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tv   NBC 10 News at 5pm  NBC  January 16, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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look for the suspect. coming up at 6:00 we'll hear more from police about what happened on the streets of west filly. randy gyllenhaal, "nbc10 news." right now at 5:00, we're tracking snow showers. you can see them filtering through some areas north and west of philadelphia. they're on the move this afternoon, bringing short bursts of snow. >> nbc10 first alert meteorologist sheena parveen is tracking the snow and a shot of cold air coming in tonight. >> that's right, keith and jacqueline. we're tracking a few snow showers. these are fairly light and fairly quick moving. and stempts are above freezing. so, areas north and west of the i-95 corridor we're starting to see snow showers getting close. mostly montgomery and bucks county moving into philadelphia right now. across 476 in montgomery county. the pa turnpike here into parts of lower bucks county. this is where we're seeing some of the light snowfall moving into the philadelphia area. so, as you're driving, just keep in mind f you're in this area, snow will be falling but
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temperatures are above freezing so we don't. it to be sticking. looking across 76 malvern, paoili seeing the snow falling. throughout the overnight hours, the snow will be long gone and temperatures will be dropping off. right now in philadelphia, it's 46 degrees. we're above freezing where we have the light snow falling so we don't expect it to stick on the roadways. 39 northeast philly. allentown is now down to freezing, 32 degrees. as we go into tonight, if you were heading out on this friday evening, it is going to be cold outside. especially if we start off your weekend. by 6 p.m. temperature around 38 degrees. windy, mid-30s by 8 p.m. as we get closer to 10 p.m. temperatures in the low 30s. that wind will still be with us too. coming up, i'll show you how cold it will be to start the weekend and the rain coming too. that's straight ahead. more breaking news. we're getting our first look at the man wanted for killing a north philadelphia newlywed.
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police released this surveillance video about an hour ago. they say this is the man suspected of killing kim jones. you see him before and after the murder. the suspect's face is covered. he's dressed in all black and wearing whiteheadphones. investigator believes he's the man who shot kim jones in the back of her head tuesday morning. she was waiting for her bus at 12th and jefferson. sky force 10 was over the scene tuesday. jones' family tells us she was married just two weeks ago. jones is also seen on the surveillance video. there she is. police released it this afternoon. you can see her walking down the street just prior to her own murder. her killer is still out there tonight. call philadelphia police if you know anything about this case. also in the city tonight, the temple university campus is in mourning. a freshman student fell eight stories to her death. >> the deadly fall happened last night in center city. nbc10's christine maddela spent the day on campus and spoke to those who knew the victim well.
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>> reporter: those people tell me rebecca kim went by becca. she lived at temple university johnson halibut was in center city visiting other students when she fell. >> shock. a lot of shock. i didn't really know how to react to it afterwards. i was frozen. i was like whoa. >> reporter: rochelle has known becca kim for years. >> we actually met in home room in seventh grade so we always joked around seventh grade. >> reporter: they went to high school together. then on to temple university this past august. >> she was so smart. she had a bright future ahead of her. >> reporter: the pre-pharmacy student was visiting friends at art institute dorm building on chestnut street. they say kim climbed out an eighth floor window to take pictures and then fell. >> i thought it was a terrible tragedy. i mean any time we hear about a student dying, it's just like i guess, even people who don't know her, it's kind of a shock to us all. >> reporter: her friends did notice what they're calling an odd facebook update on kim's
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page shortly before she fell. it simply reads, it was intentional. police are still investigating. when kim fell she hit a woman walking on the sidewalk below. that woman is in critical condition at the hospital. reporting live in north fell philadelphia, nbc10. a major victory for penn state nation and late joe paterno. >> the ncaa announced new details of a settlement. jim rosenfield jones us in studio. what does it mean for the university? >> reporter: keith and jacqueline under the settlement penn state will get back 112 football team wins that were thrown out two years ago after the jerry sandusky child sex abuse scandal. this means the late joe paterno will be restored to his former title of winningest coach. a decision his family praised today. settlement also directs $60 million toward fighting child abuse within pennsylvania. it's an effort that has politicians and the public voicing their support.
