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tv   NBC 10 News at 4pm  NBC  January 16, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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places have sunshine. at the shore, in philadelphia itself and the poconos. but in between, things are a little different. we're seeing some strong winds coming in now. there are the snow showers coming down in the northwest. they will be diminishing as the sun starts to go down. probably in about an hour or so. but at the moment it's a fairly solid area of snow. not all white either. i would say light to moderate in some cases. up in montgomery county getting some of that right now, as you can see. that is coming right down toward norristown and into the northern suburbs, upper bucks county getting some of those snow showers, too. the temperature is above freezing so the snow melts as it comes down. 22 degrees in mt. pocono. a sign of things to come. temperatures will be dropping pretty quickly as we go through the night tonight. we have some pretty gusty winds as well. gusting up over 30 miles an hour
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at times, even to 40 miles an hour as we have seen in the last hour or two. now, as we go through the evening hours, those snow showers move toward the philadelphia area but weaken. then the temperature goes down and the wind is still there. more on that and the rain coming up. we're learning more about the deadly fall of a temple university student. the freshmen fell eight stories, injuring a woman walking down the street. the temple freshman who died is identified as rebecca kim. >> she was visiting students at the university of the arts dormáhp &hc& building in center city. nbc10's christine maddela has the story. >> i saw a temple student had fallen. i didn't know who it was. >> reporter: rochelle was in class this morning when she found out that student was her friend and fellow high school graduate, becca kim. >> i kind of stopped functioning for a little bit while the
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teacher came in. i couldn't think. then afterwards i broke down. it was so unexpected. something like that it's so tragic. >> reporter: philadelphia police tell me kim climbed out of a window of a dorm on chestnut street. she went out on the ledge to take pictures. one of the friends asked her to come back in the room. then kim fell and hit another woman walking on the sidewalk below. >> i love her. i miss her so much. i'm going to miss her talent, her hard work, all of that. >> what a tragedy. that was christine maddela reporting for us today. in other news a disabled teenager left in the cold during some of the worst weather in the season. now police are looking for a delaware county mom. nbc10's randy gyllenhaal is live in upper darby. this mother is accused of being more than just careless zoo. >> reporter: yes. since issuing the warrant for her arrest police have been unable to find her. it appears this mom and local
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nurse hasvanished. they to want ask her why she left her disabled son out in the cold for hours. so they're blasting her picture here and across social media, hoping she turns herself in 37 for the past week upper darby cops have tried to track down this woman with no luck. she's been avoiding this arrest warrant after detectives say she locked her mentally disabled son out of the house on a frigid january night. >> he's shaking uncontrollably. he's cold. he has a real light jacket on. >> reporter: when we went knocking this afternoon nobody answered the door. it seems she's nowhere to be found. detectives say this all started back on january 7 th a snowy day, windchill near zero. and she decided to discipline her special needs child by locking him out in the cold. the 18-year-old is intellectually disabled.
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police say he was outside for five hours with no coat. neighbors tell nbc10 it was a frigid evening. >> it was cold enough that my pipes froze. i didn't even realize it but i was without heat. it was that cold. >> reporter: while we couldn't track down the mother friends of the family defended her actions. >> yeah, she's a good mom. yeah, she's a good mom. work hard. yeah work hard nurse, every day. every day and take care of her children. >> reporter: meanwhile detectives issuing this police alert hoping she either turns herself in or is found by police patrolling the neighborhood. >> that's tragic. that's cruel, that's mean that's rotten. you can't get any worse than that. i mean how do you do that to a kid? especially in 2 degrees. >> reporter: here is her picture one more time. detectives still searching for her. as for her disabled son, he is now staying with other family members. he did not have any serious injuries after that long stay in the cold. randy gyllenhaal, "nbc10 news." 20 minutes of nonstop news
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considers. major settlement in the penn state sex abuse scandal is called a big win for the university and joe paterno. it was announced in the last few hours. >> joe paterno will be restored his former title of winningest coach. millions will go to programs helping children survive sex abuse. here are the details of the settlement. penn state will get back 112 football team wins that were thrown out two years ago after the jerry sandusky sex scandal. $60 million will go toward fighting child abuse and its effects. this comes weeks before a scheduled trial in state court on the legality of that 2012 decree. >> the paterno family released a statement. it reads in part, today is a great victory for everyone who has fought for the truth in the sandusky tragedy. the repeal of the consent and they confirm the ncaa and board of trustees acted prematurely
