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tv   NBC 10 News at 5am  NBC  January 17, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EST

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. . nbc 10 on air, online and on your mobile device. nbc 10 breaking news. >> the breaking news that comes to us from overnight is out of burlington county. a baby is in the hospital and police say somebody lit the child on fire. we'll have a live report from the hospital. plus, many spots are starting out in the teens this morning. here's a live look at boat house row, all lit up expect another cold day but we will see a little bit of sunshine. good morning welcome to nbc 10 news today, i'm rosemary connors. it's 5:00 on this saturday. let's get right to our weekend weather with first alert meteorologist michelle grossman. good morning michelle. >> good morning rosemary. temperatures mainly in the teens across the area right around 20 degrees right now in philadelphia. it will be a cold day today but a calm day. here's a live look outside. breezy conditions right now but
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we'll see the winds subsiding throughout the afternoon. mostly sunny day with cold conditions. 19 right now in philadelphia, 14 in allentown, 16 in lancaster. 16 in atlantic city 18 in dover. there's that very cold start for you. now, you factor in the winds we're seeing wind chills kohler than that. it feels like minus 4 in mt. pocono. if we look towards the rest of the region we are looking at temperatures feeling like 8 degrees in philadelphia. feels like just 5 in atlantic city and the wind chill in dover is 9 degrees. a cold day today. we'll see temperatures not getting out of the low 30s. by 8:00 21. by 10:00, 25 and by lunch time looking at 30 degrees. still below freezing right around lunch time. we'll end up around the freezing mark this afternoon. we're looking at a sunday soaker. we'll talk more about that coming up. thank you, michelle. we are following breaking news. a baby was rushed to the hospital with severe burns after police say somebody lit the
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child on fire. let's go to nbc 10's matt delucia live at st. christopher's hospital where the baby is receiving emergency treatment. but matt tell us where police found this child. >> reporter: rosemary that baby was found in the middle of a street. this baby we're told is very young, possibly a newborn. at this point it's unclear if that baby will survive. here's video from the scene a short time ago. this is simenton road in pemberton township burlington county county. officers arrived last night and found that this baby was lit on fire. a helicopter was brought in. that baby was flown to the hospital and was reportedly alive at that time. we're also told a woman about 22 years of age was also at the scene. she was taken to a nearby hospital as well. we're still working to find out her relationship to the victim and whether police believe she was the one who lit the fire.
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but those two, police tell us were the only ones in the street. we do have calls into the burlington county prosecutor's office as they investigate how and why this baby was set on fire. live at st. christopher's matt delucia nbc 10 news. the movement of a killer. we are now getting a look at the man who stalked a woman before killing her at a philadelphia bus stop in broad daylight. this morning, police are searching for the man who shot and killed 56-year-old kim jones. she was on her way to a jobs is a child advocacy worker. yesterday, investigators released this surveillance video in the case. the police say the suspect waited for an hour for jones to leave her house in north philadelphia. the video shows him trailing behind her as she made her way to the bus stop at 12th and jefferson streets. the man pulled a gun from a duffel bag and shot her in the back of the head. the suspect entered the subway. the victim's son spoke out yesterday for the first time.
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>> my mother was a great person and very selfless and you know, as was said earlier, she deserved a lot better than this. >> jones' son thanked the community for their support at a prayer vigil as well yesterday. a 16-year-old west philadelphia high school student is facing murder charges after police say he stabbed a classmate to death. police tell us the suspect stabbed the 14-year-old victim in the chest as he was on his way home from school yesterday. this happened at 46th and market streets. according to investigators, the two teens had gotten into a fight at lunch time and it continued after school. today, family and friends hold a vigil in honor of a man shot and killed while driving his man in philadelphia's hunting park neighborhood. they will gather this afternoon at the location where bernard ray was killed at deli and butler streets. police say he was found with a gunshot wound to the chest after
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he crashed his mini van into several parked cars on january 4th. no suspects, no motive in this case. the city is now offering a $20,000 reward for any information that leads to an arrest and conviction in the crime. this morning, we know more about the temple university student who died after falling eight stories on to a center city sidewalk injuring another woman. rebecca kim was visiting friends at an art institute in center city on thursday night. kim climbed out of the dorm window to take pictures. the temple freshman then fell to the ground landing on another woman on the sidewalk. kim's friends tell us she was a smart, friendly and helpful young woman with a very bright future. >> i love her and i miss her so much. i wish she was here. i'm going to miss her smile, her talent, hard work, all of that. >> kim grew up in montgomery county. the woman who was injured on the sidewalk, she remains in critical condition in the hospital.