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>> an evil predator operated in our community for years and everyone missed it. this money will help our community and communities across pennsylvania recognize how these predators operate out in the open. and hopefully, begin to make sure that something like this never, ever happens again. >> yes, of course they should give those funds to help the children that have been abused within pennsylvania. peep it in the state. >> this deal comes weeks before a scheduled trial in state court on the legality of a 2012 consent decree. jerry sandusky was convicted in 2012 of 45 counts and now serving a 30 to 60-year prison sentence. he says he's innocent. for more on the sex scandal and what the settlement could mean for penn state and paterno family head to the nbc10 news app or >> thank you very much jim.
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the numbers are staggering here. tens of thousands of people across our area are sick with the flu. >> and today we learned a 15th person in delaware has died from the illness. nbc10's matt delucia is live in norbert norberth. >> reporter: you do what you can to prevent the flu but a lot of pharmacies like this pharmacy here they're having a hard time keeping the medications in stock. even people who have had the flu shot are now finding themselves looking for treatment. >> this year it's much, much more of a demand for medication. >> reporter: on the shelves at narberth pharmacy the spot where you would normally find over-the-counter pills there's a lot more empty space. >> we order it every day. whether we get it or not is not guaranteed. >> reporter: montgomery county has seen the highest number of reported flu cases in the five-county area this season. officials here tell me they believe the flu season has hit its peak. folks who live in the area are
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watching every cough and every sneeze. >> my one grandson had a little fever last night. we're not sure if it's the flu or not. >> reporter: now that the cdc says the flu shot is only 23% effective this year doctors are seeing that reflected in the number of infections. >> last year to this year in the same time frame, i would say that roughly we have quadrupled the number of cases that we're seeing. >> reporter: delaware county senior medical adviser says it's still worth it to get a flu shot if you haven't already. as some protection is better than nothing. >> we don't want to discourage individuals from getting the vaccine. it's very important to get the flu vaccine. >> reporter: there's a chance this could happen again next year or any year for that matter, as vaccines are not an exact science. covering your mouth when you snooez sneeze or washing your hands, that can still go a very long time. live in narberth matt delucia,
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"nbc10 news." . ahead, taking a look at tamiflu. doctors say it can shorten the flu and lessonen the symptoms. but it is ideal? we look at pros and cons. an update on a story you first saw at nbc10 at 5:00 yesterday. an investigation is under way in wilmington after police shot a man during a traffic stop. police pulled over a car yesterday afternoon. then say an seniorofficer got into a struggle with the person inside the car. the person open fire and the officer shot him. the suspect is in critical condition. the officer, meanwhile, wasn't hurt. the gunfire came just two miles from where hundreds of demonstrators rallied in support of police. this comes on the same day there are new incentives in wilmington to help police catch criminals. mayor dennis williams announced the new crime reward fund. the city will offer up to $10,000 for catching murder suspects. up to $600 will be available to those helping to arrest and
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convict anyone illegally carrying a gun. former sportscaster don tollefson was back in court today after suffering a health scare yesterday. today the prosecution cross-examined tollefson. he said he made a real effort to pay people back after canceling their trips. he also said he was recovering from an addiction to painkillers and alcohol at the time. he is accused of selling more than $340,000 in bogus sports packages to benefit charities that didn't exist. his trial is set to reconvene tuesday morning. well it's a familiar story. a 6-year-old south jersey boy was sent home from school sick, but there's a big problem in this case. no one at school had any idea the child left the building. wait until you hear where he ended up. and on the road again. new jersey governor chris christie spent the day at an inauguration in iowa. could it be another indication he's areconsidering a run for the white house? no snow coming this weekend. when it does do you grow tired
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waiting for a plow? how you may be able to track snow cleaning crews right on your computer.
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it's hard to believe it's been five years since the biggest offshore oil spill in u.s. history. today a federal judge determined that more than 3 million barrels oil spilled into the gulf of mexico as a result of an explosion at bp's well.
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3 million, and number will be important in next week's trial when determining how much to fine bp. while we enjoy lower gas prices at the pump. the downside to plunging oil prices are job cuts. bp is cutting 200 offshore staff and 100 contractors in great britain. bp has 15,000 employees across the united kingdom, 4,000 in the north sea. conocophillips, shell and chevron are also making cuts. st. paul and minneapolis have filed for bankruptcy in light of a rising number of sex abuse claims. church officials say roughly two dozen sex abuse lawsuits have been filed and they've received more than 100 notices of potential claims. this all began when minnesota lawmakers created a three-year window for victims of past sexual abuse to file claims. it expires in may. church leaders say filing for bankruptcy is the best way to get as many resources as possible for these alleged victims.
