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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 600a  NBC  January 8, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EST

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not going to get much warmer as we head into the day. just about 6:00. good morning. this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> and i'm vai sikahema. at the end of my street there were a dozen or more cars there with kids inside. good parents. tough for the ones who aren't in cars. dozens of schools in the area open late. you can see the complete list scrolling on the bottom of the screen. let's get to meteorologist bill henley with the forecast. >> hey, vai, you'll have to do what you need to do to stay warm. layer up and stay indoors as long as possible. the temperatures coldest of the season and the wind making it feel even colder. it's a "first alert" weather day here at nbc10. bitter cold temperatures still falling at this hour. and near record temperatures. the record is 2 degrees in philadelphia. not going to reach that today. but it's going to feel colder than that, thanks to the wind as low as 10 degrees below zero
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this morning. 10 degrees right now in philadelphia. feels like 5 degrees below zero. 6 below for allentown. the windchill is 5 below in trenton. and 5 below also in wilmington. single digits for much of the morning. so a very cold morning and we will see bright sunshine. 10 degrees by 9:00 by lunchtime, 15 degrees. your neighborhood-by-neighborhood forecast, back in ten minutes. but first right "first alert" traffic reporter general jillian mele is standing by. >> and we just got word -- this camera looks like we're having trouble with it -- unfortunately, you can't see that image. that camera just froze. vehicle fire on the shoulder 95 northbound near the betsy ross bridge. we have an accident 76 westbound on the shoulder as you approach conshohocken but it's not slowing anyone down because it is on the shoulder. drive times average on the schuylkill expressway. taking you to bucks conte,
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radcliffe and christine avenue, take route 13 if you want to avoid that area. finally for septa, no "a" or "b" service for the third day in a row. that because of the cold temperatures. alternates making local stops. vai. >> thank you, jillian. we go from the roads to the rails where the bitter cold is giving septa commuters shivers. the "first alert" team coverage. we continue with nbc10's jesse gary live in media delaware county. jesse, how are the riders braving the cold? >> reporter: well vai, they're wearing as much as they can and also making their way into the train station. the train to center city was seven minutes late that is accept only norms for the system especially on an icy cold morning as today. most commuters are using a two-tiered approach. they waited in their vehicle, as long as they could to the very last minute and wearing plenty of winter clothinging.
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>> layer up. i've got a jacket. a couple sweatshirts. hooded sweatshirt. long long-sleeve shirt. >> reporter: does that help, or is it still cold? >> it's still cold. >> reporter: and members of septa's ice removal team started working near media here this morning, clearing ice on the overhead lines. it only takes one icicle. just one to stretch down and touch the energized lines. that can cause a delay system wide. coming up we're try to have more comments from commuters braving the cold cold commute. we're live in media. jesse gary. atlantic city is under coldle blue anyone without a place to stay should head indoors to a shelter. nbc10 was on the board walk we found these people walking in the ocean breeze. and keep the new nbc10 news app
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handy. you can get updated forecasts, traffic alerts and weather-related news. if you don't already have. download the new app for the iphone or android free in the app store. and we're following several breaking developments this morning in paris, france. where one of two police officers shot south of paris has died. according to a report by the associated press. the shootings come one day after a terrorist attack at a satirical magazine in paris left a dozen people dead. we're seeing a live picture here now, a moment of silence in paris. and also this morning, nbc news reporting an explosion near a mosque outside of paris but no one was hurt in that explosion. it's a day of mourning today for the journalists and police who died in yesterday's attack in paris. nbc10's chris cato is following all of this from our digital operations center this morning. hey, chris. >> you head the two big
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headlines. two police officers shot in one pat of paris. one of those officers dead. and then this explosion at a mosque outside of paris. what everyone wants to know how, is all of this related to the terrorist attack yesterday at a magazine office. police did make several arrests in that massacre overnight. but they're still looking for these two men. these are the two alleged ringleaders. they're brothers algerian nationals. you'll see in surveillance videos clear pictures of the gunmen running at the scene there at the charlie hebdo office in paris. americans gathered in rally of solidarity to those killed. >> any of these fighters with passports get on a plane to the united states without having to go through a visa interview at a u.s. embassy in europe that's a big problem. >> france of course has raised
