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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 600a  NBC  January 19, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EST

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n to 33 at philadelphia international. and look at wrightstown, toms river, the temperatures are right in the freezing mark there. now, rocksboro is 37. northeast philadelphia, 38. right along the delaware river trail, 33 degrees. and it's cold enough on the surface for some ice as the surfaces tend to get a bit colder than the air to start with. we are tracking some light scattered flurries moving through. a brief snow shower is possible in chester, montgomery county. we'll start it off in burkes county and the pocano mountains. don't be surprised if you see a few snowflakes but that's going to be the exception, not the rule today. icy spots to start with. temperatures climbing as the day goes on. by lunchtime, we'll be up to 40 degrees. but the wind is going to be kicking in and that will be a big player this afternoon. we'll go through it neighborhood by neighborhood when i'm back in ten. but right now we'll check in with first alert traffic reporter jillian mele. good morning jillian. starting off in center city philadelphia, the vine street expressway is looking good in both directions. this is 676 near 95. make sure to slow it down and
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use caution. watch out for icy patches and slippery conditions this morning. and in claymont an accident on philadelphia pike blocked between harvey road and 495. take marsh road as your alternate. the bridge surfaces can get slippery very quickly. the drpa issued speed restrictions on area bridges. 35 miles per hour is what we are seeing on the ben franklin bridge and betsy ross. 25 on the walt whitman bridge. the 25 miles per hour on the commodore barry bridge. thank you. now our photographers found several slick spots overnight. and then this accident as well on vine street in center city. the accident happened around 1:00 this morning. luckily, no one was hurt. also in the home circle section of philadelphia crews loaded up to start laying salt down. the ice threat has prompted a handful of closings this morning. you can get the list on or on the "nbc 10 news" app. the first alert team coverage continues now with jesse gary
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live in storm force 10 or just outside of storm force 10. jesse, where are you and what are conditions like where you are? >> reporter: tracy, we are in wayne, delaware county. we have gotten back outside of storm force 10. we took it for a loop around the streets here in wayne, delaware county. because we wanted to make sure what we are seeing is not atypical. here's the problem we have ice here. you can see how far the ice extends all the way up the sidewalks and all the way up to the next set of cars. i've got to be careful. whoa. let me do this so i don't fall. all the way up the sidewalk to the next car. so the street is salted. and that's not the problem. the problem is once you get out of your house, just walking on the sidewalks, you're going to run into a plot of ice. this is not atypical. we went to some of the side streets adjacent to here and st. davids. you can see patches completely
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iced over. and it is very easy to slip. if you're headed out, make sure you bear that in mind. show caution coming down your steps and front walkway and onto the sidewalk. then when you get into the vehicle by the curb that's where a lot of ice is. be careful with the streets heavily salted. we are live in wayne, delaware county. another live update in 30 minutes. what a mess is icy conditions caused yesterday. a series of problems on major roadways across the region on sunday. three people consider killed and dozens hospitalized. two people were killed in a crash on i-76 near marple road. and then the 60-car pileup on the schuylkill expressway near the gulphs mills exit. eric alan blau was having car trouble, got out of his vehicle and was hit by another car
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causing a chain-reaction crash. 30 people were hurt and 76 was shut for several hours in both directions. here's video of the pileup on the blue route in delaware county. that one also deadly with a dozen cars involved. two people killed. thomas brennan of lands dale and jason andover were killed in the crash. no matter what the weather situation, get up to the minute information by downloading the nbc 10 first alert weather app. a free download in the first alert app store or on for an update on breaking news we have been following out of montgomery county an apartment fire there where katy zachry is live for us. >> reporter: crews are inside lynwood gardens, an apartment complex here. and as we push into the building where the fire broke out at 4:30, i can tell you that the fire is contained i'm told to the unit on the extreme
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right-hand side. it's a two-floor unit. i'm told that three people lived inside this unit where the fire broke out. firefighters tell me that two men were able to get out of the fire on their own and are not injured. a third person, a woman, was also inside when the fire broke out. firefighters are not releasing any information about her condition right now. i can tell you that is not a good thing considering police have put tape up around this building. there are a number of police officers who have gotten here since i have been here. and firefighters are still milling around. many of them are huddling in small groups and that is not a good sign. we are waiting for confirmation of the injuries of that third person who was in this fire. but i talked to one of the firefighters who was first on the scene and he tells me when they got in they went up to the second floor where the fire was coming from. he said it was such heavy smoke and heavy flames it was zero visibility. he said it was incredibly difficult to fight this fire. there was, i'm told by another
