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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 600a  NBC  January 14, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EST

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minutes, the group claiming stake for the london massacre from last week. and one person is killed in a house fire. we're live where firefighters just left the scene, but fire investigators are now trying to figure out what exactly went wrong. and tracking snow about 40 minutes ago with flakes falling in cape may. there you see cape may with a live picture. we'll tell you how long it will last and what you can expect in your neighborhood. good morning, this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm vai sikahema. let's go to bill henley with a look at the forecast. bill? still breezy and single digits for windchills. but temperatures are 10 to 20 degrees colder in the pocano mountains where it is feeling below zero. it's the shore we are eyeing. beach avenue is starting to see a little bit of light accumulation of the snow. very light snow falling there in cape may. it's moving up the coast.
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southern delaware seeing steadier snowfall in sussex county. some scattered showers into kent county. and a little heavier to the southwest. this is a fast mover. this morning it will be gone this afternoon. but there will be light accumulation of 1 to 2 inches in new jersey and in delaware. but philadelphia no snow. wilmington cloudy skies. cold north and west. that's where you see the latest breaks of sunshine. the clouds over center city will hang in there for most of the morning and into this afternoon. 22 degrees at 9:00. by lunchtime, 28 and still cold this afternoon. just shy of the freezing mark at 3:00 today. go through the future weather hour by hour to show you when that snowfall arrives and departs. but first let's go to nbc 10's katy zachry live in wildwood watching the snow pile up this morning. i guess that's maybe a heavy use of the term "pile up." it's accumulate lightly is what i meant to say, katy. >> reporter: yeah you know
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better than anyone right? and we're dealing with a little bit of a wintry mix right now. about 45 minutes ago it was snowing and the flakes were big. they were falling pretty fast and faster over the last 45 minutes. but just like that it switched over to a sleet and a rain. if you look to route 47 which is where we're standing right in wildwood along route 47 you can see it is slick. we did see a little bit of accumulation. but because it's a rain with sleet coming down that's kind of washed it away. if you look to the left on this untreated surface right here you can see there is some very light accumulation as well as on the ground next to the sidewalk. so until it is slick out there, especially on the unstreets surfaces as we saw the first plow go through. so the cape may county department is out salting with a plow truck dispensing salt behind it. so you have roadways getting salted and is good news. but for a look at the roadways in our area let's go to jillian
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mele. good morning to you, katy. people need to use caution at the store and delaware beaches where the roads are slick this morning. no big issues to report on 202 out near route 252. it is dry and quiet. a good start for drivers there. we do have a water main break in upper darby. take welsh area here with no delays or incidents on the bridges. in camden we have a water main break on route 168 blocked off near ferry avenue and fairview street. one lane is getting by in that area. you can take the white horse pike to get around that. the problem when we see the water main breaks with freezing temperatures is oftentimes you need repair work to be done and also the roads can break farther.
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in camden we'll keep you updated on both events. 6:03 and breaking news. a new claim of responsibility in the terror attack on the british newspaper. chris cato is live in the digital operations center with more. chris, who is making the claim? >> reporter: this confirms what terror experts had said were the attack attackers, as al qaeda's leader claims responsibility for the attack. he is named naser al-assi. charlie hebdo published cartoons of the prophet mohammad which is an insult to islam. they say he laid out the target
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filed out the plan and went through with it. when charif and said kouachi performed the attacks -- later you can see the officers shooting at the vehicle with the police car backing away. we'll see the brothers get in here. then they drive toward the police officers before they escaped. two officers were killed a day later following a hostage standoff. meanwhile, the latest issue of charlie hebdo hit the stands and sold out in hours. people lined up in rows to get copies. 3 million were printed. and now the magazine will print 2 million more after the first 3
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million sold out. the headline says "all is forgiven." the cover again says "we are charlie." the headline says "all is forgiven." back to the leader in the video, he also said that perhaps, quote, he belongs to the party of satan and warn there would be more tragedy and more terror. live in the digital operations center, chris cato "nbc 10 news" news". and now to breaking news on a house fire that killed an elderly woman on the scene. jesse gary is on the scene. what can you tell us? >> reporter: you can see the mayor working in the background as i talked to investigators to say four of the support people
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were able to get out. we'll talk to the surviving trio later today. the woman who died was 76 years old and it appears she tried to get out the front door and collapsed on the porch area. three elderly residents survived using a smoke detector. >> the fire did originate on the first floor living room but the cause is undetermined at this time. >> reporter: you talked earlier about icing on the side streets. there you can see it if you zoom in a spot. there are some slick spots as you travel in this area. we'll have another update coming up at the bottom of the hour.
