they are as cold as we are. snow to the south. this is in maryland. snow falling in pittsburgh this morning as well. the snow led to a rough morning commute for folks there. many schools and businesses closed throughout the region. a winter weather advisory is in effect until 1:00 this afternoon for most of the area. we will have hourly updates on air and online about significant changes in the weather. nbc 10 meteorologists are on alert around the clock tracking weather that's likely to impact your life. you will find severe weather alerts on tv and on our nbc 10 mobile app. more than two weeks after two new york city police officers were ambushed and shot to death, two more officers have been shot. authorities say this time that they are expected to survive. this is video showing the man
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authorities say fired on the two officers. you can see him at the counter of a chinese restaurant in the bronx. he was a possible suspect in an earlier robbery. when police spot his alleged accomplice, they approach. that's when the man inside startedofficer was shot in the arm and back and the other in the chest and arm. police say after the suspects opened fire they took off and carjacked white camaro. the car crashed and the suspects ran. the mayor visited them overnight say they went above and beyond to protect their fellow new yorkers. >> these officers had come off their shift. upon hearing this call went back out in search of these criminals. >> the shooting comes one day at the funeral of officer liu.
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happening now, a final farewell to former new york governor mario cuomo. this is a live look at the church in manhattan where a funeral mass is under way. people lined up yesterday to pay their respects at a viewing in new york city. cuomo served as governor of new york for three terms. the 82-year-old died at his home thursday night hours after his son, governor andrew cuomo, was inaugurated for a second term. the u.s. ski team is in shock this morning after two prospects for the team were killed in an avalanche. the two were skiing in the alps yesterday with four others. the group was coming down from a top of a mountain. they left the prepared slope, apparently setting off the avalanche. the director of the u.s. skiing program says both of the men had bright futures ahead of them in competitive skiing. >> two very excited young men
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excited about the sport with a big future. all was happy. they loved skiing. >> the other four skiers were not hurt. mission control announced a hold on the countdown and then immediately canceled the launch. it was carrying experiments from students at ocean city high school. nasa's previous attempt ended in an explosion in october. space x did not say why the launch was scrubbed. it will try to launch the rocket early friday morning. we have that first alert day. this afternoon and tonight, expect the greatest amount of snow to fall in delaware especially new castle and parts of kent county. it ends later today.
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the refreeze comes tonight. temperatures already near 20 degrees. all we need is for the sun to go down and things will start refreezing. visibility, not too good but not terrible in philadelphia. still snow coming down. but at that rate it's not going to accumulate a lot more during the afternoon. 21 degrees with a fairly light wind. visibility is close to two miles. the windchill is 13 at the moment. the temperatures, in the teens north and west. low 20s in most of the rest of the area. there is a winter weather advisory for much of the region until 4:00 this afternoon. there may be a few issues, but as you can see, there's drier air that's coming in from the west. this may not be the end -- the total end of this mini-storm. there may be another little small burst this afternoon. but there really isn't heavy
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snow in parts of the area. a little more in philadelphia than in some of the northern suburbs or west earn suburbs right now. the highest amounts that we have seen, about an inch and a half in chester county new castle county so far. you can see there's more back to the west. it's not totally over. but it's certainly not at the rate that it was for the morning rush. still fairly low visibility in reading and allentown. i think that may be partly just fog rather than heavier snow. one to two miles in much of the area. it never really dropped very much in wrightstown and toms river. not much snow at all there. still lowest visibility, three-quarters of a mile in wildwood. that's where we would expect more of the snow this afternoon. the futurecast shows us some more this afternoon. even by 2:00 new castle county, parts of south jersey. then it shrinks as we go toward
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the afternoon rush. i don't expect much other than a couple flurries. as the sun goes down, some of the things that have been melting may refreeze putting that brine on the road has helped quite a bit with the travel conditions. after this we get this arctic blast coming in. thursday morning is the worst of it. 20 below is the way it will feel. 11 below in quakertown. 12 below in reading. nine below in vineland. three below in dover, delaware. that's mighty mighty cold. for the rest of the day this light snow just tapering off to flurries. the wind fairly light. the temperature not getting anywhere near the freezing point. as soon as the sun goes down things are going to startize izecing up again. wind gusts could be over 40 miles an hour and bitter cold thursday morning.