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police arrested more than two sdoz suspects overnight in anti-terror raids. we begin in paris. police are questioning 12 people for suspected links to the gunmen responsible for last week's tax. the kouachi brothers who killed 12 people at the "charlie hebdo" offices claimed allegiance to al qaeda. while amedy coulibaly who killed four hostages at a kosher supermarket claims ties to isis. a man was arrested in bulgaria on two arrest warrants as he tried to cross into turkey. atten earlier court hearing, he denied being part of an extremist ring. a germany police arrested two men suspected of recruiting fighters and raising money for isis. take a look at this video from berlin. it shows officers standing guard outside a turkish cultural center. there's no confirmation the building is where the men were taken into custody. this morning's raid was part of a month's long investigation into a group of extremists.
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there's no evidence the men were planning attacks inside germany. now to belgium. authorities detained 13 people and two more people were arrested in france in an anti-terror sweep following yesterday's shootout. officers discovered four military-style weapons and several police uniforms during the raids. this is video from yesterday when police moved in on a suspected terrorist hideout killing two suspects and arresting a third. the chief of the european union police agency said the terror threat is so significant, it's extremely difficult to foil every attack. president obama and british prime minister david cameron are focusing on the fight against terrorism. the two spoke at a news conference this morning. they have been meeting at the white house for the past two days. as fears of further attacks by islamic extremists grow. >> this is a problem that causes great heart ak tragedy and destruction, but it is one that
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ultimately we're going to defeat. >> cameron's trip to the u.s. was planned before the attacks in france. but his visit is seen by the white house as an opportunity to show transatlantic solidarity in the fight against terrorism. check out brian williams for much more on this story. "nightly news" begins at 6:30 right here on nbc10. earlier this week nbc10 was in trenton for governor chris christie's annual state of the state address. >> he talks about key accomplishments as well as future goals for the garden state but many say the speech was geared to an audience well beyond new jersey. >> i traveled the country over the last year up. may have heard about that. traveled a little around the country in the last year. this anxiety was the most palpable emotion that i saw and felt. >> joining us now is chuck todd, moderator of nbc's "meet the press." several questions for you. first n your opinion, was this
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address geared toward a national audience? >> it was absolutely a national address. he was sticking up the place he begin. he didn't play that clip. that's a clip where i plan on showing. none were exists in new jersey as far as i knew. but, look i actually thought his diagnosis of what's ailing the country as part of this sort of -- i've always said america's been going through this anxiety crisis of some sort for quite some time. i thought he was spot on in what he's identified. the question is i think what a lot of candidates have struggled is, how do tackle the issue and how to make people who feel sort of this anxiety, because that anxiety is coupled with distrust of politicians, whether it's chris christie or president obama. >> as we know governor christie makes headlines all the time for being blunt and outspoken, no filter. is that something that will help him if he decides to run for president or is it something strategists might tell him he
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needs to rein in? >> look the minute you try to be somebody you're not or you try to change your personality, you're losing. it doesn't help. mitt romney one of the reasons he's still -- he struggled is he was overcoached and he had way too many people be this no be this no be this. look, it may hurt him. but the fact is he will be -- if he's always thinking about making sure he has the right tone and doesn't lose his temper or yell at somebody he'll be timid and cautious all over the place. i actually think it would be bad for him as a candidate. my question for chris christie i don't know how he stands out that sort of established moderate ring of the republican party when you have mitt romney and jeb bush fighting for that voter. >> chuck todd, moderator of "meet the press." thank you for your insight. we appreciate that. watch "meet the press" this sunday morning at 10:30 right here on nbc10. depending on where you live you may not have noticed. >> this is crazy, this
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statistic. 0 2014 was the warmest year on record. while parts of the u.s. saw record cold many cities had warmest winters either. san francisco including alaska. nasa scientist jim tucker says we're seeing the effects global warming right before our eyes. the effects can be severe as well droughts fires, glaciers melting causing sea levels to rise. >> we have a hydrological cycle, which means we have more rainfall and snowfall. it can be distributed as larger storms with intervening periods of drought or no snowfall or no rain. we have warmer temperatures. >> government scientists say they know the earth is warming and believe if greenhouse gas emission stopped today, it would continue to warm for some time. what they can't know though is whether the warming will accelerate and what will happen
