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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 11a  NBC  January 12, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm EST

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nbc 10 news starts now. it is a cold and nasty day after a slippery morning commute. live alert radar showing rain and isolated areas of ice. parts of the area saw freezing rain this morning. other places have stayed barely above freezing. this is a live look in north wilmington. drivers are smart to take it slow. this is a live look at center city philadelphia. most places freezing. good morning i'm vai sikahema. how long will it last?
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glenn? >> it's going to be cold and wet all day. what you see right now, you'll be seeing later as well. you can see on the radar last six hours, more and more rain across the area. the pink indicating freezing rain. rain freezing on at least some surfaces as it falls. so we're getting less and less of it in burks county and chester county upper montgomery county has had some of that as well. the temperatures of course very critical. 32 the freezing point. and it might not be freezing on the main roads. but some surfaces sidewalks, driveways, trees, it could be accumulating. it's 32 in doylestown. let's check other places. coatesville 32. barely above freezing inch westchester, chester creek westchester 32 downingtown 32 berlin 32. it's very, very close.
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fortunately the temperatures are creeping upward. lower montgomery county above freezing but eagleville is 32 degrees, barely above freezing up in the upper portion of montgomery county. we'll show you some more of those temperatures a little later. but the rain continues through much of the day. as a matter of fact, it may actually get heavier during the afternoon as temperatures stay just a little bit above freezing north and west and well above freezing south an east. then a chance of a change to snow in some parts of the area. we'll get into that and see just how cold the next cold blast will be with the seven-day in a few minutes. >> see you then glenn. icy this morning causing delays in philadelphia international airport. right now delays are averaging about an hour and 22 minutes. if you have a flight scheduled for today or heading out to the airport to pick somebody up be sure to call 1-800-phl-gate
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double-check for delays. count on nbc 10 weather app alerts and advisories just download from stay up to the minute as weather changes throughout our day. about 40 homes in south philadelphia don't have water right now. that's because a water main broke at 19th and federal streets. the water department says this tends to happen when temperatures go below freezing and then rises above freezing. it makes the soil move a little bit, can cause the brakes. we reached out to the water department and they say the water should be back on in about six to eight hours. officials are looking for the cause of a house fire in the old brook section of the city on drxel road. everyone made it out safely. it was difficult to fight because of hoarder-like conditions in the home previn the last hour and a half the trial began for tollefson.
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he's expected to call witnesses in his own defense. matt delucia live. what do you know about witnesses tollefson is planning to call. >> reporter: there are upwards of two dozen witnesses for tollefson's defense. he's expected to begin his testimony today. the trial started last week. during that time prosecutors called witnesses who claim tollefson stole money for them in exchange for charity sports vacations that did not exist. prosecutors say that number totalled more than $300,000. among the witnesses expected to be called in his defense, one of them is the eagles vice president of football operations howie rosemund. sources say he's not happy being called a defense witness. not sure how long this phase will last. last year prosecutors offered two to ten years in prison. right now tollefson is representing himself with the assistance of a stand-by attorney. we will be following this throughout the day. for now live in doylestown i'm
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matt delucia, nbc 10 news. we have new information about a deadly crash that killed a 10-year-old boy. the mother tells nbc 10 she plans to sue the police officer who hit her son three days after christmas. investigators say that officer was on his way to a nonemergency call and was driving 74 miles an hour. his headlights were on but not his emergency lights or sirens. last week prosecutors ruled the death accidental and said the officer would not face criminal charges. his mother released the statement reading in part, "i am genuinely upset that the prosecutor's office was making a concerted effort to place blame on my beautiful child trying to play in his neighborhood instead of the grown responsible adults hired to protect matthew." right now memorial service under way in center city for philadelphia firefighter killed in the line of duty. here is a look inside that