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firefighter, a second floor collapse during the process of this. so the firefighters were dealing with pretty dangerous conditions. and developing conditions as they were inside the fire. and then once outside, they have a number of hydrants that have been in use, but because the water is pouring out, the pavement where they have been walking to and from the home that was on fire extremely slippery because it's frozen. so they have the conditions of fighting the fire on top of the frozen conditions on the pavement. and then it's freezing conditions outside, they are really cold. so for a lot of the firefighters they look to be crest-fallen. we are not told the extent of the third person's injuries. we hope to have that for you in a few minutes. back to you. we have breaking news from maryland where fire crews are working to put out a large house fire in annapolis. we do have a live picture that
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we are working on but we do know the fire has been burning for two-and-a-half hours now. no reports of any injuries. firefighters don't know what sparked the flames and we are working to get a live picture from our sister station out of washington. security is tighter around vice president joe biden's delaware home after shots were fired near his property over the weekend. the secret service says the shots were fired from a speeding car saturday night in greenville new castle county. the vice president and his wife were out of the area at the time so they were not home. the secret service agents saw the vehicle speed past the home and a short time later a vehicle tried to pass the outer perimeter but was stopped. the driver was taken into custody for resisting arrest and is being questioned by police. they are trying to figure out if he was involved in the shooting. a vigil is planned for the newborn baby burned alive in burlington county. donations will be accepted to pay for the baby's funeral. police arrested the infant's mother after witnesses saw her
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dump the child in the middle of the street in pemberton with an autopsy scheduled for this week. today we honor the rights of the civil rights leader martin luther king jr. and the impact he had on the world. more than 100,000 people in this area will spend the day living out king's message by participating in various community service projects. and in washington, d.c. people will line up later this morning for the ninth annual mlk peace walk. and the cast and crew of the film "selma" marched with hundreds of others in selma, alabama, yesterday. oprah winfrey is the producer of the film and the director was on hand along with the actor who played mlk in the movie. they were all there at the march to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the voting rights protest march from selma to montgomery. middle school students can also see that oscar-nominated film for free today thanks to the generosity of local business leaders. the opportunity is available to students in seventh through ninth grade. half a dozen theaters in the
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philadelphia area are participating. as of last night, enough money had been raised for 4700 students to seal "selma" for free. >> really quick, it feels good to that people responded and stepped up. and the fact that in a matter of days your money goes to kids being able to experience "selma" feels really good really gratifying. >> today is the final day for the free screeningsle. now kids have to show their school i.d. or a report card to get in. organizers suggest calling the theater ahead of time to make sure the tickets are still available. a cold start, cold enough that we're seeing some patches of ice this morning. it's going to be slipping and sliding in some areas, especially untreated surfaces. sidewalks and some roads, there's enough accumulation leftover from yesterday that they are still a bit icy. during the day, temperatures are climbing with a gusty wind to help. it will make those patches of
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ice disappear. but we are tracking more wet weather and light snow possible a little later this week. right now we saw a few scattered snow showers in the pocano mountains. just cloudy and 30 degrees. clouds over trenton and 36 in wilmington. even with temperatures above freezing, that's the air temperature. that's not the temperature of the ground or the temperature of the ice patches that are at the side of the road. most of the majors are doing just fine, but many of the side streets still have ice on them as jesse gary has showed us this morning. 33 in pottstown and doylestown wrightstown, 33 degrees. the temperatures have been edging up slowly this morning. but expect to still find some patches of ice. look at swarthmore 33 degrees. saint davids, newtown square both above freezing but i guarantee there's ice on the roadways in those areas. and the clouds overhead produced a few flurries this morning. that's going to be the exception. the clouds will thing out this
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afternoon. we'll get breaks of sunshine. and these few light snow showers and flurries will completely disappear. so conditions will be improving today as temperatures climb into the 40s. your hour-by-hour forecast shows just above freezing at 8:00. by later this morning an earlier this afternoon, we'll be looking at temperatures in the 40s. but the wind will be blowing. seven-day forecast when i'm back in ten. so the caution of refreezing, to be careful on the roads, sidewalks septa platforms. as soon as you step out the door. >> just plan for extra time this morning. jillian mele is watching the roads for us. any problems out there yet? >> getting in and out of center city, philadelphia shouldn't be problematic for a lot of drivers. the majors for the most part are clear. you can still watch for icy spots but we are not reporting any accidents on roads like 95 the vine street expressway and 76. in fact, 76 your drive times right as we round the coshocton curve here drive times are average this morning. so between the blue route and
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vine, 13 minutes in both directions. that is average. for drivers in chester county route 100 at route 113, slow down and pay attention for slippery conditions. we have an accident on the new jersey turnpike southbound past interstate 195. thank you. 12 minutes past 6:00, the rain may be gone but it left some local rivers raging and nearly overflowing. and preserving a pennsylvania prison. it was left a total loss by fire but some want to see what is left of the 140-year-old building stay.