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if it does. look at that statistic, though. all i can think about in this area last year, all the snow we got. hottest year what? >> i know. we didn't think about the heat. it was all about how we were inundated with snow. we would take some of sha that snow right now. >> sheen yeah are you listening? >> i'm pretty sure i could use some of that warmth, too. no question at all. i think in anyone's mind especially as we go through tonight. it is going to get colder. before we get to tonight's cold we have a few snow showers around the area. not for everybody but a few blowing in from the great lakes, so that's the lake-effect snow making its way in from our windy conditions today. for tomorrow morning, some areas could be in single digits. that's going to be the coldest in the next seven days. then we go into sunday. we'll see big changes taking place. we have rain moving in sunday for a good portion of the day. live look out at center city we have clouds around. it is windy, some snow showers in the vicinity of philadelphia. right now, 40 degrees in
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philadelphia. feels more like 31 degrees. many areas with the gusty winds feel close to about 10 degrees colder. here's a look at the radar. you see the snow showers. they started in the poconos, went into lehigh valley now in parts of montgomery bucks counties. moving toward the i-95 corridor. they're mostly on the lighter side. some are breaking up and dying out at the moment. we're still tracking them moving towards the i-95 area. near trenton, lower bucks county. closer to 295 is where we could see very light snow showers. again, i don't think this will make it all the way to the shore. for now, we're watching some flakes falling, just not sticking. across the turnpikes in lower montgomery county we could see light snowflakes falling. across 95 the philadelphia area snowflakes falling there as well as across 476. this continues into parts of chester county possibly. as we go through the overnight hours tonight, this will quickly come to an end and the
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temperatures will be dropping off very quickly. 32 in allentown. the rest of the area above freezing. any snow falling around the i-95 corridor will not be sticking. we're well above freezing in north philly. 38 mt. holly. still about the upper 30s through much of new jersey and delaware. but it's windy outside still. it's going to stay windy through this evening. so temperatures actually feel about 10 degrees colder feeling around freezing through much of new jersey and delaware. it's not colder. areas north and west, we actually feel more like the 20s. now, we do have colder temperatures in store as we go into saturday morning. colder air gets here to start out your weekend. we do stay dry saturday. then come sunday there you see rain sunday morning. some is locally heavy. this lasts through sunday afternoon. still locally heavy rain. by sunday night, we'll start to see a lot of that dry up and move out. we start next week on the dry side. tonight, a few early snow showers. not for everybody. we could be down to 8 degrees, areas north and west.
5:23 pm
teens in philadelphia tonight. sunny but cold tomorrow. 37 is the high temperature in the afternoon. mostly sunny skies. look at saturday compared to sunday. it's obvious which day you should have outdoor plans. on sunday, the rain will be here. temperature around 40 degrees, though. >> we've all been there. the snow stops falling, yet your street is buried. and impassable. where's the plow? wonder no longer how you can now track the snowplow online.
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today dozens of children celebrated dr. martin luther king jr., who this year would have turned 86 years old. about 100 students from the d.c. area were on the steps of the lincoln memorial in washington today. they took turns singing and reading king's "i have a dream" speech. their teacher says they've been talking a lot about what happened in ferguson, missouri, and that these kids know a lot more than you might think. >> we're there, but we're not there yet, is really powerful for them. they understood where lincoln got us. they understood where dr. king got us. and now our job is to move forward. >> and monday is the official martin luther king jr. holiday. an exciting new tool allows people in pittsburgh to track the movement of snowplows throughout the city. the city has a tracker website that let's residents know where public works vehicles have been
5:27 pm
within the past four hours, this comes after many complaints that some neighborhoods weren't getting cleared quickly enough. we reached out to officials at the philadelphia streets department who say they're working on a similar pilot program. >> that's promising. this next story is for parents of camden county scratching their heads. >> a 6-year-old student walked right out of the building. >> jacqueline now what the school says it will do after the boy's mother says even one child leaving the school unnoticed is one too many. next. plus all new on "nbc10 news" at 6:00 a local teacher arrested after being busted in his home. the major discovery police say they made and why his brother is in trouble with the law, too.