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service for lieutenant joyce craig. that's happening now at the mayor's reception room at city hall. craig died last month while fighting a basement fire in the city's west oak lane section. the mayor talked about how they made the ultimate sacrifice to save another life. >> a leader a trail blazer a firefighter, a hero. saved a citizen and gave up herself, the ultimate sacrifice. >> lieutenant craig was an 11-year veteran of the philadelphia fire department. she was also the first woman to be killed in the line of duty in the department's 278 year history. divers found the black box from the downed airasia plane. but so far this morning they have not retrieved it. hours earlier crews found the first black box underneath the wing of the plane on the ocean's floor and brought it to the surface. a ship with underwater equipment joined the search for that
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missing malaysia airlines jet. the plane vanished back in march with more than 200 people on board. officials say the new search ship can scan areas other ships cannot. 10,000 troops will patrol sensitive areas in central paris in the wake of last week's deadly terror attacks. nearly half of those soldiers will be assigned to protect more than 700 jewish schools. some soldiers are already on patrol but the rest are expected to be in place by tuesday. authorities are still hunting for the accomplices to the islamic militants responsible for the attacks that killed 17 people. meanwhile the empire state building was lit up last night in red, white, and blue for the french flag. the building went dark for five minutes in remembrance of those who were killed in the recent terror attacks in paris. it is being called the largest demonstration in french history. more than 3 million people flooded the streets of paris and other french cities for a rally
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against terrorism. the people walked arm in arm yesterday into the night throughout the boulevards of paris. the march included leaders from across the globe. this morning secretary of state john kerry answered questions about why the u.s. did not send more senior officials to this march. >> the relationship with france is not about one day or one particular moment it's an ongoing, longtime relationship that is deeply deeply based in the shared values and particularly the commitment that we share with freedom of expression. >> later this week kerry will head to france to talk to french officials about preventing terror attacks in the french future. there are new questions about the terror suspects. this video amedy coulibaly.
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ed he said killed at a kosher grocery store. he pledged allegiance to isis. two others claimed to be from al qaeda. officials say the two groups do not usually cooperate. officials say common law wife coulibaly entered into the country before crossing into syria. turkey's interior minister said hayat boumeddiene was not stopped from entering turkey because there was no alert from french officials. earlier turkey's told french media she entered january 8th the day after charlie hebdo shooting. white house planning to host a conference on fighting violent extremism. yesterday unity rallies held across the country to stand up against terror and show support for the people of france. one house left in shambles after a driver's wild ride. a car plows into a home and then keeps on going. but this wasn't the only incident this weekend.
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aldly involving the same driver. the young woman's effort to sell her prom dress online unleashes a storm of scorn from bullies. we'll show you how this teen found a silver lining in the story. glenn. more cold air moving in. i'll let you know if that means a change to snow tonight coming up on my full forecast.
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we're taking a live look at cape may, new jersey where they are getting rain there. they
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didn't get snow according to glenn. you can see it's raining there from the camera on the shore. some drops on the lens. glenn will be along with the forecast. in washington shaping up to be a busy week for congress. house republicans plan to vote on legislation that would block president obama's executive order on immigration. plus the senate may begin debating a bill on keystone pipeline. the house passed its pipeline legislation next week. president obama is expected to call for laws on both data hacking and student privacy. he's set to make the proposal in the speech today to the fcc. the president wants legislation requiring companies to inform its customers within a month if they have been hacked. he also wants congress to come up with a bill that would prevent companies from selling student data to third parties. a car plowed through a home in arkansas. police say this was the driver's second crash of just the weekend. police say the 38-year-old
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driver never should have been on the road in the first place. his license was suspended, and he had been arrested the night before for another dwi crash. the homeowner isn't angry but feels lucky no one was hurt. >> i'm happy nobody was killed. coming through the house like that. >> the home owner estimates it will cost $30,000 to make repairs to his house. the golden gate bridge is back open after a weekend shutdown. the bridge closed so crews could install a new movable median barrier designed to stop head-on collisions. the project cost $30 million. the iconic bridge reopened last late night six hours ahead of schedule. earlier this morning the international space station received sa shipment of supplies and belated christmas gichlts here is video from nasa showing space ex supply ship dragon docking to the space station. the previous supply ship owned by a different company exploded during launch in october.