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its terror alert to the highest level. and the country has increased security. they placed more than 800 soldiers to guard media offices transportation facilities. again, though, the search continues in france around paris, for the two men at the center of yesterday's massacre at the magazine offices there. again, it's not clear if this morning's shooting of two police officers are somehow related to the search for those two suspects. and then the later bombing at the mosque. we'll continue following all of these developments coming out of paris for you this morning. and bring you the newest information as it comes across to us. live in our digital operations center. chris cato nbc news. as chris continues to monitor the feeds we'll continue to monitor throughout the day on air, online and on the nbc10 mobile app. and a fire on the ogontz section of philadelphia claims the life of a military veteran. nbc10's monique braxton is live
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at the scene. tell us more monique. >> reporter: tracy, just moments ago, the fire marshal, as well as firefighters cleared the scene. they've gone back to warm up a bit, telling us they will return at the light of day to find out what happened here. claiming the first fire fatality this year in the city. most of the fire damage from what we're being told is on the first floor. they tell us it's completely gutted. a short time ago we spoke with fire commissioner derrick sawyer. he said a 79-year-old man was found on the floor in the rear of the kitchen. that's where firefighters found heavy smoke here when they arrived here five hours ago. >> right now it appears that the fire was in the kitchen area. we want to remind people --
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>> reporter: the fire commissioner also tells us there were working smoke alarms inside this house but they're hearing the victim was disabled this morning. the fire commissioner is urging families to practice an escape route. we're told that three people who are members of this family are displaced this morning. they're being assisted by the american red cross. in the next half hour the fire commissioner breaks down safety tips for the coming frigid days. live for now from olney, monique braxton, "nbc10 news." skyforce 10 is live over more breaking news. this out of bucks county where a building silo has collapsed. we first told you about this at 4:30 this morning. fire cruise on the scene in north radcliffe in bristol at an industrial complex. we do have a ground crew on the way and we're making phone calls in the newsroom to get you new information. and we have more information and breaking news out of st. petersburg florida, police
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have a father in custody who allegedly threw his 5-year-old daughter off a bridge killing her. they say an officer were trying to stop a speeding car after midnight. in the middle of the chase, the driver stopped and threw the child over the railing into the water. at this point, police do not have a motive. the father is in custody. new from overnight, on grove street around 11:00, everyone made it out safely. neighbors did have to take a man to the hospital after smoke inhalation. and a man is in the hospital after being stabbed at a wendy's. police say two people got into a fight and slashed him a box knife. a frigid start this morning.
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and the temperatures at this hour are still coming down. this is the coldest we've been so far this season. especially cold this morning. thanks to the wind revealing windchills below zero. the wind will stay with us this afternoon and provide for a cold weekend, too. the wind will be increasing tomorrow bringing another shot of cold as we head into saturday. right now, 2 degrees below zero. mount pocono 7 in trenton, 9 degrees in wilmington. the winds have died down they're not as strong as yesterday. but it's much colder this morning. the wind is going to be a factor even though it's lighter. a 10-mile-per-hour wind in wilmington 8-mile-an-hour wind in northeast philadelphia. the windchill below zero. now feels like zero in wildwood. 20 degrees below zero in the pocono mountains. a cold day today. but sunshine and a few clouds blowing through. 15 the high temperature for mt. pocono. 17 for allentown and quakertown.
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lots of sunshine. temperatures will stay blow or they'll feel like 10 degrees for most of the day. stops out at 20 degrees for northeast philadelphia. and mt. holly. 18 in doylestown. along the coastline. very low 20s for cape may. 22 20 in vineland and sunshine and 21 for dover. sunny tonight for westchester and chester. up to 20 degrees in philadelphia glassboro and voorhees. a seven-day forecast when i come back in 10. 6:11 this thursday morning. jillian is telling us about a vehicle fire on 95. >> let's start off at 95. bridge street a vehicle fire that's been extinguished it's off to the shoulder. not causing any major delays. 76, that's where we're dealing with an accident all morning long. it was near conshohocken. it wasn't anything too major it's been out there an hour had,
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as you can see, it's not causing any slowdowns but if it stays out there things could get busy. septa market line "a" and "b" no service. alternate trains are making stops. dangerous chimneys. what you need to know before you light the logs. >> reporter: i'm katy zachry live in ardmore. on a day like today energy costs can soar. coming up i'll have tips for keeping your home warm comfortably.
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look at those sparks. peco crews are dealing with power line problems on this frigid morning. nbc10 was in north philadelphia where arcing wires on germantownle avenue starting raining down sparks.