11:23 am
that's the worse of it. and then friday we may finally get above freezing in the afternoon. but then we get another reinforcing shot for saturday. it's cold here. >> thank you. we are continuing to follow the effects of the first snow of 2015. this is a live look in feltonville. we will check with our crews in the field in a few minutes. a lawsuit against bill cosby is expanding. we will tell you who wants to take him to court and why.
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it's 11:25. back now on this first alert weather day with a look at cherry hill, new jersey. this was shot by an nbc 10 producer. a light dusting out there this morning. we will check in with the crews in the field in a few minutes. new information this morning about the defamation lawsuit against philadelphia native and comedian bill cosby. two more women are joining the suit saying cosby publically branded them as liars through his statements. tamara green filed the original lawsuit. she claimed she was drugged and assaulted in the '70s. at least 15 women have accused him of sexual assault. he has not been charged with any crime. the nbc 10 team continues to follow the snow outside. this is a live look at market street in center city
11:27 am
philadelphia. it's coming down there lightly as we have said. more live updates from our crews in the field in just a few minutes. apple is selling a new version of its newest phones. we will tell you what's different about the latest offering from the tech giant.
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back now with a snowy scene from this morning in delaware county. look at those folks out there shoveling their sidewalks in media. nbc 10 first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here with a look at what this weather system is doing right now. what can you tell us? >> it is certainly tapering off. it's amazing what one inch of snow can do if the timing is just wrong and the temperature is low enough. that's what we had this morning. that's why we had issued the first alert to let you know that even with an inch of snow, it
11:31 am
could cause problems. more of it in delaware by the time it's all over with. it ends basically later today. but then we get a refreeze tonight. again, temperatures way below freezing. even though it's below freezing a lot of the roads blacktop roads are just wet or slushy like in cape may. it has been snowing steadily for hours. obviously, the snow is on the beach. it's on the sidewalks and in people's driveways. that will continue. you can see a solid area in new jersey now. but tapering off in pennsylvania, even in parts of delaware it's tapering off. but cape may county still getting the heaviest of the snow. this is not really heavy snow. but it's all relative. there's more snow falling there than anywhere else in the area right now. temperatures in it the upper teens north and west. low 20s to the south and east.
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yeah, it's cold. we don't have a whole lot of wind. visibility still fairly low but not low enough to indicate real accumulations or significant accumulations. you need a visibility well below one mile for that. we're not seeing that pretty much anywhere except in wildwood right now at three-quarters of a mile visibility. even atlantic city's visibility has come up a little bit in the last hour or so. at the shore and delaware probably an inch or so. it's not necessarily going to be totally over even if it stops for a little while. there may be another minutei-burst this afternoon. that could affect the i-95 area. don't be too surprised if we get a little bit more early this afternoon. tapering to flurries north and west with very little if any additional accumulation. the problems now are going to be refreezing and then truly arctic
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blast that's going to come in. more on that with the seven-day in a few minutes. a couple of accidents to talk about in delaware. nbc 10 delaware bureau reporter tim furlong is live in wilmington with a look at the conditions there. we saw slick roads about a half hour ago when we came to you last. >> reporter: yeah. still slick. we got a construction project going on back here. you can see the snow is coming down here. not as hard as it was. but it's coming down. i think we probably had an inch on ground but what a nightmare it was. at a spot like this take a look at this. see what a hill this is coming down here. then even if you look down the street, as people stop at the stop sign then they need to come through, look how steep this is. so that's been a real issue here. we're told earlier there was anticipate accident where six cars were involved ping-ponging off each other. one person was taken to the hospital. no serious injuries. that's a good thing. look what happened when the firefighters themselves showed up to try to help the situation. look at the video. the firefighters got out of the
11:34 am