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the dragon is also carrying science experiments made by students at ocean city high school. in tennessee, a teenager girl says she was bullied online after posting a plus sized prom dress for sale. kristen lane said she felt like a princess on the night of her junior prom wearing this dress. hen she posted it online afterwards, she said she was bullied by strangers who called her fat. but others quickly came to her defense showering her with compliments. >> i don't know how to accept the compliments that people tell me i'm beautiful because it doesn't happen a lot. >> i think it's going to be a positive impact. i really do. because she stands up for herself. life is stuff. >> lane says she hopes her experience teaches other girls that inner beauty is the most important thing of all. >> now, nbc first alert weather with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. we started the day mainly
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wet but icy in spots. it's going to stay wet all day. that rain continues. it's not about to let up. as a matter of fact it may get a little bit heavier. there's a chance of some evening snow showers at the end of this system. not a big amount of snow but another cold blast coming for tomorrow. not quite as cold as saturday but pretty cold. the streets are wet. the flag not moving at all. very unusual to get rain with virtually no wind. it's dead calm in some places. three miles an hour now at the airport. it's 35 degrees. we never did get to the freezing mark in philadelphia. the low is 33. we're still getting some rain and freezing rain in the poconos right now. let's take a look at some of these temperatures because it's a very close call. and obviously the trees are fine, a lot of places okay but some of these places seeing
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freezing could see icing on some surfaces like cars and tree limbs is what we're watching here. quakerstown, doylestown at 32 31 in kenette square although that thermometer tends to read cold. wilmington 34. washington township mount holly, rice town 34. trenton 33. you can see how close this is. farther to the south and east there was no threat of any kind of icing and they are above freezing. nobody is going to really warm up a whole lot today. there's the future "feels like" temperatures. not much wind so it's going to feel the way the temperature is. by tonight it's going to feel like the 20s. that's tolerable. by 6:00 a.m. though it's starting to get cold right? feeling like 12i7b allentown, 11 reading, 15 philadelphia. during the day doesn't warm up very much. it will feel like the teaches
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across most of the area. by tomorrow night it feels even clolder. tomorrow night 4 in allentown, 2 below in the poconos. that's not going to last all week but that is a cold shot. now the live radar showing mostly just the green. the green is rain. the pink is freezing rain in this particular case. rain that freezes on at least some surfaces. not all of them but some. a couple of little patches in burks county but more up toward higher elevation of poconos. we saw a lot more in chester county. a number of accidents there. the lehigh valley allentown above freezing. just rain. again in the poconos area especially in the valleys we'll see a little bit of freezing rain. here is the future cast. new time it's raining across just about the entire area. this afternoon it actually gets a little heavier to the south. as we go into the evening hours, we see this area of pink. this will be a mix kind of
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change to snow but that's not going to happen until much later this evening or overnight tonight. it's not going to last that long. the temperatures not going to be plunging. so i don't expect a real significant accumulation just a little bit of snowflakes well after 7:00 8:00 tonight. rainy and cold today. temperatures in the mid to upper 30s. not really going to warm up very much. tonight eventually by morning 27 in philly 23 north and west. that rain ends early tonight. a brief change to snow in some parts of the area. and the seven-day forecast a cold wind tomorrow. temperature probably not getting to freezing. it will feel like the teens to low 20s most of the day. just a chance of rain or snow showers on wednesday. that system that we're looking at last week looks like it's going to be staying to the south. and we're on the chilly side but
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nothing like last week. by next weekend temperatures go back above average. >> thank you, glenn. he survived a bout with ebola, now he's recovered and headed back to west africa. he's speaking out about his decision to return. we'll have that coming up. if you have high blood pressure, there's one food you may want to add to your diet. we'll show you what it is when we come back. may want to add to your diet.
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working the night shift may increase your risk of developing type 2 diabetes. that's according to boston
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university researchers who studied more than 28,000 african-american women. they found the night shift increased the risk of diabetes by 22%. experts think changes in the body's natural sleep cycle can affect metabolism. blueberries may help lower your blood pressure. researchers at florida state university studied dozens of older women with early hypertension. they found eight weeks of eating one cup of blueberries a day led to lower blood pressure readings. the head of the story said it's the first to evaluate the effects of blueberries on arterial function. a study shows head start programs may help obese kids lose weight. the report found a year that overweight children more likely to slim down than groups of other children. the findings are important because obesity is hard to treat in kids with low in come families. boston officials want their students to do better in school so teachers will vote this week
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on extending the school day. city officials say the extended time for kindergarten through eighth grade students will help ensure they are ready for high school and college. it will cost boston more than $12 million a year. the mayor says it's money well spent. a recent study shows more than 2,000 public schools across the nation have expanded learning time and it has closed the achievement gap. a massachusetts doctor cured of ebola will return to west africa on thursday. the doctor plans to spend four weeks working in a hospital in monrovia. months after being cured for the virus, he talked about why he wants to return. >> we must not rest until there are zero cases of ebola. and we must not rest until the health system in liberia and in west africa is strong enough to contain the next outbreak whether it be of ebola or some other threat. >> doctors say he's now effectively immune to ebola.