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a two year agreement. hurry! it's your last chance! this offer ends january 17th. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v new at 5:30 a young south jersey student walks right out of school and no one realizes he's missing. it happened this week in magnolia. >> nbc10 south jersey reporter cydney long is live in camden county up. said you spoke to the superintendent. how de respond to this? >> reporter: keith, i spoke to him by phone. he assured me this was an isolated incident. it happened on monday afternoon when this first grader walked out the back doors of magnolia elementary. it was about an hour before the school day ended. then he took the wrong way home. he walked about 2 1/2 blocks. the problem was, nobody knew. >> i am. i'm still in shock. that this could happen.
5:31 pm
that a 6-year-old walk -- walked out of the school. >> reporter: at ten minutes to 2:00 on monday and in the rain is when this 6-year-old surprised his mom. >> i'm like i'm not expecting anybody. i open my door my 6-year-old is standing there. i'm like, what are you doing here? >> reporter: colby quietly walked out the back doors of magnolia elementary only after he notified his substitute teacher in the first great graid that the school nurse okayed him to go home because of a bump on the head in gym class. colby should have benes escorted to the front office. >> i think the teachers, the substitutes, need to be retrained on their procedures. >> i think they need to get up to date with things like that. the door you could just open the door. like this back door. i don't like that. >> reporter: colby's walk not far from warwick road where the speed limit is 25 miles an hour. alarming and not just for morgan. >> you know, as a mom, your mind goes there. what if he got hit by a car? what if he got kidnapped? >> i'm sure the kid took it the wrong way and just left out the
5:32 pm
door. but the fact he was able to go out the door. >> reporter: colby usually walks home with four older siblings. morgan says it was a major communication breakdown with no checks and balances. we spoke to superintendent today who told nbc10, the administration is reviewing its protocol with the school nurse and entire staff. especially where medical dismissals are concerned. now, the superintendent also assured us they are working to secure the back doors of the school to alert the front office with a timechime or a bell and not interfere with fire codes. in the meantime the school board will review what happened. we're told there will be some changes made in their procedures and that in the coming days they'll post a new protocol on their website. live in magnolia tonight, cydney long, "nbc10 news." just within the last half hour, an upper darby mother accused of locking her mentally disabled son out in the cold turned herself into police. investigators say karim tolbert
5:33 pm
allegedly kicked the teen out of the house without a coat for five hours on january 7th. the windchill dipped near zero that night. she will be arraigned this evening. turning to weather at 5:30. snow showers are moving through parts of the area. >> nbc10 first alert meteorologist sheena parveen is tracking them. also a cold blast ahead. time to bundle up. >> time to bundle up if you're not already bundled up from the wind making it feel so much colder. the wind has blown in a few snow showers. less impressive now than they were about an hour ago. they're coming in from the great lakes. the wind has brought them in. so for parts of philadelphia along the i-95 corridor and even glenn side could still be seeing a few flakes right now, moving into parts of burlington county. it's very light. it's mostly flurries or very, very light snow. and we're kind of seeing that dissipating around parts of south philly. otherwise, it's too warm for any of this to stick anyway. but we are still tracking them
5:34 pm
as they start to kind of die out here. 32 degrees in allentown. the rest of the area is above freezing. 40 philadelphia. 39 northeast philly and wilmington. 39 in millville. upper 30s in atlantic city. when you factor in the wind it actually feels about 10 degrees colder tonight. by 6 p.m. tonight, upper 30s. by 8 p.m. mid-30s. as we go through the 10:00 hour still going to be windy and cold 32 degrees. feeling closer to 230 degrees through most of the philadelphia area. coming up, i'll show you how cold it will be to start off your weekend. it will be colder tomorrow morning. also our showers moving in. i'll show you the timing on that. restoring the legacy of a late legendary college football coach. >> that's a big part of what today's settlement between penn state and the ncaa accomplished. comcast sports joins us. this is a big moment for the paterno family. >> it restores 112 wins to penn state, 111 of those are joe paterno's. the other goes to defensive
5:35 pm