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wind likely was the cause of this problem. no one in the area lost power, but electric bills could take a huge jump for heating bills for many people in the area because of the frigid weather. there are some ways you can lower your costs though nbc10's katy zachry is live in ardmore, montgomery county with money-saving tips. >> reporter: talk about a good morning to share she's tips. we've been watching the temperature in ardmore. it's between 8 and 10 degrees. it hasn't gotten over 10 degrees and it feels even colder. do you do anything extra on top of setting the thermostat. >> no i do not. >> reporter: he's not unlike most of us. it's almost too easy to do. press a button and your home gets warmer. but weather expert heather farber said it will hurt you. farber suggests open be your window shades to let the sun
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naturally warm the room. use a space heater. if you have an unused fireplace, close the flue so warm air does not escape through the chimney. and insulation your basement. >> there are a lot of simple things that people can do in their house you and it not only helps them be more energy efficient but helps them be more comfortable in their house as well. >> reporter: after all, we're not all like sandy willbrant who keeps her home? >> 55 at night, 58 during the day. we like it cool. >> reporter: normally 55 at night, nancy has a wood burning stove and she's from north dakota. reporting from ardmore, katy zachry "nbc10 news." and a chimney could be behind this massive fire. the family that lives there managed to escape the flames.
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this morning, officials are working on an exact cause. a lot of people are firing up the chimney because of recent frigid weather. we checked with an expert on tips to staying safe. here's what he said make sure your chimney is professionally cleaned. make sure to check for structural damage. and most importantly, get it inspected by a certified professional. >> your fireplace is your main safety barrier between the fire and your actual home. so it has to be in tip-top condition in order to burn safely. >> pelican says it's important to get rid of your ashes but never put them in a home trash can, no matter how long the fire has been out. let's get you updated on what's happening on the rows once you do get out there. >> here's jillian mele manning the traffic center. volume starting to build
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route 340. that's nothing out of the ordinary. 95 starting to slow down. the normal volume from woodhaven to the vine is about a 17-minute trip right now. and that vehicle fire isn't slowing down too many people. a little right at the scene. but drive time is pretty average, about 13 minutes from the vine to woodhaven road. >> announcer: now your nbc10 "first alert" weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> clear skies. very dry air. and the temperatures have plummeted overnight. this is a live drive view from center city. but it's oh so cold outside right now. 10 degrees in philadelphia. with an 11-mile-an-hour wind look at the windchill, 5 below zero. and you'll see bright sunshine at the shore today. and the rest of the area as well. so these numbers will climb but at this hour they're still falling. 7 in trenton and horsham. chester springs is 6 with
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coatesville and pottstown. 5 now in doylestown. 9 degrees in newark. vineland is 7 degrees. a very cold start. we're not looking for a big warmup. the hour-by-hour forecast. you'll see lots of sunshine. by 10:00 in the morning, we'll still be in the teens and will top out near 20 degrees this afternoon. very cold day, a bitter breeze blowing to 20 miles an hour yesterday, winds gusting to 40 miles an hour. another cold one, not as cold as this one, 19 degrees. 32 degrees tomorrow afternoon. a brief snow shower possible for areas in the north. here comes another round of cold. 14 in the morning. 24 in the afternoon. back in the teens sunday morning. clouds building on sunday them there's a potential for wet weather monday tuesday and wednesday. a wintry mix on monday. with morning temperatures in the 20s. mainly rain. we could see icy conditions tuesday and wednesday.
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the flu is hitting the nation hard and the situation is getting worse in delaware. also claire huxtable defends her man. we will tell you what bill cosby's tv wife has to say about the multiple rape allegations.