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and unresponsibly in the unprecedented sanctions they imposed on the university players, coaches, end quote. jerry sandusky was convicted of 45 counts and serving a 30 to 60-year prison sentence. he says he's innocent. deanna durante is live. >> you've been talking to people about the message this sends. >> reporter: the settlement, the public opinion, rather was strong when it was imposed and it's certainly strong now. many say this was not about joba turn notice -- joe paterno or the football team. this was about penn state. others say paterno and penn state were very unfairly punished. in fact, they called these sanctions devastating. now, this is not role reverseal for the ncaa. in fact, a settlement as both sides were preparing to go to court for a lawsuit. the school has to enter into an integrity agreement that will be
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monitored. supporters of the penn state football program and joe paterno say he was unfairly penalized. can. >> well, i'm very much in favor of that. i think it's a shame they took all the games away from his outstanding record. i'm very excited to hear about today's settlement. >> i think it's great. it's kind of really bad on how he went out, you know, with a lot of big scandal, bad for the state, bad for the school. great school. just glad they kept his legacy and gets what he deserves, basically. >> reporter: the ncaa says continuing to tie this lawsuit up in the court was preventing that $60 million from going to victims of child sexual abuse. the ncaa says that that money that penn state is still going to have to pay, will be spent on abuse victims right here in pennsylvania. reporting live in plymouth township "nbc10 news." >> thank you. for more on the sex scandal and what the settlement could mean
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for penn state and the paterno family head to the "nbc10 news" app or a scare for swimmers at the ridley area ymca. a car crashed right through the building along south avenue around 12:30 today. police say the driver accidentally hit the gas instead of the brake and her car landed just inches away from the swimming pool. people were actually doing laps at the time. can you see from this photo what a close call it was. no one was hurt here. it's not clear what caused the driver to lose control, other than what we just said about hitting the gas instead of the brake. we don't know why that happened. philadelphia police are on the lookout for four to five men involved in a home invasion and shooting in brewery town. sky force 10 was over west nicholas street. nbc10 also on the ground as officers investigated. they tell us thieves got into the home through a side window. they shot a man in each leg and left with $300 and a cell phone.
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medics took the victim to the hospital. is he expected to recover. philadelphia police looking for the man who shot another man in the head while he was sitting in his car in west philadelphia this morning. witnesses told police the suspect fought with the victim from the backseat of the buick parked on ledlow street. the victim right now in extremely critical condition at the hospital, university of pennsylvania. a woman in the passenger seat wasn't hurt. from our jersey shore bureau now. a police officer in ocean county accused of accidentally shooting his friend in the leg and driving drunk. pine beach officer jesse urban reported the shooting in a parking lot of a convenient store in lacey township. last july he was injured when a drunk driver crashed into his cruiser. his friend that was shot had surgery and is going to be okay. new information on a story we brought you last night at 11:00. investigators say a fire in the tow lot of the egg harbor police
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lot is suspicious. sky force 10 was overhead. three vehicles were damaged. no one was hurt. sky force 10 over a school bus crash in mercer county this morning. police say a car slammed into the side of the bus near prospect and hazelhurst street. nbc10 make phone calls to find out if any children were on the bus at the time of the crash and if anyone was hurt. search continuing in philadelphia for the driver who crashed an suv into the house and then ran away. we brought you this story on nbc10 new today. it happened in logan section. amazingly, the five family members sleeping inside the house at the time were not hurt. >> i believe this happened and it all feels like a dream. as my dad said got to face reality. got to take it all in. we're all still in shock. but happy we're all safe. >> utility crew hs to shut off
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the gas and water to the home because of the damage there. police say they've identified the person who owned the suv. state police are still investigating whether any criminal charges will be filed in yesterday's deadly crash at i-95 in bucks county. two tractor-trailers and four cars collided in the northbound lane in bensalem. driver of one of the tractor-trailers died. police are looking for any witnesses to the crash. from our jersey shore burry. police officers in two cape may county towns are now wearing body cameras. lower and middle township police departments are calling it a pilot program. one or two officers per shift will wear the body cameras for the next 30 to 45 days. they're the latest officers to use this technology in hopes of increasing accountability and credibility. now to the latest on the casino crisis in atlantic city. a bankruptcy hearing is under way for the struggling trump taj mahal. the casino was scheduled to
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close last month but billionaire investor carl icahn put up billions. some key issues are union workers contract and pension for those workers. another loss today for atlantic county's economy. the atlantic city race course in hamilton township closing its gates for good after 69 years. the chairman of the parent company said declines in gaming industry forced it to shut down. we have a mess. those words from governor-elect tom wolf as he releases a new report on the money challenges facing the state of pennsylvania. according to the report pennsylvania's budget deficit is expected to reach $2.3 billion during the next fiscal impreer. wolf's deficit tax force compiled this report. an early nonpartisan independent report found the deficit would reach $1.9 billion. the budget is expected to be a key focus of wolf's first days in office.
