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tv   NBC 10 News at 4pm  NBC  January 23, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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ain coming up to the washington, d.c. area right now. temperatures are above freezing everywhere in our area except for the poconos. we won't see immediate icing like we did last sunday with this, even if some freezing rain comes in. there it is, starting later this evening. there will be snow to the north, an icy mix and also rain. also a change back to snow at the end. and then a second storm. to my colleague nbc10 meteorologist sheena parveen with more. >> that's right, glenn. now we'll walk you through each area what we expect in that area tonight into tomorrow morning. we'll talk about northwest, poconos, lehigh valley chester, parts of bucks and montgomery county. as we zoom into these areas going into tonight, that's when we'll start to see snow moving in and accumulating, 11 p.m. to 4 a.m. that's where we expect the snow to start first.
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this will cause rough travel problems, 4 a.m. to 9:00. also a time frame north and west with snow and an ice mix. again, we still expect slick roads. from 9 a.m. to noon tomorrow your saturday in the middle of the day, we'll have a mix with rain around. but not for the entire day. so, we'll talk more about that coming up. now, across the philadelphia area the i-95 corridor this is pretty much all areas surrounding i-95 from wilmington up to trenton, includes areas in new jersey. as we go from late tonight, 9 p.m. to 1 a.m. snow moves in causing slick roads. from 1 a.m. to 4 a.m. we have a mix around slick roads still. then we go later, closer to noon tomorrow. that all changes over to rain. this is most of south jersey and delaware 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. tonight, we're talking about snow and rain moving in quickly changing from rain overnight. much the day tomorrow, it will be rain, heavy at times. coming up glenn will talk more
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about tomorrow afternoon. then i'll touch on the storm coming late in the weekend. >> if you're flying you're probably thinking oh no. philadelphia international issued a travel advisory today. considering the forecast they said there could be travel delays tonight and late tomorrow. if you're traveling, dropping off or picking up someone at the airport, keep this handy. 1-800-phl-gate. the timing of this storm could affect attendance at some big events. >> deanna durante is at one of them, the home show. despite the weather, organizers still hoping for a good turnout? >> they are. they know you'll be thinking about snow and ice over the weekend. they hope you're going to be thinking about warmer rooms, maybe even landscaping. there are also smaller events in the area people have already started to cancel out on. >> as soon as the word snow is announced, they cancel. >> reporter: cha should be a busy friday morning at this hair
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designer it isn't. with the dry window saturday afternoon to sunday she says the damage has already been done. >> they all changed their minds. >> reporter: customers today are already talking about tomorrow's weather. >> the flight leaves at 7:40 i think. 7:45. >> reporter: she has no choice but to make her flight for aruba tomorrow. as a flight attendant, if she's not there, the entire flight could be grounded. >> i'll leave about 5:00 probably. and hopefully it will be all right, the roads will be clear. >> reporter: down the street shoppers are stocking up. nothing but but hoping they don't have to run out while the rain or snow is coming down. >> i just came got what i needed. i think we'll be fine. >> reporter: and organizers of the home show say they'll be fine too. they've had six days of events. of course,ist going to last all weekend long. coming up at 5:00, we'll tell you ways they hope you'll get
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around the weather and come down here. deanna durante, "nbc10 news." >> when you're not in front of the television you can still stay informed about these back-to-back storms. all weekend long just tap on the "nbc10 news" app from your smartphone or tablet. we'll be sending updated weather data as soon as it comes in. 20 minutes of nonstop news continuing with a newborn baby attacked at home by pet ferrets. >> that baby has serious injuries now to her face. we want to warn you, the details of this case are disturbing. nbc10 investigative reporter harry hairston is joining from us darby borough. >> we heard from police and the baby's father. how is the baby doing right now? >> reporter: first of all, this is a chilling story. your heart has to go out for this child. we're told part of the baby's face eaten by a ferret. the baby right now is at children's hospital of philadelphia in stable condition. this all happened, according to investors at this home behind me
