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tv   NBC 10 News at 11p  NBC  January 8, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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keep that in mind, could cause some slippery travel.
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and, also how much cold air is going to move in again as we go into the weekend. that's straight ahead. >> and the widespread impacts of this deep freeze a rippleing across our region. tonight, we have confirmed that/n zi &háhp &hc a flu outbreak has taken another life. a healthy 40-year-old mother. nbc 10's george spencer is live at the university of pennsylvania with more. >> reporter: jacqueline the flu virus really travels best in winter. at times, when we're all cooped up inside to share the germs among ourselves. on sunday here at penn the virus claimed the life of an otherwise healthy victim. >> there is no woshds. >> reporter: this brigantine father was speechless in pain tonight. baffled and frustrated that the flu virus could still kill. among its most recenty8z victims,
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his own daughter, nicole. a healthy, 40-year-old athlete. >> full of energy. full of life. a smile that radiated from her face. it just lit up the room. >> reporter: new jersey doesn't track all flu cases, but we counted 36 deaths statewide. look at this state health chart representing this season, climbing steeper and higher than all recent years but one. in delaware this year's 1004 cases is nearly ten times this time last year. the young and strong are not immune even with a vaccine, after an apparent mutation. and this season's most common strain. they are now on a heartfelt mission. >> if you're ill, if you're sick, don't wait.
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don't become a statistic like my daughter. >> even with the virus mutation experts say you should still be vaccinated. it may diminish the severity of the virus if you get it. >> whether it's the flu or important weather information, you can get them delivered to your smart phone and tablet. they are free downloads available in the app store. >> new at 11:00 tonight, president obama revealed tomorrow's big announcement tonight on facebook. the white house posted a video message of the president's proposal to make community colleges free. >> what i'd like to do is to see the first two years of community college free for everybody what's willing to work for it. that's right. free for everybody who's willing to work for it. it's something that we can accomplish. and it's something that will train our work force so that we can compete with anybody in the world.
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>> you shouldunder the proposal students who attend at least part time and maintain a 2.5 gpa won't have to pay. >> a popular teacher is missing font his family fears the worst since no one has seen him in about 48 hours. today, middle bucks institute of technology says it is helping students cope. nbc 10 joins us in fairmount park. >> reporter: he was last seen here behind me walking towards city avenue. >> it's been so many days with the weather that i'm afraid. >> mary tully has all the reason to be afraid her adult son has been missing for two days. >> even though he's 40, he's still my baby. and i want him to come home.
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>> chris tully was last seen by his family early tuesday morning. his mom says he was depressed and going through a tough time. they were in the car tuesday to get him help. and when they reached this spot along city avenue that's when they say chris becameailed out of the car and hasn't been seen since. >> and my husband is really sad. really sad. we don't know what to do. >> it's very hard. >> reporter: his older brother wonders how a man had so much to offer others couldn't find a way to help himself. for the past 12 years x he taught students at the middle bucks institute of technology. in fact the pennsylvania association for career and technical education named him 2014 teacher of the year. loved ones say as each hour passes, it gets harder. >> i fear that he's hurt somewhere. can't get help. and, again, with the weather being the way it is this is not the ideal situation to be out somewhere in the cold.
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>> reporter: now police say that chris has not used his credit cards, his cell phone is off, so they are checking nearby surveillance cameras in the area. for the family they tell us they are currently working on flyers and they will be out here searching around noon. it's a story we continue to follow. for now, we're live near fairmont, nbc 10 news. >> fire does serious damage to a popular restaurant in peddler's village. you can see this photo over bucks county restaurant around 6:00 tonight. the fire started in the kitchen, didn't spread to any other buildings and no one was hurt. the restaurant will be closed, though, tomorrow. >> breaking news from indonesia where crews are working to recover the black box data recorders. word just in that surges have detected pings in the water that could be from the black boxes.