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moon while governor corbett announce aid new business is coming to delaware county. new hudson will build a facility in lynwood. they are expected to create 169 new jobs. the 180,000 square foot facility will be built on a 13.6-acre site. they plan to invest $16 million to make that happen. federal jury will break for the long weekend without a verdict in the racketeering trial of a long-time union boss. joseph daugherty accused of using threats and violence as his members targeted nonunion contractors. he could spend life in prison if convicted. france's president says his country is waging war against terrorism and they will not back down despite the recent deadly attacks that left 17 people dead. authorities say more than two dozen suspects have been arrested in belgium, france and
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germany. they're questioning the suspects about possible logistical support such as vehicles or gunman they could have given the terrorists. they continue to mourn in france as the funeral for the editor for "charlie hebdo" was held today. institute belgian government has decided to use army. they this two suspected terrorists were killed and a third wounded on a raid on a suspected terror hideout yesterday. belgian security forces conducted more than a dozen more raids today. president obama and british prime minister david cameron are focusing on the fight against terrorism. the two spoke at a news conference this morning. they've been meeting at the white house for the past two days. amid fears of further attacks by islamic extremists.
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>> this is a problem that causes great heart ache and tragedy and destruction. but it is one that ultimately we're going to defeat. >> cameron's trip to the u.s. was planned before the attacks in france but his visit is seen by the white house as an opportunity to show transatlantic solidarity in the fight against terrorism. nbc news has learned 400 american military forces will participate in the training of moderate opposition fighters from syria. the first 300 troops will go to saudi arabia, qatar and turkey. the training will begin sometime in march or april. the troops will train, equip and arm as many as 5400 fighters who return to syria to take on isis. the pentagon has given the green light for women to train with the elite army rangers. more than 50 women volunteered and met the requirements to attend the course. the class will be co-ed. army officials say the standards for women will be the same as
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they've always been for men. the obama administration is easing travel restrictions and opening a wide range of new trade opportunities with cuba. starting today americans no longer need special permission to go to cuba for reasons like cultural exchanges, family visit. they can spend as much money as they want in cuba, use credit cards and bring back up to $400 worth of souvenirs to the states. from our delaware bureau today, wilmington city council wants the state to stop putting new charter schools in the county. city leaders say they want more say over what schools get approved. the aclu of delaware made that same request to the state last month. a new flu death in delaware. 15 people in that state have now died from the flu. that's twice the number of deaths for any flu season in recent years. flu is widespread around this
4:17 pm
area. new jersey doesn't report cases but pennsylvania says it has more than 25,000 confirmed cases state wide and the vaccine is only 23% effective, according to the health departments in our area. nbc10's matt delucia is live. you've been looking at the numbers as to where the most cases are reported in our area. southeastern pennsylvania? >> reporter: well it is so bad that this pharmacy here can't keep flu medications in stock. now, when you consider the fact that montgomery county has more than twice as many flu cases, reported cases, than the city of philadelphia, we wanted to know why that is, so we started looking into it. where over-the-counter flu medications usually sit, there is a lot of empty space. this pharmacist says it has been a rough season. >> it seems in general that we order it every day. and whether we get it or not is not guaranteed.
4:18 pm
and when i try to call over pharmacies to help the pashs out, they're also out of it. >> reporter: demand for prescription flu medication is so high here that customers are forced to wait. this is the only tamiflu left in stock and it's only for children. jerry donahue and his grandchildren got their vaccinations but now he wonders. >> there have been some fatalities around the country from that but they had -- they are protected and we're trying to be careful with them. >> reporter: but reported cases of the flu this year vary from county to county. consider this in montgomery county there have been more than 1200 flu cases so far. more than double that of the city. and the county tells me this is only the tip of the iceberg as most cases go unreported. in delaware county health director is looking at the numbers closely. >> i can't explain why statistics vary from county to county or city to the suburbs. i don't have an answer for that. >> reporter: so what do you do
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now in you got a flu shot and if you didn't is it still worth getting one? those are questions i'm looking into coming up when we see you again in the next hour. matt delucia, nbc10. coming up at 5:00 flu facts and fears. why so many people are refusing to get the vaccine and why doctors say, that's a big mistake. the temperatures got into the 40s today but it hasn't felt like it because it's been so windy. that wind is associated with an arctic front that's also triggering snow showers moving through the area. that's also bringing a cold blast tonight. we have some very cold air that will be in here. by sunday we're warming up enough just in time for it to be rain. we see the flags are blowing hard. we've had gusts up near 40 miles an hour in the past couple of hours.