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the medical missionary is one of about 10 people treated for ebola in the u.s. . we're continuing to follow an ongoing story out of bucks county. the trial of former sportscaster don tollefson is enter a new phase. we'll have an update in the next half hour. a dog disappearing during one man's bizarre crime spree. coming up we'll tell you about the high-tech tool used to find the animal.
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>> announcer: now your nbc 10 first alert weather. just about 11:30 after an icy morning commute. it continues to be cold wet and nasty day outside. there's a live look at i-95 gerard point bridge. see those cars there moving alone nicely. still wet. but the good news is in most places it is above freezing. nbc 10's first alert
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meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here with the forecast. >> in the northern and western suburbs just barely above freezing in many places. let's go back six hours or so. pink coming in north and west of philadelphia. there's less and less of it. as we go through the morning, we had several accidents in chester county. as a result burks county getting a little bit of it. now it's pretty much confined to the poconos region. carbon and monroe counties. not everywhere in the poconos. we're talking about rain freezing on some surfaces but not every surface like the roads, special freezing roads. latest temperature barely above freezing. new hope 33 33 in washington furlong, 32 in doylestown with freezing rain. so it's freezing on some surfaces there. chalfont only 33 degrees.
11:30 am
perkasie 32 quakertown 32. upper bucks county still some icing threats. 34 in wilmington, delaware but in other parts of the county we're seeing temperatures right at freezing like red clay creek in hockessin and brandy wine creek 32 barely above that in other places in northern newcastle county glasgow and new york barely above freezing. delaware well above freezing mark at 36 degrees. now, the rain continues. the future cast as we go through the afternoon may even get heavier, delaware and south jersey. look at that rain at the shore. at 4:00 this afternoon, you don't see any change to snow. at least not for the rest of the day. perhaps this evening it's a different story. more on that with the rest of the seven-day in a few minutes. >> thank you glenn. we've been getting reports of slick sidewalks and sidewalks in
11:31 am
neighborhoods all across the area. nbc 10 has been collecting them. vince, slippery conditions out there? >> del, vai. some conditions just talked about flirting with the freezing mark or below. let's take a look at pictures. reports from all different parts of the area including fell dell. this is out in coatesville. dana said this is when her driveway looked like. a bit of a treacherous walk down to the street today. this is in west philadelphia. i just want to read it for you. i guess nature is not going to force me how to ice-skate. i hate falling. i'm not going to fall. real life frozen. you don't want to slip on those steps. this is what it looked like in old city philadelphia. that can be slippery. this guy just watched a guy wipe out on pavers when he posted this picture. make sure you're taking time and taking care. it may not look slippery but in
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actuality it might be. show us conditions in your neighborhood by snapping a for the ors and sending it easy through nbc 10 app available now in the app store. vai. >> thanks, vince. count on nbc 10 weather app for alerts and advisories. download for stay up to the minute as the weather changes as it surely will throughout the day. the trial for former philadelphia sportscaster don tollefson is happening now. as prosecutors wrap up their case tollefson is expecting to call witnesses in his defense. matt delucia joins us live from outside that courtroom in doylestown. matt, what can you tell us. >> reporter: don tollefson is representing himself. he'll be the one questioning some two dozen witnesses he expects to call during his phase. the trial started last week you recall. over that last week prosecutors called witnesses who claimed tollefson stole money from them in exchange for charity sports vacations that did not exist.