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in burlington county a 3-year-old is dead after a train crashed into a car in riverside. several witnesses say they watched the driver tray to beat a railroad gate coming down yesterday afternoon. after the river line train hit the 3-year-old passenger was thrown from the car. two men inside the vehicle were seriously injured and five commuters aboard the train went to the hospital with nonlife-threatening injuries. skyforce 10 was over the scene of another deadly accident also involving a train and a car yesterday. this one happened in lehigh valley around 7:00 last night near west main and mill streets in macungie. the person killed was the driver of the car but her name has not been released. news overseas anti-terror raids in western europe are rounding up dozens of suspects in the wake of last week's massacre in paris. authorities say the raids targeted alleged terror cells in france and germany. in belgium, police killed two gunmen just back from syria. authorities say the gunmen were
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about to launch a major terrorist attack. meanwhile, in paris yesterday, secretary of state john kerry paid trib outto the dead and offered support to france and its president. >> i really wanted to come here and share a hug with all of paris. >> at the white house president obama and british prime minister david cameron promised to share more intelligence to stop terror cells before they strike. new from overnight, afghan security forces arrested five people suspected of being involved in a school massacre in pakistan. the men were arrested near afghanistan's eastern border with pakistan. 150 people were killed most of them children, in the december 16th attack. the school just re-opened last week. today a woman who once feared deportation will formally leave the philadelphia church where she had taken sanctuary. angela navarro will take her
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first steps outside after spending 58 days at the west kensington ministry. the mother of two fled war-torn honduras as a teenager. she feared immigration officers would find her so she waited for her legal appeal to go through. on wednesday she got a phone call from the feds telling her she can stay in the u.s. legally for at least the next two years. joe paterno is once again the winningest coach in major college football after penn state reached a settlement with the ncaa in the school's sex abuse scandal. >> 409! 409! >> students held a rally on campus last night. the 409 they weren chatting is joe paterno's record-setting win total the ncaa restored as part of the settlement. when state will get back 112 football victories thrown out because of the jerry sandusky child sex abuse case. also, a $60 million fine will go toward fighting child abuse in
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pennsylvania. paterno's widow said this. >> we're keep looking for the truth. thanks to the all the penn staters. they made this happen. >> korman by the way is the pennsylvania senate majority leader. it was his challenge that led to the settlement. some of the state college community are reacting to the announcement. >> to just reverse the punishment, that sends a bad message. >> they finally came to their senses and realized that what happened at penn state was a fallacy. >> the deal replaces a consent decree that was the focus of a lawsuit set to go to trial in just a few weeks. is today your lucky day? hopefully as the powerball jackpot is still up for grabs. nobody picked all the winning numbers in wednesday's drawing. the jackpot stands at $194 million for tonight's drawing. if somebody hits the numbers and chooses the cash option they'd get more than 129 million, not too bad. mega millions players,
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you'll want to check your tickets today. somebody did hit that jackpot. that winning amount is an estimated $270 million. and in case you missed it here are those mega millions winning numbers, drawn last night. they are 26 32 44 45 58 mega ball is 11. the time right now is 5:10. mr mitt romney once again hints again at run for the white house. a standing ovation inside while protesters are outside. the show goes on for embattled comedian bill cosby. the supreme court takes on gay marriage. we'll explain when a decision is expected.