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6:25 this thursday morning. as we take a live look at the aramark building at center city in philadelphia. it is going to be cold out there today. i don't have to tell you that. we'll have bright sunshine. just in the teens. right now in the single digits but bundle up. because of the cold temperatures dozens of schools are opening late. it's a scroll on the bottom of the screen. you can also be in the loop by signing up for the nbc10 mobile app. you'll get alerts straight to your inbox or mobile device. and this morning new numbers
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from delaware show the flu situation there is getting worse. state health officials say there were 370 confirmed cases in delaware in the final week of 2014. that's confirmed with 107 cases for the same week the year before. and more than 1,000 cases of the flu for the year. good morning, as we approach 6:30 little delays 95 northbound because of bridge street all because of an extinguished vehicle fire. police are there at the scene. just add extra time on 95 bill it's downright freezing. >> yeah a cold start this morning. the temperatures the coldest of the season. we're looking the a very cold scene at the pocono mountains where the windchills have been as low as 22 below zero. right now, everybody is feeling the cold. 7 in trenton. 9 in wilmington. 10 degrees in millville. delaware county media, the temperatures are in the single
6:26 am
digits with windchills below zero. that's where jesse is this morning. good morning jesse. >> reporter: yeah bill it feels like below zero out here. a lot of people i'm talking to taking your advice about how to beat the cold. follow two breaking news stories out of france. two police officers are shot. a bomb goes off at a mosque. and the search going on for the men behind the deadly terror scene.
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people of the coffee drinking world, dunkin' has a dark roast coffee that's deliciously roasted just right for a bold start and smooth finish that's never bitter. put down the dark roast you've been putting up with and reach for the one you deserve. >> announcer: nbc10 breaking news. just about 6:30. we're following breaking news out of paris. two police officers shot this morning. one of them killed. is it linked to yesterday's massacre at a paris magazine? we'll have a live report straight ahead. an overnight fire kills a man in philadelphia's ogontz
6:30 am
neighborhood. we're live on the scene where fire investigators are trying to figure out a cause. and here's a live look right now outside 6:29. as you can see, it's 11 degrees in philadelphia. in the single digits in most places. it's not going to get better anytime soon. burr. >> burr. >> cold out there. >> good morning, welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm vai sikahema. >> and i'm tracy davidson. let's get to bill henley with the "first alert" forecast. >> tracy, temperatures have plummeted overnight. we're in the single digits and falling at this hour to make it feel like below zero. we've issued a "first alert" weather day thanks to the bitter cold and the wind making it feel even stronger. that northwesterly wind bringing the temperatures to record levels and giving us windchills of 10 degrees below zero below zero. it will warm only to 10 degrees. 7 in trenton willmington is 9
6:31 am
degrees. the windchill are below zero. and a 20 below zero for a windchill in the pocono mountains. we will see the temperatures climb in the teens by lunchtime and near 20s for the afternoon. the neighborhood by neighborhood weather in a minute. but first, traffic with jillian mele. >> good morning, volume is building out there. 95 near bridge street because of a vehicle fire. it is a slow go for drivers throughout on 95. 76 we continue to see volume increasing an accident westbound near conshohocken. it's on the shoulder so it's not blocking anything. we are starting to see drive times increasing. 14 minutes is what we're seeing both ways between the blue route and the vine. transit officials just tweeted,
6:32 am
new jersey rail system may experience intermittent systemwide cancel las vegases delays, check your travel. and again, that is systemwide. and when it comes to septa, the market line no "a" or "b" service. for a third day in a row due to weather conditions. all trains are making stops. the cold blast is forcing dozens of schools to start late this morning. you can see the complete list scrolling on the bottom of the screen. you can also get school delay information on the nbc10 app. commuters with the septa train for work and school nbc10's jesse gary is live in media delaware county with how the septa riders are holding out. layers and layers. >> reporter: tracy, you stole my thunder. for everybody, layers is the word of the day. i'm holding the train schedule. the next train schedule is 6:41
6:33 am
less than 10 minutes away. the first train of the morning actually arrived a few minutes late. but the system has bounced back. the 6:12 train right on time. forces one passenger to actually make a run for the train. running is a good idea for commuters waiting in the cold. people are taking a page out of bill henley's book. they're trying to layer up as tracy said and also avoid the cold as long as possible. >> layer up. i got a jacket a couple sweatshirts. a hooded sweatshirt a long-leave shirt. >> reporter: does that help or is it still cold? >> it's still code. >> reporter: members of septa's ice removal team started working here in media this morning. clearing ice on overhead line. it only takes one icicle to say, stretch down from a tree branch and touch one of those energized lines. and that can short it out and
6:34 am