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and police have one man in custody and are looking for another after a chase and crash in ben salem around 2:00 this morning. this was on state road. officers tried to stop a car that had a big-screen tv sticking off the car. the driver got out and ran but police were able to catch one of the suspects. and kyle crosby is accused of killing his wife erica. his wife's family says crosby is a drug addict and went on a binge with another woman after his wife went missing. >> we did not find her body. i'm just hoping that he can tell
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us where she is. this is a picture of kyle crosby. there was enough evidence in the trunk to charge him with murder. and a frigid start this morning. and that includes the shore, which it is seeing light snow beach avenue. if the clouds extend here to central and southern delaware we'll see more snow. but as katy zachry reported we're seeing a mix along the shore there. 16 right now in pottstown. 16 degrees also in trenton. wilmington is at 22. and in the low 20s in
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philadelphia. now holding in the upper 20s for cape may. it's cold enough for what is falling from the sky to stick. and that's going to lead to slippery conditions even in atlantic county. fort republic 25. a cold and blustery day ahead. and snowy for central and southern delaware. that's by 8:00 this morning the snow comes down. later this morning, we'll see breaks of sunshine at philadelphia this afternoon. i have the seven-day forecast when i'm back in ten. all right. we'll check on traffic this morning. >> let's go to jillian mele. what are you seeing? >> good morning. a live look near 76 with pockets starting to build, but no word on the schuylkill expressway. same thing for 422. things are still pretty quiet with drive times averaging 9 miles between route 29 and the interchange with 7.
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route 35 bypass is clear. and in upper darby, we have the water main break with an accident there involving from the icy conditions. and the other risk we continue to follow is camden blocking a portion of 158 near ferry avenue and fairview street. 6:11 right now. pizza and post-it notes. not your typical combination but how these post-its are helping to feed the homeless.
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it is 6:14 and 20 degrees outside. it's cold out there. there's a wintry mix with a live
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picture here from wildwood. katy zachry is monitoring conditions there for us. and we have a live picture from cape may with snow on the ground. we just checked in with bill henley who said inland areas like in portions of southern delaware is seeing all-out snow because it's colder. we'll find out exactly how much snow we'll get south and east and when it will move out and what the temperatures will be like today coming up in just a few minutes. and in new jersey governor chris christie has not yet announced a run for president and promises to give another state of the state speech next year. but some say christie sounded more like a national candidate than a governor during yesterday's address in trenton. >> american leadership in the world is called into question because of a pattern of question decision and inconsistency. it seems leaders in washington would rather soak division for her own political gain. >> governor christie's approval rating have been a record low in
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the latest statewide poll. registered voters say 39% approve the job he's done as governor while 47% disapprove. 50% believe he's more concerned with running for president than acting as governor while 32% disagree. and there's more fallout for bill cosby amid growing sexual abuse allegations. ticketmaster is offering refunds for cosby's show this weekend in denver. the performances will still go on, but the head of the company in charge of the show says cosby has not yet been charged with a crime. and phil africa has passed away. and this group of nine were found guilty of killing a police
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officer in 1978. that shooting ending the month-long standoff with police ordering them to leave their place in the village. he was also involved in a standoff in 1985. police bombed the compound killing 11 people that did with the fire spreading to several other homes. and facebook is going to start pushing amber alerts on your news feed. facebook says the police are set to target an area where the amber alerts appear. they hope users share them with their friends. it's 6:17. paying it forward. a pizza shop is doing this to help the homeless. yesterday "the ellen show" featured this owner, jason
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ortman, who says you pay for a slice of pizza and pay for a slice forward with a colorful post-it marking your purchase. >> if someone comes in to say they don't have the a dollar and are hungry we give them a slice of pizza. >> you may not see the individual's face but you get a sense of humanity that people care. >> he believes his humanitarian business model can spread throughout philadelphia and across the country. and it was great to see that place on "ellen." that was fun. >> good morning, jillian. >> a live look at the blue route near mcdade boulevard. it's quiet in both directions. nothing out of the ordinary happening the entire length of 476, but in upper dublin we have a water main break with an accident at this location.