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in darby late yesterday afternoon. police say once they got into the house, they found there were five children in there. aged between 1 month and 5 years old. they also found fleas, mites, three ferrets, six cats two dogs, and a lot of food for the animals but they say nearly nothing for the children to eat, only peanut butter and cranberries. we are told the child was inside this house in a car seat when all of a sudden the baby started screaming. the mother came down i'm told by one of the parents and saw a ferret was on top of the child. picked it up and tossed it away. the police chief tells me this was something very hard for him to symptom. to stomach. >> this is the most horrific thing i've seen happen to a child in 45 years in this town. these kids need to be prekedotected, all five of them. it's not that their bad parents, it's just -- the children
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resident being taken care of. >> reporter: now, we're also told all five children have special needs. and police say the parents have special needs as well. we did talk to the father. we're withhoeding that interview from the air knowing the father has special needs. he was able to describe exactly what happened and that he believes his child is going to be okay. police say they have contacted the district attorney's office and they're investigating whether charges should be filed or not. reporting live in darby, harry hairston, "nbc10 news." nbc10 is following a developing story in delaware county. >> former firefighter already in trouble with police under arrest again. this time for alleged sex crimes against kids. nbc10 tim furlong is live in glenn olden. >> we've reported on this guy in the past for arson cases. now this and what's disturbing is where some of these alleged crimes happened. >> reporter: where to begin,
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jim, there's honestly so much disturbing stuff outlined in this avid. yes, prosecutors say some of the sex crimes against children happened here in this house. they say some took place in showers at the local ymca. >> no comment. >> reporter: john corkrin didn't have anything to say to me. but the da had plenty to say about him. >> this individual john corkrin is a child child predator. >> reporter: he was charged with setting fires. delaware county prosecutor said that led them to find child pornography. he said for years he would lure kids to his house, to a local ymca and a local history house for sex. >> he would use ploys and tricks coercion in order to lure these children. he would promise them toys and money and other things in order to get them to do sexual acts. >> reporter: prosecutors said he would take naked photos of young girls and use them to lure more
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young boys. so far prosecutors have charged him with 161 counts. they say there are 14 victims but think there might be more. >> it makes me sick to my stomach that someone like him, where we have all of these children on our street had -- we had no clue. i'm glad he's behind bars. to tell you the truth. i think our street a lot safer with him off it. >> reporter: he lived here with his parents. they are not home at this point. the ridley ymca says they'll do their own investigation. prosecutors want moms and dads to talk to their kids in this area. if you think your child might have been a victim you should absolutely right away call the delaware county prosecutor's office. tim furlong, "nbc10 news." sky force 10 over a deadly crash in philadelphia's oak lane section. 14-year-old girl was killed this morning. police were called to the scene around 8:15 at old york road. investigators say a black mustang crossed the lane hit a
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wall and then stopped in oncoming traffic when it was struck by a tan mini van. the 14-year-old girl was riding in the mustang. she died. the two women as paengs were also hospitalized with injuries. a man wanted for attacking a teenage girl on a accept tra troll -- septa trolley. that's the suspect sitting down on the r-15 trolley early wednesday morning. maybe you can see him getting up there and going after the 17-year-old girl. cell phone video also captured the attack. >> [ bleep ]! >> police say the man punched the teen several times after complaining her book bag kept bumping into him. she ended up with a broken nose swollen eye, several scratch asks she may need surgery. you're asked to call philadelphia police if you recognize the man in the video. happening now, the mayor of
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bridgeton, cumberland county is holding a news conference along with community leaders. they're talking about a)yaf deadly shooting that left a man dead last month. >> you reach for something, you'll be [ bleep ] dead. >> we've been showing this dramatic dash cam video of the incident december 30th. some community activists are outraged. they're calling for a state investigation into the shooting. nbc10's christine maddela is at the news conference. she'll report back about what local leaders say about the status of the investigation. >> earlier christine returned to the community to hear what kind of faith people there have in the investigation. >> show me your hands! she me your [ bleep ] hands! >> everybody is talking about it. everybody, yeah. everywhere. >> reporter: this bridgeton police dash cam video captured the police-involved shooting of jermaine reed. >> it's terrible. >> reporter: we talked to members of the community about the shooting. >> i think the law enforcement in this area is aggressive and