knock out power to one regional line. at least one section. it hasn't happened yet. the ice removal team has started here in media and made their way over to suburban station making sure the lines clear. we're live in media, jesse gary "nbc10 news." >> you can keep the new nbc10 news app handy during this dangerous stretch of cold weather. it will give you updated forecasts, any traffic alerts and weather-related news you that need. if you don't have it you can download the new app for android or iphone free at the app store. we're following fast breaking developments this morning out of paris, france following yesterday's terror attack at the offices of a magazine. nbc10's chris cato is live in the digital operations center. chris, two police officers were shot today. one of them killed. do we know if this is related to the charlie hebdo massacre? >> not connected, vai. that's news that the nbc news is reporting from the prosecutor's
6:35 am
office in paris saying apparently this shooting of police officers this morning not connected to yesterday's massacre. they're not treating it as a terrorist attack. this was a situation where officers were investigating a traffic accident. apparently, somebody jumped out of a car dressed in black, shot both officers. a female officer died. but they say this does not appear to be related to yesterday's charlie hebdo massacre. the search continues across paris for the two main suspects wanted in that attack. french police are looking for two brothers two algerian nationals. here are their photos, these men or cherif and said kouachi. they separated men from women. 12 people were killed. this is video from the use in washington, d.c. where americans gathered to pay respects and rally in solidarity with those
6:36 am
killed yesterday in paris. this morning in paris, where it is afternoon now in fact police are said to be check databases with those two algerian brothers there. checking databases to see if their connections to al qaeda or isis. as you know that magazine's satirical cartoons have come underfire for showing prophet muhammad. they're searching for the gunmen still wanted in that deadly ambush yesterday. 6:36 now breaking news we've been following for you all morning. the investigation is underway into a deadly fire in the ogontz section of philadelphia that claimed the life of a military veteran. monique braxton is on the scene.
6:37 am
>> reporter: tracy firefighters spent about five hours here. you can see the scene is clear. but police are guarding the home. we've learned that investigators will return here later this morning to determine what caused the blaze. that left most of the first floor gutted. during the conversation with fire commissioner derrick sawyer we learned that a 79-year-old male was found on a couch in the rear of the first floor near the kitchen. that's where firefighters encountered heavy flames and smoke when they arrived here just after 1:00 this morning. the fire commissioner also told us it appears the blaze began in the kitchen. we were also told there were working smoke alarms inside this row home. the firefighters are hearing the victim was disabled and may not have been able to get out. >> if you have portable heaters, make sure you use them safely. again, our first fatality for the year we hope that this is
6:38 am
our last fatality. it's very, very cold outside. >> reporter: this morning, the fire commissioner is also urging families to practice escape routes. you couldn't be doing that at a better time than when it's very frigid outside. we're going to be following this investigation. and have updates posted for you on i'll be back in about 25 minutes with another update. live for now in ogontz. monique braxton. nbc10 news. skyforce 10 is live for you over bucks county where a silo has collapsed in bristol. we just learned information in the past few minutes we know it happened in what's called shelby properties. it's a concrete company. the silo was filled with materials to make concrete. investigators are trying to find
6:39 am
those who worked there to make sure everyone is accounted for. >> announcer: now your nbc10 "first alert" weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> it's a frigid start to the morning. by far the coldest season so far. the coldest since the end of february last year. windchills below zero for the entire region this morning. not as windy as yesterday. but it's a cold wind blowing. and another blast of the cold air tomorrow which will make for a cold weekend, too. 7 degrees in reading. trenton reporting at 7:00 degrees. holding at 10 degrees at philadelphia international. making snow in thes pocono. the wind can be blowing strong enough in the pocono mountains to make it feel like 20 degrees below zero this morning. the hour-by-hour forecast showing 9 degrees by 10:00 this morning. 17 in philadelphia. and look at the teen -- that's without the windchill factored in. 19 degrees for cape may. that's at 10:00 this morning. we will make it into the low 20s. very low 20s for the area but
6:40 am
the winds will make it feel colder. any clouds way off to the north and west brilliant sunshine today. it's going to be a very cold one. the winter wind blowing today gusts to 20 miles an hour. capping our temperatures in the teens this afternoon. we'll look at the seven-day forecast back in ten. 6:40 coming to the 6:00 hour and problems with transit. >> let's check with jillian mele. >> good morning. this is the right-hand side near bridge street. we had heavy delays because of an earlier vehicle fire. the delays are thinning out we are with that volume on the southbound side. nothing out of the ordinary there. your drive time is pretty average. 22 minutes southbound from woodhaven to the wein. 1690s northbound between those two points. when it comes to mass transit, septa, "a" and "b" lines no service due to cold weather. trains are making local stops.