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this is the result of the icy conditions there. this is welsh roaded a your alternate. and camden route 168 between ferry avenue and fairview street, part of that is blocked off. stick to white horse pike as your alternate. waking up in south jersey a lot of the roads will be slippery out there, especially near the beach towns with a mix of snow and rain out there. katy zachry was reporting sleet there as well. same situation in parts of delaware as well. outside of louis and rehoboth those roads are wet. a changing situation this morning. clouds are overhead. that's going to be slow to change in philadelphia. we'll see some late-day sunshine. for now, a little bit of a breeze and frigid cold air has returned. 21 degrees in philadelphia with the wind blowing that feels like 9 degrees right now. and look at the light snow accumulating from beach avenue and cape may. now you can get a better view of
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that. getting an hour away from sunrise where we'll see the skies brighten up. but clouds will just hang out for most of the morning. that's light snow falling in southern kent county and sussex county. and into the cape may area, light snow is mixing with some sleet. the warmer ocean influence is causing that sleet to form this morning. as far as snowfall accumulations, the latest information is showing just a little bit of accumulation in part because of the mixing to limit snow totals. a quarter inch in cape may. zero in philadelphia. georgetown and louis, a half inch. but it wouldn't take much to see these come up a bit, but it does not look that impressive. by this afternoon the snow is done. but the cold is going to stay with us. look at windchills 2 degrees is what it feels like in allentown. 10 is the windchill in wilmington. cloudy and cold.
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south and east the light snow this morning. then done this afternoon. tomorrow, cold in the morning, though not as cold as this morning with a high of 38 degrees. clouds, sunshine on monday after morning lows in the 20s. running out of time. we'll tell you what a burlington county school needs to happen in the next 24 hours if it wants to stay open. meantime this school in northeast philadelphia will reopen soon but it is not finances that closed them down.
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a burlington county school is getting close to meet its fund-raising goal to avoid shutting down.
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we have learned they are just $5,000 short of its goal to raise $250,000 to stay open. if the school's deadline is january 15th tomorrow to raise the money. they have held a vent number of fund-raisers to help meet their goal. and this is a live look at 76. that's the westbound side right near city avenue. it's starting to slow down as we get into the busyness on the majors that we are used to including 76 and 95. in new jersey watch out for slippery conditions because of the mix of precipitation we have going on. we'll take you outside to a live look of center city, philadelphia. you can see the flag blowing out there. it's a cold windy start this morning, bill. a frigid start this morning. 10 to 20 degrees colder than yesterday. and the wind is making it feel colder. at times allentown felt like it's below zero this morning
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with the wind. windchill in philadelphia is 6 degrees. the northeast philadelphia airport, 21 in wildwood. and that's where we see some snow south and east. that snow is going to be accumlapting in delaware and south jersey. i just heard bill talk about the snow in south jersey. katy zachry is going to show us what it looks like out there. katy? >> reporter: hi vai. slightly snowing, but the accumulation is enough to see snow tracks on this untreated surface. we'll tell you what we're seeing throughout the area and salt trucks are out. more coming up after the break. and i'm jesse gary live in delaware county where an early morning fire claims the life of one and three others made it out alive. we'll have more coming up after the break.