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breaking news from maryland where fire crews are working to put out a large house fire in annapolis. this is a live picture from our
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sister station out of washington, d.c. we can tell you it's gone to four alarms. when firefighters got there at 3:30 this morning, we found heavy smoke and flames coming from the home. so far, no reports of any injuries that firefighters don't know yet what sparked the flames. we'll keep you updated. and from fire to ice, this incredible video of ice breaking up in summersville bucks county. a firefighter named jeff mcdonald recorded this video and sent it to us. thank you, jeff. yesterday the water levels rose and the ice couldn't hold it back anymore. a suspected intruder was killed by a homeowner in cape may county. the homeowner said he shot the guy after he broke through a glass door at his lower township home on sunday. prosecutor prosecutors identified the man as james weaver. no charges at this time as prosecutors are investigating.
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we have new information now about an attack that happened outside of a montgomery county movie theater. police called in to nbc 10 overnight with an update on what happened. they say an employee of the movie tavern in collegeville was on his way to work when confronted by three men in the parking lot. they attacked him. police say this was not a robbery. and they are still working out the exact motive. two historical groups are asking north umberland county officials to preserve a prison that was heavily damaged in a fire last week. the prison was deemed a total loss and cannot be rebuilt at the current location. wednesday's fire prompted the evacuation of more than 200 inmates. they were taken to other prisons. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. now to an update on a deadly flu season in delaware. 16 people have died of the flu so far this year. most of them are over the age of 65. according to the news journal, state health officials called this season's death rate unprecedented in recent years. if you want to get a flu shot check out a list of free clinics
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on or on our "nbc 10 news" app. at 6:18 it's time to get a check of the roads again. everyone is watching out for trouble spots that we may see because of the refreezing overnight. >> first alert traffic reporter jillian mele is watching for trouble spots. jillian? >> side streets or neighborhood streets, even the shoulders or the highways, the on/off-ramps and bridge surfaces that's what you have to keep an eye on. this is a live look at the platt bridge. no accidents or delays on the bridges, but we have speed restrictions on a lot of them including the ben franklin bridge and the betsy ross bridge. down to 35 miles per hour. the walt whitman bridge is seeing speeds reduced to 25 miles per hour. and 25 also on the commodore barry bridge. i just got word of an accident in camden on turnersville hickstown road. that's going to be blocked off in the area. take garwood road as your alternate to get around it this morning. no accidents on the majors in pennsylvania or delaware but we are following some things on
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mass transit to tell you about. this comes to the buses and where they are going to be terminating service. i'll have that for you coming up in a few minutes. cold enough for ice on the ground. philadelphia is dry with clouds overhead. and a few flurries north and west. 33 degrees. the air is above freezing but the ground is still frozen. so watch out for slipping and sliding this morning. the pocano mountains, we have seen a few snow showers and they have fallen here in blue mountain this morning, which will see a few flurries and breaks of sunshine. wrightstown, 33 degrees. the sun is not up but temperatures are inching up a little. harrison township, 31 degrees right now. and 33 for sicklerville that's the air temperature. ice is on the ground in most of
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the areas that didn't dry up from yesterday. close to two inches in some spots. a few flurries isolated snow showers this morning. you can see them in lancaster and southern chester county. and into northern chester county as well. you might see a like or two, but that is about it. it's wednesday. we'll see a quick moving clipper. by wednesday afternoon, some light snowfall. by wednesday night, there she goes. by thursday morning, we'll be in the clear. we could see an inch or two on the ground. the computer snow model shows by noontime on wednesday, no accumulation for most of the area. the pocano mountains might have a dusting by then. but during the afternoon, we'll see an inch on the ground for allentown and pottstown. some light accumulation in philadelphia that will tie up an inch or two inches for the lehigh valley and the pocano mountains. typical of fast moving clippers. you don't see a lot of snow with them. today you may see a flew flurries to start with and clouds break for some sunshine this afternoon. gusty winds will make it feel colder than the actual temperatures. it will be in the 40s but feel