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takes a certain point of view. and i think the leadership -- it's time for the leadership to step up. >> reporter: the shooting is currently under investigation. are you confident in the investigation? do you feel like they're going to do the right thing? >> no no. hasn't been done right nowhere through the state. not just jersey, missouri, new york, nowhere. no, but i hope they do the right thing. >> reporter: one woman i talked to said the police officers were just doing their job and there's no reason the ins definite should be under investigation. >> i just thought it was just unfair. i just think the police department is being picked on, like a lot of them lately. >> again, nbc10's christine maddela, who is at that news conference monitoring developments. she will give us an update as soon as the news conference ends. to other news right now, the fire marshal is investigating two suspicious car fires in philadelphia. a mercury suv caught fire on dittman street and spread to the
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outside of a home. the family inside that home got out safely. hours earlier another car burned a couple of blocks away. a massive fire near pittsburgh destroys several buildings, but everyone did get out safely there as well. the fire started around 4:30 this morning in homestead, about seven miles outside of pittsburgh. four people had to be rescued from the burning buildings. collapsed. the mayor calls the fire devastating to the boroughs downtown. nine apartments, five businesses were either destroyed or damaged in the seven-alarm fire. crews spent hours trying to put out the flames. then watched for flare-ups throughout the day. two people were treated for smoke inhalation. thousands more fish are expected to die after becoming trapped in a canal at a south jersey nuclear plant. more than 5,000 fish are already dead in the canal at the oyster creek nuclear plant. this is in lacey township. there are hundreds of thousands more still there. they may have been drawn to the
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canal's warm waters or scared there by a predator. but environmental officials say the remaining fish will die if they are removed or if they try to get them to swim into the coder waters of the bay. wall street is giving a thumbs down to new jersey's effort to tame atlantic city's finances today. moody's investor services lowered a.c.'s bond service by six steps. it puts the bond rating deep into junk territory. it comes a day after governor christie appointed an emergency management team. meantime, some other people trying to save atlantic city are going in a different direction. >> today their big idea is in the big apple. nbc10 jersey shore bureau reporter ted greenberg traveled to new york today and shows us how they're hoping to turn the tide. >> reporter: do a.c. in nyc. this is the spot at the new york times travel show where some of atlantic city's biggest cheerleaders are trying to sell the seaside resort to 25,000
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potential visitors as a destination that's still alive. >> atlantic city's had so much negative publicity with the casino closing in the past year it's done so much damage to our image, more than superstorm sandy. >> reporter: they set up neighboring the lehigh valley and delaware s among 500 exhibitors at the three-day show. the 30 by 30 foot frint of its display is the largest of all u.s. destinations. here it's all about pushing what the resort has to offer and numerous improvement projects on the horizon. >> the loss of a casino is big, but guess what it's not -- the sky's not falling. our nine gaming attractions are growing. >> reporter: how much money is being spent to be here? >> very inexpensive. cheaper than an ad. for $15,000 we're here for the press conference for this two days three days here exhibiting. >> reporter: this could be the last big push by the atlantic city alliance the marketing organization behind the do ac
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campaign, that stands to see its funding sent elsewhere as lawmakers work to stabilize the city's finances. how much longer will you have a job? >> we are working every kay until we're not working. >> reporter: the do ac folks are also hoping to generate some positive press by hosting a big reception this evening for more than 100 members of the travel media. in new york city, i'm ted greenberg, "nbc10 news." rear about halfway through the flu season, but more and more people are still getting sick. three more people in delaware have died from the flu. the flu has killed 19 people in delaware so far. more than 1800 people are known to have had the flu there this seen. camden county is offering flu shot clinics in an effort to get more people vaccinated. one such clinic was in belmar new jersey. some people we talked to today say they don't want the flu shot. >> i would rather take other precautions, lysol wipes, lysol spray, wiping my hands, purel.