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breaking news this morning with the smoke in alarms going off. three people escaped but one did not. we are live on the scene digging for answers. and we have a mixed bag of weather this morning from the first alert weather team in delaware and south jersey. where we are seeing snowfall here. while in philadelphia it's a much different story. good morning, welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm vai sikahema. >> i'm tracy davidson. it is much colder here than it was yesterday morning. meteorologist bill henley is here to track the temperatures and wintry mix. bill? temperatures plummeted 10 to 20 degrees colder. and just enough wind to make it feel like 6 degrees in parts of philadelphia. look at cape may, that's a change since we went on the air at 4:00 this morning. it was completely dry to start with, but now a dusting of snow light snowfall moving across the shore. it's going to be accumulating lightly in southern new jersey south jersey and southern delaware. central delaware seeing snowflakes in southeastern kent
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county. and looking at sussex county a wintry mix along the coastline. that snow is mixing with sleet. just offshore the ocean is warm er and we are seeing rain. not philadelphia or wilmington or trenton, just cold. bundle up this morning. 21 degrees in philadelphia. feels like 9 degrees at the airport. a cloudy cold morning. by noontime 28 degrees. then we'll see breaks of sunshine heading into the late afternoon hours. 31 degrees. your hour-by-hour future weather when i'm back in ten minutes. now we'll go to nbc 10's katy zachry at the scene seeing a dusting so far. morning, katy. >> reporter: we are seeing a dusting. hi bill. you can see where it is accumulating on the untreated surfaces here like this parking lot. there's enough snow to create the snow tracks. and our photographer is showing
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this as we have a quarter inch. root 47 in wildwood not long ago a salt truck came by so this area has been treated after the fact after the snow started. but you can see that it's not nearly as bad as the untreated surfaces like the sidewalks and parking lots. it's still slippery on the roadways. that's because this started out as flakes falling. then it went to rain sleet and back to rain. we are seeing a wintry mix now with drivers taking it pretty slowly. i just stopped into the wawa not long ago, and everyone is talking about the weather they have had because they have not seen some of the inup land weather throughout the couple of weeks. now we'll go to jillian in the traffic alert center. >> reporter: good morning to you. it's a similar situation here for route 1.
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you can see the precipitation that katy was showing is on the roads in delaware as well. that's what we are dealing with there, but closer to philadelphia not anything like that. we are starting to see normal volume continuing to build out there. drive times on 76 is normal 15 to 20 minutes between penn street and vine. and we have a water main break we are dealing with in camden near route 168 between ferry avenue and fairview street. take white horse pike around that area. and we have breaking news this morning. a house fire killed a woman in yeadon. jesse gary is live on the scene, do you have new information? >> reporter: that's right. i have a family member to the woman who died this is keith jackson. you said this is your aunt that passed away in the fire. there were four people in the
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house, tell me what you think mapd happened. >> i don't know what happened after that. i just -- i don't know, man. >> reporter: the other people inside your house, your parent your twin sister they were able to make it out. >> they made it out the back door right here. it is at my brother's house. >> reporter: any idea why your aunt couldn't get out the front door? >> i'm assuming she fell asleep with a cigarette and didn't wake up and then the porch caught on fire. she couldn't get out. >> reporter: mr. jackson, sorry for your loss. we appreciate you talking. still this is under investigation. both the city and county fire marshalls will return here later today to try to determine exactly what caused the layoffs
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earlier this morning. his twin sister and parents escaped through the side door. we are reporting live from montgomery county "nbc 10 news." a philadelphia lawyer accused of paying for child sex charges will be in court. he paid to have a 14-year-old girl brought to his law office nearly two dozen times. he lived at this home in germantown. authorities say the man and woman ran a sex trafficking ring involving five teenager girls. he and his lawyers said this crime is going. authorities told nbc 10 they
6:36 am
believe the cell phone video here shows two pre-teen children taken inside a home in bristol township and not at the school. and richard notes made an announcement by appearing in video feed. his public defender is working on a psychological evaluation including two decades of plotts' medical history. a philadelphia inquirer said the special prosecutor subpoenaed two reporters. the prosecutor wants to know who told the reporters a grand jury recommended charges against the attorney general. kane herself was under
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investigation investigation. and the city is questioning about $640,000 in state grants. the money it would fay for the six howevers to move into the city. and the flu cases have gone down here in pennsylvania about 700 from the previous week. the state department of health is not comfortable to say the flu peak season flavoris over.