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22 gusting to 31. the temperature, 41. feels like 31 on the exposed skin. and we are in the mid-30s to the north and west. near 40 toward the south and east. and everybody is going to get significantly colder overnight tonight. we have that northwest wind. it's getting pretty strong. sustained wind over 20 miles an hour in parts of the area. and the way it feels on your exposed skin down into the 20s. already north and west. it will be quickly going into the teens. even single digits later on tonight. it's already feeling like 9 in mt. pocono. near those snow showers moving pretty quickly through the area. . it's more than just a few flurries here. covering a good bit of montgomery county now, headed into norristown. and about to hit glenn side. also some in bucks county. as you can see, a little bit
4:21 pm
darker blue there indicating perhaps moderate snow shower in parts of the area. as we go through the night tonight, temperatures down into the teens in much of the area. and then tomorrow it doesn't warm up very much. we are in the low 20s. late in the morning, even in the afternoon. we're only in the 20s for most of the area. not much wind tomorrow afternoon, though. now watch what happens as we go into sunday morning. we have marginal temperatures here near the freezing point. as this next system comes up from the south, it's also bringing up warmer air. so as it comes up especially after 7 a.m. it's going to be warm enough for rain. some on the heavy side with the yellow and oranges. it's not a warm day. but it's just warm enough for rain. there's 41 degrees in bucks county right there at noontime
4:22 pm
with the rain. some of that heavy. from the philadelphia area toward the shore, less as you head to the north and west. various computer models are telling us different specific things but all gives us the same idea. more rain to the south and east. and less to the north and west. this model gives much of new jersey and delaware over 1 inch of rain with much less to the north and west counties. for tonight, the early snow showers and then the cold blast comes. 17 for the low in philadelphia. 8 in some of the north and western suburbs. sunny but cold tomorrow. highs in the mid-30s. but at least the wind isn't going to be too much of a factor, at least by afternoon. a rain y kind of nasty day on sunday. windy for mlk day. the clouds increase tuesday. we have a chance of some rain or snow on wednesday. another system next friday and into saturday.
4:23 pm
we absolutely have an impact. we absolutely have an effect on people. >> millions in pennsylvania tax dollars going to help drug convicts. the nbc10 finds out otherwise. why your money is going to a program that's not even working. research shows this year's flu vaccination is hardly preventing the virus. nbc10 finds out why local doctors are warning you to still get the shot coming up on "nbc10 news."
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new auto safety investigation this afternoon. >> there are potential problems with jeep cherokees. u.s. auto safety regulators are looking at 50,000 cher keys from 20 2015 model years. two owners complained about smoke and flames coming from under the hood. we are following breaking news in the murtd of a north philadelphia newlywed. >> police released video. showing the victim walking down the street prior to the murder. then we see the suspect.
4:27 pm
kim jones was shot onced in back of her head tuesday morning. we're getting new details from police and we'll bring them to you ahead on "nbc10 news" at 5:00. money well spent or taxpayer dollars wasted? the nbc10 investigators look at how your money is being used on prison programs that some say aren't working. plus i'm tracking some snow showers across the area. how heavy are they? how long are they going to last? my full forecast and a look at the seven-day next.
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pennsylvania prisons spend billions to keep criminals behind bars. >> but is the tax money to treat
4:31 pm
drug addicted convicts has our attention. mitch blocker found millions are spent on treatment but they claim it doesn't work. >> roughly 50,000 inmates in pennsylvania. 2,000 are in a drug and alcohol treatment program called therapeutic communities. that program has been the focus of multiple studies. tonight, it is the focus of our investigation. >> deputy jackson. >> reporter: john thomas runs the state prison in chester. it's home to pennsylvania's largest drug treatment program. >> warehousing does not work. when you're just incarcerating men and they don't receive any treatment whatsoever, they go home worse. >> reporter: spend an hour inside what's called the therapeutic community. and you'll notice this does not sound like prison. the state department of corrections wouldn't let us speak to inmates or show their faces, but many talked openly about their journey toward sobriety. >> i'm trying to get back.