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air asia flight vanished from radar screens 11 days ago. there were no survivors among the 162 people on board. >> here at home pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane could face criminal charges. tonight, new details about a grand jury's decision. nbc 10's keith jones looks ahead at what the attorney can face. >> up to 7 years in jail or possible impeachment fwif these reports are true.+pó >> reporter: david sdelous emphasizing the gravity of these situations. attorney general kathleen kane violated rules by leaking to a newspaper. >> it plays into a lot of people's perception that you can't trust the government. >> zealous says the chief law enforcement officer could face
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criminal charges including perjury and contempt of court. the attorney general has done nothing wrong or illegal. and, to my knowledge, there is no credible evidence that she has she told the truth to the grand jury at all times. kane's attorney wouldn't confirm the report. >> all kinds of things that deflect attention to his own client's predicament. it would seem though the general public, they don't care right now. >> according to the philadelphia inquirer, the grand jury's recommendation is now in the hands of the montgomery county district attorney. in philadelphia, keith jones, nbc 10 news. >> tonight, a philadelphia police officer is back home hours after a suspect dragged him down the street. officer joe kochner escaped with only bruises. he spent just a short time in the hospital.
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investigators say he pulled over a car in strawberry mansion this morning. the driver took off with the officer hanging on. he then fired his gun at the vehicle. police caught up with the suspected driver, dominic fallims a short time later. nbc 10 was there as police brought him into temple university hospital. they're charging him with attempted murder and aggravated assault. >> a new report on the ray rice case provides a fresh look at who knew what and when. the report found the nfl should have investigated rice's situation more thoroughly, but discovered no evidence that the league lied about now getting the infamous video. the report claims that it hadn't seen the rice video before seeing it online. the league later suspended rice indefinitely after the tape was released. the report was compiled by former f eform er f.b.i. director.
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>> the u.s. committee chose been four cities that lobbied for the right to compete to host the 2024 summer olympics. the committee selected boston so it will be america's choice when the international committee awards the 2024 games two years from now. >> two years ago, mayor nutter entered philadelphia's interest. but last may, he withdrew the city from consideration. >> new information on the two brother wanted in yesterday's newspaper office terrorist attacks in paris. both suspects have been on the united states' no-fly list for the past several years. s.w.a.t. teams, helicopters and dogs are trying to trap the team in paris. thousands packed a paris square tonight to remember the victim of wednesday's attack. ten journalists were seen with two police officers.
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two brothers and a third man stormed the satirical newspaper. the newspaper ha been repeat dlif threatened for his caricatures for the prophet muhammad. >> thousands of pounds of steel and concrete collapsed on 48-year-old tony gabrielle. he became trapped sometime before his shift ended at mid night. a cement silo in bristol township collapsed. emergency crews say there's no way he could have survived.lhk >> this bitter cold air just won't let up. what you can expect as you head to work. plus how soon our next round of winter weather will. >> then, a man stumbled upon a real uzi in philadelphia. where he found it and what he did after picking it up. >> patco's new plan for riders that will help make your daily
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commute easier.
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video just in from a murder scene in west philadelphia tonight. this is the 5600 block in south philadelphia. no motive or suspects at this point. >> new at 11:00, an assault rifle found in a vacant north philadelphia lot. this is the man who found the gun at 6th and cecilb. moore tonight. we spoke to him this etching. he said imagine if that gun fell into the wrong hands? he turned the gun over to police. detectives say it was not loaded. >> tonight, a brigantine police officer is out of jail on bond after charges of sex assault on a 15-year-old girl. police arrested perea in may when the allegation surfaced. >> powerful, danous and even deadly. tonight, a warning from new
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jersey state police about three new drugs on the streets in our area. here they are, stamped with the names power hour strike dead and taliban. health officials in pennsylvania and new jersey say these drugs recently killed six people by overdose. some of these drugs are made with heroin and other substances substances, but they don't respond to narcan which medics can use to revive an over-dosed victim. >> an accident happened after school hours last evening in new millford, bergen county. last week, he was attending an indoor recreation soccer program when he came near a table which fell open and hit the child. school officials say the cafeteria table is secured but it's unclear what caused it to fall. >> today, plans to provide free
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wifi at its stations through comcast xfinity. comcast says it could be available by this summer. >> a new bike share program is coming to philadelphia in the spring. tonight, we get some insight as to whether some of those bike stations could be installed. after surveying thousands of people, the city came up with over a hundred possible bike share locations. the service gives access to a huge network of public bikes. to find out where the potential public bike locations will be, just log on to the nbc 10 mobile app. >> you you see military jets flying around in training exercises that start tomorrow and run through saturday. the exercises will be held both in the morning and in the evening. >> now, your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist sheena parveen. >> well, another cold morning
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for you. but at least it won't be as windy. tech chur temperatures still won't be as cold as they felt today. some areas seeing single-digit low temperatures. as we go into saturday another shot of arctic air moves down just in time to start the weekend. and next weekend an icy mix starts to move into the forecast starting mund e inging monday and this will continue into next week. now, 18 through the lehigh valley, 17 degrees in reading right now. and for south jersey and delaware, anywhere from the mid to upper teens to 22 degrees right now in millville. it stel feels like single digits. 5 degrees is what it feels like in allentown right now. it's enough of a wind to really drop that feels-like techture. it feels like 8 degrees in philadelphia, 6 in wilmington five is what it feels like in dover right now.