6:38 am
and crews will disinfect this school building today. 75 students were missing yesterday, 50 on monday. most complained of fever, sore throat and headache. the maintenance staff will reach surfaces the kids can touch. >> we are doing this just to make sure that this is hopefully, our proactive way of making sure we are doing what we can. and a frigid start this morning, 10 to 20 degrees colder. we have clouds over the city as we track snow in delaware and south jersey. that turned to a wintry mix this morning, some sleet is mixing in as well. very cold today for the entire area. just enough wind to make it feel colder. we are still on track for some warming over the weekend. but it's going to be cold until
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we get there. 15 right now in reading. 21 and snowing in cape may. here's a live picture showing very light snowfall mixing with sleet right along the coast. the ocean is still warmer but inland it's much colder. and where the two meet that's where we're getting the wintry mix. you can see it in southern delaware right along the coast and into south jersey. meantime, that's light snow in sussex county and staying a little bit more zmo here with a fast-moving system. by later this morning, it's going to be out of here. but there will be some light accumulations of snow in south jersey and cape may county and into atlantic county. we'll see just a little bit of snow. warmer temperatures not really happening today. look at these numbers. 15 in reading. 21 in philadelphia. and solidly in the 20s, upper
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20s for cape may county and in atlantic city, temperatures are cold enough to have anything that falls stick. so a wintry mix to start with. your hour-by-hour forecast shows clouds over philadelphia. the snow is falling in southern delaware and south jersey. and it will be out of here for this afternoon. so look for a cold one today. bundle up headed out the door. i am not going to warm up much today. but we'll get a quick check on temperatures to drop into the 20s for tomorrow morning. i have the seven-day forecast and a look at the extra weekend when i come back in ten. jillian me ale is watching our traffic cameras this morning now. >> near the jersey shore, you
6:41 am
can expect to see poor conditions. no accidents on the majors there, and no accidents on the highways in the lehigh valley. this is a live look at 329 viva route and new jersey transit. no significant delays on the mass transit. we are dealing with two water makes me makes makes main breaks. we are seeing the road there shut down. and heading into camden a same situation here with a water main break blocking portions of 168. take ferry avenue and fairview street around the area. and the invisible bomb that was printed in a magazine that
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it is 6:45 and 20 degrees outside. yes, that's snow and a live picture from wildwood. snow or a wintry mix is out there to the south and east but all of us are getting the colder temperatures. we'll update you on when the snow will move out and what the day brings. but first, yemen's top al qaeda leader releases a message claiming responsibility for the terror attacks on the newspaper last week. 12 people died and two officers
6:46 am
in the attack on the newspaper charlie hebdo. this is an 11-minute video posted online saying the massacre was carried out in vengeance to the quote, prophet mohommad. and the secretary of homeland security says there's no credible threat of an immediate attack against the u.s., however there are multiple reports that say there's concern about an al qaeda magazine that provides detailed instructions on how to make a hidden bomb. this is from the group that publishes the magazine. and a guidance cous counselor at western bucks high school has fired marykate
6:47 am
blankenburg who said she would shoot any one of them who prevented her kids from getting to the eagles' game. we have close reaction from her friends. >> she was advised to keep quiet, no comment. she's taking the high road. >> blankenburg's friends say she's remorseful and apologetic and no criminal charges will be filed. and now to the casino crisis in atlantic city. the federal government announced a $29 million grant to help laid off casino employees find new jobs. we spoke to one of the young moms who said she could use the help help. >> for me it's still a little nerve-racking, but yeah i think about that all the time. i have my home i have my family to think about. >> the feds are making $13 million available right away
6:48 am
with the rest of the money released as needed. now we'll look at what's ahead on the "today" show this morning. >> let's go to matt lauer and savannah guthrie. good morning. >> good morning. breaking news on the terror attacks in paris. al qaeda in yemen claiming it ordered the massacre at the offices of charlie hebdo in a newly released video overnight. and brittney's husband opens up about the tough decision she made to end her own life. and sienna miller will be live in our studio. and our four-legged friend is going to live in studio 1a as we train him to be a guide dog. and the viewers get to name him. so cue the name train.
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>> just to be sure there's one there, right? not two? >> yes, we had two just for the extra cuteness factor. later this week a memorial service will be held for the opener of a popular cheesesteak spot. the jim's steak owner was in sole ownership for 40 years. he leaves behind a wife four children and four grandchildren. a snowy scene in parts of the area this morning but not philadelphia. just clouds over the city and cold, much colder this morning.
6:50 am
21 degrees and holding. the temperature has not budged. meantime, the wind is blowing. the windchill is 9 degrees right now. and in cape may, we are watching some snow. cape may and here in wildwood a dusting of snow so far. and it is still coming down but it's mixing with some sleet with the warmer ocean and warmer air aloft. so we'll see limited snowfall totals in this area. but you will see some light accumulation even into the dover area. it's a steadier snow to the south in sussex county and over to cape may. future snow shows a little bit of accumulation, a half inch is possible by the time this is done in southern delaware. maybe a little more in louis. a quarter inch or possibly a little bit more. it doesn't take much of a change in the path of this system to see these numbers go up. but i think it's going to stay below an inch for most areas in south jersey and below two inches in southern delaware.