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this is nbc 10 news. at 12 minutes after 5:00
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here is a live look over center city where you can see there is a light breeze outside. temperatures right now very cool in the teens, barely reaching 20 degrees in some areas. it's going to be a cold one today and then we'll get wet weather tomorrow. meteorologist michelle grossman will have the details in the seven-day forecast. bill cosby performed to a packed house in pueblo colorado last night where he received a standing ovation but outside it was a very different scene. a small group of protesters carried signs and they shouted "colorado believes the women. no means no and rape is not a joke." tonight cosby is scheduled to perform two shows in denver. meanwhile, cosby's attorney says the comedian was in new york on the day a model accused him of sexually assaulting her in los angeles. earlier this week chloe said cosby drugged her and sexually abused her at the playboy mansion in august 2008.ç yesterday, cosby's lawyer issued
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a statement says that he has evidence that establishes cosby's whereabouts on the day in question. a major announcement by the supreme court. this year, the justices will rule on same-sex marriage. the justices will hear arguments to overturn gay marriage bans in four states and a decision is expected by late june. kentucky, michigan ohio and tennessee are among the 14 states where gay and lesbian couples are not allowed to marry. former gop presidential candidate mitt romney is telling fellow republicans that he's weighing another run for the white house. in a speech to the republican national committee, the former massachusetts governor laid out what he thinks should be the major message for the gop nominee in 2016. among them is a focus on breaking the cycle of poverty. you may remember that during his 2012 campaign romney was highly criticized for being out of touch with the country's poor
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and middle class. the state department is giving federal agencies two weeks to weigh in on the keystone xl pipeline. it would carry oil from canada to the u.s. gulf coast. once the agencies offer advice on how the project would affect commerce and the environment, the state department will make a final determination. the white house has said that president obama will veto the pipeline bill if congress approves it. next a new report shows 2014 was the hottest year on record. we'll tell you what the scientists have to say about the study. not a lot of heat in this weekend's forecast right, michelle? >> yes, very cold this morning, temperatures in the teens. we're looking outside right now, waking up to mostly clear skies. we'll see sunshine today but it will be a cold one. we'll talk more about that. we're looking ahead towards the sunday soaker, that's all straight ahead.
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now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> and a good saturday morning, i'm meteorologist michelle grossman. we're waking up to cold temperatures this morning, in the teens in a lot of spots. when you factor in the wind, it feels colder than that. bundle up. it will be a cold start. warming up a little bit on sunday. but there's a tradeoff with that. there's that very cold start, temperatures in the teens,en isny but cold today. we'll see lots of sunshine clear skies right now. the skin will not warm us up though. 32 degrees later on this afternoon. we're looking at a sunday soaker that could start out as snow or freezing rain. the main event will be rain. so live look outside, clear skies right now, looking pretty good. 19 degrees. yes, that's cold. winds out of the nort$gnorthwest at 9 miles an hour. we're looking at temperatures 11 degrees colder than this time yesterday. 14 in allentown, 15 in reading,
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16 in trenton. 5 degrees in mt. pocono slide down to the south and east 18 in millville, 16 in atlantic city and 18 in dover. we're looking at wind chills colder than that. it feels like 7 below 0 in mt. pocono 8 in philadelphia 16 in lancaster and the wind chill in wildwood is 11 degrees. as you wake up this morning you'll see the sunshine once the sun does come up. we'll see sunshine all day long. you need the sunglasses and the coats, too, with the scarves and gloves. sunny but cold and dry. it will be the better half of the weekend if you don't like rain. clouds build in by 6:00 tomorrow morning. precipitation shows up on radar. mainly rain. this could start out with the temperatures around the freezing mark with snow maybe some freezing rain sleet in our northern suburbs. montgomery county, bucks county chester county. then as we go through time, that
5:20 am
could live to the north, the lehigh valley, the poconos. everyone sees rain by 10:00, 11:00. you see darker shadings orange yellow, indicating heavier stuff stuff. up to an inch in some spots. by the afternoon it begins to pull out. we're seeing clouds left over rain at the shore around dinner time. it's all out of here sunday night and monday we see the sunshine returning and those cold temperatures on monday. a windy day, too. sunny and cold today, temperatures 32 to 35. i think we'll end up around 33 degrees. winds southerly at 5 to 10 miles an hour. tonight, we see the clouds build in. temperatures not dropping very far in philadelphia. right around the freezing mark tonight. and then north and west we're looking at 26. again, as we wake up tomorrow we'll watch the temperatures with the precipitation moving in. winds out of the south at 5 to 10 miles per hour. today, calm cold, 33. sunday, a main event, 43. by monday the sunshine runs but
5:21 am
it will be a windy one. wednesday we're looking at the chance of rain and snow 39. cold on thursday, a quiet one. friday a chance for rain and snow. otherwise mostly cloudy 37. >> looking at that seven-day, a c inter still ahead of us. a new report shows that 2014 was the hottest year for earth in recorded history. in anchorage, alaska it never dropped below zero and in amsterdam it was 23 degrees above average. scientists say we are to blame with greenhouse gases driving the spike in temperatures. also according to scientists, sea life could be in trouble if this warming trend continues. a report released this week warns that the oceans are heading toward mass extinction of many species, in part from climate change. other problem is that carbon dioxide pollution turns the water more acidic. >> stocks have gotten smaller, yes, but it's not drastic.