coordinator tom bradley, who coached actually the final game of the 2011 season after joe paterno was fired. with today's ruling this win over illinois now stands as paterno's 409th and his final win in his career october 29th 2011. it was a game in which paterno coached from the booth upstairs. just days later, paterno was fired. he was never able to address the firestorm that swirled around the campus at that time. in the wake of the jerry sandusky scandal, the paterno statue outside the stadium was removed after much debate. today state senate majority leader says he believes that statue should be put back up. we'll have more coming up at 6:00. back to you. >> we've got your complete coverage of the penn state scandal and the settlement on the "nbc10 news" app or you'll find a breakdown of all events leading up to today. some swimmers at ridley area
5:36 pm
w w ymca have a story to tell. a car crashed through the building. the car landed just inches away from the swimming pool. we're told people were doing laps at the time. you can see from this photo just what a close call it was. amazingly, no one was hurt. >> our staff reacted appropriately in the emergency situation. we had support from local fire and rescue crews. and everyone came out safe except for our "y" building which now has a hole in it. >> police believe the driver accidentally hit the brakegas instead of the brake. politic are investigating whether any charges will be filed in the deadly crash on i-95 in bucks county. two tractor-trailer and four cars collided in the north bound lanes in bensalem. one of the tractor-trailer
5:37 pm
drivers was killed when he hit another tractor-trailer and then a guide rule. police are looking for any other witnesses. police in montgomery county hope you will recognize two men wanted for a distraction burglary that targeted an elderly couple. they approached the victims in plymouth township late last month. one claimed to be from the water company and was wearing a badge. he told them there was aan issue with their water supply and needed to go into the basement. while in the basement the other suspect walked into the house. then they made off with some items from inside. if you recognize them, call police. a montgomery county company is expanding its reach to the big apple. philadelphia business journal report toll brothers will close to a $135 million acquisition of a building in new york city. they're planning to begin construction on a new building. it will have about 100 condos. you can see it in this photo right here. they expect the first units to be finished by the summer of
5:38 pm
2018. the company already has a number of buildings in philadelphia the greater new york city area as well as washington, d.c. we now know the flu shot is less than a quarter effective. so is there a better medication? many swear by tamiflu. ahead, nbc10 looks at the pros and consequence of the drug. and it's much more than a school project. it's a labor of love. what these delaware students are doing to help a family several states away. but first, here's what's coming up tonight on "nbc10 news" at 6:00. this was a very well-planned execution. >> breaking now. philadelphia police break the case open. a woman shot while waiting for her bus. now nbc10 is talking with authorities and checking out new video of the killer as he made his getaway. >> it puts stress on our resources. >> then shoplifters putting a dent in business at the jersey shore. police say they aren't stealing the items for themselves. new at 6:00 what authorities say they're doing with the merchandise and how it's tied to an even bigger problem.
5:39 pm
count on "nbc10 news" at 6:00.
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5:41 pm
wide range of damage from just a thin layer of soot to almost completely melteded. >> another university of delaware grad student is friends of the father who died. he's the one who brought the photos to these students. you know as reporters, you go out to fire scenes all the time. the first concern is always loss of life. the second one is the pictures that are inside. >> you think that's what you would automatically grab first. so it's going to take them a long time to do it, but you know they're enjoying every minute. >> amazing thing they're doing there. sheena? >> it it is an amazing thing. we're also tracking snow showers for this evening. not lasting too much longer but now we're watching temperatures drop off. i'll show you you how cold it will be to start your weekend. plus, rain that's in the forecast. sheena we learned today the flu has killed another person in dell. we also know the vaccine prevents less than a quarter of those flu cases. so, what's the best medicine?
5:42 pm
some swear by tamiflu. nbc10 takes a look at the proings and cons of the drug. plus all new on "nbc10 news" at 6:00 -- no takebacks allowed allowed. the new measure to stop sandy victims from having to give back some of the money the government mistakenly gave them.