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>> honestly i just don't trust them. >> not so fast here. doctors say the flu vaccine could lessen your symptoms even if it's not for the exact strain you experience. and there is plenty of vaccine available. you ask see from this map the flu outbreak is widespread in all three states in our area as well as across most of the nation. nbc10's first alert weather technology is tracking back-to-back winter storms as we head into in weekend. the first one, well, just hours away now. our team of meteorologists tracking it all for you. >> let's talk first about that nor'easter that's knocking on our door. nbc10 first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz will talk about that first. >> that's right. this nor'easter will hit new england the hardest. it's going to kind of graze our area. part of the yash is the temperature. not really cold enough for it to be all snow. but enough of it in enough of the area that we've got a first
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alert. for tonight and into tomorrow. we've got the two weekend storms. the first storm will have snow ice and rain across our area. we've got plenty of dry hours in between storms for you to enjoy your weekend. you can see the moisture here. it's a huge system. and it's moving into somewhat colder air but not bitter cold air. not cold enough for it to be all snow for you snow lovers. it's moving up near washington right now with the rain. and the temperatures are above freezing. so, anything that starts will likely melt, especially on the treated surfaces. once snow starts it can knock down the temperature. pocono lehigh valley north and western suburbs. as the night goes on and the temperatures go down along with the precipitation coming in. by 11:00, there's the temperature, at or below
4:18 pm
freezing in pottstown, lancaster, reading, allentown. look at this area of snow the dark blue indicates heavier snow. so it's going to be accumulating overnight. there's 5 a.m. it's still snowing in lehigh valley berks county. the chain has occurred in north and western suburbs here. the temperature is still marginal. that's why there could be a little ice accumulation related to this. more snow. saturday, 11 a.m. even 2 p.m. as the storm moves out. now, in the philadelphia area we're going to be seeing mostly rain. especially during the day tomorrow. looks like it may start with snow icy mix. at 11:00 tonight, marginal temperatures. there's the snow. just after midnight. but here comes the warmer air. changing it to rain. not exactly balmy. 33 degrees. a very close call with this first storm. now to my colleague, nbc10 first
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alert meteorologist sheena march convenient with the second storm. >> that's right. we are tracking a second storm. we'll go ahead and pick this up saturday night. kind of where glenn left off. once this all clears out saturday night, p.m. 7 p.m. saturday, there you see it on the screen we have some icy spots possibly developing across the area. so the wetness from earlier in the day saturday through saturday night with those temperatures dropping below freezing will be giving us some ice through the area. then we go into sunday. sunday starting off in the morning, we look fine. here's sunday 6 p.m. we do have some cloud cover around. kind of gives you a hint we are going to see another storm approach. then later in the night sunday sunday 10 p.m., there you start to see some snow moving into our western counties possibly in delaware, south jersey and we're going to be watching the track of this storm because it could be a little farther to the south. my monday 8:00 in the morning, so this continues sunday night into early monday. some of you could be wake up with snow falling. this continues across the
4:20 pm
morning commute. so we are looking at slick roads for the morning rush. we are continuing to watch the track. we expect snow for some but the question is how far south does this track go? it's not going to be a nor'easter, more of a clipper system approaching from the west. snow ice and rain through the night. 31 to the north. 28 degrees areas north and west. tomorrow, mix over to rain. some p.m. snow on the back end of this. 34 degrees north. 42 degrees areas south of philadelphia where we expect more in the way of rain. then we go into sunday, 40 degrees will be the temperature on sunday. most of your sunday will be nice and dry. that's going to be the best day in the forecast. sunday into morning for the commute, that is the second storm. so we do want to give you a heads up about that. we don't just want to talk about the weekend storm. we're also talking about the one coming as many people will be hitting the roads monday morning and heading back to work. >> that will be the busier team
4:21 pm
for everybody. sheena, glenn, thank you. they'll be tracking these storms, updating their twitter followers. be sure to check their twitter post all weekend long about these back-to-back winter storms. iced power lines will be a big concern this weekend. what companies are doing this year to quickly restore outages. plus, where to find power near you if it goes out. plus the food health experts believe will improve your memory. then her skeleton found in south jersey. now investigators have a new tool to help find her killer. what they think will crack the case and why old suspects are back in the picture coming up on "nbc10 news."