truck to help out after the crash. that's when their own truck slid down. nobody at the wheel. it came across the intersection. people ran to get out of the car and the truck pushed a car and wedged into the corner of the house. we have people in the house when it happened. let's hear from them. >> oh my gosh it's coming right here now, boom. >> when the fire truck came down this street everybody had to run. i scream oh my god. >> reporter: you can see the fire truck is gone but the construction project continues. certainly, they are heating the whole neighborhood because they have the door wide open. amazing nobody was more seriously injured. it's not that we have gotten so much snow. it's the timing of when we got what we got and what we got is so cold and icy, it made for a mess certainly here at oak and south franklin. that's where we're live. >> now a check on conditions down the shore. a live look from our camera in
11:35 am
cape may. looks like it's coming there -- what's off to the side of the road is sticking. the road looks clear. probably stick have. we have a team of reporters checking out conditions throughout the area. nbc 10's katy zachry is live in feltonville. >> reporter: it feels like the wind has picked up. it's kind of hitting us sideways. some of the light snow because it has been constant, it's sticking to untreated surfaces things like sidewalks and some of the smaller side streets that were not pretreated and have not been plowed or salted yet this morning. it might be slippery there. if we move the camera over to our left and show you this expansive route 1, very different story. it has been treated. roads like this throughout philadelphia were pretreated with a salt solution called brine this weekend. i talked with the chief engineer of the streets department who tells me that is their approach
11:36 am
this season, to pretreat the roads more often than last winter. he says they learned lessons last winter that winter we had. they sent out salt trucks as soon as the snow began. that combination of pretreating and the salt trucks has been working. talking to some drivers, that's not the case everywhere. >> the traffic is not busy. but it's real slippery. it's real slippery. >> reporter: have you slid? >> yeah we slid. >> it's not that bad. i lived in chicago. it's really bad in chicago. >> reporter: this is nothing? >> this is nothing. if they take their time. >> reporter: taking your time that's really the key this morning. even walking on some of the untreated surfaces like the sidewalks, i can tell you, it is a little slippery. until the snow stops, you are going to want to add extra time if you are headed out this morning. katy zachry, nbc 10 news. >> good advice. traffic moved along smoothly this morning in washington township gloucester county
11:37 am
despite wet roads. plow trucks were out to keep up with the falling snow there. chester county seeing its fair share of snow right now. jesse gary has been driving throughout the area all morning long in storm force 10. tell us where you are now. >> reporter: we made our way into bryn mawr. we have pulled off the mains and on to the secondary roads to show you how clear they are. hang a left. we just got off booth lane. we are on ivy. we are making a loop. i wanted you to see that these are just the back communities in the main line off montgomery. you can see that the roads are fairly clear. just off to the side you will see some accumulation. but the center of the road is passable and clear. so you shouldn't have any problems. we saw that pretty much all the way down from chester county all the way down here to bryn mawr in montgomery county right now. just be advised that if you are
11:38 am
on the edges of the road you could be -- you could see problems. other than that you are clear. out in the suburbs as well as in the city they have been pretreating the roads to make sure that the snow did not stick too heavily. here is a stretch of roadway, this is ivy, you can see this stretch of roadway has not been treated as well as the others. you can see there's accumulation. you can see there's slushiness. you are on a slight downward grade. this is where you have to be careful, because you could pick up too much speed and start to slide and lose control. be careful in situations like that. other than that you will do already. live in bryn mawr montgomery county jesse gary nbc 10 news. >> you can see on a side road that hasn't been treated, you can see it. on the majors they have been treated. let's get a check on traffic. >> good morning. let's start with the overview. you can see the radar, we have light snow across the area. zooming into the philadelphia area, we have spots of red and yellow out there because of the slow spots.
11:39 am
this is chester county route 30 bypass. you can see roads are wet out there this morning. passable but very slippery. keep that in mind if you are heading out the door. we have an accident on the blue route northbound exits three and five. watch out for a lane restriction. you can see the line of red. an accident closing route 1 southbound. you can take route 13 as your alternate. this is an update the septa service has resumed. we were dealing with way delay. we saw a delay for the morning. septa officials tweeted that normal service is back on. >> thank you. there are lots of problems at philadelphia intergsnational airport. lots of delays on planes leaving towns. officials suggest you check flight status before leaving home to get to the airport to make sure that it's not canceled or delayed.