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5:45 pm
the search continues for a driver that crashed an suv into a house and ran away. that happened this morning on north 18th in the city's logan section. amazingly, the five family members sleeping inside the house at the time were not hurt. doctors tell us you know it's the flu if you feel like you've been hit by a truck. but, unfortunately, there are few options for treating that virus. >> the treatments we do have aren't perfect, according to a local pharmacy professor. jim rosenfield has the details. >> viruses are very difficult to eliminate from the system. >> reporter: if you come down with the flu, you've got to act fast. tamiflu, which is recommended to treat the illness, must be taken within 48 hours for it to work. >> now, that means they've got to get a prescription for it get it from a pharmacy and,
5:46 pm
sometimes that 48 hours disappears very quickly. >> reporter: center city's kim longmore took tamiflu when she recently came down with the flu, but she says it didn't zeep probably didn't get it early enough. >> reporter: a review of the drug finds it does shorten symptoms, but researchers say there's little evidence the drug reduces serious complications. >> now, it's not a dramatic effect. the studies suggest that symptoms may be shortened by a day or a day and a half. >> reporter: the fact flu can turn serious quickly even a day is a big deal. >> if you have the flu and you can decrease the duration of the flu by 24 hours, boy, i welcome that. >> the maker of tamiflu tells us, quote, we stand behind the quality of clinical data supporting the efficacy and safety profile of tamiflu. it's approved by more than 100 regulatory agencies worldwide.
5:47 pm
read more flu facts on can you see where it's hitting the hardest in our area and separate the myths from the truth we've also posted information about the latest flu trends in pennsylvania new jersey and delaware. check it out right now on the "nbc10 news" app. well we have a few snow showers trying to move through the area. they're kind of winding down, but we've been tracking these through the afternoon. not amounting to much. temperatures are above freezing where they're falling, so nothing sticking. tomorrow morning starting off your weekend it is going to be colder especially areas north and west. we could see actual temperatures in the 30s. sunday we'll have quite a bit of rain. that's probably the day where you don't want to make those outdoor plans. right now north and west through lehigh valley mid-30s to low 30s in allentown. 35 in reading and pottstown.
5:48 pm
already 17 degrees in mt. pocono. 34 in-n trenton, south jersey. delaware hanging around the upper 30s. 39, millville. it is still windy outside so it makes it feel colder. in mt. pocono, feels like 1 degree. feels like 28 in pottstown. feels like 31 in philadelphia. 29 in mt. holly. these are the temperatures you will feel when you walk outside. feels right around freezing for much of south jersey and delaware. but as we go into tomorrow morning, those actual temperatures, those will be the coldest. again, maybe single digits north and west. so, the snow showers we were watching earlier today, they move through the lehigh valley. near the i-95 corridor. really have kind of died out as they've tried to move across the i-95 corridor even 295 here moving into parts of burlington county. maybe around cinnaminson we
5:49 pm
could see flurries. it's dying out so nothing is expected to stick or accumulate. we'll see that lighten up through the next 30 minutes to an hour. future weather, it's dry but it gets cold. stays windy. gets colder into tomorrow morning. saturday 8:00, this will be one of the coldest hours of the morning, especially for those areas north and west. through the afternoon tomorrow we do stay dry but we stay cold. on sunday that's when we see some changes. mostly mostly sunday morning. 8:00, rain moving in from the south where you see yellow and oranges. that's some of the heaviest rain. new jersey and delaware you'll see the rain first, moving up into philadelphia. midday we have rain around afternoon hours we still have the rain around on sunday. some of this could be locally heavy. it's not until sunday night when the rain moves out. it does look like an all-day rain event for your sunday. saturday is going to be the dry day out of the weekend. for this evening, though early snow showers are pretty much coming to an end. otherwise, the cold air sets in
5:50 pm
tonight. 17 for the low in philadelphia. 8 degrees north and west. these numbers will hit around sunrise tomorrow. tomorrow it will be sunny but cold and dry. 34 to 37 degrees for the high temperature. then we go into sunday. high temperature around 40 degrees. not as cold but it will be a rainy day. so, it might feel like a cold rain out there. monday we are windy. temperatures still in about the low 40s. but then we get back into the 30s with a chance of rain/snow mix on wednesday. >> we all need to thaw out. until we do let's talk "frozen." idina menzel will sing the national anthem before the super bowl next month. john legend will perform "america the beautiful" before the super bowl february 1st at university of phoenix stadium in glendale arizona. menzel has had a top notch year thanks to the success of "frozen" and her worldwide hit "let it go." katy perry will perform the halftime show. our crew will be in arizona for
5:51 pm
super bowl. you can watch it live only on nbc10. >> of course enjoy the weather in arizona. you can also enjoy a milestone at the gas pump. for the first time in five years the average price of a gallon of gas has dropped below the $2 mark in south jersey to $1.99. it's below the national average price of $2.08, which is already down nine cents from a week ago. here's what everyone else is paying. in philadelphia, the average price is $2.37 for a gallon of regular unleaded down 15 cents in the last week. in delaware it's $2.20. that is 11 cents cheaper than a week ago. >> and in new jersey full service, so you don't have to get out of the car to pump your gas. >> that's nice. >> we told you a short time ago, 2014, believe it or not, was the warmest year on record. >> that still makes me scratch my head. the effects of that record
5:52 pm
warmth are still being felt now, especially along the jersey shore. next how the ocean is changing and how that's impacting the men and women whose lives depend on it. the nbc10 "investigators" told you about a local limo company accused of ripping people off. what happened in court and why a customer says she's still waiting for justice.