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>> at the beach tavern in monmouth beach that means that oysters and most other shellfish are still plentiful. scallops are more costly though. in some cases, overfishing and climate change are having real impact. a tropical storm approaching the philippines is causing pope francis to change his schedule a little bit. he cut short his trip to tech techlabon. pope francis plans to celebrate mass in manila tomorrow. the storm leveled entire villages and left more than 7,000 dead or missing in techlabon. are the phillies better off
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without ryan howard? we'll hear from the team's gm after the break.
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i'm amy fadool from comcast sports sportsnet. this now stands as paterno's 409th and final victory of his career, october 29th 2011 a 10-7 win over illinois at beaver stadium. days later paterno was fired without able to address the firestorm swirling around his campus. here's joe paterno's son jay on friday's developments. >> obviously it's a big step in the right direction towards finally resolving this thing once and for all. obviously happy for the guys
5:26 am
that played at penn state, obviously happy for penn state university. we said from day one this has never been about the wins and that hasn't changed. headline of the phillies offseason aside from jimmy rollins being traded may have been the gm's admission that he told ryan howard the team would be better off moving forward without him. last night he addressed that topic. >> there's always awkwardness when we're making transitions, i think. ryan knows what i think about him as a person and as a player. i think that if he can get back to where he was, he can be a productive player. the sixers hosted a depleted new orleans team last night. the pelicans without the services of anthony davis and former sixer jrue holiday. but will their absence help the sixers to a win? it did. michael carter williams driving
5:27 am
and finding noel. he lays it up and in. sixers win, 96-81. running back lesean mccoy has pulled out of the pro bowl with an undisclosed injury. jeremy maclin and john durhambach have been added. that will wrap it up for sports. i'm amy fadool comcast sports net. the 2015 philadelphia home show kicks off at the pennsylvania convention center. the show will highlight the latest trends in remodeling decorating and gardening. it will be open for two weekends only including martin luther king day. nbc 10 will be live there this morning. stay with us for a preview. the time right now is 5:27. a disturbing scene in burlington county this morning. a baby burned and police say somebody lit that child on fire.
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nbc 10's matt delucia is following the breaking story. matt? >> reporter: and rosemary police right now are trying to figure out what happened eded and why. i'll have the details coming up. layer up as you head out this morning. temperatures in the teens. it feels colder than that with the wind. outside, clearer skies this morning, we'll see sunshine today but it will be a cold, cold day. we'll talk more about the temperatures today and the rain we expect on sunday. that's coming up next. skippy!! yippee!! fun fun fun! shiny! you never listen! what? is someone talking?
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nbc 10 breaking news. that breaking news comes to us from burlington county where police say somebody lit a baby on fire. this morning, doctors are trying to save that child's life. we'll have a live report from the hospital. a cold and wet weekend in store for us but right now all looks calm as we take a live look at the center city skyline. temperatures will barely climb above freezing today. so bundle up. good morning welcome back to nbc 10 news today. i'm rosemary connors. it's 5:30 on this saturday. meteorologist michelle grossman is tracking the changes in the forecast. michelle, it sounds like we get some sun today but rain tomorrow. >> absolutely. you summed it up perfectly. today being the better half of the weekend if you don't like rain. if you like rain you'll like tomorrow. here's a live look outside. we are looking at the pocono mountains. good day to be making snow in the pocono mountains. we're starting out in the teens. we'll be around the freezing mark later on this afternoon. current temperatures


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