4:32 pm
>> statewide, 81 correction staffers and 11 drug and alcohol treatment specialists work to get these prisoners off drugs and out of prison. but studies say it's not working. the u.s. department of justice concluded pennsylvania's treatment program led to quote, no significant effect on rearrests or drug relapse. >> when you hear that the department of justice says that this program is ineffective or has no impact, what do you think? >> that's not true. >> reporter: lynn robertson is the therapeutic community director. so those who throw stones at what you do you say what? >> that that's -- it's not a good thing. it is an illness and it needs to be treated. >> reporter: inside the state doc's harrisburg headquarters brett bachlund also believes in treatment. but the doc statistician disagrees with his colleagues in chester. >> i found the same thing. recidivism rates were not going down appreciably.
4:33 pm
>> reporter: you found it didn't work as well? >> it didn't work right. >> reporter: it surprises me that you found the same thing that the federal government found. >> uh-huh yeah. i think when we talked originally, i said i didn't have anything to counter it. in fact hi something to support it even more. >> reporter: the support came in the form of this 2013 study, which failed to support the effectiveness of prison therapeutic communities. is there a disconnect between what's going on in harrisburg and something that's going on in a prison in chester, the fact they're saying one thing and you're telling me something different? >> i think the disconnect is between clinical intuition and science. >> reporter: when you hear the words, no effect you think waste of time waste of money. is that the right conclusion to reach? >> well, i can't -- having not read the report i cannot speak on it. i can only say for us here, we absolutely have an impact. we absolutely have an effect on individuals. >> reporter: the state doc could not give us a specific cost for the therapeutic community's
4:34 pm
program because they say so many different employees are involved. but estimates put it into the millions. the state has cut that treatment program from 18 months to just 4 months. for "the investigators" i'm mitch blocker, "nbc10 news." here are some of the stories making headlines on "nbc10 news" at 4:00. we're learning more about the temple freshman killed after an eight-story fall in center city last night. bekaa kim was visiting friends at the art institute of philadelphia. kim climbed out a dorm window to take picture and then fell. she hit another woman walking on the sidewalk below. that other woman is in critical condition. police are looking for a delaware county mother after she allegedly left her mentally disabled teenager out in the bitter cold. upper darby police say karima toll tolberg decided to discipline her son by locking him outside the house. witnesses say he was outside for five hours with no coat. a settlement victory for penn state. a new agreement with the ncaa
4:35 pm
gives penn state back 112 football team wins that were thrown out two years ago after the jerry sandusky child sex scandal. it also restores paterno's status as the winningest coach in major college football history and provides millions of dollars to programs helping child sexual abuse survivors. live look outside right now at a very cold camelback mountain. you'll need extra layers out there tonight. some people may even be seeing snow. nbc10 first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is watching that snow. >> who's seeing it right now, glenn? >> it's mainly in montgomery and bucks counties right now. it's with an arctic front bringing in another round of really cold air. the wind is blowing pretty hard. gusting up over 30 miles an hour at times. you can see those snow showers moving down from the poconos. covering just about all of
4:36 pm
montgomery county. part of chester county. also part of trenton about to get hit with those snow showers. the temperature a little above freezing so it's not necessarily going to be sticking, but right during the rush hour, it's coming down through glenn side about to come into north philadelphia. it's 41 degrees. again, that would be melting. it's not below freezing until you get down to the poconos. it will be way below freezing in the morning. more on that and the rain that's coming in before the weekend's over with the seven-day in a few minutes. happening today, a major road will be closed in chester county for overhead bridge construction. route 401 at the 202 interchange will shut down tonight and tomorrow night. this weekend's work is part of penndot's program to widen and reconstruct 2 1/2 miles of 202. tonight embattled comedian bill cosby will perform in
4:37 pm
colorado despite protests there. it comes after a new allegation of sexual assault from another woman. cosby will put on a show in pueblo tonight. officials say they'll increase the security for the performance. cosby will also host a show in denver tomorrow. he's facing sex assault allegations from more than 20 women. he denies any wrongdoing. paying more at the post office. >> another possible hike. first, here's what we're working on for you for "nbc10 news" at 5:00. >> i'd never even heard of it happening. >> her 6-year-old left school and walked home alone. she wants answers. >> i'm still in shock. >> how her child was able to walk out. plus tamiflu flying off pharmacy shelves this season but now doctors are taking a second look at just how effective it is. count on "nbc10 news" at 5:00.