5:53 pm
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according to a new study, many forms of sea life could be in big trouble if this warming trend continues. >> reporter: record heat is part of the phenomenon worldwide. >> it's only slighter warmer than 2005 and 2010. >> reporter: scientists have studied arctics and hurricanes in the tropics. the top ten have all come from 1997. >> what we're seeing is not just one warm year but a pattern of more frequent warm years. >> reporter: and that's affecting the oceans as well. carbon dioxide turns the ocean
5:56 pm
more acidic. a new warning out this week says oceans are heading to mass extinction from many species. started fishing at age 6. >> reporter: 60 years later charter boat captain says his favorite fish is the striper. >> the stock has gotten smaller but it's not drastic. >> reporter: at monmouth beach, oysters and shell fish are plentiful. scallops are more costly. in some cases, overfishing and climate change are having a real impact. >> flounder prices have gone dramatically. we have to stop carrying flounder yesterday. >> reporter: the world's tempted increase may be gradual, but the impact is being season by many. here at rutgers they call this passion puddle for the heat of romance, but on lakes and ponds all over our northern climbs in recent years the ice has been getting thinner as winters have been getting shorter.
5:57 pm
in new brunswick, brian thompson for "nbc10 news." coming up next some "nbc10 news" at 6:00 we're following three breaking news stories. >> nbc10 just arrived on the scene of a shooting involving police officers in upper darby. we'll have a live report in less than two minutes. plus, a 14-year-old boy stabbed while riding his bike in philadelphia. what we've learned about the violence that has left him in critical condition. and i have been tracking snow showers moving through the area. also tracking rain that could have a major impact on your weekend. we'll tell you when to expect it in my exclusive nbc10 first alert forecast. has helped thousands of people let go of all the hassle that comes with selling or trading in. we make selling your car truck or suv fast, safe and fair with three simple steps: one -- get your free online valuation. two -- drive to your local car-buying center.
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we're following several breaking stories. we begin with a shooting involving police. >> reporter: we are on 69th in upper darby. the chief tells me this was a drug raid that quickly turned violent. can you see the black sedan detectives are focusing on. this is the suspect's car. police were moving in to arrest this drug suspect when he started to try to attempt to run over some of these undercover officers. can you see this car is literally sitting here in the sidewalk. we can tell that it knocked over at least a few traffic poles, slammed into a building on the side breaking the window. now, police tell me as this suspect was trying to run over the officer, one of the female
6:00 pm
undercover officers fired one shot missing the suspect. let me let the chief of police explain what happened on this sidewalk. >> she runs up on the sidewalk crashes into the side of a building. then he backs up and tries to run over one of our upper darby undercover officers female officer. >> reporter: now, none of the officers were injured. that suspect was not injured either. he was taken into custody immediately following this violent crash. right now they tell us that the suspect had a load of heroin inside his vehicle as well as a loaded semi-automatic weapon. again, one shot fired missing that suspect. as police continue to investigated out here they'll try to learn more about what this drug suspect was doing and why he tried to run over these officers in upper darby. live in upper darby, randy gyllenhaal "nbc10 news." we continue to follow breaking news out of west philadelphia. police are looking for the west


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