11:33 am
prosecutors say that money totalled $300,000. one expected to be call eagles vice president of football operations howie roseman. it's unclear how long this phase will last but don tollefson does have a stand by attorney. last week he rejected a plea deal offering two to ten years in prison. my colleague will be in the courtroom this afternoon and providing updates throughout the day as this trial proceeds. right now, live in doylestown, i'm matt delucia, nbc 10 news. later this week secretary of state john kerry will head to france to discuss how u.s. french authorities can better coordinate and track terrorists. nbc's tracie potts reports from washington. >> reporter: forty world leaders marched hand in hand. president obama and his cabinet were noticeably absent even authorize holder was in paris. this morning john kerry is responding to criticism saying
11:34 am
our ambassador and assistant secretary and other embassy officials were there. >> the relationship with france is not about one day or one particular moment it's an ongoing, longtime relationship. >> the world rallied in paris, americans marched in support. but is the u.s. doing enough to keep terrorist like isis from striking here? lawmakers are increasingly worried about who may be plotting attacks right here in our backyard. >> they are now putting out propaganda for the most serious kind of bomb making a target list, planes to bomb where to sit on the plane. >> reporter: attorney general eric holder says al qaeda in yemen is the biggest threat not launching attacks but inspiring others to do so. >> that is the thing i think keeps me up most at night, the concern about the lone wolf who goes undetected. >> allows young recruits to
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train overseas and fly into the u.s. through europe. >> we don't have a good handle intelligence-wise who is on the ground in syria and iraq and yemen. >> people like the alleged grocery store shooter, here he is on an official isis website. this morning french authorities are still looking for his partner. we also learned over the weekend that the white house is putting together a global terror summit that's supposed to happen here next month. we don't know which countries will attend yet but the white house says it's to focus on preventing radicals from going overseas and bringing the fight back home. tracie potts nbc news washington. today's students return to school in pakistan nearly a month after a deadly attack by the taliban. pakistan's army chief greeted surviving students and teachers on their first day back at school and later joined the school's morning assembly. it was december 16th when taliban gunman broke into the army-run school and killed more than 140 people most of them children. back here in our area former
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defense attorney who pleaded guilty to selling prescription pills will be sentenced in montgomery county. gregory noonan admitted to selling nearly 200 painkillers to an undercover agent. he faces up to 47 years enprison. his sentencing is scheduled for 1:30 this afternoon. the family of a bucks county teacher missing for five days held a vigil last night. hundreds gathered at a baseball field in jamison to play for christopher tullely. no one has seen the father of two. he got out of the car in winfield heights neighborhood. >> with all the flyers all the social media and all, we're just hoping the kids doing a call-out. we're hoping he's out there and safe. >> tullely is a teacher at the
11:37 am
middle bucks institute of technology. yesterday firefighters found the body of a worker killed when a sillo collapsed enbucks county. he was trapped at the complex in bristol township. he was working alone at the time. a father waiting to be extradited after he was found with his children who are still missing. police are searching for the mother. she disappeared friday. nbc arrested cortez hamilton sr. saturday night. the children are safe but the mother is still missing. a happy reunion for local dog owners. of a their beloved pet disappeared during a crime spree. ollie, a 4-year-old dachshund back in his owner's arms. they found their dog yesterday. they got some high-tech help from a local adoption rescue
11:38 am
organization after seeing reports from the neighborhood. they set up a track and motion detection camera device and sure enough it worked. >> after the sun came up he came back. it was clear he was eating the food. of course the camera went from infrared to color so we could really see what was going on. >> we're very, very thankful to everyone who helped. even the people out there making comments saying they are praying and thinking of him. >> ollie has a cut on his back leg and is a few pounds lighter but otherwise ollie is okay. the happy reunion came two weeks after ollie disappeared. police say he was grabbed during a break-in it at their apartment. he swiped the dog after she found him inappropriately touching himself on her balcony. he's charged with assault and other offenses. a five-year-old boy who fell out of a ski left is recovering at home.