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enand, again, it will be cold as you step outside tomorrow morning. here is all the arctic air. it's still moving into a majority of the country. it's backing up, and will be coming back a little bit as we go into saturday. just for fun we'll do a lit mtle bit of a comparison. if we look at alaska temperatures are in the mid 40s. that's about 20 degrees more than we are locally. that's a fun little comparison. it's going to stay cold as we go into the morning hours. our feels-like techmperature will be staying in the teens. so still feeling cold through tomorrow afternoon. look what happens as we go into saturday morning. we're feeling like the single digits again areas like the lehigh valley feeling a little bit below zero again. it's going to be a cold start to your weekend. we're also watching a little bit of snow. some of this will be here as we go into tomorrow morning. but not everything you see currently.
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future weather takes this area of snow and then starts to die down. you see this line of snow moving in mostly to the north and western parts of our viewing area. mostly into philadelphia. and then by 8 a.m. 9 m moves into new jersey and quickly moves out before noon. it will only be a chance for the first half of the day. arctic air continues as we go e go into saturday. and then we'll start to see a few chances for icy weather starting monday into tuesday possibly, and etch through thursday. a couple areas of low pressure riding up through that jet stream. we'll see that borderline through temperatures and that's why we're calling for a possible icy mix. 15 for the low in philadelphia possibly single digits north and west. tomorrow, windy and cold. chance of a morning snow shower. but when you factor in the wind tomorrow, it's going to feel like the teens to near 20
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degrees, then we go into saturday. that's when that cold air shoots back down. some morning lows on saturday. with the wind again, it will be feeling close to single digits, close to zero degrees. north and west could still feel below zero. more freezing, but more clouds start to move in. and next week we start with that chance of icy mix as we go to monday, we're not going to break out of this cold pattern any time soon. >> we're just going to try to grin and bear it. >> yeah, stay warm. >> cover everything. the hands, the feet. we can't say it enough. >> john clark, rivals making peace? >> we're going to sew you the only thing that could bring claude giroux and sidney crosby on the ice. the flyers and thecapitols, that is next.
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. hey, i'm john clark. flyers hosting the capitols. you probably don't want to bring your kids to the games at the wells-fargo center, you will learn some new language. i bet you he did hear a few words tonight. how about this barry trotz gets a high stick to the head. they had to patch him up. third period, we're tied at one. the high stick coming into play again. could have been called a high stick on nicholas backstrom right here. just over a minute later, r.j.umberger. we are tied at two. and then in overtime, the dynamic duo.
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claude giroux and the flyers win, 3-2. they have won two in a row. >> the way it's going to be the second half of the season, those games are going to be tight. it's easy in that position to kind of keep our cool. >> big rivals. in fact, claude spoke to him for the first time off the ice for this one reason. they surprised a canadian sled hockey team. giroux faced off in a scrimmage, a memorable experience. >> my ego got a beating that day. but it was fun. it was like i said if i have a chance to play again, i will, for sure. >> that's cool. the dallas cowboys haven't won a road playoff game in 23 years.
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it's going to be tough at lambeaux field this weekend. a sliegt tear in the calf muscle and a bad strain. that's according to espn. he's been limited in practice. aaron rogers says he's going to play but he needs to figure out how. 19 points tonight in just the seventh game for the knicks. that's after getting called up for the d league.de0fw 14 straight games. only you can start for them. when drexel wins they're set to snap their seven-game losing streak. i'm john clark, we're right back.
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we have some snow off to our west. this could provide some snow showers into the morning. gist be careful as you drive on the roadways. >> thanks for joining us tonight. we'll see you here tomorrow. deciding which bread to buy can be tough. deciding between buying bread and health care is much tougher.
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>> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- lena dunham, j.k. simmons mu


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