6:41 am
new jersey transit tweeted you can expect weather-related delays on all of the line systemwide because of temperatures. a cheating scandal spreads. and another person has been charged. we'll tell you about that coming up.
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just about quarter to 7:00. skyforce 10 launched over burlington new jersey as it looks out over south jersey. it's going to be a beautiful day today. other than the bitter cold. bill henley will be along with his "first alert" seven-day forecast forecast in a moment. new from overnight, comedian bill cosby thanked his fans
6:45 am
after there were protesters outside. you'll looking at bill cosby arriving in a private plane. more than 20 women claimed he sexually assaults them decades ago. three women came forward yesterday. they sat with gloria allred. one of the co-stars on "the cosby show" is defending him, phylicia rashad said what you're seeing is the destruction of a legacy. and i think it's orchestrated. a former philadelphia principal is facing charges in a cheating scandal. yesterday, police arrested lolamarie davis-o'rourke in gloucester county. these the eighth person charged in this scandal. investigators say she encouraged students and teachers to change answers on standardized to boost
6:46 am
scores. and a police officer was cleared of a shooting incident at at the new casting courthouse two years ago. the attorney general said the officer was justified when he shot charles matusiewicz in 2013. an officer returned fire hit matusiewicz, matusiewicz took his own life. >> happening today, veterans affairs secretary bob mcdonald will travel to the va clinic in ft. bliss, el paso texas where a veteran shot and killed a psychologist before taking his own life. it is 6:46. strong current and monsoon rains are keeping divers from retrieving that tail section and possibly black boxes from airasia flight 8501. search teams spotted that part of the jet in the java sea where the plane went down last month. and they show the tail section partially buried.
6:47 am
this is especially important because the tail should contain the plane's black box voice and data recorders which could figure out the cause of the crash. family members who lost loved ones on 9/11 have a new demand for president obama. they're calling on the federal government to release 29 classifies pages from the 9/11 report. some believe the section involves those involved in the terror attacks. victims were in attendance including terri strata. >> they murdered my husband, i want to hold them accountable. >> several lawmakers have introduced legislation pushing the president to make those pages public. in colorado the fbi is investigating whether an explosion near an naacp office could be a case of domestic terrorism. it happened just outside of colorado springs next door to
6:48 am
the naacp office. one family's trip takes a frightening turn when their van got wedged underneath a big rig. they accidentally rear ended the big rig and pulled along. >> we ran into the back of a semi truck and he's not stopping and our car is going underneath of it. >> he apparently didn't know that we were there, before we knew it he ended up dragging us for 16 miles. >> police helps to get both vehicles to safely stop fortunately, the family stopped with only minor injuries. in bucks county a teenager is back on the football field fighting for football rights. carolina play petitioned bishop chaput to allow girls on the football team. chaput agreed but then the
6:49 am
commission said they could not have female players. now your "first alert" meteorologist with meteorologist bill henley. she's not a number 10 jersey on we're at 10 degrees this morning. cold skies, very dry and temperatures have plummeted overnight. you see the flag is still moving here at the nbc10 studios. not as strong as yesterday but an 11-mile-an-hour wind that makes that 10 degrees feel like 5 degrees below zero. and clear skies, we're looking past the comcast center in center city there will be brilliant sunshine today. but the wind giving us a very cold start. look at the pocono mountains, 20 below, the windchill. solidly below zero is what it feels like even at the shore 1 below zero and cape may, satellite showing no clouds but
6:50 am
the winds are steady you see them blowing offshore. teens for the pocono mountains. allentown, quakertown and reading. sunshine will be bright. just up to 21 for trenton. doylestown and east philadelphia, a bill colder. 21 in atlantic city and rehoboth. dover also up to 21. bright sunshine. teens the high temperatures for westchester. and chester. factor in the wind and it will feel like below ten degrees, the windchills. cold again, but not as cold as today. a brief shower possible in the morning. we'll see sunshine but nothing but that after saturday another cold morning, 24 degrees in the afternoon. clouds start moving in sunday after a cold start. and then there's a potential for a winter mix on monday. and then rain on tuesday and wednesday with some areas getting a period of ice and snow. >> oh okay. thank, bill. ten minutes before 7:00
6:51 am
right now, before you head out the door we'll get you updated on the roads. >> jillian mele is handling duty at the "first alert" traffic center for us. >> we have a pretty big fire on kennett square. as a result old kennett road is closed between union creek. and the fire we're told is on red clay drive. just the last few minutes, old kennett road was shut down. you can take hillendale road. this is 76 at conshohocken we had an accident westbound on the shoulder. that just cleared in a few minutes. and another reminder you can expect to see cold weather-related delays on mass transits. septa market plain, no "a" or p service. local trains making alternate stops. and new jersey transit warning you can expect delays systemwide due to temperatures. we continue to follow breaking news of a deadly fire
6:52 am
in the ogontz section. city. >> reporter: i'm jesse gary in media, delaware county where crews are out deicing the system.