11:39 am
this is sent by nbc 10 viewer and you can see emergency crews tending to the five-year-old at spring mountain saturday night. authorities say the boy was riding alone. they say he slipped out on the beginner ski lift and fell nearly three stories. he was flown to the hospital. his family said he fractured his leg and has a lot of bumps and bruiseses. that viewer sent the photo to the nbc 10 news app. share photos with the nbc 10 news team easily with this app. go to our website and download it on morecambe race will keep an eye on delaware county. rite aid will announce money to add more surveillance cameras around the city. according to widener it will pay for dozens in the sun hill neighborhood. they will cover 150 homes in 10 blocks, an area from 14th street to melrose and glenn terrace and
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ridley avenue. about 150 widener students live in the area. if you commute in upper darby, a big hub there, you may have trouble finding a parking spot. starting today septa offering fewer because of the transit agency preparing for a construction project. can you use a new numbered parking lot across from the terminal at the same daily rate or you can buy a monthly permit to park in mill borne borough. people who use dart buses to get around delaware will have to pay more sunday. fixed route cost will rise by $0.25 to $1.75. the second part of a plan to increase fares over three years. next year it will jump to two bucks. make sure you check dart schedules because some routes are changing sunday as well. a night known for glitz and glamor, laughs takes a serious turn.
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powerful words from hollywood. we'll show you who used last night's ceremony to deliver a message to north korea. we'll show you how the room full of stars reacted. once the rain moves out, another blast of bitter cold air moves in. show you how low it will go and how long it will last coming up.
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we'll show you who used last
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a live look at center city
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philadelphia. you see the roads are wet. people are driving slow and taking it a little easier because it is wet out there. the census bureau plans to go digital for 2020 national census. people will be asked to fill out their census forms on the internet instead of sending it through the mail. during follow-up vefts to those who don't answer census workers may use smart phones instead of paper to complete their counts. the changes could save millions of dollars for the government agency. credit card balance transfer offers are getting more generous, according to credit, more credit cards are offering a balance transfer promotional rate for at least 12 months. it fkd from 33 cards to 38 cards right now. their expert advice is to comparison shop different companies and take advantage of the deals. wintertime is the slowest time of the year for fast-food industry. some major chains are hoping to lure in customers with some special deals.
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burger king offering 10 chicken nuggets for $1.49, half the normal price. taco bell three doritos locos with any mobile order and schip on thely burrito bowls if you order organic sof ritas and save your receipt. new grocery stores opening in montgomery and bucks county rice markets unveiled newly renovated stores in doylestown huntington valley. weis made donations to local police departments, food baepgs in each area. good news for drivers, gas prices continue to fall. right now aaa says the national average is $2.13 down $0.04 from the weekend and $0.07 from the last week. here is a look at prices in our area. right now the average in five-county philadelphia area is
11:46 am
$2.44. in south jersey $2.08. in delaware you're going to pay about $2.28 per gallon. carmakers are getting ready to flex their muscles in detroit today. the north american international auto show gets under way with a media preview. it will showcase everything from plug-in hybrids to super cars. this week more than 45 new models are scheduled to make their debut. one of those new cars is a general electric motors electric car. the $30,000 chevy volt is expected to be released in 2017. the volt can drive 200 miles on a single charge and it will be a direct competitor to the tesla model 3 out in 2017. award season off and running in hollywood. the best of film and tv were honored last night during golden globes. top winner coming of age "boyhood." best drama. best actor to eddie redmayne for
11:47 am
the theory of everything. julianne moore took home the globe for best actor in "still alice." a call for unity on the attacks of free speech after recent sonny hacking and deadly terror spree in france. >> an integral part of american fabric, a beacon reflected across the globe. >> the president of the hollywood foreign press association went on to say they will stand united against anyone who oppresses free speech. the comments drew acre%ñ standing ovation from the audience. wild pandas caught on camera. the video just released this morning. it shows pandas roaming the woods of a nature preserve in china. zoologists say the country had nearly 1600 giant pandas in the wild in addition to 310 in captivity. the video captured other animals like snub-nosed monkey under the highest level of state
11:48 am