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first alert weather is tracking back-to-back winter storms. the first one, a nor'easter coming at us tonight. it's going to bring snow, ice, rain. a first full alert update is
4:25 pm
minutes away. you may see fewer snowboarders on the slopes this year. experts say the sport is sliding into a slump in popularity. live look outside at the camelback resort where skiers and boarders constantly fight for space on the mountain but aging athlete, new skies and a lack of snow making snowboarding less appealing right now. the national sporting goods association released some new numbers. snowboarding is down 28% in the ten-year period from 2003 to 2013. snowboarders make up 28% of visitors to u.s. resorts. sales of boards are down 25% since their peak in 2008. the snowboarding industry expects to see an increase as the next generation of snowboarders take up the sport. the children of early riders are learning to snowboard, but at the same sometime skiing is regaining popularity as new skis make it easy to do all those tricks. in terrain park, you should see renee do tricks. the pioneer of the sport says it's been the fastest growing
4:26 pm
sport in the world and then you reach phases where the economy crashed and snowboarders were definitely impacted. >> such a comedian. birthdays will be interesting for a northeast philadelphia family no doubt about that. two sisters gave birth to two daughters within hours. melissa and shannon had due dates some ten days apart but, well that message didn't quite make it to the new baby girls. on monday avery and zada were born five hours apart. mothers and daughters are all doing fine. >> beautiful. well-being a tricky winter weather weekend is upon us. >> that is our top story on "nbc10 news" at 4:00. we're facing a pair of storms. the first one just about here. our first alert weather team is on it for you. >> yeah we've got that nor'easter, but that's not going to be the only problem. tracking this double-whammy, a second storm will affect us before the beginning of the
4:27 pm
week. that forecast is just minutes away.
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right now at 4:30 a double dose of winter weather coming our way. the first just hours away. our team of meteorologists has it covered for you. >> including the timing of these two storms as well as the impact. so let's start this half hour with nbc10 first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. tell us where this system is right now. >> it's pretty easy to see on the radar picture. it's huge. the center of it is actually down closer to atlanta. it's going to track right in our direction.
4:31 pm
you can see the rain in the mountains. we've got a first alert for tonight and into tomorrow. remember, we have those two weekend storms. the first one will have snow, ice and rain associated with it. plenty of dry weather in between these two storms. the temperatures are above freezing now. as the precipitation comes in even as it starts to snow the first thing it would be doing is melting. eventually, the temperature's going down tonight. there's the center of the storm and as we go through the night tonight, it moves into the cold air, that's where we get some snow. and then some ice and some heavy rain tomorrow morning. as the low moves offshore the colder air starts to come back in and watch the snow area come right back through the area. so, that's the other thing we'll be watching. and that's not all. let's go to my colleague, nbc10 meteorologist sheena parveen with more on the storm.
4:32 pm
>> we're watching the storm approaching right now. as far as the timing is concerned, like glenn told you, some of that will start tonight for the area. here's a close look. areas north and west. when we say north and west we mean chester, montgomery lehigh valley and the poconos. starting tonight at 11 p.m. we'll start to see the snow accumulating causing rough driving through the early morning hours tomorrow. then 4 a.m. to 9 a.m. in the morning, we will expect snow, even an icy mix. slick roads for your morning drive tomorrow in these areas. 9 a.m. to noon tomorrow we expect mix and even some rain moving in. the philadelphia area, the i-95 corridor stretching from new castle to mercer county you can expect that late snow sticking to roads, slick roads. early tomorrow morning, we start to see more of an icy mix. still dangerous driving. closer to noon we see a lot of this transition over to rain. now for dell and south jersey, as we go through tonight, the snow/rain moves in.