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like the 30s. then overnight tonight, it gets colder, 28 degrees to start with. a dry day and less windy tomorrow. 42 degrees for the high temperature. here comes that clipper for wednesday. a chance for some light snow mixing with rain farther to the south and east in delaware and south jersey. then cold weather to follow for thursday and into friday. a little bit of a warm up on saturday. a high of 44 after a cold start saturday morning. then a chance with mostly cloudy skies. we'll see a few scattered showered on sunday. >> everybody is talking about what happened over the weekend. in fact, jean blom from penndot say we thought it was going to rain but the cautionary tale was that the ground was so cold. right? >> it was very cold overnight. there was a quick warm-up on sunday morning by about 3:00 in the morning. the temperature was 24 degrees in philadelphia. by 7:00 it had moved up 8 degrees. if you're looking at the data to make a decision on whether to send ice trucks out or not the deal with salt you look at 32
6:22 am
degrees and rain and temperatures quickly climbing not a big issue. but the ground is going to warm up much slower than the air. and in a situation like that the ice quickly formed in the air to take a long time for the ice to disappear. even with temperatures above freezing i was watching my patio and i had 37 degrees and still ice on the patio. that's what we are dealing with this morning with the rain coming down. the areas have reiced overnight and will be slow to clear even with temperatures just above freezing. bill thank you for that. >> we continue to follow breaking news from montgomery county. an apartment fire there. we are told by nbc 10's katy zachry live on the scene that two men escaped but one whom was pulled from the apartment and they are not releasing information on her condition. at last check, we'll find out from katy zachry in just minutes. and we are on top of icy conditions in your neighborhood.
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at 6:26 we have an update on breaking news we have been following in montgomery county. this is where we now know the person injured in this apartment fire is dead. fire officials just confirmed to us, and we confirmed the woman who was injured removed from this apartment complex after fire broke out around 4:00 a.m. this morning passed away from her injuries. three people were inside at the time. two people got out safely but again, a woman who was pull ld out by firefighters has succumbed to her injuries. this is fatal at the lindwood garden apartments. caykaty zachry is on the scene and
6:27 am
will bring us updates on that soon. and turning our attention to the super bowl we know the two teams to face off 13 days in the all-important game. the new england patriots destroyed the colts 35-7 in the afc championship game. tom brady threw three touchdown passes going for his fourth super bowl title in 13 years. and the patriots face the depending champions in the seattle seahawks who overcame a lot of turnovers but green bay could not put them away. the seahawks won in overtime 28-22. that sets the stage for this patriots/seehawks super bowl xlix on february 1st right here on nbc 10. the pregame festivities begin at noon. party at bill henley's house. we are going back to breaking news now that we were talking about moments ago at 6:27. the lindwood apartments here in montgomery county.
6:28 am
we have an update that a person has died in this fire that broke out this morning just a few hours ago at this apartment complex. firefighters still on scene looking into the cause. katy zachry is there with a live update for us in a moment. i'm jesse gary live in wayne, delaware county. the roads are salted but there's a danger before you start driving. we'll talk about this coming up.
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and this breaking news coming in within the last ten minutes. this fire at an apartment complex in delaware county has claimed the life of a person. caykaty zachry is live on the scene with an update in just minutes. and drivers should use extreme caution around the region because of the potential for refreezing and icy conditions on the roads.