protection in china. >> announcer: now your nbc 10 first alert weather with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. not exactly a pretty way to start the week but a couple degrees colder it would have been really really bad. the rain continues as we go through the day today. it's not about to let up. actually get a little heavier. we could have some snow showers at the very end of this system this evening. it's not going to be any kind of changeover this afternoon or even around dinnertime. another cold blast comes as we go into tomorrow. visibility not too good but the roads just wet across the area. and the traffic is moving just fine. but occasionally you can't see that well. it's 35 in philadelphia very little wind which is kind of unusual for storm systems. you generally get wind with that. the temperature very borderline barely above freezing in westchester, pottstown, trenton,
11:49 am
mount holly only 34. lancaster 32 34 glassboro. so have to take a look at these temperatures very closely because anything around 32 and below would stick to some surfaces. not necessarily the main roads. well-traveled, treated, side roads a little bit early this morning but the sidewalks, driveways, people slipping around and falling this morning. 32 in doylestown. one of those cold spots. let's check out new jersey. harrison township 34. millica hill 35. 34 in sick lerville and turnersville. closer to shore, 38 cape may harbor and beach haven. they are well above freezing and going to stay that way. everybody will get colder as we go into tonight and tomorrow. so it's going to feel like it's
11:50 am
in the 20s most of the day today. even this evening it's not going to feel that cold. by tomorrow morning, though, it's back to feeling like 10 in reading, 12 in allentown. maybe below zero in the poconos in the afternoon still windchills in the teens across most of the area. by tomorrow evening, windchills single digits. sounds familiar doesn't it? well the radar is showing a smaller and smaller area of pink, which would be the freezing rain. not much in burks county lehigh valley mostly in the higher elevations, at least in the valleys up near the mountains. but this is a solid area of rain. there's the freezing rain. no snow in the poconos either. let's take a look and see what happens this afternoon. more rain perhaps a little heavier delaware and south jersey. as the colder air gradually comes in we could gradually see at least a brief changeover to
11:51 am
snow or a bit of a mix later tonight, but nothing is going to be falling tomorrow morning. it's just going to be cold. rainy and cold for the rest of the day. mid to upper 30s for the high. late tonight we drop into the 20s with a brief change to snow possible in some areas, especially to the north and west don't think it all accumulates very much. a cold wind tomorrow. as you saw, windchills in the teens for most of the day for most of the area. just a chance of some showers on wednesday. rain or snow showers, the system overall going to our south. and then we gradually get milder by next weekend, above average temperatures. wow, we'll be right back.
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and the bucks will battle it out for college football's biggest prize tonight. ohio state and oregon will face off in the first national championship game under the new playoff system. kickoffs for 8:30 in arlington, texas. coming up this afternoon starting at 3:00, "ellen" all new with actress kaley cuoco. this afternoon crayon controversy, the not so family friendly message posted on a popular crayon company for a
11:55 am
facility in our area. the company said they didn't do it. we'll tell you who they are blaming this afternoon on nbc 10 news at 4:00. right now nbc 10 news is inside the courtroom at the don tollefson trial in doylestown. prosecutors say former philadelphia sportscaster stole money from people in exchange for charity sports vacations that did not exist. after prosecutors wrap up their case, which is expected to happen today, tollefson will then question about two dozen witnesses. last week he rejected a plea deal from prosecutors who offered him two to ten years in prison. our chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz now with a look at the afternoon weather. cold and rainy, wet out there. >> yeah kind of a nasty way to start the week. it was bitter cold on saturday. not quite as cold on sunday. now it's as cold and rainy. we barely got by this morning with the temperature just above the freezing mark. it's not going up a whole lot today. it will cool down tonight.
11:56 am
it can possibly change briefly to snow showers late this evening. generally after 8:00 tonight. by tomorrow morning, it will be below freezing. there could be icy spots around. we're not seeing the kind of cold we saw last week by the end of the week and weekend above average temperatures. >> you're a penn state guy, so neither of us have a horse in the race but who are you going with tonight? >> oregon. i've loved them for years. >> really? >> yeah. >> never heard you say oregon except just now. >> i like boise state and oregon. i love those guys. >> all right. i'll trust you. i'm going with them because of the mariota. thanks for watching. i'm vai sikahema with glenn schwartz. have a great day. go oregon ducks.
11:57 am
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12:00 pm
>> clyde: detective hernandez? oh, i'm sorry, that was a little insensitive of me, wasn't it? since you're no longer on the force anymore, are you? guess that makes you a regular citizen now, doesn't it? just like me. >> abigail: so i just got the confirmation call. >> ben: so it's really happening, huh? >> abigail: yes, it's really happening--the hospital is making the official announcement today about jordan's and my new program. >> chad: wow, that is fantastic news, abby. yeah, nothing matters more to me than seeing jordan get what she wants. >> jordan: don't push through the pain, paul. it's not-- >> paul: it'


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