11:40 am
you can do that by calling 1-800-phl-gate. get more than weather information and updates to your smart phone or tablet with the weather app. it's a free download. do it now at the big chill is gripping much of the country. it's so cold in minneapolis that construction has stopped on the new viekstadium being built. rain caused flooding in western washington state. rivers ran over their banks and left a lot of roads covered in several inches of water. you see there there were flood warnings for three rivers in that region. we are staying on top of affects of the first snow of 2015. a live look at camelback mountain. see folks took the day off from school or work to go get a
11:41 am
little skiing. another live update from one of our field crews in a few minutes. glenn? >> they will get to make snow for quite a while. the snow won't be falling for a lot longer. but when the system moves out, bitter cold air will move in. think it's cold now? i will show you how kaeldcold and how long it will be here.
11:42 am
11:43 am
11:43 and a live look at the comcast center in center city
11:44 am
philadelphia. the snow is lightly falling. expect it through the afternoon, according to our meteorologists here in the studio. we continue our live coverage of the first snow of 2015. matt delucia has been traveling the roads in delaware county. he is live in woodland. tell us what's happening there where you are. >> reporter: it is snowing out here. we have seen several of the trucks that are spreading salt here along mcdade boulevard. we're just off i-95. this parking lot here we got here 6:30 this morning. it was virtually dry. now you can see there's a good layer of snow. i've been talking with the delaware county counsel. they have not declared a snow emergency today. but the municipalities are taking measures to treat the roads as necessary. in the past hour or so the emergency management office says it has dealt with a handful of accidents. nothing out of the ordinary other than more congested roads.
11:45 am
peco is reporting fewer than 100 customers are without power. fortunately, the snow is very light and fluffy. you can brush it right off the car. you can tell with this parking block that we got a little more than just a coating. but the roads are still a little bit slick. we're seeing the cars going a little bit slower today. take it easy. be careful. everyone does seem to be getting where they need to go. live in woodland delaware county, i'm matt delucia, nbc 10 news. we will have updates about significant changes in the weather. meteorologists are on alert throughout the clock -- around the clock tracking weather that's likely to impact your life. you will find severe weather alerts on tv and also on our nbc 10 mobile app. lower gas prices may be the boost the housing market needs. bankers estimate with gas prices down that adds $100 in monthly income. that translates to an 11% boost
11:46 am
in purchasing power on a starter home not to mention mortgage rates that have fallen in response to lower oil prices. >> people are feeling more comfortable with that extra money in their pocketbook. yes, our traffic has been very high. >> builders are sticking to the suburbs where they say the demand remains for new houses. not all drivers are enjoying the latest price plunge. people who fill up with diesel are paying an average of $3.21 a gallon. nowhere near the $1.03 plunge that gas prices had over the same period. cold snaps can push diesel prices upward since diesel is used to heat homes. petco is removing chinese made treats from stores. it caused thousands of pet to
11:47 am
get sick and killed some. the food and drug administration has been not been able to link the treats with the illnesses. they plan to have the treats off the shelves by march. cnbc is reporting apple will sell an unlocked version of the iphone 6 and 6 plus today. they will sell for $649 to $949 depending on screen size and storage space. unlocked phones appeal to customers who don't want to be tied down to any particular wireless carrier. starbucks is taking its customers for a journey down under. it will offer australia's unofficial national beverage the flat white. the drink is made of espresso and steamed milk. its version will be made with two shots and topped with a thin layer of steamed whole milk.
11:48 am
going to need hot beverages over the next couple of days. snow continuing this afternoon. by the time it's over heaviest amounts in delaware. we are seeing some of that already. it ends later today. we get a refreeze tonight. we're losing the sun's rays which are helping to melt some of this stuff. hardly any wind right now. the snow continues across the area visibility is not that bad. it's not snowing that hard. it's not accumulating a lot more than it already has. 21 degrees in philadelphia. a light wind. visibility close to two miles, which is not too bad for a snow event here. temperatures in the upper teens to the low 20s. not much of a windchill yet. tomorrow, the windchill is going to be an issue. very strong winds tomorrow. you can see radar starting to
11:49 am
fill in again. so we're not seeing the total end of this system yet. it's going to take a while. so the flakes keep flying. on the untreated surfaces it starts accumulating more. the emphasis on the word little. the darker blues would indicate heavier snow. we don't see anything close to a dark blue here. there was more snow in washington area. some of the suburbs got three to five inches of snow. a lot more accidents in baltimore and washington this morning. visibility is reduced because of fog and partly because of the snow. even in southern areas, visibility has gone up. so that means the snow is not coming down as hard or accumulating as quickly. as far as accumulation so far, new london an inch and a half chadds ford an inch and a half.