6:51 am
as far as philadelphia is concerned, zippo along the i-95 corridor, just cold. look at the windchill here wilmington, 5 in that area. 2 degrees in allentown. a cold day all day long. the winds not terribly strong but up to 15 miles an hour. with temperatures below freezing for most of the day, it's going to be cold. light snow limited to the south and east. we'll be done by the afternoon. the cold though, is not done with us. it stays. not as cold tomorrow morning, but still cold. 25 degrees in the morning, 38 in the afternoon. sunshine friday and saturday. morning temperatures in the 20s. highs in the 30s both days. then a quick warm up ahead of rain showers on sunday. but late-day showers will be rain showers as we clear out with a wind of a holiday monday.
6:52 am
now let's go to jillian mele with the latest on traffic. >> we have video from the scene right now with police at the scene of this water main break. and it caused an accident because of the slippery conditions on the road. this is happening right near limestone pike. as a result this has been blocked off with crews out there to salt and make sure the road is not icy for that morning commute. if you need to get around this take welsh road as your alternate. let's come out now, that's not the only water main break. we have a similar situation in camden. route 168 near ferry avenue and fairview street. the video from montgomery is expected to see a more serious situation here. and route 37 and 9, we are seeing some sleet and rain in this area. the highways and main roads will
6:53 am
be very wet and slippery. so take your time out there. jillian, thank you. 8 minutes before 7:00 we have breaking news on the international space station. harmful systems from the cooling system are leaking into the area on the american side of the space station. that section has been isolated and the american astronauts are safe on the russian side. this is all according to a statement on the russian state agency website. we'll bring you more on this news as soon as we get them. and you're also going to be following breaking news of a deadly house fire in delaware county. >> reporter: i'm jesse gary live in yeadon connecticut. police members have identified this woman who passed away here in this fire. we'll tell you her name after the break.
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i'm jesse gary live in delaware county where relatives identified the victim of this fatal house fire. 76-year-old marilyn cramer. her body was found on the front porch section of the home. they believe she was trying to run out the front door. three other relatives made it out the backside door. family members say miss cramer was the smoker and this could be the result of a cigarette, although the fire marshall will come back here later today to determine the cause. live, i'm jesse gary "nbc 10 news". and i'm katy zachry live in the snowy cape may county. we are in wildwood where over the last two hours the snow has been falling. and right now this is the most active weather we're seeing.
6:58 am
the flakes are big and falling fast. we have rain snow and slush accumulating on the surfaces. route 47 in wildwood it was clear about 20 minutes ago, but over the last few flights here we have talked to a man hired to clear the parking lots here. the main roads are okay as long as you take it slowly. this is the weather you're waking up to if you live in cape may county along the shore and in parts of central and southern delaware. be safe out there. good morning. i'm jillian mele. i want to show you a few different back asreas here. we are starting to see the snow
6:59 am
can i we conditions here. this is route 1 and route 9 with tire trucks out there. that snow is definitely sticking there. and just south to rehoboth take a look at this shot. in the last few minutes i have started to see the snow build out there. this is where you need to be careful and slow down because the snow is sticking to the roads. zero snow on beach avenue when we went on the air at 4:00 this morning. but now you can see light snowfall is not holding back traffic at all. that one car is making some good progress. as far as progress of the snow it's moving up from the south. you can see delaware and south jersey are seeing the light snowfall extending to dover. by this afternoon, cape may will
7:00 am
see the snow end. and you can get updated information on our nbc 10 app. have a great day. thank you for watching. good morning. sold out. charlie hebdo releases its first issue one week after the massacre at paris offices. million copies snap up within hours while in a new video al qaeda warps of more terror to come. breaking overnight, astronauts forced to evacuate a part of the international space station after an ammonia leak. >> toddler carjacked. a man steals a car with a 3-year-old in the back seat. his mother calls 911 in a panic. >> what if he throws my baby out? >> this morning, how that little boy helped police finally find him. and we are getting a puppy. the newest member of our


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