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we're following breaking news from paris this morning. two developments this morning. the first two police officers shot. one of them killed in paris. prosecutors now saying that is not related. they do not believe it is related to yesterday's massacre at the magazine offices in paris. the second thing that we're following, an explosion at a mosque near paris. the mayor of the town where that happened says he believes this was in retaliation in some way to the massacre at the charlie
6:56 am
hebdo office in which 12 people were killed. as police look for most of the suspects at that massacre. live in the digital operations center chris cato, nbc"nbc10 news." >> reporter: i'm monique braxton live where police in ogontz where police are still guarding a home where most of the home was gutted. derrick sawyer told us the fire claimed the life of a 79-year-old male. he was found on the couch near the kitchen. that's where firefighters encountered heavy flames and smoke. it appears the blaze began in the kitchen. there were working smoke alarms inside this home. but firefighters are hearing the victim was disabled and may not
6:57 am
have been able to get out. this morning, the fire commissioner is urging families to practice an escape plan. make sure heaters have adequate ventilation. and never leave food unattended on the stove. now three relatives of the deceased were not at home at the time. they are now with other family members and being cared to and assisted by the american red cross. live from ogontz monique braxton, "nbc10 news." >> reporter: i'm jesse gary live in media, delaware county septa passengers aren't the only ones shivering this morning. all morning during the morning hour septa ice crews are working on stages working on ice on structure lines. these lines help power the lines. there's the media "l" line on time this morning. as passengers try to brace for the sold snap is. live in media county jesse
6:58 am
gary "nbc10 news." good morning if you're waking up or traveling through ken the square be warned. we have a lot of fire activity out here. union street and creek road closed. you can take hillendale as your alternate. just a note the fire itself is on red clay drive. all of that response and activity that's why old kennett road is shut down. expect to see heavy volume and delays throughout the morning. for drivers in delaware county this is route 95 looking pretty good. the heavy volume on 95 is southbound into center city philadelphia. aside from that we're not reporting any problems on the area bridges. >> announcer: now your nbc10 "first alert" weather. a bitter cold morning. clear skies. you can see the flag is blowing in center city. it's not as windy as yesterday. but it is much colder. single digits for most of the area. clouds offshore. cape may getting ready for sunshine. but it feels like it's below zero even at cape may. that's a live view from the
6:59 am
marquis de lafayette hotel. this is the coldest we've seen since last january with windchills that feel like 10 below zero in some areas. those will warm to only 10 degrees this afternoon. right now, it is 10 degrees in philadelphia. we did briefly get down to 9 degrees in the city which is the coldest since last january. right now, it feels like 6 degrees below zero in philadelphia. and one below in cape may. sunshine will be bright. breezy this morning. 15 at 9:00. 18 at noon. and 20 degrees this afternoon. fortunately, it won't be quite as cold by tomorrow morning. the temperatures will be in the teens again. and we're looking at temperatures near the freezing mark tomorrow afternoon. but it's not today. you'll have to do your best bundle up do your best to stay warm. >> a warmup tomorrow near freezing. >> yeah. >> but at least we'll have lots of sunshine.
7:00 am
we've got that to look forward to. "today" show is up next. we'll see you for local updates in 25 minutes. >> you can always get updates our nbc10 news app. thanks for watching. good morning, closing in overnight, several arrests tied at a paris newspaper, an 18 connected to the attack turning himself in as police hunt for the brothers allegedly behind the shootings while another fatal shooting o a police officer this morning rocks that city. deadly call 200 million americans now in the grip of that dangerous deep freeze while snowy, icy roads, lead to pileups and a terrifying ride for one family who crashed into the back of a moving truck. >> he's not stopping and our car is embedded underneath of it. >> back on stage, protesters descend on bill cosby's first live performance if


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