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first line of defense against the outbreak comes with protecting health care workers. >> when you protect workers, when you have worker health you have a hospital that manages and runs its business properly. you have nursing homes that
4:41 pm
protect the ones they love and the community. >> health care workers got hands-on demonstration and even addressing treatment of a suspected patient. some other health concern. the flu is making its rounds. >> it is a rough season for many. some are saying they won't get the vaccine. coming up why doctors say the truth is a lot simpler than the myths. we have some snow showers with another cold blast on the way. but we also have a good bit of rain before the weekend's over. the timing on that with the seven-day coming up next.
4:42 pm
4:43 pm
4:44 pm
the flu is hitting hard this year. 15 deaths in delaware alone. >> there are a lot of questions, also misconceptions about the flu vaccine and what it will do. >> i had 103-degree fever. it wasn't
4:45 pm
>> center city's kim longhorn said flu took her hard even though she got vaccinated. >> the strain that emerged to be the most prominent this time is not one for which there is protection from the vaccine. >> even sew, the doctor believes she's wrong to think the flu shot is worthless this year. >> certainly it's fallen short of expectations. but there's no question that there will be many individuals for whom the vaccine has provided adequate protections. >> plus says bryn mawr's hospital dr. clarkson the flu season is far from over. meaning other strains could start popping up. >> including the h1n1 which is covered by the current vaccine. >> i'll never get one again. >> she thinks she got the flu from the vaccine itself. >> i'm 50/50. i'm nervous. >> because you fear the flu? >> yes. >> most health providers say
4:46 pm
that's simply not true. according to cdc, flu vaccines have no flu in them or contain an inactivated virus that is not infek shus. >> i don't agree with that. >> but there may be a new concern for doctors on the horizon. most of the more than 30 people we asked today was they're not even going to bother getting vaccinated next year blaming it on this year's ineffective shot. you can read more flu facts on you can see where it's hitting the hardest in our area. and separate the myths from the truth. students at crooked billet elementary school celebrated acceptance day today. activities and projects for the kids focus on appreciation offette nis nisof ette ethnicity and diversity. they also gave back to the community with meals on bheels and help for pediatric patients.
4:47 pm
i may have to pay more when you need to mail a card. the postal service wants to raise rates on postcards and internal mail. the forever stamps needed for forever stamps will still cost 49 cents. if approved the changes will take effect in late april. a view literally from out of this world. take a look at this stunning time lapse of earth made photographs. a german astronaut aboard the international space station last year took these pictures. the astronaut used more than 12,000 pictures to put together this time lapse. we have another cold blast and a front leading to it. we have snow showers coming into parts of the philadelphia area right now. we have a cold blast coming in tonight. temperatures are going to plummet. we have some rain coming in on sunday. maybe more than just a little
4:48 pm
rain. we're starting to see those clouds coming in from the northwest. they've got some snow showers with them. but the temperature is well above freezing across much of the area. so it would melt on the roads. could get a little dusting on some of the grassy surfaces in some places. the wind west of 22 gusting to 31. that is bringing a colder air in. and folks happy about the colder air in the poconos. blue mountain they've got big crowds here. tomorrow is going to be a great day there. but sunday not so much. i think they're going to be getting rain in the poconos along with the rest of the area. maybe a little mix at the beginning, but it's going to get kind of sloppy up there. it's 19 now. it's in the 30s. mid to upper 30s across much of the area. doylestown and quakertown at 34. kenneth square at 37. even in the areas where the snow is falling, it's above freezing. 37 in blue bell and horsham. 39 in trenton. about to get some snow showers,
4:49 pm
too. in the low 40s farther to the south. we continue to see gusty winds up to 35 miles an hour in atlantic city right now. the wind will be diminishing tonight. it feels like it's in the 20s already north and west. that will continue to go down. these are the snow showers coming down. parts of chester county. a lot in montgomery county parts of bucks. there it is over trenton. look at that coming down right into the philadelphia area at the moment. now, what's going to happen here, look at sunday morning. this is rain a solid area of rain moving up up. you see any snow? there's no snow with this. maybe a little bit of a mix at the beginning. but this is a rain storm. and it's going to rain for hours during the day on sunday. especially from the i-95 corridor toward the shore. tonight, some early snow showers. then the cold blast. 17 for the low in philadelphia. 8 in some of the colder suburbs. going to be cold tomorrow but not as windy. a lot of sunshine there.