6:32 am
and a live street of market street center city philadelphia. we have seen traffic moving along fairly well, but drivers are giving themselves extra time this morning as temperatures are at or near freezing. below freezing depending on where you live that could lead to some of the icy patches on the roads. good morning, welcome to "nbc 10 news" to the. i'm chris cato. >> i'm tracy davidson. let's go to meteorologist bill henley tracking this and warning about the potential for refreezing bill? >> the ice is already on the ground. temperatures started to climb before sunrise this morning, but it is going to be a slow warm up. not face enough to do away with the ice. now, as you can see, some of the roads are moving just fine. the majors as jillian has been telling us this morning have been well treated. most of the area is not a problem. you've overcome the low fog this morning. temperatures bumped up a little bit, 34 in wilmington and delaware. the ground is still frozen so you'll find ice in the areas that refroze overnight. those icy spots to start with
6:33 am
will be disappearing as the day goes on. the other thing we're tacking. a few snowflakes with a flurry or two moving through the area. be on the lookout, take it easy this morning. icy spots to start with and temperatures are climbing at 9:00. 36 degrees. then 40 degrees at lunchtime with the wind to help dry out the process as temperatures climb. we'll go through hour by hour and neighborhood by neighborhood when i come back in ten minutes. we have sky force 10 live over an accident in elk township. you can get a good look with minor injuries here. elk road near wood lane. but the problem is black ice. that's what caused this accident. that's what officials are telling us. so this is what we have happening out there right now. a bit of a scene for that portion of elk road. except to see some of it blocked off in the area but black ice is to blame for this accident and possibly others across the area. you do need to slow down to take your time. we'll take you back out live to
6:34 am
the maps right now a live look at the roads in northeast philadelphia. this is state road at cottman avenue. looks slippery and chances are it could be. slow down to use extreme caution throughout the morning. in claymont an accident at philadelphia pike between harvey road and 495. that accident has cleared so good news for drivers in delaware. when it comes to mass transit, ten sa bus route 37 term international airports at barren hill. septa officials say to board on the outboard platform due to track work at the northbound transportation center. this is why we issued a first alert on the weather this morning. this is a sheet of ice on belmont avenue in montgomery county. jesse gary encountered this road earlier this morning as he has been out and about all morning
6:35 am
long in storm force 10 and he also stopped in wayne county. what is happening now, jesse? >> reporter: actually chris, we moved over where we are changing our position here to show you the danger you'll find when leaving your house. this is just off the sidewalk on the corner of the roadway right by the curveb. this is what you'll have to get across to get into your vehicle. then once you take off, the roads, i'll turn on the light here. the roadway has been salted so there's plenty of salt on the roadway. no trouble particularly in the center of the roadway. this is st. davids road and aberdeen avenue is down there. that's all fine but the sidewalks and right on the edges of the road by the curb. this is where you'll see the highest potential for slipping. you can't see it, but he's
6:36 am
sliding and flipping along. if you have that make sure you salt your property or area around your property and show caution just walking to your vehicle parked out on the street where you can slip and fall. once you are in the vehicle, the slippery spots that we have seen our making our way across the line. generally when you go into a corner on the roadway, that's where ice is forming. delaware county jesse gary "nbc 10 news." >> stay up-to-date with weather changing conditions no matter where you are by downloading the weather app. it's free in the app store or on 6:36 now with more information on the apartment fire we have been following for you. we just learned one person has died in the fire. katy zachry is live on the scene withen a update. what do we know katy? >> reporter: yeah tracey i talked to one of the chiefs in
6:37 am
charge here and says unfortunately the apartment in the top of the building you can see firefighters looking for information on how the fire started. one person who lived inside the apartment and were able to escape escape. we are hearing that a top individual who was killed in here it was a pretty good fire as far as i hear. they were met by intense smoke and fire that there was zero visibility. i'm told there was a separate apartment on the first floor and they are presumably other people
6:38 am
who live there, but the chief doesn't know if those people got out or weren't home at the time of the fire. so he's still trying to get information about the people who live on the first floor, but again, this fire here in shelton, we are live inside the lynwood gardens here. again, the top floor apartment, three people were inside and one person has died as a result of this early morning fire. katy zachry, "nbc 10 news." and at 6:38 we are also following this new this morning. no one was injured with his car catching fire and in philadelphia with a rocksboro vehicle. one philadelphia ark terkt was shot to death by a robber who took her purse. 26-year-old amber long was walking with her mom in northern liberty as you see on this surveillance video when they were approached by two men.