4:33 pm
starting early tomorrow morning, changing to rain. some heavy through the afternoon. like glenn mentioned, we have a chance of snow on the backside of this system. we'll show you closer details on that and then we'll talk about the storm as we go into monday. straight ahead. one big fear more many as these storms approach ice. nbc10's matt delucia live. >> those in malvern know about ice. it left them in the dark last year. how are emergency crews preparing there? >> reporter: chester county took a big hit last year as you mentioned, but a lot of lessons were learned. so far this time things appear to be faring much better. the power lines have been staying up and working. wintertime means big money for ted, delivering firewood by day and plowing by night. >> suiting up the trucks later, plows on spreaders on sit tight and wait for it to happen. >> reporter: last year he was
4:34 pm
many of many left in the cold and dark. >> we lost power for four days. my wife took off with the kids and went down to the city got a hotel room and stayed down there while i was work. >> reporter: the big storm last february knocked out power to thousands. emergency crews in the burbs were overwhelmed. >> we're always concerned about electric. we're always concerned about power. >> reporter: bob heads up chester county's emergency team. the men and women in this room are watching the weather forecast like the rest of us. their top concern -- >> it's the ice. certainly -- not only is it the ice, but it's the combination of the snow and the ice. >> reporter: in the wake of winter 2014 they tell me they've spent half a billion upgrading power lines and trimming trees. with a lesson learned, homeowners have done the same. >> we did a lot of pruning. especially in the spring we were taking down limbs. everything was snapped off from last year. >> reporter: and if we do experience widespread outages, free charging stations will be
4:35 pm
made available after several comcast locations throughout the region. live in malvern, i'm matt delucci, nbc10. with snow sleet and rain on the way, stay informed with the nbc10 first alert weather app. we'll push out alerts with updated weather data directly to your smartphone and tablet. new information on a local incident involving a student and his arabic language flashcards. the student has won a settlement from the federal government after being detained at philly international airport back in 2009. authorities held him over four hours because one of the flashkarsd had the word "bomb ". the student won a $25,000 settlement. today a member of the obama administration came to our area to sign up people for health care coverage nbc10's randy
4:36 pm
gyllenhaal reports, there's no time to wait. >> reporter: at the berks community health center, the clock is ticking to enroll thousands of residents into year two of obamacare. kim helps families navigate the law. the question she gets the most is, what's the deadline? >> the cutoff date is 15th of february. >> reporter: that's a month earlier than last year. also new this time around a new program for low-income pennsylvanians. it's a medicaid expansion called healthy pa that could help poor families who didn't qualify in 2014. >> it's helped a lot. the majority that i've done this year have been healthy pa. >> reporter: many of the people enrolling in berks county come from hispanic backgrounds. that's why the white house sent a top white house official to reading, the first latina director of personnel, came here to get the hispanic community enrolled. >> to engage and enroll as many
4:37 pm
of the latino community eligible. >> one of the top five poorest cities in america. >> reporter: reading city council says both low income and hispanic populations have been a bit slower to enroll with this deadline fast approaching. >> basically the community we are targeting. we're talking about 60,000 people that most likely will be able to take advantage of this program. >> reporter: whether you enrolled into the affordable care act or not, there will be some major changes when you file your taxes this year. coming up at 5:00 what you need to know before putting in your return and the possible fines you might be facing. for now, we're in reading, randy gyllenhaal, "nbc10 news." today a tire recall that has a major automaker putting the brakes on the sales of certain suvs. >> first, here's what we're working on you for "nbc10 news" at 5:00. still breaking now, a baby attacked by the family's pet ferrets. that's not all. we're making calls, talking to
4:38 pm
officials, asking about the special needs the family has and if three state's watching them dropped the ball. affordable health care now fining some customers. some people might not even know they're cheating the system. what you need to know before signing up so you don't get an unexpected bill. we're right in the middle of flu season. medical experts still warning you to get vaccinated. now we're asking them the three questions you need to hear. count on "nbc10 news" at 5:00. give them something special. gather around the world's best chicken and home-style sides for a dinner everyone will get excited about. kfc.