4:50 pm
and the seven-day forecast, a rainy, nasty day on sunday. near 40 degrees. mlk day is going to be windy. and then chance of some rain or snow on wednesday. another chance by friday and saturday next week. a cold week. it started as a school project. >> and it then became a work of art. coming up how memories are being restored after a fire so a family can heal. then all new tonight on "nbc10 news" at 5:00, ever been stuck, waiting for that snowplow after a storm? sometimes it takes hours, even days. how you can now track the plow's progress.
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a labor of love for university of delaware graduate students. >> what started as a class project turned into something much more important. tim furlong shows us how they're bringing memories back to life. >> reporter: it happened in ohio december 26th. three boys staying with their grandma so she wouldn't be alone christmas night, died alongside her in a fire at their house. a family friend went to the house a few days later. >> i opened the door to the garage and all i could see across the entire floor was photographs. >> reporter: he knew he couldn't bring the boys and their grandma back, but when he went to the university of delaware he took the photos to the art conservation students. the grad students immediately got to work. it has become a labor of love. >> i feel that we are all so deeply connected to this family in such powerful ways through this project. >> reporter: there are lots and lots of predigital photos that need rescuing. >> a lot of family photos
4:55 pm
vacations photos school photos. wide range of damage from just a thin layer of soot to almost completely melted. >> reporter: the students are now spending hours hunched over photos of people they've never met. they're examining scraping wiping, q-tipping every photo they restore, their small condolence token to the family. >> it makes you take extra care. >> as much as we've learned from this experience, it's really just about trying to help this family. >> reporter: this wilmington tim furlong, "nbc10 news." >> so thoughtful of them. >> what a labor of love there. "nbc10 news" at 5:00 is next. here are jacqueline london and keith jones. >> all new at "nbc10 news" at 5:00, we continue to follow breaking news. >> within the hour philadelphia police released a new clue in the investigation into the murder of a woman waiting at a bus stop. this is brand new video police hope will help them catch the killer. and i'm tracking a few snow showers moving through the area. coming up i'll show you a closer look at this. where they're heading and how
4:56 pm
cold your weekend will start off with. that's straight ahead. and first snowstorm, have you ever wondered where's the plow? how you can now keep track of its progress next on "nbc10 news" at 5:00.
4:57 pm
4:58 pm
we started "nbc10 news" at 5:00 with breaking news. >> raepd gyllenhaal is on the scene of a stabbing in west philadelphia. >> reporter: we're learning a lot of new details about this
4:59 pm
stabbing on market street and 46th. i just finished speaking with police. they tell me this involved two high school students from west philadelphia high school. both the victim and the suspect were coming home -- leaving school. can you see the two boictionicycles in the road. aa witness told me the victim riding home on his bicycle and someone came up and stabbed him in the chest. this started as a disagreement or argument in the hallway and spilled out into the streets of west philadelphia. detectives on scene, trying to find this suspect. the victim was rushed to children's hospital of philadelphia after officers performed cpr. the 14-year-old boy in critical condition right now. police tell me they have a general idea of who the stabber was. another student at west philadelphia high school which is just a couple blocks away from us so they are working this case pretty quickly. right now that child in critical condition, 14 years old, stabbed in the chest as police continue
5:00 pm
to look for the suspect. coming up at 6:00 we'll hear more from police about what happened on the streets of west filly. randy gyllenhaal, "nbc10 news." right now at 5:00, we're tracking snow showers. you can see them filtering through some areas north and west of philadelphia. they're on the move this afternoon, bringing short bursts of snow. >> nbc10 first alert meteorologist sheena parveen is tracking the snow and a shot of cold air coming in tonight. >> that's right, keith and jacqueline. we're tracking a few snow showers. these are fairly light and fairly quick moving. and stempts are above freezing. so, areas north and west of the i-95 corridor we're starting to see snow showers getting close. mostly montgomery and bucks county moving into philadelphia right now. across 476 in montgomery county. the pa turnpike here into parts of lower bucks county. this is where we're seeing some of the light snowfall moving into the philadelphia area. so, as you're driving, just keep in mind f you're in this area,


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