6:39 am
one grabbed the mom's purse and the second man pulled out the gun and shot her in the chest. if you have any information on this please call police. clouds are moving back into the area. we're watching for a few flurries. we may avoid philadelphia, but parts to the west are seeing a few snowflakes this morning. more widespread the icy conditions this morning those pezles still on the ground. we have the potential for icy spots. 33 in pottstown, doylestown and wrightstown there is much on the
6:40 am
ground permd here. downtown, the areas that did not dry up overnight will have ice on the ground. as jesse gary showed us, the sidewalks right along the curb are where the matter accumulated and it has frozen overnight. we'll be disappearing and so will the isolated showers. we have a few areas in reading seeing a few flurries. most after the day, it will be dry with temperatures climbing by mid to late mornings. by 2:00 this afternoon, the wind will be out of the west/northwest that will be stronger during the afternoon hours. and it will put a lit on our
6:41 am
temperature s temperatures. >> she that is watching that area as well. and we have elk township here with jillian mele here to tell us exactly what is going on here. >> this is elk road out near wig lane. we are hearing the vehicle lost control because of icy conditions. so a serious accident there. we have an ambulance at the scene and a heavy police elk road. that's a good example to show you how to slow done down here. the ramp to i-95 northbound is partially blocked and looks like right now they are looking at 95
6:42 am
itself. so we are seeing volume on the southbound side. again, an accident on the ramp from delaware avenue to 59 northbound. so just keep that in mind. also following an accident of the 95. turnersville hickstown road near sicklerville is closed. we are keeping an eye on the school closings today. and do you deprive a ford truck? we'll tell you why the feds are looking to recall specific models of this truck.
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we continue to follow breaking news in cheltenham township. a person was killed in a fire at this apartment building earlier this morning. we have been on the scene for two hours now with investigators looking into what caused the fire. we don't know that yet but do know that a person was killed in this apartment fire this morning. three people inside two made it out safely. nbc 10's katy zachry will have an update for us as we try to find out about the cause of the fire. and we know what happened in this area yesterday because of ice. look at this video from yonkers, new york. the driver losing control and plowing down an icy hill. amazing video of the vehicle almost hitting a line of parked cars but it finally came to a stop. it crashed into the curb. >> incredible. 6:46 right now. today people across the country and here in our area are marking dr. martin luther king jr. day. in new castle county vice
6:47 am
president joe biden will speak at an annual mlk event there. matt delucia is live in wilmington. matt, what can you tell us about the visit and the event? >> reporter: we expect vice president joe biden to arrive here within the next couple of hours. the memorial breakfast for dr. martin luther king jr. will happen here at the chase sent effort. we're asking some of the security personnel riding throughout the morning, but the vice president will be speaking to a crowd here hosted by the organization of minority women. they hold this breakfast every year to commemorate the legacy of the civil rights leader and, of course this year 2015 we're celebrating the 50th anniversary of the voting rights act. so there are people coming from all over the area so this morning they will be hearing from vcht joe biden. as we look live right now, it is very quiet in will mingtop. but we'll be going inside when the breakfast begins at 8:00. and the vice president will be speaking about 45 minutes into the program. live in wilmington matt delucia, "nbc 10 news."
6:48 am
for more on the life and legacy of dr. martin luther king jr., log on to or tap on the "nbc 10 news" app where you'll find a photo gallery of dr. king. france is seeing a drop in tourism following the terror attack of almost two weeks ago. fewer tourists are visiting the eiffel tower and other attractions in france and around paris. french police say they have stepped up security at several locations. this morning pope francis is heading back to the vatican after a nearly week-long trip to the philippines. millions of people have been working out to see him. in fact, during yesterday's service, more than 6 million people braved the rain and wind to attend the mass and to see his motorcade. that's a world record for a papal event. and we are just eight months away from the pope's visit to philadelphia. the world meeting of families
6:49 am
will be held that on september 25 to 27. and the white house tweeted this photo of president obama working with speech writer cody keenan. the president is expected in the speech to focus on the middle class economy. and the president's state of the union address is tomorrow night at 9:00 p.m. watch it here on nbc 10 or through the "nbc 10 news" app. federal investigators are releasing into whether ford should expand a 2014 recall of diesel trucks. this previous vehicle recall says this could happen to those who still got the first repair. calling all heroes. the show opened at the
6:50 am
pennsylvania convention city in center stip. for today, military firefighters and teachers can get in free. the home show continues through next weekend. cold overnight and water on the ground you will start to see thaw out but temperatures are in the 40s this morning. it feels like the 30s. we are tracking snowfall for the area. midweek we'll see light snow entering the picture. right right now, some spots will see flurries but they won't last. clouds over center city 34 degrees. 36 in trenton. those temperatures are above freezing, but there's still ice on the ground. look at the clouds overhead. this is a live view from the nbc
6:51 am
10 studs owes studios. look at the numbers coming up audubon, 32. still patches of fog. there and in camden 36 degrees. 35 at spruce street so the ice will slowly disappear. we have a cloudy start. riding in on the clouds a few flurries but nothing more than that throughout the day today. looking a little more impressive in southern chester county, but very light activity moving into new castle county. more impressive are temperatures that will be climbing into the 40s by early this afternoon. very close to it by 10:00 this morning. we'll top out in the low 40s today and then colder weather arrives wednesday.