11:50 am
media, one. we will update the snow totals later today as more and more of them come in. none of them are going to have large numbers associated with it. as we see the futurecast this new model is just in really shows very very little as we go the afternoon and into the evening hours. a few flurries and that's about it for later today. there's an arctic front coming down tomorrow. there could be a band of snow showers coming through quickly with strong gusty winds, at least briefly for tomorrow afternoon. that sets us up for tomorrow night into thursday morning when the wind is going to howl and the temperatures feeling below zero. you don't want to keep any exposed skin out for very long.
11:51 am
12 below in allentown and reading. 11 below in quakertown. six below in trenton. nine below in mount holly. three below in dover. those are not the air temperatures. that's how it's going to feel on your exposed skin. during the day, temperatures not getting out of the 20s. it's only the sun's rays coming through those clouds that's helping to melt some of the snow and the brine that they put down last night. once sun goes down things are going to be refreezing a little bit. the snow tapers off to flurries. no real additional accumulation. chance of a snow shower tomorrow. the wind increases in the afternoon. gusts to 40 miles an hour as the temperature goes down through the 20s, into the teens and then down to nine in philadelphia, about three in some of the coldest sush ushcold est suburbs and below zero in the poconos, temperature that
11:52 am
low. we may get above freezing friday afternoon, briefly. another cold front coming through that cools us down on saturday delaying any warm-up. then we will be right back.
11:53 am
11:54 am
a short time from now, republicans take full control of congress for the first time in
11:55 am
eight years. the house will vote to elect the speaker. john boehner is expected to win that seat for a third time. republicans plan to move swiftly on several key issues including the passage of a bill to build the keystone pipeline. chris coons will be sworn in. he returned from a trip to liberia. he says that the crisis is being managed and the u.s. needs a new strategy. this was his first term. he won a special election in 2010 to fill vice president biden's old seat. the top priority is creating jobs for south jersey families. he served the last two months of rob andrews' term after he resigned his seat. this afternoon at 3:00 "ellen" is all new. then it's nbc 10 at 4:00. the case of the stolen statue.
11:56 am
a post-christmas crime right outside ofedde of a new jersey church. the video that police hope will help them crack the case. glenn "hurricane" schwartz here now with another check of your snowy forecast. >> we can see it back there. if you can see any of the buildings, it's not accumulating too fast at least in philadelphia itself. so we continue to see some of the light snow tapering to flurries this afternoon. not a lot of additional accumulation if any. we have a refreeze tonight. then we have those bitter gusty winds tomorrow afternoon creating some of the coldest air we have seen in a year for late wednesday night and thursday morning, windchills below zero. we don't really get out of this until later in the weekend. >> i think i would rather have the light snow than the bitter wind and cold. >> i don't mind the cold if i'm inside. that's okay. >> there you go. thanks for watching nbc 10 at
11:57 am
11:00. i'm vai sikahema. for glenn "hurricane" schwartz and all of us here at nbc 10 have a great day and stay warm.
11:58 am
11:59 am
12:00 pm
>> theresa: oh, my god. ugh. why do i keep having that same stupid dream? what is wrong with me? >> victor: oh, brady. >> brady: yeah? >> victor: maggie says you're going over to the hospital. >> brady: yeah, i'm just dropping these papers off for the next board meeting. >> victor: ah, do me a favor. would you drop this off, too? it's for melanie. >> melanie: found this in my mailbox when i came in this morning. >> maxine: hmm. human resources department strikes again. >> melanie: right, okay. but it says i'm--i'm freelancing and i'm not going to get my benefits until i fix this. >> maxine: well, her majesty miss anne isn't here today. >> melanie: so what am i supposed to do? >> maxine: get her tomorrow, i guess. you don't have much choice.


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