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snow ice and rain. that's what this weathermaker inching closer to our region is packing. our nbc10 first alert meteorologists are watching it for you. find out what they're saying about this storm and also another one on its heels. it's all in the exclusive nbc10 first alert weather storm forecast. >> goodyear is recalling more than 48,000 suv tires after they found small cracks in the tread during endurance testing. the move forced general motors to stop selling 6300 suv, including schefy traverse gmcacadia and buick enclave. goodyear says the problem hasn't caused any crashes. add some walnuts to your grocery list if you want to improve your memory. research found adults who ate the most walnuts performed significantly better on tests than memory concentration and processing speed.
4:42 pm
they believe the antioxidants, vitamins and minerals in the nuts help protect brain function. walnuts are also the only nut that contains high levels of an omega-3 fatty acid which benefits the heart. double trouble from old man winter. >> we have a pair of storms barrelling towards us. glenn? >> one of those storms is going to start off your weekend. there it is behind me. the other on the back end of the weekend. sheena and i will tell you when the storms are going to affect and you our exclusive nbc10 first alert storm forecast.
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so let's talk first about the nor'easter that's arriving just hours from now. nbc10 first alert chief
4:46 pm
meteorologist glenn shushg schwartz is tracking it for us. >> yeah. that will have a lot more wind tomorrow than it does today. it's starting to develop. we have a first alert weather day as the moisture from this thing moves into the colder air. that's the first of two weekend storms. this first one will have a combination of snow, ice and rain. we'll have quite a bit of dry weather in between. the weekend is not a washout by any stretch of the imagination. there's all that moisture you can see covering many, many states. rain covering washington the western suburbs getting a little snow out of that because they're a little cooler. we have just warm enough to be above freezing. those temperatures will be coming down with the darkness. then as the snow falls, that will knock the temperature down even more. so what about the timing as we go through this particular storm. from 9:00 tonight till 1 a.m. we likely would be snow in most of the i-95 corridor.
4:47 pm
1 a.m. to 4 a.m., freezing rain and sleet. 4 a.m. to 3 p.m. most of the storm is rain. some heavy and then it changes over to snow as the storm moves offshore. north and west areas getting hit the hardest here. 1 p.m. to 4 a.m. that snow accumulating creating rough driving. 4 a.m. to 9 a.m. an icy mix developing in parts of those north and western suburbs with rough driving. the rain and wintry mix from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. and then snow back at the end of it. now, southern jersey and delaware, most of this is rain. a little wintry mix to rain this evening. most of the storm is rain. some of it heavy. a chance of snow as we go through the evening and kay few icy spots.