6:52 am
that's when see if we can get that hung up wednesday night to thursday morning. the computer snow model is not showing school with the section system. about an inch on ground with a little accumulation in philadelphia by this time wednesday night, one to two inches of snow on the ground. that's wednesday. for today, clouds and breaks of sunshine this afternoon. tomorrow a colder start but less wind 42 degrees. that light snow coming through on wednesday a chance for rain mixing in for delaware and south jersey jersey. as we look at the martin luther king jr. holiday, we have wider traffic on the roadways, which is not good for the potential icy spots out there. >> jillian mele how is it looking?
6:53 am
>> reporter: we have volume building on the roads, but we are not seeing that normal heavy volume if you are used to this area. bus route 22 and 55 terminate at willow grove park mall. because of track work at the northbound transportation center septa officials warn if you take the northbound line you board on the outboard platform. i want to make sure you are aware of that. this is a live look of out /* the area out there. if you are taking any of the area bridge keep in mind we're seeing speed restrictions between 25 to 35 miles per hour because of the potential for the icy conditions. chris? we continue to stay on top of the breaking news from montgomery county this morning where an apartment fire killed one person. nbc 10s katy zachry is live on the scene. katy?
6:54 am
>> reporter: we are live in sheltonham here with the medical examiner expected here and the fire investigators are here as well. i'll have more details on what happened here to the family who lost one of their loved ones this morning.
6:55 am
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6:57 am
i'm katy zachry live in sheltonham's lynwood garden apartments where fire investigators are right now trying to figure out what started a deadly apartment fire this morning. they tell me that three people lived in the top floor apartment when the fire broke out around
6:58 am
4:30 this morning. two people were able to make it out safely. a third person was not. i'm told that person died. they are waiting for the medical examiner to get onto the scene. firefighters who first responded say there was heavy smoke, heavy flames and they entered the apartment. and visibility was virtually zero. at this time we have no information about the person who died. as soon as we do we'll bring it to you. reporting live in sheltonham katy zachry "nbc 10 news." i'm jesse gary live in wayne, delaware county. the roadways are salted but the problem could be even before you get to your vehicle. the sidewalks and walkways heavy ice. so be careful when you're walking out. walk gingerly because a lot of times this is invisible ice crackling. once you get near the roadways in your cars headed out, be careful where the slick spots could be. live in wayne, delaware county jesse gary "nbc 10 news." good morning, i'm jillian mele. we had an accident on the new jersey turnpike southbound past
6:59 am
195. that has since cleared. also had an accident a few minutes ago on the shoulder of 76 westbound right near belmont avenue. that accident also cleared but we're left with volume on 76. drive times between the blue route and the vine in both directions as you can see are 14 to 18 minutes. no rain overnight but we have patches of ice to deal with. and the winds are starting to pick up. it's going to be a blustery day today. the temperatures for the most part are above freezing now. but just barely. it's not enough to melt the ice that's still on the ground. 37 degrees right now in rocksboro, rocksburo. a slow melt today colder along the delaware river trail at 34 degrees. an isolated shower in parts of the area won't last but the winds are blowing clouds into the area. so we're getting a cloudy start, and it's going to be a windy afternoon. thank you, bill. the "today" show is up next. we'll be back here live for
7:00 am
local updates in a few minutes. >> get up to the minute information on our "nbc 10 news" app. check it out. have a great day. be safe. . >> good morning. deadly ice storm. freezing rain and black ice triggered thousands of accidents coast to coast. in oregon a man pinned between two big rigs and miraculously survived. high alert, security boosted at joe biden's housen delaware after someone fired shots near the property on a weekend he was home. was the vice president being targeted? greatest of all time lindsay von broke the record 63 and counting. she is celebrating with us this morning. super matchup, tom braida leads new england back to the big game while seattle pulls off a


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