4:48 pm
looks like an inch and a half in most for the philadelphia area with 3 to 5 inches to the north and west. it's not a major storm. to my colleague, nbc10 first alert meteorologist sheena parveen who's watching the other storm. >> yes, the other storm. so, we will start with saturday night here. once everything clears out saturday night, we expect to be dry. however, the roads will be wet, temperatures dropping below freezing. sunday we expect to see possible icy spots on the untreated roads. then sunday afternoon, you notice it is mostly cloud cover through the day on sunday. most of the day we are staying dry. this will be the best day to get outside. late sunday here's 10 p.m. now. you notice snow moving in from the west. we're not watching a nor'easter late sunday. we're watching more of a clipper system approaching from the west. the question is going to be how far south does it try to track as we go overnight into monday. this particular model is showing
4:49 pm
snow moving overnight sunday into monday morning. this is 8:00 monday. what you see here is all snowfall so we will keep an eye on this as we go over the weekend. glenn and i will be updating on you twitter, on we'll have all the updates. monday we expect slick roads. it could be a little farther south but either way we are expecting snow for some of the area. not coming good timing as monday morning, everyone gets on the road and starts driving back to work. tonight, snow ice and rain spread tolgt north overnight 31 for the low in philadelphia. then tomorrow we see that mix change to rain with afternoon snow on the back end as it tries to clear out. big temperature difference north to south. 34 north, 42 south. sunday degrees is the best day of the week end, 40 degrees. overnight sunday into monday is
4:50 pm
when we'll be watching the other system. we could have snow moving in for the majority of the area for the commute. that is another time frame you'll be watching. it is an inconvenient time as opposed to saturday when most people stay home, even though we'll be watching that over the weekend. now we'll turn our attention to that. >> saturday you're saying i:@c6 can just stay inside and not have to worry about going out into this? >> you should go out and get everything done for sunday. >> for saturday and sunday. >> saturday is not looking great. sunday is the best day. >> so, sunday you go out and get ready for sunday night into monday. i got it. glad you guys are watching. >> we'll plan it together. >> i'll be back 5 a.m. tomorrow. >> you got it covered. >> thanks guys. to a 40-year-old murder mystery that has left local detectives puzzled. this case is getting a second look. >> i would love to know what happened to her. hopefully, at a minimum, identify her. >> today the new clue in that
4:51 pm
cold case and what detectives are now trying to redo to finally solve it.
4:52 pm
4:53 pm
4:54 pm
take a look at this big weather system creeping towards us. it's bringing snow ice and rain to our region. first alert weather's tracking it. and a second storm right behind it. our team of meteorologists will bring us updated forecasting at the top of the hour. today there's a new push to solve a murder mystery at the jersey shore. >> atlantic city police have tried to identify a skeleton discovered off a busy highway more than 40 years ago.
4:55 pm
ted greenberg found out what investigators want to redo to finally solve this is case. >> that is from a c.a.t. scan and computer image. >> reporter: she was likely between 12 and 14 but who this girl was and who killed her are still a mystery. 43 years after hunters found her skeletal remains off the parkway. >> i would love to know what happened to her. hopefully atmy minimum identify her. >> reporter: galloway lieutenant police identified to nbc10 that investigators are trying to track down two people of interest who were interviewed following the 1971 discovery. >> there were several polygraphs that came back inconclusive, so i would like to have them redone now that we have you know some new technology maybe some new interview techniques. >> reporter: authorities believe the girl was strangled. the case got new attention last week when the national center for missing and exploited children posted this photo on
4:56 pm
facebook of a brown leather bracelet and kris watch on facebook. last year a new jersey state police forensic anthropologist was able to identify dna samples from the girl's parents bones. there haven't been any matches in the national dna database not yet. >> it will remain there forever. there's a potential we'll be able to link someone to her. >> reporter: the cold case murder predates lieutenant's birth by several years but she's made it her mission to keep the quest for answers alive. ted greenberg, "nbc10 news." >> good for her. nbc10 at 5:00 is next. >> jacqueline london. >> next, gearing up for a one-two punch from old man winter. sheena? >> that's right, jabcqueline. we're watching our first storm move into the area right now. this one starting off your weekend and another one to end out your weekend and start off your work week. we'll show you the timing coming
4:57 pm
up. the debate rages on about whether to get a flu shot. why experts say even if you've gotten sick, you should still get the vaccine. that's next.
4:58 pm
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first alert radar tells you why it's breaking news. this huge system just to our south is moving in our direction and packed with rain, ice and snow.
5:00 pm
and it's one of two winter storms that will hit our area over the next few days. >> nbc10 first alert meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz are here. he and sheena parveen are tracking that storm. >> can you see there's a lot moving in. we've got a first alert tonight and into tomorrow. it's the first of two storms. this is in washington, d.c. right now. and there that is snow during afternoon rush. it's melting on the roads out there. but if it's snowing in washington when the precipitation gets up here pretty good chance it will be snowing here, at least for a brief period of time. there will be snow ice and rain in parts of the area with this particular first storm. but it will be dry in between the first and second so you get to enjoy plenty of your weekend. it's certainly not a washout. look at the area of


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